The best slow-mo moments in sports history 🔥

  • čas přidán 10. 06. 2022
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  • Romanstein

    Last dude went in the air and said imma just stay here for a while

  • Mihsah
    Mihsah  +237

    "OH MY GOD" famous last words

  • Bruno Borges

    “In sports history” we need CZcams fact checkers bro 😭💀

  • NotANovice

    The first dude literally went John cena mode

  • Amal Jose
    Amal Jose  +56

    The volleyball girl who anticipated the shot and moved accordingly is my hero.

  • Rochelle Siemion

    That jump was WOW! Also awesome save at volleyball impressive!

  • Fuad Nebir

    You know, there is a special place of respect within every man's heart for the first one.

  • Speedy Shorts

    The first one, you know he is sleeping on the couch for a week. 😂🤣

  • Cris M.P.

    That girl hitting the ball twice in the second clip is inspiring ✨️

  • Ajtheheadass

    The last one had me saying another one oh another one🤨 wait wtf another one ☝️ holy shit fourrr🥶🥶

  • Z34RK
    Z34RK  +2

    Guy be like, "trust me girl, trust me"

  • Jayden Alexander

    For anyone wondering the second song is Called: Everyday by A$AP rocky

  • Reece Fisher

    the first one lmaooo

  • Lucinda Williams PrayerWarrior🙏🏾

    Girls playing their hearts out! But that last one was sooooo dope! 🤩🤩🤩

  • AnneG
    AnneG  +1

    That last young man that floated for the longest time has me gasping for air after I stopped breathing. I'm going back to playing sudocu.😵🤯

  • Retake 2k
    Retake 2k  +505

    The first one when randy Orton reverses a top turnbuckle finisher

  • Yuii Todoro

    The volleyball save is very fascinating 🤩

  • Zach
    Zach  Před 14 dny

    Everyday needs to be used in more of these. It goes so well

  • mQ
    mQ  +191

    "in sports history" lmao this might be the clickbaitiest title in clickbait history

  • Rutvik Rana

    "Haikyu" in real life 👌👌👌