Tinder Nightmares 5

  • čas přidán 27. 10. 2022
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Komentáře • 1 899

  • Cassidy Mathews

    Kelsey telling Cody he has never gone hard is everything

  • Brianna O'Bannon

    Cody laughing so goddamn hard at Kelsey’s devil emoji noise brought me all the serotonin I needed today thank you

  • cuppycantswim

    I love how every time Cody says “the link will be in the description” the link is in fact not in the description

  • Worstenbroodje

    Is it just me or does Cody's humor work 10x better when he has someone to bounce his jokes off of. The part at

  • 𝙂𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙠𝙆𝙖𝙮

    Man, I love watching Kelsey's videos, she should include her boyfriend more often💯

  • Sly Sly
    Sly Sly  +8

    Kelsey's rendition of 😈at

  • Michael S

    I don't think many people would be able to fully recover from their fiancee looking them straight in the eyes and saying the words "you've never gone hard".

  • Autumn
    Autumn  +1

    Kelsey’s sounds for the emojis were spot on, couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

  • Chester Bullwinkle x

    Kelsey and Cody have so much chemistry. They should go out or something.

  • Arnab Ray
    Arnab Ray  +868

    I love how personally offended Kelsey was when Cody was trying (and failing) to "hit on her" LOL.

  • PhotoCoda
    PhotoCoda Před 4 hodinami

    Cody doesn't need to go hard when his appearance makes everything so frictionless.

  • gentry
    gentry  +710

    “youve never gone hard” has me in tears

  • SmallFry Skilledge

    I went on a tinder date this week and the entire time she talked about how she had a crush on Cody and Noel and that she was sad Noel was getting married. She even had both of them on her lock screen. So thanks Cody…

  • Milo Mateer

    They missed how the first girl was single for 10 months yet 6 months pregnant

  • leonsky
    leonsky  +515

    “You never go hard”

  • Jadon Miller

    Idk if Cody reads comments but the best compliment I can give his content is these videos always fly tf by. Like I’ll blink and a 15 min video is already over. Got the pacing down on lock 👌

  • ElectricShinn

    It’s so cool that Kelsey is helping her fiancé grow his channel by having him on the show 😅

  • Scarlet Onyx

    I love watching Kelsey and Cody bounce off each other, comedically, it’s so wholesome!

  • Allie Nimmons

    I love how the comments are only about 2 individual moments in the video: Kelsey’s devil face emoji laugh and her telling Cody he’s never gone hard.

  • Nathan MacAusland - FishGroin

    we need a 2 hour long tinder nightmares