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  • čas přidán 14. 07. 2024
  • FIRST CASE BATTLE WITH PAPA! Thank you DMARKET for providing the cases: go.dmarket.com/papanomaly
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  • @deeMCS2
    @deeMCS2 Před rokem +1641

    Finally some father and son gambling addiction video, thanks Anomaly & Papanomaly

    • @mikuramsay
      @mikuramsay Před rokem +21

      Sponsored by Dmarket!

    • @BOT_AHHHH
      @BOT_AHHHH Před rokem +1

      @@mikuramsay and autism

    • @hellothere-ig6jg
      @hellothere-ig6jg Před rokem +7

      Sponsored by kidney

    • @Redicat
      @Redicat Před rokem +3

      He so gamba addicted he actually got his dad involved to help him open more cases lmao

    • @redmist6630
      @redmist6630 Před rokem

      how did I never see this

  • @StrikerUSS
    @StrikerUSS Před rokem +129

    4:59 I LOVE that throwback! Brings back memories XD

  • @KS-dm9yb
    @KS-dm9yb Před rokem +539

    I always wanted to become a spy, and now with a forged passport my dreams will become a reality! Thank you, Anomaly!

    • @Baba_babaA
      @Baba_babaA Před rokem +14

      I agree! I was worried at first but after Anomaly showed everything step by step it turned out to be so easy to make it. Thank you Mr. Anonaly for another great fake passport tutorial.

    • @Sashabutter228
      @Sashabutter228 Před rokem +8

      Best fake passport how to’s of all time!
      Keep them going! Thank you, Mr. Anomalie!

  • @stakeoutownage
    @stakeoutownage Před rokem +63

    4:58 LEGENDARY reference for those that know...

    • @Laserdum
      @Laserdum Před rokem +7

      It's an amusement park, relax

    • @droetker2659
      @droetker2659 Před rokem +6

      Instantly went to the comments to check…

    • @sprite8435
      @sprite8435 Před rokem


    • @chris9242
      @chris9242 Před rokem

      I’m sure a very large majority of people know by now

    • @Martin-gy2oh
      @Martin-gy2oh Před rokem +2


  • @konstantinosflevotomos9907
    @konstantinosflevotomos9907 Před rokem +575

    Anomaly is definitely 50% of csgos profit

  • @decqo2949
    @decqo2949 Před rokem +99

    Case battle with papa is something we definitely needed. Thank you Analmolly.

  • @markpetelinc4096
    @markpetelinc4096 Před rokem +14

    5:00, That is a very cool prison, would love to visit.

  • @hu9261
    @hu9261 Před rokem +48

    Anomaly: How-
    Papa: Yes.

  • @romeosarkansky5363
    @romeosarkansky5363 Před rokem +47

    It's good seeing that papa is getting more comfortable at getting back at Anomaly

  • @ardianblakaj
    @ardianblakaj Před rokem +5

    A certain moustache guy would be proud of that

  • @herbertodiliobalsamo9096

    5:00 ah yes the Minecraft prison...

  • @letsroamaround2189
    @letsroamaround2189 Před rokem +57

    Shout out to everyone recognizing the prison that was behind papa

    • @poratyaniv9672
      @poratyaniv9672 Před rokem +10

      The comment I was looking for

    • @jaxonka2005
      @jaxonka2005 Před rokem +1

      @@poratyaniv9672 same lol

    • @WafflesRBLX
      @WafflesRBLX Před rokem +2

      brings back memories

    • @ethhics
      @ethhics Před rokem +8


  • @drxgonoma
    @drxgonoma Před rokem +33

    Ludde made this video with Papa because he knew he'd get to keep anything he gets

  • @vanVoltaire
    @vanVoltaire Před rokem +4

    4:58 OGs know what's that

  • @Skarfar90
    @Skarfar90 Před rokem +1

    We need more of this. This is fun to watch.
    Do a rematch where Papa gets to keep his skins if he wins

  • @MrTefe
    @MrTefe Před rokem +30

    I love these case openings! I love to see your money disappear in front of your eyes!

  • @barkhasl3945
    @barkhasl3945 Před rokem +1

    i really like this kind of vids Thanks Anomaly , do more vids like this

  • @pileodirt3212
    @pileodirt3212 Před rokem +1

    I love when anomaly goes to hug papa and papa flinches xD

  • @ZeWhiteRabbit8
    @ZeWhiteRabbit8 Před rokem +5

    such wholesome papa content 🥰🥰🥰

  • @Veldos_Home
    @Veldos_Home Před rokem

    the best case opening so far älskar er!

  • @Kyild
    @Kyild Před rokem +2

    We love papanomaly case openings

  • @SiggiSmalls030
    @SiggiSmalls030 Před rokem +2

    5:00 Samz man he just puts Auschwitz in the background dark humour game strong 😂

  • @donjuanclifton2473
    @donjuanclifton2473 Před rokem

    Bro i love you guys so much your videos was on my home page on yt and i clicked on it and instantly fell in love you and your dad are two of my favourite person all of your videos i laugh at its funny Keep up the great content man (Haix) he the funniest russian😂

  • @TalpheoduhLemangEnjoyer
    @TalpheoduhLemangEnjoyer Před rokem +3

    Definitely do more of this. I want papa to WIN

  • @rastyczech9902
    @rastyczech9902 Před rokem +1

    4:59 anomaly's auschwitz in minecraft, love that video:DDD

  • @PolskiGamingIsHere
    @PolskiGamingIsHere Před rokem

    Seeing them two both opening cases. Ngl, prettttttty pog

  • @zabonk548
    @zabonk548 Před rokem

    The Prison screenshot is the Auschwitz from one of Anomalys Minecraft Servers AHAHAHHA Nice one !

  • @elboi9360
    @elboi9360 Před rokem +3

    Anomaly uploading always a W

  • @Alex-qv6zf
    @Alex-qv6zf Před rokem +4

    Papanomaly is the best case opener ♥️

  • @ratandspageti
    @ratandspageti Před rokem

    love this idea you and papa battleing

  • @thehelldog4815
    @thehelldog4815 Před rokem +8

    Hey Anomaly. You should do a case opening where the loser pays for the cases. Love your content.

  • @FenixX-ih7lo
    @FenixX-ih7lo Před rokem +1

    i just love this intro
    Anomaly:Hello papa

  • @blackerio23
    @blackerio23 Před rokem

    This is such a cool concept!

  • @WeenieHutMemes
    @WeenieHutMemes Před rokem +1

    Nice video Analnomaly and papanomaly!

  • @gaminglejonet5516
    @gaminglejonet5516 Před rokem

    YES Dmarkes Back baby

  • @harryaxelsson9540
    @harryaxelsson9540 Před rokem

    we need more case battles with papa

  • @andreaserbs9147
    @andreaserbs9147 Před rokem +1

    anomaly: feeding him and his dads undiagnosed gambling addiction.

  • @WarauTR
    @WarauTR Před rokem

    I was there one stream, glad to see this is up

    @GEBSOS Před rokem

    love the Bliss (Windows XP wallpaper) in the back

  • @meikamehukatti5852
    @meikamehukatti5852 Před rokem

    We need more of this

  • @mr.shameless1886
    @mr.shameless1886 Před rokem

    *Father and Son Bonding In Progress*

  • @multipurpose4111
    @multipurpose4111 Před rokem

    The callback to their Minecraft server was hilarious when papa said he was in prison

  • @amirnadjafi1382
    @amirnadjafi1382 Před rokem

    nice edit samz. goodjob

  • @daniellevy7733
    @daniellevy7733 Před rokem

    Papa geniunely has deaged like 7 years now hes stopped drinking every day dam, keep it up papanomaly!

  • @uranium_devourer
    @uranium_devourer Před rokem +1

    Papa looks like he wants to cook some blue crystals

  • @noctarius
    @noctarius Před rokem +1

    ''I must say I don't take these Case battles so seriously and be hurt if I lose but I will fuck you up'' Citat from Papanomaly.

  • @user-vm2uk9bu5r
    @user-vm2uk9bu5r Před rokem

    ГГ ВП братишка) офигенно сыграл)

  • @aggomango
    @aggomango Před rokem

    ja älskar detta så mycket

  • @moneyille
    @moneyille Před rokem +1

    6:29 *papanomaly minecraft cow noises*

  • @TheDeathJesters1337
    @TheDeathJesters1337 Před rokem +3

    Drunk case opening until Papa gets a knife when?

  • @reaper9311
    @reaper9311 Před rokem

    love the green"screen" painting quality at the edge.. :D

  • @mr.peacar5269
    @mr.peacar5269 Před rokem


  • @endlesslytired
    @endlesslytired Před rokem

    3:05 You could open cases on 2 accounts to make opening cases faster and just trade the items to your main account after you're done

  • @iisipiis1
    @iisipiis1 Před rokem


  • @matcoolnoob2425
    @matcoolnoob2425 Před rokem

    Not gonna lie best case battle please another one

  • @irinaharitonova9629
    @irinaharitonova9629 Před rokem

    Наконец-то офигенные кейсы на офигенном сайте) Пасибо тебе большое за твои обзоры)

  • @Laserdum
    @Laserdum Před rokem

    4:58 Nice throwback

  • @aksu__csgo6691
    @aksu__csgo6691 Před rokem

    that minecraft building reference "prison" was hella funny :D

  • @lemonskunk31
    @lemonskunk31 Před rokem

    i swear to god this shit to funny watching with 1.5 playback speed xD

  • @radek9631
    @radek9631 Před rokem

    papa looks great in these new glasses

  • @jarnvag1564
    @jarnvag1564 Před rokem

    Ngl the “I am I’m prison” and then it cuts to their Minecraft “theme park”, that got me good

  • @thefatestgayguy5526
    @thefatestgayguy5526 Před rokem +2

    Half of the shit anomaly does to papanomaly is 600x times more then what I can do to my dad.
    This man has the patience of a angel.

  • @wirhly
    @wirhly Před rokem +2

    now it is time for the fist battle against papa

  • @zin.nesis1
    @zin.nesis1 Před rokem +3

    I don’t think you can call anomaly fully grown, because he gets bigger and bigger by the day

  • @FallsGaming
    @FallsGaming Před rokem +1

    The coolest idea ever would be to have entire dream hack lan open 1 case each computer at the same time. And see if anyone gets something according to the odds.

  • @swedishman6215
    @swedishman6215 Před rokem +6

    Ludde please do more LAN videos in the future

  • @Whitewing_Tv
    @Whitewing_Tv Před rokem


  • @dud_incrediboxoff
    @dud_incrediboxoff Před rokem +6

    Papanomaly looks amazing with those cat ears, meanwhile anomlay still being dumb

    @BOYCHAGY Před rokem

    When anomaly opened the gloves he was so happy and sams destroyed him in a single word

  • @petrpicmaus2540
    @petrpicmaus2540 Před rokem

    The prison joke with Minecraft Auschwitz in the background was hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  • @leonass305
    @leonass305 Před rokem +3

    4:59 well this is "Amusement Park" not a prison.

  • @Prantik7890
    @Prantik7890 Před rokem

    yes anomlolly we want another case openiong with papa

  • @Prcko.
    @Prcko. Před rokem

    cant wait for the lan party or summer meetup

  • @TheItalianoAssassino
    @TheItalianoAssassino Před rokem +1

    - Papa, 2023

  • @figoschneider9946
    @figoschneider9946 Před rokem

    Video idea: Case opening were you open as many cases you can at the same time. Steam Deck or different screens simuntaneously

  • @mileswells4029
    @mileswells4029 Před rokem

    Gotta have a case opening till papanomaly gets a knife

  • @Noizz52
    @Noizz52 Před rokem

    Video idea: "Papa open cases until he gets a knife"

  • @C0D3z0
    @C0D3z0 Před rokem

    Nice easter egg at 4:59

  • @N0PL4Y3RS0NL1NE
    @N0PL4Y3RS0NL1NE Před rokem +1

    watching anomaly content is like a homeless man trying to hunt food

  • @cptmarcus
    @cptmarcus Před rokem +1

    ”Im in prison” samz: polish prison

  • @kremmidis_773
    @kremmidis_773 Před rokem +1

    I'm from Greece and the taxi driver offering σουβλάκι is scary accurate

  • @Chatcraft5848
    @Chatcraft5848 Před rokem

    I love the papa drip 😍😂

  • @hopfinatorischerkuchenkrieger

    4:59: This seems like a nice property with no dark background whatsoever.

  • @mirrar_2800
    @mirrar_2800 Před rokem

    Papanomaly with goatie lookin like Kernel Sanders lmao

  • @leomonrodowicz6818
    @leomonrodowicz6818 Před rokem

    papas language: yes !,yeah,chip

  • @mihaitzus
    @mihaitzus Před rokem

    papa has 2 moods: " yes" and ** a slur**

  • @ButtaNBread
    @ButtaNBread Před rokem +2

    Hey anomaly and papa just know we all love your content so please keep the content coming ❤😊

  • @winterq_o
    @winterq_o Před rokem +2

    Theory is that VALVe hates Papanomaly and they decreased Case Drop odds for him and not for Anomaly, really weird.

  • @cyclone141
    @cyclone141 Před rokem +2

    Now imagine if Anomaly played those mobile gacha games

  • @mariusthyskjelvik4600

    i had max volume on my headset. the claps made me throw my laptop on the floor

  • @Caleb-bf8sh
    @Caleb-bf8sh Před rokem

    4:59 samz editing that "prison" is fucking perfect

  • @Inturnaa
    @Inturnaa Před rokem

    Anomaly!!! random video idea, open cases on a new account and your main account at the same time, see which one is luckier, considering the “Are you luckier on a new account” video, i thought this one would be an addition to that.

  • @niuqe4674
    @niuqe4674 Před rokem

    Papa and you should do a 400 drinks battle (alcoholic edition)

  • @UwU-iy7fn
    @UwU-iy7fn Před rokem

    multiplayer addiction gameplay :)

  • @anjonlee
    @anjonlee Před rokem

    "That how I was born" 😆 LOL

  • @Qutut
    @Qutut Před rokem

    Thank you for this comprehensive instruction video on how to fake an ID

  • @endlesslytired
    @endlesslytired Před rokem

    You should open new cases with Papa and have him rate the skins

  • @DitRes390
    @DitRes390 Před rokem

    When papa screamed, i got startled

  • @cFlipo
    @cFlipo Před rokem

    I love how anomaly always says if there is a gold unbox in the title.

  • @lassenielsen1825
    @lassenielsen1825 Před rokem +1

    bro Papa's Headset BAHAHAHAHA