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  • čas přidán 12. 03. 2023
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  • @miskateva1854
    @miskateva1854 Před rokem +2493

    Higher or lower. Anomaly's cholesterol or his will to live?

  • @NikoFromOneShot
    @NikoFromOneShot Před rokem +571

    Finally, papa can afford a shotgun to defend against Fatman trying to set him on fire for 2 seconds long joke in a video

    • @TheXarus
      @TheXarus Před rokem +6

      Made me chuckle, thank you

    • @alfredo5189
      @alfredo5189 Před rokem +1

      @гармония and you're not

    • @alfredo5189
      @alfredo5189 Před rokem

      @гармония what is right?

  • @jesses9540
    @jesses9540 Před rokem +317

    Its amazing how papanomaly carries this channel considering anomalys weight

  • @mr_saiiko
    @mr_saiiko Před rokem +90

    ''The children costs 3,7k''
    Damn that's cheap, are you speaking of experience?

  • @ajaxfn0
    @ajaxfn0 Před rokem +421

    If I would get a dollar for every time Anomaly said "Hello papa" I would be a millionaire.

    • @Whurlpuul
      @Whurlpuul Před rokem +17

      Higher or lower this or how many times Papa says "Yees" or anomaly says "hello papa"

    • @yhjeps4436
      @yhjeps4436 Před rokem +2

      he says hello papa only once a vid

    • @snowfall6767
      @snowfall6767 Před rokem +4

      and for the each "yes"s i would be a billionaire

    • @peijrum
      @peijrum Před rokem

      no you would have exactly 10247 coins of your choice

    • @michaelwesten4624
      @michaelwesten4624 Před rokem

      also you parents would finally love you

  • @dankojima8873
    @dankojima8873 Před rokem +15

    9:03 Imagine buying some purple pixels when you could have supported the lives of 10 children

    • @Onurhaan
      @Onurhaan Před rokem +16

      But will i be able to resell the lives of those 10 children for profit later on?

    • @kiwayakotako5320
      @kiwayakotako5320 Před rokem

      @@Onurhaan well organs on black market can cost quite a lot 💀

    • @qwerty-gt3mb
      @qwerty-gt3mb Před rokem +6

      ​@@Onurhaan organ harvesting

  • @RealBelephIgor
    @RealBelephIgor Před rokem +7

    What ever is other option, ur BMI will for sure be higher one🤣

  • @demetrikasher1237
    @demetrikasher1237 Před rokem +29

    Thank you anomaly and papa for the glorious content through the years. Very nice.

  • @Zone6Entertainment
    @Zone6Entertainment Před rokem +14

    After every video I’m getting more convinced that Papa is being held hostage by Anomaly

  • @colddarkness1798
    @colddarkness1798 Před rokem +7

    "YES!" Papanomaly quote

  • @Pabloadamo
    @Pabloadamo Před rokem +3

    "the children cost $3,744" thanks for the passport tutorial once again lude

  • @penny3221
    @penny3221 Před rokem +1

    when anomaly said the cases would stablize that really hurt

  • @notben6674
    @notben6674 Před rokem +7

    i am considering buying anomaly merch and using the mask to commit multiple felonies to frame anomaly

  • @LFXGaming
    @LFXGaming Před rokem +12

    if you havent already done this in the past, doing a skin tier list would be a good idea imo. get someone who knows nothing about skin prices to have a raw reaction to the look, instead of being influenced by its rarity or price xx

  • @heychat8055
    @heychat8055 Před rokem +10

    I feel like Anomaly has become a living plug

    • @greasydave8606
      @greasydave8606 Před rokem

      Ik man wowzerooney! I cannot believe the size and FATNESS anomaly has accumulated over these past few years (quite insane weight gain very fat man)

  • @zirnis_13
    @zirnis_13 Před rokem +1

    13:55 as soon as I saw the CS:GO side, I actually guessed that the real life item could be a private jet

  • @TheItalianoAssassino
    @TheItalianoAssassino Před rokem +2

    This is like the 50th circumcison joke Ludde has made 😂😂

  • @Gooe566
    @Gooe566 Před rokem

    omg so nice can't even comprehend and little bit realistic solo style

  • @tyronebiggumz69
    @tyronebiggumz69 Před rokem +2

    New anomaly and papanomaly video always make me so happy

  • @playerunknown7534
    @playerunknown7534 Před rokem +3

    We want papa drunk af

  • @theenergeticproblem
    @theenergeticproblem Před rokem

    Been watching the old ones love to see this all of a sudden

  • @ytetwerwr
    @ytetwerwr Před rokem

    when its 3 am and you didnt know how loud your head set is HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO PAPA!!!!!!!!!

  • @erty2389
    @erty2389 Před rokem +1

    Plot twist: it was papas money that anomaly stole

  • @alexnarducci3582
    @alexnarducci3582 Před 7 měsíci

    "No one runs in this family" 😂😂😂

  • @villain7140
    @villain7140 Před rokem

    "isn't the world fucked up"
    sitting on $100k pixel inventory and in front of 30 sneakers $1000 each

  • @emilavetisyan1756
    @emilavetisyan1756 Před rokem +2

    The idea of a gameshow is hilarious

  • @jxsnn
    @jxsnn Před rokem

    Ursus Sapphire, do you like it? "no" this got me poopin and fartin with laughter lmao

  • @jonteberglund7365
    @jonteberglund7365 Před rokem +1

    ''papanomaly is going to guess csgo skins vs real life items''

  • @quandaledingle1955
    @quandaledingle1955 Před rokem

    That yes is iconic

  • @muskotnoet2910
    @muskotnoet2910 Před rokem +1

    Do more of this. Actually entertaining!

  • @freshifresh1
    @freshifresh1 Před rokem +2

    papa should from now on always count in units of "shotguns"

  • @MarcinPvP
    @MarcinPvP Před rokem

    I just rewatched first episode 15 minutes before this video was uploaded lmao

  • @miyujishibakoya1939
    @miyujishibakoya1939 Před rokem

    the greatest roast of all, "It's a cheap ripoff"

  • @kajusjovaisa896
    @kajusjovaisa896 Před rokem

    The end🤣🤣😂. Im dying.

  • @6rnk
    @6rnk Před rokem

    PAPA: -YES?
    AneRmLyXD: - hello papa.

  • @Lilroman124
    @Lilroman124 Před rokem

    Papa gonna be looking like Sadam Husain with all those guns 💀

  • @cowsrbeefy
    @cowsrbeefy Před 4 měsíci

    12:13 with inflation that's $959,816.75 for that guitar, insane

  • @ashleyking8851
    @ashleyking8851 Před rokem

    This does not change the fact that in Antarctica there are 21 million penguins and in Malta there are 502,653 inhabitants. So if the penguins decide to invade Malta, each Maltese will have to fight 42

  • @WalterWhite68743
    @WalterWhite68743 Před 11 dny

    renstigen 9 looks like the mw2 house from the mission "loose ends"

  • @nebs7265
    @nebs7265 Před rokem +2

    I just wanna say I love anomalys shoe game, it goes hard

    @BOTB_RBLX Před rokem +2

    Will papa buy 2 shotguns with the prize money?

  • @bobkin611
    @bobkin611 Před 3 měsíci

    11:22 lmao!! He's using Sportsmans Warehouse to get the price of the shotgun. Yes, I am American. That is where I used to buy my guns from lol

  • @insalinet
    @insalinet Před rokem

    love how the most replayed part of the video is just people skipping the sponsor

  • @drbright9457
    @drbright9457 Před 10 měsíci

    "The children cost 3,744.00" - Anomaly 2023

  • @primalchaos7823
    @primalchaos7823 Před 10 měsíci +1

    Higher or Lower. Anomaly's Cholesterol or Papas Blood Alcohol Level

  • @simplexxz857
    @simplexxz857 Před rokem

    The big g pluging the ts in the vid so casually

  • @florian6488
    @florian6488 Před rokem +2

    The Rock nft was sold for 1 dollar after nft and cypro crash

  • @PhoenixRising200
    @PhoenixRising200 Před rokem

    i think papa is going to buy more beer with that money

  • @TAW4SHI
    @TAW4SHI Před rokem +1

    first time papanomaly gets paid

  • @carlje8636
    @carlje8636 Před rokem

    Some random guy probably sitting here just seeing his house on CZcams LMAO 🤣🤣

  • @72QP
    @72QP Před rokem +1

    Fun fact: Souvenir AWP, Dragon Lore ( FN ) with TITAN HOLO's as a sticker is worth almost 90,000 €

  • @drolferkill898
    @drolferkill898 Před rokem

    Anomaly Videos turning into Valorant Slander im loving it 💀💀

  • @somesandman8328
    @somesandman8328 Před rokem

    We just watched a PowerPoint presentation; epic

  • @ta4363
    @ta4363 Před rokem +1

    why does anomaly say hello papa to us like we are his papa

  • @max_op64072
    @max_op64072 Před rokem

    the text on the thumbnail behind anomaly looks like its saying "hitler' lmao

  • @Cr4Zy8
    @Cr4Zy8 Před rokem +2

    Higher or Lower Papanomaly's liver damage or Anomlay's weight

  • @Heldevik
    @Heldevik Před rokem +1

    Hi vinyl geek here! If you buy a Master of Puppets vinyl from OG year 1986, you might have to pay up to about 134 dollars...so it depens on what release :D now moving on with life

  • @tonipirinen3163
    @tonipirinen3163 Před rokem

    it looks like anomaly has the BIGEST mustache under the mask

  • @sugus9147
    @sugus9147 Před rokem

    Thank you for the shotgun 😂😂

  • @hxerbo1575
    @hxerbo1575 Před rokem

    Video idea: get a starving african child and make him open 500 cases

  • @will_koerner
    @will_koerner Před rokem

    $300, that's a good amount of Yeager and Beer for PAPA

  • @samuvoutilainen7084
    @samuvoutilainen7084 Před rokem

    Babe wake up, Anomaly and Papanomaly just posted

  • @JonSkittlezz
    @JonSkittlezz Před rokem

    I f’ing hate you for that sponsor transition 😂😂😂

  • @wolfenstein4141
    @wolfenstein4141 Před rokem +1

    "YES" papanomaly 2023

  • @malinlarsson4510
    @malinlarsson4510 Před rokem

    my favorite series

  • @Tomasz987987
    @Tomasz987987 Před rokem +1

    4:55 - it's the best AK skin

  • @Nexusryan
    @Nexusryan Před rokem +1

    This would be a good contest for subscribers, they do higher or lower and if they get it right they earn a skin then every time they get it right it upgrades the skin; they lose once, they lose it all. Pure gambling addiction

  • @aldozulfikar54
    @aldozulfikar54 Před rokem

    I feel bad for anyone who genuinely buy that picture of rock 💀

  • @beni1354
    @beni1354 Před rokem +1

    Higher lower? All I know is that I am High right now :-)

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem

    Higher or lower. Anomaly's love for skins or his patience to wait for source 2/cs go updates

  • @ehhhhh9871
    @ehhhhh9871 Před rokem +1

    Doing a Burger King and McDonalds version next would be very fitting for you.

  • @anon_24
    @anon_24 Před rokem

    "Nice gloves tho" XD

  • @clutch4t
    @clutch4t Před rokem

    I was at 8:40 mark in the video and scrolling Twitter on my phone meanwhile, and I suddenly saw a Child Sponsorship ad, what the hell :D

  • @nikolozibasiladze3083

    Sams got an extra penny for that intro

  • @user-vm2hz8wy7q
    @user-vm2hz8wy7q Před rokem

    imagine someone hesitating over: all the butterfly saphires for 13 million dollar or 10 rock NFTs for 13 million dollar

  • @misterpronopolis8618
    @misterpronopolis8618 Před 10 měsíci

    8:29 He really said Ecuador there 💀

  • @kajmartingasbakk6860
    @kajmartingasbakk6860 Před rokem

    I love you anomaly and papanomaly your videos help me during sad times and just life

  • @its_grnbk6849
    @its_grnbk6849 Před rokem

    "help them until there adults" ITS 8 YEARS WTF???!!!

  • @goodbalancegaming8427
    @goodbalancegaming8427 Před rokem +1

    btw it would be sick to see you compare the skins from valorant and from cs that cost the same amount of money

  • @cokemud
    @cokemud Před rokem

    0:15 papa has PTSD

  • @gurreg1524
    @gurreg1524 Před rokem

    50 euro at McDonald? Now i see why Mr Anomaly is 200 kilo.

  • @lenzpg671
    @lenzpg671 Před rokem

    : Grotto
    - priceless

  • @Frostafarian
    @Frostafarian Před rokem

    Anomaly casually spending 50 euros at McDonalds

  • @Mojoemojow
    @Mojoemojow Před rokem

    They should have a game show called who wants to be a gambling addict csgo

  • @nxth_au9614
    @nxth_au9614 Před rokem

    bro the jordans in the back tho

  • @dondakpl6828
    @dondakpl6828 Před rokem

    Bruh giving papa money instead of beers

  • @pu-FP
    @pu-FP Před rokem

    A childs life. Cool pixles.
    Hey drip or drown amirite

  • @milanurevic6142
    @milanurevic6142 Před rokem

    2:39 Hello from Kragujevac Serbia! The hometown of Zastava Arms.

  • @zaydot0197
    @zaydot0197 Před 10 měsíci

    i love your vids never give up the good work my man!!!

    @RIZZROLLE Před rokem +1

    you need to do more videos like this

  • @Tiwaz_
    @Tiwaz_ Před rokem

    Little does Papanomaly know is that Anomaly stole the 50€ bills from his own wallet before the video

  • @liam6345
    @liam6345 Před rokem +1

    Do more exploring stuff like abandoned gay nightclub. This idea suits you well.

  • @_fd
    @_fd Před rokem

    papa finally can buy food

  • @KonnorMcCoy
    @KonnorMcCoy Před rokem +2

    I think you should make it where you show the price of the random/irl item and make them guess if the csgo item is more or less.

    • @lajf28
      @lajf28 Před rokem

      no, because the crazy expensive piece of shit rock nft wouldnt be a suprise

    • @KonnorMcCoy
      @KonnorMcCoy Před rokem

      @@lajf28 Well they could also do it the other way instead, sense they know more about csgo

  • @SweetiePizza
    @SweetiePizza Před rokem

    Anomaly after the video: cAn I gET My MoNEy BaCK

  • @wbxx9908
    @wbxx9908 Před rokem

    called it literally

  • @Vesspix
    @Vesspix Před rokem +1

    Do a video where you guys go and shoot guns, that’d be really fun

  • @jetlags123
    @jetlags123 Před rokem

    Higher Or Lower
    The Amount Of Times Anomaly Had Talked To A Girl
    The Amount Of Times He Has Eaten

  • @taysinturhatapaus1853

    Damn Im gonna buy that shotgun! Thanks for the tip Analmolly 😊

  • @gabortoth3642
    @gabortoth3642 Před rokem

    Noone runs in the family
    They roll