Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Official Music Video - The Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Eurovision 2019

  • čas přidán 6. 03. 2019
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    Paul Bellaart
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    Duncan Laurence will represent The Netherlands at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with the song Arcade.
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    “Love can be a crazy thing. We run into it, we dance, we fall… blindly. And when it’s gone, all we do is hope for it to ever come back. Until we realize, mostly when it’s too late, that like a small town boy in a big arcade, we’ve been addicted to a losing game.”
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    A broken heart is all that’s left
    I’m still fixing all the cracks
    Lost a couple of pieces when
    I carried it carried it carried it home
    I’m afraid of all I am
    My mind feels like a foreign land
    Silence ringing inside my head
    Please carry me carry me carry me home
    I’ve spent all of the love I saved
    We were always a losing game
    Small town boy in a big arcade
    I got addicted to a losing game
    Oh, oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    All I know, all I know
    Loving you is a losing game
    How many pennies in the slot
    Giving us up didn’t take a lot
    I saw the end ‘for it begun
    Still I carried I carried, I carry on
    Oh, oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    All I know, all I know
    Loving you is a losing game
    Oh, oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    All I know, all I know
    Loving you is a losing game
    I don’t need your games, game over
    Get me off this rollercoaster
    Oh, oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    All I know, all I know
    Loving you is a losing game
    Oh, oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh
    All I know, all I know
    Loving you is a losing game
    2019 Spark Records BV, under exclusive license to Universal Music

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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest  Před 3 lety +2

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  • PhoenixFlameGames
    PhoenixFlameGames Před rokem +1

    Honestly, being Dutch, it made me very proud that he won by voice and talent alone. NO flashy effects, no sexy ladies or handsome boys as dancers, just him, his piano and his beautiful voice. Even 2 years later and having 1 year of that song being SPAMMED on the radio, I'm still not sick of it and probably never will be.

  • DMP.TV
    DMP.TV Před rokem +871

    This guy wins achievement after achievement.

  • Фарида Башиза

    Просто песня для души

  • Leia Koh
    Leia Koh Před rokem +1

    I don't know what my neighbour was going through he was blasting this song on max volume for hours and I ended up here after I shazamed it I hope he's okay tho

  • avojaydo🥑
    avojaydo🥑 Před rokem +505

    I'm so happy that he finally is getting recognition. It doesn't matter if Arcade is getting hyped because of TikTok, just appreciate that Arcade blew up :)

  • a.alnaghi
    a.alnaghi Před rokem +3

    There are 3 types of people in the world

  • Melanie Xoxo
    Melanie Xoxo Před 3 lety +11

    This music video has more views than the population of the Netherlands

  • CoarseDirtBlock
    CoarseDirtBlock Před rokem +160

    Eurovision will never get old when it continues to produce incredible songs like this.

  • Furkan Çekiç

    3 years ago, we listened this gorgeous song first time. We were lucky, we didn't know from tiktok or instagram. I'm really proud of that. Thanks Duncan.

  • Anya Zubova
    Anya Zubova Před rokem +79

    Что-то божественное и невероятное несмотря на простоту. Чувствуется глубокий замысел. И видеоклип и песня навсегда остаются в памяти и не отпускают. Здесь точно магия, никак иначе. Вокалист очень красивый, мне кажется я ушла вместе с ним под воду

    RAMAZAN Před rokem +898

    Это прекрасная песня😍

  • Marina Kuznetsova
    Marina Kuznetsova Před rokem +66

    Супер 👍. Заслуженная победа, нет слов 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Happiness Swallow
    Happiness Swallow Před 2 lety +1

    Лайк, если Благодаря видосам в Инсте узнал, о существовании этой ШЕДЕВРАЛЬНОЙ ПЕСНИ 😭😭😭 боже я плачу от удовольствия!

  • АрЫныч
    АрЫныч Před rokem +1

    Очень очень очень класная песня!!!!! Пряма крик души

  • Edvina Bregu

    Eurovision should be proud of you Duncan.2022 still listening ♥️

  • Margarita_Army

    Я даже не знала что эта песня песня Евровидении 😱💜

  • senal weerasekara
    senal weerasekara Před rokem +68

    Sometimes you just listen to a song and enjoy it. But there's a specific time when you really feel the song. when you relate to the song.


    After all this years, this song still hits the very bottom of spines and gives me goosebumps! I just love this masterpiece!

  • IliarIs Here
    IliarIs Here Před rokem +4

    I’m proud that I’m part of the world who didn’t hear this from tiktok