what's going on?


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  • kuroda
    kuroda Před 9 dny +31


    • Eric Oquist
      Eric Oquist Před 8 dny +1

      Yes either a wire like you say or i was thinking The Best & safest way is to use a big excavator?? What you think brother? :-)

    • Ron Boerste
      Ron Boerste Před 7 dny +1

      Exactly 😁👍🍻

    • Michael uk
      Michael uk Před 6 dny +2

      The Fred dibner way 🔥

    • mysterious
      mysterious Před 5 dny +1

      These are Afghanistani and they do any things

  • Muddy Shoes
    Muddy Shoes Před 13 dny +696

    Don’t worry. He has his safety sandals on.

    • Lee Walker
      Lee Walker Před 11 dny +5


    • Hasan Basri
      Hasan Basri Před 11 dny +4


    • rodney gow
      rodney gow Před 11 dny +4

      Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rick Dorantes
      Rick Dorantes Před 11 dny +4

      LOL ,I thought I was the only one that used that term "safety sandals "👍

    • Highlander
      Highlander Před 11 dny +3


  • KansasSunflower
    KansasSunflower Před 11 dny +99

    This is why women live longer

  • Roaming With Rocco
    Roaming With Rocco Před 11 dny +33

    A couple of suicide vests would of made it faster.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Před 13 dny +281

    Must be a government job, one guy working, ten idiots telling him how to do it!!

    • George Valantasis
      George Valantasis Před 11 dny +3

      Union worker

    • A Reyes
      A Reyes Před 10 dny +4

      Los angeles county, city of Pacoima?

    • Benjamin Compson
      Benjamin Compson Před 8 dny +2

      Looks more like my experience in corporate America.

    • Herculydia
      Herculydia Před 7 dny +2

      That made me laugh. It was the idiot reference. The Biden effect surely.

  • Leśny Gargamel
    Leśny Gargamel Před 9 dny +11

    the saying "a cameraman never dies" loses meaning here

  • George Mallory
    George Mallory Před 11 dny +39

    You can always tell when someone has never swung a sledge hammer, splitting maul, or axe before.😂

  • channel view
    channel view Před 11 dny +147

    Paul Harvey used to say that "it takes a carpenter to build a barn, but any jackass can kick one down."

    • Kenneth Blackford
      Kenneth Blackford Před 11 dny +3

      Probably in an archeological site

    • Vincent Peña
      Vincent Peña Před 10 dny +2

      Than we have 2 JACKASSES in the White House, lol

    • channel view
      channel view Před 10 dny +1

      @Vincent Peña you have that right!

    • Shawn Whitcomb
      Shawn Whitcomb Před 10 dny +2

      Guess that's the "Rest of the Story"
      If only this guy had a pair and would concentrate on the side. What's the point hitting the top of the opening 🤔 unless simply because he's chicken 🐔

    • Mary S.
      Mary S. Před 9 dny +2

      miss Paul Harvey...oh my, what he'd have to say today!!

  • Binarycodezerosandones Binary

    This is the safest thing I've seen. I would bring the whole family to watch!

  • War1888
    War1888 Před 11 dny +7

    Just light a fire around it. So much safer and easier.

    • mark moore
      mark moore Před 7 dny +1

      A fire? Looks like an old chimney made of bricks!

    • Jose Flores
      Jose Flores Před dnem

      La gente la busca viejo

  • Red Pill Dimension
    Red Pill Dimension Před 11 dny +11

    This guy is creating his very own Tombstone.

  • michael rodriguez
    michael rodriguez Před 8 dny +1

    That guy is the chief architect and master engineer of the project. He is not listening to anyone because he is the only one to hit the tower with the sledgehammer in the right spot!😂

  • Waldek Sosnowski
    Waldek Sosnowski Před 9 dny +2

    It is necessary to do it from the inside of the chimney. It's much easier to knock the bricks out. Remember to take advisors you can hear with you.

  • Lord von Manor
    Lord von Manor Před 13 dny +78

    Funeral service was already pre-planned to take place at lunch time

    • Heitor Soares
      Heitor Soares Před 11 dny +3


    • Lux Jux
      Lux Jux Před 8 dny +2


    • Lord von Manor
      Lord von Manor Před 8 dny +3

      ​@Lux JuxGood thing is they already dug a pit large enough for all of them.
      One quick service for the whole group.

    • Fete Bandits
      Fete Bandits Před 6 dny +2


  • Yersinia pestis
    Yersinia pestis Před 7 dny +2

    The cameraman never dies.

  • Tracy O'Malley
    Tracy O'Malley Před 9 dny +3

    😂😂 love how they are telling him to hit here and hit there yet all the crowd are standing where this chimney would fall ??? 😂😂 they need to take a look at how Fred Dinner did it 😂😂 then noone would get hurt 🤕

  • Grandpa Gun
    Grandpa Gun Před 11 dny +314

    I like how everyone is standing at a distance, telling him what to do

  • Joe Lew
    Joe Lew Před 9 dny +4

    He's smart. If it collapse toward him, only the hole will get him. He did all the work, he gets all the money.

  • colin wood
    colin wood Před 5 dny +1

    And the Darwin award goes to the man with the big hammer.

  • Realengo Primordial Demon
    Realengo Primordial Demon Před 11 dny +58

    I hope someone wins the Darwin Award, many good candidates in that video.

  • Abradolf Linkler
    Abradolf Linkler Před 9 dny +4

    Was soll schon schiefgehen ?
    Danach muss Deutschland wieder Aufbauhilfe leisten. 🙄

  • maple lafe
    maple lafe Před 11 dny +2

    Everyone giving orders how to build a giant pizza oven.

  • Will Mad
    Will Mad Před 17 dny +283

    Darwin Awards are not free. You have to earn them.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein Před 11 dny +1

    I see a Darwin Award coming.

  • Jadou ses la plus Belle
    Jadou ses la plus Belle Před 10 dny +2

    C'est personne est sacrifier. Les conseilleurs eux ont le beau rôle. 😢

  • S D
    S D Před 12 dny +15

    That is one out of eleven minarets that were built by a woman in the eighth century. She established the first all girl school in Afghanistan. It’s a shame that Talibans not only banning girls from attending schools but they are destroying the historic monuments too.

  • Danny Dinneen
    Danny Dinneen Před 7 dny +2

    if only Fred Dibnah was still alive.

  • Benjamin Gale
    Benjamin Gale Před 9 dny +4

    Off brand Fred Dibnah

  • RK
    RK Před 15 dny +7

    They can't make anything but know how to destroy anything....

  • Erasmus
    Erasmus Před 11 dny +1

    This has Health and Safety written all over it.

  • Rian Chisté
    Rian Chisté Před 11 dny +1

    Eu pensando o quanto uma pessoa pode ser idiota, esse cara alcançou o limite máximo

  • Ian G
    Ian G Před 14 dny +112

    They must be council workers, one person working and the rest giving instructions 😎👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Metal Mike 666
      Metal Mike 666 Před 11 dny +2


    • Nicolae Birna
      Nicolae Birna Před 11 dny +3

      They must be Romanians, in Romania you can see often this kind of team working: only one works, meanwhile all the others give advices...😅

    • Charles Sagide
      Charles Sagide Před 11 dny +3

      Just like city workers in America one digging the rest leaning on their shovels

    • Jim Banda
      Jim Banda Před 11 dny +4

      And it still dint fall 😂 typical.

    • Nicholas Shade
      Nicholas Shade Před 11 dny +1

      I was the 89th like on your comment.🧡

  • Jeff H
    Jeff H Před 5 dny +1

    Legend says it started with the grandfather..years later his son took over the job. Then the glory was the grandsons to take. Apparently he is still whacking it to this day. Maybe one day we will see the results of these three generations hard work finally pay off. Still undecided if he escaped the collapse or tripped while trying to run away. Time will tell. I'd say about another twenty years to see the final video.

  • Kitten Korleone
    Kitten Korleone Před 11 dny +1

    "Better Run Demo" company better be caught up on their life insurance for their workers!

  • Don't Treat On Me
    Don't Treat On Me Před 13 dny +7

    A candidate for a Darwin Award.

  • Will Bart
    Will Bart Před 8 dny +1

    Five supervisors. One laborer. Must be county employees.

  • phil yip
    phil yip Před 9 dny +1

    I remember this happened in Tacoma, Washington State, U S.A. in around 1976 at the Arsarco smoke stack at Point Defiance. There were a lot of beautiful bricks from the demolition. Unfortunately, they were not reusable or recyclable because they were contaminated and were probably carcinogenic.

  • Mintosh
    Mintosh Před 12 dny +49

    Such a cool chimney, Fred would have been proud ❤

    • Sam B
      Sam B Před 11 dny +5

      Fred would have shown them how to do it properly. They must have some wood and old tyres lying around.

    • neil clark
      neil clark Před 11 dny +3

      Nah, he's not doing it properly - no bulb horn

    • bandofditzies
      bandofditzies Před 10 dny

      ​@neil clark...or 16 ton slab of dynamite.. .

    • philip doran
      philip doran Před 10 dny +1

      Fred would light fire there lol

  • Doug
    Doug Před 9 dny +2

    A real life game of “How desperate are they?”

  • Ted Reynolds
    Ted Reynolds Před 11 dny +3

    I can think of a dozen safer solutions… none of which as entertaining.

  • A Foreigner Telling Truth in Philippines

    That is what happens when you go to your construction job still wearing your pyjamas instead of your work clothes.

    • Eric Wong
      Eric Wong Před 13 dny +5

      no matter what kind of armor he wore, they will all die anyway once the tower fell to wrong direction. then they may as well wear the most comfortable clothes.

    • Fred Graswald
      Fred Graswald Před 13 dny +3

      I think he's wearing steel toed sandles.

    • Андрей Нездойминов
      Андрей Нездойминов Před 12 dny +2

      ..да... а ещё каска!

    • Jim Domoradzki
      Jim Domoradzki Před 12 dny +1

      Some people play russian roulette...
      Some people try to knock down chinneys.

  • Watfords finest
    Watfords finest Před 5 dny +1

    Fred Dibnah will be turning in his grave.

    OWL LOW Před 8 dny +1

    Прошло полгода...
    Он всё еще кругами ходит вокруг трубы...

  • black dog
    black dog Před 12 dny +15

    And this year's Darwin award winner is...

  • Chaz60
    Chaz60 Před 9 dny +2

    “That one, over there on the right…Yes, there’s the sweet spot. Now start pounding the crap out it. Don’t worry, I’m at a safe distance…”

  • William Katzer
    William Katzer Před 7 dny +1

    legend has it they have been whacking at this for 2000 years.

  • Patricia DuMont
    Patricia DuMont Před 15 dny +162

    Notice there are no women present to tell them how stupid and unsafe this is!

    • حنان hanane
      حنان hanane Před 13 dny +4


    • Thomas Avery
      Thomas Avery Před 13 dny +4

      This is why women live longer than men…

    • Baljit Singh
      Baljit Singh Před 13 dny +3

      Consider 👇 and Rethink :
      "During millions of year's evolution it has gotten hardwired in men, to take risks, tread beyond danger lines and earn bread/comfort for their families."

    • Sara Jane Smith
      Sara Jane Smith Před 12 dny

      ROTFLMAO,. So Freaking True!

  • Matty large
    Matty large Před 8 dny +1

    Nominations for the Darwin award 👏

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson Před 7 dny +1

    Plan B: hijack a plane

  • Daniel Camarda
    Daniel Camarda Před 16 dny +316

    There are two infinite things: the Universe and human stupidity.... and I am not sure about the Universe. (Albert Einstein)

  • Marcio Monte Nevo
    Marcio Monte Nevo Před 8 dny +1

    Este é mais um capítulo da história "Porque os homens vivem menos".

  • Tomorrow Vi
    Tomorrow Vi Před 13 dny +39

    He’s nearly made the new window 360 degrees. Just a few more sledgehammer stokes and they can add the glass frame

  • Joe Follansbee
    Joe Follansbee Před 10 dny +9

    That’s a brick factory. They are taking down one ancient chimney to build a new one.
    It’s dangerous, but the workers there usually are in massive debt to the owners.
    Who paid for medical bills, or other family emergencies, in exchange for the people working for them until they pay off their debt.
    It’s almost a form of slavery. Or is a form of slavery.
    These brick factories are located in deserts near clay. The bricks are baked using crude oil in ancient design ovens with tall chimneys.
    There will be almost no vegetation in the downwind prevalent area from that Chimney for 15 miles.
    I once entered such a factory in Iraq. In Kirkush, about 22 miles from the Iranian border.
    There were an estimated 10,000 people, families with kids, there. They were mostly Shiite marsh Arabs who were given two choices. Go to brick factories or die with your children.
    They lived in 1 room hovels made of bricks that were broken. They had no plumbing. They had 1 water point for 10,000 people.
    It was slavery in 2003. And it still breaks my heart as children as soon as they walked were employed to follow the donkey carts and move the bricks that might fall off the trail so the next donkey cart wouldn’t bounce.
    This has nothing to do with Darwin Awards.
    The women can’t be seen as the men are protecting them.
    OSHA doesn’t exist in their world.
    70%+ of the world lives in poverty.
    About 30% of Americans know this and appreciate this.
    This video is followed by comments made by the 70% who mistake our fortune - for superiority. At the individual level.
    We almost lost democracy January 6. The military would have prevented the loss. General Milley took and oath, and had branches of men and women who took the oath and King Donald would never had been allowed to happen.
    Instead of focusing on making stupid ignorant comments on Tik-Tok, you should self educate with that time.
    Harvard offers free college courses online at EdX. Google Harvard EdX. Start elevating your education away from being smart on Tik Tok in your mind and instead being smart and wise in reality.
    Because the world needs Americans to be smarter.

    • John Lemon & Lemonaid
      John Lemon & Lemonaid Před 8 dny +5

      You were doing pretty good but then it all fell apart when you started talking AmeriCon propaganda, lol

  • Pat Eastman
    Pat Eastman Před 11 dny +1

    One worker, four supers and a Manager. 😂

  • cslloyd1
    cslloyd1 Před 14 dny +5

    Not even the camera man survived

  • Stephan Dreyer
    Stephan Dreyer Před 7 dny +1

    Needs more supervisors.

  • Anthony West Jr
    Anthony West Jr Před 9 dny +1

    He clearly doesn't have an escape plan! His fate is sealed!

  • Andrew Rodigan
    Andrew Rodigan Před 12 dny +30

    Fred would be spinning in his grave at this.

    • pistolpeds
      pistolpeds Před 11 dny +1

      Right ! No cuppa !

    • Brian Cohen the PFJ massive.
      Brian Cohen the PFJ massive. Před 9 dny +1

      Just watched Fred dibnah and this is how not to do it. Aren't you inqusitive as to how many needed medical attention and if any got shoveld up into a bucket?

    • Brian Cohen the PFJ massive.
      Brian Cohen the PFJ massive. Před 9 dny

      ​@pistolpedsthis blokes been on the greenalls.

  • Edilberto Cruz
    Edilberto Cruz Před 11 dny +1

    I’ve always wondered how the world will end. Now I know.

  • Jayasimha G V
    Jayasimha G V Před 8 dny +1

    Please don't destroy the old monument

  • Diana Miranda
    Diana Miranda Před 12 dny +8

    Must be municipal employees, 3 supervisors and 1 employee actually do the work

  • Abdul Sattar Qureshi
    Abdul Sattar Qureshi Před 2 dny +1

    Ya Allah Have Mercy On Everybody Ameen Sumah Ameen

  • Pauly Flyer
    Pauly Flyer Před 4 dny +1

    They now realise they need to hijack a plane instead.

  • Gearjamor
    Gearjamor Před 13 dny +6

    What's a Darwin candidate's last words before they die?
    "Hey ya'll, watch this!"

  • Tunnelliner. 47
    Tunnelliner. 47 Před 9 dny +1

    Ah Fred, you're probably turning in your grave.😂

  • JonnyRox
    JonnyRox Před 9 dny +1

    What can you expect when dudes wearing dresses attempt a manly feat

  • peter francis
    peter francis Před 11 dny +1

    i was hoping he would get the darwin award

  • paul james
    paul james Před 14 dny +61

    No matter how many times I watch this video it never falls.

  • L H
    L H Před 7 dny +1

    One man working and five bosses telling him how ro do it😂

  • Владимир Кузнецов

    У меня всегда подобные сцены вызывают вопрос: а зачем рисковать? Почему не завести в проломы трос и дёрнуть трактором или грузовиком?

    • Alex
      Alex Před 14 dny +2

      Зачем, когда есть хоть один идиот)

    • Doug H
      Doug H Před 14 dny +1

      They looked for a short cable but only found a long one! So, they did it the way you see.

    • Isaig
      Isaig Před 12 dny

      S iam

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez Před 10 dny +1

    I hope he's wearing his safety sandels

  • wiseguy
    wiseguy Před 5 dny +1


  • Reiner Krueger
    Reiner Krueger Před 17 dny +165

    Like in real lif. 20 chiefs and 1 worker.

    • Mohan
      Mohan Před 15 dny +10

      Alibaba and 40 thieves!!!

      ERIC KOUNIAKIS Před 15 dny +4

      ​@MohanThat's hilarious 😂😅😂

    • Suryansh Sagar
      Suryansh Sagar Před 15 dny +4

      ​@Sham Sharmathey're pakistani

    • Sham Sharma
      Sham Sharma Před 15 dny +1

      @suryanshsagar2677 Sir well said

  • stephen perry
    stephen perry Před 9 dny +1

    The bible said leave them to the hills.

  • Ian C
    Ian C Před 8 dny +1

    10,000 years of village in-breeding at its best.

  • Harshad Pandit
    Harshad Pandit Před 14 dny +37

    Only the most peaceful community people can do such great works.

    • Lily Smid
      Lily Smid Před 13 dny +3

      Not really true.

    • Harshad Pandit
      Harshad Pandit Před 13 dny +3

      @Lily Smid May Ganapati Bappa Bless you and your family .
      ॥ Jai Shree Ganesh ॥

  • Marla
    Marla Před 7 dny +1

    McDonald's will put a drive thru anywhere 😂

  • J Rodrigo
    J Rodrigo Před 14 dny +11

    This is why women live longer.

  • Stan2112
    Stan2112 Před 9 dny +1

    Is this the new Darwin Award training center?

  • Javier Almirón
    Javier Almirón Před 7 dny +1

    Estos parecen empleados municipales en Argentina. Uno trabaja y resto opina y no hace nada😅

  • Dennis Foster
    Dennis Foster Před 14 dny +5

    How can you take anybody seriously when they still wear their Pajamas in the middle of the day.

  • Jim Manson
    Jim Manson Před 6 dny +1

    Just like western job sites. One guy doing the work, and a bunch of supervisors telling him what to do. Lol

  • A Merlin
    A Merlin Před 8 dny +1

    Invite the military to conduct some bazooka practice.

  • Tim Matthews
    Tim Matthews Před 15 dny +44

    First step is to be sure to stand on a pile of rubble you can trip on when you try to get away

  • The American Dream
    The American Dream Před 8 dny +1

    It was at that moment,he knew he screwed up.

  • Chris Johns
    Chris Johns Před 11 dny +1

    These guys need to watch Fred Dibnah to see how it's really done

  • Carolyn Williams
    Carolyn Williams Před 13 dny +6

    Need Fred Dibnah, he knew what he was doing

  • Robert Kustos
    Robert Kustos Před 5 dny +1

    They're demolishing it because the plans were upside down, it was meant to be a well.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Před 7 dny +1

    Fred Dibnah is turning in his grave!

  • Mark waterman
    Mark waterman Před 16 dny +63

    Get Fred Dibnah on the job he would have had that down in no time ..... not these clowns ...

    • Gerald Morgan
      Gerald Morgan Před 14 dny +6

      Fred would've lit a fire

    • Jimmy J
      Jimmy J Před 14 dny +5

      Rip Fred
      Balls of titanium 😅

    • David Elliott
      David Elliott Před 13 dny +4

      Fred used pitch soaked telegraph poles to prob up the broken out wall. Then lit a big fire to burn out the support. It’s said to be how the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down. Though that wasn’t Fred.

    • papa smurf
      papa smurf Před 13 dny +4

      fred dibnah lol🔥🔥💪 they don't make them like him any more

    • Derek Brown
      Derek Brown Před 13 dny +5

      Fred Was a Legend.

  • Pronto
    Pronto Před 7 dny +1

    Proving Darwin's Theory

  • Roger Goodwin
    Roger Goodwin Před 15 dny +29

    How old is that tower? 500 yrs or something? Well built any way.

    • Dave Dieckman
      Dave Dieckman Před 12 dny +1

      400 years old, I was told. Don't know the truth tho. Year 1600 and something

    • joe guerin
      joe guerin Před 12 dny

      They didn't build it

    • Vicky Rowe
      Vicky Rowe Před 12 dny

      Built by men of steel. It's a steeple built by steeplejacks they didn't build it that's for sure they probably have no idea what it is

    • Dave Dieckman
      Dave Dieckman Před 12 dny

      No, those who did built it are now dust!😆

    • Globetrotter
      Globetrotter Před 11 dny

      It is a brick kiln in Pakistan

  • Gail Mcmillan
    Gail Mcmillan Před 8 dny +1

    I hear they built a Dollar Store and McDonald's in its place.

  • Kerry Drake
    Kerry Drake Před 14 dny +4

    None will be able to outrun that, ignorant humans.

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison Před 8 dny +1

    Darwin Award future recipient.

  • stewart gibson
    stewart gibson Před dnem +1

    Fred Dibna will be turning in his grave 🙄

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas Před 13 dny +4


  • Makis Z
    Makis Z Před 11 dny +1

    This is the definition of making something of quality and durability

  • Ray Cooke
    Ray Cooke Před 8 dny +1

    And "they" expect us to believe, that they built the Pyramids 😂

  • ROSS Bryan6
    ROSS Bryan6 Před 16 dny +15


    • Carroll Corder
      Carroll Corder Před 16 dny +3

      The rest of the village doesn't seem to have much brains either they are close enough that some of them would be crushed too should the structure fall