The greatest mascot EVER 😂😂😂

  • čas přidán 15. 05. 2022

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  • LilHuggZ
    LilHuggZ  +135

    Naw fr let’s be honest he had every right to get up and do that to the mascot. That beer was probably really expensive.

  • たまご と とまと


  • KuboKetaKees

    He went from bald guy to john cena in seconds...

  • Jake
    Jake  +8

    Imagine you were in that guy’s shoes watching a game with your buddy and a beer good vibes right until the jazz mascot comes around and ruins your whole day for no reason 🤣

  • 파도S
    파도S  +767

    마스코트 자기는 맘대로하고 팬한테 맥주한잔 세례받았다고 저렇게 과할거 같으면 마스코트를 바꿔야..인성이 개

  • 이만두
    이만두  +867

    한시간 줄서서 18달라짜리 맥주면 빡칠만하지 ㅋㅋㄲㄲㅋ 나같음 날라차기했다

  • YOUR MAJESTY !!!!!!

    Ruin the beer and my outfit no sir.. I’m with the fans

  • あ


  • Mad Memories

    The Mascot did got in return what he deserves...well done fan 👏 👍 🙌

  • Scramified

    The beer is really expensive at these games, I would be pissed too, they cost around $18

  • 星詠み
    星詠み  +129


  • 룡충이
    룡충이  +352

    아니 왜 마스코트를 내보내지 않고, 저 사람을 내보내는 거야?

  • Timo K
    Timo K  +4

    Imagine u stood in line for an hour for that beer…

  • 야나두
    야나두  +781

    마스코트인성 개터졌네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • あらまな


  • ☆The King☆

    I'm on the fan's side

  • Carole Terryn
    Carole Terryn Před 7 hodinami +2

    Vous êtes un battant, et, malgré votre paralysie, vous rendez votre famille heureuse,....vous avez une femme merveilleuse, qui est toujours à vos coté,... Je ressent tellement d amour entre vous ❤️❤️❤️

  • おちんちん


  • Tobias Terry

    It puts a smile on my face seeing everyone against the mascot in this case

  • M D
    M D  +6

    Hey waited in line for that!!