Noob VS Pro Geometry Dash Quiz!

  • čas přidán 29. 08. 2023
  • Hry

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  • Mehh
    Mehh Před měsícem +4694

    Mom we have kaiguy at home
    The one in home-

    • Name_2
      Name_2 Před 29 dny +23

      Just thinking that

    • LaF
      LaF Před 29 dny +13


    • Victor Bujdei
      Victor Bujdei Před 25 dny +5


    • slickeey
      slickeey Před 24 dny +5

      Kaiguy is a mid content creator

    • Bluegreen546
      Bluegreen546 Před 24 dny +2

      He makes the levels for kaiguy

  • A.H Pro 😎
    A.H Pro 😎 Před 22 dny +267

    Bro doesn't need an Oscar he needs a handcam

  • Makmaksmaks
    Makmaksmaks Před 23 dny +89

    Bro was so good, he looked away from the computer💀💀

  • Haruki.
    Haruki. Před 27 dny +1899

    I feel like this is kaiguy's long lost little brother 💀

  • Nostalgic Pixels
    Nostalgic Pixels Před 15 dny +8

    Edit needs an Oscar

  • BlueCube17
    BlueCube17 Před 22 dny +6

    Kid: Mom can we get KaiGuy?
    Mom: we have KaiGuy at home
    KaiGuy at home:

  • TryMeKids
    TryMeKids Před 26 dny +1318

    Bro roasted kaiguy in all languages💀

  • BrickTheMan
    BrickTheMan Před 22 dny +8

    Bro took auto clicker to a whole different level

  • MrShoter
    MrShoter Před 24 dny +15

    This guy doesn't need an oscar, he needs an handcam 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Neqoldrift
    Neqoldrift Před 25 dny +289

    Kaiguy from 2014 be like :

    • XVplusXV
      XVplusXV Před 20 dny

      bro is 11 and think he is best

    • TwiceChroma
      TwiceChroma Před 19 dny

      Kaiguy content bad tho lol

    • Sup
      Sup Před 18 dny


    • MrDubz
      MrDubz Před 18 dny

      @TwiceChroma furry

    • TwiceChroma
      TwiceChroma Před 18 dny

      No i'm boykisser lol

  • Adan Cruz
    Adan Cruz Před 11 dny +1

    👇 EDIT: 1K LIKES

  • ItsMeDragon
    ItsMeDragon Před 18 dny +1

    Bro doesn't need an Oscar.
    He needs a handcam.

  • vince
    vince Před 26 dny +340

    Legend says he needs a handcam

    • Bacon King
      Bacon King Před 21 dnem +4

      Look at his shoulder

    • Aaron
      Aaron Před 21 dnem

      No he need an Oscar

    • Angelzz
      Angelzz Před 21 dnem

      You can’t hear the clicking noise or smt??

    • hin 123
      hin 123 Před 21 dnem +1

      just look at his past videos...

    • Aaron
      Aaron Před 20 dny +2

      @Angelzz do you think he can really click that fast? , like I can just edit the click sound if I was him

  • Cansado
    Cansado Před 22 dny +11

    He doesnt need an Oscar,
    He needs a handcam

  • Deepanshu Pathak
    Deepanshu Pathak Před 20 dny +1

    Who thinks we need a hand cam 👇

  • corso
    corso Před 26 dny +128


  • Jane Nodalo
    Jane Nodalo Před 21 dnem +1

    Him: bro the noob obby is not easy is a trick😭😭😭😭
    Pro and noob: LOL
    Me: bruh
    Edit: thanks for 100k likes❤❤

  • David
    David Před 18 dny +1

    Bro don’t needs a oscar he needs an hand cam 😂

  • p4nx!
    p4nx! Před 26 dny +98

    its sad that speedhackers and macroers get more views than legit players

  • Davian
    Davian Před 22 dny +1

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  • Viena Maldonado
    Viena Maldonado Před 15 dny

    Bri deserves a Oscar

  • Walmetwallet
    Walmetwallet Před 25 dny +77

    I would say “this man needs a hand cam” but look at his right shoulder

  • Ekrem Taha
    Ekrem Taha Před 23 dny +1

    Bros auto clicker needs a oscar

  • Raise Riggy
    Raise Riggy Před 21 dnem

    He doesn’t need a Oscar , he needs a handcam

  • Crystall
    Crystall Před 26 dny +13

    bro needs an oscar

  • tv паук 3
    tv паук 3 Před 19 dny

    He needs an Oscar💀

  • Wamuchefya Mutete
    Wamuchefya Mutete Před 18 dny

    he doesn't need an Oscar he needs a handcam

  • • ʙ ᴜ ʙ ʙ ʟ ᴇ • 🌸

    Bro does not need an oscar, bro needs a handcam💀

    MOVEJR Před 14 dny

    Bro doesn't need an Oscar he needs his brother back

  • Ron spain
    Ron spain Před 18 dny +1

    Mom: you don't need kaiguy we have him at home :the kaiguy at home

  • Roy
    Roy Před 29 dny +23

    Lmao this has to be the son of kaiguy

    • h2
      h2 Před 27 dny +1

      frr 💀

  • MrBika3756
    MrBika3756 Před 20 dny

    He don’t need an Oscar he need a handcam 💀💀💀

  • attack20
    attack20 Před 20 dny

    He doesnt need a Oscar, he needs a new handcam

  • ConnorBoBonnor
    ConnorBoBonnor Před měsícem +59

    no way you actually did this put on a mouse cam and play this again

    • NotSoggy3898
      NotSoggy3898 Před měsícem +7

      Bro it's not real

    • Orange Isn't sus
      Orange Isn't sus Před měsícem +6

      It's obviously a exploit

    • NotSoggy3898
      NotSoggy3898 Před měsícem +1

      ​@Orange Isn't susit's hacks

    • Orange Isn't sus
      Orange Isn't sus Před měsícem +2

      @NotSoggy3898 hacking is where you steal someone's account or hack into someone's device, exploits are where someone cheats in a game with a script

    • NotSoggy3898
      NotSoggy3898 Před měsícem +4

      @Orange Isn't sus he has a cheat menu it's not a exploit in the game

  • Flxxos
    Flxxos Před 16 dny

    Bros doesn't need a Oscar
    He needs a hand cam 😂

  • Multi Genre / BlackOut
    Multi Genre / BlackOut Před 22 dny +1

    those anime eyes tho 💀💀💀💀

  • lil dude
    lil dude Před 25 dny +8

    bro alr got that coin-

    JINGLE OPENA VALER Před 11 dny

    He doesn't needs an oscar he already has it💀

  • Im a depressed cat
    Im a depressed cat Před 19 dny +1

    Team fake

  • Sreeraj
    Sreeraj Před 27 dny +11

    A keyboard cam would suffice

  • Bleskovic14
    Bleskovic14 Před 22 dny

    He doesnt need oscar, he needs handcam

    STARWARSEDITS Před 21 dnem

    the auto clicker needs an oscar

  • acitron playz
    acitron playz Před 21 dnem +1

    Pc players: 💀💀💀
    Tablet/phone players: 😊😊

  • DonoMasterW
    DonoMasterW Před 18 dny

    bro doesnt need a oscar he needs a handcam

  • The ClipperBip
    The ClipperBip Před 20 dny +2

    I like how you can see he’s already played it since the coin was already taken

  • The boxer 3
    The boxer 3 Před 22 dny +2

    He doesn't need an Oscar he needs a mouse cam

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man Před 23 dny

    His Wife's Reproductive System will Break in Half 💀

  • Coolboi6526🇷🇺
    Coolboi6526🇷🇺 Před 23 dny +1

    Mom we want kaiguy
    We have kaiguy at home
    *Kaiguy* at home:

  • ShadowFighter
    ShadowFighter Před 14 dny

    he doesnt need an oscar he needs a hand cam

  • Eric Bornemann
    Eric Bornemann Před 16 dny

    bro deserves a handcam

  • Boot Beckons
    Boot Beckons Před 22 dny

    The brother we thought we’ve never find

  • Vgo
    Vgo Před 17 dny +2

    Even auto clicker scared scared of this

  • Snowskul
    Snowskul Před 20 dny +1

    His face cam:
    People who are blind: 😊
    People for a deaf: 💀😰

  • tahira jahangir
    tahira jahangir Před 20 dny

    Kaiguy mirror reflection in 2014 be like

  • R4H
    R4H Před 21 dnem +2

    Him: it’s real!
    Me: look at his wave icon 💀

  • Linus edits and gaming
    Linus edits and gaming Před 15 dny

    He doesn't need oscar he needs a handcam💀

  • Xenos
    Xenos Před 7 dny

    The toothbrush needs a raise

  • Gamer Gang
    Gamer Gang Před 22 dny

    The most fake thing doesn’t exi-

  • max-A
    max-A Před 19 dny +1

    MOM:no,we have one already
    The one at home:

  • Some Crazy Wojak
    Some Crazy Wojak Před 19 dny

    Triple spikes be like:

  • 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖉𝕱𝖆𝖈𝖊

    People who didn’t realize that the coin was already taken from a different match

  • Anders Traedal
    Anders Traedal Před 22 dny +1

    Bro is making way better kaiguy impression then anyone else

  • Chance_Skyler_CMS
    Chance_Skyler_CMS Před 22 dny

    Example of never judge a book by its cover

  • hola soy un gato
    hola soy un gato Před 22 dny

    The hand and the finger needs a oscar☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Anne Griesser-Stermscheg
    Anne Griesser-Stermscheg Před 22 dny +1

    Ho thinks he need a handcam

  • snow and friends
    snow and friends Před 23 dny +2

    Auto Clicker comes in handy 🗿

  • Elijah John Ej
    Elijah John Ej Před 20 dny

    "what do you do for a living?"
    "I watch videos and click random buttons and make weird faces"

  • A⛌𝜊Ɩ𝜊七l
    A⛌𝜊Ɩ𝜊七l Před 20 dny

    Bro was so fast not even the mouse could emit sounds in time 💀

  • Gill cubes
    Gill cubes  Před 23 dny +1

    I thought it was a loop for a sec 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Godl Sonic
    Godl Sonic Před 6 dny

    Bro's girl is happy with him 💀

  • SamDell XP
    SamDell XP Před 18 dny +1

    Please stop abusing noobs for being bad at gaming THEY HAVE THEIR RIGHT TOO

  • Eymen Korkut
    Eymen Korkut Před 21 dnem

    Blud thinks we don't know 💀💀

  • AzarPlays
    AzarPlays Před 18 dny

    If Kaiguy had a child:

  • R
    R Před 20 dny +1

    Why are all these geometry dash videos going so viral

  • Object _1-3-8
    Object _1-3-8 Před 20 dny +1

    I thought that Bloodbath will start... 💀

  • Furralixy
    Furralixy Před 18 dny

    Kaiguy got tired of clicking super fast and hired his little brother to make money for him lmao

  • MysticalGamer
    MysticalGamer Před 18 dny

    Kaiguy’s little brother be like

  • NotBeedd
    NotBeedd Před 21 dnem

    “noob route looks easier” 💀

  • Pa Weł
    Pa Weł Před 20 dny +2

    how fake you wanna to be the video?
    this guy: yes

  • Sacra
    Sacra Před 23 dny

    Plottwist: he already completed the level because the coin has already gotten collected

  • Evleer the gmaing guy
    Evleer the gmaing guy Před 17 dny +1

    Kaiguy on budget

  • Toastex [GD]
    Toastex [GD] Před 23 dny +1

    Kaiguy cousin:

  • Hanxzy Gaming
    Hanxzy Gaming Před 21 dnem

    Bro dosent need a oscar he needs a handcam

  • Ádám És Dávid
    Ádám És Dávid Před 20 dny

    Handcam has left the chat

  • CriticalFists
    CriticalFists Před 22 dny

    People who say this is fake

  • Ívar Bærentsen
    Ívar Bærentsen Před 21 dnem

    Ok man dosent need an oscar he needs a mouse cam

  • Fanop Kilas
    Fanop Kilas Před 20 dny +1

    This is kaiguy son.

  • Kaif gaming yt 10
    Kaif gaming yt 10 Před 14 dny

    Ek din mara bhi comment viral hoga😢😢

  • Standard 95 Kft.
    Standard 95 Kft. Před 12 dny

    handcam has left the chat💀

  • Ethan Yepez
    Ethan Yepez Před 21 dnem

    Bro, so good he doesn’t even need to move his arm

  • Gio
    Gio Před 21 dnem +2

    All jokes aside, Kaiguy would be proud..

  • Dynamitron zueiro
    Dynamitron zueiro Před 21 dnem

    Blud got some issues 💀💀💀💀

  • Revolution_ animates
    Revolution_ animates Před 15 dny

    Bro is literally the next kaiguy

  • мышь
    мышь Před 5 dny

    Bro editor need to oscar💀

  • Mudskipper
    Mudskipper Před 21 dnem

    The fact that he had collected the coin means he completed the level already

  • FaizanGMD
    FaizanGMD Před 19 dny

    Once again, the spam community is underestimated.

  • MTD.oficial
    MTD.oficial Před 20 dny +1

    bro don't needs a Oscar, he needs a handcam💀

  • TheGamingK9 _
    TheGamingK9 _ Před 13 dny

    We don’t got KaiGuy. We got KaiBoy

  • PotionMaster
    PotionMaster Před 20 dny

    never let em' know your next move.

  • Rashed Mekkawi
    Rashed Mekkawi Před 23 dny

    bro needs a hit box shower