Not the smartest idea!

  • čas přidán 3. 09. 2023

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    PRAETORIAN Před 23 dny +81482

    That was just a friendly reminder you are alive because he didn’t decide otherwise.

  • Chase Me
    Chase Me Před dnem +516

    Mike is the kind of guy that makes people leave parties early.

    • The123mikeg MikeG
      The123mikeg MikeG Před dnem +2

      That's funny!! 🥸 ... Nice guy Mike... but id like to go home with all my family intact...

    • Matthew Mensah
      Matthew Mensah Před 13 hodinami +1

      😂😂Im telling you.. Total clown

    • Terese Czimbal
      Terese Czimbal Před 7 hodinami

      The bear wanted a party favor and to-go plate!

  • arringar
    arringar Před dnem +416

    Mike actually did the right thing. He didn't panic, he didn't run, he didn't flinch. He stood his ground. The bear tested him and he didn't react any differently. The bear expected aggression or fear in response but didn't get it. This was nothing more than an intimidation tactic. Black bears are rarely ever aggressive. I live in a mountainous area where we see bears multiple times every week for most of the year. They're very accustomed to humans in these areas and they're not afraid which seems like potential for aggression to some people but it isn't. This big boy didn't want to leave and made it known, mostly because there was food around, and no I don't mean the humans.

    • Jose Dorsaith
      Jose Dorsaith Před dnem +7

      That's interesting. How can you differentiate between actual aggression and testing for a response?

    • Lightskin Legends
      Lightskin Legends Před dnem +11

      I was told black bears are very dangerous and there are aggressive

    • E&C
      E&C Před dnem +17

      This guy... giving advice. That's a wild animal. "Mike" got lucky 1 time. He had no damn clue what he was doing.

    • AquadarK22
      AquadarK22 Před dnem +11

      @Lightskin Legends When were you told that? Because if it's from you're childhood it was probably to keep you away from them. Not saying you should mess with them but more often than not bears will leave you alone. Polar bears are the only bears you should immediately fear and be looking for shelter. As they are the only bears that are purely carnivorous. You know lacking vegetation in their habitats.
      Also mother bears if you get between them and their cubs. But in a scenario like this video the chance are extremely low.

    • AquadarK22
      AquadarK22 Před dnem +5

      @E&C This guy... Criticizing others comments when he has so little knowledge on a topic. Also calling it advice when it when it's more of an analysis. He had no idea what he was doing.

  • Robert Moriarty
    Robert Moriarty Před 9 dny +6198

    Mike knew he was safe once he closed the bear proof gate.

  • Brandy Griffiss
    Brandy Griffiss Před dnem +240

    Mike thought he was being cool opening that gate😂😂Bear was like "I got in here myself, i can get out myself, Move" 🐻

    • Diana
      Diana Před 14 hodinami +2

      For real hahaha

    • Diana Evans
      Diana Evans Před 10 hodinami +2


  • David Ethridge
    David Ethridge Před dnem +92

    Mike opened up the door like that was his mother-in-law😂😂😂

  • Avian1998
    Avian1998 Před 16 dny +5962

    "Better have my salmon by next week mike, that was a warning."

  • DressedNPlaid
    DressedNPlaid Před dnem +53

    Never put yourself in a situation where it's up to the giant apex predator whether or not you're eaten.

    • Laura DEZart
      Laura DEZart Před dnem +4

      Agreed. That bear was very lucky to get away safely.

    • Julio Lua
      Julio Lua Před 9 hodinami +1

      Can't believe we have to provide society with these disclaimers 😅
      On behalf of the idiots out there.... THANK YOU for the public service announcement 😆

  • TruthIsLight
    TruthIsLight Před 20 hodinami +21

    Bear was like, “How dare you kick me out before serving grandma’s homemade pie.”😂

  • CC0405
    CC0405 Před 17 dny +4143

    The bear hit him like “Don’t rush me!” 😂😂😂

    • Maureen Nelle
      Maureen Nelle Před 17 dny +33

      I know !!! I feel sad for the bear...🥺seems sad.

      NEVER HUNGRY AGAIN Před 17 dny +40

      @Maureen Nelleit literally just attacked an innocent person

    • james smith
      james smith Před 17 dny +14

      Imagine grizzly and paws really extended - mike was gonna be real different from now on

    • Joanne McArdle
      Joanne McArdle Před 17 dny +30

      Seemed more like he wasn't pleased to be told to go.

    • Joanne McArdle
      Joanne McArdle Před 17 dny +21

      ​@james smith Like I was saying, he could have ripped Mike's head off in the blink of an eye.

  • Billie Frosheiser
    Billie Frosheiser Před dnem +31

    Every family reunion from now on , everyone is going to have to look at uncle miles scar where the bear got him.

  • Eleo_B
    Eleo_B Před 21 hodinou +7

    Mike, listen to people. They are going to be the ones scraping your intestines from the road.

  • AB
    AB Před 4 dny +1868

    The bear was actually really polite.

    • Зоя Плещенко
      Зоя Плещенко Před 3 dny +3

      С ним плохи шуткти😅😅😅

    • Living Samsara
      Living Samsara Před 3 dny +20

      The bear was reminding Mike that showing off for Mike's friends at the expense of trying to belittle him wasn't going to go easily.

    • Rainbows mystic
      Rainbows mystic Před 3 dny +6

      @abCp5fn :- if scratching someone's thigh is polite to u den the bear is really polite.. he didn't bite him or eat him but he showed his dislikeness by scratching on his thigh so that's already harsh and rude of the bear

    • j reid
      j reid Před 3 dny +5

      Right it's like the bear hit him as to say a man why you kicking me out sir like why I gotta exit through the gate 😂😂😂

  • Oppy
    Oppy Před dnem +10

    the way this bear could EASILY hop over this fence OR EVEN DESTROY IT. he put a lot of trust in that 2 foot tall fence😂

  • Michael T. Scott
    Michael T. Scott Před dnem +10

    Bear is a gentleman, he simply said " you first"!

  • jerod lyford
    jerod lyford Před 18 dny +7605

    Bear was like “this party sucks anyways”.

    • desiree lockett
      desiree lockett Před 18 dny +107


    • Roey Earl
      Roey Earl Před 18 dny +94

      Bear was: you don’t tell me what to do
      *gentle slap*
      you’re lucky you’re not alone

    • Lizard King
      Lizard King Před 18 dny +19

      Oh dear, you are the best!

    • akingwithwords
      akingwithwords Před 18 dny +18


    • redclaytanto
      redclaytanto Před 15 dny +28

      Even took a pouty swipe at him over it. 🤣

  • Jenny
    Jenny Před 22 hodinami +5

    That’s right; the bear definitely understands your gestures

  • tsparhawk71
    tsparhawk71 Před dnem +14

    Bravest man ever who bounced a bear from the party and lived to tell the tale

  • ReddGal
    ReddGal Před 20 dny +30330

    That bear was like "Mike, I'll give you a pass today. I dont wanna embarrass you in front of all your lil friends" 😅😅

  • Geri Martin
    Geri Martin Před dnem +18

    We all have our stupid moments and this was Mikes… Hopefully when you sobered up you realized just how lucky you and everyone around you was that day..

  • Shimmermist
    Shimmermist Před 14 hodinami +6

    The bear was very gentle. Lucky you all

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris Před 28 dny +29883

    Mike is lucky he did not become a statistic
    Don’t be like Mike

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Před dnem +11

    At least the bear has better listening skills than Mike.

  • Bradley Sharp
    Bradley Sharp Před dnem +8

    That was a love tap, bears are just really powerful

    • Faithlynn Gabriel
      Faithlynn Gabriel Před 23 hodinami

      That was no love tap. He got clawed, did you not see the blood at the end of the vid?

    • Lisa Sternenkind
      Lisa Sternenkind Před 7 hodinami

      ​​@Faithlynn GabrielI was a very friendly tap. But the bear has claws. Have a look at cats who are considered "pets". They scratch their owners all over even though they could pull back their claws. Well bears can't do so.

  • KatyAnn
    KatyAnn Před 16 dny +1328

    "No!" 😂 He was talking to that bear like it was a damn dog. He is lucky af!

    • Thomas Hauer
      Thomas Hauer Před 16 dny +15

      He wasnt doing that the First time and all the city Slick comments have a clue apparently 😂 if he ran away or showed fear the bear is more likely to chase him

    • Ricky M
      Ricky M Před 16 dny +2

      I mean it is one of the softer breads 😂😂😂

    • cichyM
      cichyM Před 16 dny +4

      Yeah the bear is lucky he didnt have to use force

    • B J
      B J Před 16 dny +1


    • Yanet Cortez
      Yanet Cortez Před 16 dny

      Mike wasn’t scared😂 glad he’s ok

  • cookie22100
    cookie22100 Před 22 hodinami +5

    The bear said “shut up, don’t tell me what to f-ing do”, with that swipe 😂

  • Ayana Watson
    Ayana Watson Před dnem +3

    That slight swipe is a reminder of how strong that bear is and what COULD'VE happened. Good thing the bear was just curious.

  • DivineAtheistWannabe
    DivineAtheistWannabe Před 13 dny +2194

    Bear really said “I’m leaving, but only cos I felt like it. Let’s get that straight”

    • DSP
      DSP Před 13 dny +13

      Haha this was the perfect voice over for that bear

    • Meijing
      Meijing Před 13 dny +5

      😂😂😂 right

    • George Varughese
      George Varughese Před 13 dny +3


    • Geo Geo
      Geo Geo Před 12 dny +2


    • Tahu toa of fire
      Tahu toa of fire Před 7 dny +2

      Nah bear was intimidated at mikes raw determination to point

  • Primavera Verano
    Primavera Verano Před dnem +4

    That was very humiliating for the bear to ask him to leave the party...😢

  • Ana do Amaral
    Ana do Amaral Před 15 hodinami +2

    All Mike cared about what the few scratches he got… and the bear left like “I will leave buddy but this is far from over…” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clownfish777
    Clownfish777 Před 17 dny +1555

    The moment he shut that impenetrable metal security gate behind that bear, he instantly gave that sigh of relief.

    • Crystal Bowman
      Crystal Bowman Před 17 dny +41

      Ikr....that big arse beat can fart and knock that 2 ft high aluminum "barrier" over...he can stand on his hind legs and just pick dude up over the little fence....that was really a close call and now the bear is going to meander down that residential street ...wtheck!?😮😳

    • Kerry Egerton
      Kerry Egerton Před 17 dny +10


    • luis colon
      luis colon Před 17 dny +23

      😂😂😂 exactly
      Bear like : Do u even realize that arm is mine if I want it ? Go back to ur campfire MMike … bc that’s what I want!😂

    • Lead Me To Rainbows
      Lead Me To Rainbows Před 17 dny +12

      the most astute observation

    • agbor taku junior
      agbor taku junior Před 17 dny +3


  • Wendy Laan
    Wendy Laan Před 15 hodinami +2

    Respect works both ways and it shows!But how he says "no" to the bear. Like "bad boy" is so cute! 😂

  • Improving Today
    Improving Today Před dnem +1

    Mike did what God said we are all capable of doing and having. Command over the walking animals, flying birds, and creatures over the sea. I applaud his confidence and direct communication with the expected outcome! Way to go “David”!

  • There Their They’re
    There Their They’re Před 5 dny +992

    I love that they’re all cool once the gate closes like they’re now safe haha

    • rå
       Před 5 dny +5

      Lmfao right

    • Dpboom1
      Dpboom1 Před 5 dny +40

      reminds me of that episode where spongebob and patrick draw the circle in the dirt 💀

    • GingerChips
      GingerChips Před 4 dny +9

      It’s weird how simple animals can be. A gate can literally deter them from being in an area. Look at horses, they could jump half the fences they’re put behind but it’s risky

    • J Blessed
      J Blessed Před 4 dny

      ​@Dpboom1Right 😂😂😂

    • Est:Decatur GA
      Est:Decatur GA Před 4 dny +2


  • biggles the wiggles
    biggles the wiggles Před 23 hodinami +4

    If it's brown, lay down.
    If it's black, fight back.
    If it's white…..goodnight

  • Whatchu Juicing
    Whatchu Juicing Před 2 hodinami

    Mike is the guy that’s never wrong, gets drunk & then the parties over & he goes home to best his spouse

  • ImperfectlyPerfect
    ImperfectlyPerfect Před 10 dny +1179

    Mike is the reason warning labels are necessary

    • braemtes23
      braemtes23 Před 10 dny +18

      Mike is the reason that none of the many people (from the sounds of it) in that yard are maimed or dead. He put himself at risk to protect everyone there. We know there are cases when people foolishly put themselves in danger around wild animals and suffer the consequences for it. This is not one of those times.

    • ImperfectlyPerfect
      ImperfectlyPerfect Před 10 dny +33

      You are making Mike out to be a hero, he’s not. Sometimes bears attack, sometimes they don’t, Mike had nothing to do with what the bear decided to do.

    • Kay Fran
      Kay Fran Před 10 dny +4


    • EcnalKcin
      EcnalKcin Před 10 dny +5

      @ImperfectlyPerfect bears don't operate on coin flip decisions. Why they do things is clearly beyond you, but I am guessing Mike weighed his options and correctly took the one with the best chance of success.

    • ImperfectlyPerfect
      ImperfectlyPerfect Před 10 dny +10

      You obviously misunderstood what I said, not quite sure why.
      I didn’t think it was necessary to go beyond a simple explanation as to why Mike is not a hero. Mike did not control the bear or the situation, therefore Mike is not a hero. The bear did not want to kill at that particular moment for reasons only the bear would know. Are you getting my point this time?

  • Dr. Olapade Julius
    Dr. Olapade Julius Před dnem +1

    Such a calmness. That saves the day: friendship probably established.

    • Paul B
      Paul B Před dnem

      Mike was drunk off his a$$ and had courage from a bottle. That, or he was just sick and tired of bears crashing his parties.

  • Nicholas Arthur
    Nicholas Arthur Před 3 hodinami

    Good reaction mate. The bear never saw him as food. But whatever he had was food. And mike wasnt sharing. Standing your ground without fear or aggression was key.

  • Dani Lea
    Dani Lea Před 4 dny +1101

    The funniest part is when Mike tries to discipline that fuzzy killing machine like it's a naughty puppy. 😂

    • Булат Кульгильдин
      Булат Кульгильдин Před 3 dny +8

      Why in america u din't enough discipline your bears to behave apropriatly? In russia this bear was out of salmon for week, and would be driven away with a slipper in this sitution (also
      show that a slipper is something to be afraid of easily by your own example ).

    • Ada Gramble
      Ada Gramble Před 3 dny +1


    • good XD
      good XD Před 3 dny +3

      It worked😂

    • Josiah McCoy
      Josiah McCoy Před 3 dny +1

      Bears are just big forest dogs, but beware, impossible to fully train.

    • Priscilla E.
      Priscilla E. Před 3 dny +1

      Yessss that's the part that got me 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Testa
    Elizabeth Testa Před 21 hodinou

    The bear wasn’t attacking but it’s still a bear. The guy stayed amazingly calm and that is what probably saved him from being mauled into burger meat.

  • Luke 8:17
    Luke 8:17 Před dnem +1

    Nothing worse than when u have to ask someone to leave

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad Před 15 dny +964

    Mike is that one guy that always tells you stories you never believed they're true

    • Murat Yılmaz
      Murat Yılmaz Před 14 dny +13

      Ahaahs so true. And i gave the bear a look.

    • Jason Taylor
      Jason Taylor Před 14 dny +32

      GTFOH, you ain't punk no black bear and make him leave no damn party! Mike is always lying! 😅

    • PIRATE55HIT Inc.
      PIRATE55HIT Inc. Před 14 dny +12

      Well I be Damn! Mike wasn't Lying! 😳

    • D. Cohee
      D. Cohee Před 14 dny +23

      ​@Jason Taylor"i swear man 😅 no joke, i pointed up and said, go on, GET! And his punka*s mean mugged me, swiped my a*s with his claws, and marched on outa there! I kid u not"
      .....dude, stfu 😆

    • Jason Taylor
      Jason Taylor Před 14 dny

      @D. Cohee 😂

  • Adrienne Piccono
    Adrienne Piccono Před 7 hodinami

    PSA: Don’t be like Mike. That could have gone sideways 😬
    Mike was VERY lucky.
    That bear might’ve let him off thinking he could come back later and hunt for scraps or dig through the garbage.
    My guess is that bear gets fed by people 🥺

  • Jamison Niezurawski
    Jamison Niezurawski Před 16 dny +3521

    Mike had the confidence that only 8 Busch lights can give you.

    • Satonya Gonzales
      Satonya Gonzales Před 16 dny +31


    • Candice Brunson
      Candice Brunson Před 16 dny +73

      Definitely not Bud Light, lol.

    • Cerberus
      Cerberus Před 16 dny +18

      ​@Candice Brunsonlame joke

    • Alex
      Alex Před 16 dny +66

      @Cerberuswell now we know who drinks bud light

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Před 17 hodinami

    Mike looked at him and said “Hey, NO!😠”
    as a teacher, I felt that.

  • Blippityblop
    Blippityblop Před 2 dny +979

    Mike, that’s a wild fucking animal sir.

    • DMCreates
      DMCreates Před 2 dny +18

      "hey HEY!.. NO! 😡👉" 😂😂😂 mike is hilarious

    • Streeknine
      Streeknine Před dnem +22

      What the bear didn't know was Mike is a wild fucking animal too!

    • Helgard Forche
      Helgard Forche Před dnem

      Er hat trotzdem schlechte Manieren.

    • arringar
      arringar Před dnem +1

      @Streeknine I absolutely love this. 💀🤣

    • Jacob Welch
      Jacob Welch Před dnem +1

      Everything is wild until it's not 🤣

  • LenaOnMeAlways
    LenaOnMeAlways Před 15 hodinami +1

    Mike did right...he didn't show fear and was in command!

  • Pulling The strings
    Pulling The strings Před 14 hodinami

    That bear has more manners than my neighbors 😂

  • Jane
    Jane Před 21 dnem +3444

    If you decide to dance with a bear, it is the bear that decides how the dance ends.

    • strout899
      strout899 Před 20 dny +23

      True wisdom

    • Derek Price
      Derek Price Před 20 dny +43

      Smith and Wesson just entered the chat!

    • Rose Tyner
      Rose Tyner Před 20 dny +13

      Are you kidding??? All that bear has to do is lean forward and either destroy the fence or roll over it into the yard. YIKES!

    • Zé
       Před 19 dny +4

      no shit

    • Truth Talker
      Truth Talker Před 18 dny +2


  • Sir link The fourth
    Sir link The fourth Před dnem

    It's a black bear they aren't typically aggressive unless you are, as long as they think they can't take you you're fine, however they absolutely can take you lol.
    The fact he was so confident especially when the bear tested the waters by slapping him is probably part of the reason it just fucked off instead of attacking.

  • Jennifer Leavelle
    Jennifer Leavelle Před 20 minutami

    😅❤😅😮 now That's What I call taking one for the team. Way to go Mike! Just earned the party title, "Bear Bouncer".

  • Geraldine Faubert
    Geraldine Faubert Před 7 dny +532

    I love how he points his finger at it with a firm NO like it was a dog. Very Lucky Man

    • Harald S
      Harald S Před 6 dny +3

      Can i pet that daug😂😂

    • Artha Jenkins
      Artha Jenkins Před 6 dny +3

      Right "No" that bear could've ripped his guts out 😫😫😫

    • Luke Gentry
      Luke Gentry Před 6 dny

      @Artha Jenkinstrue but black bears are pretty docile compared to the rest of the bear family like yes that bear would kill that man but it wouldn’t have the easiest time bc those bears don’t hunt they scavenge that’s why they say if it’s black fight back cuz you actually have a chance

  • Ambutu Newsone
    Ambutu Newsone Před 21 hodinou

    It sucks that we’re taking up their space and then tell them to “get out”. 😔

  • Sandra Rawn
    Sandra Rawn Před dnem +1

    A wild animal is gunna always be just that, a wild animal.

  • ZymixProductions
    ZymixProductions Před 15 dny +1103

    I think Mike had a few beers and the Bear knew it and gave Mike a break.

    • CatrinaHM
      CatrinaHM Před 15 dny +9

      Who had a few beers? Mike, or the bear?

    • S_W1
      S_W1 Před 15 dny +6

      😂i see what you did there 😢

    • SDaniel619
      SDaniel619 Před 15 dny +1

      For God damn sure..

    • Coronet Shop
      Coronet Shop Před 15 dny +3

      I can’t bear this 😂😂😂

    • Lamar Taylor
      Lamar Taylor Před 15 dny +1

      Mike got a pass and used it lol

  • Daily Dose of Dirt
    Daily Dose of Dirt Před 9 hodinami

    Gotta love the. . "Whoa, Hey....NO." Like it was an oversized puppy chewing a slipper 😂

  • Emily F
    Emily F Před dnem +2

    Thats the same way the group acts when Mike leaves the bar after too many.

  • 12341234solo
    12341234solo Před 11 dny +564

    Good thing you close that fence behind him so he couldn't get back in and get you.

    • PsyMan Magus X
      PsyMan Magus X Před 10 dny

      I bet he felt relieved after he closed it too.

    • T
      T Před 10 dny +19


    • T
      T Před 10 dny +11


    • Abraxxas777
      Abraxxas777 Před 10 dny +7


    • Vida
      Vida Před 10 dny +7


  • Willie Jones
    Willie Jones Před dnem

    Bear was just liking Mike's Lake Life Vibes shirt.

  • Bourbon Lover
    Bourbon Lover Před 22 hodinami

    That is one lucky man. Darwin Award of the year.

  • Jesus Christian
    Jesus Christian Před 16 dny +1613

    Shoutout to the camera man for being in place, quiet and prepared for the mauling.

    • pretty poison tv
      pretty poison tv Před 16 dny +21


    • The Answer
      The Answer Před 16 dny +11


    • Hyun Lim
      Hyun Lim  Před 16 dny +16

      If it was a women she would be screaming and filming the ground and trees

    • Shane Nolan
      Shane Nolan Před 16 dny +4


  • Noel
    Noel Před 17 hodinami

    The bear just had to remind him that “You don’t run shit!!” 😂😂😂

  • Alberto Delfin
    Alberto Delfin Před dnem

    That was a friendly pas from the bear saying he'll be back when theres more people.

  • bamadad53
    bamadad53 Před 18 dny +431

    Mike is still alive because that bear was like “this fool is so stupid he couldn’t taste very good”.

    • vegashitshow
      vegashitshow Před 18 dny +3


    • Mike Hemingway
      Mike Hemingway Před 18 dny +3

      Nailed it!

    • Laila2022
      Laila2022 Před 18 dny +1


    • RanndomUndead
      RanndomUndead Před 18 dny +7

      hes alive because he didnt move. if he wouldve tried to get away hed be dead. that bear paw swiping him was trying to call his bluff.

    • Natasha Stanwyck
      Natasha Stanwyck Před 18 dny

      Woah, you hit the nail on the head!

  • Scott Crawford
    Scott Crawford Před dnem

    All those people making Mike nervous and second guess were not helping. He needed to show supreme confidence there. Not have a bunch of people telling him to run out start cowaring. He made his choice and when he was firm the bear backed down. Then that lady saying Mike get out of there. He got nervous there. It was way more likely at this point to go bad from those people taking Mike's nerve. Either way lucky guy.

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C Před dnem

    Mike is G. Legend has it he's out telling bears "no" to their party invasions. 😂

  • Pa - Pa
    Pa - Pa Před 10 dny +256

    That bear was like, don’t f-ing rush me Mike, I don’t need an escort 😂

  • william walker
    william walker Před 16 hodinami

    That's a 350-plus pound bear. You, sir, have some brass balls!!

  • 555
    555 Před dnem

    This why you always invite your friend Mike from Florida to every party.

  • LMD
    LMD Před 19 dny +566

    Yeah, bear was definitely not taking that low level of disrespect had to check him at the end. 😂

    • Mo Smith
      Mo Smith Před 19 dny +25

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    • Brenda B
      Brenda B Před 16 dny +11

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  • Glenda
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      AbySmaL Před 19 dny +6

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  • Вера Такаякаквсе

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      J D Před 18 dny +4

      Just looking around the property from the video I know. Absolutely KNOW, they've been feeding this bear.
      We'd (I'm LEO) criminally charge the homeowners if this video is Alaska.

    • Angelo Ulysse
      Angelo Ulysse Před 18 dny


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      MX rider#71 Před 19 dny +4

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