Dwight Howard to Lakers? + Joe Johnson traded to Brooklyn Nets + Deron Williams to resign?

  • čas přidán 1. 07. 2012
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  • Jonathan Estrada
    Jonathan Estrada Před 10 lety

    @wiihacker213 u scared

  • Ironmanx37
    Ironmanx37 Před 10 lety

    I hope he goes to the Lakers since the NBA stopped cp3 from going

    CRAZYSINNER49 Před 10 lety

    If bynum matures its done he'll be the best center in da NBA he howards kryptonite

  • Empire Vulcan
    Empire Vulcan Před 10 lety

    Here come the laker bangwagoners....

  • Jason Jung
    Jason Jung Před 10 lety

    Hawks seem reasonable because of their cap space with the help of the Marvin-Joe trade

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored Před 10 lety

    3peat once again with the lakers.

  • duka nukah
    duka nukah Před 10 lety

    i am saying when it is all said and done...Dwight Howard WILL be in a Laker uniform playing alongside kobe bryant

  • Vernie John Baltazar
    Vernie John Baltazar Před 10 lety


  • Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones Před 9 lety


  • LaSikSee
    LaSikSee Před 10 lety

    Fk joe johnson

  • NicksKicks
    NicksKicks Před 10 lety

    I think Deron Williams will re-sign with Brooklyn, or at least i REALLY hope he does coming from a Nets fan. I honestly do not have an opinion on where Dwight Howard will end up. He's a confusing guy...

  • legend1998tx
    legend1998tx Před 10 lety

    yall know howard 2nd team dat wants 2 play is DALLAS, he even said it

  • CD LP
    CD LP Před 10 lety

    Lakers!!! Because they have Nash now

  • mrRILO10
    mrRILO10 Před 10 lety

    lakers with nash!!!!! big 4.

  • M.A H.G
    M.A H.G Před 10 lety

    No I think howard is going to the lakers.with nash,kobe,n probly bynum ,thats a beast team ..

  • Matteo Tanzi
    Matteo Tanzi Před 10 lety

    Dwight has to go to the lakers

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez Před 10 lety

    I don't want Howard on the Lakers

  • Chaotic
    Chaotic Před 10 lety

    im sure that Howard will end up in the Lakers. Now that the Lakers got Nash i'm sure that Howard will view it as the team with the greatest chance at winning.

  • Ricardo Rivera
    Ricardo Rivera Před 10 lety

    I fucking want Dwight Howard on the lakers. Kobe, Nash and Howard?! Now that's a Big Fucking Three.

  • comfee
    comfee Před 10 lety

    Wait everybody wants Howard but they don't want to throw a valuable peace in exchange? If that would be the case, then tough years are coming for us.

  • Miks Kuncevičs
    Miks Kuncevičs Před 10 lety

    Lakers .

  • Dreamville_LA
    Dreamville_LA Před 10 lety


  • YourBetterOffBlack
    YourBetterOffBlack Před 10 lety

    howard will be a laker. dallas has nothing to give to orlando to aid their rebuilding process and bynum is the best thing they can get. howard for horford+teague+pick sounds good but i dont think they would trade him to a team in the same division when they have a better deal from a team on the opposing conference

  • omaryaser1996
    omaryaser1996 Před 10 lety

    are u stupid

  • andy Bear
    andy Bear Před 10 lety

    lakers are done, They where done back in 2000 Now kobes getting OLDER, Im not a lakers Fan im a heat fan i live in south fl If you want (Dwight Howard) In lakers uniform good luck hitting those (free throws) howard sucks in free throws...

  • DutchMaster007
    DutchMaster007 Před 10 lety

    To be foreal this is just my opinion but I think its not about the trade teams not giving the magic a good deal its about the magic not wanting to let go of Dwight they don't want him to leave n since they can't make him stay at all they wanna give him to a very bad team or somewhere he doesn't wanna go but they really just want him to stay n they'll do anything for it to happen