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  • čas přidán 31. 10. 2022
  • America is the land of food and snacks. Let's see if it's really all that great B-)
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  • @viktoryes.
    @viktoryes. Před rokem +3693

    We need an "Anomaly tries healthy food" video

    • @Zuvaros
      @Zuvaros Před rokem

      his body would go into a shock and he probably would die

    • @thelema3278
      @thelema3278 Před rokem +88

      Will never happen

    • @ludwi7len
      @ludwi7len Před rokem +81

      what next, Amonaly goea to the moon?😳

    • @aaron9777
      @aaron9777 Před rokem +95

      @@ludwi7len anomaly is the moon

    • @gabimarin
      @gabimarin Před rokem +10

      Anomaly be like : "ON MY DEAD BODY"

  • @onlybob719
    @onlybob719 Před rokem +1659

    this is just an excuse to fill anomaly's stomach after switching diets with linda

  • @GalaticRuler
    @GalaticRuler Před rokem +754

    As an American, Anomaly is more American than he thinks

  • @jkgfhgkhjnvfcf1307
    @jkgfhgkhjnvfcf1307 Před rokem +1248

    Anomaly: Mac and cheese kinda shit
    also Anomaly; eats the whole fucking bowl in the next minute

    • @500dollarjapanesetoaster8
      @500dollarjapanesetoaster8 Před rokem +31

      The velveeta shells and cheese are better.
      He should've tried some breakfast cereals too.

    • @kengbeats6586
      @kengbeats6586 Před rokem +26

      also the worst mac n cheese u can even get here

    • @rudolfhess7169
      @rudolfhess7169 Před rokem +13

      @@kengbeats6586 stopbeing lazy and buy macaronis and cheese separetly

    • @mw9714
      @mw9714 Před rokem +4

      mac and cheese kinda mid

    • @piotrek1955
      @piotrek1955 Před rokem +9

      he is hungry, he isnt a picky eater so he can eat it he just saying its mid but its edible

  • @Ubarberet
    @Ubarberet Před rokem +539

    Can't wait for Anomaly's "Trying fruit and vegetables for the first time" video

    • @zig1
      @zig1 Před rokem +3

      he kinda did at 5:16

    • @ingczeq2557
      @ingczeq2557 Před rokem +1

      He did, he ate a Apple from japan and i think he also ate an orange

    • @UltimateGamerCC
      @UltimateGamerCC Před rokem

      *shows clip of Anomaly gagging.*

  • @1caaru5
    @1caaru5 Před rokem +739

    After all these years, anomaly and papanomaly still look as good as ever

  • @JallerS
    @JallerS Před rokem +398

    Anomaly: *eats Mac&Cheese* It's kinda shit
    Also Anomaly: *eats more Mac&Cheese*
    Fat moment

    • @mrbrownie1383
      @mrbrownie1383 Před rokem +13

      pretends to be a normal weight person

    • @lordassface8810
      @lordassface8810 Před rokem +3

      Well Kraft mac&cheese is kinda shit but I still finish the entire bowl haha

    • @sandboy5880
      @sandboy5880 Před rokem

      Until they get cancer.

  • @SwooceCSGO
    @SwooceCSGO Před rokem +107

    "goldfish taste chemically" -anomaly as he chugs the entire bottle of butter flavored oil

  • @MEE7CH
    @MEE7CH Před rokem +193

    Papa deserves a medal for all of the abuse he endures for these videos LMAO

    • @albibarti3951
      @albibarti3951 Před 8 měsíci +1

      I just wanted to ask, why does anomaly “abuse” his dad ?

    • @DannyOlesen
      @DannyOlesen Před 2 měsíci

      @@albibarti3951 For content

  • @swankbank
    @swankbank Před rokem +50

    Anomaly: *eats broccoli and sais it tastes good*
    Papanomaly: "I think you're just too hungry"

  • @oppickles1358
    @oppickles1358 Před rokem +158

    Anomaly. You are my favorite creator on this whole site. Love your videos

    • @Burgerplayer3920
      @Burgerplayer3920 Před rokem +14

      average anomaly fan

    • @Grandmaster-Kush
      @Grandmaster-Kush Před rokem +1

      Anomaly I go to him in Sweden and gangstalk him for sign my kniv with "Fat tiddy lagerstedt" please

    • @oppickles1358
      @oppickles1358 Před rokem +3

      @@Burgerplayer3920 si

    • @oppickles1358
      @oppickles1358 Před rokem +8

      @@Burgerplayer3920 idk. I just saw the video was posted 12 seconds ago and wanted to say something that made sense and not just "hi" or something boring

    • @Burgerplayer3920
      @Burgerplayer3920 Před rokem +2

      @@oppickles1358 it's le joke mah man, saw your pfp and posted my comment

  • @domonkosszabo398
    @domonkosszabo398 Před rokem +31

    "This tastes like cardboard. 6/10"
    "It's REALLY good. 5/10"

  • @JULI0
    @JULI0 Před rokem +172

    I promise you that dried shrimp is NOT something we eat in Mexico hahaha

    • @bloqz8199
      @bloqz8199 Před rokem +7

      Maybe you but I see these bags everywhere in Durango

    • @shini64m14
      @shini64m14 Před rokem +45

      I'm pretty sure he was supposed to remove the shell

    • @sj.trixst3r300
      @sj.trixst3r300 Před rokem +2

      idk where the hell gas station he go that from but i am staying very far away from it

    • @spartazomb_yt
      @spartazomb_yt Před rokem


  • @thekernel6506
    @thekernel6506 Před rokem +44

    the only youtuber who can make me laugh hysterically still. Been watching since 2014. I love you guys

  • @disappointment5835
    @disappointment5835 Před rokem +36

    oh god, his BMI has increased even more

  • @bush359
    @bush359 Před rokem +28

    I love how he pulls out the most heinous nasty food that most Americans don’t eat and then proceeds to say “apparently Americans love this”

    • @gojirabh9383
      @gojirabh9383 Před rokem +8

      Most American snacks are either painfully mediocre or straight up trash, so it doesn't really matter

  • @shini64m14
    @shini64m14 Před rokem +29

    Is nobody going to mention him trying to eat a shrimp with its shell

    • @Robin-hi8oq
      @Robin-hi8oq Před rokem +1

      Yea wtf i thought everyone knew you atleast had to remove the shell lmao

    • @balagadoo
      @balagadoo Před rokem

      bruh my dad n a buncha other older guys I know all eat shrimp with the shells

  • @lucky_day
    @lucky_day Před 9 měsíci +4

    7:30 If you toast the bread and take it to school, it will be wet and not crunchy at all.
    For example: when you order french fries in mc auto and then driving home, it will be wet, cuz of condensate.

  • @FadedOxide
    @FadedOxide Před rokem +9

    4:00 "As close as you can get to a perfect chip" Dorito's used to have the truly *perfect* chip called JACKED ranch dipped hot wing that's like the non nerfed version of the chip you just ate there. They were seriously the best chips ever and I'd pay so much for just a single bag, they've been discontinued for years.

    • @Mudjuggernog
      @Mudjuggernog Před rokem +3

      holy crap I remember those

    • @kimmieryan1307
      @kimmieryan1307 Před rokem +2

      Those chips were the best, sadly doubt they will be making a return though 😭

  • @marekfaitz4222
    @marekfaitz4222 Před rokem +30

    anomaly: it tastes like cardboard
    also anomaly: maybe like 6/10 pretty decent

  • @ekcl
    @ekcl Před rokem +8

    Anomaly: "untoasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, i dont know how kids in USA survive"
    Papanomaly: "they don't"

  • @Xaileth
    @Xaileth Před rokem +5

    The "Friendly fire will not be tolerated!" had me dying lmfaoo good editing

  • @practic4l349
    @practic4l349 Před rokem +9

    I laughed my ass off at the "friendly fire will not be tolerated!" HAHAHAHA

  • @m.m6552
    @m.m6552 Před rokem +55

    Did they just eat chewing tobacco🤣

    • @thatboytopic
      @thatboytopic Před rokem +6

      Its just jerky that looks like chewing tobacco

    • @m.m6552
      @m.m6552 Před rokem

      @@thatboytopic It says ”jerky chew” tho. Although I ain’t american so I wouldn’t know

    • @Ocewot
      @Ocewot Před rokem +1

      its just jerky that looks exactly like chewing tobacco i used to get it as a kid i liked it but in reality its not that good. we also have candy cigarettes and cigars in america im not sure if this is normal in other countries lol

    • @harleen9971
      @harleen9971 Před rokem

      @@Ocewot in Australia and UK we had a candy called fags that were ciggerettes lol

    • @Pantelijator
      @Pantelijator Před rokem

      @@Ocewot in Balkans they have chocolate cigs too and stone(gravel) look alike hard candy

  • @Soladach
    @Soladach Před rokem +9

    I love how he says the Mac and cheese is shit but keeps shoveling it in his mouth

  • @legoclonetrooper971
    @legoclonetrooper971 Před rokem +2

    I just stumbled across the channel 2 days ago and it's easily becoming my favorite already, i love how half this video is Papanomaly saying "Yes"
    Side note: As an American it was very entertaining to see you try our junk food and i'm glad you at least thought SPAM tasted good despite the salt =)

  • @DivineFrag
    @DivineFrag Před rokem +2

    These food videos are literally the best ones on this channel. LOVE seeing these. Arab one was hilarious, Japan one was hilarious.

  • @LilPolemistisXL
    @LilPolemistisXL Před rokem +2

    "video not going live" ~famous non-last words to samz

  • @gkaay8132
    @gkaay8132 Před rokem +6

    I can tell by looking at the mac and cheese, he definitely didn't put the cheese powder packet in 😂

    • @JMcKee253
      @JMcKee253 Před rokem +1

      or add butter an milk lol

  • @Drakeo__
    @Drakeo__ Před rokem +98

    As an American I can say no one puts
    Tapatío on hard boiled eggs😂

    • @TheCramik
      @TheCramik Před rokem +21

      I've seen it put on scrambled eggs tho

    • @Drakeo__
      @Drakeo__ Před rokem +7

      @@TheCramik 100% but hard boiled?

    • @krisu8960
      @krisu8960 Před rokem +6

      as an american me and my friends eat hard boiled eggs with tapatio everyday!

    • @MrTheinfoman
      @MrTheinfoman Před rokem +5

      Why tapatío that only west coast L's
      Mexicans use Salsa Valentina hot sauce

    • @eddie1141
      @eddie1141 Před rokem +1

      as a mexican american i put tapatio on my eggs like that

  • @gaverin0
    @gaverin0 Před rokem +21

    Anomaly: Americans NEVER toast their bread
    Me who only eats PB&J with toasted bread:

  • @zYnCSGO
    @zYnCSGO Před rokem +1

    i havent watched anomaly in like 6 months and everything in my life started feeling shit now that i started to watch anomaly again my life feels so much better thanks anomaly❤️

  • @1stadams264
    @1stadams264 Před rokem +2

    So nice to see you both having fun 😁👍

  • @marshkipgaming1754
    @marshkipgaming1754 Před rokem +4

    Anomaly: "Trying American Foods"
    Also Anomaly: Eats mexican food for half the video

  • @zacharytribou2728
    @zacharytribou2728 Před rokem +7

    Here in America we don't care about taste, we are attracted to tasty colors

  • @shadowchaser2531
    @shadowchaser2531 Před rokem +1


  • @DreXOG
    @DreXOG Před rokem +3

    "Friendly fire will not be tolerated!"

  • @Andy22905
    @Andy22905 Před rokem

    "Nothing beats the blast" 😂😆😂. Papa is rocking the American hat.

  • @gahjay7976
    @gahjay7976 Před rokem +8

    I’m still trying to process how the goldfish taste like chemicals🤣

  • @SeifTiam-kj2rx
    @SeifTiam-kj2rx Před měsícem

    That Ranch part of the video, had me dying in laughter.

  • @thevillager8339
    @thevillager8339 Před rokem +16

    “In Sweden, you always toast your bread.”
    Me from Norway who eats bread all day but barely ever eats toast: Confusing, confused, confusion

    • @FINsoininen
      @FINsoininen Před rokem

      He is a degen swede. We eat bread exactly the same way as you do.

  • @Erolbeel
    @Erolbeel Před rokem +1

    We came to watch Anomaly we stay to watch Papa

  • @lillekladden6178
    @lillekladden6178 Před rokem +1

    Papa really should get an Mullet🤣 Kärlek från Blekinge❤

  • @Vesspix
    @Vesspix Před rokem +16

    Weird to see as an American what other nationalities say is American food. I’d love to see them do like more east coast or southern food, seeing Anomaly eat a chicken gizzard would be lovely

    • @Vesspix
      @Vesspix Před rokem

      If you don’t like goldfish I’m going to die

    • @Vesspix
      @Vesspix Před rokem

      Uh oh

    • @thetexanpilot5301
      @thetexanpilot5301 Před rokem +1

      He has a video WHERE he eats chicken gizzard. I Think its called “Strange meats” or something

    • @Vesspix
      @Vesspix Před rokem

      @@thetexanpilot5301 oh right. I just meant like Deep South fried or like corned beef hash or something idk.

    • @Chrxs_md
      @Chrxs_md Před rokem +1

      We eat gizzards boiled in a soup in my country.

  • @benitoswagolini7140
    @benitoswagolini7140 Před rokem +3

    Their attempt at deviled eggs is so hilarious

  • @curtg3984
    @curtg3984 Před rokem +1

    Great video Mr.Anomaly. For the future that jack links chew you are supposed to put it in your lip like snus.

  • @Stak0
    @Stak0 Před rokem +1

    “mac & cheese is a 3…”
    *proceeds to inhale the entire bowl*

  • @limpyleg1570
    @limpyleg1570 Před rokem +4

    You should try a treadmill heard they’re good for you.

  • @FearTheQuakeguy
    @FearTheQuakeguy Před rokem

    This is wonderful thank you Mr anomaly. I can assure you as an American we do toast bread lol and have a toasted pb&j

  • @kristianos11pl73
    @kristianos11pl73 Před rokem +1

    Ohhh so many new vids from you guys

    @WIIGGYX Před rokem +1

    "I don't know how American children survive" "they dont" 😆

  • @YouTube_OG
    @YouTube_OG Před rokem +1

    dude called slim jim a hotdog.. im dead

  • @swankbank
    @swankbank Před rokem +19

    Normal person: *explains tortilla chip flavor very pricisly and rates it 5/10*
    Anomaly: "It tastes like cardboard, 6/10!"

  • @Knarkamel
    @Knarkamel Před rokem +1

    Anomaly eating mac n’ cheese: Thats kinda shit…
    Also anomaly: Inhaling 3 bowls of it.

  • @SlamNutt
    @SlamNutt Před rokem

    Anomaly pronouncing tajin as Ta-jeen is the best thing I've heard all day much love from America

  • @AeropostaleFreak17
    @AeropostaleFreak17 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: How long does that take?
    Papa: Yes!

  • @doublenoodlesoup2254
    @doublenoodlesoup2254 Před rokem

    I'm so glad that I knew all of these and have seen them in stores near me

  • @G59Hidden
    @G59Hidden Před 7 měsíci

    I’m from Missouri, in America. I’ve always made a toasted peanut butter and jelly so the fact you said all bread is toasted while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is hilarious to me.

  • @colddarkness1798
    @colddarkness1798 Před rokem +3

    Happy Halloween Anomaly and Papanomaly

  • @pjxdragon
    @pjxdragon Před rokem +2

    we toast our bread a lot just not for peanut butter and jelly, i guess generally not for any cold sandwich

  • @wiktor2995
    @wiktor2995 Před rokem

    Anomaly: explaining food they have on the table
    Papa: Yes!

  • @luukofzpoye2234
    @luukofzpoye2234 Před rokem +2

    At least they fit in over there 👍

  • @droach3151
    @droach3151 Před 5 měsíci

    Anomaly's reaction to Kraft Mac is basically everyone I knows reaction to it. First, "that's fucking gross" then seconds later they almost finish the bowl.

  • @gahjay7976
    @gahjay7976 Před rokem +1

    “Mac n’ Cheese is like a 3” *proceeds to devour the whole bowl*

  • @kontrax4768
    @kontrax4768 Před rokem +6

    Of course he is eating again🙃

    • @yzx2k741
      @yzx2k741 Před rokem +3

      so you are not eatin ?

    • @kontrax4768
      @kontrax4768 Před rokem +1

      @@yzx2k741 Anomaly is on another level😁

  • @jonaslillich2645
    @jonaslillich2645 Před rokem +1

    I‘m missing the beer reviews 😂

  • @leaveacomment
    @leaveacomment Před rokem +1

    Funny how with the butter popcorn you realize they aren't fat because the snacks are so good, but because you have to eat so much of it to be remotely satisfied

  • @aXentOG
    @aXentOG Před rokem +1

    "tastes kinda shit just like cream and pasta"
    proceeds to literally inhale kraft mac n cheese

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem

    A lot of unhealthy food and I don't know why still so funny to hear papa saying "Yes", it's hilarious at this point.

  • @morgancook3611
    @morgancook3611 Před 9 měsíci

    when you cut the cucumber and say shalom I shit my pants hahahahah

  • @notjea8985
    @notjea8985 Před rokem +4

    9:00 Rare footage of anomaly true relation with papa

  • @packman6942
    @packman6942 Před rokem +1

    they needed rice with the spam equals out the salty and is a 10/10 combo

  • @echosisterm
    @echosisterm Před 5 měsíci

    Anomaly: I give the mac n cheese a 3. Proceeds to eat the entire bowl.

  • @litoria667
    @litoria667 Před rokem

    Anomaly : "let's try cr4ck"
    Papanomaly : "Finally" 😂

  • @Zmoney1215
    @Zmoney1215 Před rokem

    A "long hot dog" lmfao 🤣 😂 💀

  • @drxin.
    @drxin. Před rokem +3

    Anomaly=Very gay Papanomaly=Not very gay (still gay tho)

  • @KahluaBomb
    @KahluaBomb Před rokem

    Papa has a good palate. Baby Anomaly could learn something. XD

  • @duckie4566
    @duckie4566 Před rokem

    keep up the great work anomaly

  • @amv-astral2888
    @amv-astral2888 Před rokem

    I'm American and this video is accurate all those snacks aren't really that good tasting and the jokes were funny as hell . Great video.

  • @sexytim3691
    @sexytim3691 Před rokem

    Did Anomaly and papa just eat chew? They dont know its Chewing Tobacco?😂😂😂

  • @rafailkili1688
    @rafailkili1688 Před rokem +3

    You should try greek food and snacks

  • @chaesfreak15
    @chaesfreak15 Před rokem

    That jerky stuff is just chillin in a snus package O_O papanomaly should totally use that like a snus

  • @mr.shameless1886
    @mr.shameless1886 Před rokem

    anomaly: "i dont get how kids in USA survive"
    Papa: *"T h e y D o n ' t"*

  • @joejensen957
    @joejensen957 Před rokem

    this video is awesome so funny 🤣

  • @peterdosedla6890
    @peterdosedla6890 Před rokem

    Glad to see you’re better now Mr. Anomaly

  • @LoneparkourWolves
    @LoneparkourWolves Před rokem +1

    Bro when they ate straight chew Tobacco I lost it

  • @xclear1874
    @xclear1874 Před rokem +4

    "This is a STAPLE of American food" shows some of the most random seasonings and sauces I have never seen in my life and proceeds to not get things like Chex Mix or Takis or any actual staples of american food

  • @D-Vinko
    @D-Vinko Před rokem

    Spam is best when it's good and browned, ADD IT TO THE MAC AND CHEESE! Game changer.

  • @rutkuli7650
    @rutkuli7650 Před rokem +2

    I'm getting worried about Anomaly's physical health.

  • @arno8884
    @arno8884 Před 5 měsíci

    6:07 first time in YEARS we see papa as a book definition father figure
    Anomaly insta deny mode
    KEK so rare

  • @colthornmooler1288
    @colthornmooler1288 Před 4 měsíci

    I think Anomaly is the first person to ever put Tajin onto Kraft Mac n' cheese lol

  • @michalstrejcek124
    @michalstrejcek124 Před rokem

    My god that jewish reference with saying shalom almost killed me 🤣🤣

  • @lemacaron6339
    @lemacaron6339 Před rokem +5

    Have ur dad try american dip. It’s similar to swedish tobacco ”lössnus”

    • @nicopuotiniemi151
      @nicopuotiniemi151 Před rokem +3

      Dude im preaty sure they ate chewing tobacco lol

    • @thatboytopic
      @thatboytopic Před rokem

      @@nicopuotiniemi151 No it was just jerky. You can look it up, its called jerky chew.

  • @berryboi565
    @berryboi565 Před 11 měsíci

    as a fellow American, i am honestly not mad with how he rated all of the things in the vid

  • @chaoszombie9995
    @chaoszombie9995 Před rokem

    Tajin can be used on fruits, or it can be used as a rim for a Margarita glass for example

  • @justvizmusic
    @justvizmusic Před rokem +3

    I love how he tried to “ open “ the bags knowing damn well they were All already open lmao

  • @QenaitheCustodianGuard

    Pbandj is fantastic I put peanutbutter, raspberry jelly and avocado on toast, the many nice

  • @maildump4395
    @maildump4395 Před rokem

    Anomaly: SPAM is way too salty
    Also Anomaly: Favourite candy is salt

  • @aron2137
    @aron2137 Před rokem +1

    all this time i tought those were snüs on the table

  • @Nietabs
    @Nietabs Před rokem +3

    "I don't know how kids in USA survive"
    "They don't"