What level of risk is posed by new wave of Covid-19 infections? | Inside Story

  • čas přidán 17. 09. 2023
  • Covid-19 cases are rising again.
    There are more variants as the virus mutates and develops as it spreads.
    That presents challenges to scientists developing vaccines to cope with the new threats.
    The World Health Organization says it wants its experts to return to China to find out more about the origins of the disease.
    So how much of a danger is this latest wave?
    Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom
    Dr. Paul Hunter, Professor in Medicine, University of East Anglia.
    Dr. Patrick Tang, Division Chief of Microbiology at Sidra Medicine, Doha.
    Dr. Gabriel Scally, Professor of Public Health, Bristol University.
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  • Miera Designs
    Miera Designs Před 6 hodinami +1

    I have Covid now, and it’s terrible! I just want this to be over! I am not sure what variant this is, but it’s very intense. Muscle aches, headache, cough, sore throat, my taste is way off, etc..

  • Joseph Rodrigo
    Joseph Rodrigo Před 6 dny +9

    The wealthy's health stocks are plummeting, as well. It's no longer a pandemic. Pandemic is a stage where we just detected it. It has moved into an endemic state.

  • Paul Montez
    Paul Montez Před 8 hodinami +1

    Putting you away in a building for people that get sick history has shown horrific things happen , dark shadowy people are drawn to care and it's just abuse a horrible way to experience while your on your way out

  • Nooron Koli USA
    Nooron Koli USA Před 13 dny +14

    I just had COVID, it was really bad, after two weeks still feel tired . Whole family had it.

    • Skip Kiplinger
      Skip Kiplinger Před 13 dny +5

      sorry, hope everyone is getting better. curious, had anyone been vax'd and boosted?

    • Nooron Koli USA
      Nooron Koli USA Před 13 dny +4

      @Skip Kiplinger I took the first two boosters after that didn't take any. We all had COVID 2021 after vaccine and booster, so didn't feel like taking it again. My daughter and me were very very sick at that time.

    • Abhyuday Jha
      Abhyuday Jha Před 13 dny

      What symptoms do you have

  • barberfella
    barberfella Před 10 dny +7

    ive just had it few weeks ago in Scotland didnt think i was going to come through it, after 2 weeks went to docs and they gave me community pneumonia meds and it cleared, stay well folks

  • Daniel Rawlings
    Daniel Rawlings Před 7 dny +1

    Ferrets have the closest immune type to humans.
    UK has roughly 500000 (half million) Ferrets.
    Ferrets spread influenza to humans.
    Not a single case of 1 Ferret contracting, spreading or dying of Sars Cov2.
    Which animal has been chosen to test model CV19 vaccines on?
    The Ferret.

  • Missy
    Missy Před 12 dny +3

    Thanks for educating us 😊

  • Allenaxp
    Allenaxp Před 3 dny +1

    Vaccination and immunity remain the best way to protect against COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, vaccines are highly effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. However, vaccination rates vary widely around the world, and many people are still unvaccinated or have not received booster doses.

  • post script
    post script Před 10 dny +12

    Why does the host keep saying pandemic? No one is saying this is still a pandemic, are they?

    • Ric Fermi
      Ric Fermi Před 8 dny

      No, they aren't because the GOP has changed.

    • Sarah Kelly
      Sarah Kelly Před 2 dny +1

      It's endemic .... this is the election variant.

    • Mark Roden
      Mark Roden Před 6 hodinami

      only the media

  • Greg
    Greg Před 10 dny +9

    If they haven't found the source by now they already know it came from the lab

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 Před 8 dny

      No the default is a natural source if they haven't found the source yet.

    • Greg
      Greg Před 7 dny +1

      @nosuchthing8normally that would be true in this case it's certainly not

    • Sarah Kelly
      Sarah Kelly Před 2 dny +1

      Sweet Jesus...... Dr John Campbell should be required viewing

  • GJ
    GJ Před 13 dny +48

    i don't take any injections and i'm not afraid of coronavirus, thankyou

    • Sigmasystems
      Sigmasystems Před 12 dny +6

      What suprises me is that this comment is not suppressed

    • 101snapper
      101snapper Před 9 dny +6

      @Sigmasystems Truth shouldn't be suppressed

  • marina marina
    marina marina Před 3 dny +8

    If we dont have internet we would never know ,thats the fact

  • Glen Wallis
    Glen Wallis Před 8 hodinami

    I don’t know how anyone can trust the WHO!

    CHRIS OMODING Před 13 dny +8

    😭 Not again. I thought COVID was behind us.

    • TheLawTube
      TheLawTube Před 12 dny +1

      You must be joking ! Too much brain washed! The worst is coming

    • Hia Dei Kum
      Hia Dei Kum Před 11 dny

      i feel like covid will kill us all at this point i have my 2 vaccines and 2 boosters and got covid last month and couldnt even get out of bed sore everywhere and bad chest pain i am ok now but i still have chest pains and short breathing 3 weeks later and when i saw my dostor she said it was long civid i wish they would give out newer and better vaccines because i dont want to die i am only 22 years old and before covid i was healthy but now i can barely even walk so tired of thsi

  • Donnie Spill
    Donnie Spill Před 13 dny +14

    Yes, lock it down! I don't want to go into work anymore.

  • Mark Sturgess
    Mark Sturgess Před 2 dny +3

    Less than 1% & that is fact checked

    CONTACTLIGHTTOMMY Před 7 hodinami +1

    I learn my virology exclusively from CZcams comments.

  • Perry
    Perry Před 10 dny +5

    That’d be a big fat ZERO!!!!😂

  • Ngoma Papy
    Ngoma Papy Před 2 hodinami

    I never get covid I don't know how many waves now, and never get the pentagon experiments vaccination

  • Chuma
    Chuma Před 12 dny +7

    If the pendemic happens again, then which means the people in the previous pendemic (6 million people) died in vain!!!...

    • Damian is a fat fuck
      Damian is a fat fuck Před 4 dny

      We’re still in a pandemic. The virus hasn’t been eradicated. This is a rapidly mutating airborne virus. Sharing air is all it takes to get infected.
      I wear a N95 indoors. I eat outside. I have hobbies that are outdoors. I get vaccinated. I eat healthy. Exercise.

  • Graham Thacker
    Graham Thacker Před 23 hodinami

    No PCR test, you have a cold, PCR test you have covid, are you serious.

  • TheLawTube
    TheLawTube Před 12 dny +12

    As planned

  • Mullallys Photography
    Mullallys Photography Před 7 dny +5

    Bill Gates will solve all this😅😅😅😅

  • javed siddique
    javed siddique Před 11 dny +5

    Very suggestive questions....bad journalism.

  • Eddy Vos
    Eddy Vos Před 13 dny +10

    There we go again. No no leave us alone😅

  • Awol Peace
    Awol Peace Před 13 dny

    To sum up, "we don't know yet and hopefully X will help with Y, maybe."

  • Single Player NFT Gamer
    Single Player NFT Gamer Před 13 dny +15

    Bro these people are Fascist not Pharmacist or doctors

  • Sigmasystems
    Sigmasystems Před 12 dny +21

    If vaccines protects other people , let other people get vaccinated then

  • Ukweli Unauma
    Ukweli Unauma Před dnem

    Business starts again as usual. 😂😂
    Rich people busoness vaccine.

  • jarosław bielski
    jarosław bielski Před 13 dny +4

    "We will get many precious things and we will fill our houses with spoil;"

    • MJ Hickson
      MJ Hickson Před 16 hodinami

      Do not go in the way with them.

  • You Know
    You Know Před 7 dny +7

    It's the jab!

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion Před 10 dny +7

    What's covid?
    Never heard of it.

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad Před 13 dny +14

    Please let us know where to audition for crisis actors. 😂

  • Palapala K.
    Palapala K. Před 8 dny

    This new variant is everywhere now!!! I just got it. Lots of friends got it now. It's NO joke. Had it mild. Attacked my sinuses. Ended up with antibiotic and prednisone. My nose was very stuffy, sore throat, fever.. NO fun.
    I don't even want to leave my apt. Now...

  • mneisbaar
    mneisbaar Před 13 dny +17

    Enough of spreading the lies and fear on this bioweapon.

  • Denise Kordas
    Denise Kordas Před 13 dny +27

    The only risk is believing this bs

    • Perry
      Perry Před 10 dny +3


    • Cheryl Daniels
      Cheryl Daniels Před 8 dny +1

      It all seems like bs until it happens to you or someone in your family!

    • Denise Kordas
      Denise Kordas Před 6 dny +2

      @Cheryl Daniels was the illness, the symptoms, anything like previous cold or flu sickness?

  • bobwhite2
    bobwhite2 Před 3 dny +6

    More cr-p from the elites.

  • Paul Sennitt
    Paul Sennitt Před 2 dny +4

    Fake news

  • SANA  shaiq
    SANA shaiq Před 13 dny

    Golmal hai sab Golmal hai

  • Melody Delgado
    Melody Delgado Před 2 dny +2

    Yep another lie. !!!!

  • Wala Washington
    Wala Washington Před 13 dny +4

    Ask the CIA.

  • EpicChannel
    EpicChannel Před 11 dny +3

    IGG4 class shift in people that took the thing.

  • Danny World
    Danny World Před 6 dny +4

    Blah blah blah.. This woman has not a clue of what she's talking about.. She's reading off a script of Lies..

  • ian neish
    ian neish Před 4 dny

    Absolutely NONE

  • Skip Kiplinger
    Skip Kiplinger Před 13 dny +37

    election variant!!

  • Kozay
    Kozay Před 11 dny +1

    Cure not cure

  • Mommy Rose
    Mommy Rose Před 2 dny +4

    Fear mongering!!!!

  • None None
    None None Před 13 dny +6

    don't eat pork and dogs .

    • kydan brown
      kydan brown Před 13 dny +2

      How dare you suggest that people shouldn't be eating dogs. How dare you!! My dog Fluffy is the nicest dog in the world, and they would never hurt anyone or give them indigestion let alone a pandemic.

  • Roman Fengler
    Roman Fengler Před dnem +1

    No this time

  • Kaytlin Garcia
    Kaytlin Garcia Před 8 dny

    Oh well.

  • Mark Roden
    Mark Roden Před 6 hodinami

    ratio ratio

  • Deborah Kish
    Deborah Kish Před 10 hodinami

    A bunch of BS

  • Somayya mughal
    Somayya mughal Před 13 dny +9

    Election stunt

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Před 10 dny +8

    All this mf money spent in 🇺🇦.........all these dam illegal immigrants......
    A brother cant get a dam sandwich

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason Před 11 dny +10

    Easy way to make billions