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  • čas přidán 4. 03. 2023
  • This had apparently been abandoned since like 2000 so it's crazy that it's still abandoned, untouched for 23 years. Glad that we got to see it!
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  • @davidsa407
    @davidsa407 Před rokem +1010

    Anomaly and Papa exploring something is peak content

    • @rgvozdikov
      @rgvozdikov Před rokem +55

      Maybe one day they will explore Gym

    • @zig1
      @zig1 Před rokem

      @@rgvozdikov or explore to get some bitches

    • @davidsa407
      @davidsa407 Před rokem +4

      @@rgvozdikov 💀🤣

    • @user-di6qh2cq7r
      @user-di6qh2cq7r Před rokem +8

      maybe they will explore their sexuality next

    • @SwedishRunner
      @SwedishRunner Před rokem +1

      mega agreed

  • @Hola90201
    @Hola90201 Před 11 měsíci +171

    9:26 is the best part of the vid

    • @aname7758
      @aname7758 Před 9 měsíci +13

      Kurt Cobain POV😃

    • @MessDeadeye
      @MessDeadeye Před 8 měsíci +6

      Truly mind blowing

    • @tristanribeiro7903
      @tristanribeiro7903 Před 8 měsíci +3

      Biggest lie of history :
      "No, I don't have a gun"
      -Kurt Cobain, Come as you are

    • @R0CKS3TTA
      @R0CKS3TTA Před 5 měsíci

      @@tristanribeiro7903I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THAT

    • @R0CKS3TTA
      @R0CKS3TTA Před 5 měsíci


  • @iambigl7769
    @iambigl7769 Před rokem +365

    im predicting anomaly farts 6 times in this video

  • @ziomsonplnoway1
    @ziomsonplnoway1 Před rokem +257

    my favorite series but its so rare when he goes outside

  • @andygeo06
    @andygeo06 Před rokem +722

    I'm still wondering how did you two manage to do the part in 13:00 where Papa's face looks scary AF in the hole on the wall then after a few seconds turning around and showing him behind. Looks real cool damn easter egg. 🤣

    • @ashIay
      @ashIay Před rokem +49

      Papanomaly probably just ran to the right and back around

    • @WolfLess___
      @WolfLess___ Před rokem +93


    • @velvetCoker
      @velvetCoker Před rokem +48

      anomaly has two dads, thats why u never see his mom

    • @tgnm9615
      @tgnm9615 Před rokem +11

      Wtf, thats creepy af lol

    • @michaelwesten4624
      @michaelwesten4624 Před rokem +1

      fam no cap cringe lmao dab dab dab 100

  • @swxrwe
    @swxrwe Před rokem +993

    Love when funny people do stuff that boring people do, 10 times better

    • @rieki3163
      @rieki3163 Před rokem +40

      how is exploring abandones places boring

    • @Steph-pg4rp
      @Steph-pg4rp Před rokem +22

      @@rieki3163 Thats not what they said.

    • @toxloh
      @toxloh Před rokem +27

      @@rieki3163 the people are boring

    • @KingOfNYC
      @KingOfNYC Před rokem +3


    • @rieki3163
      @rieki3163 Před rokem +8

      @@toxloh how are people who explore abandoned places boring

  • @_sora.
    @_sora. Před rokem +197

    9:32 nahhhhh you didn't 💀💀💀

    • @unknown85472
      @unknown85472 Před 9 měsíci +2

      Who's kurt cobian?

    • @donomiroftroy2043
      @donomiroftroy2043 Před 9 měsíci

      ​@@unknown85472nirvana singer,he shot himself

    • @crapideot
      @crapideot Před 8 měsíci

      @@unknown85472bro is a newgen at life

    • @scarletrevolt
      @scarletrevolt Před 8 měsíci

      ​@@unknown85472Famous singer of grunge band Nirvana who shot himself with a shotgun.

    • @-LetMeSleep-
      @-LetMeSleep- Před 8 měsíci

      ​@@unknown85472He's the singer of Nirvana in the 90's

  • @GerardX
    @GerardX Před rokem +24

    7:19 love that little face just peeking out

  • @Vlone_Echo
    @Vlone_Echo Před 11 měsíci +13

    9:30 that blew my mind

  • @supercloudy2428
    @supercloudy2428 Před rokem +197

    I would love to see Ludde and Papa play horror games now

  • @itzthedakota
    @itzthedakota Před rokem +50

    1:29 Thank you for bringing Haix on this adventure havent seen him in a while :D

  • @VeitCuf
    @VeitCuf Před rokem +117

    Anomaly and papanomaly. Your videos are really helping me. I am having a very rough time inside and outside of school. I was having a terrible day today and then i see your video on my recommended and im greeted with immediate laughter. Thank you so much anomaly and papa, i love your videos, they are so good at pushing bad things away ❤️

    • @papanomalyxd4475
      @papanomalyxd4475 Před rokem +33

      Thanks. I hope things will be better soon. ❤

    • @VeitCuf
      @VeitCuf Před rokem +18

      @@papanomalyxd4475 thank you, papa ❤️

  • @oh_emiko
    @oh_emiko Před rokem +101

    This is what I love, Thank you Ludde & Papa ❤

  • @scrumpe8517
    @scrumpe8517 Před rokem +13

    2:15 "they have McLaren, maybe not anymore" OOF

  • @neoxperson7858
    @neoxperson7858 Před rokem +18

    The big holes were probably emplacements for naval guns. During WW2 it was used for costal defense and destroyed Italian torpedo boats in 1942. It was abandoned in the 1950's

  • @keemo2684
    @keemo2684 Před rokem +63

    This is what I wanted to see, you read my mind. Amazing video, do more of these exploring haunted places! :- )

    • @Grimzor
      @Grimzor Před rokem

      no i won't to more exploring haunted places sorry

    • @keemo2684
      @keemo2684 Před rokem +2

      @@Grimzor what? lol

  • @JuanPyro
    @JuanPyro Před rokem +12

    As a Maltese person, it's good to finally see you embracing Malta and talking about it with great interest. I always followed your videos but now I respect you even more. You earned it. Keep it up! Saħħa ja bniedem awtistiku!

  • @Oggelito_
    @Oggelito_ Před rokem +315

    Anomaly just pulled 2 mcskillet jokes in the span of like 15 seconds in 2:15 and 2:31 what a fucking legend. 🤣
    Still rest in peace to the inocent people who past away and their families

    • @kirillf85
      @kirillf85 Před rokem +12

      was about to say that, he went in hard with those🫡

    • @XanderNiles
      @XanderNiles Před rokem +12

      McSkillet still living rent free in Anomaly's head and ngl, it's pretty fun.

    • @Oggelito_
      @Oggelito_ Před rokem +10

      @@XanderNiles sure is

    • @fantasy_4772
      @fantasy_4772 Před rokem


    • @Zerg00
      @Zerg00 Před rokem

      yeah and rest in peace mcskillet can´t really put the blame on someone having a mental breakdown and not getting help for it

  • @Spacenworld
    @Spacenworld Před rokem +7

    Anomaly & Papanomaly's relationship with each other is so wholesome. It's very heart warming to watch these kind of videoes

  • @JuanPyro
    @JuanPyro Před rokem +7

    I actually remember when this place was at its peak. It was a fun place to be. Rides, shows, food and drinks, people everywhere and lots of colors. I remember the Titanic Room, the Jumanji room, the ship, the stage and there was also a train that went around doing tours.

    • @phynix178
      @phynix178 Před rokem

      What was the name of this place?

  • @Aerox90
    @Aerox90 Před rokem +3

    I love these exploring videos with your dad! 😁👍

  • @flaggboi
    @flaggboi Před rokem +5

    When seeing Papas head at 13:00 I really have to rewatch this video thinking how many more easter eggs ludde hid in it xD

  • @JayTheReaper
    @JayTheReaper Před rokem +2

    The count of monte cristo, like 90% of it was filmed on Malta, so that's cool to find. Unfortunate to see it run down and abandoned with a cool history. This was a cool upload, thank you for exploring!

    @GROTTM4NNISKA Před rokem +5

    "We are not trespassing, we are just LOST" gonna remember that one

  • @EstonianShark
    @EstonianShark Před rokem +9

    Hahaha 3:54 that was so funny how papa fell onto some dirty water

  • @redgrengrumbholdt2671
    @redgrengrumbholdt2671 Před rokem +7

    5:35 This isn't for a gun, it's an attachment used to help carry a heavy flag pole

  • @searinox111
    @searinox111 Před rokem

    I like this new genre from you guys, other than the meetups this is hella nice

  • @Slydime917
    @Slydime917 Před rokem +2

    Best series you have. Do more exploring!

  • @S_1.q
    @S_1.q Před rokem +6

    5:23 that is a Shovel Holder. By the colour and the look it seems like an M1923 Shovel Holder that was used in the Second World War. I think it might be worth a couple of hundreds of bucks as it looks in really good condition aka Factory New ;). Hope I helped you with this info. :D

  • @bosseglarke8793
    @bosseglarke8793 Před rokem +4

    I want more of these Explore videos, keep doing what you doing love u!

  • @Dizziewya
    @Dizziewya Před rokem +9

    Your videos helped me get through a lot keep it going with the amazing content
    Hannah ❤

  • @AVGFurri
    @AVGFurri Před 11 měsíci +2

    "Wait you can move it!"
    "Look, yeah you can move it!"
    "Kurt Cobain POV:"

  • @gologolorgre8583
    @gologolorgre8583 Před rokem +32

    i always think its nice how anomaly manages to make Molta seem fun

  • @jjpros6286
    @jjpros6286 Před rokem +39

    I dont know what is it about you Anomaly, but for some time i'm usually quite stressed and i just LOVE to watch your videos to get better :3 i'm genuinely happy to see you post.

  • @gigiloshalikashviliakaspic2741

    bro i love this series. hope more videos like this

  • @SlaskenTacos
    @SlaskenTacos Před rokem +4

    Would be really fun to see you guys actually ghost hunting. Like with ghost radio and EMF and stuff. 10/10 for sure, you Will be the best duo and combind with your humor 😅😂

  • @Uglylolz
    @Uglylolz Před rokem +22

    I think papa would love to go to a abandoned haunted AA office

  • @dracon1c284
    @dracon1c284 Před rokem +2

    This is becomming a ghost hunting channel and i love it!

  • @zaini859
    @zaini859 Před rokem +1

    I love theese kind of videos when you and papa explores

  • @KarolisC-ds8fy
    @KarolisC-ds8fy Před rokem +18

    I wonder what's more haunted Anomaly apartment or this haunted park

  • @HungryKeyboard
    @HungryKeyboard Před rokem +16

    The McLaren joke at 2:11 💀💀💀

    • @leksasdf
      @leksasdf Před 2 měsíci

      And the namedrop like a minute later, foul 😂

  • @lengthywronganswers1918
    @lengthywronganswers1918 Před rokem +4

    I like how he's more interested in the Monster Cans than anything else.

  • @xAceey
    @xAceey Před rokem +3

    please do more exploring. i love these types of videos :D

  • @ducklord4794
    @ducklord4794 Před rokem +3

    i hope anomaly continues making exploration videos, its the only way we can make anomaly do a workout series

  • @dudeyeetofficial3270
    @dudeyeetofficial3270 Před rokem +8

    3:50 i literally shat myself

  • @CammyWammie
    @CammyWammie Před rokem +2

    "they have mclaren, maybe not anymore but they did" 💀

  • @mobiusZero2
    @mobiusZero2 Před rokem +1

    Ghost be like- I ain't spook those bozos, their too happy😂

  • @michalpitner3657
    @michalpitner3657 Před rokem +6

    The only place scarier to Anomaly than an abandoned amusement park is a gym

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +3

    That place wasn't as scary as the hospital but yeah, urban explorations, specially the spooky ones are very fun and entertaining to watch.

  • @turcsikattila7380
    @turcsikattila7380 Před rokem

    I love these kind of videos!
    Keep it up! 👍

  • @sunnythief3736
    @sunnythief3736 Před rokem

    "He's driving on the wrong side is it McSkillet" LOL

  • @Mirkubemmer
    @Mirkubemmer Před rokem +4

    Papa and Ludde make the best content for youtube lol

  • @haimo14228
    @haimo14228 Před rokem +3

    10:03 I thought that stuff only happened in movies. I guess I was wrong.

  • @ndlang516
    @ndlang516 Před rokem +1

    "Hello papa"
    Two lines that should never change

  • @fuulx9510
    @fuulx9510 Před 8 měsíci

    The smooth tracking on the cat just shows how much cs ludde has played

  • @Johna41223
    @Johna41223 Před rokem +6

    3:38 why the fuck is that his ringtone

  • @LifeOfHeights
    @LifeOfHeights Před rokem +11

    If you do this again make sure to take proper breathing apparatus, very likely built using asbestos, on top of the fact there will be mould particles filling the air everywhere you walk and with each step put's more into the air... stay safe

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem

    Irl content by anomaly and papa is one of the best and most special because of the banter

  • @viktorsegeflo93
    @viktorsegeflo93 Před rokem

    Thanks for helping my tuff days ❤

  • @ceeeya
    @ceeeya Před rokem +3

    please more urban exploring

  • @kinkyducky2730
    @kinkyducky2730 Před rokem +4

    6:07 funniest shit I’ve heard papa say

  • @flummet8353
    @flummet8353 Před rokem

    that thing you guys found is a fleshligt for horses😂
    Best video you have ever done!!

  • @blinslayer
    @blinslayer Před 11 měsíci +1

    That Kurt Cobain joke was fuckin outta line ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • @leifgw6950
    @leifgw6950 Před rokem +5

    I love these abandoned exploring videos! Please do more!🥵

  • @K1N3T1K
    @K1N3T1K Před rokem +10

    That jumpscare at 3:55 scared the living shit out of me

  • @therustbobbuilder4427
    @therustbobbuilder4427 Před rokem +1


  • @3RaZoN_CS
    @3RaZoN_CS Před rokem

    bro the mcskillet jokes ICANT

  • @benyud2303
    @benyud2303 Před rokem +3

    2:30 in and already 2 mcskillet jokes lol wtf

  • @wernerwerner8055
    @wernerwerner8055 Před rokem +3

    5:40 : ist is a granade holder

  • @ekzesh
    @ekzesh Před rokem +1

    Already watched the whole video and I can say that it's a banger🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯😎😎😎

  • @adrianbanovic6581
    @adrianbanovic6581 Před rokem +1

    I hope you continue making these types of videos in the future

  • @Quran4Knowledge
    @Quran4Knowledge Před rokem +4

    9:15 lol

  • @muskotnoet2910
    @muskotnoet2910 Před rokem +6

    COD Zombie 11:17

  • @JohnySv
    @JohnySv Před rokem

    The McSkillet jokes are on point.

  • @captghostly4148
    @captghostly4148 Před rokem +2

    seems like papa enjoyed his day out 😀

  • @user-xg5uq9rp8t
    @user-xg5uq9rp8t Před rokem +3

    can you explore not abandoned gym?

  • @naksu444
    @naksu444 Před rokem +2

    6:12 LMFAO

    • @naksu444
      @naksu444 Před rokem

      @HitmeupAnamolyPapanomaly yayy

  • @themaskedman3455
    @themaskedman3455 Před rokem +1

    that freddie jumpscare got me ya knob head lol

  • @randomshitpost8477
    @randomshitpost8477 Před rokem +2

    "They have Mclaren, maybe not anymore but they did"

  • @sans_theskellington
    @sans_theskellington Před rokem +1

    u two are the best family duo ever lol

  • @nigel9907
    @nigel9907 Před rokem

    Papa rocking that Paul Teutel SR moustache

  • @rj5989
    @rj5989 Před rokem +2

    The mcskillet jokes killed me

  • @cristi2039-
    @cristi2039- Před rokem +1

    3:55, I can't believe I actually got scared at that

  • @lekooke4698
    @lekooke4698 Před rokem +1

    2 mcskillet jokes in 30 seconds, bringing the usual

  • @carlje8636
    @carlje8636 Před rokem +1

    the mcskillet jokes💀💀💀💀

  • @TheEpicplayer01
    @TheEpicplayer01 Před rokem

    The McSkillet joke killed me

  • @FFFluffyTale
    @FFFluffyTale Před rokem +1

    "He's driving on the wrong side Pappa. Is it McSkillet?"

  • @Yua_fr
    @Yua_fr Před rokem +1

    Mc skillet mc laren joke hits hard💀💀

  • @LGN_Binx
    @LGN_Binx Před rokem

    Great video as always guys😀

  • @OreoYes
    @OreoYes Před rokem

    Finally a new abandoned place exploring vid 💪💪👍👍🔥

  • @fubinaca
    @fubinaca Před rokem

    Anomaly: *farts*
    Also Anomaly: This place is haunted

  • @character726
    @character726 Před rokem

    6:07 love how he says "you can stand here" and he almost falls a second later

  • @scuti8643
    @scuti8643 Před rokem

    did not expect 2 mcskillet jokes withing like 30 seconds, was not dissapointed

  • @mariapartenopea
    @mariapartenopea Před rokem +1

    just love how at 7:25 there's a minecraft cave sound

  • @Wishing_De8d
    @Wishing_De8d Před 11 měsíci

    jesus christ the freddy fazbear jumpscared got me XD

  • @profi12
    @profi12 Před rokem +1

    Now this is the content i love

  • @evamarusakova9838
    @evamarusakova9838 Před rokem

    the mclearen joke DEADASS💀

  • @tequilafrost
    @tequilafrost Před rokem

    More videos like this please! Very cool

  • @Dartz_Dartz
    @Dartz_Dartz Před rokem

    These types of videos are sooo good

  • @ThatOneFrogGamePlay
    @ThatOneFrogGamePlay Před rokem +1

    Built in an old AA battery building pretty cool