The real Dune

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  • What is the real story of Dune in the original book, compared to the 2021 Dune movie?
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    This video has spoilers for the 2021 Dune movie and the first half of the first Dune book.
    It has no big spoilers for the sequel books or future movies - just some minor lore details and quotes.
    Images and video from Dune used under fair use. Clips from Dune (2021) movie, Dune (1984) movie, Dune (2000) miniseries, Jodorowsky's Dune (2013).
    Dune graphic novel art by Raúl Allén & Patricia Martín
    Dune: House Atreides graphic novel art by Dev Pramanik
    Thumbnail Paul art by Bella Bergolts:
    Art by Aurélien Police:
    Art by Rostyslav Zagornov:
    Art by Lucas Staniec:
    Art from Dune: Adventures in the Imperium:
    Art by Stephen Youll:
    Art by Deak Ferrand / RODEOFX:
    Art by Ramazan Kazaliev:
    Art by Jenny Frison:
    Art by Anna Butova:
    Art by Peter König:
    Art by Denis Maznev: denismaznev...
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    Art by Peter Popken:
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    Art by jontorresart:
    Art by Alex Jay Brady:
    Art by Jordan Lamarre-Wan:
    References & further reading:
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    The Maker of Dune by Frank Herbert and Tim O’Reilly (1987)
    Dreamer of Dune by Brian Herbert (2003)
    Haris A. Durrani on Arabic and Islam in Dune:
    Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana.
    0:00 Dune
    1:38 Imperium
    5:32 Bene Gesserit
    06:38 Spice
    08:09 Harkonnens
    10:20 Atreides
    11:14 Sardaukar
    11:52 Paul
    13:09 Leto & the bull
    15:32 Gom jabbar
    17:49 Kwisatz Haderach
    20:46 Gurney Halleck
    21:53 Shields
    22:46 Duncan Idaho
    23:51 Caladan
    24:44 Lisan al-Gaib
    25:55 Fremen mysteries
    26:59 Mapes
    28:47 Hunter-seeker
    29:26 Conservatory
    31:00 Traitor
    31:48 Leto’s doom
    32:37 Stilgar
    34:45 Liet-Kynes
    37:21 Harvester
    39:07 Dinner party
    43:46 Divisions
    45:46 Yueh
    49:06 Harkonnen attack
    58:17 Paul’s visions
    1:01:41 Kynes’ death
    1:06:59 Storm
    1:09:56 Desert
    1:12:55 Fremen
    1:22:40 The beginning

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    • Jamaphy
      Jamaphy Před rokem +23

      Brilliant as always!

    • Geoffrey Walker
      Geoffrey Walker Před rokem +6

      What do you rate this iteration of Dune? As much as I love this movie I can’t bring myself to give it an A with sections like the dinner scene, and a proper Jessica/yueh conversation where they talk about wanna and yueh tries to trick Jessica, also the limited exposure to the residents of giedi prime. I think I would have to give it an 87.5!
      Also they needed a little more of a history lesson in the beginning we learned a fair bit about the landsraad and the bene gesserit, but little to nothing about the mentats, the butlarian jihad, house corrin, and not enough explanation on the correlation between melange the spacing guild and their reliance on it!

    • Psilonemo
      Psilonemo Před rokem +3

      Hey ASX! The black goo is actually a reference to petroleum. You can see in the way it bubbles up as the baron sleeps that it looks very much like oil.

    • EmiNNsoNify
      EmiNNsoNify Před rokem +4

      As always wonderful video, but I have to ask - what's up with those names?
      Piter == Pyter
      Chani == Chayni / Chaini
      But the same logic is not used for other names like :
      Jamis =/= Jaimys
      Duncan =/= Duncain
      So what's the deal with Peter and Chani is there a hidden meaning?

    • CRWeaventure
      CRWeaventure Před rokem +2


  • Lessons in Meme Culture
    Lessons in Meme Culture Před rokem +2156

    Love this, read Dune a lot as a kid and it’s awesome to see you cover it so coherently ❤️

    • Will Mungas
      Will Mungas Před rokem +8


    • Unexpected
      Unexpected Před rokem +36

      You're possibly the last person I had expected to have read Dune, but perhaps I shouldn't be surprised as you followed his Game of Thrones vids too.

    • Artur Mølgaard
      Artur Mølgaard Před rokem +3

      i love youre content man

    • Vodka
      Vodka Před rokem +3

      aw hell nahhh! LIMC in the flesh?

    • Joe Cash
      Joe Cash Před rokem +2

      Did you read all 6 novels by Frank Herbert? I've been told the last 3 by him are hard to follow and they aren't that important

  • Doug Carey
    Doug Carey Před 3 měsíci +120

    I've always loved how the Atraides represented how a generally honorable and good group of people are forced by necessity to adapt to a morally corrupt and broken society, slowly compromising their values in the hopes of just surviving another day.

  • Samizdat Broadcasts
    Samizdat Broadcasts Před měsícem +77

    I have been a fan of Dune since the 1980s, and have never heard it explained as succinctly and as well as it is explained here. Well done.

  • Joe Ackley
    Joe Ackley Před 5 měsíci +310

    Can we please get more Dune content? Love your videos man. Your voice, editing and explanation of lore, its all great. Always binged your vids during the GoT days lol

    • MVisMVP
      MVisMVP Před 4 měsíci +4


    • Snagprophet
      Snagprophet Před 3 měsíci +2

      Nerd Cookies seems to be the Dune channel for regular lore content

    • A .M. Ali
      A .M. Ali Před 3 měsíci +1


    • Joe Ackley
      Joe Ackley Před 3 měsíci +1

      @Snagprophet yeah I just discovered their channel recently! Good stuff.

  • nineomite
    nineomite Před 3 měsíci +34

    Dune is a masterpiece. The reason people thought it was an impossible movie to make is because the book is just so... all-encompassing. Herbert is almost Tolkien-esque in his worldbuilding, and the way he writes makes such complicated concepts accessible to dummies like me... it's a masterpiece.
    Denis's approach to that impossible task was to give the impression that there is so much more to this world without necessarily explaining it all or changing the story... and honestly I don't think anyone could've done better.
    I mean I left the theatre wanting way more Mentat too haha, but I also left very satisfied.

  • Natalie A.
    Natalie A. Před 2 měsíci +30

    Knowing that there were scenes shot for important book events like in the conservatory and the banquet, I hope it's not too much to hope for an eventual extended version release. Each time I watched the 2021 film the cut to Jessica walking down the hall shaken and crying after talking with Paul is just so out of place to me. There's literally nothing that happens prior to connect her to such a dramatic reaction. So I'm hoping it's just an unfortunate edit that will make more sense once the deleted scenes are restored. Great job on the video and in helping inspire others to read the series. I wish Dune could become part of the curriculum as Bradbury and Asimov were when I was a kid. But given the politicization of so much here in the US who knows if his themes could pass increasing parental scrutiny, regardless of their timeliness and relevance. Keep on doing what you're doing and we look forward to a part two in the near future!

    • Whitney Dahlin
      Whitney Dahlin Před 2 měsíci +3

      I agree! I don't understand why they decided to make this book series a movie series when it would work so much better as a TV series. They wouldnt have to cut out nearly as much and can take the time to focus on each character and each sub plot so the themes come across. It's like turning A Song of Ice and Fire into a movie series instead! It just can't work! Theres far to much going on and every character matters and their decisions impact the plot. It's irritating they tried to make this a movie to begin with. Like why??

  • Átila Conceição
    Átila Conceição Před rokem +1908

    "Game of thrones, in space, on drugs" is such a formidable pitch: it sounds so 60s yet Dune talks about such fundamentally human topics it manages to be timeless

    • michaelsasylum
      michaelsasylum Před rokem +109

      Dune is what Game Of Thrones wishes it could be.

    • Sangers Gauthier
      Sangers Gauthier Před rokem +21

      @michaelsasylum Season eight was released 3 years ago

    • The Hammer
      The Hammer Před rokem +67

      Dune is leagues above what game of thrones wishes it could be

    • Jeff Salas
      Jeff Salas Před rokem +38

      @Sangers Gauthier we don't talk about that season here ... the north remember ...

    • Munken
      Munken Před rokem +7

      @Jeff Salas But now it is best to forget

  • Kuhmuhnistische Partei: Muht zur Kuhzunft!

    By the way, I actually used the part starting at 1:38 until about 6:50 as a "Dune crash curse" for a friend before we watched the movie together. There are a few scenes from the movie, but nothing you wouldn't see in a trailer I think. And he said it helped him to actually understand better whats going on. I feel like some scenes in the movie are really underexplained. Like I don't think anyone who watches the movie and doesn't know anything else leaves the movie knowing what a mentat is and what Thufir does in that one scene where he rolls his eyes back to calculate stuff. Or who the astronaut people behind the herold are. And a quick overview about the houses and what the Bene Gesserit are just helps keeping track of who is who.

  • achan
    achan Před 5 měsíci +70

    What an absolute piece you have done here mate. Its very rare to come across content like this now days ❤

  • BobbyB
    BobbyB Před 8 dny

    This is an incredible breakdown and explaination that demonstrates remarkable talent of understanding and interpreting the source material. FH would be proud, impressed and honored.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Před 2 měsíci +5

    6:52: 🌌 Dune is a story set in space, where characters use a drug called Spice to expand their minds and extend their lifespans.
    13:48: 📚 Dune is a book and movie that explores the complex relationships between different groups and individuals, questioning morality, destiny, and the role of manipulation.
    20:46: 📚 Summary of key characters, weapons, and cultures in the book Dune.
    27:29: 📚 This analysis discusses the themes and plot developments in the book 'Dune' related to religion, manipulation, power, and alliances
    34:11: 📚 The Atreides meet with Stilgar and Liet-Kynes, who have complicated loyalties, and provides them with stillsuits.
    40:53: 📚 The Atreides use ruthless methods and make moral compromises for political gain, while the dinner party reveals the fakeness of political power and the constant threat of violence
    47:46: 😢 Yueh betrays the Atreides but also helps Paul and Jessica escape.
    54:40: 📚 The Baron Harkonnen is a villain ruled by his desires, while Leto's death leads to Paul's transformation and the revelation of his future as the messianic leader in a religious war.
    1:02:38: 🌍 Kynes and the Fremen are secretly transforming Arrakis into a green planet, but Kynes dies trying to control the environment.
    1:09:08: 📚 The summary provides insights into the Harkonnen plotline, Paul and Jessica's desert journey, and the introduction of Fremen culture.
    1:16:02: 📚 The first half of the movie covers the beginning of the Dune story, where Jessica and Paul join the Fremen and Paul faces a deadly fight with Jamis.
    1:23:23: 📚 This video discusses the first half of the first book of Dune and highlights important scenes and themes.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  • Cosmic Ari
    Cosmic Ari Před 4 měsíci +40

    I’ve never actually heard of Dune before this video, so thank you for explaining so well and thoroughly. It makes me want to read the books!

  • Banuña
    Banuña Před rokem +3450

    First of all, cheers to you for citing evidence via quotes for almost every claim you make. That must have been time consuming and annoying but *boy* does it add a lot to the video. Also, the visual aids were so incredibly helpful for a person who hasn’t read the books (like me). Without them, I would have gotten confused with all the names, plot lines, and locations. Amazing video, keep up the stellar work!!

    • Woody
      Woody Před rokem +63

      That's the Alt Shift Standard for you.

    • tacoSEVEN
      tacoSEVEN Před rokem +28

      Wait til you discover Alt Shift X Game of Thrones….

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson Před rokem +19

      You are missing out, if you've never read the original Dune. It is one of the best science fiction books ever released, and it is, for all intents and purposes, beautiful in its imagery, and its ability to explain complexities of the characters, and their interactions. It's definitely one of the best books ever written. It's one that more teachers should be teaching in their creative writing courses.

    • aviationist
      aviationist Před rokem +4

      100% agree. Good job, good job, good job.

    • Tweety Kid
      Tweety Kid Před rokem +6

      You just have to read the book. I read Dune when I was in seventh grade. It had been out for a couple years. My brothers were also reading it, and we sat in the living room together reading for hours. It was a thrilling experience because it's a thrilling story. Dune was published in 1965. Frank Herbert spent six years writing it. It's one of the best science fiction novels of all time.

  • Marcos Silva
    Marcos Silva Před 2 měsíci +9

    Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, but always insightful, and wildly entertaining. 86 minutes of pure mind bending joy. Thank you for this.

  • Aeroflyre
    Aeroflyre Před 4 měsíci +11

    By far the best guide available to for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of the latest movie and the first book. Well worth the watch. Hopefully there will be extended versions of the first two movies released that brings in some of the important motifs from the book that are glossed over or skipped altogether. It's a balancing act to make a theatrical version that keeps the runtime short enough for the casual viewer, cover enough material to not get bogged down in too many details for them, but also keep real fans loyal and supportive so it can be successful. So, I'd like to see theatrical versions that are commercially successful that would enable extended versions released soon after with fleshed out scenes that dive deeper and really capture the essence of the book.

  • stelthie
    stelthie Před 3 měsíci +24

    This is the definitive video if you need the world of Dune explained. Alt X has done an amazing job with this explanation video. One of my CZcams favorites

    • John Beaty
      John Beaty Před 3 měsíci

      I do appreciate the obvious love and effort this movie shows Dune. However, I think the Syfi mini-series was closer to the source despite its many flaws.

  • GNARical
    GNARical Před měsícem +3

    Another thing I want to add about kynes death (and why I fear the changing of their death is the biggest misstep of the film) is him being pecked and toyed with by the desert hawks, to me seemed entirely symbolic of the reality of the intentions of House atreidies. I do love the film, I just hope the more kiniving elements of house atreidies isn't completely lost or "whitewashed" as such.

    • Nicholas Cage
      Nicholas Cage Před měsícem +2

      That is especially interesting as a sort of foreshadowing, given by Children of Dune many Fremen have grown to despise the Atreides. And because Liet remarks that like all animals there, the hawks are blood drinkers. Scavengers. The conditions of the planet force you to become savage to survive, the symbol of nobility being just another carrion eater. So many things to pull from the scene, the film's scene feels incredibly hollow in comparison.

  • Hamm
    Hamm Před 17 dny +2

    As a new reader to the dune series I found this very helpful for things I might have not picked up on or things I missed, truly an amazing podcast

  • boggo
    boggo Před 5 měsíci +1066

    Summarizing Dune in this format really reveals how insanely creative Frank Hebert was.

    • Demonite
      Demonite Před 4 měsíci +4

      Fubibum Rabam

    • Phiwo Dube
      Phiwo Dube Před 3 měsíci +6

      More like a mad genius RIP Frank Herbert

    • Ryan
      Ryan Před 3 měsíci +15

      His genius is showing you the real world in which you live in, as though it were a world of fiction.

    • Mande Peer
      Mande Peer Před 2 měsíci +1

      Absolutely but he couldn’t write at all. Have you ever tried to read it? It’s so bad lol. If he had someone who could write well do it for him, I bet anything it would have been one of the most compelling books ever written. The plots are so so SO good.

    • Zach Jollimore
      Zach Jollimore Před 2 měsíci +13

      @Mande Peer that is subjective, i enjoy Frank Herbert's writing style more than Tolkiens, he's as descriptive with thought as tolkien was with surroundings.
      Plus his world building is just fantastic, left a plethora of material for his son to butcher.

  • Beelzebubbles - Hail Satin! Prince of Shiny Fabrics!

    As a fellow Orstrayan, I have to compliment you on your commentary. Have you thought about doing audio books? I became a fan of them when my late Mum started losing her vision. She was an avid reader & one of her major problems was the lack of male, Australian accents when listening to them. We'd found a few read by guys, and I can say with certainty that your tone & cadence would be perfect. Also, I'm loving your content!

    • Soyuz The HouseCat
      Soyuz The HouseCat Před 2 měsíci

      Ditto, Australian here too (well at least I'm Australian now, was born in Armenia and came to Australia age 14 in 1996... Proud to call myself an Australian citizen 🇦🇺🇦🇲)

  • Matthew Kent
    Matthew Kent Před 2 měsíci +5

    It’s amazing how the book tells you in all the plans within plans, no attack is unexpected, but it’s still such a page turner. Frank herbert had some true writing talent.

    • Nicholas Cage
      Nicholas Cage Před 2 měsíci +1

      It plays with suspense in a really interesting way, by revealing very explicit details long ahead of time, but without a lot of the connective tissue that lets it click immediately. You get to read Jamis' funeral dirge at least 100 pages before you find out who he even is, Irulan gets thorough characterization despite having only 2 lines of her own in the book, and in later books like Children of Dune you get reveals like the identity of Hark al-Ada near the end while getting to know both sides of him very thoroughly throughout. There's a great deliberateness to everything that it hardly ever draws attention to, and it makes everything all that much more impressive.

    • Pascal V.
      Pascal V. Před 2 měsíci

      @Nicholas Cage
      Even Muad'ib is a mysterious character : Irulan writes about him at the introduction of every chapter, but it is only in the middle of the book that you learn that Paul and Muad'ib are the same person.

  • VlkArk
    VlkArk Před 4 měsíci +11

    I absolutely adored the book and so did my buddy. we went to see part 1 in 3d and it was the single best theatre experience we had ever had. and just how accurate the film is was amazing. highly recommend both for everyone

  • CalMariner
    CalMariner Před 3 měsíci +5

    This was amazing. Truly unimaginable how much time and love you must have poured into it, and with such clear vision.

  • Kyle Wolfe
    Kyle Wolfe Před rokem +1197

    This video is unfathomably well produced. I can't even begin to imagine how much work was required to pull everything together into this cohesive masterpiece

    • TOMAS
      TOMAS Před rokem +3

      Is there a place in the movie that shows when they were "Folding Space " to travel ?

    • Jaime Pereira
      Jaime Pereira Před rokem +7

      Alt Shift X is the son of a god of lore with a god of history

    • Justin Morales
      Justin Morales Před 11 měsíci +1

      @TOMAS no, it just shows a heighliner above caladan where you can see a planet on the other end of the wormhole. It’s when Helena mohiam is flying down to caladan.

    • Thewhiteandorange
      Thewhiteandorange Před 10 měsíci


    • Md Mutaleb
      Md Mutaleb Před 5 měsíci

      It was nice to talk to you.😀

  • Ath Sbalvayo
    Ath Sbalvayo Před měsícem

    This is a very comprehensive, enlightening content about Dune lore. A must-watch for the curious and perplexed individuals like me who just thought of it before as a Star Wars inspiration, but apparently there's more to it. Thanks bro for this!

  • Isabella Sbarra
    Isabella Sbarra Před 2 měsíci +2

    Loved this :) I feel like it definitely takes a slightly more cynical approach to certain characters/groups, in story and out, but it’s such a good covering of everything… this is like my third time watching!!

  • Marty Mart
    Marty Mart Před 2 měsíci

    Found this very helpful and loved listening to it. Just shows how well written the screenplay for '21 dune was when compared to the 80s version. The 80s version was trying to follow the book to the letter so it was no wonder cinemagoers (who hadn't read the book) had no clue what was going on. The latter film knew not to cram too much detail in. And this CZcams post is an ideal companion piece

  • Kim Wahlman
    Kim Wahlman Před 4 měsíci +3

    My personal suggestion would be to read or (like I do) listen to the books in the chronical order rather than the published order. I think it would feel more rewarding not knowing how things will unfold rather than jumping back and forth in the time line. I am a bit sad that the movies don't really show the interesting world of Dune. Arrakis is cool and all, but the dune universe is so vast and amazing that the small slice we get in the movies do not make it justice.

  • A-RᴏN Gubbe
    A-RᴏN Gubbe  Před 4 měsíci +7

    I remember seeing Dune and i didn’t understand anything really happening on screen.
    After watching this to say the least VERY cohesive and educational video for the first time, immediately i rewatched and understood everything.
    I have rewatched this and the movie about 3 times since the start of the year, and oh my god this is genuinely more exciting than anything going on in Sci Fi or Fantasy in general.
    I HAVEN’T read the book for the sake of tension. Im looking forward to Fae vs Paul even if its obvious who wins, I am very excited to see the Baron’s champion on screen.

  • magister343
    magister343 Před rokem +2853

    The film really needed a scene where they explained the importance of Mentats in a society where thinking machines are illegal, and reveal to Paul that he has what it takes to become a Mentant himself.

    • Sergeant Bean
      Sergeant Bean Před rokem +76

      I thought you were talking about Fallout

    • Kill Theo
      Kill Theo Před rokem +47

      no it didn't

    • Thergood
      Thergood Před rokem +348

      They did my boy Thufir dirty in the movie. Dude's probably the top mentat and most dangerous person in the galaxy. He deduced how the Emperor was creating the Sardaukar, then created the plan to use the Fremen to defeat them. They made him seem like some over-the-hill lackey.

    • mojiyoru
      mojiyoru Před rokem +25

      It's coming later

    • Joseph Seger
      Joseph Seger Před rokem +164

      It’s incredible to me that you all have decided that every detail and every concept needed to be explained in the FIRST PART of a MULTIPLE PART SERIES. Like calm down and wait. It was a fantastic adaptation, and was mostly true to the source material.

  • Enrique Pelenato
    Enrique Pelenato Před 5 měsíci +90

    I'm really praying Jamis funeral is the first thing we see in part 2. If it's not in the movie entirely I will be really really disappointed in Villeneuve.
    *Spoiler alert for first four books in this thread*

    • G S
      G S Před 4 měsíci +2

      I don't think we'll ever get all 6 as movies, maybe a condensed version of Messiah and Children, but God Emperor would just be too much for a movie, also as the Villeneuve movie isn't a particularly good adaptation so much would be misunderstood going forward, ultimately a long format TV show would've been a better way forward but I don't think anyone really has the budget matched to the singular vision it would take to do a really good true adaptations, Apple could do it financially but after the mess of Foundation I would think it will just be another piss poor adaptation.
      While Dune fans would want this, the adaptations will have to have broad appeal as the makers would be too frightened of a poor return on the investment, broad appeal means dumbing it down, modern audiences for the most part don't want a deep experience, some do but for the most part the majority don't, just look at the movies that have made the most money over the last 20 years.
      It's a pity as Dune delivers on so many levels, people talk about subverting expectations these days, Dunes did it almost 60 years ago and did it properly not as blunt instrument to smash you over the head with current social asshattery. Can you imagine the average movie going audience appreciating the journey that Paul goes on and his ultimate failure and the brutal deconstruction of his character and all he achieved, as well as his own his own part in the destruction of his empire, to say noting of Letos transformation into the god emperor and the irony of giving up his humanity to save humanity from itself, it's a nice thought to have seeing all of them on the big screen but it's never going to happen.

    • Enrique Pelenato
      Enrique Pelenato Před 4 měsíci +1

      ​@G S
      I actually totally agree. I'm reading God Emperor right now and I agree this is neeeever getting adapted lol. It's just soooo "beyond". I'm certain Messiah will get adapted though, could easily fit into one movie. Maybe Children of Dune could get split into 2 movies like the first one giving us 5 movies in total. Or become a series. (Would love to watch Leto II hurl his aunty around by her leg lol).
      Yep, while Villeneuve's adaption could've been much better, considering the times and the stranglehold companies have on what gets funding and what doesn't, I think this is sadly as good as it's probably going to get for us. And even while Dune's increased popularity means future Dune adaptions will get more funding, I can easily see it becoming a victim where the writers chop and screw with the source material trying to make it reflect current day politics and culture, just like what happened to Star Wars and Rings of Power.

    • G S
      G S Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Enrique Pelenato Got to admit I'm a little jealous of you reading God Emperor for the first time, I'd love to read it fresh again after the original book its my favourite. So good.

    • Mio C
      Mio C Před 3 měsíci +1

      Yeah Jamis' funeral was one of my favourite scenes in the first book

    • Enrique Pelenato
      Enrique Pelenato Před 3 měsíci

      @Mio C I have bad memory but to this day after reading the book only once it's once of the scenes that I remember vividly

  • BattleMatt
    BattleMatt Před dnem

    I really enjoyed the film, but the role of Kynes was really understated and it isn't clear just how much of a leader of the Freman Kynes actually is. Also in the book there's a dinner party that shows Keynes power and violence and in the appendix it's revealed how many Harkonnen they've killed.

  • A
    A Před měsícem

    I watched the film a few weeks ago with friends and didn't understand any of it but you made it pretty clear to me and I like GoT and it's made this series much more enjoyable.

  • William S. Vincent
    William S. Vincent Před 2 měsíci

    Keep in mind that the back stories of people like Gurney Halek and Duncan Idaho were written in prequel books by Frank Herbert's son Brian and his co-writer Kevin Anderson. Personally I loved them as they write something like 10 prequel books as for me they provide a lot of information on the society in Dune went from basically present day to roughly 20,000 years into the future. Some people don't like Brian Herbert's work at all for a variety of reasons but like I said, I enjoyed every single one of them and to me it's crystal clear that Frank Herbert is a superior writer than his son but his son does have some talent.I have read all 6 books at least a few times each and I learn more about what Herbert meant to convey after each reading. Your analysis of the movie versus the book is excellent and you taught me several things I missed which is good - and humbling. Lol. Thank you and I end up respecting the intellect and vision of Frank Herbert even more. Can you believe he wrote Dune in what 1965? I was 4 years old and to think he could conceive of these things in the mid 60's is pretty amazing!

  • GPtwo
    GPtwo Před 5 měsíci +3

    For a casual like myself, I've seen the Lynch film twice and the new film, this was extremely informative and put a lot of things in order for me. Also enjoyed learning about the author and his process. Well done! 👏Now that I've been schooled it's time to watch Dune '21 again.

  • Herpy Depth
    Herpy Depth Před rokem +6907

    As someone who finally is deciding to get into Dune, it’s really weird realizing that “oh… everybody in all of fiction stole from this” even more than LOTR it feels like

    • Andrew
      Andrew Před rokem +755

      My enjoyment for Warhammer 40k plummeted when I crossed that line

    • Adrian Alberto Madonna Rondon
      Adrian Alberto Madonna Rondon Před rokem +76

      @AndrewCould you elaborate? I don't get what you are implying (Does everything steal from Warhammer 40k?)

    • Razor Light
      Razor Light Před rokem +735

      @Adrian Alberto Madonna Rondon Warhammer itself copied a lot from other sources namely starship trooper, terminator, and pretty much dune

    • j
      j Před rokem +498

      @Andrew i mean ya? Do you not know whay 40k was in its early incarnations? It was literally a blatant satire of these stories specifically callingnitself out for that at every turn, the new lore hasnt forgotten that at all. Depsite being "grim dark" 40k is super self aware and has never pretended to be anything its not. Like its not a copy its a homage, 40k is cool because it is all of sci fi in one gigantic pulsating bundle. Whatever you like of sci fo exists in 40k and thats on purpose. Its not stealing its just reframing in an open context with infinite excuses for creatviity to allow for an extremely open ended wargame to be formed and enjoyed.

    • Andrew
      Andrew Před rokem +604

      @Adrian Alberto Madonna Rondon The imperium, which went through an AI/robot extinction level event and has since banned all computers, guided by the Emperor of Mankind, who has an army of super soldiers that everyone is afraid of, some of which worship him as a god (HE DOESN'T WANT THAT) and whos footsoldiers use lasguns, who use navigators to safely travel through space. I'm describing the 40k-verse, sound familiar? Dune came first btw.

  • Johnny H. Rickensien
    Johnny H. Rickensien Před 5 měsíci +11

    Surviving the storm is about awareness, it's about being aware of the fact that you're not in control... Paul letting go is him being aware, understanding the power of the storm, understanding that the only action he can make is inaction itself.

  • Paul Molen
    Paul Molen Před měsícem +1

    A fabulous synopsis of both the film and the book. My thanks and congratulations. I read SF as far back as the sixties and Dune, and the following volumes, make a radical break with most previous writings where you have mostly good versus evil, a symplistic view of reality even if in the future. Only Alfred Bester and of course Philip K. Dick stand equal to Frank Herbert.

    • LarixusSnydes
      LarixusSnydes Před měsícem

      How about Ursula K. le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and J.G Ballard? They all present worlds and stories that are imho. far away from simple Good vs. Evil struggles.
      The classic writers H.G.Wells and Jules Verne also come to mind. Jules Verne's case is ironic since even though he has written remarkable Science Fiction stories, he was a staunch conservative and traditionalist who did not evolve his point of view along with the changing world.

  • Superslowmojoe
    Superslowmojoe Před 26 dny

    This synopsis is amazing!!! I recently read the first book and then watched the most recent movie, and this really helped me get a firm grasp on everything I read/watched, as there is a lot to remember haha

  • Oana Cosanzeana
    Oana Cosanzeana Před měsícem

    The helicopter and harvester are made to look like in the video games 😊 I was actually quite happy to see the resemblance. Even how the worm approaches and rises from the sand is similar to the games

  • I'm Old Greg
    I'm Old Greg Před měsícem +3

    I was so frustrated when Leto was letting Jessica go on thinking she was the traitor. I thought it was such a huge mistake for Leto. Had him and Jessica worked together, they might have found out it was Yueh before the shields were taken down.

  • frailty
    frailty Před 9 měsíci +1581

    I absolutely adore Dune's take on scifi, its so much more mature than most others. The idea of a religious crusade that bans computers and artificial intelligance resulting in a future based on the direct expansion of the human mind is fascinating and alluring, it really adds another level to the film when you know many of these characters are vastly more intelligent and calculated than any human thats ever lived today.

    • Rohen Thar
      Rohen Thar Před 9 měsíci +33

      Well, I hate Dune for many things, but I also love it for exactly that, what you already pointed. After all Dune is one of a very few books/games/movies which expand humans mind and its natural biological possibilities and its not over glorifying technology like Star Trek or space wizardry like Star Wars. Just pure human mind, how awesome that is?

    • Z M
      Z M Před 9 měsíci +5

      @Rohen Thar why do you hate it...without any spoilers I'm reading the first book right now

    • SparkleSparkleSparkle
      SparkleSparkleSparkle Před 9 měsíci +49

      @Z M there weren't any pictures in the book it was all text.

    • Z M
      Z M Před 9 měsíci +1

      @SparkleSparkleSparkle I know

  • Steven McCallum
    Steven McCallum Před 2 měsíci

    I'm watching this as i loved the movie allot and got me interested in learning about the lore. The film is an adaptation, it cannot reasonably be expected to cover absolutely every theme, explanation, context... etc. of the book, especially one the size and scope of Dune. There's more to gain in appreciating each art form for what it is, rather than sh*t all over one. And this is coming from an avid book reader.

  • Achim Pohl
    Achim Pohl Před 2 měsíci

    Thanks for the outstanding analysis. It is a great watch for both fans of books and movie alike. It drives home all the points. Glad someone else is missing the diner party and the Jessica-as-traitor-plot. Denis, please! I'd gladly sacrifice the scenes at the graves and a ten minute shot of a hughe spaceship (imperial herald) for only one of those

  • Francesco Navarro
    Francesco Navarro Před 3 měsíci

    What an incredibly articulate and well researched video essay. Thank you for this coherent and comprehensive dive Into “Dune”.

  • JayBigDadyCy
    JayBigDadyCy Před 5 měsíci +9

    It's hard for me not to think GRRM was massively influenced by the character complexity as well as moral complexities of Dune. It's all over the place in ASoIaF as well. I love the different PoV's of the same event and how different it seems and how it allows you to make up your own mind about who is right or wrong in ASoIaF. Dune seems to have a similar approach. Rather than good vs. evil. It's much more human and complex. Because the world is rarely if ever that black and white. Even good people have moral decisions and struggles.
    What a great vid. I absolutely love this channel. Can't wait for part 2 of Dune I'm November.

  • Blundererer
    Blundererer Před 2 měsíci +2

    Yueh implies that he is not doing it to protect his wife as he knows that she wont be saved but to kill the baron. He says to himself that who would imagine that wanting to kill the baron can actually bypass the conditioning. The baron incorrectly thinks that the conditioning is bypassed by Yueh's desire to safe his wife and that is why he doesnt suspect the murder attempt. That is another topic that the book touches and is the misunderstood deepness of hatred. In the book Leito is accused of not understanding hatred, but the Baron didnt understand either.

  • nicholas
    nicholas Před 9 měsíci +2380

    If they plan on being faithful to Paul's evolution over the course of the movies, it's probably a good move on their part to humanize him to the audience while they still can. 😅

    • ImHF
      ImHF Před 9 měsíci +54


    • Dolapo Babalola
      Dolapo Babalola Před 9 měsíci +198

      That is ominous af 😭

    • Björn Dietrich
      Björn Dietrich Před 9 měsíci +87

      @Dolapo Babalola Well, he will undergo quite the reverse metamorphosis. If you want to know more, have a look at the plot of book two or three.

    • shamon351
      shamon351 Před 9 měsíci +40

      I wonder if, for political reasons, they will renamed "crusades" what Paul will do ?

    • nicholas
      nicholas Před 9 měsíci +17

      @shamon351 this sounds more like conservative angst than relevant to Dune in any way tbh.

  • carmell c00kies
    carmell c00kies Před 2 měsíci

    It's just a minor neat pick that I think you missed. The last words Yueh told the baron made him super suspicious and turned on his shield in the lowest setting. For me that was the most tragic part because even tho he controlled himself for so long there were many times he could be discovered he failed to control himself when it mattered the most and that's why his plan to kill the baron failed. in the end that's how I interpret it. Great video nevertheless

  • Dave Morton
    Dave Morton Před 5 měsíci

    This is an excellent summary. I read the original Dune as a young man, and it was the best SF ever. I still think so. It's up there in my top three or four, even in my sophisticated old age. The first sequel was also excellent, but then it all dwindled into unintelligible garbage. The films and TV series were abysmal, until this new one. I look forward to the sequel which, I presume, will be the second half of the first book. Fear is the mind-killer.... I don't think any film can ever capture the full richness of any great book, but it might just capture the feel, the essence.

  • Troy Brown
    Troy Brown Před 5 měsíci +2

    Beautifully made video!!! As a person who has read all of the major books in Dune series, I was disappointed in how much the new movie left out. Every human needs to read the series.

  • Ian Stradian
    Ian Stradian Před 2 měsíci

    This is the best breakdown of Book vs movie regarding Dune I’ve seen.
    Well done!
    I’ve read and reread the dune trilogy and the entire series once, and I learned that I had missed a few things.
    Thank you for this video.

  • Otto Beats
    Otto Beats Před rokem +1527

    The name Harkonnen comes from a Finnish surname Härkönen which comes from the word härkä meaning bull. So in a way Paul is also fighting a bull

    • O G
      O G Před rokem +47

      Its an ox not a bull, good point tho

    • Jeep NJ
      Jeep NJ Před rokem +17

      Neat detail!

    • Eddie Polo
      Eddie Polo Před rokem +58

      @ O G
      What do you call a male ox?

    • Siamzero
      Siamzero Před rokem +8

      @Eddie Polo An ox

    • windows
      windows Před rokem +69

      @Siamzero nope, its bull

  • BitchTits McDikbiscuit
    BitchTits McDikbiscuit Před 5 měsíci

    I cannot THANK YOU enough for this awesome video expounding upon the film and entire “Dune” universe!
    I’ve always been familiar with Dune and aware of its huge fan base. For some reason the original film never felt …”cool” to me, just a little off putting and too strange for my tastes. I didn’t know David Lynch had such a horrible time making it! I loved his candid talk about how he was asked by George Lucas to direct “Return of the Jedi” and he had a panic attack of sorts and just had to say no 😆 despite losing potentially millions of bucks!
    I know he tired his best (or so I think!) I loved a lot of the suit designs, namely the stillsuits, they looked so damn cool.
    Now fast forward to Dennis’s vision of “Dune”. I was always excited to see his take & I know he felt it was his destiny to make this film. For some reason upon its release, again haha couldn’t get into it.
    Now? Something …happened …where I am absolutely head over heels for this property! I’ve watched the newest version of the film twice so far and have all of the action figures. I eagerly await the sequel where I hope to see more of the story unfold and that incredibly gorgeously shot action, epic cinematography and Zimmer score! Im soaking up all things “Dune” now 😆 It’s a REALLY awesome story and property! Dennis’s stillsuit designs are SO f-in’ awesome in the new film, as are all the various battle armours for the different Houses and factions.
    Dennis Villeneauve and company are all fucking geniuses and I cannot WAIT for “Dune Part 2”
    Thank you again for this video!

  • o--Kane101--o
    o--Kane101--o Před 2 měsíci +1

    This video an amazing production. So thorough and well articulated and presented. Thank you, it is a lot of work and it comes across clearly and engagingly. It deserves every view.

  • Mathew Jelley
    Mathew Jelley Před měsícem

    1:20:44 Paul’s vision was Jamis saying he will show him the ways of the dessert. The vision wasn’t that they would become friends. Jamis fulfilled that vision by challenging him and showing him the harsh ways of the dessert and their culture.
    Paul’s visions seem to be true but in a symbolic metaphoric sort of way.

  • TrustworthyFella
    TrustworthyFella Před měsícem +3

    I was lucky to be able to read from a very young age..i was very hungry for knowledge, and consumed all the books i could get my hands on - i was about 7 when i 'discovered' my fathers classic SF collection, and Dune was definitely a little bit too deep for my still underdeveloped mind. Nevertheless, i lost myself in this amazing universe. I think it taught me a lot, and even though i could not fully understand the finer intricacies of the psychologic and emotional layers within the story, i could deduce enough to understand what i needed, to progress. I only read the first book then, but it was enough to fall madly in love with science fiction as a genre. Of course i later re-read the first book, then the rest of the series. Only then did i realise the impact the first book had had on my younger self..
    That as a backstory just to bring home the fact that these books helped shape me, which is, as you said, a fine silver lining of sorts within Frank Herbert's story. I tried watching the first movie back then and quickly gave up on that, it was like an insult to my memory, and own envisioning. Watching this, whilst having the second Dune movie in my Amazon Prime watchlist, made me realise the second movie might actually be worth a watch: funnily enough i already am at 1:05:49 of your recap/comparison, which is an indirect compliment to it's entertainment value. :)
    So, im pausing this video, starting up the movie, and then will return to check the last 20 minutes. I'm of that age where my memory starts failing me, so a lot of this was pleasantly surprising, as i had forgotten much. Thanks for this! This, to me, is the best type of content CZcams could ever offer.
    Entertaining education, reinvigorating sleeping minds, inspiring lateral thinking in both young and old...

  • Pigdog 5150
    Pigdog 5150 Před 2 měsíci

    They really should have done a trilogy and included the other stories and especially a dinner party scene.

  • RickleVR
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    Its surreal that I've been subbed to you since 2015 from watching the Game of Thrones lore videos. Now in 2022, still following you for more lore videos on different media that I love. Thank you and keep up the amazing work as always!

    • GimmeeSomeMo
      GimmeeSomeMo Před rokem +18

      Just goes to the show how people such as ourselves came to his content. He was smart to expand to other material especially after Game of Thrones crashed and burned in Season 7 and 8. Thankfully, there's an ample amount of great fantasy/sci-fi content to breakdown

    • Sattva 468
      Sattva 468 Před rokem +5

      Same! And he exploded my understanding of the lore in Raised by Wolves. Absolutely uplevels my enjoyment of every book, movie or show he covers.

    • sneakywaffles
      sneakywaffles Před rokem +5

      Same thing here, and now his video of dune popped up in my feed and I thought "Thank god he's doing new videos on this other thing I love". Quinns ideas channel has good videos, but I really enjoy alt shift x`s style.

    • CoralCopperHead
      CoralCopperHead Před rokem

      So how much of the lore do you know for yourself, and how much of it is stuff you've already been force-fed?

    • LinkEX
      LinkEX Před rokem

      The moment he popped up in my feed again was even similar in terms of "fandom acquantance": I got into the movie(s) for a good year before finding his reviews, and in turn rethinking the lore I was familiar with so far.

  • Motivation Exceeds Me
    Motivation Exceeds Me Před 2 měsíci +5

    I got into Dune as a kid, playing Dune 2000 and Emperor Dune. Then I got my hands on a VHS collection of the original mini series. From there I was set. It's amazing how much it's shaped my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Sadly, I can't read properly. I've tried many times to read the book but my condition stops me every time. Thank you for this video. It's amazing

    • James "Homie" Holmes
      James "Homie" Holmes Před měsícem +1

      Audio Book versions if there is any are probably the best bet
      Don't let your condition hold you back from experiencing the books.

    • Gumball
      Gumball Před měsícem +1

      Yeah the Dune audiobooks are really good

  • Khaz
    Khaz Před 2 měsíci +2

    what a great video, very easy to understand and interesting to boot.
    as someone who never read the books but watched all the movie adaptations there where still some things i have forgotten/didnt know, so thanks for that.

  • Zach Jollimore
    Zach Jollimore Před 2 měsíci +1

    the scene where paul and leto talk and Leto talks of loving and accepting his son no matter what, that's definitely a book scene driven by leto's internal monologue, artfully translated into the screen to establish this relationship, to make Paul's drive for revenge make more sense.

    • Nicholas Cage
      Nicholas Cage Před 2 měsíci

      That scene is actually quite notably not from the book, and I'd honestly say it doesn't fit well with the book. The core conflict with Leto's character is how he perceives duty and love, in that he is divided by his duty to house, legacy, and Imperium and the desire to protect those he loved. He could have run away from the conflict, he could have never even declared Kanly, the total-war feud he willingly ignited with the Harkonnens. Shaddam was half hoping he would, the houses have customs for renegades and he and his family as well as his closest confidants would be safe. But duty to his people, to justice, and his family name would not allow him to run. The Atreides perspective on their duty as rulers is summed up by the Old Duke, the one who died to the bull, very well.
      "One who rules assumes irrevocable responsibility for the ruled. You are a husbandman. This demands, at times, a selfless act of love which might be only amusing to those you rule."
      Having Leto express that he wouldn't care if Paul shirked his ducal responsibilities not only seems out of character, it also nullifies his internal conflict over whether love is more important than duty. I much prefer the conversation between them in the book where Leto laments that the Atreides have been afflicted by the same rot that hit all the great houses. All the scheming and intrigue, all the shrewd propaganda and manipulation, and the fact that he never dared marry Jessica so he could gain political advantage with the other houses with the prospect of marriage. All that in the context that political necessity now requires that he scheme against Jessica. It fits so well with the world and characters, the movie scene while well acted feels disconnected and somewhat generic.

  • Chill
    Chill Před 3 měsíci

    this is really well put together and explains a lot in an easy to follow way. Thank you.

  • Relevance
    Relevance Před 4 měsíci

    Can't wait for part two. Saw the preview during gardiad vol 3 and almost brought me to tears. Having read the book it looked so loyal. It is one of the things I cant stop thinking about from Gaurdians 3 which I loved. But this feels like a whole another force of nature.

  • Eastern Lights
    Eastern Lights Před rokem +923

    I feel like Leto and Jessica are one the deepest, most tragic love stories you could ever read. It's not about two people who sacrificed everything for their love, but rather of two people who sacrificed their love for the greater good, because they knew that in the grand scheme of things, their relationship was not important to anyone but them. They would never give up their duties just to be together, because they know that that is not what the other one would have wanted.
    I think this is a much deeper and much more selfless form of love, one that makes me shed a tear every time I read this book.

    • Franco Russo 777
      Franco Russo 777 Před rokem +10

      A great story with so much passion that u just follow the flow and for get some minor details .I loved the details of each person and their personalities all so real..Thank you for this book..

    • StruggleOn
      StruggleOn Před rokem +69

      And don't forget how they had to scheme against each other from time to time, but still loved each other despite this. They knew it would never be out of spite, just out of political necessity

    • brwa
      brwa Před rokem

      lmao, this is not true at all

    • Gabrielle
      Gabrielle Před rokem +7

      @brwa what’s your opinion of them ? I’m curious to hear now

    • StruggleOn
      StruggleOn Před rokem +31

      @brwa Duke Leto literally told Paul to tell Jessica that he loved her in case he didn't survive the political trap set for them by the Emperor and the Harkonnens

  • Steve Kraus
    Steve Kraus Před 4 měsíci

    Great review of Dune. This could be a college class. I really enjoyed the detailed comparison of the Dune book and the movies. I have read Dune four times, Dune Messiah once, and Children of Dune once. I have never seen any Dune movies, TV series, etc. Now I’m hooked. I’ll have to reread Dune and watch the 2021 movie and Dune 2.

  • Jacopo Tersigni
    Jacopo Tersigni Před 4 měsíci

    i watched the movie when it came out, then i read the book. came to this video as soon as i finished the book and i must say, this video is sooooooo well done. so thorough and yet so easy to follow and enjoyable, such good editing. if i had to find one flaw, i’d say the tone of the voiceover is a bit monotone. but still, such a good video

  • Storer Boat Plans
    Storer Boat Plans Před 2 měsíci +2

    Read them all years ago (except for the last which had not been published. This is a really well done summary. With the complexity of the book I am sure it is impossible to get EVERYTHING right - but this is a really good shot at it.

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C Před měsícem

    My first watch of Dune I was lost and bored. Came across the video then rewatched the film with new understanding. Thank you for the breakdown. Ready for Dune part two!

  • wraithgr
    wraithgr Před 3 měsíci +3

    Great video so far (I'm 35' in). Couple of things to point out from what I've heard: Salusa Secundus being the recruiting ground for the Sardaukar is not common knowledge at the start of the story, but rather a well kept secret of how the Emperor can train his shock troops to be so brutal and effective. There is even a little scene where the Baron suggests in an off-hand manner to (iirc) count Fenring that he might turn Dune into his prison planet, a notion which the count is understandably disturbed by and discourages the baron from.
    Another miss is that the Harkonnens wanted to infiltrate the Fremen not because they considered them a possible ally of the Atreides, but because they controlled huge swaths of Dune which the Harkonnens had no way to even access (the deep desert)...

    • Nicholas Cage
      Nicholas Cage Před 3 měsíci

      The Salusa Secundus bit was really dumb for no reason in the movie, as it undermines the imperial motive later on. And the Harkonnens' view of the fremen was quite interesting, given Vladimir was highly dismissive of them in contrast to Rabban, who knew there was more to them. I like that approach to Rabban, making him a little more than an oaf.

  • M Allman
    M Allman Před 5 měsíci +1051

    When you said "Leto is understanding, and says he loves Paul no matter what. It's a touching moment of unconditional love between father and son. But in the book, we don't see this kind of softness".
    One of my favorite chapters in the book is where Duke Leto is going about his official duties, with a constant refrain in his thoughts of "They have tried to take the life of my son!"
    That chapter very much told me that Duke Leto loved Paul immensely, but that's one of things that makes Dune so hard to convey in a movie - trying to convey what the characters are thinking, which happens a lot in the book.
    So my guess is that the 2021 movie added action scenes that conveyed those sentiments in a way that they can be seen, of which I heartily approve. I've seen all the previous Dune attempts, which failed miserably because it's so hard to convey what the characters are thinking. I suppose it's a way to convey "literary license" into "dramatic license" or something.

    • Darcy L
      Darcy L Před 5 měsíci +13

      The Dune novel isn't special in that it conveys the thoughts of it's characters though. Writing, in that regard, is far more immersive than film.

    • Sacred-Fire
      Sacred-Fire Před 5 měsíci +26

      I liked that scene in the movie too. It does however undermine the spartan-stoic character of the atredies somewhat. That kind of militant self control is unpopular now days, so the choice for Leto to show his love in a very non-toxic-masciuline way is i think on some level a marketing choice for western audiences also.

    • KibyNykraft
      KibyNykraft Před 4 měsíci +10

      @Sacred-Fire Of course. Normally though it is not a problem for the quality except that in the LotR spinoff : Rings of power series, it was a disaster to see the obvious wokeology implemented, with a black dwarf-wife and a masculine Galadriel.

    • Edwin Brown
      Edwin Brown Před 4 měsíci +58

      @KibyNykraft Oh shut it

    • KibyNykraft
      KibyNykraft Před 4 měsíci +9

      @Edwin Brown An expected grunt from your team

  • Vin Delanos
    Vin Delanos Před měsícem

    I'm almost 50. When I was a kid, I knew of Dune. I loved Maiden and was aware of the book. Then the Dune '94 movie emerged and I found the IP to be farcical. I had zero interest.
    The more recent film had me more intrigued, and this exceptional deep-dive now has me completely invested.
    This is an amazing video.

  • joe woodland
    joe woodland Před měsícem

    i would say that most of Paul's visions are steeped in metaphor also. One of the common prophetic tropes from myth. There are two examples of this in the film specifically in regards to the knife fight. Pauls vision states "when you take a life, you take your own" by extension he takes his own life using the same knife that kills him in a prior vision. Channi's Knife. The vision where Jamis states "i will show you the ways of the desert" also comes true as in challenge and death it seems to be made truly apparent to Paul the harshness and mercilessness of Arrakis and cultures formed by such an environment.

  • m_alquimist
    m_alquimist Před 3 měsíci +2

    I swear this was one of the videos that most captured my attention in my entire ADHD life. Thank you so much and congratulations for such quality material! I hope you do another when the second movie comes out.

  • Bogdan Baudis
    Bogdan Baudis Před 2 měsíci

    As far as adaptation go the last "Dune" was a very promising one. However I think a miniseries with fragments borrowed from other books to explain some of the more arcane concepts would be better. Movies can express inner feelings (which is one of the foundations on the book) but it requires more effort and screen-time. A serious effort would have to be at least of the order of LOR or GOT.

  • Oliver Spray
    Oliver Spray Před 2 měsíci

    I think that in the film, Paul realizes that the winds will carry them out of the storm, and therefore releases the controls rather than flying against the wind which would destroy the 'thopter. So I feel that it is faithful to the book, just simplified to be more cinematic.

  • hive fleet kaleesh
    hive fleet kaleesh Před rokem +817

    I've got to say this was probably the best synopsis of the Dune universe ever. Accessible, not an overload of information, enjoyable to watch as a beginner or as a veteran reader of the Dune series, but also comprehensive. Loved it!

    • Ben Gulmann
      Ben Gulmann Před rokem +8

      when people summarize stories and character arcs, it's much more effective than just listing locations, facts, and names

    • hahaureadmyname
      hahaureadmyname Před rokem +1

      bro its an hour long lmao

    • Ben Gulmann
      Ben Gulmann Před rokem +23

      @hahaureadmyname It could have been 3 hours long.

    • Tinil0
      Tinil0 Před rokem

      I absolutely agree

    • Chris
      Chris Před rokem

      I also enjoyed it, but I found the cynicism at every turn a bit much (possibly I'm too forgiving or naive?). I don't recall the other recaps being so cynical.

  • Michael Worthington
    Michael Worthington Před 3 měsíci

    I really enjoyed the sequel/conclusion that B.Herbert & K.Anderson wrote, and i totally enjoyed all the Prequels. Nothing like Franks writting and all the better for it, as trying to replicate his natural poetic descriptive flow would have been a failure. While Herbert/Anderson is a more accessable easier read, that doesnt make it garbage, just a different read. The stories were involving, the origin stories were fun and fills in a lot of gaps, I found the conlculsions very satisfying.

  • jifted
    jifted Před 2 měsíci

    With Jamis, I associated the quote from earlier in the movie when the Bene Gesserit asked Paul if he dreams things as they happen and he says "not quite," then he dreams Jamis as being welcoming and showing him the ways of the desert, only to end up fighting him in real life and killing him. That is the real way of the desert, he did teach him just as foretold in Paul's vision, but "not quite" in the way Paul saw it.

  • True Sighted
    True Sighted Před 2 měsíci

    Personally I enjoyed 84s Dune as a stand alone movie. The books are crazy. Its hard to make sense of them all, even if you try to read all the extended stuff done by franks son.
    Paul being an imperfect kwisatz haderach, and Duncan being reserected so many times to become basically all powerful. And Alia fate. Its all crazy, and hard to make sense of.
    Despite how it only goes over a small part of the story, I grew up with 84s Dune. And I consider it a classic. I prefer the ending, over all the endlessly confusing stuff in the books.
    Though the books have their own merits. If you have the patience to get into it, and read them all. And then don't have an existential crisis from information overload. 😅

  • Anitomer
    Anitomer Před 3 měsíci +4

    When you talked about the dinner party and how it shows its an actual planet is what I've been missing from the movie. It feels like that main characters are the only ones on the planet and other than them there's only sand and worms.

    • Eido
      Eido Před 3 měsíci +2

      Same. They did remedy this a little with the fremen pilgrims and people of the city calling for Paul and Jessica but it wasn’t enough. And I actually really liked the movie overall. Hopefully this is remedied with the second movie.

    • Jordy
      Jordy Před 2 měsíci

      I think that fits with how the main characters are looking at Dune in this part of the movie though. They care very little about anyone else at this point.

  • zecorezecron
    zecorezecron Před 2 měsíci +1

    The one thing that keeps bothering me is why the spacing guild, the imperial house, and the group controlling Arrakis directly, are not the same singular entity. You'd think that control over space travel would lead to control over everything else.

    • Nicholas Cage
      Nicholas Cage Před 2 měsíci +1

      That's directly addressed in the book, in that the Spacing Guild every time they tried to see into the potential futures where they take direct control of Arrakis or take the imperial throne, they're met by a blank that they cannot see past. The Guild's fatal flaw is that they always tried to chart a path for themselves that was safe and easy. They didn't make risky or dangerous decisions because they were deluded by their own prescience into thinking they could always pick the best outcome. That's why they never consolidated power or let anyone else do so, being the ultimate power within the imperium. It's why they facilitated the Fremen's existence and dominion over so much of Arrakis as well, keeping their power secret from the imperium. They could extort spice bribes from the Fremen and ensure a source of the spice independent of whoever held the fief. The Guild simply cannot risk themselves or anyone else having a monopoly on the sole thing that granted them their power.

  • Knight Loltrec
    Knight Loltrec Před rokem +1052

    Without having read the books, I like that the movies just tosses you into Dune's world. It feels authentic, like a world with a long history and its cultures have their own customs, traditions and ways of speaking. You just KNOW that there's some proper world building behind all of it and don't need boring exposition to explain every detail.
    Similar to how Mad Max Fury road forces the audience to accept the new world without explanation. To me that's strong and immersive world building.

    • Lord Lurk
      Lord Lurk Před rokem +50

      While I do like the movie as a standalone, the visuals and audio are pretty sweet, as well as the choreography of the fights. It sadly is but a puddle that a child would play in compared to the world building that the Dune novel does. This movie sadly vastly oversimplifies major world building points with short uninformative scenes or just entirely ignores them in favor of long silent shots. The older movies do a far better job of world building than this movie does, even with all their faults. I would not be so critical if this movie was not heralded as a 'faithful adaption' of the books.

    • Knight Loltrec
      Knight Loltrec Před rokem +24

      @Lord Lurk Yeah ignorance is bliss. Had I read the books/seen the other movies I probably would think the same

    • Lord Lurk
      Lord Lurk Před rokem +12

      @Knight Loltrec I do hope at some point you can manage to scrounge the time to read the first 3 books at least, they are a great series. If I was to make an analogy of comparison, the movie is like having a nice bowl of ice-cream, missing the chocolate syrup topping that makes it even better.

    • Sensei Shu
      Sensei Shu Před rokem +15

      You've put into words what I felt watching the movie but couldn't explain what it was. This is exactly it! And I loved it!

    • GiantEnt
      GiantEnt Před rokem +21

      @Knight Loltrec I had the pleasure of watching the movie before reading the book. I liked the movie and so I then read the book. After reading the book, I was disappointed by the movie.

  • I'm Old Greg
    I'm Old Greg Před měsícem

    God.. Frank Herbert was a genius. It's so amazing that men like him, Tolkein, GRRM and Robert Jordan are actually immortal. You're not truly dead until the last memory of you has been forgotten.

  • Epone
    Epone Před 2 měsíci

    Fantastic critical analysis of the grand story up until the end of the Movie and books "stage". Id love to see more critical analysis of the following books written by FH (his sons and Kevin Anderson have birthed an 'Abomination' imo)
    One small comment - in accepting the fremen Jihad as a tool to use against the Emperor, Paul inadvertently collapses the futures into one inevitable path that will result in Leto-II, the interregnum of humanity under the fish speakers and the invasion from outside. 'Chapter house' seems to suggest with the awakened Duncan KH, that humanity once again has agency beyond the "golden path".

  • TheAngryDanishViking
    TheAngryDanishViking Před 4 měsíci +1

    Dune technology always had that 'Manual/Analoque' feel to it. like a return to 'levers and on-off switches'. But taken 20k years into the future so it's still extremely advanced to the point of magical in certain areas like how the Bene Gesserit can command others with the Voice, able to control their own physiology to the moleculary level, human computers capable of mass-calculations and even hyper-addicted mutants that is able to see through space and time in order to navigate huge spacevessels from one starsystem into another.
    I also really like the Fremen Culture of how the flesh belongs to the person, meaning cannibalism would be seen as a vile act of.... well, blasphemy to the point of cultural sadism in a way.... even tho food and such would be a critically needed resource second to only water - yet to eat their own dead is such a reviled act that it's literally part of their cultural mindset.

  • JC2023HD
    JC2023HD Před 4 měsíci

    Amazing video! Everything is explained so eloquently. Made me want to read the books.

  • Muskateering
    Muskateering Před 7 dny

    This almost acts like a prequel documentary to the 2021 film, bloody good work 👍🏼

  • Julian
    Julian Před 9 měsíci +690

    I think the movie simplifies the story in a pretty fair way, which is necessary to translate the book the a new medium, however I do wish they had kept the dinner party scene. The Dune movie makes it feel like there's just a tiny colony on the planet, as opposed to different fractions and settlements.

    • Slann of Aztlan
      Slann of Aztlan Před 9 měsíci +71

      The main problem with the dinner scene is that in the book the vast majority of the action is literally just the thoughts of Paul and Jessica, more so than almost any other scene. But I do wish the movie found a way to make Arrakis feel more populated.

    • Spud Eleven
      Spud Eleven Před 9 měsíci +25

      @Slann of Aztlan Disagree. There's a lot of interaction with characters in the dinner party which really helps to flesh out the depth of the intrigue within the plot. That is, there are major players, minor players, wanna-be players, and has-beens, all jockeying for influence, sort of like real life (the Game of Thrones comparison was brilliantly funny). It's really fascinating how Frank Herbert dresses this critical scene with words and exposition. What a master of the craft.

    • John Samuel
      John Samuel Před 9 měsíci +8

      @Spud Eleven the problem is, how do bring the book format and monolog thoughts to the movie format . Its had to present the intrigue in a conversation when its represented as a bunch of thoughts in the book

    • Spud Eleven
      Spud Eleven Před 9 měsíci +14

      ​@John Samuel That's where creative writing comes in. The thought monologues can be brought into conversations with other characters, but subtly, or just use voice-overs, but VERY sparingly. Narration would also help fill in the gaps (but DON'T overdo it as in the revised 1984 edition). Right now if you weren't familiar with the source material, the 2021 version of Dune would just appear be a lot of disconnected and oversimplified razzle-dazzle on a par with those dipstick superhero movies. This is why I keep arguing that Dune, being so complex and layered, can only be done well if it is presented in a long form with the story arcs taking months if not years to go through. "Game of Thrones in Space" is what the narrator of this outstanding critique called the book, and it's my fervent belief that it's a gross disservice to pack such a huge and sophisticated story into such an oversimplified move and in a two or three hour runtime. This is why I think the 2000 version came closest. They (SciFi) did a lot of work in Eastern Europe to save money, but it was still pretty obvious with the Translights, etc. that it was on a sound stage. THAT was compensated for by making it more like Shakespeare, including camera angles, use of colors, and of course Ian McNeice's couplets at the end of his scenes. All of these touches gave it a more theatrical presentation which in my opinion compensated mightily for the lack of locations. They told the story well and got a lot more of it on the screen than has been seen before or since.

    • Michael Hurt
      Michael Hurt Před 9 měsíci +7

      Absolutely one of the best parts of the book. "...a man who'd climb on the shoulders of a drowning man is understandable, except when it happens in the drawing room -- or at the dinner table."

  • Culinary Physics
    Culinary Physics Před 4 měsíci

    I really enjoyed learning about the real story of Dune and how it compares to the 2021 movie.

  • Bryan
    Bryan Před 5 měsíci

    For me the best thing about Dune are these breakdowns. You guys are like researchers that explain religious text with context. Story Abatures. Most stuff is superficial but Dune runs deep.

  • John Torres
    John Torres Před 2 měsíci +1

    The Baron in the black goo being a reference to Frank coming out of the couch in always sunny was always apparent to me. One minor difference: the Baron isn’t nearly as corrupt and twisted as Frank Reynolds.

  • Kuges
    Kuges Před 7 dny +1

    I know I'm a year or so late but one thing about the new movie. I love it, it's beautiful, almost all the acting is great (even for the bits that are off from the book).... But Lady Jessica, she comes off as a whimpering stodge. From standing guard outside Pauls Gom Jabbar test, to their escape in the desert. She carries herself , I want to say she reminds me of when you first meet Marla from "A League of Their Own" ... head down between her shoulders. Like she's expecting any moment to be beaten. Then there is the first scene with her and Paul, eating breakfast - in the hall with the Old Duke's painting on one side, and bulls head on the other. In the book, it's pointed out that she finds them grotesque. and will only eat in the hall with them there as official state functions, otherwise she will take all her meals in here rooms. It is the only point of contention between her and Leto. It might be just me, but in this movie she comes off as a spineless twit most of the time.

  • illucien
    illucien Před 4 měsíci

    Jamis did show Paul the ways of the desert. He showed Paul their custom and acted as gatekeeper for Paul to be accepted. I think Paul's vision unfolded exactly how it was meant to.

  • Curious Archive
    Curious Archive Před rokem +11818

    Alt Shift X releasing 86 minutes of analysis on Dune. Bless the Maker and His water.

    • Marshal Marrs
      Marshal Marrs Před rokem +31

      @Alt Shift X do the works of Olaf Stapledon

    • Hubert Farnsworth
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      Ayo I watch your videos. You're awesome!

    • self biased
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      Bless the coming and going of Him!

    • jhon viel
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      shai hulud bless us

  • Cup of Tea
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    The Dune universe has to be one of the most intresting story lines I've ever come across

  • TheR700cancer
    TheR700cancer Před 3 měsíci

    To be honest, after watching this. I would be surprised if the director and producers of dune hadn't watched it or got in contact with you.
    Your insights for the rest of the movies would be pretty valuable

  • link4444swords
    link4444swords Před 3 měsíci +1

    I''ve been coming back to this video every once in awhile as background when I play BotW (now TotK), but I can't for the life of me ever get passed Alt Shift X saying, "They do some sneaky bullshit on the down low" at 40:40 without having to pause my game and burst out laughing my ass off.

  • Derek Ridings
    Derek Ridings Před 5 měsíci +1

    The visions Paul has of Chani and Jamis are meant more to reveal to him that his visions aren't always straight forward. Chani stabs him with the crysknife is meant as the end of his former self, Jamis did teach him the ways of the desert through combat and its harshness with consequences of death.