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BEST Magic Show in the world - Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent

  • čas přidán 28. 09. 2016
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  • @top10talent
    @top10talent  Před rokem +98

    Which of these ANGRY contestants got Simon Cowell to snap? WATCH HERE: czcams.com/video/cD_SCWoDi8Y/video.html

  • @edison4eva
    @edison4eva Před 5 lety +28749

    If you pay close attention to his hands... you will still realize I have no idea how he does it.

    • @imjustagirlwholovesbtslove5928
      @imjustagirlwholovesbtslove5928 Před 5 lety +932

      V I laughed so hard I thought you were going to say.............................. something else 😓

    • @w0nka123
      @w0nka123 Před 5 lety +611

      if u stop at 04:10 u see that the card's are already ripped. so it's pretty obvious how this worked :P

    • @izutonura810
      @izutonura810 Před 5 lety +50

      Made me chuckle xD

    • @JacketCK
      @JacketCK Před 5 lety +140

      V its in the milli seconds, ok, so he is setting himself up to solve it in milli seconds, when i looked at the patterns and their solutions, i found out that he set himself up actually quite easily, when he is talking he is shifting the cube, seamlessly, while no one bats an eye, then when he is about to either flip it or put it in a bag, he solves it in milli seconds because he already knows the puzzles on each side and does it with one hand

    • @mediumsizedmammal
      @mediumsizedmammal Před 5 lety +57

      V for the ones where he solves it without anyone seeing it's actually not that deep of a scramble. From there he knows what to do and solves it with one hand. One handed solving is actually a very common skill in people who play with twisty puzzles.

  • @benitsenmeljoes8449
    @benitsenmeljoes8449 Před 2 lety +1409

    This guy deserved the finals at the least man, his acts increased in complexity in each stage, his presentation was nice, he was polite as well, indulged the judges in all the acts, they were all genuinely suprised. I don't know why he didn't get the chance thou.

    • @ElKaiserOMB
      @ElKaiserOMB Před 2 lety +303

      because he didnt have a deceased grandfather

    • @sergiogoncalves6369
      @sergiogoncalves6369 Před 2 lety +4


    • @thinh1102
      @thinh1102 Před 2 lety +6

      There must be a tragedy in his family, that's the first requirement

    • @ToiGM
      @ToiGM Před 2 lety +10

      @@thinh1102 Yeah thats kinda unfair

    • @accountmp4
      @accountmp4 Před rokem +6

      Because its fake.

  • @lostknightzero6716
    @lostknightzero6716 Před 2 lety +694

    The real definition of talent, hats off to this man , master at his work

    • @extrm161
      @extrm161 Před 2 lety +1

      🐐 backhand of the year

    • @hanzen5174
      @hanzen5174 Před 2 lety +7

      ..shows a generic low res picture of a mans face. yaay!

    • @johnmichel3744
      @johnmichel3744 Před 2 lety

      Africans have the best and real magic

    • @Jferrara_207
      @Jferrara_207 Před 2 lety +2

      Sol Kemi well ik what you’re saying

    • @chivone21
      @chivone21 Před rokem

      The REAL talent doesn't lie in the "magic" of this. It's controlling yourself so much that you don't reach out and bitchslap Simon all the way back to that row boat on the Thames River for giving him the finger multiple times. On national tv no less.

  • @top10talent
    @top10talent  Před rokem +21

    WATCH 6 Emotional Moments that made Simon Cowell BREAK DOWN CRYING here: czcams.com/video/sXa4l_-rTls/video.html

  • @monstergaming4467
    @monstergaming4467 Před rokem +268

    I love this guy, the artistry, the presentation, the judge influence and involvement.. this guy was meant to be a performer and he does it so well

  • @codeychang5932
    @codeychang5932 Před 4 lety +13079

    If you put it to 0.25 speed you will see...
    The same thing but slower

    • @shubhamshrivastava471
      @shubhamshrivastava471 Před 4 lety +413


    • @innocentspectator2842
      @innocentspectator2842 Před 4 lety +250

      You can, for the second trick in front of the simon, before he is about to throw the rubic cube notice that there are no color which will be shown completed after he catches it. He completes the colors he is showing before he throws the cube and show only the completed ones. Another evidence is when they are showing Simon's reaction you can see guy in a back thst is pointing at the magician and saying something. He saw the uncompleted part the the judges cannot see.

    • @slejandroaanchez2071
      @slejandroaanchez2071 Před 4 lety +20


    • @2689742
      @2689742 Před 4 lety +2


    • @kahitnalyf3223
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  • @Itsyou01
    @Itsyou01 Před 2 lety +2825

    Legends watch after 5 years

  • @bitterbold
    @bitterbold Před rokem +94

    I really love this new generation of magicians. So fun to watch and get blown away.

  • @manishdarji9459
    @manishdarji9459 Před 2 lety +367

    I love when Simon goes speechless with those expressions.

    • @jameeskills8061
      @jameeskills8061 Před rokem +3

      I love how he Subtlety gives the finger all the time

  • @Pentagrama
    @Pentagrama Před 2 lety +950

    The Cube guy is AMAZING!

    • @aux2371
      @aux2371 Před 2 lety +3


    • @beadosc
      @beadosc Před 2 lety +5

      Ah yes, the verified people

    • @anuradhakumari2618
      @anuradhakumari2618 Před 2 lety +1

      @@beadosc l

    • @caralosmendezgomez9048
      @caralosmendezgomez9048 Před 2 lety +2

      i just saw a video of self-making cubes into whatever shapers in less than 1sec so the whole act is spoiled, after that, this holds no mystery, it's all computers inside de cubes, so the real credit goes to the engineers behind this

    • @daniel_cunha
      @daniel_cunha Před 2 lety +1

      Até aqui jjkkkkkk

  • @danish__official5374
    @danish__official5374 Před rokem +80

    I'm speechless, such a talent, such a master of Rubik's Cube. Totally impressive.

  • @RubiksCube
    @RubiksCube Před 7 lety +19807

    We know our cube is magic but this takes things to a whole new level! ✨

    • @adelmahlouthi5126
      @adelmahlouthi5126 Před 7 lety +256

      Cube that was taken from Harry in 12.28 and mediates the orange color is not identical with the same cube in 12.44 or 12.47 or a cube with Simon 13:05 Cubes
      Cubes owned are not normal and can switch colors, especially behind his back

    • @MrWhyisitinvalid
      @MrWhyisitinvalid Před 7 lety +120

      Rubik's nice try

    • @adamjoshuan6832
      @adamjoshuan6832 Před 6 lety +174

      12:33 did u hear that

    • @StefanosXan
      @StefanosXan Před 6 lety +52

      i basicly manage to understand the first second and a part from the third trick
      he is quick tho

    • @lfcrodrago9659
      @lfcrodrago9659 Před 6 lety +32

      you are correct about him faking it, but wrong in context. that is a legit rubiks cube, except that he ordered the colors on the side we see while the other sides are still disordered.

  • @zayitsiege4028
    @zayitsiege4028 Před rokem +527

    As a competitive cuber I can see how he does some of his tricks, but still a ton of them are just insane

    • @JokerScribe
      @JokerScribe Před rokem +25

      Not really, the big picture one is just a picture at the back of the cubes. The flipping of the cube to be solved straight away is not a wholesome cube, it doesn't have the right pieces to the cube so 3 side are solved and 3 sides you don't see are not. That explains how the flipping appeared to solve the cube, the other 3 sides were already solved.

    • @jedskillz
      @jedskillz Před rokem +7

      I can figure out the rest. But how about torn piece of card in the cube?

    • @craigayotte5361
      @craigayotte5361 Před rokem +42


    • @jedskillz
      @jedskillz Před rokem +5

      @@craigayotte5361 lol?

    • @varunbiet2
      @varunbiet2 Před rokem +18

      @@jedskillz 6 of diamond was forced. It's a known trick. And forced card was already torn. But anyway it was very impressive.
      Watch Penn and teller and other card magician/tricksters. You will find tons of cool trick/slight of hand/magic. Whatever you want to call it.

  • @monstasoul3542
    @monstasoul3542 Před 2 lety +445

    At 1:20, look very closely at the cube in Simon's hand, 4 yellows, 1 blue, 2 orange, and 1 white. At 2:20, that same pattern is not shown on any sides. He covers up the fact that he actually switched it with a joke and nobody notices because everyone is paying attention to the bag, not Simon's hand and him. He switched it with a cube he scrambled in a certain way that was easy to memorize and just re-did his work to achieve the same result. Brilliant!

    • @sunayyadav4960
      @sunayyadav4960 Před 2 lety +5


    • @monstasoul3542
      @monstasoul3542 Před 2 lety +41

      @@sunayyadav4960 It was pretty smart. Not easy to spot either.

    • @huntr4lfe
      @huntr4lfe Před 2 lety +5

      That means that he actually straightened Simon's out first?

    • @monstasoul3542
      @monstasoul3542 Před 2 lety +5

      @@huntr4lfe No im pretty sure he already had 2 in the bag? I'd need to rewatch it to be know how he switched them.

    • @michaelnguyen5100
      @michaelnguyen5100 Před 2 lety +2

      I had to rewatch just to be certain. Nice pick up 👍

  • @fa4025
    @fa4025 Před rokem +4

    Best Product Placement ever. I haven't counted how many times he mentioned the word "Rubik's Cube", but LOL

  • @princetechcollection3737
    @princetechcollection3737 Před 2 lety +156

    Watching after 5 years still feel like it happened yesterday, the guy is a genius

  • @mughaviaye1192
    @mughaviaye1192 Před rokem +48

    This guy takes the whole thing magic to the highest level. So incredible..and look at his presentation; amazing.

    • @eliecersalinas1542
      @eliecersalinas1542 Před rokem

      do It's not magic, it just hides the other cube. Pay close attention when he puts his hand in his back pocket.

  • @YoonicornJin
    @YoonicornJin Před 5 lety +4802

    Rule number 1: Hogwarts students are not supposed to use magic in front of muggles.

    • @RealPyro88
      @RealPyro88 Před 5 lety +137

      Rule number 2: U can only use magic infront of muggles if there is danger.

    • @s.youngwoo9409
      @s.youngwoo9409 Před 5 lety +5


    • @user-mz8no7eh7o
      @user-mz8no7eh7o Před 5 lety +6

      good one

    • @aayushgawali04
      @aayushgawali04 Před 5 lety +15

      But Mininstor I want to say something I done this because of judges, judges were there . I am Harry Potter

    • @timothysiagian9186
      @timothysiagian9186 Před 5 lety +6

      @@aayushgawali04 then albus come and say his name " Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore"

  • @mikejones-go8vz
    @mikejones-go8vz Před 2 lety +60

    Remember, it’s not magic, but brilliantly clever slight of hand, this is so good

    • @YeeticustheMighty
      @YeeticustheMighty Před 2 lety +4

      Are you sure? lol

    • @pineapple1428
      @pineapple1428 Před 2 lety +1

      But it's easy.

    • @marovic78
      @marovic78 Před 2 lety +2

      @@pineapple1428 literally you just have to be good at one handed and the rest is super easy

    • @pineapple1428
      @pineapple1428 Před 2 lety +1

      @@marovic78 ye, ik lol

    • @extrm161
      @extrm161 Před 2 lety

      🐐 backhand of the year

  • @thelkhya2661
    @thelkhya2661 Před 2 lety +15

    I like the thing that he himself was excited & happy while he was doing the magic.🌼💕

  • @atharvchaturvedi8608
    @atharvchaturvedi8608 Před rokem +89

    This guy is a great magician no doubt about that , i wasnt able to figure out majority of his tricks, but i think was able to decode some of his tricks:-
    1) 1:14 - 2:31= the trick was that there were NOT 2 cubes in the bag, but 3 cubes. One was the solved one, second was the one simon jumbled up and the THIRD was a cube that was jumbled up by the magician before the trick. Now he put in the cube simon had and while doing his trick switched out the cube simon jumbled with the cube he had jumbled before the trick. The rest was him just jumbling up the cube to achieve the result as he already knows what combination are needed in order to match it with the switched out cube
    2) 3:36 - 5:17= Now this one was a fabulous trick, but if you see him spreading out the cards for heidi to choose, he intentionally spread them out in a way that only 9-10 cards were visible for heidi to choose from. Now here is where the answer to the trick is , EVERY SQUARE ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CUBE HAD A PIECE OF CARD IN IT, EACH PIECE BELONGING TO ONE OF THE CARDS THAT HE SHOWED TO HEIDI TO CHOOSE FROM. Now he tore the card heidi chose in a practiced way so that the piece already inside the cube would fit in , magnifying the awe of the trick. And he then proceeded to break off the square of the cube that he knew had the piece of 6 of diamond in it.
    3) 12:06 -13:12 = In this one, the magician had a pre jumbled cube in his right pocket of jacket, now when howie mixes up his cube and the magician mixes up his cube to match the pre jumbled cube, you can see that the cube howie jumbled is clearly different if you pause at 12:27. Now he takes howie's cube , puts it under his cube and rotates his arm to put both the cubes behind his back distracting the crowd by talking about what was happening, but during that rotation when he rotated to his back and then to the front again, if you look very carefully, he switched howie's cube with the pre jumbled cube in his right pocket. Now the cube he solved would obviously match the cube that was pre jumbled and to add more depth to the trick, the big cube that simon had was pre jumbled to match the cubes from the very start as no one jumbled the big cube.

    • @atharvchaturvedi8608
      @atharvchaturvedi8608 Před rokem +16

      PS: I consider this guy is greatly talented to be able to perform these tricks with such precision. I mean no disrespect to this individual.

    • @jifpb105
      @jifpb105 Před rokem +11

      The trick with 2) is that he doesn't have to rip the cards at all, they are already torn. Pause at 4:10 and you can see the few cards he spreads for Heidi to choose from have a corner missing.

    • @lawrenceyane5925
      @lawrenceyane5925 Před rokem +5

      You're absolutely correct on the first one. When Simon gives him the cube, one side has four yellow squares together. They aren't together on any of the six sides when he compares the two cubes later.

    • @ShawnNHL
      @ShawnNHL Před rokem +5

      At 3:19 you can see that when the cube is "scrambled" you can only see three colors. The "solved" cube has the other 3 colors. You can do the alg (U' D L2 U B2 D2 B2 D2 L F' U D' R U' F2 L F' B') to replicate this trick

    • @ejagger
      @ejagger Před rokem +1

      For 2) I noticed him carefully control the shuffle and distribution, and when you pointed out the missing corners I slowed the playback down and you're absolutely right - what's funny is when watching it the first time my mind just barely noticed the improper card outlines where the torn corners are, but it happened so fast it didn't sink in enough for an ah-ha moment. Great catches!

  • @All54321
    @All54321 Před 2 lety +37

    I love how after each trick Simon just looks like he’s trying to process what just happened

    • @johnmichel3744
      @johnmichel3744 Před 2 lety

      Africans have the best and real magic

  • @davidchiang4942
    @davidchiang4942 Před rokem +4

    10:22 Simon will do ANYTHING to protect this cube

  • @lorenzopeccini220
    @lorenzopeccini220 Před 3 lety +3859

    This is exactly how he did a lot of his tricks:
    All real cubers will understand
    Please note I'm not hating on Steven, he is an amazing performer and he did an impressive job. All I'm doing is explaining how he did them
    *Act 1:*
    First trick:
    He memorized a short algorithm to scramble the cube and which he could easily reverse with one hand. And yes one-handed cubing isn't as difficult as most people imagine it to be, he had enough time to reverse it as he was placing it in the bag.
    Second trick:
    The second trick is very easy actually. He uses the first trick to "convince" the judges there are no other cubes. But then reveals a second one surprising everyone, nobody thought about there being a third cube did they? If you look at the colour patterns on Simon's cube (before it was put in the bag), you'll notice that they're different to the cubes after. Steven had three cubes. The first one was Simon's actual cube, the second one was Simon's fake cube and the third one was the solved one. He obviously memorised the algorithm used to scramble Simon's fake cube and when he put Simon's actual cube in the bag, he swapped it with the fake one. The third cube was obviously the one Steven used and he applied the scramble to it so it was the same as Simon's fake cube. You'll even notice that he is firmly holding the bag when it's upside down. We can check this by comparing the yellow face at 1:19 with the yellow face at 2:27
    *Act 2:*
    First trick:
    For the first trick was really impressive but if you pause the video at 3:01 you can see that he already had the yellow middle row solved in the front face, with the yellow top row on the right, the bottom white row (which is opposite to yellow on a solved cube) on the left face and matching opposite corners and edges as well. This can be easily solved in three moves. Take a solved Rubik's Cube and hold it with yellow in front and green on top, if you then perform a S U' D' (or z F' B U' D'), you'll get the cube in the same state he has it at 3:01
    Second trick:
    He uses a special algorithm to solve the cube on one side while leaving the other side scrambled. This will allow you to flip the cube and make it seem like you solved it.
    3:21 you'll notice that the only colours mixed are yellow, orange and blue.
    3:22 the only solved colours he shows are white, red and green
    Coincidence? I think not. Right after he finishes the trick and scrambles the cube, you'll notice that in the first move, the cube is already scrambled on one layer.
    The algorithm for this set up is:
    U' D L2 U B2 D2 B2 D2 L F' U D' R U' F2 L F' B'
    Third Trick:
    The last trick is actually very smart. The first part of the trick where he makes Heidi choose a card you'll notice that he only gives her the option of about 15 cards since he squeezes the front and backside of the deck. At 4:11 if you look at the back of the deck you'll notice that all the cards in the centre (which are the ones Heidi was forced to choose) all have a ripped angle. Basically, Steven prepared 15 cards that he placed strategically and ripped all of them in the corner. He then places half the card in the deck to cover the ripped corner and using slight of hands he makes you think he ripped the card and made it disappear. Now for the last part, a Rubik's Cube has 12 edge pieces and 8 corner pieces, making a total of 20 pieces. This means that all Steven had to do was place a ripped corner piece in every piece of the cube and memorize where each of them was. The card that was chosen would then determine the cube piece he would open.
    *Act 3*
    The Brad Pitt trick I was really confused. I had several things I noticed and looked at. Firstly, I assume he purposely made them pick Brad Pitt, there's no way he could prepare a Rubik's cube picture for every single person. This probably involved some slight of hands, but I have no idea how it was done.
    If you look at the Rubik's cubes, the first thing that you can see is a lot of green colours around the top layer of the board (or whatever you want to call that big thing with hundreds of cubes) before he reveals who it is. When he revealed Brad Pitt, the top layer was completely covered in green making me think why there weren't colours replacing the green pieces that are on the backside (the other side of the board, not where Brad Pitt is). This may be because there is a second layer of cubes which was prepared in advance. This is just a theory.
    Another thing to point out is how insignificant the four cubes that were randomly placed are. Steven makes them randomly mix the cubes and randomly place them to make it feel like they had an impact on the mosaic. But in reality, it didn't really matter. If you follow the cubes' position as he rotates the board and then reveals the picture, you'll see that those four cubes are actually mixed, but because they're on the outer side of the face of Brad Pitt, you don't actually notice them and they don't actually matter. He just focuses so much on those four cubes that it makes you think that they were the main factors of the results.
    So my theory is, is that he purposely made them pick Brad Pitt, then everything was prepared in advance. The four cubes were just to make the act more interesting and to involve the judges.
    *Act 4*
    For the first part of the act, I think his cubes were set up so that he could easily solve any colour while making it seem like the rest of the cube is scrambled. If you look closely at the colours when he reveals the red and blue faces, you'll notice that there are a lot of colours paired up together, almost like they were all ready to be placed together. To non-cubers, this may seem like a complete coincidence, but cubers will know that these sort of patterns where there are several pairs of colours matched are often seen at the beginning of scrambling a cube. These are patter are very familiar to the ones someone may see after doing a few moves to a solved cube. The red colour was obviously told to him but the blue one I don't know, maybe he peaked and so it or something else happened.
    For the final part of the act, I really had no idea how he did it. The first part with Howdie is sort of easy to understand, it's very similar to his first act. He simply follows Howdie's moves and does the same to his own cube. He holds it behind his back to make it seem that he is randomly scrambling, but everyone knows, or at least every cuber knows, that you don't need to look at the cube to know what you're doing. So all Steven had to do was follow Howdie.
    For the second part of the last trick of the act, I got stuck, I had no idea what he did. I have a theory but it seems unlikely that it's true. If you pay attention to Howdie's moves, he did a full 360° rotation, meaning he went back to the same position, and he did a couple of other moves. So my theory is that before comparing Howdie's cube to his own cube, he somehow quickly reversed Howdie's moves to go back to what the cube looked like, which matched with Simon's big cube.
    If you have any ideas on what he did, let me know in the comments
    *Again, I'm not hating on Steven, I'm just breaking down his tricks based on my understanding.*

  • @toxicunknown9171
    @toxicunknown9171 Před 2 lety +282

    Most of these tricks are pretty easy to figure out honestly. But understanding how the tricks are done almost makes it’s more magical because how difficult it is and how good he is at it

    • @Dr.TJ_Eckleburg
      @Dr.TJ_Eckleburg Před 2 lety +53

      Yes we all know there's no such thing as magic and that every magic trick ever performed on planet earth has a logical explanation. The trick is the skill of the performer. Thank you for pointing that out, you're making the world a better place.

    • @centralprocessingunit4988
      @centralprocessingunit4988 Před 2 lety +15

      a lot of people dont understand this about magic.
      they think kind of seeing half a move for a few split seconds means they 100% know the trick.
      but its not even just knowing a trick, let alone a tiny fraction of a move, that makes it brilliant.
      its performing it perfectly; thats all sleight of hand really is, so kind of seeing half a move for a few split seconds doesnt mean as much as most think.

    • @toxicunknown9171
      @toxicunknown9171 Před 2 lety +4

      @@centralprocessingunit4988 which is what i was trying to point out how amazing his sleight of hand is but no point in arguing with them haha

    • @alelaera13
      @alelaera13 Před rokem

      @@toxicunknown9171 how did he get the card inside the cube? i cant even understand how he makes it disappear

    • @jellegeerts6489
      @jellegeerts6489 Před rokem +4

      @@alelaera13 the card was already ripped, he has a couple ripped cards as you can see from behind at 4:10 you see the white lines stop. So he has 10 ripped cards or something. He only has to remember which cube was which card.

  • @keshavthelion
    @keshavthelion Před 2 lety +4

    He is incredible, no one in this universe can do that what he did!
    Your act has taken back and i love the way you did it. Thanks mate for making my day a beautiful one :)
    Good luck for all your future magics!

  • @imrek5261
    @imrek5261 Před rokem +7

    Easy and fun! Involvement, presentation, laugh, amazement. This is why we love magic!

  • @darthyoda7657
    @darthyoda7657 Před 2 lety +43

    Nothing like expert magic to put smiles on everyone's faces

    • @pineapple1428
      @pineapple1428 Před 2 lety

      BUt's it's not expert at all lmao

    • @johnmichel3744
      @johnmichel3744 Před 2 lety

      Africans have the best and real magic

    • @rashidryan
      @rashidryan Před rokem

      @@pineapple1428 who tf are you ? 🤣 do something Infront of millions anything even near as interesting as him then talk.

    • @pineapple1428
      @pineapple1428 Před rokem

      @@rashidryan I'm a cuber and actually know what I'm talking about regarding speed cube/cuboid solving. And this isn't impressive. It's just him doing notations that he had easily set up.

    • @rashidryan
      @rashidryan Před rokem

      @@pineapple1428 bro then go do it 🤣 what is talent without exposure ? You wanna hide under a cave all your life with your skills or wanna make something out of it ? it’s not about what you know it’s about how many people knows that you know. Cause you can have the bestest skills and still end up broke or such minimal life. So yes make something happen 🔥

  • @wowcheers7488
    @wowcheers7488 Před rokem +2

    Love it, love it and love it. Thanks.

  • @jaymccord1382
    @jaymccord1382 Před 3 lety +2825

    The ministry of magic is coming for this man.

    • @foreverbooked2964
      @foreverbooked2964 Před 3 lety +81

      Yup. A Hogwarts graduate revealing it to the muggle world.

    • @RizkyYuniarMauludi
      @RizkyYuniarMauludi Před 3 lety +46

      Dolores will send this man to Azkaban wkwkw

    • @amanda-ginoa.8741
      @amanda-ginoa.8741 Před 3 lety +8

      Jay M, you deserve more likes my good sir

    • @tezplayz2190
      @tezplayz2190 Před 3 lety +3

      Guys this is not a magic trick

    • @tezplayz2190
      @tezplayz2190 Před 3 lety +11

      he is only doing OH solves and simple algorithms that confuse your brain

  • @denjo3131
    @denjo3131 Před 2 lety +39

    At least one trick I already know how it's done. The 3 backsides (which you can't see) have already the correct color. Still fascinating.

  • @wisdomandtimes9583
    @wisdomandtimes9583 Před 2 lety +3

    This is the best that I saw on this day, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • @klbmilad7799
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    لا اِلهَ اِلّا رَبَّ الْعَوالِم حُسَين جَلَّ جَلالَه❤️

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    This is so amazing!!!omg👍👍

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    i love how he enjoys the applause and smiles everytime in between

  • @lorenzogabrielcabellon1569
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    So 10 year olds singing gets a golden buzzer but this dark magic does not?

    • @creepstergirl_0559
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      That is so unfair

    • @13owl
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      If only he was 10 years old

    • @draglout
      @draglout Před 3 lety +110

      yep, it's pretty biased

    • @hokage3582
      @hokage3582 Před 3 lety +21

      Lorenzo Gabriel Cabellon they wanna see more

    • @will3mf796
      @will3mf796 Před 3 lety +69

      It’s because all the kids have a sap story that is probably untrue but yeah

  • @kaeya666
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    no but when this man laughs or chuckles along i find him really charming

  • @sasinduprageeth3696
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    Magic is the best of all 💞 love this so much ♥

  • @deagratiasmatias9556
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      Investing in Bitcoin is the number one thing one should be doing right now, although there are lots of risks the best way to invest is through cryptocurrency and Forex.

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      There are also organizations that help maintain your interest and protect you from the unnecessary risk which you can't predict on your own.

    • @user-hz3uz8kq1s
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      But sir Richard is highly recommended

    • @user-hz3uz8kq1s
      @user-hz3uz8kq1s Před rokem


    • @AbubakaCalo
      @AbubakaCalo Před rokem +1

      @Kittanon Joomcom Everybody has been talking about (Richard A. Blair Fx) so I'm not surprise you mentioned him again is this his contact

  • @golfandhike5598
    @golfandhike5598 Před 2 lety +10

    I believe him when he said he is the only person in the world that can perform the mind bending tricks.

  • @thecatalyst9332
    @thecatalyst9332 Před rokem +46

    Over the years I went out on a quest across the world to find out how he does his magic tricks with the rubric cube, and I've come back here to let you all know I'm still clueless 😃

    • @Quico-
      @Quico- Před rokem

      If you pay close attention to his hands, you'll notice that I don't know how he does this.

    • @iMickyrich
      @iMickyrich Před rokem

      You mean to say cubeless? 😂

    • @suwan2687
      @suwan2687 Před rokem

      @@Quico- งบ

  • @53chieftain
    @53chieftain Před 6 lety +1281

    I really get a kick out of some of you commenting that He's "Fake"! What in the Hell do you think Magic/Illusions are!
    It's All Fake...Trickery...Slight of Hand! You just have to appreciate the dexterity at which an Illusionist can perform the trick.

    • @francis1247
      @francis1247 Před 6 lety +8

      yes man

    • @toblerone072
      @toblerone072 Před 6 lety +8

      Magic works thru Demons and Devils it is just Satanic

    • @michaelchua8775
      @michaelchua8775 Před 6 lety +3


    • @mykhailonikolaichuk6392
      @mykhailonikolaichuk6392 Před 6 lety +27

      I understand how all that is done which only makes it more fascinating. His dexterity and perception is just exceptional.

    • @J-T-M619
      @J-T-M619 Před 6 lety +9

      +joe gutknecht Right it's called a magic TRICK for a reason

  • @Precigian
    @Precigian Před rokem +8

    I noticed the trick at 3:22 (most replayed part) is actually pretty simple. Between the moment when the cube is actually mixed and the moment just before he flips it, you can see him rearranging the cube while saying "completely mixed up from there"...What he did was solve the 3 faces that are hidden while only showing the 3 mixed faces. Then He just flips it and it's "solved". You can see the 3 mixed faces only have 3 different colors, that's because the other colors are solved and are hidden from the audience.

  • @ashleybrown4754
    @ashleybrown4754 Před 2 lety +7

    His sleight of hand skills are unreal.

  • @richardpope9006
    @richardpope9006 Před rokem +4

    This is the greatest magic trick I've ever seen. It's probably easy to understand once you learn the secret but I'm baffled.

  • @doug_EX
    @doug_EX Před 2 lety +6

    12:34 this is where he changes the cubes. Just check one of the cube faces after Howie mixed it. It doesn’t appear on the final cube. So he had 2 identical cubes hidden and at 12:34 he did the switch. 12:27 look at the green face, it doesn’t match the green face at 13:05.

  • @sunitagiri70
    @sunitagiri70 Před rokem

    well that is so amazing but I just love the Simon's reaction to all of it.

  • @groovydrew4640
    @groovydrew4640 Před 3 lety +1046

    14 straight minutes of Simon Cowell being confused

    • @piyushkumar-9f148
      @piyushkumar-9f148 Před 3 lety +14

      I died laughing after reading that comment😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @groovydrew4640
      @groovydrew4640 Před 3 lety


    • @Cookie-vf9vc
      @Cookie-vf9vc Před 3 lety +3

      Dam straight (Percy Jackson anyone?)

    • @piyushkumar-9f148
      @piyushkumar-9f148 Před 3 lety +1

      @@Cookie-vf9vc meeeee titans curse right percy jackson for life? And u naruto fan also?! Me too! I love naruto

    • @Cookie-vf9vc
      @Cookie-vf9vc Před 3 lety

      piyush kumar
      Yup. I love pjo and naruto.

  • @Searchmeister
    @Searchmeister Před 2 lety +1

    Now that's TRUE Magic & Entertainment.

  • @RedTapsYT
    @RedTapsYT Před rokem +2

    7:09 ngl i love how the cameraman changed angle to not show behind the contestant, makes me wonder i bet the tv show is in on the "magical/effect" but still very entertaining

  • @gourabmaity4906
    @gourabmaity4906 Před 2 lety +1

    Simon's reaction worth it all 🔥😂

  • @farhanfazaroctova6350


  • @lechanneldemysterieuxmante1807

    This was very impressive

  • @fawmonhtetlu8995
    @fawmonhtetlu8995 Před 4 lety +639

    14mins of Simon being lost😂😂
    anyway the magician is a real genius

    • @x58so
      @x58so Před 4 lety +3

      At least he has a giant Rubik's cube

    • @fawmonhtetlu8995
      @fawmonhtetlu8995 Před 4 lety

      Gibran Kwan 👍👍👍

    • @shanesenior7912
      @shanesenior7912 Před 4 lety

      Frigging sick

    • @NeckYourself
      @NeckYourself Před 4 lety +7

      The chicken nugget god shut the fuck up, nobody cares

    • @Jsak28
      @Jsak28 Před 4 lety

      @@quandlaliousringlenut6944 ok but what about the last trick? Fucking explain it

  • @wiolocom
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  • @DewgNews
    @DewgNews Před 2 lety +15

    Has this dude done this for penn and teller yet? I’d love to see if they know what he’s doing. Phenomenal

    • @ronllarenas1378
      @ronllarenas1378 Před 2 lety +1

      He switched up the cubes at the very end. It is quick slight of hand. I screenshot the cube that Howie mixed up and it was not the same cube that he showed matching.

    • @baconshake2401
      @baconshake2401 Před rokem +2

      He did appear on Penn and Teller Fool Us and was like “we got nothing. You fooled us”

    • @baconshake2401
      @baconshake2401 Před rokem

      Hey I found that video. Here you go: czcams.com/video/BwDAXC0_Bxk/video.html

  • @ajgossips
    @ajgossips Před rokem +1

    Fantastic wow

  • @David.soares
    @David.soares Před rokem

    I set the video playback speed to 0.00001. I started watching the video in 2016, in 2022 I haven't finished it yet. And I can't figure out what he does with his hands. This is a great archive for the history of mankind. Congratulations.

  • @jayp4631
    @jayp4631 Před rokem

    always again magic...thx!

  • @zcythewoah
    @zcythewoah Před 4 lety +2133

    I feel bad to whoever came on after him.

    • @Mr.Fun-Gi
      @Mr.Fun-Gi Před 4 lety


    • @zcythewoah
      @zcythewoah Před 4 lety +73

      This guy’s performance was really interesting and fun to watch, the person who goes after............

    • @pimpsavage5918
      @pimpsavage5918 Před 4 lety +92

      In simpler words, His performance is so good that the other competitors after him will look bad in comparison.

    • @riz15yearsago
      @riz15yearsago Před 4 lety +1


    • @peptobismolveins
      @peptobismolveins Před 4 lety +7

      Lolz Kingston 1:20 pause there and see that the cube simon mixed had 4 yellow squares on one side but when you look at the 6 sides of cube he shows at 2:06 doesn’t even have those 4 yellow squares on any side. Actually, he had a pre mixed cube in the bag and he gave that to Simon and he ofc remembered how he mixed that cube by Remembering the moves. It was quick nevertheless

  • @jeek1234
    @jeek1234 Před 2 lety +14

    I'm Japanese. This comment is from Japan
    How amazing magic.
    How many times did he practice this magic?
    I applaud him perfectly.

  • @kennynakawaki
    @kennynakawaki Před rokem +1

    This guy was one of my favorites this season.

  • @sammako6116
    @sammako6116 Před 2 lety

    This might have cubes for breakfast, lunch and dinner he is amazing.
    I love you smart guy. 💙

  • @MUHAMMADALI-ey9wm
    @MUHAMMADALI-ey9wm Před 2 lety +2

    I couldn't believe my eyes, Its very incredible.

  • @gillrowley7264
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    I never get tired of watching this

  • @UnearthlyTerrorsAudio
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    I just seen a whole 14 minute video of Simon being lost and confused....
    It was brilliant!!

  • @f3nd13y
    @f3nd13y Před měsícem

    such a magnetic performance!

  • @kedarnayak6826
    @kedarnayak6826 Před rokem +9

    I watched it again, i absolutely loved this guy. not just for his talent but also to see the dumbness of judges as well. He is an absolute expert with Rubik's cube. I know he mixes them to the point where one move will solve the Rubik's cube. That's how he does the trick of solving inside the paper bag as well as throwing the cube in air. But he is an expert in this area though and it's a talent. Always love talent related to intelligence.

  • @tonybennett6085
    @tonybennett6085 Před rokem +1

    Brilliant act

  • @Monsoon-sd6vr
    @Monsoon-sd6vr Před rokem +1

    What a pleasure

  • @ExarchGaming
    @ExarchGaming Před 2 měsíci

    that slight of hand is absolutely flawless almost.

  • @sebop949
    @sebop949 Před 3 lety +744

    “If you blink you are gonna miss it”
    *Me intensively trying not to blink*

    • @raleu
      @raleu Před 3 lety +1

      Same xd

    • @tezplayz2190
      @tezplayz2190 Před 3 lety +8

      That trick is very simple, It is an algorithm that makes any three sides together solved but the other three sides no solve and after the trick what he does is he instantly scrambles it again so the people don’t know. ;)

    • @BvR47
      @BvR47 Před 3 lety +1

      @@tezplayz2190 explain 00:42 then, you clearly see a fully scrambled cube go into the bag, and after it's solved out of the bag, you clearly see the whole solved cube

    • @ppsh2294
      @ppsh2294 Před 3 lety +1

      @@BvR47 Bro, when he put it in the bag and when he was grabing it out, he solved it with 1 hand that fast

    • @BvR47
      @BvR47 Před 3 lety

      @@ppsh2294 even if he algorithm for the scramble, a 1 hand solve is really hard. It cost him 2/3 seconds to put the cube in the bag, and that's not enough time to solve it.

  • @DrBrunoRecipes
    @DrBrunoRecipes Před 2 lety +1

    Amazing 👌🏻 Greetings from Scotland 😊 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻

  • @RWPV26
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    Next level 🔥🔥 Legend Magician

  • @peterattila8913
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    Rubik's Cube is a world-famous Hungarian game. ❤🇭🇺🙏

  • @bryanlebron1575
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    Simply amazing

  • @sadenuttie2234
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    Simon.exe has stopped working

  • @anikmuhury2307
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    Oh my GOD!! 😮😮
    Just unbelievable! 😍

  • @williedaniels3882
    @williedaniels3882 Před 2 lety

    The best of the new breed of magicians!

    @TPURIT Před rokem

    10 of the top legends of the magic cube🔥

  • @worldmaker.relaxingandsoot3586

    the guy is just cosmically cool 🤩 new, cool tricks 😱 amazing 💥👍

  • @anonsnow3093
    @anonsnow3093 Před rokem

    Chất lượng, Sỹ Luân chắc thích bản Cover này lắm này! Chúc mừng em cùng toàn thể Ekip F. Studio

  • @gagecollins97
    @gagecollins97 Před 6 lety +526

    I love all the comments explaining how its done and why it's "fake" Magic TRICKS are just that. They are intended to fool the eye or mind into believe something impossible has happened. Not to mention I guarentee pretty much every person who has commented couldn't mimic these acts the way he does them

    • @zCr3ative
      @zCr3ative Před 6 lety +15

      Typical keyboard warriors, i bet those people will be shaking performing those tricks in front of 1 person, in front of audience like that they would pee their pants.

    • @CytrynowyGracz
      @CytrynowyGracz Před 6 lety +1

      I see half of the coments just explaining how he does it. Is it bad if someone wanted to recreate it ?

    • @lalagirl211
      @lalagirl211 Před 6 lety +1

      Gage Collins magic trick is entertaining but i dont think its a talent ... it tricks ur eye only

    • @dabby3353
      @dabby3353 Před 6 lety

      Gage Collins of

    • @zlaeq2474
      @zlaeq2474 Před 6 lety

      R E F O R M E D - I agree. Like people go watch Now You See Me.

  • @neilsagidon6423
    @neilsagidon6423 Před 2 lety +1

    Just incredible magician!

  • @remibuchkremer8753
    @remibuchkremer8753 Před 2 lety +6

    If you watch at 12.27 min you'll see that the combination we can see on the cube is nowhere on the big cube (we can see every combination of the big cube after 13min) which means he changed the cube of Howie.
    But it's still so smart and made with perfection

  • @qashmarahmad
    @qashmarahmad Před rokem

    Thanks so much ❤️

  • @angelalule6669
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    I love him already

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    Thats amazing

  • @TONYSTARK-zv4wy
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    Legends says that SIMON is still confused

    • @wc5502
      @wc5502 Před 4 lety +9

      Shut up ur ded

    • @ryderbarlow387
      @ryderbarlow387 Před 4 lety +1

      PEPE THE FROG fuck up or you have no arse

    • @riz15yearsago
      @riz15yearsago Před 4 lety

      That Guy bro the Pepsi guy is correct this is dead

    • @swampymender4400
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      eda malayali thendi

    • @khaleifawy
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      Come to see my magic 🔮 🎩

  • @dangnguyenba9212
    @dangnguyenba9212 Před rokem

    He put the cube in his pocket and took it out within 5 seconds. Why can he do that ???? I have watched this video so many times ! how wonderful ❤🧡💛💙 💯💯

  • @namitatolwala7782
    @namitatolwala7782 Před 2 lety

    Oh wow this is super amazing

  • @ChrisSmart-oj4vb
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    Nice to see something other than cards

  • @Chilllyyyy
    @Chilllyyyy Před 2 lety +4

    Hogwarts must send a school invitation to this man to be a teacher 😂

  • @Nexo.Playzz
    @Nexo.Playzz Před rokem +2

    Nah, he's gotta he an angel sent down from heaven. XD

  • @j.thickey6518
    @j.thickey6518 Před 7 lety +74

    how was he not the winner, that's a better act than anyone else, it's original, creative, and super impressive

    • @kehoekehoe4155
      @kehoekehoe4155 Před 7 lety

      Yea but it does get tiresome and a few of his tricks are solvable

    • @boomyoulookingforthis3607
      @boomyoulookingforthis3607 Před 7 lety +1

      Taxi looks like simon had figured some of them but just isn't spoiling it.

  • @SaporidelColle
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    Amazing love it

  • @RecklessRecluse999
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    This guy is so amazing. I love his own facial expression of amazement

  • @samiullah7159
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    Mind blowing skill u have .
    I love u dear