• čas přidán 31. 10. 2022
  • America is the land of food and snacks. Let's see if it's really all that great B-)

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  • Viktor yes.

    We need an "Anomaly tries healthy food" video

  • OnlyBob
    OnlyBob  +1

    this is just an excuse to fill anomaly's stomach after switching diets with linda

  • Raiden
    Raiden  +353

    As an American, Anomaly is more American than he thinks

  • jkgfhgkhjnvfcf

    Anomaly: Mac and cheese kinda shit

  • Shiba
    Shiba  +356

    Can't wait for Anomaly's "Trying fruit and vegetables for the first time" video

  • Le_brandino

    After all these years, anomaly and papanomaly still look as good as ever

  • JallerShadow



    Papa deserves a medal for all of the abuse he endures for these videos LMAO

  • Swooce
    Swooce  +57

    "goldfish taste chemically" -anomaly as he chugs the entire bottle of butter flavored oil

  • PotatoWithPc
    PotatoWithPc Před 2 hodinami

    also you should’ve tried the tajin with the cucumber

  • Julio
    Julio  +132

    I promise you that dried shrimp is NOT something we eat in Mexico hahaha

  • Xypped
    Xypped  +56

    Petition to start letting the people in their perspective countries pick the snacks, ain't no way someone eating them goofy snacks 💀

  • The Kernel

    the only youtuber who can make me laugh hysterically still. Been watching since 2014. I love you guys

  • OpPickles 135

    Anomaly. You are my favorite creator on this whole site. Love your videos

  • SwankAni
    SwankAni  +15


  • Marek Faitz

    anomaly: it tastes like cardboard

  • Vesspix
    Vesspix  +7

    Weird to see as an American what other nationalities say is American food. I’d love to see them do like more east coast or southern food, seeing Anomaly eat a chicken gizzard would be lovely

  • Clay
    Clay  +81

    As an American I can say no one puts

  • Shini64m1
    Shini64m1  +16

    Is nobody going to mention him trying to eat a shrimp with its shell

  • SwankAni
    SwankAni  +14

    Normal person: