Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!

  • čas přidán 10. 10. 2017
  • I challenged myself to unlock and solve the world's hardest lock puzzle using only my magicians ingenuity and intuition. DO NO WATCH if you don't want to know the SECRET!
    Credits to Dan Feldman for making this wonderful puzzle!
    To get yours, please write to Michal here:
    Check out another Puzzle video here!:
    This particular lock is difficult to solve because it not only requires you to unlock it but to put it back together the way it came... which proved much hard than the first part. Enjoy watching me get frustrated and go a little insane..
    Check out some more puzzles here:
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  Před 5 lety +3663

    Any cool puzzles you guys know about?!

    • CCR USA
      CCR USA Před 3 měsíci +1

      The greatest puzzle of all time that no one can solve is why my dad left 27 years ago. If you can solve that one I'll give you my new car.

    • Elizabeth And Evan
      Elizabeth And Evan Před rokem

      and life what dose life mean? Whats life? What do we unlock life? tell me whats life -

    • Elizabeth And Evan
      Elizabeth And Evan Před rokem

      rubix cube is hard for me 😭😭😭😭✋

    • Figzip
      Figzip Před rokem


    • Mary Sherrill
      Mary Sherrill Před 2 lety

      Mr Puzzle sent the LockPickingLawer Titan's treasure which is similar to this one it has a broken key also but it is solved differently.

  • Bret Pendlebury
    Bret Pendlebury Před 5 lety +2203

    My father is a locksmith. I think I know what I'm getting him for Christmas

    • mavroJET
      mavroJET Před rokem

      We need the vid

    • Merlin
      Merlin Před 3 lety

      Totally awesome! I love locks. Is that brass too? I'm late to the party and the link is a dead end. I'll check those dudes site you mentioned. Amateur locksporter. 🔐🔓

    • CallingWar290
      CallingWar290 Před 3 lety

      Boaz Feldman For free?

    • samconroy
      samconroy Před 4 lety +1

      Raptor Games Oh wow... Might pass haha. I appreciate it's homemade, but that's a little steep.

    • Raptor Gamez
      Raptor Gamez Před 4 lety +1

      samconroy $189

  • Nick Byrd
    Nick Byrd Před 2 lety +144

    The day Chris, The Puzzle Master, was born. You've come so far, my man.

  • Leah barbarian
    Leah barbarian Před 3 lety +7

    What I enjoy most from your videos is hearing your thought process, it’s super fascinating! Keep up the good work!

  • Ericsurf6
    Ericsurf6 Před 4 lety +10

    Love this!

  • Vapor
    Vapor Před 4 lety +1018

    And I’m over here still trying to solve the 2x2 Rubik’s cube
    Edit: Thanks for all the likes and I finally learned how to solve it now I’m working on 3x3

    • Lonreg
      Lonreg Před 10 měsíci

      I cant either😭😭

    • bruh
      bruh Před rokem

      the 1 by 1 rubiks cube is harder

    • Viewo
      Viewo Před 2 lety

      Lmao sorry but I learned how to solve the 3x3 from one 30 minute video it’s very easy just watch the videos

    • bobateaisnice
      bobateaisnice Před 2 lety

      Well done mate can’t wait to know if you finish the 3x3 Rubik’s cube!

    • BoryenkaBoris
      BoryenkaBoris Před 2 lety

      Vapor I can’t even solve a 1x1 ;-;

  • Raskoldubz
    Raskoldubz Před 3 lety +9

    Your content has straight up got me puzzle hooked. Im gonna start my own collection :) keep up the great work man

  • Scary Meadow
    Scary Meadow Před 3 lety +1

    It's fun to go back and see how far he's come and how much he's learned.

  • Gaz Vassiliou
    Gaz Vassiliou Před 2 lety

    Watching you lose your mind solving this is hilarious 🤣 love your puzzle videos Chris! 👊

  • SoManyNamesIllTryThis01

    Man, I love watching your videos. It's oddly satisfying to watch you complete puzzles that I couldn't figure out. It's like I complete them with you, haha.

  • PigCake
    PigCake Před 5 lety +3852

    That was legit an amazing puzzle.

    • STAR ee Knight
      STAR ee Knight Před 4 lety

      PigCake oh hey pigcake. How are You?

    • Frequency decline
      Frequency decline Před 4 lety +1

      Other than hiding the probe piece, that was pretty much just how some locks work. ....yeah not so amazed.

    • RealmEnt
      RealmEnt Před 5 lety +1

      +Ian Andres also whoever is the 1001th like should rethink their life

    • Ian Andres
      Ian Andres Před 5 lety

      I wanted to be the 1,000th like of your comment but got 999.

    • trungg kiên
      trungg kiên Před 5 lety +1

      Omg i wantttttt it so badddd

  • 2listening1
    2listening1 Před 4 lety +1

    You're great, Chris! I'm so glad you're having a good time with these. I don't have the brains or patience but I love to watch you get psyched and have fun with it. I wish I could find you a cool puzzle you haven't seen before. Have fun and best wishes! :)

  • M R
    M R Před 3 lety

    Well done! Love seeing the genuine process to figure these out

  • M L
    M L Před 3 lety +1

    What a dope puzzle dude, awesome craftsmanship as well. Of course your solving abilities were impressive on this one as well. Cheers man

  • Sarah Hutchins
    Sarah Hutchins Před 4 lety

    Love the puzzles! Love that you talk through what moves you’re doing and show us how you did it. So good!! Will continue to watch all your vids!! Addictive!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  • Flip Back
    Flip Back Před 4 lety

    This puzzle is brilliant and you are even more brilliant for figuring it out! Great Job!

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris Před 2 lety

    Your channel relaxes me and I always happen to learn something. Thanks for what you do and overall positive energy brother. Much Bless

  • tomasz raheem
    tomasz raheem Před 2 lety

    Appreciate the hard work you put into this!!! Thanks

  • Sahm Samarghandi
    Sahm Samarghandi Před 2 lety

    I discovered Chris's puzzle videos recently. After some time I realized he has magic videos as well! I sorted all the videos from oldest to newest and found this is the very first puzzle video Chris ever did. It's so cool to see this! It's so amazing how everyone has a different version of who you are in their mind. At first Chris was the puzzle guy, then Chris was the Puzzle guy who also does magic. Now I realize Chris was a magician first and this little video is the start to such a huge portion of today's videos!

  • Alan Holmes
    Alan Holmes Před 5 lety +876

    You sir just made me sit through a video about a man fiddling with a padlock and I actually found it fascinating, you must be some kind of magician or summthin

    • Bob Kenter
      Bob Kenter Před 3 lety

      To Alan Holmes: Your name could/should have been . . . Sher-LOCK Holmes - the old Master detective at crime, problem and/or puzzle solving - haha.

    • Bob Kenter
      Bob Kenter Před 3 lety

      How about . . . Sher-LOCK Holmes @Nivesh Proag

    • John Torgan
      John Torgan Před 4 lety

      Shinobi Ninja autism is a brain problem not a profession

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Před 4 lety +1

      When watching BosnianBill it's easy to get sucked into it.

    • Nivesh Proag
      Nivesh Proag Před 4 lety +2

      You probably figured it out faster because you're Holmes....Adam Holmes

  • Brian Thering
    Brian Thering Před 4 lety

    It's a testament to your good editing and your style that I seem to be figuring out secrets maybe a second or two before you appear to on screen. This is fun, good work dude!

  • Klarissa K.
    Klarissa K. Před rokem

    I wonder if he will do more puzzle videos, that would be pretty epic! You should try to make your own puzzle :)

  • synera90
    synera90 Před 3 lety

    I had to see how the puzzle thing began. Man, am I glad you ordered this.
    Your puzzle videos help me to relax A LOT after my tense and long day at work. Thank you for making them :)

  • trashpanda Iamtrashy
    trashpanda Iamtrashy Před 3 lety

    I've never, ever, watched someone lock keys on a lock, and be happy about it. Amazing job, and astonishing patience.

  • E Allen
    E Allen Před 4 lety

    Wow. This was a great lock puzzle. And you did amazing. So fun to watch. Your videos are great.

  • Trukin34
    Trukin34 Před 5 měsíci

    I have watched some of your videos for hours because it’s always enlightening and very entertaining.

  • TheMiniMee
    TheMiniMee Před 4 lety

    That was an amazing puzzle

  • Nina Sharda
    Nina Sharda Před rokem +2

    It's crazy to think that this video kickstarted all his newer videos and his love and theatrics centered around these puzzles

  • Agamenticus
    Agamenticus Před 5 lety +2783

    Fastest way to beat it.
    Buy Two.

    • andyparal
      andyparal Před rokem

      "It should be pretty basic" and the frustration went up ten notches. 😂

    • Mozack
      Mozack Před 2 lety


    • Kyle Pirko
      Kyle Pirko Před 2 lety

      What would buying two accomplish? They aren't going to be keyed the same. Genius

    • Bullying Connor
      Bullying Connor Před 3 lety +1

      Or buy a hammer.

    • Yuuji Stingray
      Yuuji Stingray Před 4 lety

      Or bust it with two wrenches. Saddly it turns unusable after that

  • Jarrah Lim
    Jarrah Lim Před 4 lety

    The attention to detail and dedication is amazing

  • Debbie Ibrahim
    Debbie Ibrahim Před 3 lety

    Luv these vids..i love to watch them being solved...awesome😀

  • Lucid- 3lim
    Lucid- 3lim Před 3 lety

    I love your content keep on making great videos 👌🏼👍🏼

  • Alessa Mason
    Alessa Mason Před 3 lety

    I just solved the third of the five puzzles in the "great minds - set of five" whilst rewatching this video of yours. You got me in a rather strenuous, expensive hobby, sir. And I'll hold you to it.

  • Tijl Kerckhove
    Tijl Kerckhove Před 5 lety +35

    This was surprisingly entertaining.

  • Josh Karian
    Josh Karian Před 3 lety

    I love everything about this video. The intro, the choice of music, the puzzle and solution...only thing is I would love to buy one myself now. Anyone know how I can get one?
    Edit: Nevermind he added that too.

  • Mr. Dawson
    Mr. Dawson Před 4 lety

    You edit these videos well. Its very entertaining to solve these puzzles with u.

  • Koglio Knows
    Koglio Knows Před 4 lety

    Good catch on noticing the key difference, how simple would it have been to do, if figured out front the start. Doubt i would have caught it either. Nice video!

  • Daniel Holland
    Daniel Holland Před 3 lety +414

    This puzzle is impossible!
    Chris: *hold my beer*

    • ET
      ET Před 2 lety

      Chris Hemsworth: Drinks the beer

    • glenna caudle
      glenna caudle Před 2 lety

      @S Dew I missed something, wasn't Excalibur the name of the sword a young King Arthur pulled free from a stone. I am older and understand that the meaning of words change with each generation, please bring me up to date. Thanks

    • rakuyo
      rakuyo Před 3 lety


    • S Dew
      S Dew Před 3 lety +1

      @Kurumi LoverDaniel Holland is what we call in Holland een slijmbal...

    • Kurumi Lover
      Kurumi Lover Před 3 lety +1

      the excalibur he didnt solved

  • maleah orton
    maleah orton Před 3 lety

    Damn that's a great one. They maker is amazing to think that deep and so are you for being able to figure it out!

  • Skyshield
    Skyshield Před 4 lety

    I love the use of the riddeler as your friend talking about the lock was spot on

  • B. A. Lineman
    B. A. Lineman Před 2 lety

    Getting the 2 key pieces back on the split ring might be the most difficult part🤣

  • Daniel May
    Daniel May Před 2 lety +1

    I bought a Dan Lock from the man several years ago. It's one of my favourite metal puzzles proudly on display with my small collection.

  • Mauro
    Mauro Před 5 lety +25

    This was actually a very interesting and fun video! I think most magicians are puzzle guys, and with my birthday coming up it'd be nice to see some puzzles that I might buy for myself!

  • Daniel Del Angel
    Daniel Del Angel Před 4 lety

    Cool puzzle! Nice! I was yelling at my phone when u were stuck on the last step! Haha 😆
    Had a feeling u had to leave it on a certain key turn, I seen you use that technique on one of your other vids! Think it was the lotus puzzle

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro Před měsícem +1

    Solved in 48 minutes...Dude you definetly are really... Good at solving puzzels 😅😂😂👌

  • Boi Man
    Boi Man Před 3 lety

    I found this so hard to get back together was easier getting solved but it's a great puzzle.....abit will know what i mean if you have this in you're collection 😂

  • MrGAMECATCanaveral
    MrGAMECATCanaveral Před 4 lety

    Just stumbled onto your puzzle videos. Love them. Subscribed! Love the way your brain works. Lol. Time for a cup of coffee and some binge watching.

  • pureblood ευγενής
    pureblood ευγενής Před 4 lety +462

    this video completely convinced me that this dude is an amazing youtuber. This was my fist video on your channel and it was amazing and funny. Good job m8

    • Go Pats!!! -
      Go Pats!!! - Před 4 lety

      He convinced u he was amazing!? Holy shit I got a dollar bill I want to sell u for $20

    • Sheikh Khaliq
      Sheikh Khaliq Před 4 lety

      This was also my first Chris Ramsay vid😆 I am now sub

    • Let'sHugItOut
      Let'sHugItOut Před 4 lety

      David Davidson yes

    • Squidstone
      Squidstone Před 4 lety

      David Davidson my thoughts too. People are weird with their tastes these days.

    • David Davidson
      David Davidson Před 4 lety +1

      There are like a thousand jump cuts and he talks a lot; like a high school teenager. You into that?

  • itsok2camp
    itsok2camp Před 4 lety

    You’ve grown a 1mil+ channel on solving puzzles, I respect that ✊🏻 +1 sub bro keep on growning

  • snikki
    snikki Před 3 lety

    your channel seriously just makes me so happy. finally youtube actually recommended me good content.

  • Goose Wayne
    Goose Wayne Před 3 lety

    I needed to go back and find this, the 1st of your puzzle solving videos. Thank you for these. #PuzzleSolving4theSoul

  • Klass-A-Kranks
    Klass-A-Kranks Před 4 lety +6

    "Im afraid if i use this bit ill never see it again and ruin the lock forever"
    *pushes it in anyway*
    Fair play in the end tho! Great puzzle!

  • R Peircy
    R Peircy Před 4 lety

    Don't know how you got into my recommendations, but super glad you did because now I've got this while new world to explore and you get a new sub! I don't know anyone who could do these but it's very entertaining to watch. Lots of fun, thanks🎈🎭.

  • darcy werner
    darcy werner Před 4 lety

    You're so awesome Chris I'm from Canada and I can't stop watching your videos bro yeah you have the coolest videos on CZcams thanks so much i really enjoy them and hope you keep loading more cool videos

  • Michael
    Michael Před 3 lety

    That is deceivingly difficult! Love that

  • Ken _
    Ken _ Před 3 lety

    I'm an amateur magician but a professional locksmith. As a locksmith I'm always running into puzzles. Like how to extract broken key, what's the best way to open a lock, etc.

  • Luke Beef
    Luke Beef Před 5 lety +57

    Great puzzle, but I never would've solved it because I'd be too hesitant to shove the little bit in the keyhole

    • Pittard
      Pittard Před 4 lety


    • T Roy
      T Roy Před 4 lety +1

      Luke Beef the inventor knew the first thing ppl would do was stick that key piece in the hole. Genius

  • j sip
    j sip Před 3 lety +147

    these videos give me so much anxiety but i cant stop watching

    • Neat M
      Neat M Před 10 měsíci


  • Felix Stenson
    Felix Stenson Před 4 lety

    I think it helps if you know how lock picking works with this one, as it lets you understand how the pins work for the last section?

  • Daemon Blackfyre
    Daemon Blackfyre Před 4 lety

    it was really fun watching you solve that puzzle

  • glenna caudle
    glenna caudle Před 2 lety

    LOVE THIS!! You are Alot of fun to watch AND listen to (who has time to sit down anymore, eh?). Thank you! Keep'm comin'!

  • Google This
    Google This Před 4 lety +14

    Dude! I’m not sure what algorithm sent your vids into my feed but I’m grateful for it! For once. O_o
    Your enthusiasm is infectious! I like wooden puzzles myself. You’ve broadened my horizons tho! Time to challenge myself!

  • Val
    Val Před 3 lety

    If I did this puzzle I would have thought I broke it 😂

  • Fernando I
    Fernando I Před 3 lety

    so simple yet so awesome!

  • Captain Pantaloons
    Captain Pantaloons Před 4 lety

    I love how all of these puzzles you do are either "impossible" or "the hardest puzzle ever"...

  • Andrew Hornsby
    Andrew Hornsby Před 4 lety

    This is very cool great job. I'm also concerned that know I won't buy the genius puzzles because now I know how to do them. Can you find away to convenience the audience that you solve the puzzles without showing everything? 🤔

  • Graff52
    Graff52 Před 5 lety +347

    You had me hoocked on these puzzles when you told us about the website to look at the cards. Thank you man! The puzzles are AWSOME, finally something close tobas cool as magic! And great job with lovk man. Seriously. I feel like that would have took me a loooooong time lol u smart

    • J Ralph
      J Ralph Před 4 lety


    • syuigi
      syuigi Před 4 lety

      Hooked* awesome* lock* also, tf is tobas

    • finbob5
      finbob5 Před 4 lety +1

      Don't only correct one word if there are many errors.

    • Erling Nesbakken
      Erling Nesbakken Před 4 lety


    • Peter Baker
      Peter Baker Před 4 lety


  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev Před 4 lety

    I think a professional locksmith, lockpicker and puzzle solver could easily solve this

  • Certified_geek
    Certified_geek Před 9 měsíci +1

    I wish I had all these puzzles 😭

  • Sudeep Jadhav
    Sudeep Jadhav Před 4 lety

    That was awesome, Great man nicely done

  • Javier Martínez
    Javier Martínez Před 4 lety

    Its so satisfying to see them solved

  • Schokofussel
    Schokofussel Před 4 lety +8

    Yk, when I was little I wanted to become a wizard. I wanted to do magic, but not just faux magic with tricks. I wanted the real stuff xD
    Nowadays I admire your art and wish I hadn't turned away from this dream, since it's a real job as well.
    You are really impressive. I assume it requires a lot of skill and knowledge to figure out these puzzles and I am sincerely happy to have found your channel.
    As Barnum once said "the noblest art is that of making others happy".Work your magic, my friend.

  • Jo Maus
    Jo Maus Před 3 lety

    I'm a Locksmith and allow me to say how simple this puzzle was since the very start. I like your videos though, mr. Ramsay.

  • Krishna Gurung
    Krishna Gurung Před 3 lety

    You should live stream yourself solving a new puzzle and make it a series

  • Stephon De'hater
    Stephon De'hater Před 4 lety

    That was a masterful puzzle!

  • Dero
    Dero Před 4 lety

    this was very cool. i would like to have one myself

  • Just Another Day
    Just Another Day Před 4 lety +7

    Just awesome, Chris! I wouldn’t have the patience you engender to solve these impossible puzzles.

  • Hayabusa
    Hayabusa Před 4 lety

    I've never done a puzzle like this before but I could see answers to each step instantly. Didn't seem hard at all to me. People should play video games more.

  • zeening
    zeening Před 3 lety

    that thing is fuckin sick man, crazy how someone somehow changed a lock/machined an original lock thats got all those extra parts in a solid brick of brass, the maker was clearly talented. love your puzzle videos by the way. best thing to take a dab and chill out watching you solve puzzles lol

  • CEndicott4Life
    CEndicott4Life Před 4 lety

    Just came across your page. Awesome stuff. Ever come to NY and I will definitely be there! Keep up the puzzles man!

  • Puzzle Paradox
    Puzzle Paradox Před 4 lety

    Hey Chris! I reckon this new trick lock is one you'd likely be interested in. Fresh out of IPP this year.

  • Term Gaming
    Term Gaming Před 4 lety +8

    Amazing puzzle man I love these types of puzzles nice job solving it

  • Shishima Akaao
    Shishima Akaao Před 3 lety

    I admit that Chris can be the master of puzzle solver

  • Justinit4giggles
    Justinit4giggles Před 4 lety way in 7 hells I would've figured that out, especially that end bit

  • Lucian S.
    Lucian S. Před 3 lety

    This is one of the coolest puzzles I've seen

  • Ananda Prasad Bandaru
    Ananda Prasad Bandaru Před 4 lety

    You edited the video well. Hope to see more

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall Před 4 lety

    Was going to say that. Working on a machine that reads a line characters and numbers off a piece of paper travelling at 270 inches per second governed only by the strength of the magnetic field to determine which number is which and not getting them confused sounds awfully like magic. MICR E13B and later OCR kept me in a job as an engineer for a long time back in the day! But the difference is, no solve, no job but there was always backup and where misdirection "look we really do care about your problem" came in, especially when you are the only one on site that actually that has a clue. Sink or swim 👌😀

  • TFR
    TFR Před 4 lety

    dude youre funny as hell. keep up the puzzles.

  • MrMetalManMe
    MrMetalManMe Před 4 lety

    That looked fuckin hard man. I never would've done that. I would have kept going for the big key from the beginning until I threw it at someone😂 great job

  • Richard Ian Laureles
    Richard Ian Laureles Před 4 lety

    That is one of the more entertaining puzzles that I watched here.

  • floppyfingers
    floppyfingers Před 5 lety +3

    i could never think like that lol, hats off to u and all other magicians, kept my attention the whole time and i have a really short attention span :)

  • The Downliner
    The Downliner Před 4 lety

    You missed out the keyring with the broken key back on the lock. Remember the puzzle is solved when all pieces are in their original position. Granted that would be just as easy because the ring could go back on then you could attach the broken key again.

  • Valvrave
    Valvrave Před 4 lety

    It's amazing how people can even come up with these puzzles, I wouldn't be surprised if the average person cannot solve one of these in their entire lifetime

  • Glass Elsarboukh
    Glass Elsarboukh Před 3 lety

    have you thought about live streaming puzzle solves? i'd be super into that. plus sometimes i wanna yell suggestions at you and that would let me participate in a stupid way

  • Naylon
    Naylon Před 3 lety

    The way he struggles is literally me on every exam

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau Před 2 lety +13

    "Is it supposed to be in there that deep?"
    I'll take "Phrases my wife never says" for $200

  • Brayan
    Brayan Před 4 lety +1

    Literally screamed “YAY” so loud after he solved it and it scared my whole family lmfao!!!

  • damien caldwell
    damien caldwell Před 4 lety +675

    the puzzle was technically never finished on camera. the broken key never was returned to its original position.

    • Ricardo Briseno
      Ricardo Briseno Před 2 lety

      yea thats what i was thinking i was like he hasnt put the brocken key back

    • Kenna Peters
      Kenna Peters Před 3 lety +1

      I was waiting for him to say "fuck, I didn't put the ring on!"

    • JusBidniss
      JusBidniss Před 3 lety +2

      The broken key was easily removed and added to the key ring. He was able to take the key ring off the locked lock without unlocking it. So he would be able to easily return it to the locked lock after the last thing he showed.

    • Beep Beep
      Beep Beep Před 3 lety +4

      it literally takes 20 seconds to put a key on a key ring and then on a lock...

    • Calum Keenehan
      Calum Keenehan Před 3 lety +1

      I thought I was the only one to think of that?🎃

  • YaCousionVinny
    YaCousionVinny Před 3 lety +580

    “Is it supposed to be in there that deep?”
    that’s what she said

    • bruh
      bruh Před rokem

      @Just Me 12yo’s dont get it

    • Biscuit Oliver
      Biscuit Oliver Před 2 lety

      HAHAHA green green grass of hope

    • glenna caudle
      glenna caudle Před 2 lety

      The lock is no bigger than 2x2 INCHES. If that's deep, you're my kinda man. Everyone may (and will😂) interpret that differently.

    • Just Me
      Just Me Před 3 lety

      it is a man, not a woman. you write she and not he😪

    • Andrew Corley
      Andrew Corley Před 3 lety +3

      Woah... that’s deep

  • Afi Maknojia
    Afi Maknojia Před 3 lety +1

    I like how most of these videos have impossible In the title but he still somehow manages to make it possible

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      In general this is called clickbait