NEW: Grand Theft Auto Online Official Gameplay Video - (GTA V Online Gameplay) - HD Gameplay TODAY

  • čas přidán 14. 08. 2013
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    Grand Theft Auto V Official Website Update: Visit Los Santos & Blaine County -
    GTA 5 Trailer GTAV trailer GTA V Trailer official xbox 360 xbox one ps3 ps4 pc gameplay
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Komentáře • 181

  • Andriosky hernandez sanchez

    I aint leaving the house for months when this drops!!

  • Mafalda Martins
    Mafalda Martins Před 9 lety +1

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ITS SO AWESOME DUDE!!! i think it gonna be 50.00 dollars i hope so

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer Před 9 lety +1

    16 hours and 30 minutes to go untill online XD

  • JoN Gamer
    JoN Gamer Před 9 lety +1

    Dude, I hear you on that one. I just paid off my pre-order for the game and now all I've been thinking about is Tuesday

  • Jordan Iacopetta
    Jordan Iacopetta Před 9 lety +1


  • starsapphire2013
    starsapphire2013 Před 9 lety +1

    wtf, bro?!! seriously, wtf?!!

  • Rambo Bambo
    Rambo Bambo Před 9 lety +1

    And hello social club :D

  • AnimeMusicVersion
    AnimeMusicVersion Před 9 lety +1

    Did you just read the title :D

  • glassbead100
    glassbead100 Před 9 lety +1

    Thank you. Now I have the image of millions of people playing GTA on shit buckets.

  • Hogan Keith
    Hogan Keith Před 9 lety +1

    this is going to be the best online game EVEEEEEEER

  • AZK Cinema
    AZK Cinema Před 9 lety

    0:30 Illuminati Poster: "THE MAN IS WATCHING YOU" with pyramid and all seeing eye. This games still gonna be fucking awesome though

    THEBESTGAMEVIDEOS Před 9 lety +1

    Wow. Just... WOW!

  • Gregory Cabral
    Gregory Cabral Před 9 lety

    This, at least, better come to next gen! I want to continue my GTAV online life on the PS4!

  • Tobias Krall
    Tobias Krall Před 9 lety +1


  • George
    George Před 9 lety +1

    Download ps3 version here /watch?v=gkhkDJck5Fs

  • Mr. Bicentennial
    Mr. Bicentennial Před 9 lety +1

    yeah your right i just need to calm down and eat some pudding pops until tuesday....that's a whole lotta pudding pops!

  • Jayzoh
    Jayzoh Před 9 lety

    I miss the old gta games on ps2 :(

  • Jon John
    Jon John Před 9 lety +1

    Next GTA got to be back in Miami!

  • yush thakoor
    yush thakoor Před 9 lety +1

    you can get it two weeks after gta 5

  • Saulmrfc20
    Saulmrfc20 Před 9 lety

    Mine 2 i dont know what to do :'(

  • Rainy Atwater
    Rainy Atwater Před 9 lety

    I'm going to lose my mind I don't know what I'm going to do. These next four days are going to be hell!!!

  • moqutpar
    moqutpar Před 9 lety

    11hrs to go ;)

  • Flack Rack
    Flack Rack Před 8 lety +1

    well if anyone still wants to play with me i changed my gamer tag to taze em up 1

  • patrick george
    patrick george Před 9 lety +1

    @uotudtq yeah thats what everyones been saying also! man you would probably enjoy this online game:

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde Před 9 lety +1

    Hey bill cosby I heard gta 5 got canceled bro damm.

  • Junk
    Junk Před 9 lety +1

    @crowofdebt Don't you do clutches and aces anymore?

  • robi4never
    robi4never Před 9 lety

    Whoo its on pirate bay for 2 days, lets hope it will work on my uncles ps3,

  • conner bailey
    conner bailey Před 9 lety +1

    Erm I think you'll find out other wise they wouldnt have said it.... Duh...

  • MrEliteAaron
    MrEliteAaron Před 9 lety

    imagine it on pc on a high end rig

  • Lazaire Provost
    Lazaire Provost Před 9 lety +1

    How do you sign up for grand theft auto online

  • Armando Delgado
    Armando Delgado Před 9 lety

    im stuk on the first mission online it keeps saying goto race but when im there it doesn't do anything???

  • 1kanto
    1kanto Před 9 lety

    And we need demo too and now !! Right now !

  • Redzim Games
    Redzim Games Před 9 lety

    Of course :)

  • arer aerer
    arer aerer Před 9 lety

    when can we play online

  • Otter_Espada
    Otter_Espada Před 9 lety +1

    Will this be the first gta with planes planes ?

  • alexandros valassidis vila

    takee my money

  • Broussard’s mobile auto detailing

    I love GTA I hope rockstar
    Keep the franchise going I will buy every new GTA the come out with.

  • T.R.D Gaming
    T.R.D Gaming Před 9 lety +1

    Just..just i say this game is good okey ?

  • MattyGTA
    MattyGTA Před 9 lety

    I generally am not an online gamer, I love my games but online never really got me, probs because I prefer stories. Needles to say I will defiantly try this out.

  • bronx bully
    bronx bully Před 9 lety

    Wow amazing

  • ZingBingDing
    ZingBingDing Před 9 lety

    this comes out 2 weeks after gta 5 singleplayer

  • Kudo Shinichi
    Kudo Shinichi Před 9 lety

    well you got three more days i am sure you can wait

  • Damien Buhagiar
    Damien Buhagiar Před 9 lety

    Who Need's A Social Life When You Have Gta :(?

  • Flack Rack
    Flack Rack Před 8 lety +1

    and im on xbox 360 so yeah

  • Sabrina Roe
    Sabrina Roe Před 9 lety +1


  • Paa Hawkins
    Paa Hawkins Před 9 lety +1

    Cells phones may go out of business when this comes out! All phones will be turned off! LMAO

  • jetkin Rambo
    jetkin Rambo Před 9 lety +1

    midnight release

  • tehnoforever678
    tehnoforever678 Před 9 lety +1


  • Ruben Herrera
    Ruben Herrera Před 9 lety +1

    Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably be the next gen

  • aspoonful ofahs
    aspoonful ofahs Před 9 lety

    i said that :\

  • Alpha t
    Alpha t Před 9 lety

    wow looks awesome!

  • T.R.D Gaming
    T.R.D Gaming Před 9 lety +1

    Calm down man I dont say nothing to game this is amazing but problems in players :/

  • liam crane
    liam crane Před 9 lety

    do u need a graphics card to get the graphics that good

  • DarkGoesGaming
    DarkGoesGaming Před 9 lety +1

    They say it wont be released for xbox 1/ps4 right away. Im worried it might lag on the current gen game/or not look as good. I still have my hopes up for it though GTA5 looks amazing :D

  • Fly Cavi
    Fly Cavi Před 9 lety

    Word mine is doing the samething

  • Ismael Cervera
    Ismael Cervera Před 9 lety

    i need immediatly a new xbox

  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez Před 9 lety +1

    I cnt wait for dis game

  • thanasi the best
    thanasi the best Před 9 lety

    Can't wait till it comes out

    DRKILLSM Před 9 lety +1

    Sick graphics brah

  • Easy Space
    Easy Space Před 9 lety

    Yep mine does

  • MinecraftRealms100
    MinecraftRealms100 Před 9 lety +1

    ik only like 3 weeks left I am so excited I have been waiting 2 years!!!

  • Rafdeey
    Rafdeey Před 9 lety

    GTA V leaked videos of 30 min in my channel!!

  • Zeptic
    Zeptic Před 9 lety +1

    We survived 1 day...

  • Mr. Bicentennial
    Mr. Bicentennial Před 9 lety +1


  • Trafford Kid
    Trafford Kid Před 9 lety

    rocksevers keep on going down

  • XexNobody
    XexNobody Před 9 lety

    go to my channel watch some gameplay

  • Nawja
    Nawja Před 9 lety +1


  • Jrod
    Jrod Před 9 lety

    Looks awesome

  • KleX
    KleX Před 9 lety

    yes, you can

  • Sindre Kaupang
    Sindre Kaupang Před 9 lety +1

    Not for next gen consoles?

  • RichardBlackburn
    RichardBlackburn Před 9 lety

    link please?

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller Před 9 lety

    my says failure to host try next time and return to grand theft auto v lol does anyone else says that stupid shit lol

  • caroline barrid
    caroline barrid Před 9 lety


  • Mircea Cozan
    Mircea Cozan Před 9 lety

    of course!

  • Baby King Productions
    Baby King Productions Před 9 lety +1

    thats good because im not wasting my money on those

  • Eyayja Iyan
    Eyayja Iyan Před 9 lety


  • ViciousKiwi
    ViciousKiwi Před 9 lety +1

    Gameplay on my channel ;P

  • Broussard’s mobile auto detailing

    Rockstar Did they phuckin thang with this one.

  • Waniewski
    Waniewski Před 9 lety

    follow me .... follame?

  • Alex Nomick
    Alex Nomick Před 9 lety

    Yes, it will be. Do your research bub

  • AnimeMusicVersion
    AnimeMusicVersion Před 9 lety


  • henriette kjæhr
    henriette kjæhr Před 9 lety

    Buuuut u can use gta 5 (Xbox 360 and ps3) on NeXT gen

  • jon king
    jon king Před 9 lety


  • DarthJager
    DarthJager Před 9 lety +1

    well you can play ps3 games on ps4 so you shouldnt have to worry

  • bottleshopjoshwh
    bottleshopjoshwh Před 9 lety

    It's being released on current consoles.. but they're considering port to next gen.. which leaves me thoroughly impressed, I thought I was looking at next gen graphics lol

  • Jere Kristian Vartiainen

    Will it come to ps4 and now that it's online can it be constantly updated? That would be sickest thing ever

    JULIAN O Před 9 lety

    Illuminati subliminal mesage at 00:30

  • Jake Mcclurg
    Jake Mcclurg Před 9 lety

    thinking alittle ahead there arent we

  • Don Snickz
    Don Snickz Před 9 lety +1

    it is going to take around 3 months

  • KleX
    KleX Před 9 lety +1

    not hte disc but the PSN bought games yes

    DEMO RAGZZ Před 9 lety +1

    gotta luv this game

  • KleX
    KleX Před 9 lety

    They said on E3 (find it yourself) that you will be able to play PS3 games on PS4 only with internet connection because the games will be running on their servers and they will be streaming games to PS4 like in Nvidia Shield

  • Gilly
    Gilly Před 9 lety +1


  • Frizzle Fry
    Frizzle Fry Před 9 lety +1

    doesnt sound too much different than gta 4, but is this all gonna be free with gta 5?

  • starsapphire2013
    starsapphire2013 Před 9 lety

    goodbye social life..!

  • Non specific gaming
    Non specific gaming Před 9 lety

    hasn't been confirmed

  • Robert vT
    Robert vT Před 9 lety +1

    If I get gta5 you guys will find me there online. robert007

  • ShallowGaming
    ShallowGaming Před 9 lety

    Was that smokie?

  • Agustin Gomez
    Agustin Gomez Před 9 lety +1


  • RichardBlackburn
    RichardBlackburn Před 9 lety +1

    not all games will work at launch though