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  • čas přidán 21. 12. 2022
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  • @Atlas12345
    @Atlas12345 Před rokem +1855

    It seems like Papa gets sadder every intro

  • @1cedcoffee
    @1cedcoffee Před rokem +936

    every Anomaly video is a "try to laugh" challenge

  • @AssaultAsparagus
    @AssaultAsparagus Před rokem +411

    Papanomaly: *Tells joke correctly*
    Anomaly: 😐😑😐
    Papanomaly: *Messes up joke*
    Anomaly: 😂😂😂

  • @gralkimchuk
    @gralkimchuk Před rokem +353

    I love how at this point they don't even try keeping points

  • @JohnySv
    @JohnySv Před rokem +508

    I swear half of the time I laugh watching your videos it's because of Papa messing up basic sentences...

  • @ToastyMann
    @ToastyMann Před rokem +8

    "Why couldn't the Lizard get a girlfriend? HE'S GAY"
    That was funnier than the actual punchline

  • @TheDrunkenGunsmith
    @TheDrunkenGunsmith Před 11 měsíci +15

    I swear to god these guys are like my last two braincells whenever I get stoned. Just degrades into throwing energy drinks, flippers, piss bottles, and other unique items at eachother quickly.

  • @colddarkness1798
    @colddarkness1798 Před rokem +277

    Anomaly body 100% energy drink Papanomaly 100% alcohol

    • @RealCashMen
      @RealCashMen Před rokem +30

      anomaly body is 100% fat but his blood is energy drink

    • @colddarkness1798
      @colddarkness1798 Před rokem +15

      ​@@RealCashMen and his sexuality is not even little bit straight 100% gay with diabetes

    • @boxingwaltermc4102
      @boxingwaltermc4102 Před rokem +1

      @@colddarkness1798 no 99% autism with 1% ADHD

    • @junelnotkind
      @junelnotkind Před rokem +7

      @@colddarkness1798 Nah bro it's 69420% Diabetes with Ultra Autism

    • @viktorcca
      @viktorcca Před rokem +2

      100% Kidney Stone

  • @ryhs0
    @ryhs0 Před rokem +12

    Hes gone from saying Pewdiepie to Kanye west this is truly the best character development.

  • @JimmyJonko
    @JimmyJonko Před rokem +12

    papa is the only human being in the world who reacts with yes to a greeting

  • @adamdahlstrom2095
    @adamdahlstrom2095 Před rokem +4

    These videos has to be the funniest that you guys make! So damn funny lol

  • @carlssonxp
    @carlssonxp Před rokem +7

    i feel for christer, there's no way in hell i'd survive one of these

    • @Thor69699
      @Thor69699 Před rokem

      Anonaly cant break papanomalys spirit

  • @abbe5296
    @abbe5296 Před rokem +5

    "I ask my dog how he is dog" - Papanoanomaly

  • @Yaboi-od4vb
    @Yaboi-od4vb Před rokem +48

    Yes Anomaly did a new try not to laugh this is the best christmas present

  • @kasperstenbom
    @kasperstenbom Před rokem +1

    Love that I’m understanding the small bits of Swedish in there. Makes it extra funny to me as a Swede. Wonder how many people miss out on that who doesn’t understand Swedish.

  • @kixnuzia6919
    @kixnuzia6919 Před rokem +20

    sooner or later anomaly is going to make papanomaly so braindead that his whole vocabulary is only going to be "yes"

  • @houdy3749
    @houdy3749 Před rokem +2

    love how every try not to laugh video from anomaly always ends up with him and papa just spraying the liquid they had done the challenge with on each other

  • @mrmeme69420
    @mrmeme69420 Před rokem +1

    Best video description ever...

  • @Bloodspark813
    @Bloodspark813 Před rokem

    This just descended into chaos and I loved it

  • @kitecattestecke2303
    @kitecattestecke2303 Před rokem +22

    Next time...
    Try not to laugh - Haram & Habanero Edition!
    Ham and chilli goes nice along

  • @oblistique
    @oblistique Před rokem +1

    Genuinely one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen in almost 18 years

  • @payamemre9906
    @payamemre9906 Před rokem +8

    First time hearing anomaly calling papanomaly dad

  • @clapback.
    @clapback. Před rokem +5

    Another good video from Anomaly & Papanomaly.

  • @SVDCamper
    @SVDCamper Před rokem +1

    The "Left side" joke had me dying. Just like the guy from the joke

  • @YYOTT06
    @YYOTT06 Před rokem +3

    I hope you love for ever so you keep making these funny videos ❤️

  • @idunrllykno2391
    @idunrllykno2391 Před rokem

    Hey anomaly i really like your videos they are always funny keep up the good work!

  • @eksdi182
    @eksdi182 Před rokem +1

    Having meal while watching made me spit the food all over my phone thru nose

  • @smyczu3599
    @smyczu3599 Před rokem +1

    9:35 Papas face was so serious after he got a chance to revenge XDD

  • @Who-oj4iq
    @Who-oj4iq Před rokem +1

    Couldnt even make it 1 minute into to the video without laughing

  • @TheYunix
    @TheYunix Před rokem +3

    Papa trying to tell a joke is like joe biden trying to say any sentence.

  • @HiritoSan
    @HiritoSan Před rokem +18

    Happy holidays to you guys!!! Much love and stay safe!!

  • @lospierdol
    @lospierdol Před rokem +1

    Every single time it seems that the best jokes are when there are non left to read

  • @thejake4145
    @thejake4145 Před rokem +1

    This video was pretty good having doganomaly directing it.

  • @gamesux420
    @gamesux420 Před rokem

    I love how the try not to laugh vids are just them spitting on each other for 10 minutes

  • @GreatKingOfLipnice
    @GreatKingOfLipnice Před rokem

    This incredible journey into madness is really entertaining to witness

  • @NastyMagic
    @NastyMagic Před rokem

    I love Papas sad energy 😂
    Take Papa to Amsterdam and smoke some weed with him

  • @pold111
    @pold111 Před rokem

    "this was a really video" sums it up quite nicely

  • @jcob2k775
    @jcob2k775 Před rokem

    we need more of this quality content

  • @jxy_vbn8156
    @jxy_vbn8156 Před rokem

    9:02 “It’s R Kelly”
    Jesus fucking Christ my sides 😂😭

  • @baldski_01
    @baldski_01 Před rokem +2

    make more of this shit, man this makes me laugh so hard

  • @adorable_yangire
    @adorable_yangire Před rokem

    yk it's good when anomaly saying haha ex dee in the start makes you laugh already

  • @Al_Pantalone
    @Al_Pantalone Před rokem

    this was a really video
    truly one of the most video of all time

  • @GoLdEnSn1pEr24
    @GoLdEnSn1pEr24 Před rokem

    Papa is tired of your shit 🤣🤣 love these videos

  • @WiseRasin
    @WiseRasin Před 5 měsíci +1

    the jokes are so mid but somehow they're so good at the same time...

  • @UnclePootis
    @UnclePootis Před rokem

    Fatnomaly : I'm not done with my Joke
    Papanomaly : Neither am I as long as you are still alive

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +1

    Now this will be very epic indeed.

  • @Doovlie
    @Doovlie Před rokem

    ive been waiting for a try not to laugh

  • @Denvigen
    @Denvigen Před 10 měsíci

    This truly was a really video 😊

  • @djzdenda367
    @djzdenda367 Před rokem

    I think that is the apartment where sams was supposed to move in before he got deported.
    very nice video btw :)

  • @zmodzzGG
    @zmodzzGG Před rokem +3

    hater's would call it waste of energy, me, im going to say at least it tasted better than yoghurt.

  • @parisurboistuggling5166

    Love these videos they're soo funny

  • @Smerb420
    @Smerb420 Před rokem

    I love your try not to laughs

  • @GalTrex
    @GalTrex Před rokem +1

    damn, cant wait for the beer edition

  • @ZxCo9
    @ZxCo9 Před rokem

    Great video, keep up the Good work, and have a merry christmas. 🎅🏼🎄

  • @ptttak7167
    @ptttak7167 Před rokem

    papa: are u trying to kill me
    anomaly: yes (remove the pin of a hand grenade)

  • @Bogherz
    @Bogherz Před rokem


  • @stevie1da_
    @stevie1da_ Před rokem +1

    RIP the nice and clean new studio :(

  • @kvam574
    @kvam574 Před rokem

    Love from norway❤🇧🇻

  • @sony_televize
    @sony_televize Před 9 měsíci

    This is the funniest shit you can watch at 4 am

  • @nicolaismirnov5496
    @nicolaismirnov5496 Před rokem +10

    Imagine how sticky the surfaces are after the energy drink

    • @2137xd
      @2137xd Před rokem +10

      Theyre probably sticky even without energy drink 😳

    • @nicolaismirnov5496
      @nicolaismirnov5496 Před rokem +5

      @@2137xd in Ludde's room under the table its probably just an orphanage

    • @Khunark
      @Khunark Před rokem

      @@nicolaismirnov5496 blasting the kids in the face?

    • @nicolaismirnov5496
      @nicolaismirnov5496 Před rokem +1

      @@Khunark jesus lord no, he's not miniladd

  • @nukebladi
    @nukebladi Před rokem +1

    Anomaly's heart: IS THAT THE GRIM REAPER

  • @ZCVS
    @ZCVS Před rokem

    anomaly: try not to drink papa
    meanwhile anomaly: forgets you cant drink the second it starts

  • @artelos
    @artelos Před 7 měsíci

    Anomaly: hello papa!!
    Papanomaly: yæs

  • @kennijohnsen4298
    @kennijohnsen4298 Před rokem

    Plzzz upload more video's a week they are amazing

  • @nermija1
    @nermija1 Před rokem

    Papanomaly is going to end up on a gore site if Anomaly keeps throwing cans at him xD

  • @notatroll78
    @notatroll78 Před rokem +3

    This was the hardest challenge for anomaly
    He had to resist to drink all those enrgy drinks

  • @_np7
    @_np7 Před rokem +9

    I would love to hear a video of Anomaly only speaking German, he knows more than ppl expect

  • @CaffeineEnjoyer_
    @CaffeineEnjoyer_ Před 8 měsíci

    Papa: speaks gibberish
    Anomaly: 🤣🤣🤣

  • @2jzsam270
    @2jzsam270 Před rokem

    These videos usually just become chaos after the first joke

  • @frinalk5765
    @frinalk5765 Před rokem +1

    You should've done that with spicy energy drinks ;)

  • @Justmiliano
    @Justmiliano Před rokem

    these are my favourite videos

  • @daniels1539
    @daniels1539 Před rokem +1

    Bro keep it up with that original content

  • @sparklyClutcher
    @sparklyClutcher Před rokem

    Omg ur Swedish!!
    One of the most popular youtuber a in Sweden!

  • @n4czosyt875
    @n4czosyt875 Před rokem

    You have to make more of this content

  • @RENNE44
    @RENNE44 Před rokem +23

    It seems like Papa gets sadder every intro Lmao

  • @Communisn1848
    @Communisn1848 Před rokem +1

    Papa: *cough*, Anomaly: ⛲

  • @BaIclava
    @BaIclava Před rokem +1

    Not in topic but i just wanna get this out there... I personally think that if anomaly tried he could become a good music creator.

  • @SnowyFlakezz.
    @SnowyFlakezz. Před 8 měsíci +1

    next episode : "Try not to laugh (with beer)"

  • @StipsaZnaSe
    @StipsaZnaSe Před rokem

    Poor papahis deppresion gets higher and higher by every vid

  • @elementz808
    @elementz808 Před rokem

    This is a certified AKRIFORM moment

  • @SaijoRhen
    @SaijoRhen Před rokem

    i was just thinking about try not to laugh with anomaly and papanomaly but then boom recommendation hit me with this and im like damn it must be fate

  • @AsRa_TV
    @AsRa_TV Před rokem +6

    papa can win every time by just messing up the sentence

  • @dinmammasfavoritotto9975

    Yes another good video 👍👍🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • @humahuma_
    @humahuma_ Před rokem

    Welcome back to another episode of papanomaly suffering through anomalys abuse

  • @SalttooCS
    @SalttooCS Před rokem

    Anomaly’s dentist is punching The air rn

  • @flamingobingo2146
    @flamingobingo2146 Před rokem +1

    i love you it every time funny

  • @seapigeon
    @seapigeon Před rokem

    next one anomaly should do energy drinks and papa should do beer

  • @Mrclassyduck
    @Mrclassyduck Před rokem

    Papanomaly: yeees

  • @X0N1C
    @X0N1C Před rokem

    Can you add a score or something? I think it would make it more interesting

  • @Waz0
    @Waz0 Před rokem +1

    Joke for next episode: “My friend is doing an experiment, where you have to be vegan for 2 weeks, and still have 2 friends left when you done”.

  • @MisterAetherium86
    @MisterAetherium86 Před 2 měsíci

    my man throws the monster can like in black ops 4 when throwing a combat axe 😂😂😂😂

  • @crazyboiii6318
    @crazyboiii6318 Před rokem

    Anomaly your eating so healthy your legs look like they are deceasing. Good job 👍

  • @rrevolutionn
    @rrevolutionn Před rokem +1

    why does papa look like alchoholic version of funny moustache man

  • @SgtBuck01
    @SgtBuck01 Před rokem

    I bet Anomaly doesn't even watch the Seahawks, lmao

  • @JesterCrimson
    @JesterCrimson Před rokem

    You should do one with hot sauce or thick water

  • @kazhel
    @kazhel Před rokem

    love this videos!

  • @Gurupimp10
    @Gurupimp10 Před rokem

    I drink more nowadays to compensate for Papa's lack of drinking ^^

  • @Jikuro_
    @Jikuro_ Před rokem

    funniest try not to laugh videos on youtube

  • @mattsopiratoso790
    @mattsopiratoso790 Před rokem +4

    I love how Papanomaly's jokes are mid, but when he acted like his normal self after noticing that his jokes are gonna be used up, instantly made Anomaly laugh.

  • @nightmare_faux.9684
    @nightmare_faux.9684 Před rokem +1

    i just realised that the couch behind ludde is the same one that was in samz apartment before he got deported. is anomaly using that apartment as his studio now?
    edit: curtains are also the same.