Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

  • čas přidán 13. 09. 2015
  • Some of the biggest names in football including Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Robin Van Persie and Joe Hart discuss who is the better footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?
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  • VisionEmu
    VisionEmu Před 4 lety +379

    Looool, the arguments on Ronaldo is better
    1.I've played with him.
    2.I've played with him.
    3.He's played in different leauges.

    • Fuad Ahamed
      Fuad Ahamed Před 11 měsíci

      @Aldo Baskovich ya the ronaldo scored many goals against liverpool yesterday.

    • Aldo Baskovich
      Aldo Baskovich Před rokem

      Messi needs to rely on his team while Ronaldo scores two goals a game and doesent even need his team Messi has barely even scored any goals in psg while Ronaldo scores like twice a game

    • TigerClaws M
      TigerClaws M Před rokem

      @Magma Trash huh they haven’t won a single World Cup...the furthest Portugal has made it was the semifinal in 2006

    • Vedant Padhye
      Vedant Padhye Před rokem

      @Machhindra Raut are u indian

    • Vedant Padhye
      Vedant Padhye Před rokem +1

      These replies are filled with morons
      Portugal have never won wc

  • Adam Wellington
    Adam Wellington Před 3 lety +185

    Everyone that picked Ronaldo played for Man united in there career

  • Tomas Ciamaglia
    Tomas Ciamaglia Před 3 lety +73

    Messi from a different planet
    Lionel Messi.

    • Lizzie2Trappy
      Lizzie2Trappy Před 3 lety +9

      No he's from Argentina. Argentina is in south America. South America is in planet earth. He's from the same planet

  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

    It's Ronaldo who depends on a good team, he waits and begs his team mates for goals while Messi creates goals from nothing and has a great vission and great assists.

    • Alan Sahlberg
      Alan Sahlberg Před 3 měsíci

      @John Glen lol took releagtion to europa league

    • John Glen
      John Glen Před 4 měsíci +1

      @synthetic look how Messi is getting exposed and can’t even score in ligue 1 in the best team on paper in the world. Ronaldo scoring day in and out in the worst UTD side ever in the prem.

    • synthetic
      synthetic Před 4 měsíci

      @John Glen wdym

    • John Glen
      John Glen Před 4 měsíci


    • synthetic
      synthetic Před 5 měsíci

      Well, this aged well

    IAR IAR Před 5 lety +68


  • Who Said I Asked For Free Money?

    Imagine it was 2-6 to Barça, like El Classico. 😂😂

  • Aleques Novaes
    Aleques Novaes Před 4 lety +2

    2 monstros, um craque e um gênio!!!

  • björn michels
    björn michels Před 4 lety +2

    They both have been talked about like this since 2007. That's the most incredible thing about it

  • L2U
    L2U Před 4 lety +84

    I play in a football team and our head coach always says that best player is the one who can make teammates shine and that is MESSI

    • Jerin Jose
      Jerin Jose Před 11 měsíci

      Barca is struggling without messi now

    • FarshanOwO
      FarshanOwO Před 2 lety +2

      Juljo Shahini he did but after he left things changed buy look at barca lol ,when Messi has been injured last season at el classicos barca won against real madrid like 3-0 and 5-1.But when it was this season and Messi played in El-Classico tjey lost lol.And u barkans think that messi is the goat after scoring against weak teams lmao

    • Juljo Shahini
      Juljo Shahini Před 2 lety +6

      @Adil ronaldo making rm shine 😂😂 what a joke

    • Aditya Singh
      Aditya Singh Před 3 lety +9

      U really think barca can manage to be the best without messi. Just look at them, Messi gets injured and suddenly they have their worst start to a season in 25 years!!

  • BGcubingchannel
    BGcubingchannel Před 5 lety +1447

    2 of the people that chose ronaldo have played with him. just saying

    • SinABC Tricks
      SinABC Tricks Před rokem

      lol why ronnie chose messi then?
      just saying
      they say waht they feel

    • mad afg
      mad afg Před 3 lety

      wenger is the greatest manager ever I’m a United fan and would pick Messi

    • Michael O
      Michael O Před 4 lety

      ZEPECEPEC I was talking about the people who he mentioned that have played with both Messi and Ronaldo clearly the argentinians and the ones that have been with him at barca have a closer relationship with Messi and are slightly biased

    • Michael O
      Michael O Před 4 lety

      Pro Gamer and all those players have a closer relationship with messi

    • Ivan Soriano
      Ivan Soriano Před 4 lety

      Bama Bad Gamer ronaldo idiot

  • Gowtham007 Gowtham
    Gowtham007 Gowtham Před 4 lety +2

    Messi is great player as well as great individual with great character. 😎

  • Don't mind me
    Don't mind me Před 2 lety +1

    Messi (current form) ,but both best players in the world and of all time👍

  • Prithvi haas
    Prithvi haas Před 3 lety +2

    Owen! It's the Opposite mate,the opposite. The barca squad's changed , messi plays a deeper playmaking role and still competes on the goalscoring charts with Ronaldo. Ronaldo has assists too but plays mostly as a box player right now scoring from balls provided by great midfielders.

    • Bengali Babu BFC fan 💙🤍
      Bengali Babu BFC fan 💙🤍 Před rokem +1

      It's the other way because Messi's game is highly tactical, so he demands more technical and quality players to bring his game to its max level. Ronaldo relies more on speed and aerial ability so he doesn't need good players or technically gifted players to assist him, and he has proved this a lot of time in Portugal and Juventus.

  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh Před 4 lety +2

    Usually we have a legend of any game, but in football they are luckily two, ronaldo and messi both are legends.

  • Faraz Kamil
    Faraz Kamil Před 5 lety +1049

    Pretty sure Ibrahimovic rejected this interview because he already nominated Zlatan

    • huda 1988
      huda 1988 Před 3 lety


    • prefer songs
      prefer songs Před 4 lety +2

      he said messi bro... look at his interview he says.. " for me messi is natural but ronaldo is a trained product"

    • Music and Football Playlist channel
      Music and Football Playlist channel Před 5 lety +42

      David Luiz
      Zlatan already said in an interview that the best player is messi...

    • Nexus Z
      Nexus Z Před 5 lety +1

      DD107 sorry but ibra would have said: "Ronaldo....wait we are talking about a SOB right?"

    • DD107
      DD107 Před 5 lety +3

      ibra would have said: "Ronaldo....wait we are talking about phenomeno right ?"

  • Karen Viclar
    Karen Viclar Před 2 lety +26

    2015: ronaldo is a God at freekicks
    2019: messi is a god at freekicks

    • crucexx10
      crucexx10 Před rokem

      @1337score how many free kick penaldo has in 2021 🤡

    • Pipebomb HS
      Pipebomb HS Před rokem

      @1337score 3 years ago lmao

    • Rajesh
      Rajesh Před 2 lety +11

      @1337score check his free kick vs Liverpool, chip free kick vs espanyol, 2 free kicks vs espanyol, free kick vs psv

    • 1337score
      1337score Před 2 lety +2

      check his free kicks against sprain, swiss and sweeden ;)

  • Kevin Pfeiffer
    Kevin Pfeiffer Před 4 lety +37

    There is just 1 Good Ronaldo, its El fenomeno
    (For These who dont know him just Google!!)

    • jack 27
      jack 27 Před rokem +1

      Yeah that's why he's now regularly known as fat Ronaldo

  • Dragon World
    Dragon World Před 4 lety +1

    Messi is life messi is love..💓💖💗

  • Peter jason
    Peter jason Před 4 lety +4

    I would go for messi too

  • Callthe Copington: 17-3 MMA, 0-3 IRL

    So 3 people choose Ronaldo, 2 of which were former team mates of his...

    • Tino Costa
      Tino Costa Před 5 lety

      and the third one is an ex RM and ManU player....

    • Zakariya ali
      Zakariya ali Před 5 lety

      Alex Mallinson yeah but am pretty sure they all played for Manchester United and Owen also played for madrid

    • Isra
      Isra Před 5 lety

      Alex Mallinson they need to make one this year 😏 it wouldnt be fair for messi

    • obsa beshir
      obsa beshir Před 5 lety


    • Shrimp God
      Shrimp God Před 5 lety

      Alex Mallinson lol yeah

  • _version2.0_
    _version2.0_ Před 4 lety

    There's a valid comment there... Messi relies on a team. Which is why he is my favorite out of them. If football was a one man game, I would've vouched for Ronaldo no questions asked. Messi is a team player and football is a team sport.

  • Gicelia Costa
    Gicelia Costa Před 2 lety +1

    Messi e muito simpático🏃🤩🤩

  • Rodrigo de Paula
    Rodrigo de Paula Před 3 lety

    Do Brasil...Messi!

  • Hafizur Rahman
    Hafizur Rahman Před 4 lety +6

    This is truth. ..from a Real madrid fan

  • K M
    K M Před 4 lety

    Messi is naturally the most talented footballer, ronaldo has made himself on par with him. and slightly above for 2-3 seasons, but messi had 7-8 seasons he was miles ahead of ronaldo

  • Victor Lima
    Victor Lima Před 4 lety

    Messi é um gênio

  • JSM 26
    JSM 26 Před 3 lety

    Ronaldo has done it at England, Spain, international level and now doing good at juventus. Messi has only done it at Barca. The simple answer is ronaldo.

  • Atojit P Dimasa
    Atojit P Dimasa Před 4 lety

    I had never seen the other player playing like Messi. Messi is the best

  • suleyman _
    suleyman _ Před 5 lety +320

    Ronaldo is good but Messi is smart Ronaldo finds open spaces Messi makes open spaces Messi can do the impossible ranaldo do the avreage many times Messi is all around better

    • Sk
      Sk Před 4 lety

      If Messi can do impossible he would have won the world cup and copa America... Lmfao

    • Emilio Diaz
      Emilio Diaz Před 5 lety +1

      stupidest​ comment

    • saif162
      saif162 Před 5 lety +5

      Ronaldo can do the average... That is the stupidest thing I've read in the longest time.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp Před 5 lety +1

      Sulamander TheFrog Messi can disappear too

    • Mintu Haokip
      Mintu Haokip Před 5 lety +2

      that means cr7 is too intelligence compared to mess ci

  • ABID
    ABID Před 4 lety +2

    Messi 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mirismayıl Seyidli
    Mirismayıl Seyidli Před 4 lety +14

    The best MESSİ

  • superfinn29
    superfinn29 Před 4 lety +10

    Messi! Messi! He is the best

  • mustafa qaisy
    mustafa qaisy Před 4 lety

    messi good in Barca but after leaving Barca no good for me Ronaldo can fit in any great team I'll pick Ronaldo

  • Yato
    Yato Před 4 lety

    That's in 2015. It was infact Messi's year!
    But who's better changes from season to season, that's how close they are.
    IMO from when I started watching football I'd favour them each year like this;
    06-08:Ronaldo(he was better than Messi in all 3 years, but he was the best in the world only in 08).
    09-12:Messi(some say not all bd'ors are deserved, but if he lost them to anyone it won't be ronaldo).
    13-14:Ronaldo(same thing, they're a bit controversial, but he was ahead of Messi atleast).
    16-18:Ronaldo.(in 2018, there's a chance he won't win the bd'or, but certainly his chances are much higher than Messi's).
    Ronaldo 8 - 5 Messi.
    Messi is younger though, but Ronaldo does seem like he'll last as much with his incredible fitness levels.
    To decide who's better once and for all will have to wait For a few years, but as of right now, I'd put Ronaldo Infront. Been the better player for more years than Messi, achieved more aswell. From the time when both players became influential in their clubs, Ronaldo has won 5 UCL, Messi has 3. Ronaldo won a major international trophy, Messi didn't. Ronaldo has 5 leagues, Messi has 7. Ronaldo became top goal scorer of UCL 6 times, Messi 5. Ronaldo was the league top goal scorer 4 times, Messi 5. Ronaldo club records: Madrid's and UCL all time top scorer, Messi is Barcelona and la Liga's all time top scorer. Ronaldo NT records, he is Portugal, Europe and the Euros all time top scorer, Messi is Argentina's all time top scorer only.

  • arjun pariyar
    arjun pariyar Před 4 lety

    no one can compared to CR7 because he is the one who learnt in world's smallest club, but what he achieved, that everyone know. but people admired leo Messi however I never imagine without cr7, for he plays like lava and he scoring both legs also by heads...

  • nyaunga osiemo
    nyaunga osiemo Před 3 lety

    I Osiemo will go for Messi;He is a genius & incredible player

  • Blak Diamonz
    Blak Diamonz Před 4 lety +34

    I wish people would stop comparing numbers and use your eyes and see the difference between them. It’s undeniable that Leo is by far the superior all round player. Messi is equivalent to Luka Modric, Toni Kroos & CR7 combined. What he brings to a game,almost every time is what those 3 players bring.

    • Tayo
      Tayo Před 3 lety

      Ronaldo played better in 2018

    • - RollsRUES-
      - RollsRUES- Před 3 lety

      @H Vwhere?

    • H V
      H V Před 3 lety


    • legendgb1
      legendgb1 Před 3 lety

      @Mrking i was actually being sarcastic 😂😂

    • Max havels
      Max havels Před 3 lety +2

      @legendgb1 in diving

  • sam king
    sam king Před 5 lety +413

    The answer to who's better is the opposite of what Michael Own says every time😂

    • Prashant Thapa
      Prashant Thapa Před 5 lety +1

      sam king i

    • MatP111 -
      MatP111 - Před 5 lety +9

      @Toney Wacker saw the highlights, no comparison at all. CR7 no longer in the conversation with Messi. Messi can maintain his level for the next 3 yrs at least.

    • Toney Wacker
      Toney Wacker Před 5 lety +5

      AAnyone watch liive elcclasico hhere toneywacker

    • Gfresh844
      Gfresh844 Před 5 lety +17

      I'm glad he didn't say Messi lol.

    • Vinne_Sikes
      Vinne_Sikes Před 5 lety +1

      Shaan ACM Owen actually said that?

  • Xishan Ahmed
    Xishan Ahmed Před 4 lety +3

    Messi ♥♥

  • MR8
    MR8 Před rokem

    For me Ronaldo because Ronaldo faced many hardships through his career his father loss losing family at 12 , heart problem and many more
    So Ronaldo

  • chuhrros
    chuhrros Před rokem +1

    People who said Ronaldo: try excessively to justify their choice (including the irrelevant factor, "I've played with him")
    People who said Messi: decisively Messi, but try to be consoling that Ronaldo is still a great player in his own right
    Yeah, the tone of those replies shows clearly who the better player actually is.

  • Pri Onty
    Pri Onty Před 4 lety +1

    Messi ❤

  • John Avilw
    John Avilw Před 4 lety

    Si la personas supieran en realidad lo que es el futbol, sabrían quién es el mejor futbolista sin duda alguna, el mejor jugador no es cuál hace más goles, o ganan muchas copas, o ganan premios o por ser e mejor jugador en cada temporada, ni porque los compañeros le dan para que efectúen esos goles simples, sino por su destreza en el campo de juego hizo de todo por jugar así allá ganado o perdido el duelo.

  • M Fortnite god mobile
    M Fortnite god mobile Před 3 lety

    Messi always the best

  • Abidur Rahman
    Abidur Rahman Před 3 lety

    Best player ever Lionel Messi...🇦🇷🐐

  • Miguel perez
    Miguel perez Před 4 lety

    Messi es el mejor jugador del mundo,quien hace pases perfecto,quien entiende mas,qien hace el tikitaka pos Messi

    YAMEN SARRIS Před 5 lety +70

    People who love football will go with CR7
    People who understand football will go with LM10(GOAT)

    • Tm12
      Tm12 Před 5 lety +2

      XxDrPrOxX so true and Messi is so much better of a player

    • Raphi
      Raphi Před 5 lety +2

      XxDrPrOxX good one

  • jonathaN Belfort
    jonathaN Belfort Před 4 lety

    "messi relies to a great team" Ferguson said that too, but how do they know that? right..they don't !

  • Juliana Patiño
    Juliana Patiño Před 4 lety

    cuando une ve el juego de messi y ve lo que hace con el balon, maneja el juego a su antojo y caminando, pero cuando prende el motor nadie lo para. ronaldo solo hace goles y esa es la idea , pero no tiene la vision de messi.

  • DaBrad
    DaBrad Před 4 lety +1

    Messi 💗

  • Sital Bh
    Sital Bh Před 4 lety

    Messi is no 1 in this world love frm heart messi💞💞💞

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle Před 6 lety +15

    I knew my belief that Messi is superior was right when Owen chose Ronaldo.

  • Marco Nataren
    Marco Nataren Před 4 lety

    Cr7 es el mejor jugador del mundo
    Pero messi es el mejor jugador del universo

  • Rroni
    Rroni Před 4 lety

    Im not a messi fan boy
    But messi did goals that legends pele ronaldo from brasil cant do and they said that messi is little better than ronaldo

  • FYZR
    FYZR Před 4 lety +1

    Legendary Messi

  • Antoine griezmann#7
    Antoine griezmann#7 Před 4 lety

    Messi scores when it matters but Ronaldo still has more goals

  • Ari Gabriel
    Ari Gabriel Před 7 lety +379

    messi proved last season his greatness isnt supplied by xavi and iniesta

    • FreddyGamezDK
      FreddyGamezDK Před 5 lety +9


    • Aynalem Tato
      Aynalem Tato Před 5 lety +1

      q8altair12 that's why he is so good, Argentina is an average team with a bad offensive, a strong mid field and an average defense, he took Argentina an average team to the world cup finals against teams that are better then them he was their offense basically!!

    • Niccolò Ivarson
      Niccolò Ivarson Před 6 lety

      Gabriel, exactly... Obviously some games it will differ though, and by that logic, it doesn't mean he never performs..

    • Bob e
      Bob e Před 6 lety +1

      neymar n suarez were @ d forefront of barca's success last season but ofcourse they get overlooked, suarez won barca d champions league, neymar n suarez also won u la liga, luk back at d season b4 last n remember hw messi was fading hw ordinary he looked, remember bayern 7-0, datz d difference btw the two n datz wat owen is tryin to say,messi needs brilliance to b brilliant he has always been associated with brilliant players, cr7 wuld b fantastic with or without dat is y he is better and more proven.

    • Ari Gabriel
      Ari Gabriel Před 6 lety +1

      @lEazy O G with that logic he never performs

  • Nitish
    Nitish Před 4 lety

    In UCL & on the international stage Ronaldo beats Messi. In La liga Copa yeah Messi is better. Plus Ronaldo has more impact in big games even now. Messi is getting outmarked in most of the big games.

  • A L
    A L Před 4 lety

    I have a question
    Is he the best player of the story?

    BUNTAL FISHING Před 4 lety

    Messi best of the best...😎👍😍💪⚽

  • Aseel Al-asadi
    Aseel Al-asadi Před 3 lety +5

    Messi is the best player in history 😻💋🌹❤️

  • yarnesfer Camará
    yarnesfer Camará Před 5 lety +76

    messi é um genio do futebol

  • Matthew
    Matthew Před 4 lety

    Messi, no doubt!!!!!

  • lil _kalabasin
    lil _kalabasin Před 4 lety

    They have reason :) messi is the best

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze Před 4 lety

    2 out of 3 played with ronaldo and that is the reason they chose him

  • itz Musawer
    itz Musawer Před 4 lety

    Messi 😍

  • Aaron
    Aaron Před 5 lety +554

    Notice that the only people that said Ronaldo played for United at one point (personally for me it's Messi)

    • Liliya Uzunova
      Liliya Uzunova Před 5 lety

      Austin_Awesome7 Hey, today isnt 1 april

    • Jay
      Jay Před 5 lety +8

      United fan who prefers Messi?? The end is near!!

    • Kelvin Benitez
      Kelvin Benitez Před 5 lety

      Aaron Doyle except van persie

    • EA Xposed
      EA Xposed Před 5 lety +1

      Aaron Doyle Also Van Persie didn't play at United with Ronaldo, whereas Ferdinand and Hargreaves did. Owen didn't, but he was a former Real Madrid player, that's why.

    • ShaolinDrip
      ShaolinDrip Před 5 lety +1

      Aaron Doyle Nice comeback dude ;)

  • Alexis Rafael Huanca Ramirez

    Habilidad o Fortuna
    Humildad o Arrogancia
    El verdadero mejor en el mundo o el autonlminado mejor en el mundo
    Sacrificio o fortuna
    MESSI o Penaldo
    Sin duda MESSI

  • Gamer Zone
    Gamer Zone Před 4 lety +37

    1:48 wtf?? What type of football does he watch... 😂😂

    • Kanchan Dharia
      Kanchan Dharia Před rokem

      @AryaO10 lol messi carried Argentina this time for copa America...Ronaldo is the one who relies on teammates

    • Pipebomb HS
      Pipebomb HS Před rokem

      @Shabeeb P cr7 nowadays literally waits on the box for his teammates to feed lmao. That has been the case for last 5 years at least but a guy who dribbles past 5-6 players relies on teammates buahhaa

    • Asa Farida
      Asa Farida Před rokem

      Shame u cant accept different opinion.

    • Please help me reach 100k subscribers
      Please help me reach 100k subscribers Před 2 lety +3

      @Magma Trash Portugal was very lucky on 2016 euro Cup

    • AryaO10
      AryaO10 Před 2 lety +2

      S H E N * I think the main reason why Portugal won the final is because France just wasn’t playing good that day, but I disagree completely that Ronaldo relies on a good team lol, that’s just incorrect lol

  • Stixinator1
    Stixinator1 Před 2 lety

    Messi the GOAT

  • Soraia Santos
    Soraia Santos Před 4 lety

    Se você reparar só quem era lenda do futebol elige o messi.
    Então fim de papo.

  • Puck
    Puck Před 7 lety +6

    I would vote for Messi, but I think some people need to relax in the comments. Just because some people voted for Ronaldo doesn't mean their opinions are not also valid and deserving of insults.
    Both are incredible players, and very different. Ronaldo is by far the better athlete, while Messi is the more technically gifted. You'll get 40-50+ Goals a season from either of them, the only choice is what type of goals you want, and what type of team you want to build around them, and that's what divides a lot of people - styles.

  • Elita
    Elita Před 2 lety +1

    Lionel Messi!!!!

  • Darius Marchis
    Darius Marchis Před 4 lety

    Messi ,Messi, Messi incredibile!

  • Young killer Msodoki
    Young killer Msodoki Před 4 lety +16

    Hhhh Benzema goes by messi what about
    Messi too💗💗💗

  • Kalana Amarakoon
    Kalana Amarakoon Před 4 lety +1


  • The Last Melon
    The Last Melon Před 5 lety +7

    Funny how only former Man Utd players would choose Ronaldo over Messi 😂 Both are great players though

  • Ángel vena
    Ángel vena Před 4 lety

    Hasta lo que saben de fútbol , saben que Messi es el mejor

  • Ruben Quiroga
    Ruben Quiroga Před 4 lety

    Messi the best!

  • mostofa evon
    mostofa evon Před 4 lety

    leo messi 😍😍

  • Raptic Bladez
    Raptic Bladez Před 2 lety

    Messi dribbles through everyone and scores and he apparently relies on his team 😂 ronaldo scores tap ins cause he relies on his team to put it on the plate for him

  • Daniel Scarfo
    Daniel Scarfo Před 5 lety +23

    love em both but messi just makes me love football so much more

  • Hanip Mulani
    Hanip Mulani Před 4 lety

    Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️

  • Cout7inho
    Cout7inho Před 4 lety

    Messi the best!!

  • Vishnu Kv
    Vishnu Kv Před 4 lety +4

    Messiii... 😘

  • Ibrahim Javaid
    Ibrahim Javaid Před 10 měsíci +2

    Of course anyone who didn't play with cr7 was against him cr7 played for united and real almost anyone else dislikes those teams

  • Charlie Sexton
    Charlie Sexton Před 5 lety +7

    The whole year of 2017 ronaldo shot almost every shot over the goal. Most of his goals were off crosses and ball hogging and penalty kicks. Messi is The Best

  • Sikario
    Sikario Před 4 lety +1


  • naldo rb
    naldo rb Před 4 lety

    Cristiano o melhor da história

  • Ollie Raderecht
    Ollie Raderecht Před 4 lety

    Owen said Messi relies on a great team?

  • Tito Gómez
    Tito Gómez Před 4 lety

    No los compares solo disfrutalos 👍

  • Rocky Bilei
    Rocky Bilei Před 7 lety +171

    imagine actually thinking Ronaldo is anywhere close to Messi, clueless

    • Nicolás García
      Nicolás García Před 3 lety

      @Soul Searcher it should be 6-5 for Ronaldo but fifa robbed him

    • Nicolás García
      Nicolás García Před 3 lety

      @Soul Searcher 5-5 now

    • Soul Searcher
      Soul Searcher Před 6 lety

      +Rocky Bilei 5-3 in balon d'ors says its pretty close.

    • Savas Hosafci
      Savas Hosafci Před 6 lety

      Come on now.. He is the only one getting close to Messi, still Messi is the better player tho imo

    • ItsameAlex
      ItsameAlex Před 6 lety

      @Rocky Bilei the only reason people say that is to give ugly people hope that they're magical like messi

  • Flash Doidao :'
    Flash Doidao :' Před 4 lety

    Messi The best player

  • فارس الفار
    فارس الفار Před 2 lety

    Messi the best player in the history

  • Solo Dolo Trevino
    Solo Dolo Trevino Před 4 lety

    Ronaldo is my favorite to watch. But Messi is just simply the best.

  • Creștin-Ortodox
    Creștin-Ortodox Před 4 lety

    Messi 😁👏💪😎❤

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Před 6 lety +118

    Guys I'm a Ronaldo fanboy but I'll admit that messi is the best I'm not saying I hate him

  • carlos martin ruiz gomez de la torre

    Messi lo maximo extraterrestre

  • Starbucks Coffee
    Starbucks Coffee Před 2 lety +2

    People who picked messi were always like “from a mangers point of view” instead of actually how good they are

    • Starbucks Coffee
      Starbucks Coffee Před 11 měsíci +2

      @A P gerrard picked messi on on form and admitted ronaldo was better, and one guy said “messi makes being a manger easier”

    • A P
      A P Před rokem +4

      people who chose ronnie played with him

  • Lances de futebol
    Lances de futebol Před 4 lety

    Messi e o melhor