The funniest look-a-like cam I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • čas přidán 29. 05. 2022

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  • roblos
    roblos  +191

    Last guy was waiting his whole life for that exact moment

  • Kamil_R13

    I loved the first one, he looks so alike and so cute

  • GamerDyder

    The last guy looked like he was going to give an entire speech

  • Scarlett ☺️

    The last guy:

  • JGplayz ♪

    Love how the last guy poses perfect

  • BetterTollinal

    “Last guy”

  • Cala Maria


  • Amimira Amira

    "Why is no one talking about the first guy he is soooo cute!!!

  • fr0g_br41z

    I love how the last guy reacted like-

  • Luirio le dragon
    Luirio le dragon Před 21 dnem +13

    What's cute is that everyone is having a good time. :) Laughter is important. Life can be too serious sometimes it's not in our nature to be dead serious.

  • •space_edixs•

    I love how they are we don’t talk about Bruno in the background. That song slaps 🎶

  • L0tus._.L0ver

    The first one was adorable ngl-

  • Bailey Angus

    The Simba guy: Ah yes the moment I was born for!

  • 302001
    302001  +2

    The little boy is sooo adorable and he does look just like Luca 😭🥰

  • NightLocke_17

    The last one just before it showed the guy, I went like: “Who looks like a furry today?”

  • Verry Auuugh
    Verry Auuugh Před 14 hodinami +3

    Last guy did a victory pose 💀💀💀

  • Jessica FB
    Jessica FB Před dnem +14

    The first one looked like a little Disney Prince - he was so cute! He seemed happy at first & then like, wait, I’m being compared to this dude 😂

  • BaconPants

    The last guy imitating the face is the best part 🤣

  • EagleSunnyCODM YT

    When the lion picture came he was like:- is it gonna be me? And when they showed his face on cam he was shocked, proud and tried to merge with the lion's face....