House of the Dragon S1E04 Explained

  • čas přidán 23. 09. 2023
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    This video has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond S1E04. It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.
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    Vhagar by John McCambridge.
    0:00 Storm’s End
    02:14 Blackwoods and Brackens
    03:58 House Mudd
    04:40 Daemon
    11:10 Night out
    14:58 Alicent
    16:13 Afterparty
    19:23 Mysaria
    21:16 Otto
    22:05 Lie
    24:02 Exile again
    25:13 Prophecy
    28:49 Unhanded
    30:07 Plan tea
    30:51 Unwanted consequences
    Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, Jason Rattray, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Tessa Campbell-Kelly, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana, Ord X, Doctor Folter.

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Před rokem +1026

    In fairness to the Brackens, they did originally support the Starks before submitting to Joffrey. They still suck though.
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    • stupidminotaur
      stupidminotaur Před rokem +34

      : There was a Frey and a Mudd in the line of suitors. 2. dragon fire might have affected deamon dick. in the books female targs coundn't have kids after their dragon used fire needed to wait awhile for kids. 3. yea the tea might be very affecting her health later in her life like lysa was a beauty in her childhood. 4. there was a asian guy with daemon men in ep3 that kept going back to his face 3-4 times so he'might still be mel relative but he could be also her spy too... very rare for us to see asians in got universe he'd the third we see

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Před rokem +176

      @stupidminotaur You reckon riding a dragon cooks mens' balls so they become infertile? Amazing theory, love it, confirmed.

    • cheesebreads
      cheesebreads Před rokem +31

      @Alt Shift X this guy can find the true meaning in any text

    • LukasLambs
      LukasLambs Před rokem +8

      Maybe Daemon wanted Rhaenyra spotted so Otto would confront Viserys knowing that he wouldn’t believe him and instead would see it as Otto being ambitious and finally realize what Otto is. Part of this is from love for his brother and part for his hatred for Otto.

    • Thomas Daywalt
      Thomas Daywalt Před rokem +3

      Funny thing is there is a bastard of the bracken says legendary during the black fire rebellions
      Blood Raven

  • silentsnake2398
    silentsnake2398 Před rokem +3860

    Even when I fully understand what happened I still look forward to these videos. I can tell you put a lot of work into these!

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Před rokem +287

      Thanks mate!

    • Scrapper
      Scrapper Před rokem +26

      @Alt Shift X Do a video on wimpy kid

    • Maks Brandt
      Maks Brandt Před rokem +56

      They're like 2nd parts of the episodes to me.

    • Craig Arnold
      Craig Arnold Před rokem +16

      @Alt Shift X Yep absolutely you are the best. The fact that you take nearly a week to do them, in comparison to some other channels shows how much time, effort and thought goes into them.

    • Sometimes Gaming
      Sometimes Gaming Před rokem +5

      Likewise I watch like 3 different breakdowns 😂😂

  • Kauan França
    Kauan França Před rokem +1128

    It's so nostalgic to see Alt shift X having good things to say about something Got related.

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen Před rokem +4

      Well he's been loving the whole show from episode 1 as well as most other people so I'mg glad he's been saying good stuff about GoT related for while now. Which I'm very glad that he has because it's a fantastic show!

    • Skiivin
      Skiivin Před rokem +34

      @Gadget-Walkmen I swear you wrote all these words and somehow didn’t say anything

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen Před rokem +7

      @Skiivin I swear I DID say something but you actually have to understanding what’s plainly said right there which your not doing. Just stop with your nonsense here.

    • Bommy
      Bommy Před rokem +13

      @Gadget-Walkmen no you just said what the original comment said with more words and worse grammar lol, added nothing

  • Chris From SouthAus
    Chris From SouthAus Před rokem +667

    I've got so much respect for you taking your time to put these videos out. The level of research, and attention to detail really shows. So many videos out there, that come out within hours of the episode airing, trying to hit peak relevancy, at the expense of quality. Your videos are the youtube equivalent of a fine aged wine, or cheese.

    • Nick
      Nick Před rokem +25

      Like that fucking hack alt schwift x who has a livestream after each episode

    • David Stanley
      David Stanley Před rokem

      @Nick dude a little bit aggro, no?

    • blk Moor
      blk Moor Před rokem +5

      Haha. Ruined the entire comment with the last word.
      Alt shift cheese.

    • Sunner
      Sunner Před rokem +7

      Who would you support in a civil war between the blue faction Alt Shift X and the green faction Alt Scwift X

  • Wolfeson28
    Wolfeson28 Před rokem +297

    22:06 An interesting point here: Rhaenyra doesn't *technically* lie to Alicent. As you said, Daemon doesn't actually sleep with Rhaenyra - he planned and intended to do it, but at the last moment he couldn't go through with it.
    One can quibble over the exact meaning of "touched" (obviously Daemon did touch her in both the most literal and a romantic sense), but it seems clear from context that when Rhaenyra says "he (Daemon) never touched me", she means it specifically in the sense of "we didn't have sex", which is true. That's also how Alicent interprets those words, though she mistakenly expands them to mean that Rhaenyra didn't have sex with *anyone* - this of course isn't true, but Rhaenrya never actually claimed that.
    Naturally, Rhaenyra isn't telling Alicent the whole truth, but nothing she said to Alicent during their conversation is an out-and-out lie. It's the best sort of deception: never technically saying anything untrue, but still deliberately deceiving through omission and allowing someone to draw false conclusions from those statements. Certainly Alicent will view Rhaenrya's words as a lie if/when she finds out everything that actually happened.

    • Mr. Clymate
      Mr. Clymate Před rokem +14

      Either way I think because Alicent lied first she shouldn’t expect Rhaenyra to be truthful.

    • mohd shahariar
      mohd shahariar Před rokem +31

      @Mr. Clymate it's not about that here, who lied first doesn't matter, what matters is their dissolving trust, that was built throughout their childhood, crumbling like a sand castle.

    • The Blaze
      The Blaze Před 11 měsíci +1

      Half-truths ...

    • absolutely failz
      absolutely failz Před 11 měsíci

      or better yet, don't. erase yo self addict

  • DarkKnightUK
    DarkKnightUK Před rokem +1128

    I’m really enjoying that two people watching the same show can come to two completely different opinions as to who is in the right, who is acting in their self interests etc.
    They’re doing brilliantly with setting up viewer camps of Greens Vs Blacks and it’s almost artful how they’re using the ‘unreliable narrators’ in Fire and Blood.

    • Theophrastus Bombastus
      Theophrastus Bombastus Před rokem +86

      Just like real life.
      Two people can be right without either one being wrong. The world is a grey place and truth often depends on perspective

    • Zen Tai
      Zen Tai Před rokem +84

      @FYL413 joffrey has entered the chat

    • tommo91
      tommo91 Před rokem +11

      team green for the win!

    • pulpficti
      pulpficti Před rokem +9

      It's good writing but fans don't care most of the time. If their theories are proven wrong they get toxic. Just look at Preston Jacobs

    • lorenzo docx
      lorenzo docx Před rokem +6

      @FYL413 it is truly naive to think that, neither are ^protectors

  • Wolf The Red
    Wolf The Red Před rokem +2187

    I felt the disturbance in the force and found this 34 seconds after it went public searching for it. Thank you for your impeccable timing and hard work. 🙏

  • yung seizure
    yung seizure Před rokem +165

    i feel like criston couldn't fully consent to rhaenyra coming onto him. he said in episode three that he owes everything he has to rhaenyra's appointing him to the kingsguard, and she's the princess, so their relative levels of power have a wide gulf between them. as you point out, he would be well aware of the consequences of violating his KG vows. but i think he'd also be aware of the consequences of pissing off the heir to the throne. when he set aside his white cloak he seemed really ambivalent about the whole situation. i don't think he would have done it if rhaenyra hadn't been so pushy. he tried to stop her gently at first but she kept going.
    it didn't come across like two mutually pining love interests finally getting together, it came across like...a member of royalty with a ton of power pressuring a servant to have sex, and the servant can't say yes (because it goes against their vows) but can't say no (because that might enrage the person who elevated them to that position in the first place)
    feels bad man 😕

    • BoonsAPlenty
      BoonsAPlenty Před rokem +40

      yeah I'm of mixed mind about that scene; it's a super clear example of sexual harassment. Criston never explicitly consents and the power dynamic here is insanely one sided. Maybe the intention was just that CC was hesitant but ultimately he was into it despite his vows, but Fabien Frankel has done such a good job with his portrayal that I read his expressions and body language as deliberately evocative of someone pressured into sex by someone he cannot deny

    • Christopher Cox
      Christopher Cox Před rokem +2

      How do you feel after the most recent episode? I felt that way about Criston before it aired and am I shocked and conflicted.

    • Ire Soda
      Ire Soda Před rokem +3

      I feel the same way. Made me uncomfortable

    • Christopher Cox
      Christopher Cox Před rokem +10

      @Ire Soda it’s great because I’m very conflicted. I understand why he snapped, but he still did something horrible. And unfortunately he will likely not receive justice because Alicent needs allies. Which I’m also conflicted about because I love Alicent 😂 everyone has pros and cons. Loving it

    • yung seizure
      yung seizure Před 11 měsíci +9

      @Christopher Cox good question, and i think his actions are quite understandable (not GOOD, mind you, but understandable). SPOILERS FOR EPISODES AFTER E4 AHEAD! i think in E5 and afterward, he feels awful and anxious about what he agreed to, crushed by the guilt he feels over violating his oaths as a member of the KG, and enraged that he was used by rhaenyra, who was not in love with him but pressured him into sex anyway. before the rupture between them, i think criston was devoted to her and would have done anything for her. just besides feeling like she was using him as a whore, he felt his own devotion was used up and cast aside like it meant nothing. but it meant EVERYTHING to criston. i think he took his oaths very seriously and only "consented" (😬) to rhaenyra because he thought they would have something special, something worth throwing away those vows for. and they didn't because, to rhaenyra, it wasn't that special. there was a misunderstanding between them about what the sex meant. they were not clear about it beforehand. if they had been, maybe criston would have quickly left the room.
      when he proposes to her that they run away to essos, he is trying to see if she pressured him into violating his oaths out of love, or out of her own desires. her answer is very clear. i think that's why he is so bitter afterwards and in subsequent episodes. he's holding a grudge in a way that makes sense if you think of him as basically a r*pe victim. it does not excuse his actions in later episodes but it does neatly explain them. the thing with joffrey lonmouth is understandable if you think of it as a collision between "the woman i thought i loved didn't accept me, but she accepted marriage with a gay husband and his boyfriend? wtf?" and "this guy is treating my non-relationship with my attacker like it's a relationship and not a gross abuse of power at best or outright r*pe at worst."

  • Jacob
    Jacob Před rokem +430

    i read it as Rhaenya saying she could learn to like the blackwood boy, not the bracken. You could see her smiling while the Blackwood was speaking and to me came off as her thinking he was cute and admired him for coming forward, after the Bracken comment she said 'I could learn to like that one' while speaking about the Blackwood who she was smiling at previously. She was also looking at the Blackwood the entire time while saying her line.

    • Daniella Tiger
      Daniella Tiger Před rokem +152

      Yeah! I thought the exact same thing. And she checked to make sure he was the one that didn't die after she heard someone get stabbed. One glance confirmed that he was fine, then she continued leaving. I think if the Bracken guy killed the Blackwood, she would have gotten mad or had some other reaction.

    • Piru Alado
      Piru Alado Před rokem +12

      yeah me too

    • Erick Vieira Senson
      Erick Vieira Senson Před rokem +32

      I got that impression as well, also, from the ice n fire wiki, that blackwood boy is Samwell blackwood, a supporter of the blacks during the dance :)

    • Sweeneh
      Sweeneh Před rokem +18

      I couldn’t agree more. I read it the same way.

    • Cloud ♡
      Cloud ♡ Před rokem +5

      Exactly what I thought

  • Soufian 27
    Soufian 27 Před rokem +778

    This show is truly amazing so far and we’ve really only scratched the surface of the story. I can’t wait for the big time jump

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Před rokem +227

      Yeah it's barely getting started and there's already so much to discuss

    • Di Dinx
      Di Dinx Před rokem +31

      @Alt Shift X That's my big concern now that the time jump will reduce the series, as the 2 young actresses playing these parts have got better and better as they have gone along.

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +10

      Yeah, the show is definitely moving at a faster pace than GoT did, which at times seemed to move at a snail's pace.

    • AVerySillySausage
      AVerySillySausage Před rokem +33

      @Di Dinx Have faith, every single one of the cast has nailed it so far and the older actresses were cast first. I'm sure they will be even better.

    • AVerySillySausage
      AVerySillySausage Před rokem +20

      @Matt M It will slow down once season 2 hits. It's just that the first act of the story takes place over such a longer period of time, the actual war is only 2 years, similar to the asoiaf timeline. This is kind of the equivalent of if GoT started right after Robert's Rebellion was done. With younger actors playing Ned, Robert, Cersei etc, and with the next generation the Stark children, Cersei's children having not been born yet. Then we get a time skip mid season to get to the point where the show actually started. That would seem fast faced too initially.

  • liv
    liv Před rokem +391

    Something that is left out is that if R drinks the moon tea, she will basically be admitting to having lost her virginity when mellos finds the empty bottle. So even if she wants to end her hypothetical pregnancy in order to protect her reputation, she cant do it by drinking the moon tea.

    • Daniella Tiger
      Daniella Tiger Před rokem +95

      Yeah, possibly neither Otto or Viserys sent the tea. It could have been a test by the Maesters to get that knowledge.

    • Andrea Cerezo
      Andrea Cerezo Před rokem +38

      Exactly, in DoD they use this device to blame Margaery.

    • Lou-E
      Lou-E Před rokem +28

      I suppose she could smash the bottle after drinking it and claim she did that without drinking

    • Sal3600
      Sal3600 Před rokem +14

      She will keep the child by attributing the pregnancy to her new husband

    • Timothy Shoup
      Timothy Shoup Před rokem +9

      I think everyone already believes the rumor. She should probably just drink it to be safe.

  • James Scott
    James Scott Před rokem +674

    I love the whole meta textual discussion they're adding with this show. The little bits to show the young men are ready for war, playing with the differences between the different accounts in the books, etc

    • Matt
      Matt Před rokem +61

      " show the young men are ready for war"
      The random moments of violence are also set up in such a way as to showcase old rivalries - showing that the realm isn't actually at peace, the dragons are just a veneer

  • Rex Man
    Rex Man Před rokem +527

    Thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to your videos more than the shows sometimes. Extra credit for being thorough while avoiding spoilers. Cheers!

  • Nate Pepin
    Nate Pepin Před rokem +217

    There was a metaphor is the brother forgiveness scene where Viserys walked to Deamon by using the sword as a cane and dragging it too. I think it means he's weak and feeble, is dragged into being a king, and that he uses his power as King as a crutch.

    • Alex Gordon Maoist
      Alex Gordon Maoist Před rokem +6

      Great insight!

    • Shady Jesus
      Shady Jesus Před rokem +3


    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Před rokem +12

      That makes sense but I still feel that people are weirdly harsh on Viserys. He is indecisive and makes mistakes, but at the same time he is the best king out all we've seen in GoT so far. His personal life is a turmoil but the kingdoms have been calm during his reign...

  • Prateek Patra
    Prateek Patra Před rokem +160

    Appreciate you taking the time and bringing out truly quality content all these years.

  • KB
    KB Před rokem +371

    Weird how Daemon doesn't deny he slept with Rhaenyra when confronted by Viserys. Same with the heir for the day quote. I guess as long as he gets attention in any form, he's satisfied. Truly an agent of chaos

    • anggi869
      anggi869 Před rokem +73

      I guess daemon knows that viserys has a very low opinion about him. So whatever he says, viserys will always doubt him. Might as well play along and be done with it.

    • Cat Philomel
      Cat Philomel Před rokem +142

      He wants Viserys to think that he "ruined" Rhaenyra, so that would be reasonable to marry them in order to legitimise their affair.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +67

      It makes sense for him to want Viserys to think Rhaenyra has been "sullied" so he'd be more inclined to agree for Daemon to marry her

    • Spiral
      Spiral Před rokem +33

      He doesn't wake up and choose chaos. He has it on default

    • Chel X
      Chel X Před rokem +8

      @Spiral 🤣 facts

  • RainMaker
    RainMaker Před rokem +224

    "... or that Viserys has been eating cheese in his bed."
    This, my good sir, is the best line I've heard in a long while.

    • JMCar Toons
      JMCar Toons Před rokem +8

      There were rats inside the skull of a dead dragon when Rhaenyra passes by at the secret passage. So the rat showing up on Viserys' bed would mean he'll die soon.
      ... or that the rat has sensed that Viserys has started to rot away so he already booked a reservation.

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation Před rokem +9

      @JMCar Toons
      “Why are you so concerned about my succession? My health is fine.”
      “Your grace, you’re so sick the castle rodent population has begun to gamble on who will get which bits they’ll get of your corpse.”
      “…Maybe we should hire more rat catchers. Can’t see the harm in that.”

    • bloodyiris3
      bloodyiris3 Před 11 měsíci

      Made me properly guffaw

  • RollingReggie
    RollingReggie Před rokem +84

    Your content is unmatched on the platform. Thank you for putting these out every week. Your hard work is so appreciated by us all!

  • Bn Cbcbbc
    Bn Cbcbbc Před rokem +144

    Daemon’s sexual failure is 100% related to his political prowess/power. each time we have seen dameon having sex he has been unable to continue, both times in the wake of being less powerful than viserys, or not being able to get what he wants.
    In episode 1, he can’t keep going because he is bothered by viserys choosing a new heir.
    In episode 4, it seems he can’t keep going because he wants rhanerya, but knows he can’t have her due to viserys.
    guarantee we will be seeing some climax to the daemon sex scenes if he wins this power struggle

    • loismydarling 🎭
      loismydarling 🎭 Před rokem +9

      Good points. It makes me feel a little bit odd, though, that we're going to eventually see a scene of him climaxing, and we're all just sitting here waiting for it haha. There's going to be semen all over the place.

    • Willster
      Willster Před rokem +4

      @loismydarling 🎭
      That last sentence was a terribly off putting way to end that comment

    • BoonsAPlenty
      BoonsAPlenty Před rokem +9

      Semen over here, semen over there, semen rocking everywhere

    • Willster
      Willster Před rokem +7

      Alright I’ve changed my mind, I’m completely on board with a climactic semen explosion of a scene for daemons character growth. You truly have a way with words sir

  • Aaron Linton- Chambers
    Aaron Linton- Chambers Před rokem +43

    I loved how the king fired his hand and told exposed his deceptive ways. Normally in these types of shows victims of deception are normally completely unaware of what’s happening to them. The acting in the show is top notch.

  • Magiya93
    Magiya93 Před rokem +25

    I don’t think Viserys was accusing Otto of killing his father, just pointing out how one person’s tragedy is another’s opportunity, and how he feels that Otto has been corrupted by his rapid rise in station.

  • Quinn The GM
    Quinn The GM Před rokem +263

    Definitely my favorite episode so far! Loved the themes throughout. It honestly really humanized Ser Criston Cole in a way the book really didn't, you can tell how much his honor and his vows mean to him. His hesitancy and relative quiet in his scene with Rhaenyra say a lot. Great video as always! :D

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +30

      Yeah, it was a scene most guys can relate to. He obviously had feelings for Rhanera, but also was honorable about his role(and being lifted above born station in life). Unfortunately, he is a likable character which probably means he'll die tragically as is the GoT way lol

    • Klixx
      Klixx Před rokem +15

      @Matt M and how does that make it relatable to "most guys"?

    • blue wizzard
      blue wizzard Před rokem +2

      It was the worst one so far to be honest. The dialoges were rather boring and the the fairytale story with criston was so much less interesting than a potential sexual relationship.between daemon and Raeynera.

    • Ahmad Iskandar Zulkarnain
      Ahmad Iskandar Zulkarnain Před rokem +3

      Same, the story in this episode is more complex, episode 4 and 1 are my favorite

  • GimmeeSomeMo
    GimmeeSomeMo Před rokem +189

    Storm’s End’s origin sounds a lot like a Monty Python skit “I built a second one. That one got destroyed by the gods. So I built a third one. That one burnt down fell over and then was destroyed by the gods, but the 4th one stayed up”

    • AlericClaria
      AlericClaria Před rokem +6


    • Cagdas Y
      Cagdas Y Před rokem +17

      GRRM is a big fan of Monthy Python. He even has a reference to "I fart in your general direction" in ASOIAF.

    • madyjules
      madyjules Před rokem +3

      ha!! great comment

    • Cherries life
      Cherries life Před rokem +7

      "one day lad, all this will be yours... what the curtains?"

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation Před rokem +4

      "I'd rather just SING-"
      "Stop that, stop that! You're not going into a song while I'm here"

  • Sam Luczynski
    Sam Luczynski Před rokem +13

    I think Alicent is also angry as she convinced Viserys to let Rhaenya choose any husband she wanted and Rhaenya has thrown that chance away. This is something Alicent and nealy every other girl in her position would have loved, but she doesn't seem to recognise it, and doesn't even know Alicent didi it for her

  • wurstgitarre
    wurstgitarre Před rokem +94

    Your episode explanations and analyses are always spot-on. Also love the dry humour. Keep up the good work! 👌

  • Salifyanji
    Salifyanji Před rokem +56

    I loved episode 4 ! The tension, the dramatic buildup to the sex scenes....and even Viserys' mockery of Alicent when she invited Daemon to come and see the tapestries 😂😂😂😂 Very well done. I will miss the younger actresses who play Rhaenerya and Alicent

    • Tina Clark’s ghost
      Tina Clark’s ghost Před rokem +9

      Agreed. I didn’t like the Rhaenyra actor at first, but now I think she’s splendid. Alicent is great, too.

    • douglas grey
      douglas grey Před rokem

      What do you mean miss? Are they not in it for the long haul?

    • Salifyanji
      Salifyanji Před rokem

      @douglas grey it seems like the rest of the season (s ) will focus on the present time and developing conflict of the Dance of The Dragons. No more time jumps. Therefore we aren't likely to see young Rhaenerya and young Alicent.

  • Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray Před rokem +135

    interesting tie in that Rheanyra uses the phrase "of no consequence" and the final words of the episode are "unwanted consequences".

    • Wolfeson28
      Wolfeson28 Před rokem +17

      That juxtaposition is clearly intended within this episode, but there's another interesting connection. Rhaenrya's line that the smallfolk's opinions are "of no consequence" also seems to evoke Dany's line in the final season that "they (the other people) don't get to chose". Considering how that worked out for Dany, that's not a good (reverse) precedent.

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation Před rokem +6

      Especially given what happens as a result of not caring for the smallfolk's opinions later on.

    • rin ray
      rin ray Před 8 měsíci +1

      @Wolfeson28 they deserve it they are so annoying idc

  • Jodie
    Jodie Před rokem +45

    Daemon's move is political but I do believe he is attracted to Rhaenyra on some level. They have always liked and understood each other like no one else. And it plays a part in him not being able to go through with his plan at the brothel.

    • Project Gaia
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      Are we all just going to sit here and ignore that he's her uncle?! Are we normalizing that now?! It was gross enough to have those two siblings doing it and even procreating on the main show.

    • Jodie
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      @Project Gaia damn another pearl clutcher that can't differentiate between fiction and real life

    • bellona6356
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      @Project Gaia you do realize you're watching a fantasy series about dragons? Incestuous relations are normal for that family line. People are shipping their chemistry. Grow up.

    • matariki
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      The showrunners did state that what happens here is blatant abuse - the whole "he's trying to shock her". The fact that she looked very childish in the entire scene (the boy attire, her absence of make-up, versus Alicent who wears some and looks older), all of that is supposed to show us her youth and make us (and Daemon) very incomfortable with what's going on.
      She's only 18 and he basically groomed her to like him, years before that - the whole necklace thing, defying her in Dragonstone...He stops because he knows that what he is doing is wrong, he's the adult and should know better.

    • matariki
      matariki Před rokem +4

      @bellona6356 also, incestuous relationships, though "normal" for this family line, are very wrong and shamed in Westeros. They are the reason every one in two Targaryens turns mad. In the end, incest and its consequences is what drives Westeros into chaos.

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    • Rajyavardhan Singh
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      Pushing rope? Wdym

    • kristis33
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      @Alex Gordon Maoist ​ @Rajyavardhan Singh from simple googling: ​ If you're “pushing rope,” it means that you're completing an arduous task that has no purpose other than to cause frustration. Ropes are for pulling, not pushing, so pushing a rope is non-productive and serves no purpose

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    Rhae is into Daemon because he represents what she never could have, a freedom not even the other male characters dare undertake. He takes what he wants, and she finds strength in that. And the reason she had sex with Ser Crispin was because she took what she want (the lesson Daemon taught her); it's also interesting to see how more people have little issue with the power dynamic in the sex scene between them than less, and how she used her position as princess (his boss) as a means to get what she wanted.
    I doubt she would have Cole killed had he spurned her, but she still had that power over him, and if it was the other way around, a man doing the same thing to his servant, we would be up in arms. Also, remember at the end of the scene, you can see a look on her face where she finally gets a taste of the freedom and power her uncle thrives on.
    Rhae may have a crush on Ser Crispin, but she does not love him, and it's still 50/50 whether what she feels for daemon is actually romantic, or hidden underneath what I mentioned before, his sense of freedom and roguishness that attracts her so much. She is clearly more attracted to Daemon (from the scenes we have seen so far) than she is to Ser Crispin (I will forever call him Crispin, as my lord and commander said in Ep.2). Still, it's interesting to see how their relationship will play out.
    On a re-watch, I noticed how uncomfortable Ser Crispin was when he informed her about the Queen wanting to see her regarding the whole Brothel adventure. Might he have overheard something, and knows there are rumours she slept with Daemon? And that he was potentially a rebound or someone she took, not because she cares about him, but because she could? This could be the moment we see him turn against her.
    The character studies are interesting, and what makes Asoiaf so awesome.

    • Asura
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      yep the actress herself said "she would never chose Cole over daemon" take that what you will

    • Manux x
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      Yeah idk if the actor acted well so he showed he was coerced by power dynamics
      Or if he acted bad and it added that feel during the whole sexscene

    • Thea M
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      Agree 100%. The writers have framed Daemon and Rhaenyra as parallels to each other. Viserys even points this out in ep 2. They're clearly meant for each other. Cole is just there as a fun distraction for Rhaenyra, as a way for her to explore her sexuality and power. And he is definitely not going to be happy to find out that what could potentially end his life was just a fun game for her. While Daemon has convinced her that, as a Targ, she can do whatever she wants with no consequences, I think Criston will prove to her this is far from the truth.

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    Rhaenyra has come across like the Westeros version of Merida from Pixar's Brave. Merida was a princess who wanted all the privileges of royalty without the responsibilities. Rhaenyra stated her intentions in the first episode, desiring to ride her dragon, spend time with Alicent, and eat cake. It's no wonder that people are scared of her becoming the ruler, especially if she got married to a volatile man like her uncle Daemon. Such a union would be seen as a threat to the realm they ruled over.

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      Made even funnier by the lack of hot D, Daemon has a floppy noodle and, given the state of the rest of him, Viserys' is probably necrotic. Sir Cripin is really holding down the fort for now.

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      @JackCade Well you know what they say about men with big trucks, probably applies to men with big dragons.

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    I believe the reason Targaryen Kings have been obsessed with the Ice and Fire prophecy is because they subconsciously know that mastering dragons is unnatural and out of balance with the spoken and unspoken agreements of the past. Groups like the Maesters plot to stop them. The White Walkers stay in the Lands of Always Winter so long as mankind does not get too involved in magic. The Song of Ice and Fire prophecy is the realization that the day of reckoning is coming. It was almost avoided when dragons went extinct and then Dany hatched the dragons and everything went out of balance. A Song of Spring can only happen with the destruction of dragons and the sacrifices of Jon and Dany. The White Walkers are not a mindless evil force (recall GRRM's whole schtick is that he doesn't do that). They are a force used to rebalance things and will go away once someone sacrifices personal power for balance. which is all a meta narrative by GRRM that the fantasy genre must balance realism with magic.

    • Tonda Je Nej
      Tonda Je Nej Před rokem +7

      Interesting idea. But the Others were around for at least a couple of years before Daenerys and her dragons. If anything, dragons are basically like the anti-dote to the Others, thought probably not a 100% one.
      Personally I think that the Others are on their way to get the Prince that was Promised (which is quite clearly Dany or Jon, maybe both) and they simply only waited this long, because neither of them were born before

    • J L
      J L Před rokem +2

      @Tonda Je Nej As someone who enjoyed reading the SoIaF books and the show (up until... you know when), but not a super-fan, do we know for a fact who Daenerys' parents were? Curious if there's the possibility that _both_ Daenerys and Jon were born from a Stark/Targaryen pair.

    • loismydarling 🎭
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      @Tonda Je Nej I do wonder if the Others "woke up" after the whole Summerhall debacle. The Targaryens trying to rebirth dragons and all that.

    • merkikima
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      I realy like this theory especialy knowing that a similar thing as the long night hapened when the bloodstone empror crossed the line with the use of magic maybe theire is a balance to everything and old valeria messing with it isn't acceptebale especialy that valeria was known for it's horrors nature did it's part and destroyed it completly but the targeryans survived which led to the awakening of the others that would be such a great twist

    • merkikima
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      @Tonda Je Nej don't forget summerhal maybe that's what led to the others attacking again or maybe it started the moment targeryans came to westeros with their dragons and aegon just misinterpreted his dreams and actualy they are the cause of this coming apocalyps but one thing is sure the others are not just evil

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    Also, we do know that Rhanera doesn't die from the tea(or at the very least, doesn't stay dead) but who really gave her the tea? And what is it.
    I love how these videos go into the history and even the future yet somehow remain spoiler free from the books.

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    The thing about history is that even when we have all the facts and data we could collector it's still a mystery when we're trying to interpret it what happened next based on our understanding and different point of views who knows
    And that's why I love about Martin's work he treats the fantasy world as if it was a real world with real history he does such a good job of it that it's almost without equal
    I mean sure there's Tolkien but tolkienis a well he's a world builder but his high fantasy world is like a dark age a pre medieval world thing

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    Didn't Rhaenys call the Baratheon Lord as "cousin" not "uncle? Maybe I'm wrong and I need to rewatch. Also in my impression Rhaenyra rather said "I could learn to like that one" about the Blackwood kid, because she found him endearing I suppose? She laughed at the Bracken's remarks but still, she saw a kid proclaiming he will protect her, which was kind of adorable. And later he actually proved he's not joking LOL.

    • Melancholic Mango
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      I thought Rhaenyra was speaking about the older one, the Bracken boy.

    • Tonda Je Nej
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      @Melancholic Mango It doesnt make much sense to me here. In this context her remark is more fitting to the Blackwood than to the Bracken (why would anybody like a Bracken..?)

    • Wolfeson28
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      I forget what the exact line from the show was, but Rhaenys is Boremund Baratheon's niece through her mother, and also his (half?) great-niece through her father (Prince Aemon, first son of Jaehaerys I). I don't know, maybe for Targaryens it's just easier to stick with "cousin" as a catch-all for anyone outside of their immediate family considering how many cross-connections their family tree has. 🤷‍♂🤣

    • J L
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      @Anna Firmen And it follows how all the warriors have little battle-hardened, life-and-death experience. It's likely that folks with an inferiority complex could become much better warriors than the cocky ones merely because they trained a heck of a lot more.

    • Melancholic Mango
      Melancholic Mango Před rokem

      @Tonda Je Nej I don't have a clue about the book lore concerning those two houses. It was just the impression I got from the scene, nothing more.

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    Rhaenyra saying "their wants are of no consequence" sounds a lot like Daenerys when she said that "they don't get to choose", when she claimed the Iron Throne. They both declared that common peoples desires do not matter, since they have no real power in politics

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    i'm of two minds about the love scene between rhaenyra and criston: on one hand, i very much enjoyed the playfulness of the scene (most sex scenes are so overly serious!), and it taking the time to show rhaenyra remove criston's armor, seeing both of them unlacing their boots, etc. on the other hand, it also made me uncomfortable that rhaenyra used her position of power to coerce criston into sleeping with her. not to mention, the sort of residual ickiness that i felt, having just experienced what happened with rhaenyra and daemon. this is not a criticism, though! i loved that i was able to feel so many things while watching one short scene!

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    First, thank you for the hard work you put into doing these. It adds to the fun of watching the show.
    I would say that I disagree with one small thing; small but it does reflect on how her character is viewed. I don’t think Rhaenyra was stealing food from the street vendor. Instead, she was just absentmindedly reaching for food as she always had within the castle walls where the food was just there for her. The scene was revealing that she didn’t really belong there. It also highlighted her privilege as a Princess. It was Daemon who had to remind her that, in Kings Landing they pay for their pleasures.

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    HOTD is doing a really good job at presenting all the characters as truly fleshed out, complex & conflicted people whose motivations/intentions are well meaning but don't always garner positive outcomes given The Culture & social-political system of the time. You can disagree with a character's actions (whether it is moral/immoral, selfish or just a bad decision given the circumstances) but none of us are mind readers so thinking you know WHY someone behaves the way they do is definitely open to interpretation. This series is doing a good job at making most of the characters sympathetic & relatable or at least not painting them as purely evil or purely altruistic. Nobody thinks of themselves as the villian afterall & it's more interesting when characters are portrayed as thinking they are in the right or trying to do the right thing/what's best, even when they are clearly lying to themselves, unsure or acting in self interest.
    TLDR: The character portrayals are very nuanced & seem like real people & the acting is A+. 🏠🐲👍

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    While Daemon says almost the same thing as Barristan, the meaning is very different.
    Daemon is essentially showing off how awesome the Targeryen's are like "Just another victory for our house"
    Barristan is basically directly insulting Joffrey, in fact he even refers to him as "boy" rather than some royal title like he always has.

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    I'm so happy that we now have this series and so far both it and your episodes are simply marvellous and a pure joy to watch! So thank you so much for all the work you continue to put into this show (and all the work you put into its predecessor despite everything!) and I hope we'll have years and years of both great GoT universe shows AND your Explained vids to enjoy!

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    • AlastorCorvus
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      And I have the suspicion that the only reason they sent a tween boy to court Rhaenyra was because they heard that the Brackens were sending one of their own.
      I love the Blackwoods but I wouldn't discard the possibility that they even told this boy to don't take any shit from the Brackens and even trained him to kill them at the slightest provocation.

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      Dreamfire is really fertile and responsible for majority of the dragon in Fire and Blood and she was jahaeryss wife Alicant who was equal to him in power!! Women and the dragons are tied in this universe

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