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Britain's Got Talent || Golden Buzzer 2016

  • čas přidán 29. 05. 2016
  • Hi everyone,
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    Britain's Got Talent || Golden Buzzer 2016
    My Channel: goo.gl/X4gUkx
    Other video:
    ►►|| Amazing People Complication: goo.gl/QJsp3J
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    I do not own nor claim ownership of Britain's Got Talent images/sound used in this video.
    All the credit for the auditions go to their rightful owner (Britain's Got Talent).
    Hope you enjoy it !
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  • @antord1840
    @antord1840 Před 7 lety +70

    Talented people can actually change your mood in many ways.
    Love it!!!!!

  • @marlijn1105
    @marlijn1105 Před 7 lety +116

    Nobody talking about the Gospel group?! OMG, THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFULL!!!

  • @stephaniebriones4773
    @stephaniebriones4773 Před 7 lety +81


  • @mariana1994
    @mariana1994 Před 7 lety +4

    the elderly couple almost at the end are so cute! that's crazy they barely knew each other and they built a life together that's awesome

  • @lavendearest
    @lavendearest Před 7 lety +142

    I literally cried because the first one is SO beautiful.....

    • @MG-gu7fu
      @MG-gu7fu Před 7 lety +1

      +Louis the duck yes it is wtf

    • @greyswallow7076
      @greyswallow7076 Před 7 lety +2

      +Louis the duck Racist...she was very good mind you

    • @cakesfordayzmaybewitness6655
      @cakesfordayzmaybewitness6655 Před 7 lety

      It wasn't.... beautiful. I wouldn't use that word for it. It was a good audition.

    • @lavendearest
      @lavendearest Před 7 lety +1

      meh....people have opinions so....i'll stick to that

    • @Manon-ud3ph
      @Manon-ud3ph Před 7 lety +1

      +cakesfordayz maybe witness she has a beautifull voice. It was good but so beautifull

  • @amandaamponsah6958
    @amandaamponsah6958 Před 7 lety +1

    I just love those two guys backstage! they are so cool ,friendly and they always have a good heart and thing to say about every one

  • @Midnightouo
    @Midnightouo Před 7 lety +107

    That first girl is amazing!

  • @lvt3834
    @lvt3834 Před 7 lety +43

    the storm trouper group was legit my favorite thing ever

  • @MysticSarahh
    @MysticSarahh Před 7 lety +10

    Simon cowl pressed the golden buzzer! I didn't know he could do that! 😂 The storm troopers must have been extremely happy.

  • @judylee4649
    @judylee4649 Před 6 lety

    To find at least 4 of my favorite BGT vids all in one place I'd a miracle. Thank you for doing this remarkable job.

  • @arvycamua7912
    @arvycamua7912 Před 7 lety +31

    You're so lucky if Simon hits the golden buzzer for you .

  • @sweetlove3391
    @sweetlove3391 Před 7 lety

    Sometimes its not only about the talents... but the story behind the people. It makes them so beautiful the way lived their life.. like the last couple who has been together for 44 years and so in love with each other! Good example for many of us. I am glad this show gives these moments and pick up these stories behind people life!! Please please keep doing this, give the life story of people a chance! ❤

  • @malenakolbinger4419
    @malenakolbinger4419 Před 7 lety +100

    The first one remind me of the hero girl in The polar express 😍 what a wonderfull voice

  • @sarynnbrechbiel8016
    @sarynnbrechbiel8016 Před 7 lety +7

    Simon Cowel I just want you to know that your my favorite judge of all time. I know a lot of the people think your the most meanest person ever but you give the most amazing advice ever. I'm not a singer but I listen to your advice for other people and I learn from it. So thank you so much.

  • @mistenisrotos
    @mistenisrotos Před 7 lety +698

    Los que más lloraron fueron los que tuvieron que barrer todo ese desmadre.

  • @terrygalloway7609
    @terrygalloway7609 Před 7 lety +1

    What an amazing talent. Of all the young singers who are really good, none of them compare to you. Thank you for sharing your God given talent!

  • @Krixtobikax
    @Krixtobikax Před 7 lety +3

    The last couple made me cry of love.

  • @user-rk8bn4rs5v
    @user-rk8bn4rs5v Před 6 lety +1

    That big a choir group, her voice... amazing...
    I can’t describe that as a word

  • @kaileyperalta4645
    @kaileyperalta4645 Před 7 lety +177

    I wouldn't wanna be the person sweeping up that confetti from the floor!......

  • @carlosdelmonte3760
    @carlosdelmonte3760 Před 7 lety +5

    esas voces bellas,hacen vibrar el corazón....

  • @kingspiice1248
    @kingspiice1248 Před 7 lety +2

    That young blonde girl gave me goose bumps! No one has ever sang and given me goose bumps before XD

  • @swordsso2554
    @swordsso2554 Před 7 lety +1

    WOW!!!She was amazing!!!Her voice.......Her voice.......WOW I CAN'T WRITE MORE !!!!! SHE WAS AMAZING 😢😢😢😢😢I love this sing

  • @chessieb2450
    @chessieb2450 Před 7 lety +1

    The first girl Jasmine I think makes me cry every time. Not just her sweet voice...her whole look. How many times have we seen a 14yr old look her age? Seeing her makes me still believe it's hope for our youth.

  • @marcoslehm3791
    @marcoslehm3791 Před 7 lety

    Congratulations to the staff for the work and it's great to be thrilled with so many talents as well as this girl Jasmine Elcock .... simply exciting hugs athletes Marcos and Regina

  • @ThePAShow16
    @ThePAShow16  Před 7 lety +168

    Hi everyone,
    Thank for all your supports !!! I'll try my best on this channel to bring you more exciting video :)
    This is my new channel, i hope you like and help it become better: goo.gl/QmePh5

  • @kaf5345
    @kaf5345 Před 7 lety +2

    The first one made me cry, she sings so beautiful

  • @pjf2675
    @pjf2675 Před 7 lety

    I absolutely LOVE David's Golden buzzers over the years... actually makes me laugh so hard that I cry.

  • @alexandrasoto9122
    @alexandrasoto9122 Před 7 lety +54

    I loved the star Wars one!!!

  • @tiffanyortiz3817
    @tiffanyortiz3817 Před 7 lety +1

    the marshall couple is goals i got so happy for them i cried tht wuz really nice of David

  • @christianauteri
    @christianauteri Před 7 lety +5

    Increible video, como me emociono al verlo.

  • @suzyloo21
    @suzyloo21 Před 7 lety

    Love it! Awesome Star War outfits. and great dancing.

  • @chrisivanchev
    @chrisivanchev Před 7 lety

    I just couldn't resist! I watched this video three times! Thank you

  • @GirlsRockClubGurung
    @GirlsRockClubGurung Před 7 lety +5

    The Star Wars one was awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️️❤️️❤️️

  • @SagaGamingEC
    @SagaGamingEC Před 7 lety +2

    First girl audition was so emotional. She made me cry.
    Second girl audition gave me goosebumps
    The Stormtroopers was the best, legite and original dance group I´ve ever seen.
    The gospel choir was the most beatiful act I´ve ever seen in a reality TV show.
    The CHARLESTON version of Crazy In Love was so crazy and epic.

  • @marielaresquin5004
    @marielaresquin5004 Před 7 lety +2

    casi lloré con la primera presentación 😢 muy hermoso en verdad.

  • @shanshan-js3of
    @shanshan-js3of Před 7 lety +8

    8:36 when your phone runs out of battery in the middle of doing something.

  • @jaehyehyun6886
    @jaehyehyun6886 Před 7 lety

    amazing I keep on watching this it's my 4th time.really love it..it's full of emotions

  • @chiarathieke971
    @chiarathieke971 Před 7 lety +9

    wow she's really good

  • @Amanda111798
    @Amanda111798 Před 7 lety

    simon is so under appreciated for the so many good things he does. I love Simon, because even though he can be rude he knows when people deserve so go to the top. I love that about him so much.

  • @Moraima13
    @Moraima13 Před 7 lety

    The first one just made me cry like a baby! ❤️

  • @burgerking1562
    @burgerking1562 Před 7 lety +178

    The first one was fucking beautiful. Beautiful voice and personality, and she's beautiful😍💗

  • @nohailaesmael3250
    @nohailaesmael3250 Před 7 lety

    wow that was the very beautiful version i've ever heard, mke me cry, do believe in life after life omg

  • @animeedits4893
    @animeedits4893 Před 7 lety

    solid talent Jasmine, hope you win, your so special, from NZ

  • @anaceciliamartinezclaudio3488

    Que tendra la voz de esta chica que conmueve hasta el llanto?... Mientras la escuchaba sentí muchas ganas de llorar, pero de ese llanto nostalgico, rico... en el que a la vez esbozas una inevitable sonrisa... =)

  • @jaehyehyun6886
    @jaehyehyun6886 Před 7 lety

    wow it so touching. .it makes me cry
    .love you

  • @AngieMillan29
    @AngieMillan29 Před 6 lety

    OMG!!! lo q más me encantó fue la mujer con el tremendo coro y los bailarines, was amazing!!!

  • @2100qasw
    @2100qasw Před 7 lety +30

    6:05 the guy in the back lool

  • @robertoorlandoramallo9605

    increible el coro de las 100 voces, esa mujer tiene una voz privilegiada, al igual que el resto del grupo, emocionante

  • @laurabarcsik804
    @laurabarcsik804 Před 7 lety +1


  • @EsportsGod777
    @EsportsGod777 Před 7 lety

    The old couples were seriously goals ❤️

  • @julzserolf28
    @julzserolf28 Před 7 lety +2

    Jasmin really makes me cry whenever I see her audition.

  • @AnaGonzalez-ev7yo
    @AnaGonzalez-ev7yo Před 7 lety +553

    Lo que hacen los Stormtroopers cuando Darth Vader no los está viendo :v.

    • @4nn1ng
      @4nn1ng Před 7 lety +4

      Paula González hi

    • @ValeeTWE14
      @ValeeTWE14 Před 7 lety +6


    • @AdrianBernal848
      @AdrianBernal848 Před 7 lety +7

      +matias aguila Estas mal, esque están en el programa de "La estrella de la muerte tiene talento" :v

    • @jeffer7772
      @jeffer7772 Před 7 lety

      +Chilenita hola ♥♥♥♥

    • @vanessakandracova3473
      @vanessakandracova3473 Před 7 lety

      Paula González

  • @nicoleillescas6186
    @nicoleillescas6186 Před 7 lety +6

    The first one is a smooth voice

  • @madalaine4992
    @madalaine4992 Před 7 lety +1

    this just makes me really happy

  • @karinajimenez7427
    @karinajimenez7427 Před 7 lety

    This girl gave me chills 8 times😍😍😍

  • @garysmusiclist
    @garysmusiclist Před 7 lety

    Very good...Thanks Val for the head's up.

  • @deekshadeka1708
    @deekshadeka1708 Před 7 lety

    Am in love with her voice!

  • @giuliacipriano1317
    @giuliacipriano1317 Před 7 lety

    the choir was so so so good, was incredible, full of talent: WOW

  • @shengwu9077
    @shengwu9077 Před 7 lety +6

    Those dancing stormtroopers! XD

  • @annaisguzman4454
    @annaisguzman4454 Před 7 lety +1

    Por Favor!!! Jazmín tiene una voz tan hermosa que llega al punto de conmover, ósea por mi parte me conmovió mucho, lo bastante como para decir que fue una excelente como presentación ❣❣❣

  • @leanghuy1503
    @leanghuy1503 Před 6 lety

    always make me cry...i love it

  • @melissadee4083
    @melissadee4083 Před 7 lety +2

    i luv it very very good......amazing.....

  • @trishameekz8751
    @trishameekz8751 Před 7 lety

    The 100 voices of gospel was AMAZING!

  • @doreinpaulemmanuel3614

    Don't we all just lovvvvvvvvvvvvve alesha dixn and her face and smile ! for just dropping on that GOLD ! dang it ! what a cute smile she has ! I love her face.

  • @fatimahmohammed5462
    @fatimahmohammed5462 Před 7 lety +3

    I like these boys they are the one who pressed the gold buzzer it was the amazing moment ever even one of them cryed

  • @linnbalderaz3818
    @linnbalderaz3818 Před 7 lety

    amazing powerful and beautiful. 💜 I hope you reach your goals

  • @aileen4222
    @aileen4222 Před 7 lety

    The second girl's sister was sooo supportive! 😍😍

  • @christopherjohnbautista4195

    simply AMAZING.......... !!!!

  • @moonlaney
    @moonlaney Před 7 lety

    I love how done Simon looks every year when David pushes the button

  • @reynaldobreapayne9671
    @reynaldobreapayne9671 Před 7 lety

    Canta Hermoso
    es la Verdad !! ♡♡♡

  • @lgsmusics9232
    @lgsmusics9232 Před 7 lety +9

    The gospel band IS Amazing 😍

  • @mumbaby5455
    @mumbaby5455 Před 7 lety

    omg shes so good i love her voice

  • @oscarpruiz8622
    @oscarpruiz8622 Před 7 lety

    Me encanta ver las audiciones 💕

  • @melonball_
    @melonball_ Před 7 lety

    That girl sang soo beautiful that I almost cried 😭😍😭

  • @mayaabdo7722
    @mayaabdo7722 Před 7 lety +1

    I cried cause the first and second one was so Beautiful

  • @claudiaguimaraespersefone666

    Linda voz !!!!

  • @cutenessoverload96432
    @cutenessoverload96432 Před 7 lety +4

    Díganme que no soy la única que amo el coro de Gospel😭❤️❤️

  • @cams180874
    @cams180874 Před 7 lety

    I love how this girl, God bless her

  • @Princess4fh
    @Princess4fh Před 7 lety

    In MY opinion, Britain has REALLY AMAZING talent. I love the country

  • @raahsilva3020
    @raahsilva3020 Před 7 lety

    Beautiful voice😍

  • @roamellboothe9372
    @roamellboothe9372 Před 7 lety

    I'm in tears!!

  • @mouradloubar6388
    @mouradloubar6388 Před 5 lety

    Thank bro .. I adore thid show

  • @baohxiong7279
    @baohxiong7279 Před 7 lety +6

    U know u won when Simon hit the golden buzzer

  • @luigiraffo6481
    @luigiraffo6481 Před 7 lety

    how is it that no one is talking about the couple at the end, omg them both are my favourite golden buzzer ever, they are truly great

  • @febelopez8932
    @febelopez8932 Před 7 lety +3

    wow me encanto el último 😍💑

  • @kavitakalumarakkalage1786

    Wow I like the 2 one that girl have a beautiful talent her voice is so harmonious i like her voice thank you for this video I like it

  • @norlalamody3063
    @norlalamody3063 Před 7 lety

    amazing ... great voice..👍🏼

  • @manjitbajwa693
    @manjitbajwa693 Před 7 lety +3

    The second one was a miracle

  • @pamsemones5362
    @pamsemones5362 Před 7 lety +93

    I have lost count on the number of people that start a channel and up load other peoples videos. And they up load the same videos over and over. Its stealing other peoples work.. You call it your because you throw a couple words on the front of an act or cut the video up ..still stealing.

    • @pamsemones5362
      @pamsemones5362 Před 7 lety


    • @ThePAShow16
      @ThePAShow16  Před 7 lety +16

      You found many similar videos because all of them came from only one resource (Britain's Got Talent). I made this video clip because i thought people would save time when watching all the golden buzzer auditions in a video.
      Pam, if you want to watch the original, please visit the BGT channel.
      All the best, thanks !

    • @pamsemones5362
      @pamsemones5362 Před 7 lety +3

      You tooooo.

    • @ayanle7315
      @ayanle7315 Před 7 lety

      +The P.A Show somali WAXA dhaw daa maxamed wa been 🏆💲👈

    • @sarahvanderlelij4002
      @sarahvanderlelij4002 Před 7 lety +1

      look at the description box, they almost always give credit to the original source and own up to the fact that the video isn't theirs (only love)

  • @giovannamazziotta5885
    @giovannamazziotta5885 Před 7 lety

    I love her not from what she looks like but how good of a person she is

  • @mokeymouse.8594
    @mokeymouse.8594 Před 7 lety +3


  • @stefanioliverira969
    @stefanioliverira969 Před 7 lety +1

    Realmente ela tem um talento divino. ❤

  • @jlflr
    @jlflr Před 7 lety

    Thank Gos! Natupad ang pangarap ni Joshua!

  • @dianaromerosanchez9930
    @dianaromerosanchez9930 Před 7 lety +32

    my friki side loved the star wars one 😂❤❤

  • @cesarmelo9908
    @cesarmelo9908 Před 7 lety +4

    a segunda miuda tem uma voz de rebentar...

  • @lilliana2878
    @lilliana2878 Před 7 lety

    Amanda looks so pretty in the last one #goaaallllssss 😍

  • @pejerreyification
    @pejerreyification Před 7 lety

    verdaderos marcianos no son de la tierra impresionante felicitaciones no se como buscar otros temas asi increible

  • @yungslipzino8409
    @yungslipzino8409 Před 7 lety +15

    jasmine the first one goes to the same school as me she's so kind and sweet I idolize her

  • @veronicajohnson510
    @veronicajohnson510 Před 6 lety

    this little girl can really sing she really touch my heart

  • @rosangelamaciel5310
    @rosangelamaciel5310 Před 6 lety

    100 Voices of Gospel FANTASTICO sem palavras