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  • čas přidán 29. 11. 2022
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  • @user-nt1zg2eo5n
    @user-nt1zg2eo5n Před rokem +779

    papanomaly has slowly become the crash-test doll of what human body is capable of

    • @viktorpettersson9975
      @viktorpettersson9975 Před rokem +26

      Anomaly does the same thing but with calories.

    • @MrXxHunter
      @MrXxHunter Před rokem +17

      @@viktorpettersson9975 And coffeine

    • @pajonczeg3740
      @pajonczeg3740 Před rokem

      we have it on Poland. He is called poziomka13. He drink
      denatured alcohol

    • @SukkaKissa
      @SukkaKissa Před 11 měsíci +1

      Yea the crash test dummy😂

    • @AWPclan920
      @AWPclan920 Před 3 měsíci +1

      next video be like how many bottels of 95% can pappa chug

  • @eastterminal2246
    @eastterminal2246 Před rokem +315

    I swear, every other night papanomaly hears "so, papa" in his nightmares and wakes up in cold sweat

    • @Nookimus
      @Nookimus Před rokem +9

      Dream Anomaly: HELLO PAPA
      Papa: *bolts upright, clutching his blankets* No....

    • @WhiterunGuard50
      @WhiterunGuard50 Před rokem

      ​@@Nookimus anomaly staring at papanomaly with 20 alchol in his hands in the middle of the night

    • @BeerBellyBerserker
      @BeerBellyBerserker Před 11 měsíci

      Or "Do you see?" 😂

  • @captghostly4148
    @captghostly4148 Před rokem +309

    Anomaly is defo still more messed up than Papa's liver i can just tell

  • @MasterCuddless
    @MasterCuddless Před rokem +454

    Papa’s liver fighting for it’s life rn

  • @Zygimantas113
    @Zygimantas113 Před rokem +341

    Seven years ago I was given a bottle of this as a gift, and not understanding the danger, I drank the lot in one session. I awoke several weeks later in a field somewhere east of Warsaw, wearing a perfectly clean, bespoke, three piece pinstripe suit with twenty thousand zloty in the pocket. There were three dead sheep lying next to me, and an old fashioned dictaphone. I listened to the tape, and heard my own voice speaking fluent Polish - a language I have never studied. When I returned to the UK none of my friends, family, or work colleagues remembered me at all. It was as if my entire existence up to that point had been erased. 5/5 highly recommended!

  • @Blank-tf2qe
    @Blank-tf2qe Před rokem +126

    watching anomaly abuse papa is like seeing my intrusive thoughts win

  • @JallerS
    @JallerS Před rokem +594

    I'm from Poland, and I can confirm; in our country we drink 95% alcohol like juice. Good breakfast.

  • @Noksus
    @Noksus Před rokem +47

    Papa is hella traumatized, he flinched at the end when Anomaly went for a high five XD

  • @MrTrool323
    @MrTrool323 Před rokem +103

    Fun fact
    The current world champion who was caught as the most drunk person of the world title is being held by a Polish person with 14 promiles and still being somewhat functional

    • @eduardkalmanawardze
      @eduardkalmanawardze Před rokem +8

      There was a woman who was laying in snow for few hours and somehow doctors managed to revive her.
      Edit: She was hammered as fuck and got lost.

    • @dusanstojkovic8801
      @dusanstojkovic8801 Před 8 měsíci

      actually no it was a Serbian guy who had 14.7 promiles

    • @MrTrool323
      @MrTrool323 Před 8 měsíci

      @@dusanstojkovic8801 it's literally a stand off who can drink more at this point

  • @kabel_jebany1
    @kabel_jebany1 Před rokem +28

    Least alcoholic anomaly&papanomaly video

  • @I.G_NL
    @I.G_NL Před rokem +114

    I see the alcohol break is going well for papa.
    Also where are the other us vlogs?

  • @777maroko
    @777maroko Před 9 měsíci +3

    "How much?" "Yes"😂

  • @theweeniewiggle1136
    @theweeniewiggle1136 Před rokem +49

    Hello from Azerbaijan.
    That's exactly the kind of bartender we have in our country.

  • @donataspapeckys1118
    @donataspapeckys1118 Před rokem +18

    Half the times when anomaly says a joke as papa drinks i start to believe that papa "laughs" just so he can spit out all that regret he made almost 28 years ago now

    • @raging100
      @raging100 Před rokem +1

      Yea its gettin a bit repetetive

  • @osmankerimli6710
    @osmankerimli6710 Před rokem +84

    As an Azerbaijani bartender, yes we make these drinks every day

  • @-eclipse5411
    @-eclipse5411 Před rokem +9

    bro the timing of him naming the drinks is the funniest thing ever

  • @TheSpinia
    @TheSpinia Před rokem +12

    LUDDE YOU'RE ON A ROLL IN THIS VIDEO DAMN, I haven't laughed this hard in 5 years and I'm not even 3 minutes in🤣🤣🤣

  • @mr_saiiko
    @mr_saiiko Před rokem +20

    This is not your regular type of alcoholic friend, I'll tell you that much.

    • @UltimateGamerCC
      @UltimateGamerCC Před rokem +2

      yeah, no kidding, this is usually what goes in your car...

  • @h3atzzz
    @h3atzzz Před rokem +8

    "Papa is an alcoholic" says Anomaly pooring him half and half Cuba Libre with 95% spirit xd

  • @ratdisease9148
    @ratdisease9148 Před rokem +7

    Papa sacrifising his life for our entertainment

  • @ML_Tachanka
    @ML_Tachanka Před rokem +4

    I see Anomaly isn’t even hiding the fact that he is trying to kill papa anymore.

  • @whynot7658
    @whynot7658 Před rokem +4

    I swear at this point this is attempted murder with alcohol poisoning

  • @Mike242
    @Mike242 Před rokem +4

    I can’t eat food anymore while watching anomaly’s videos I either end up gagging with him or laughing so hard I spit it out lol

  • @Adalbala
    @Adalbala Před rokem +3

    This channel is the closest we'll ever get to dark web

  • @arsipantsu
    @arsipantsu Před rokem +6

    Every day I grow more worried for Papa's well-being..

  • @exclusivefusion
    @exclusivefusion Před rokem +66

    im from azerbaijan and i can confirm he is the best bartender in azerbaijan

  • @phanaticz
    @phanaticz Před rokem +3

    I fucking love you two. Hilarious content as always! 😂😂

  • @dansite7157
    @dansite7157 Před rokem +1

    garvar alltid när jag kollar på er två, tack för alla dessa år!! kungar är ni

  • @jonieijaksa
    @jonieijaksa Před rokem +10

    Papa is carrying the channel

  • @krentusz1133
    @krentusz1133 Před rokem +49

    as a Polish person i can say that we drink this normally only adding some lemon juice

  • @sittinkittin
    @sittinkittin Před rokem +5

    The most precum-filled Anomaly & Papanomaly video to date. Congrats, guys!

  • @gregorpodkriznik5076
    @gregorpodkriznik5076 Před rokem +6

    You guy's should leave Surströmming in VODKA for a week, and then papa tries it, for anomaly leave it in his FAVORITE energy drink!!!!!

  • @romeosarkansky5363
    @romeosarkansky5363 Před rokem +2

    Man I need to puke just from seeing Papa drinking those diarrhea-level drinks

  • @95freakout
    @95freakout Před rokem +64

    Take Papah to a liver test and show us the results. Don't fuck around with ur liver once it's gone you're going with it real fast.

    • @batt3ryac1d
      @batt3ryac1d Před rokem +15

      He can have a node of Ludde's liver if it isn't chalk from all the energy drinks.

    • @95freakout
      @95freakout Před rokem +1

      @@batt3ryac1d idk how damaged livers work tbh. I only know that a failing liver is your death sentence if you don't get a transplant.

    • @eduardkalmanawardze
      @eduardkalmanawardze Před rokem +3

      his eye on 9:01 was slightly yellowish, that's not good.

  • @Picruder.
    @Picruder. Před 7 měsíci +4

    3:32 average Polish car

  • @Nihil660
    @Nihil660 Před rokem +1

    love it when there is a new video on the second channel. best channel!

  • @Ma7hew
    @Ma7hew Před rokem +6

    "Time for a small drink before work"~ polish construction worker

  • @icannotfly
    @icannotfly Před rokem +1

    anomaly your degeneracy was on point here

  • @MrSaab_
    @MrSaab_ Před rokem +3

    Papanomaly's throat after this vid : 💀

  • @Crazcosmopwnu
    @Crazcosmopwnu Před rokem +8

    At what point does this become abuse of the elderly 😆

  • @silent_bob_
    @silent_bob_ Před měsícem

    Bwoah... Rancid
    Papa is an absolute trooper.

  • @stefano823_ttvyt
    @stefano823_ttvyt Před rokem +8

    8:05 Made me laugh so much🤣🤣

  • @kamicaza2463
    @kamicaza2463 Před rokem

    one of the best content i have seen in a while

  • @NikoFromOneShot
    @NikoFromOneShot Před rokem +2

    This is second time a fat man destroyed something with years of fighting and legacy behind it. Except this time it's a liver.

  • @noseboost
    @noseboost Před rokem +1

    Remember taking shots of Spiritus with my friends in the middle school before the class

  • @ETcsgo
    @ETcsgo Před rokem +2

    Great tutorial video on how to start alcoholism❤

  • @thehunter3086
    @thehunter3086 Před 9 měsíci

    I though he was gone start going crazy with the fire extinguisher at the end

  • @SlaskenTacos
    @SlaskenTacos Před rokem +5

    This time i actually felt bad for papa 😅👌

  • @pu-FP
    @pu-FP Před rokem +1

    3:43 that free hand was like 5 drinks

  • @FavkTheDemon
    @FavkTheDemon Před rokem +1

    2:27 looks like the spirytus works really fast

  • @Steinersgarage
    @Steinersgarage Před rokem

    3:02 is the most epic thing i have ever seen in my entire life

  • @TheyCallMeNorth
    @TheyCallMeNorth Před rokem

    idk why i watch these when i eat lunch.. bad idea papa yackin entire episode

  • @traktoresports8231
    @traktoresports8231 Před rokem +1

    Now im sure Anomaly is secretly poisoning his father with deadly spiritus maximu for the big swedish heritage.

  • @TuynovicN
    @TuynovicN Před rokem +1

    dying from laughter over here!

  • @krauterlikor
    @krauterlikor Před rokem +2

    olive /sunflower oil mixed with alcohol will often remove the taste, you will propably throw up if you drink a lot of it tho
    (i speak from experience)

  • @endlesslytired
    @endlesslytired Před rokem +2

    Papa needs to make him do something crazy like this

  • @BobbyDaBunnyRabbit
    @BobbyDaBunnyRabbit Před rokem

    “I like … black balls” 😂😂😂

  • @MarikMelvinSchmishtar

    Pretty sure that CZcams won't demonetize a video that makes us laughing much more often than usual

  • @Povilaz
    @Povilaz Před rokem

    Very interesting concept!

  • @triledink
    @triledink Před rokem +2

    If a mosquito bites papanomaly it will instantly evaporate with all the alcohol in his blood.

  • @misterjeffa2128
    @misterjeffa2128 Před rokem

    When anomaly held the tabasco you could see papa regret everything in the background.

  • @pikEN1337
    @pikEN1337 Před rokem +2

    Holy fuck, papanomaly musy really love You 😂😂😂

  • @DrJuiceMan
    @DrJuiceMan Před rokem

    I hope this channel gets more subs than your main

  • @carolusrex3973
    @carolusrex3973 Před rokem

    That ”Ja ja, såpass” close to the the end made me cry laughing

  • @killuazoldyck7705
    @killuazoldyck7705 Před rokem +3

    I thought Papanomaly was done with alcohol :(

  • @wolfric951
    @wolfric951 Před rokem +1

    Sad that papa failed to quit drinking

  • @emilbengan2557
    @emilbengan2557 Před rokem +1

    i drank warm choklat and i laughed so i got third degree burn

  • @miska5606
    @miska5606 Před rokem

    Drunk case opening with spirit when?

  • @aaron9777
    @aaron9777 Před rokem

    Idk if the day will ever come when they make something appetizing

  • @TheMerklich
    @TheMerklich Před rokem +1

    The liver said - Sayonara!

  • @adamfotarz6128
    @adamfotarz6128 Před rokem +17

    Fun fact: You can get blind if you drink too much of that

    • @sworatex1683
      @sworatex1683 Před rokem +9

      Fun fact: you mean methanol not ethanol

    • @ananasek5560
      @ananasek5560 Před rokem +2

      @@sworatex1683 Another fun fact. Drinking ethanol can help recover from the effects of methanol. Or at least thats what I heard.

    • @juhanipaaso157
      @juhanipaaso157 Před rokem +1

      @@ananasek5560 yes it tames it down. but the thing is that 1 teaspoon of methanol will make you blind and 1 table spoon will kill you :)

    • @icediverfull
      @icediverfull Před rokem +1

      @@ananasek5560 thats true
      With severe methanolpoisoning you get ethanol infusions to hold you at about 1 permille for several days.

  • @dominok5527
    @dominok5527 Před rokem +1

    greetings from poland

  • @baboking2484
    @baboking2484 Před rokem

    these kind of videos are the better versions of 5 minute crafts

  • @walter5668
    @walter5668 Před rokem

    This video deserves more views

  • @hanniball6770
    @hanniball6770 Před rokem

    this is the content i love

  • @ZiNiq_
    @ZiNiq_ Před rokem +3

    As an polish I approved those drinks. Very nice

  • @Erwinho-ei3yo
    @Erwinho-ei3yo Před rokem

    good video guys love your content

  • @chicago499
    @chicago499 Před rokem

    Sambu con musca (coffee beans) is an actually decent shot. Sweet anise sambuca with bitter coffee balances perfectly.

  • @fabianjacobsson3835
    @fabianjacobsson3835 Před rokem

    Grattis till 1 miljon subs

  • @cjkeough7591
    @cjkeough7591 Před rokem

    wait until Anomaly hears about Moonshine from Southern US (specifically Mississippi)

  • @QenaitheCustodianGuard

    I love the egg splash still on the wall

  • @NozzyCoaie
    @NozzyCoaie Před rokem +2

    i dont think papa will be alive for long from now

  • @LOLgamerCZ
    @LOLgamerCZ Před rokem +1

    Soon it will just be: "DRINKING PURE ALCOHOL (100%) (GONE WRONG)"

  • @balsa0108
    @balsa0108 Před rokem

    This is only kind of video where Papa is forcing Anomaly to record for CZcams

  • @randriu1221
    @randriu1221 Před rokem

    When will you finally go to Poland? Youve said some time ago that youll visit us!!! I keep waiting for that to happen!!!

  • @thered6895
    @thered6895 Před rokem +2

    The poles views probably sky rocketed after the polish video and anomaly is now milking poles pog

  • @SwtorSateleShanFan
    @SwtorSateleShanFan Před rokem +3

    I love how in the thumbnail papa pours the liquid through the cap thats still on the bottle.
    Papa is magician yes!

  • @oh_emiko
    @oh_emiko Před rokem +3

    Oh no, not again 😂 Papa is going to pass away

  • @ayden_woodhouse6269
    @ayden_woodhouse6269 Před rokem

    Almost threw up too, but was worth it

  • @vnzstz209
    @vnzstz209 Před rokem +5

    anomaly has the best names for drinks ngl

  • @mr.prankkiller66
    @mr.prankkiller66 Před rokem

    Its never late to give up.

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +2

    Ludde making Papa drinking a lot of crap was hilarious but I'm concerning about his liver because holy crap... Those were bad combinations of drinks.

  • @Undrej
    @Undrej Před rokem +1

    3:33 cars in 1900s be like:

  • @spasslarsyt489
    @spasslarsyt489 Před 10 měsíci +2

    Me still waiting for part 2 :(

  • @jakovmlin5173
    @jakovmlin5173 Před rokem

    Havent laughed this much at a video in a while

  • @domwaite9818
    @domwaite9818 Před rokem

    "My kitchen! D:" Like he ever uses it

  • @unloved_rain
    @unloved_rain Před rokem

    The names for the drinks are hilarious
    One better than the other

  • @driftking201o7
    @driftking201o7 Před rokem +1

    these are vids are still funny asf

  • @Tokenzz_
    @Tokenzz_ Před rokem

    This is making me laugh and gag at the same time .

  • @Germancubing
    @Germancubing Před rokem

    No one:
    Anomaly: "and some lemon"