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The real Dune

  • čas přidán 14. 07. 2024
  • What is the real story of Dune in the original book, compared to the 2021 Dune movie?
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    This video has spoilers for the 2021 Dune movie and the first half of the first Dune book.
    It has no big spoilers for the sequel books or future movies - just some minor lore details and quotes.
    Images and video from Dune used under fair use. Clips from Dune (2021) movie, Dune (1984) movie, Dune (2000) miniseries, Jodorowsky's Dune (2013).
    Dune graphic novel art by Raúl Allén & Patricia Martín
    Dune: House Atreides graphic novel art by Dev Pramanik
    Thumbnail Paul art by Bella Bergolts: www.artstation.com/bergolts
    Art by Aurélien Police: www.aurelienpolice.com/
    Art by Rostyslav Zagornov: www.artstation.com/attemme
    Art by Lucas Staniec: www.artstation.com/lucasstaniec
    Art from Dune: Adventures in the Imperium: www.modiphius.net/pages/disco...
    Art by Stephen Youll: stephenyoull.com/
    Art by Deak Ferrand / RODEOFX: www.artstation.com/deakferrand
    Art by Ramazan Kazaliev: www.artstation.com/ramazan221
    Art by Jenny Frison: jennyfrison.com/
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    Crysknife art by SomethingWorkshop: cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/d...
    Art by Hlblng: / hlblng
    Art by Keith Christensen: www.artstation.com/keithchris...
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    Art by Jordan Lamarre-Wan: www.artstation.com/jroid
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    Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana.
    0:00 Dune
    1:38 Imperium
    5:32 Bene Gesserit
    06:38 Spice
    08:09 Harkonnens
    10:20 Atreides
    11:14 Sardaukar
    11:52 Paul
    13:09 Leto & the bull
    15:32 Gom jabbar
    17:49 Kwisatz Haderach
    20:46 Gurney Halleck
    21:53 Shields
    22:46 Duncan Idaho
    23:51 Caladan
    24:44 Lisan al-Gaib
    25:55 Fremen mysteries
    26:59 Mapes
    28:47 Hunter-seeker
    29:26 Conservatory
    31:00 Traitor
    31:48 Leto’s doom
    32:37 Stilgar
    34:45 Liet-Kynes
    37:21 Harvester
    39:07 Dinner party
    43:46 Divisions
    45:46 Yueh
    49:06 Harkonnen attack
    58:17 Paul’s visions
    1:01:41 Kynes’ death
    1:06:59 Storm
    1:09:56 Desert
    1:12:55 Fremen
    1:22:40 The beginning

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  • @AltShiftX
    @AltShiftX  Před 2 lety +1144

    Podcast with Quinn's Ideas: czcams.com/video/zG8e-WDw3a4/video.html
    Alt Schwift X Dune rap: czcams.com/video/bNaWeH9ehns/video.html
    Dune Q&A livestream: czcams.com/video/_-v_kubD5Xc/video.html

    • @jamaphy8621
      @jamaphy8621 Před 2 lety +33

      Brilliant as always!

    • @TheOnilink1230
      @TheOnilink1230 Před 2 lety +7

      What do you rate this iteration of Dune? As much as I love this movie I can’t bring myself to give it an A with sections like the dinner scene, and a proper Jessica/yueh conversation where they talk about wanna and yueh tries to trick Jessica, also the limited exposure to the residents of giedi prime. I think I would have to give it an 87.5!
      Also they needed a little more of a history lesson in the beginning we learned a fair bit about the landsraad and the bene gesserit, but little to nothing about the mentats, the butlarian jihad, house corrin, and not enough explanation on the correlation between melange the spacing guild and their reliance on it!

    • @psilonemo9459
      @psilonemo9459 Před 2 lety +3

      Hey ASX! The black goo is actually a reference to petroleum. You can see in the way it bubbles up as the baron sleeps that it looks very much like oil.

    • @EmiNNsoNify
      @EmiNNsoNify Před 2 lety +6

      As always wonderful video, but I have to ask - what's up with those names?
      Piter == Pyter
      Chani == Chayni / Chaini
      But the same logic is not used for other names like :
      Jamis =/= Jaimys
      Duncan =/= Duncain
      So what's the deal with Peter and Chani is there a hidden meaning?

    • @CRWeaventure
      @CRWeaventure Před 2 lety +3


  • @herpydepth3849
    @herpydepth3849 Před 2 lety +23396

    As someone who finally is deciding to get into Dune, it’s really weird realizing that “oh… everybody in all of fiction stole from this” even more than LOTR it feels like

    • @andrew3606
      @andrew3606 Před 2 lety +2500

      My enjoyment for Warhammer 40k plummeted when I crossed that line

    • @adrianalbertomadonnarondon1471
      @adrianalbertomadonnarondon1471 Před 2 lety +315

      @@andrew3606Could you elaborate? I don't get what you are implying (Does everything steal from Warhammer 40k?)

    • @razorlight9653
      @razorlight9653 Před 2 lety +2180

      @@adrianalbertomadonnarondon1471 Warhammer itself copied a lot from other sources namely starship trooper, terminator, and pretty much dune

    • @Fireflysinthegrass
      @Fireflysinthegrass Před 2 lety +1414

      @@andrew3606 i mean ya? Do you not know whay 40k was in its early incarnations? It was literally a blatant satire of these stories specifically callingnitself out for that at every turn, the new lore hasnt forgotten that at all. Depsite being "grim dark" 40k is super self aware and has never pretended to be anything its not. Like its not a copy its a homage, 40k is cool because it is all of sci fi in one gigantic pulsating bundle. Whatever you like of sci fo exists in 40k and thats on purpose. Its not stealing its just reframing in an open context with infinite excuses for creatviity to allow for an extremely open ended wargame to be formed and enjoyed.

    • @andrew3606
      @andrew3606 Před 2 lety +1551

      @@adrianalbertomadonnarondon1471 The imperium, which went through an AI/robot extinction level event and has since banned all computers, guided by the Emperor of Mankind, who has an army of super soldiers that everyone is afraid of, some of which worship him as a god (HE DOESN'T WANT THAT) and whos footsoldiers use lasguns, who use navigators to safely travel through space. I'm describing the 40k-verse, sound familiar? Dune came first btw.

  • @CuriousArchive
    @CuriousArchive Před 2 lety +14940

    Alt Shift X releasing 86 minutes of analysis on Dune. Bless the Maker and His water.

  • @woutervossebeld4664
    @woutervossebeld4664 Před 4 měsíci +1058

    38:30 small correction:
    Leto spots the worm first, there is a bounty on spotting worms that Leto therefore deserves. He gives that bouty to the workers.

    •  Před měsícem +2

      Good PR

    • @TN-gr1xh
      @TN-gr1xh Před 26 dny +11

      I really don't like how the video creator sounds skeptical about Leto's motivations. To paint all people's motivations that might be self-interested as possibly evil is too cynical. If you cannot recognize a good act you may not be able to act good yourself.
      Leto acts to protect himself, his family, and those he is responsible for. He acts to bring more under his guidance by creating an alliance with the Fremen, creating a larger stronger group against a common enemy. He does not break loyalties but is careful of other's loyalties toward him and his family. I do not see the bad in this character even if a simple word as propaganda is used to smear him. Would he who uttered this word accept that he also uses propaganda, or is ok as long as you use his words against him.
      Ponder the morality of moral relativism. Discuss the duties of a moral actor and what a moral actor ought to do. And If you make assumptions like no good act is not self serving, ask what then is immoral about a self serving act. If you believe that there are no moral acts, maybe it's just you.

    • @Houseofweird
      @Houseofweird Před 25 dny

      ​@TN-gr1xh the book literally states that the Atreides have a propaganda corps to manipulate spice miners who were leaving into wanting to stay and work for them. They're noble in comparison to House Harkonnen or House Corrino but still not averse to realpolitik in order to achieve their aims. Remember when Leto instructs his inner circle to employ men who don't mind "a little knifework" when rooting out Harkonnens and their sympathisers?

    • @jasonburke9144
      @jasonburke9144 Před 24 dny +2

      ​@@TN-gr1xh Thank you for this. Somebody needed to say it and you put it beautifully.

  • @crispyhoneybun1607
    @crispyhoneybun1607 Před 3 měsíci +602

    When can we expect a video on Dune part 2? This video was so great. It provided so much insight to the movie without having to read the book! Thank you!!!

    • @tdub6542
      @tdub6542 Před 3 měsíci +25

      It’s gonna take a while

    • @lizsteeds6697
      @lizsteeds6697 Před 3 měsíci +19

      Shame you think not having to read the book is a 'good' thing.
      No wonder the generational dumbing down continues ...

    • @GreenEyesDIU
      @GreenEyesDIU Před 3 měsíci +2

      Part 2 is out for a while now, we wait for part 3 now

    • @lueisred6901
      @lueisred6901 Před 3 měsíci

      @@lizsteeds6697don’t even

    • @elsyvien
      @elsyvien Před 3 měsíci

      ​@@lizsteeds6697I read the book because of this movie and video. And it was soooo amazing I definitely recommend everyone to read it

  • @overtlybiased
    @overtlybiased Před 2 lety +6582

    "Game of thrones, in space, on drugs" is such a formidable pitch: it sounds so 60s yet Dune talks about such fundamentally human topics it manages to be timeless

    • @michaelsasylum
      @michaelsasylum Před 2 lety +247

      Dune is what Game Of Thrones wishes it could be.

    • @Kertierain
      @Kertierain Před 2 lety +31

      @@michaelsasylum Season eight was released 3 years ago

    • @thehammer4607
      @thehammer4607 Před 2 lety +131

      Dune is leagues above what game of thrones wishes it could be

    • @ilikeknives1000
      @ilikeknives1000 Před 2 lety +77

      @@Kertierain we don't talk about that season here ... the north remember ...

    • @munken7673
      @munken7673 Před 2 lety +14

      @@ilikeknives1000 But now it is best to forget

  • @xttx7190
    @xttx7190 Před 2 lety +4662

    The name Harkonnen comes from a Finnish surname Härkönen which comes from the word härkä meaning bull. So in a way Paul is also fighting a bull

  • @Chapterhouse86
    @Chapterhouse86 Před 3 měsíci +127

    Want to know why this book was long thought unfilmable? Because it takes an hour and a half of explaining things to barely even scratch the surface of what's really going on in the first HALF of the first book lmao.

  • @samanthazomparelli1677
    @samanthazomparelli1677 Před 4 měsíci +460

    Is there a second one like this explaining the second movie yet? This was really well done.

    • @griffithposgay792
      @griffithposgay792 Před 3 měsíci +58

      Might take a while to make since it just came out

    • @theamazinghugo
      @theamazinghugo Před 3 měsíci +37

      "well dune"

    • @davidshane2733
      @davidshane2733 Před 3 měsíci +20

      ugh the second movie trampled all over Frank Herbert's plot line and characters. It's going to be a hard video to make because they are almost opposite stories

    • @ImIndavyjoneslocker
      @ImIndavyjoneslocker Před 3 měsíci

      @@davidshane2733how so

    • @ewan5421
      @ewan5421 Před 3 měsíci +34

      @@davidshane2733tbf i think they did what they had to to make the book translate over to film, e.g. having Alia not appear as a very young girl was probably done because getting a child of that age be able to act like they have 1000s of lives worth of knowledge well is near impossible

  • @Banuna
    @Banuna Před 2 lety +5069

    First of all, cheers to you for citing evidence via quotes for almost every claim you make. That must have been time consuming and annoying but *boy* does it add a lot to the video. Also, the visual aids were so incredibly helpful for a person who hasn’t read the books (like me). Without them, I would have gotten confused with all the names, plot lines, and locations. Amazing video, keep up the stellar work!!

    • @_Woody_
      @_Woody_ Před 2 lety +116

      That's the Alt Shift Standard for you.

    • @tacoseven1896
      @tacoseven1896 Před 2 lety +55

      Wait til you discover Alt Shift X Game of Thrones….

    • @NathanThompsonBlueEyes
      @NathanThompsonBlueEyes Před rokem +32

      You are missing out, if you've never read the original Dune. It is one of the best science fiction books ever released, and it is, for all intents and purposes, beautiful in its imagery, and its ability to explain complexities of the characters, and their interactions. It's definitely one of the best books ever written. It's one that more teachers should be teaching in their creative writing courses.

    • @aviationist
      @aviationist Před rokem +4

      100% agree. Good job, good job, good job.

    • @velvetbees
      @velvetbees Před rokem +9

      You just have to read the book. I read Dune when I was in seventh grade. It had been out for a couple years. My brothers were also reading it, and we sat in the living room together reading for hours. It was a thrilling experience because it's a thrilling story. Dune was published in 1965. Frank Herbert spent six years writing it. It's one of the best science fiction novels of all time.

  • @boggo3848
    @boggo3848 Před rokem +2452

    Summarizing Dune in this format really reveals how insanely creative Frank Hebert was.

    • @DemoniteBL
      @DemoniteBL Před rokem +5

      Fubibum Rabam

    • @PhiwoDube
      @PhiwoDube Před rokem +39

      More like a mad genius RIP Frank Herbert

    • @user-gw6gj3is1j
      @user-gw6gj3is1j Před rokem +89

      His genius is showing you the real world in which you live in, as though it were a world of fiction.

    • @saysHotdogs
      @saysHotdogs Před rokem +10

      Absolutely but he couldn’t write at all. Have you ever tried to read it? It’s so bad lol. If he had someone who could write well do it for him, I bet anything it would have been one of the most compelling books ever written. The plots are so so SO good.

    • @zachjollimore4339
      @zachjollimore4339 Před 11 měsíci +65

      @@saysHotdogs that is subjective, i enjoy Frank Herbert's writing style more than Tolkiens, he's as descriptive with thought as tolkien was with surroundings.
      Plus his world building is just fantastic, left a plethora of material for his son to butcher.

  • @tHeWasTeDYouTh
    @tHeWasTeDYouTh Před 4 měsíci +25

    the thing that I wished the movie had not cut was the dinner party. that scene was a great way to expand the world of the movies

  • @suyashdeepsason6736
    @suyashdeepsason6736 Před 4 měsíci +98

    It's just been 20 mins of watching and I am so moved by the beautiful way in which you have discussed the entire learning that comes from this piece of art.... hats off to your work

  • @matthewkent3624
    @matthewkent3624 Před rokem +1639

    It’s amazing how the book tells you in all the plans within plans, no attack is unexpected, but it’s still such a page turner. Frank herbert had some true writing talent.

    • @nicholascage3400
      @nicholascage3400 Před rokem +86

      It plays with suspense in a really interesting way, by revealing very explicit details long ahead of time, but without a lot of the connective tissue that lets it click immediately. You get to read Jamis' funeral dirge at least 100 pages before you find out who he even is, Irulan gets thorough characterization despite having only 2 lines of her own in the book, and in later books like Children of Dune you get reveals like the identity of Hark al-Ada near the end while getting to know both sides of him very thoroughly throughout. There's a great deliberateness to everything that it hardly ever draws attention to, and it makes everything all that much more impressive.

    • @pascalv.3021
      @pascalv.3021 Před 11 měsíci +39

      Even Muad'ib is a mysterious character : Irulan writes about him at the introduction of every chapter, but it is only in the middle of the book that you learn that Paul and Muad'ib are the same person.

    • @lightlyfriedfishfillets8117
      @lightlyfriedfishfillets8117 Před 6 měsíci +3

      it was the most boring book

    • @nsblur
      @nsblur Před 6 měsíci +12

      @@lightlyfriedfishfillets8117 You mean like relative to the other books, right? And you made sure to read it to the end?
      I could see someone being more excited by the other books, or feeling like the first 100 pages was slow. You could even say that its not the kind of book you like or something. But there is no way this is a boring book lmao

    • @buxzw1945
      @buxzw1945 Před 5 měsíci +5

      And yet, the film didn't reveal anything and was boring as hell

  • @pushnmiraclewhips
    @pushnmiraclewhips Před 4 měsíci +3639

    Didn't realize how much deeper the Dune universe is than how the movie portrays. Incredible.

    • @Curtis3366
      @Curtis3366 Před 4 měsíci +215

      And it's much, much, much, much deeper than what this video can portray also. It's mind-blowingly deep, and broad.

    • @quantillaprudentia1345
      @quantillaprudentia1345 Před 4 měsíci +84

      Yeah thats why I want to read it, it is not possible to portray the book in a movie, the changes in the movies were necessary

    • @Minecraftrok999
      @Minecraftrok999 Před 4 měsíci

      ​@@quantillaprudentia1345it is absolutely worth to read.

    • @nick3551
      @nick3551 Před 4 měsíci +20

      I'm currently reading it for the third time (and listening to the audio book). I truly believe this is one of the most amazing books ever written.

    • @jimbobbby
      @jimbobbby Před 4 měsíci +14


  • @Colonel_Krackers
    @Colonel_Krackers Před 2 měsíci +76

    I'm praying Alt Shift X will make the companion video of Dune part 2 soon!

  • @luisvera7212
    @luisvera7212 Před 2 měsíci +11

    I can confidently say this is the first CZcams video over an hour that I’ve not only watched the entire way through but went back when I wasn’t confident in my understanding of this story and your explanation of it, truly a masterpiece of the internet

  • @easternlights3155
    @easternlights3155 Před 2 lety +1366

    I feel like Leto and Jessica are one the deepest, most tragic love stories you could ever read. It's not about two people who sacrificed everything for their love, but rather of two people who sacrificed their love for the greater good, because they knew that in the grand scheme of things, their relationship was not important to anyone but them. They would never give up their duties just to be together, because they know that that is not what the other one would have wanted.
    I think this is a much deeper and much more selfless form of love, one that makes me shed a tear every time I read this book.

    • @susiegrieser2708
      @susiegrieser2708 Před 2 lety +17

      A great story with so much passion that u just follow the flow and for get some minor details .I loved the details of each person and their personalities all so real..Thank you for this book..

    • @AFanOfCinema
      @AFanOfCinema Před 2 lety +111

      And don't forget how they had to scheme against each other from time to time, but still loved each other despite this. They knew it would never be out of spite, just out of political necessity

    • @brwahussen
      @brwahussen Před 2 lety +1

      lmao, this is not true at all

    • @depgabby
      @depgabby Před 2 lety +7

      @@brwahussen what’s your opinion of them ? I’m curious to hear now

    • @AFanOfCinema
      @AFanOfCinema Před 2 lety +57

      @@brwahussen Duke Leto literally told Paul to tell Jessica that he loved her in case he didn't survive the political trap set for them by the Emperor and the Harkonnens

  • @magister343
    @magister343 Před 2 lety +4143

    The film really needed a scene where they explained the importance of Mentats in a society where thinking machines are illegal, and reveal to Paul that he has what it takes to become a Mentant himself.

    • @sergeantbean2730
      @sergeantbean2730 Před 2 lety +112

      I thought you were talking about Fallout

    • @killtheo8894
      @killtheo8894 Před 2 lety +66

      no it didn't

    • @Thergood
      @Thergood Před 2 lety +554

      They did my boy Thufir dirty in the movie. Dude's probably the top mentat and most dangerous person in the galaxy. He deduced how the Emperor was creating the Sardaukar, then created the plan to use the Fremen to defeat them. They made him seem like some over-the-hill lackey.

    • @mojiyoru6441
      @mojiyoru6441 Před 2 lety +31

      It's coming later

    • @joeseg19
      @joeseg19 Před 2 lety +255

      It’s incredible to me that you all have decided that every detail and every concept needed to be explained in the FIRST PART of a MULTIPLE PART SERIES. Like calm down and wait. It was a fantastic adaptation, and was mostly true to the source material.

  • @JohnLogan3
    @JohnLogan3 Před 4 měsíci +66

    20 mins in and realized the explanation video is almost as long as the movie lol. Great breakdown! Needed all of this.

  • @captainfach
    @captainfach Před 26 dny +6

    We need a sequel to this video now that the next movie is out

  • @RickleVR
    @RickleVR Před 2 lety +4920

    Its surreal that I've been subbed to you since 2015 from watching the Game of Thrones lore videos. Now in 2022, still following you for more lore videos on different media that I love. Thank you and keep up the amazing work as always!

    • @RockSmithStudio
      @RockSmithStudio Před 2 lety +18

      Just goes to the show how people such as ourselves came to his content. He was smart to expand to other material especially after Game of Thrones crashed and burned in Season 7 and 8. Thankfully, there's an ample amount of great fantasy/sci-fi content to breakdown

    • @Sattva468
      @Sattva468 Před 2 lety +5

      Same! And he exploded my understanding of the lore in Raised by Wolves. Absolutely uplevels my enjoyment of every book, movie or show he covers.

    • @Brigtboe
      @Brigtboe Před 2 lety +5

      Same thing here, and now his video of dune popped up in my feed and I thought "Thank god he's doing new videos on this other thing I love". Quinns ideas channel has good videos, but I really enjoy alt shift x`s style.

    • @CoralCopperHead
      @CoralCopperHead Před 2 lety

      So how much of the lore do you know for yourself, and how much of it is stuff you've already been force-fed?

    • @LinkEX
      @LinkEX Před 2 lety

      The moment he popped up in my feed again was even similar in terms of "fandom acquantance": I got into the movie(s) for a good year before finding his reviews, and in turn rethinking the lore I was familiar with so far.

  • @rhyswilliams4893
    @rhyswilliams4893 Před rokem +1032

    The amount of delete scene in this movie is insane! 6 hour directors cut would definitely be something I watch!

    • @RozWBrazel
      @RozWBrazel Před rokem +9

      Same, hard

    • @jamesshride3158
      @jamesshride3158 Před rokem +13

      You mean 60 hours? For the first half? :D

    • @JohnnyZenith
      @JohnnyZenith Před rokem +67

      The worst thing about Denis is his dislike of extended cuts. There is not 6 hours of usable footage, but there is a good 30 minutes minimum.

    • @shanecurtis7797
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      I had an similar story, but it was The Witcher books that did it for me, after them i read almost all of Stephen King's, Abercrombie, and others, including Dune itself. It creates a love for the material that you can't even explain, so i feel you

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    • @nicholas982
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    One small detail. Spice does not smell like cinnamon. Due to its psychological effects it smells different to every single person, but specifically of cinnamon to Dune's main character, Paul

    • @blaxpoitation8528
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      Facts. Another detail is that Emperor Shaddam wasn’t just worried about Leto’s popularity with the other houses, but also because the Atreides military is considered just as dangerous as the Emperor’s…. Which, coupled with Leto’s rising popularity, would make House Atreides way too dangerous.

    • @optimisticnihilist3417
      @optimisticnihilist3417 Před 2 lety +22

      @@blaxpoitation8528 I thought Leto's interest in the fremen was that they were as dangerous or more so than the sardukar?

    • @Errtuabyss
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      @@optimisticnihilist3417 True. But that is after the Emperors plot already put him onto Arrakis. The Atreides military, trained by two of the best fighters and military tacticians in the universe, is one of the most powerful before this plot and could rival any other House (or the Emperor himself). Only with the combined power of the Emperor and the Harkonnen could break them. Which leaves them both weakend and vulnurable to (avoiding spoilers) the second halve of the book.
      So, as with many things in the book, things are much more layered and the actions of each characters are, from their perspective, very reasonable and logical. The Baron Harkonnen didn't put decades worth of income and a significant portion of his resources (not to mention the damage on the planet and the Spice production) just for vengeance. The book makes it very clear that he aims for the throne, if not for himself then for his nephew Feyd-Rautha, which doesn't exists (so far) in the movie. Just as the Emperor wanted to use the plot to put the Baron into his place, shown by the subplot where Count Hasimir Fenring visits the Baron on Giedi Prime. Which incluedes another character I highly doubt we will see in the movie. The Subplot alone could make a movie..

    • @YggdrasilAudio
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      @@blaxpoitation8528 Also, Leto is related to the emperor which couod give him a claim to the throne.

    • @blaxpoitation8528
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      @@YggdrasilAudio This is true, I’d almost forgotten that fact. I’m wondering how Christopher Walken’s portrayal of Shaddam will be. He’s definitely a charismatic actor. Personally, I’d pictured Mads Mikkelsen in that role. I think Walken might play him slightly unhinged..? Idk..

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    I think the movie simplifies the story in a pretty fair way, which is necessary to translate the book the a new medium, however I do wish they had kept the dinner party scene. The Dune movie makes it feel like there's just a tiny colony on the planet, as opposed to different fractions and settlements.

    • @onua2012sga
      @onua2012sga Před rokem +89

      The main problem with the dinner scene is that in the book the vast majority of the action is literally just the thoughts of Paul and Jessica, more so than almost any other scene. But I do wish the movie found a way to make Arrakis feel more populated.

    • @spudeleven5124
      @spudeleven5124 Před rokem +35

      @@onua2012sga Disagree. There's a lot of interaction with characters in the dinner party which really helps to flesh out the depth of the intrigue within the plot. That is, there are major players, minor players, wanna-be players, and has-beens, all jockeying for influence, sort of like real life (the Game of Thrones comparison was brilliantly funny). It's really fascinating how Frank Herbert dresses this critical scene with words and exposition. What a master of the craft.

    • @johnsamuel1999
      @johnsamuel1999 Před rokem +10

      @@spudeleven5124 the problem is, how do bring the book format and monolog thoughts to the movie format . Its had to present the intrigue in a conversation when its represented as a bunch of thoughts in the book

    • @spudeleven5124
      @spudeleven5124 Před rokem +16

      ​@@johnsamuel1999 That's where creative writing comes in. The thought monologues can be brought into conversations with other characters, but subtly, or just use voice-overs, but VERY sparingly. Narration would also help fill in the gaps (but DON'T overdo it as in the revised 1984 edition). Right now if you weren't familiar with the source material, the 2021 version of Dune would just appear be a lot of disconnected and oversimplified razzle-dazzle on a par with those dipstick superhero movies. This is why I keep arguing that Dune, being so complex and layered, can only be done well if it is presented in a long form with the story arcs taking months if not years to go through. "Game of Thrones in Space" is what the narrator of this outstanding critique called the book, and it's my fervent belief that it's a gross disservice to pack such a huge and sophisticated story into such an oversimplified move and in a two or three hour runtime. This is why I think the 2000 version came closest. They (SciFi) did a lot of work in Eastern Europe to save money, but it was still pretty obvious with the Translights, etc. that it was on a sound stage. THAT was compensated for by making it more like Shakespeare, including camera angles, use of colors, and of course Ian McNeice's couplets at the end of his scenes. All of these touches gave it a more theatrical presentation which in my opinion compensated mightily for the lack of locations. They told the story well and got a lot more of it on the screen than has been seen before or since.

    • @michaelhurt8679
      @michaelhurt8679 Před rokem +10

      Absolutely one of the best parts of the book. "...a man who'd climb on the shoulders of a drowning man is understandable, except when it happens in the drawing room -- or at the dinner table."

  • @mallman9374
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    When you said "Leto is understanding, and says he loves Paul no matter what. It's a touching moment of unconditional love between father and son. But in the book, we don't see this kind of softness".
    One of my favorite chapters in the book is where Duke Leto is going about his official duties, with a constant refrain in his thoughts of "They have tried to take the life of my son!"
    That chapter very much told me that Duke Leto loved Paul immensely, but that's one of things that makes Dune so hard to convey in a movie - trying to convey what the characters are thinking, which happens a lot in the book.
    So my guess is that the 2021 movie added action scenes that conveyed those sentiments in a way that they can be seen, of which I heartily approve. I've seen all the previous Dune attempts, which failed miserably because it's so hard to convey what the characters are thinking. I suppose it's a way to convey "literary license" into "dramatic license" or something.

    • @larsondarcy101
      @larsondarcy101 Před rokem +16

      The Dune novel isn't special in that it conveys the thoughts of it's characters though. Writing, in that regard, is far more immersive than film.

    • @thomasrowe3179
      @thomasrowe3179 Před rokem +30

      I liked that scene in the movie too. It does however undermine the spartan-stoic character of the atredies somewhat. That kind of militant self control is unpopular now days, so the choice for Leto to show his love in a very non-toxic-masciuline way is i think on some level a marketing choice for western audiences also.

    • @KibyNykraft
      @KibyNykraft Před rokem +12

      @@thomasrowe3179 Of course. Normally though it is not a problem for the quality except that in the LotR spinoff : Rings of power series, it was a disaster to see the obvious wokeology implemented, with a black dwarf-wife and a masculine Galadriel.

    • @edwinbrown7179
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    • @TotalyRandomUsername
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      Me a few years later. I actually found the book when 14 years old, thrown away by someone. Picked it up, had no idea what it was about, but desided to read it. :)

    • @Wally-jo8mf
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    • @ReligionOfSacrifice
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      @@andrewgoudy676, Dune is the 12th Imam or Mahdi emerging as the leader of Islam in the desert. Told you in ten seconds. That saves time.
      "DUNE," to quote the author "I am showing you the superhero syndrome and your own participation in it." - Frank Herbert, speaking about "DUNE."

    • @ReligionOfSacrifice
      @ReligionOfSacrifice Před 4 měsíci

      @@andrewgoudy676, Dune is the 12th Imam or Mahdi emerging as the leader of Islam in the desert. Told you in ten seconds. That saves time.
      "DUNE," to quote the author "I am showing you the superhero syndrome and your own participation in it." - Frank Herbert, speaking about "DUNE."

  • @cmation1073
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    7:40 The spice doesn't just taste like cinnamon. Yueh responds to Jessica saying it does by saying it's "never twice the same." He then explains that some believe that the spice "produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable--slightly euphoric." Jessica just tasted cinnamon. (This happens at the end of chapter 8 of the first book.)

    • @VickiPandaa
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      so fucking cool

    • @Yarblocosifilitico
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      he does point out the cinnamon smell of spice a couple times, tho

    • @Ajbolt89
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      Yeah that's maybe the detail that pushes me over the edge to read the books. That's awesome.

    • @equidistanthoneyjoy7600
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      Yeah, it's generally made quite clear in the books that spice is almost mystical, and isn't just some garden variety flavouring or drug.

    • @frantisekhajek6775
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      @@equidistanthoneyjoy7600 It think LSD is described to have that quality.

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    Something i think is awesome is that the reverend mother actually admits in the book that she kept Paul in the box longer than she normally/ever does

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      I also enjoyed it, but I found the cynicism at every turn a bit much (possibly I'm too forgiving or naive?). I don't recall the other recaps being so cynical.

    • @FlipsGTS
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      I read the books over 50 times for decades. This is so well done and explained. I love it. Perfect for people who love the movie, and havent read the books.

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  • @Gunbudder
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    57:12 calling a person who lives in the desert a "clod" is pretty amazing writing. a dirt clod is simply dust held together by a bit of moisture. he sees the slaves as just dust held together by the moisture in their bodies

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  • @knight_lautrec_of_carim
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    Without having read the books, I like that the movies just tosses you into Dune's world. It feels authentic, like a world with a long history and its cultures have their own customs, traditions and ways of speaking. You just KNOW that there's some proper world building behind all of it and don't need boring exposition to explain every detail.
    Similar to how Mad Max Fury road forces the audience to accept the new world without explanation. To me that's strong and immersive world building.

    • @lordlurk7968
      @lordlurk7968 Před 2 lety +56

      While I do like the movie as a standalone, the visuals and audio are pretty sweet, as well as the choreography of the fights. It sadly is but a puddle that a child would play in compared to the world building that the Dune novel does. This movie sadly vastly oversimplifies major world building points with short uninformative scenes or just entirely ignores them in favor of long silent shots. The older movies do a far better job of world building than this movie does, even with all their faults. I would not be so critical if this movie was not heralded as a 'faithful adaption' of the books.

    • @knight_lautrec_of_carim
      @knight_lautrec_of_carim Před 2 lety +28

      @@lordlurk7968 Yeah ignorance is bliss. Had I read the books/seen the other movies I probably would think the same

    • @lordlurk7968
      @lordlurk7968 Před 2 lety +13

      @@knight_lautrec_of_carim I do hope at some point you can manage to scrounge the time to read the first 3 books at least, they are a great series. If I was to make an analogy of comparison, the movie is like having a nice bowl of ice-cream, missing the chocolate syrup topping that makes it even better.

    • @senseishu937
      @senseishu937 Před 2 lety +19

      You've put into words what I felt watching the movie but couldn't explain what it was. This is exactly it! And I loved it!

    • @giantent763
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      @@knight_lautrec_of_carim I had the pleasure of watching the movie before reading the book. I liked the movie and so I then read the book. After reading the book, I was disappointed by the movie.

  • @frailty7280
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    I absolutely adore Dune's take on scifi, its so much more mature than most others. The idea of a religious crusade that bans computers and artificial intelligance resulting in a future based on the direct expansion of the human mind is fascinating and alluring, it really adds another level to the film when you know many of these characters are vastly more intelligent and calculated than any human thats ever lived today.

    • @vfp16
      @vfp16 Před rokem

      And the fact that the eventual outcome of such a society I.e. Lord Leto the Man-Worm God was secretly using computers etc to further his agenda. One rule for some another for all

    • @rohenthar8449
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      Well, I hate Dune for many things, but I also love it for exactly that, what you already pointed. After all Dune is one of a very few books/games/movies which expand humans mind and its natural biological possibilities and its not over glorifying technology like Star Trek or space wizardry like Star Wars. Just pure human mind, how awesome that is?

    • @zainm5919
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      @@rohenthar8449 why do you hate it...without any spoilers I'm reading the first book right now

    • @zainm5919
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      @@sparklesparklesparkle6318 I know

    • @Sheriff_K
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      I really love the worldbuilding revolving on the religions/fusions of religions it has.

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    I decided to tough it out and for 3 days straight listened to all 21 hours of the dune audiobook… thank god videos like this exist. Great work!

  • @inelouw
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    The exact moment I fell in love with the film was at the spice harvester scene, where Paul kneels in the sand and whispers, "I recognize your footsteps, old man", and immediately gets snatched up by Gurney Halleck. So this is both a direct callback to the scene where Gurney berates Paul for standing with his back to the door and Paul says, "I could tell it was you by your footsteps", AND it directly refers to the sandworm that he feels coming through the vibrations in the sand (the "Old Man of the Desert"). That level of subtlety is present throughout the film, and even if a viewer doesn't know exactly what it means, it sets the tone so beautifully.
    But I did miss the dinner scene and the full depth of Yueh's character. Those were two of the five very minor gripes I had with the entire film.

    • @stoutyyyy
      @stoutyyyy Před 2 lety +31

      It’s also a nod to Paul’s prescience, that despite never having seen a worm before he greets it like he’s known it all his life. “He will know your ways as one born among you” and all that.

    • @inelouw
      @inelouw Před 2 lety +14

      @@stoutyyyy Exactly! I just love that the point isn't belaboured at all, it's just a throwaway line, but it carries so much meaning.

    • @BbNaB
      @BbNaB Před 2 lety

      The dual reference to the sandworm went past me, I was too busy thinking it was a setup for the next movie when Paul reunites with Gurney.

    • @AzaleaJane
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      Yesss. That is such a good line!

    • @inelouw
      @inelouw Před 2 lety +22

      @@AzaleaJane and it's NOT from the book! I don't know which of the screenwriters came up with it, but it shows a level of understanding of the book's themes that just stuns me.

  • @ericdemanincor7918
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    A good description of Paul's power is how he sees Island or hill tops of possible futures but the valleys or the water is unknown details on the path to get to those futures. Thank you for your work.

    • @user-zu6wg9wt8m
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      doesnt that come from the book

    • @yoda9256
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      @@user-zu6wg9wt8myeah lol, literally like straight from Paul’s description

    • @khanch.6807
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      Seems like he's seeing probability curves.

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    I love how ChatGPT is the penultimate evil in this universe 😂😂

  • @andrewhernandez9674
    @andrewhernandez9674 Před 2 lety +240

    I was hoping the movie would have mentioned that nobody not a Fremen had seen a crysknife before and lived, and Mapes only showed one to Jessica when they were alone. The Fremen were religious fanatics; fanaticism is a key component of many groups in Dune.

    • @Titere05
      @Titere05 Před 2 lety +43

      Yeah the part where a crysknife cannot be sheathed back without it drawing blood first is missing from the movie

  • @yourambitioniskey
    @yourambitioniskey Před 2 lety +743

    this is what i love so dearly about the content you create. I had no interest, no knowledge, no exposure to dune at all. But after watching this video i feel so deeply interested in knowing more and i will genuinely look into reading the book myself. I always feel so much more informed whenever i watch these videos and they always help me paint a clearer picture in my mind about what i'm watching or reading. Thank you so much for putting the incredible time and effort into making this content!

    • @robg521
      @robg521 Před 2 lety +5

      Welcome to the dune world,
      I too was unaware of the book until I saw the David Lynch move which I thought was great, and surprised by all of the complaints from the book readers.
      So I then read the book and realised how much of an amazing piece of work it is and then understood why the the movie was so disliked.
      I now have the unabridged version in audio book and it is a regular revisit for me several times a year.

      Watching the new movie was quite an experience because I was pre-armed with the knowledge from the book, and this video is one of the few reviews I’ve seen that actually does both the book and the movie justice.

    • @sinephase
      @sinephase Před 2 lety +2

      the entire series is awesome

    • @nepntzerZer
      @nepntzerZer Před 2 lety +1

      i do not appreciate or respect how you had “ no interest, no exposure no knowledge “ of dune. this is an act of profound ignorance and should be treated with contempt. i am extremely disappointed, you once held so much promise but you chose to just throw it all away. I’m marking you down to an F-

    • @VestigialHead
      @VestigialHead Před 2 lety

      Most amazing series. Read them as a youth and liked them. Reread them about ten years ago as an adult and was amazed how deep they were and how much I loved them.

    • @En_theo
      @En_theo Před 2 lety

      After seeing this video, I realize how bad the last movie is. They just dumped all the the interesting parts, clearly they should have made a high quality tv serial (like GOT) instead of movies. In that sense, "Foundation" format is a better choice to tell the story as it was meant to be in the books.

  • @dillonhobbs174
    @dillonhobbs174 Před 4 měsíci +7

    Now that Dune 2 is out can you do this all again but for the second one? 😁 I loved this video, and normally I’m not sitting down and watching a film-length CZcams video, but you made it really interesting and broke everything down very nicely. Nice work!

  • @krullsull
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    Waiting for your video on dune 2

  • @dougcarey2233
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    I've always loved how the Atraides represented how a generally honorable and good group of people are forced by necessity to adapt to a morally corrupt and broken society, slowly compromising their values in the hopes of just surviving another day.

    • @sparkspark2314
      @sparkspark2314 Před 9 měsíci

      This is what I call today… the criminalization of America. Where the globalist have so invaded every part of society, that everything is gamed to the point where the only way to really win, is to lie, cheat, steal. The veneer is we are the good guys…but that in fact is the biggest lie. The real good guys don’t want to cheat, so they are always at a distinct disadvantage. The ones that won’t lie…they can never really win. That is where we are now really at. This war is actually being played out right now in real life. Dune…for REAL.

    • @JVCA44
      @JVCA44 Před 8 měsíci +70

      The "honour" and "good" of the Atrides was always for show. It was always a strong theme in the books the dangers of deities and political leader, and specially the combination of the two.

    • @Tom_Fuckery
      @Tom_Fuckery Před 8 měsíci +7

      ​@@JVCA44 I saw a take on the written power dynamic of conquerors
      (power from power's perspective) will always be ironic and disrespectfully half baked by consequence of the conqueror's heirs and kingdom.
      C'mon Leto II where are ya

    • @JA-nv4zb
      @JA-nv4zb Před 8 měsíci +41

      This is not the correct take. House Atreides uses empathy and understanding as a way to control people. House Harkonnen uses brutality and fear to control people.

    • @FridgemaxxedHybridoreanLifta
      @FridgemaxxedHybridoreanLifta Před 8 měsíci

      @@JA-nv4zb They are merely different forms of cruelty. There is no moral value to it. One is simply more honest and direct than the other. Tricking someone into being a slave is more cunning, more dishonest, than simply taking them captive. True empathy is when you release them. Atreides never does this, for anything other than their own gain, and preservation. They make concessions, not reforms, not contributions, concessions. They release power, to keep some. They do not release power because they feel that it belongs to others, that it is unfair, that it is cruel to keep it. The Harkonnens are debatably more moral. At least they do not lie. Is the dictator with an iron fist, who controls through open brutality, or the parliament of shills, cronyists, who campaign for votes, more sinister? It is not true that liberal democracies always turn into aristocracies. We simply have not had one.
      Addendum: It can be empathetic if you have no hypocrisy. The man who believes he should be a slave in the same situation as the man that is a slave, is empathetic. Empathy is very related to hypocrisy.

  • @JarthenGreenmeadow
    @JarthenGreenmeadow Před rokem +737

    The constant quotes from the book could not have been easy to procure.
    I've done this work. I have the utmost respect for this video. Truly a masterpiece of analysis.
    You have earned a sub today.

    • @ivymoore4638
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    • @Artpsychee
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      Also he adds quotes from interviews and comparisons from other movies and other versions of the same movie 🫡

    • @spudeleven5124
      @spudeleven5124 Před rokem +15

      Agreed. This criticism is a university-level treatise. I'm awestruck.

    • @Gremalus
      @Gremalus Před rokem

      Try reading the books dead simple. They are on Kindle and pdfs etc. Not hard really.

    • @ziegfeld4131
      @ziegfeld4131 Před rokem

      Its really bad though half of what he is sayig wrong here

  • @Tonse6
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    The quality and perfection level of this video is unheard of. I applaud you and thank you. This video alone is on the same level as the movie

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    So excited for part 2 of this!

  • @tomaszklawy5514
    @tomaszklawy5514 Před 4 měsíci +346

    "‘A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.’" this is First Law of Mentat in the book

    • @Inquisitor6321
      @Inquisitor6321 Před 4 měsíci +1

      Most of the time, this law would work well, but in some cases it might be deadly and if your dead what's the use of "understanding the process" of your demise? That was Thufir's mistake. He got House Atreides destroyed by him obeying this law.

    • @arkenn3497
      @arkenn3497 Před 4 měsíci +5

      Kinda reminds me of : "He that breaks a thing
      to find out what it is
      has left the path of wisdom"
      It's from Tolkien

    • @tomaszklawy5514
      @tomaszklawy5514 Před 3 měsíci +1

      @@Inquisitor6321I think this law it's just Frank Herbert inserting his ecological ideas. Also it's a critique of modern age science - that try to "stop" processes, divide them into atomic parts to study them.

    • @Inquisitor6321
      @Inquisitor6321 Před 3 měsíci

      @@tomaszklawy5514 OK. So it's just for ecological study and not a general philosophy.

  • @TheonlyNintendoboy
    @TheonlyNintendoboy Před 6 měsíci +234

    One bit of irony I’ve picked up through multiple readings of Dune is that Paul’s fight with Jamis really was the tipping point. In a way, the “human” act would have been for Paul to sacrifice himself to keep the jihad from happening, but it was the instinctive animalistic drive to survive that pushed him and ultimately the rest of the universe past the point of no return.

    • @Splockyy
      @Splockyy Před 4 měsíci +26

      I feel like it shows that Paul makes a very human decision, to fight for himself and his mother. His attachment is what drives him to fight for survival, and vengeance, even if it leads to mistakes down the road. That’s what makes him human.

    • @TheonlyNintendoboy
      @TheonlyNintendoboy Před 4 měsíci +62

      @@SplockyyI was more talking about the Bene-Gesserit definition of human, where to be human is to ignore ones primal urges and act logically without emotional interference. In a sense, the way the Bene-Gesserit define what it is to be human is in itself very un-human. They would have labeled Paul's actions as "animalistic," when in reality, it's a very human thing that he did.

    • @Splockyy
      @Splockyy Před 4 měsíci +8

      Ah I see, that makes a lot more sense in that context.@@TheonlyNintendoboy

    • @horns___cvge___3644
      @horns___cvge___3644 Před 4 měsíci +1

      I thought the jihad was necessary in the end because mankind was vulnerable to stagnation and extinction otherwise. Paul fears unleashing the jihad but does so because it's part of the golden path?

    • @TheonlyNintendoboy
      @TheonlyNintendoboy Před 4 měsíci

      @@horns___cvge___3644That was his justification in the end, yes. Ultimately it led to his survival, but damned 61 billion to die. Whether or not it was beneficial to all of humanity is still yet to be seen. I think Paul could see what good it would do, but as for me, I still can't see it.

  • @naiee6526
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    wow, i'm only 7 minutes in, but I'm loving this so much already. I really appreciate your videos Alt shift X!

  • @andremedeiros2181
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    That was so good! Please do a video like this about dune part 2

  • @rafalemiec8683
    @rafalemiec8683 Před 2 lety +572

    one missed detail: in the book Paul and Jamis fight in the sietch, not in the desert
    the Fremen wouldn't risk damaging a stillsuit and Jamis' water was immediately retrieved; plus Paul gets to decide whether he keeps Jamis' wife and is obliged to take care of his children

    • @carterf3585
      @carterf3585 Před 2 lety +56

      I figured he kept that part of the analysis out because the second movie will likely start with them arriving at the sietch and Villanueve could still choose to adapt that part of the story. Although with the amount of shit that happens at the sietch I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cut entirely.

    • @rustythecrown9317
      @rustythecrown9317 Před 2 lety +45

      They missed tons of points. One point I liked was where the conveyed the need to ''stutter-step'' through the desert , but at the end where we see them carrying Jamis' body back home they were all just walking like it's a trip to the craft truck.

    • @MrZimono
      @MrZimono Před 2 lety +26

      Yes, my first thought was "No way the fremen would waste two stillsuits like that" then I saw that scene.

    • @HolyCanoley
      @HolyCanoley Před 2 lety +26

      Honestly, I thought the whole confrontation with Jamis was the most under-done part of the entire movie. It just kind of happens immediately after they are discovered, without any of the buildup/explanation, or any of the weight (rightfully so) it is given in the book.

    • @waseem7195
      @waseem7195 Před 2 lety +8

      I didn't know that about Jamis wife and kids.
      What happens to the kids later on in the story ? Having muadhib as ur step dad sounds big

  • @Wilburgur
    @Wilburgur Před 2 lety +643

    I deeply love what you've done here mate ♥
    The movie was fantastic, but I was saddened that running time couldn't allow a more complex exploration of ideas and politics.
    The dinner scene was specifically one that I was hoping to see. It's fun to read, but I suppose characters like Buet and Tuek would only confuse audiences when they can't be payed off in a tight feature length format.
    I hope you've encouraged some people to pick up the books! Well... Maybe just the first two.

    • @carlaweitzel4442
      @carlaweitzel4442 Před 2 lety +39

      Also the depth of Jessica’s powers is a bit underwhelming in the movie. In the book I was constantly in awe of her perception, so when Paul first starts to surpass his mothers intelligence he was surprised and so was the reader, I loved that moment, because his abilities are measured in comparison to hers, so you get a better understanding of how powerful he has become. In the movie she was not nearly as impressive.

    • @Wilburgur
      @Wilburgur Před 2 lety +27

      @@carlaweitzel4442 Yup. Everything just felt a bit subdued in the film.
      Maybe with the exception of the physical scale of the ships and buildings lol

    • @richardpatterson4312
      @richardpatterson4312 Před 2 lety +26

      People wanna see big worms. They don't care about character development.
      - every producer

    • @johnnycheetuhman
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      Wowee, it's the Kwisatz Haderach guys!

    • @daala6698
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      Dinner scene reminds me of the Bar in Star Wars. It shows characters in that greater world.

  • @taoyizhi
    @taoyizhi Před 4 měsíci

    Thank you so much for this comparison. Looking forward to part 2!!!

    @FRUITLOOPS9000 Před 4 měsíci

    I really hope you make one of these for part 2!

  • @pencilswordfish
    @pencilswordfish Před 2 lety +538

    My absolute favorite change in the film is Jamis. Really caught me by surprise in the best way. Jamis was always just a random Fremen guy that he kills when I first read the books, and in the other adaptations. Felt like Paul was just by humoring the fremen's culture when he repeated 'Jamis was my friend'. Villanueve's version is brilliant, Paul probably had an entire lifetime of visions/alternate future where Jamis was his actual friend. Great addition, and heartbreaking when you think about it.

    • @mihaitha
      @mihaitha Před 2 lety +55

      It's an interesting twist, but I feel it takes away from Herbert's original vision of Lady Jessica's education of Paul. She is very careful to keep him in balance and not have him turn into a bloodthirsty despot, and what she does after he wins the duel against Jamis most obviously shows that, while also highlighting how calculated she was. I think Villeneuve's depiction of her doesn't do her justice, especially what she does while Paul takes the Gom Jabbar test, breaking down into tears, which didn't seem to me to be very Bene Gesserit.

    • @xANTHQNY
      @xANTHQNY Před 2 lety +14

      @@mihaitha Well she did defy the order by even having him, so if he failed that and was killed, her whole life was for nothing.

    • @crusader8102
      @crusader8102 Před 2 lety +56

      @@mihaitha while her crying wasn't really lore accurate it was necessary to show us that she does care about paul

    • @mihaitha
      @mihaitha Před 2 lety +14

      @@crusader8102 true, but one can depict the suffering of a mom without her breaking down into tears, especially when that conflicts with the character. She was pretty much shown as a crap BG IMO.

    • @optimchs1
      @optimchs1 Před 2 lety +64

      @@mihaitha i'm reading the first book, and she's literally constantly on the edge of breaking down. I think 5 times so far there's been a description of her emotions overwhelming her bene gesserit training, only for her to refocus with a mantra. I feel like the movie was pretty spot on.

  • @cheraxe4ever12345678
    @cheraxe4ever12345678 Před 2 lety +141

    Not only was Leto getting more and more popular, his armies were getting better and better under Guerney Halleck and Duncan Idaho - while the Sardaukar were getting softer

    • @yekaneast
      @yekaneast Před 2 lety +3

      Kinda like Jared Leto nowadays.

  • @portnoyrlz14
    @portnoyrlz14 Před 12 dny

    every once in a while I come back and revisit this video, really nicely done, I hope we get a part two for recent Dune 2 movie. I know AltShiftX has already done the rest of the books but I like the comparisson in here, really enjoyable.

  • @user-fg3ri7hj5u
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    Game of thrones, in space, on drugs!😂😂😂

  • @RayHuong
    @RayHuong Před 2 lety +578

    Thanks for pointing out that Duke Atreides was not so morally pure in the book. The movie weakens the story a lot by expurgating this unseemly side of House Atreides which so accentuated Paul's accomplishments in the book.

    • @balabanasireti
      @balabanasireti Před 2 lety +58

      I feel like they're going to include more of that in the second movie because they wanted to make it into a twist

    • @turtleguyfan
      @turtleguyfan Před 2 lety +85

      personally i think it strengthens the turn Paul goes through from Dune to Messiah. The once honorable and righteous Atreides banner now being a symbol for untold destruction and death around the galaxy

    • @commanderkei9537
      @commanderkei9537 Před 2 lety +59

      Atreides was pretty spotless in the first half of the book. The only thing that is morally gray is Hawat's espionage and assassinations, but even then, the Atreides are continually described as having honor and genuineness. Paul, Jessica and Hawat are the only Atreides that seem overly manipulative and calculating, to the point of taking advantage of people and using their lives for their own purpose.

    • @fruitygarlic3601
      @fruitygarlic3601 Před rokem

      @@commanderkei9537 Leto frames a group of families on Arrakis, takes their property, and turns them out of their homes because they did not immediately bend to Atreides rule. Those people were not actually involved with the ones plotting against the Atreides. And Thufir laughs it off and praises it as something in line with what the Old Duke would have done. He later tells Paul to "exploit" (his words) the Fremen religion for the sake of their house. For all of Leto's problems with the demands of governance and his good personal qualities, it is the part of him loyal to House Atreides and his father that are presented negatively.
      It's not that the Atreides are good in the first half. It's just that compared to the other houses and Paul's jihad, they weren't the worst.

    • @gruber4life883
      @gruber4life883 Před rokem +25

      @@commanderkei9537 I agree. While he recognizes the usefulness of loyal people and actively creates propaganda (as per the Duke, to communicate what his government is doing), he is still depicted as a generally good person. Towards his death, he wishes he didn't have all of this responsibility and he wish he could live a simple life with Jessica. He doesn't chase power, but does what he can to weild it efficiently. In the book , he says he wish he wasn't part of the "Faufreluches" - the class system of dune which upholds the feudal system
      And yes, Paul, Jessica and Hawat are far more gray than good characters when compared to the Duke

  • @francesco8000
    @francesco8000 Před 2 lety +807

    While it does lack some important moments (this is a rare case where i would be happy if they release an extended edition) i truly believe that the movie did an amazing job adapting this book.
    The material is extremely complex and history has shown how hard it is to make a good adaptation.

    • @Mitcheck315
      @Mitcheck315 Před 2 lety +91

      I think the most important aspects is that the movie really understands the source material, there are so many adaptations out there that are effectively just the barest surface level version of what they're adapting but Dune despite what it cuts out *does* get to the heart of why the book is so effective

    • @randomdude4207
      @randomdude4207 Před 2 lety +71

      It's like lotr. The movie can't compete with the book, but it doesn't even have to. It's outstanding anyway.

    • @ariesroc
      @ariesroc Před 2 lety +10

      True but unless they address this material in the next movie then the completed project will lack much of the critical information needed to make full sense of the story. It like when Lucas said that he deliberately cut a lot of galactic context from the OT because he was able to say that set-up was in the prequels (even of he never made them). Then when he did make the prequels he finally had to address things. Dune was good but even as a relative novice to the story I know a lot was cut out or pared down to a surface level. If they didn't address it in the first movie are they really going to in the second?

    • @Etticos.
      @Etticos. Před 2 lety +22

      I think it did the adaptation extremely well. There are adaptations that are 100% accurate, there are adaptations that are barely accurate, and there adaptations that are faithful yet leave you wanting more inspiring you to read the source material. I feel this film falls into the later category and if this movie gets more people to read these wonderful books I will be beyond happy. I love this movie.

    • @AceEverett
      @AceEverett Před 2 lety +10

      I don't think it's that hard to make a good adaptation when the source material is good. It's just that many writers and directors don't want to stay faithful to the books because for some stupid reason they seem to think that means all of the success of the movie/show goes to the book writer instead of them. So they change the story thinking if people like it, they like _their_ story, even though their story is just a poor revision of the original.

  • @TomSchalkOfficial
    @TomSchalkOfficial Před 4 měsíci +1

    I watched the first movie, read half of the book, watched half this video, then finished the book, saw Dune Part 2, then finished the video
    Best way to experience this story, excellent video

  • @Yaggadin
    @Yaggadin Před 3 měsíci +9

    Man, this story is so well told, vizualized and structured. Thank you so much for making it easier to get into the series :)

  • @dkdudeify
    @dkdudeify Před rokem +262

    I think you missed two significant differences.
    1. The bonus leto doesn't give a random bonus to the people, but there is already a system in place where the person who spots the worm gets a bonus, since Leto spots it, he decides to distribute this bonus to the crew, making it very simbolic, and not just a monetary gift.
    2. In the fight with Jamis, since Paul is used to fighting with a shield, the fremen see it as if Paul is playing with Jamis, making the fight more a show of force than it is shown in the movie.

    • @Soyuz2578
      @Soyuz2578 Před 11 měsíci +1

      Bonus McBonus

    • @Facetiously.Esoteric
      @Facetiously.Esoteric Před 11 měsíci +1

      The fight with Jamis was more about Paul not having killed before than the shield style. Read it again.

    • @Arttano
      @Arttano Před 11 měsíci +7

      ​@@Facetiously.Esoteric Not entirely true. That's how Jessica tries to spin in to the fremen but in the portions in Paul's head we see that, while that's part of it, he's mostly focusing on trying to override the bad habits from shield training.

  • @Smoove_J
    @Smoove_J Před 2 lety +221

    I read Dune when I was 15, because my Klingon-speaking genius friend said it was awesome. 25 years later I read it again and I was still in awe of the depth and detail of this world.

    • @oldoddjobs
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    • @celeritas2-810
      @celeritas2-810 Před rokem +2

      Klingon speaking friends, oh yes I remember

    • @nervioso292
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      Ka'plah 🤷‍♂️

    • @aurorapaisley7453
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      You mean your cha'DIch?

    • @helentee9863
      @helentee9863 Před rokem

      I read it at 14-15 because my big brother (over 4 years older) had bought and read it and said it was great
      He had already got me addicted to SF a a few years before.
      I really MUST make the time to read it again

  • @blinky042002
    @blinky042002 Před 3 měsíci

    Amazing breakdown! Wish I seen this a year ago. Can’t wait for the part 2 breakdown

  • @dasmensch2317
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    Amazing video. The editing and explanations were really great.
    It was really nice that you showed us, what the movie missed or didn´t show clearly.Good work

  • @goodlight4113
    @goodlight4113 Před rokem +342

    I think Yueh's motivation go much deeper, yes it did it for his wife, but not to "save her life" but to end her suffering and to kill the Baron. I believe it's also important to note how sure EVERYONE is that the duke is dead already, just doesn't know it. Yueh "defeated" some of the greatest minds in the galaxy. He hid the truth from Jessica, Thufir Hawat, and almost killed the Baron. Of all the legendary characters that the attradies gathered, I think its underplayed that amoug those legends was Yueh, as great if not greater then the likes of Thurfir, Halleck, Idaho and even the Duke himself.

    • @briangallagher787
      @briangallagher787 Před rokem +16

      Yuen is able to fool the Atreides because of his supposed Suk conditioning. Not through Brilliance. He fooled the Baron through the Barons’s and Piter’s arrogance. With the Baron there was cunning. But with the Atreides it was being in concert with the Emperor, the Baron, and the Bene Gesserit. He wasn’t that Brilliant .

    • @spudeleven5124
      @spudeleven5124 Před rokem +3

      Agree. Yueh is underplayed but his character was a vehicle to advance an important part of the plot.

    • @goodlight4113
      @goodlight4113 Před rokem +24

      @@briangallagher787 I can totaly see that. Although, if all it took to break Suk conditioning was kidnapping someones wife...the conditioning is useless. I think Yueh's desire to kill the baron shouldn't be underplayed :D

    • @jamesgornall5731
      @jamesgornall5731 Před rokem +6

      Yueh's conditioning was subverted, thats the vehicle, imperial conditioning was supposed to be unbreakable so that they could be trusted to work on the Emperor and his family

    • @Sheriff_K
      @Sheriff_K Před rokem +1

      @@goodlight4113 That just goes to show the ingenuity, tenacity, and vileness of the Baron.. To find a way to break such an "unbreakable" conditioning.. The Baron is rather underappreciated..

  • @geoffmartin4695
    @geoffmartin4695 Před rokem +550

    Easily the best review available of one of those 'can't-ever-be-filmed' epics. It not only looks at the differences between the film and the book but also analyses most aspects very credibly. I've been rereading this book for decades but this review brought out some aspects that I hadn't ever realised. What more can one ask for in a review? Well done!

    • @spudeleven5124
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      I've lost track of the number of times I've read Dune since I first bought a copy at the Yongsan PX in Seoul in 1978. I still have that old copy. Battered, worn and yellowed, I'll never part with it. My only regret is not getting Frank Herbert to sign it. IIRC I couldn't find it so instead I had him autograph another novel, "The White Plague".

    • @geoffmartin4695
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      @@spudeleven5124 My first reading was when I was hitch-hiking up to Thurso in the far north of Scotland with an Irish girlfriend from college. There I was, in the front of various lorries... I couldn't put it down! The girlfriend didn't last but the book did!

    • @spudeleven5124
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      I really liked that this review didn't overlook crucial small details, such as Lady Fenring's warning for Jessica in the arboretum. He also spent a lot more time on Yueh's motivations, which have always gotten short shrift in the adaptations (the closest was the 2000 Sci-Fi miniseries), whereas the feature films have totally ignored it as unimportant to the storyline but it was central to the plot.

    • @geoffmartin4695
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      @@spudeleven5124 Yes. Agreed.

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    • @lordlurk7968
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      Sadly there are a healthy amount of little details like this that just don't get conveyed properly in the movie, even the older ones. One of my biggest gripes was how lightly they touched on the water scarcity and it's almost holy care for it on the planet, especially by the Fremen. They do make little attempts here and there, but they are shallow and I really didn't feel it carried the immense weight it should of.

    • @moisturisedgnome1181
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      Max Von Sydow was a much better Liet Kynes

    • @wmichaelbooth
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      @@lordlurk7968 "Even the older ones"? Why would we expect the movie that used sound weapons to be more accurate? And since Paul isn't with the Fremen yet in the first film, there has been very little room to show how important water is up to this point. Living in the palace, water is not an issue.

    • @fakecubed
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      @@lordlurk7968 Hopefully Part Two will go much deeper into the ecology stuff and water scarcity, as Paul and Jessica learn from the Fremen. I agree with you that there was a disappointing lack of such emphasis in the first film.

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    I do truly love Kynes’s soliloquy in his death chapter. He does realize he is not going to survive, but makes his piece and stakes his claim as a “desert creature” and it makes his giving into his death a truly powerful moment to me.

    • @Demun1649
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      Let me get this straight. You think that Dr. Kynes "makes his PIECE"? Do you not think it would have been better if he had made HIS PEACE?? Your post would make a lot more sense if that is what you meant. A powerful moment for you, but more powerful if you could spell properly.

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      The Dune games are actually some of the first RTS games in the genre

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    I HATE that they left out the phrase about giving water to the dead. I feel like that was such an important impact on the Fremen. A favorite book, thank you so much for the many historical sources for Herbert's epic works.

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      I think this might still happen at the beginning of part 2, unless they're cutting the mourning scene entirely, since it hadn't happened yet by the end of the first movie
      I agree though, if it doesn't make an appearance I'd be surprised and more than a bit disappointed

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      If I would have to guess, I would say that the second movie will start with Jamis’ funeral

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    • @pedroeldiablo811
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      This happens during the "funeral" scene, not right after the combat. And yeah, it would be a mistake to remove it from the movie as it's one of the most important chapter in the book : Paul is accepted among the fremen because he gives his water and calls jamis a friend.

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