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  • čas přidán 18. 07. 2013
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  • 36 Platinum Productions

    Dude, where did you get these pictures? Especially the one at 1:52

  • Bleach Guy
    Bleach Guy Před 9 lety

    Hershel's legs growed back yay :D

  • Nicholas Slater
    Nicholas Slater Před 9 lety

    the governor will return i saw it in an interview

  • TheBubbleoh
    TheBubbleoh Před 9 lety

    If Lee and Clementine would come to the show I would die of happiness!

  • SuperDalefan88
    SuperDalefan88 Před 9 lety

    Actually you never really know because there was no damage on the ground from Carl shouting the gun.

  • elena
    elena Před 9 lety

    Can't watch the comic con trailer in Australia :(
    could you repost the trailer?

  • the king Hussain
    the king Hussain Před 9 lety

    it will be so random f they find lily on the road with her van it wll be awesome though

  • lookingforahit
    lookingforahit Před 9 lety

    this is my walking dead.

  • RooneyBased
    RooneyBased Před 9 lety

    That would be the craziest thing I've ever seen in tv if lee and clem come out in season 4

  • SuperDalefan88
    SuperDalefan88 Před 9 lety

    yup. XD

  • Zack McCarty
    Zack McCarty Před 9 lety

    How is Lee gonna make it in there when he is killed by Clem

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson Před 9 lety

    Herschel has an artificial leg

  • Liudmila Barbuskiene
    Liudmila Barbuskiene Před 9 lety

    I want to see Morgan back!

  • SickBubblegumzero
    SickBubblegumzero Před 9 lety

    Yah Daryl, my bad,

  • Jasué Pastrana Nevárez

    I love the trailer

  • SuperDalefan88
    SuperDalefan88 Před 9 lety

    No really I never noticed, you must be one of those nerds who watch the same episode each day then change to another one so you know what happens frame by frame.

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H Před 9 lety

    I am

  • Deacon Gray
    Deacon Gray Před 9 lety

    Lee died though so how can he be in the tv show

  • MaceValor
    MaceValor Před 9 lety

    That fact that you pointed that out makes you a total dusehe

  • Seth Fuentes
    Seth Fuentes Před 9 lety

    Daryl Looks so different

  • R OR
    R OR Před 9 lety

    Since I saw Jim from season 1 in the trailer, I think they are going to expand on the theory of Walkers remembering their pst life. I think that's why the walkers are smarter too. Because a lot of them were survivors finding ways to survive, and now know how to counter those strategies.

  • Nicholas Ramirez
    Nicholas Ramirez Před 9 lety

    To me and this is my thought that there might not be a season five cuz of what is happening to the perison idk and the govener comes in the last two or three episodes

  • Johnson smith
    Johnson smith Před 9 lety

    for real??

  • SickBubblegumzero
    SickBubblegumzero Před 9 lety

    personally, i think there just becoming much more intelligent than the first 3 seasons.

  • Black Darius
    Black Darius Před 9 lety

    I think rick wants to stay there to fight back the governor

  • jareth smith
    jareth smith Před 9 lety

    look everybody hershel grew a new leg

  • Jim Bob.
    Jim Bob. Před 9 lety

    Well there clearly gonna kill sasha and she has just become a series regular, so you never know

  • Ana Sviben
    Ana Sviben Před 9 lety

    So true!

  • José Roberto Zorato
    José Roberto Zorato Před 9 lety

    Good for you.

  • Rhys Maxwell
    Rhys Maxwell Před 9 lety

    Is the walking dead telltale going to clash with the show wow omg that would be amazing

  • Iliketoeatfluffywaffles

    They'll probably show the governor at the season finale of season 4 to get people hyped up for the next season to come

  • Manoj Parashar
    Manoj Parashar Před 9 lety

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  • klaus idotneed
    klaus idotneed Před 9 lety

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  • Brandon Yamsek
    Brandon Yamsek Před 9 lety

    Lori Dies In Season 3 I Think...Maybe A Different Season Im Not Very Updated On This I Just Love The Show.

  • Frank Spencer
    Frank Spencer Před 9 lety

    They've done the governor's storyline. Morgan is my bet or the Hunters from the comics. (the cannibals)

  • Keegan Allen
    Keegan Allen Před 9 lety

    The fact that you cant spell doushe makes you a doushe

  • scarlet l
    scarlet l Před 9 lety

    yes the governor is in season 4

  • PigeonSmasher47
    PigeonSmasher47 Před 9 lety

    The governor could be letting the walkers in?

  • Matthew Pena
    Matthew Pena Před 9 lety

    Nice video

  • Simon Vega
    Simon Vega Před 9 lety

    Read comic book you will under stand

  • Gracea Parabules
    Gracea Parabules Před 9 lety

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  • Leah Simpson
    Leah Simpson Před 9 lety

    David Morrissey and Jose Pablo Cantillo (Martinez) are listed as being in s4 episodes 1,2 and 3. On IMDB

  • ender plays
    ender plays Před 9 lety

    i think the governor is helping and feeding the zombies!

  • DominicanQueen7
    DominicanQueen7 Před 9 lety

    Lo que no entiendo es ¿donde está Lori? I mean, en la Season 3 Carl le dispara y luego Rick encuentra que el Walker "se la comió" pero nunca hemos visto que un Walker se coma a una persona completa, con los huesos y todo :/ ¿y cómo sabemos que Carl le disparó en la cabeza?
    Eso quedo en el aire, espero que en esta season se aclare *-*

  • Ralph Duran
    Ralph Duran Před 9 lety

    Yeah, but there is also that scene where Tyrese walks out with flowers and he see's something horrible so I was thinking maybe he develops feelings for someone?
    But then again at the end of the trailer when he's in the car he seems SUPER down like if he did lose his's a toss up!! haha

  • Sal DePetro
    Sal DePetro Před 9 lety

    What would you do if Rick died

  • Zack McCarty
    Zack McCarty Před 9 lety

    (Its ok) But either way he will be a zombie or dead

  • Zack McCarty
    Zack McCarty Před 9 lety

    (Its ok) But either way he will be a zombie or dead

  • Jammergirl68
    Jammergirl68 Před 9 lety

    Bet the governor has unleashed the herd!!!!

  • HHCHunter
    HHCHunter Před 9 lety

    shiiieeeettt t dog

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson Před 9 lety

    They might find Clem cause by this point in the show lee is dead

  • Mr Capalot
    Mr Capalot Před 9 lety

    1st like 1st comment

  • joe's
    joe's Před 9 lety

    Lee died like 4 Months in...

  • Josh Sandler
    Josh Sandler Před 9 lety

    yeah there will be no Lee and Clem crossover.

  • XxterminatorxX
    XxterminatorxX Před 9 lety

    i think its carl thats doing all this because at the end of season 3 he got all mad cause all those poeple came out the bus to there home or it could be the governor

  • adastar17
    adastar17 Před 9 lety

    I think its Tyrese

  • SuperDalefan88
    SuperDalefan88 Před 9 lety

    carl looks like a bad ass.

  • SickBubblegumzero
    SickBubblegumzero Před 9 lety

    meh, but if Earl dies, im gonna start killing people

  • FRproductions™
    FRproductions™ Před 9 lety

    lori did die and the walker that rick killed and stabbed in the gut in season 3 is the walker that devoured lori

  • WoLf13MaN
    WoLf13MaN Před 9 lety

    Dude if lee and clementine are in season 4 I will lose my fucking Shit...... I can't fucking wait

  • cirquedukrabs97
    cirquedukrabs97 Před 9 lety

    Keegan.... ^ douche

  • adastar17
    adastar17 Před 9 lety

    Who is Earl? You mean Daryl? Or Carl?

  • AnaPaula Fabricio
    AnaPaula Fabricio Před 9 lety

    Que maneiro

  • Tr3yJord4n
    Tr3yJord4n Před 9 lety

    So... How would Lee make it into the show? He's kinda, ya know... dead..

  • Brady Coon
    Brady Coon Před 9 lety

    To hellsquad1000. I don't think they would kill Beth just after making her a regular

  • SuperDalefan88
    SuperDalefan88 Před 9 lety

    watch season 3 again please lori got turned to a walker but rick went into the room and killed her. -_-

  • Jessica Bace
    Jessica Bace Před 9 lety

    Listen guys it obvious lori m

  • cath
    cath Před 9 lety


  • FRproductions™
    FRproductions™ Před 9 lety

    its a peg leg

  • daniel leon
    daniel leon Před 9 lety

    I bet Someone is working with govener thts in the prison

  • 666les
    666les Před 9 lety

    Last time we saw a horse was season1 and that one got eaten now Michion is on a horse and I'll bet it doesn't make it through season 4, no spoiler alert.

  • christopher washington
    christopher washington Před 9 lety

    No link

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson Před 9 lety

    Rick may have not stayed because Carl and Herschel was seen in the woods outside the prison in the trailer

  • Ismar Halilovic
    Ismar Halilovic Před 9 lety

    governor is back

  • tauras88d
    tauras88d Před 9 lety

    that would be shock if it would be Lori as a walker, classic walking dead shock. ..freakin loved your comment :)

  • tauras88d
    tauras88d Před 9 lety

    see thats what they want us to think that its the Gov invading the prison with walkers because thats just a classic walking dead twist, but we are probably going to be shocked with the situation as the season unfolds because thats just classic walking dead shock & awe :)

  • braveknight 2014
    braveknight 2014 Před 9 lety

    But lee is dies in the last season in the game

  • Jon Colunga
    Jon Colunga Před 9 lety

    There's a possibility that they may run into Clementine, yeah. But not Lee, this point in the story is far beyond the time Clementine shot Lee.

  • Nick Pout
    Nick Pout Před 9 lety

    You won't see come and lee because in the games the time lee and clem are in Macon Glenn is, but Glenn is not with the group he went to find when to find in Atlanta (ricks group)

  • SickBubblegumzero
    SickBubblegumzero Před 9 lety

    speaking of potential walkers, (in the trailer, not this one), who do you think the one by the tree at 1:03 is

  • Daniel K.
    Daniel K. Před 9 lety

    not available in my fucking country. what kind of bullshit is this??!!

  • FRproductions™
    FRproductions™ Před 9 lety

    lori didnt turn, a walker devoured her body then rick killed the walker and stabbed the walkers stomach

  • Jasué Pastrana Nevárez

    In a part of a trailer the black guy i don't remember hes name but in a part he's walking In the prision and he saw a blood trace and wen he follows the trace and looks at it at the end of the trace he paralize and start like oh my god i think the thing that's leaving the blood trace i think it could be lori i think carl didint actualy shot he's mom but i don't know but it could me some ones dead body or something i am not shure but i can't wait to see this season is AMAZING :D

  • Renate g
    Renate g Před 9 lety

    Not true, carl shot her in the head so she wouldnt turn into a zombie. when rick went down to get her (problably to bury her) a walker ate the body. that is what Rick shot down.. alteast that is what i think i saw

  • SickBubblegumzero
    SickBubblegumzero Před 9 lety

    Carl IS a badass,

  • DerHeisenberg51
    DerHeisenberg51 Před 9 lety

    FAlse you can Choose between "Killing" and "leaving behind" (Sorry for bad english , maybe , i'm from Germany)

  • Austin Walker
    Austin Walker Před 9 lety

    Tires is dead.

  • DKLabRat
    DKLabRat Před 9 lety

    FFS! Will someone PLEASE post a version of this damn trailer that non Americans can view? Sick to death of this blocking crap.

  • vicky illingworth
    vicky illingworth Před 9 lety

    the tv show is 1 year in front so they cant find lee and clem if they go to macon they could find lily and some zombies like mark and the saint johns but if they go to savanha they could find molly and maybe find clem omid christa and hopefully kenny

  • Beans and Rice
    Beans and Rice Před 9 lety

    Got one on my channel, but the framerate sucks ass

  • AeroSweg
    AeroSweg Před 9 lety

    You're wrong.

  • Hellsquad1000
    Hellsquad1000 Před 9 lety

    I think that, not based on evidence, but cold suggestion, that Beth will die. She isn't overly important to the group, but will leave them impaired as to looking after the baby, and such a sweet, kind person's death would shake the group up leaving them on edge, exactly what the producers want so they can have more unexpected and unforgivable actions, also triggering sequences such as vengeance, disagreement leading to deserting, ect.