NEW: Best Overall CLASS in Call of Duty Ghosts! - Best Class to Rank Up Fast and Get A Ton of Kills!

  • čas přidán 3. 11. 2013
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  • CampCob
    CampCob Před 9 lety +1

    I love how people can't use the irons so they use the space they have and can't use useful stuff

  • HyperRican
    HyperRican Před 9 lety

    Another great and powerful Weapon IMO is the Remington Assault, it's in the same family as the ACR in MW3 or it's strong and powerful. Especially with the Armor Piercing and Muzzel Brake, but you could also put several other attachments on it and it will still be strong.

  • Greg Najar
    Greg Najar Před 9 lety

    Thanks dude

  • Sam Tovey
    Sam Tovey Před 8 lety

    If I saw someone using this setup online I'd laugh.

  • Samuel Pritchard
    Samuel Pritchard Před 8 lety

    I have ak12 gold muzzle break holographic and gold-Pdw

  • Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott Před 8 lety

    The reason the AK-12 is the best because it's the highest damage delivering gun at 42 hp/bullet,making it a three hit kill weapon.

  • ReinhardtLikeDieHard
    ReinhardtLikeDieHard Před 9 lety

    i like the start weapon : SC 2010 - red dot and muzzle brake : i jump shot.. their is no overall better class.. the amount of situations you can get to cant be comprehended.. it differs from person to person... like i dony even use tacticals or lethals.. why cause I almost never get into the position i need a grenade or lethal i rely on jumpshot and my own weapon to do the job thats just me.. my kd usually sucks.. why coz i start and experiment on 1 account.. and its now a 2 year old CoD account

  • Mo Wet
    Mo Wet Před 9 lety

    I don't like red dot sight on ak 12

  • will brakeford
    will brakeford Před 9 lety

    oh and i'm more of a stealthy dood

  • Javell Dwyer
    Javell Dwyer Před 6 lety

    bro thx I really need this video

  • will brakeford
    will brakeford Před 9 lety

    i think the vector w/ the silencer and holographic sight and any pistol except the revolver also silenced. then for the grenade stuff i use the motion bomb and the c4. also i'll half to try that class good vid =)

  • Dexgod76
    Dexgod76 Před 4 lety

    I love hiney badger

  • OG Zucchini
    OG Zucchini Před 9 lety

    Is there going to be the pick ten system?

  • Nicola Ayro
    Nicola Ayro Před 8 lety

    How to make you dude black my name is arnaz

  • JeffAfca
    JeffAfca Před 9 lety

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  • Noah Waldman
    Noah Waldman Před 8 lety

    who the hell likes there vids???????????????????

    • m1f2
      m1f2 Před 5 lety

      Noah Waldman if u don't like videos well FUCK OFF

    • Ahmed S
      Ahmed S Před 7 lety +1

      How about people who like this game because of the fact that they can have their own opinions?