Ronaldo vs Henry/ who is the fastest?

  • čas přidán 5. 09. 2023
  • Ronaldo vs Henry who is the fastest?

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  • faiz shaikh
    faiz shaikh Před 27 dny +12941

    Running with the ball is completely different, from running without the ball...

    • Innocent Haule
      Innocent Haule Před 27 dny +244


    • Rororino Rikakado
      Rororino Rikakado Před 27 dny +239


    • Murillo Carvalho
      Murillo Carvalho Před 27 dny +336

      This is Messi top speed💀he ran more with the ball than without,dont cry man

    • Ali Alaneli
      Ali Alaneli Před 27 dny +119

      Bro mbappe ran without the ball for half the time 😂

  • Just a Gamer
    Just a Gamer Před 16 dny +651

    Source: Henry's hairline

    • Boas
      Boas Před 12 dny


    • zx r
      zx r Před 11 dny +1

      This is the fact of Ronaldo faster.

    • Maatiosek 8228
      Maatiosek 8228 Před 11 dny +9

      ​@zx rbruh in these clips its easy to tell mbappe was running faster than ronaldo bruh

    • zx r
      zx r Před 11 dny

      @Maatiosek 8228 if you have problem with your eyes, go to the hospital Ronaldo faster then any player

    • Maatiosek 8228
      Maatiosek 8228 Před 11 dny +6

      @zx r bruhhhhh

  • z_дркско
    z_дркско Před 16 dny +146

    Gareth Bale leaving the chat 💀

    • FERNANDO Dias
      FERNANDO Dias Před 13 dny +2

      Brasileiro Luccas Paraizo da portuguesa iguala velocidade do Gareth Bale com a quarta velocidade mais rápida 36.9km

    • Guilherme Ferreira Guarita
      Guilherme Ferreira Guarita Před 5 dny +2

      ​@FERNANDO Diasbale é o mais rápido filho nunca 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Madrid Editz
      Madrid Editz Před 2 dny +1


  • Egg World Record!
    Egg World Record! Před 20 dny +2672

    Bro pulled Ronaldo's spedometer out of his ass💀

  • Renu Pahadia
    Renu Pahadia Před 16 dny +684

    Henry was literally flying 💀

    • maum_1800
      maum_1800 Před 14 dny

      Hâte to be this guy again but, 'literally'? Does Internet really struggle this much to know the meaning of a word?

    • cutecat
      cutecat Před 14 dny +8

      ​@maum_1800"hate to be this guy" proceeds to be that guy,mate dont take it literally jesus

    • IAmAWinger
      IAmAWinger Před 14 dny +1


    • maum_1800
      maum_1800 Před 14 dny

      @cutecat nah, gotta complain or people will keep saying "I literally died" and not notice anything wrong xd

    • JairoEditz
      JairoEditz Před 12 dny

      @IAmAWingerhear me out, when someone spits out facts they’re automatically a nerd? that don’t sound right

  • Omar Ibrahim
    Omar Ibrahim Před 15 dny +48

    Bro wasnt even there but he created the speed💀💀

  • CN-Ulusalcı Kemalist
    CN-Ulusalcı Kemalist Před 26 dny +3199

    Fun fact: Messi fastest speed something like 30 km/h
    Messi with ball 32,4km/h

    • Azra Baqi
      Azra Baqi Před 25 dny +91

      Still slower than Ronaldo 😂

    • CN-Ulusalcı Kemalist
      CN-Ulusalcı Kemalist Před 25 dny +424

      @Azra Baqi messi still better than ronaldo😂

    • Ap70I
      Ap70I Před 24 dny +44

      @CN-Ulusalcı Kemalist=

    • ETER
      ETER Před 24 dny +124

      @Azra Baqi still the goat tho 🇦🇷

    • Batman
      Batman Před 24 dny +38

      @CN-Ulusalcı KemalistRonaldo is better

  • Tymoteusz
    Tymoteusz Před 13 dny +8

    Mbappe 40km/h vs Argentina (2018) has left the chat

  • Quandale dingle
    Quandale dingle Před 16 dny +31

    Love how bro immediately went from 36 km/h to 40km/h in 0.2 seconds

  • Ben Van den Heuvel
    Ben Van den Heuvel Před 24 dny +727

    Source: Zidane his hair

    • Official Müller
      Official Müller Před 23 dny +36

      everybody knows this is true, now stop trying to get likes from an overused joke that you didn’t even do right

    • Ben Van den Heuvel
      Ben Van den Heuvel Před 23 dny +27

      @Official Müller 🤓

    • Never Ever
      Never Ever Před 23 dny +64

      ​@Official Müllerits not true, ronaldo not faster henry

  • Martin C.S
    Martin C.S Před 15 dny +15

    Aquí los que están de acuerdo que Henry es más rápido 👇

    • Matias Castillo
      Matias Castillo Před 11 dny +1

      Caniggia es mas rápido que henry y que cristiano amigo

  • Indranil Rudra
    Indranil Rudra Před 12 dny +12

    For anyone wondering what was Ronaldo's top speed it was 33.95 km/hr

    • Cat Demigurs
      Cat Demigurs Před 6 dny

      I swear bro😂 I don't know where the guy that did this video got is speedometer from 😂

    • SomeRandomDude ッ
      SomeRandomDude ッ Před 5 dny

      ​@Cat Demigurshe got the speedometer out of his asshair

  • Sfushs Sbjshgysye
    Sfushs Sbjshgysye Před 21 dnem +615

    Bro learned his math from McDonald’s

    • Hisar Nainggolan
      Hisar Nainggolan Před 21 dnem +5

      this isnt even about math

    • WpGoalie
      WpGoalie Před 20 dny +21

      @Hisar Nainggolan The speed was the math

    • SimplyMJ
      SimplyMJ Před 20 dny

      It’s in kmp/h

    • Gaming with TayTay
      Gaming with TayTay Před 20 dny +26

      @SimplyMJ yeah but Ronaldo's top speed is 33-34 kph not 40, I'm guessing that the editor is a Ronaldo fan boy

    • SimplyMJ
      SimplyMJ Před 20 dny +3

      @Gaming with TayTay fair enough they may be a Ronaldo meat rider

  • MR.Funnyman
    MR.Funnyman Před 16 dny +3

    If i was that fast i would fricking punch something 💀

  • Iorver Akile
    Iorver Akile Před 13 dny +3

    Usain Bolt been real quiet after this one.

  • Shafique Jamal
    Shafique Jamal Před 16 dny +217

    That's why we need to stop whatsapp univercity 😂😂😂

    • zx r
      zx r Před 11 dny +2

      Wtf , i didn’t see this in wts

      HALA MADRID Před 6 dny +4

      Bro I guess you should also stop taking classes from WhatsApp*university*

    • the finga
      the finga Před 5 dny +1

      ​@HALA MADRIDfr💀

    • Kiếm tiền online
      Kiếm tiền online Před 4 dny

      Looks slow but 40

    FIFA MOBILE Před 14 dny +2

    Gareth Bale joined the chat 🗿

  • Maria Akinlotan
    Maria Akinlotan Před 6 dny +1

    Watching Messi gives me goosebumps.god of the game.

    AKASH BALU Před 24 dny +393

    Cr7's maximum speed is 33 km/h
    Thes kids logic🤡

    • extraterrestrialFootball
      extraterrestrialFootball Před 21 dnem +8


    • NeonGalaxys
      NeonGalaxys Před 21 dnem +30

      I'm a cr7 fan and I can agree that mbappe and haaland are faster

    • ender pearl
      ender pearl Před 21 dnem +25

      ​@NeonGalaxysbro I watched Cristiano in 2013 and he was the fastest player in the world, but after the injury in 2014 his speed decreased, Haaland and Mbappe are fast players, but Cristiano, the 2013 version, remains the fastest

    • MustafaBRO
      MustafaBRO Před 21 dnem +2

      u dont even have like 27

    • IRENG
      IRENG Před 21 dnem +6

      ​@NeonGalaxysRonaldo fans can't agree that

  • Adam Will
    Adam Will Před 12 dny +1

    Me waiting for Adama to be introduced:

  • Jernej Remskar
    Jernej Remskar Před 3 dny +2

    Bro created his own speedometer cause ronaldo ain't running 40km/h

  • EGG
    EGG Před 19 dny +424

    Bro pulled out the km/h outta his ass

  • Unknown
    Unknown Před 13 dny +1

    Bale enters da chat...

  • Amin on gfuel
    Amin on gfuel Před 14 dny +1

    Hakimi left the chat...

  • The Manadarian
    The Manadarian Před 22 dny +249

    Source: Thierry Henry’s Ballon D’or

    • ahypixelplayer
      ahypixelplayer Před 20 dny +1

      its real tho

    • rezi iakobidze
      rezi iakobidze Před 20 dny +10

      ​@ahypixelplayerno henrys top speed is 41.9km/h which is 3km close to usain bold while ronados is 38km/h source transfer market 😂😂

    • Mad Trump
      Mad Trump Před 20 dny +1

      @rezi iakobidzeit’s 39.9KM

    • Arko
      Arko Před 20 dny

      Exactly,I was gonna say he created this bullshit to comfort himself 🤣🤣🤣

  • RealmCreator
    RealmCreator Před 16 dny +5

    Bro pulled up the world record 🥇🏆

  • Dii 95
    Dii 95 Před dnem +1

    Saya rasa Ronaldo hanya berlari 30 Km/h, jika Ronaldo berlari 40 Km/h maka Henry berlari 59 Km/h

  • c CyIian
    c CyIian Před 26 dny +777

    Gareth Bale left the chat.

    • LYNX
      LYNX Před 26 dny +24

      Ronaldo 42/km >Bale

    • Adik F
      Adik F Před 25 dny +12

      ​@LYNXwith ball? Nah

    • ALEN2.0
      ALEN2.0 Před 24 dny +18

      Ronaldo 40

    • si la_ si la
      si la_ si la Před 24 dny +7

      Bale 41 km>Ronaldo 40 km

    • Superhero
      Superhero Před 24 dny +2

      ​@si la_ si laare you kidding
      Any prove

    BARNAK KUNDU Před 4 dny +1

    If creating happiness was a video😂

    RONALDO CR7 Před 6 dny +1

    The legend CR7 💪🏼🔥

  • Roshani Singh
    Roshani Singh Před 20 dny +340

    Bro is creating his own happiness 😂
    Edit:There is a WW3 going on in my replies💀

    • ItzAarxn
      ItzAarxn Před 19 dny +8

      Bro is creating ronaldo fans and his happiness*

    • Jhordan Ruben Lazo Rojas
      Jhordan Ruben Lazo Rojas Před 19 dny +1

      Is true

    • NJR
      NJR Před 19 dny +2

      Indian ho kya aap☺️??

    • MARVEL TEN x
      MARVEL TEN x Před 18 dny +1

      😂😂 cry more 😂😂 it was messi's top speed with ball or without ball and when it comes to Henry he just touched the ball with his head that doesn't mean he was running with ball and dribbling 😂😂

    • Alunnaki
      Alunnaki Před 18 dny +2

      ​@MARVEL TEN xmessi 1 world cup cr7 0

  • Trịnh Thăng Bằng
    Trịnh Thăng Bằng Před 5 dny

    CR7 rất hoàn hảo nhưng người hay nhất vẫn là Messi

  • Sabohat Abduraximova

    Tenis Puhiri left the chat 💀

  • Doty Fuzz
    Doty Fuzz Před 25 dny +396

    Source : I made it the fuck up

      SUPER BERO Před 23 dny +20

      Yes, cr7 tob speed is 33.95

    • Real Fire
      Real Fire Před 23 dny +2


    • Leo Yavuz Messi
      Leo Yavuz Messi Před 22 dny

      ​@SUPER BERObut with the ball hes speed is like 35 without the ball

  • Brad2op
    Brad2op Před 12 dny +1

    Fun fact : Ronaldo top speed is 38,9 kmh

  • Shoraxim Valiyev
    Shoraxim Valiyev Před 10 dny +1

    Mbappe King 🤴🤴🤴

  • msd
    msd Před 20 dny +410

    Cameraman left the chat

    • Marvel Osakue
      Marvel Osakue Před 20 dny +4

      He was like these dudes feel like their hot stuff but they forget the real hero

    • sunky
      sunky Před 20 dny +2


    • Cr11
      Cr11 Před 20 dny +3

      Bro you know it’s a drone💀

    • sunky
      sunky Před 20 dny +4

      @Cr11 bro you know its a joke 💀 💀 💀

    • Randonamia
      Randonamia Před 20 dny


  • Sahib:)
    Sahib:) Před 15 dny +1

    there is a difference between running with the ball and without it 💀

  • Kuzeygenc229fan.
    Kuzeygenc229fan. Před 16 dny

    50.29Km/h Maradona left the chat

  • Mir Abdullah
    Mir Abdullah Před 17 dny +438

    Four years later, football players will probably be faster than cars

    • John Tanner
      John Tanner Před 17 dny +6

      Why We Need The Cars Then If We Are Bloody Flashs?

    • Quadrado
      Quadrado Před 16 dny +5

      Bro believe cars exist lmao

    • Charles pathulani
      Charles pathulani Před 16 dny +1


    • AdrianXX
      AdrianXX Před 16 dny +2

      ​@John Tannerbro forgot about tiredness

    • allrounder. gamer
      allrounder. gamer Před 16 dny


  • Ngollias
    Ngollias Před 16 dny +2

    The Audi rs6: I’m bout to end this man’s whole career

  • Vinny10
    Vinny10 Před 14 dny

    Ronaldo just literally gained 8 Kph outta his ass

  • Peter George Flint Nzube
    Peter George Flint Nzube Před 21 dnem +356

    Messi running that fast while dribbling with the ball at his feet 🙆🏾‍♂️what a man

    • Benedict_CR7
      Benedict_CR7 Před 20 dny


    • Seninle Ölmeye Geldik
      Seninle Ölmeye Geldik Před 20 dny +1

      Eğer top Ronaldoda olsa oda koşar ve Ronaldo o koşuyu prime döneminde yapmıyor

    • febb zuu
      febb zuu Před 20 dny +1

      I believe that is his top speed, he never run without ball

      TRISTANPORTAL Před 20 dny +1

      Messi not like ronaldo but ronaldo not like messi

    • JustFootball
      JustFootball Před 19 dny

      ​@Seninle Ölmeye GeldikIt's a fact that Messi is faster with he ball than Normal running, His ball control is out of the World

  • Pouly Varghese
    Pouly Varghese Před 13 dny +1

    Messi running with ball in leg
    Others running without ball in leg
    Huge difference bro 😏🥱

  • Capim
    Capim Před 16 dny

    42,7 km Henry left the chat

  • sumesh kumar
    sumesh kumar Před 26 dny +610

    Messi with the ball, he's also dribbling 😂 while running fast

    • Skf2
      Skf2 Před 24 dny +8

      It's debatable about Messi, but I think he wouldn't have accelerated to 40 km an hour even without him

    • Skf2
      Skf2 Před 24 dny +3

      Moreover, Messi does not run without the ball

    • TCI Edits
      TCI Edits Před 24 dny

      Kid Messi accepted that he's always faster with the ball + Messi is only 29.9km/h a slow kid

      SUPER BERO Před 23 dny +5

      Ronaldo's top speed is 33.95 kids

    • Tearzz GD
      Tearzz GD Před 22 dny

      ​@TCI EditsNibba what, noone is faster with ball

  • HeyNow
    HeyNow Před 12 dny

    Ronaldo at 40 while everyone can see Henry running faster, guy pulled those nr from outer space

  • 🗿SUS
    🗿SUS Před 10 dny +1

    Bale left the chat ☠️

  • Maanthegoodone
    Maanthegoodone Před 19 dny +346

    Bro Ronaldo ran across the field like it was his backyard 💀💀

    • Monkeyguds
      Monkeyguds Před 18 dny +2

      Henry looked like he was getting abducted by a ufo when he was running

    • ECLands
      ECLands Před 17 dny +1

      @Monkeygudsman was floating

    • Monkeyguds
      Monkeyguds Před 17 dny

      @ECLands fr

  • Yori Hernandez
    Yori Hernandez Před 16 dny +1

    Bale left the chat

  • NoubGos
    NoubGos Před 11 dny

    They became faster then Usain bolt himself 💀

  • Explosive
    Explosive Před 24 dny +150

    Mbappe got 39 km/h run now

    • Lexo Gaming Yt
      Lexo Gaming Yt Před 22 dny +7

      Mbappe have the best acceleration

    • Piuque Pino
      Piuque Pino Před 22 dny +4

      Es verdad, pero bueno los fans de cristiano creen otra cosa 🤷🏻‍♂️😅

    • Ski Ki
      Ski Ki Před 20 dny

      Bro go to sleep

  • Kike C.
    Kike C. Před 5 dny

    Con todos los respetos a Henry, Messi corre a 32km/h con el balón pegado a los pies y Henry lo hace sin él..

  • Jit Ghosh
    Jit Ghosh Před 16 dny

    Source:- Zidane's hair

  • JustinFlopped
    JustinFlopped Před 18 dny +155

    Messi running with the ball is faster than he is without, true legend

    • Amna Faisal
      Amna Faisal Před 17 dny +3

      Messi fans are giving their hearts happiness by saying that 😂
      Ronaldo goat and legend ❤

    • Sunita Unnikrishnan
      Sunita Unnikrishnan Před 17 dny +10

      ​@Amna Faisalthen tell me why Ronaldo has no world cup?

    • Al...
      Al... Před 17 dny +7

      ​@Amna FaisalImagine saying Ronaldo Is Better in 2023... Both goated but Messi Is something else

    • blatant_pidgeon2
      blatant_pidgeon2 Před 16 dny +1

      ​@Al...Mhm tbh i think its the move that ronaldo did that threw it

    • Sanjay Deb Barman
      Sanjay Deb Barman Před 16 dny +1

      ​@Amna FaisalJust like Ronaldo fans creating their own happiness with these videos because they know they don't have a World Cup 😂
      Messi is the only goat alive ❤

  • Asiya Khatoon
    Asiya Khatoon Před 5 dny

    Messi with the ball 32 kmh while dribbling is 🥶🥶🥶

  • Mr. Google
    Mr. Google Před 8 dny

    Ronaldo is ultimately known as the 2-legged horse

  • Mxzar
    Mxzar Před 26 dny +602

    U forgot the faster bale 41km/h

    • Anuar
      Anuar Před 24 dny +10


    • edits ayush
      edits ayush Před 24 dny +13


    • Funny roadblox
      Funny roadblox Před 24 dny +9

      But bale isn’t faster than Thierry Henry or Mbappé and also Mbappé is 39kmh

    • L
      L Před 24 dny +9

      ​@Funny roadbloxYou are wrong, Bale is faster than Thierry Henry but for a little Bale's top speed was 39.9 km/h and Henry's was 39.2 km/h, Bale is considered the fastest football player in the world, and Mbappé's top speed is 36.6 km/h not 39, don't get fake information

    • Rõôñêykl7___yt
      Rõôñêykl7___yt Před 23 dny +3

      Bale is not faster

  • Ziemniak 47
    Ziemniak 47 Před 16 dny

    Henry's speed is scary
    But If I saw 6ft5 giant charging towards me 36km/h 💀💀💀

  • EhsanulTheCreator
    EhsanulTheCreator Před 15 dny +1

    usain bolt left chat

    SUPERIOR EDITZ Před 20 dny +199

    Bro is creating his own happiness and henry ran 39.5 km/h

    • Us3rnameGOAT
      Us3rnameGOAT Před 19 dny +1

      still loses

    • etihadDZN
      etihadDZN Před 19 dny +9

      Ronaldo didnt run 40 kmh though

    • ROUSE
      ROUSE Před 19 dny

      ​@Us3rnameGOATto nessi

  • Futbolrandom23
    Futbolrandom23 Před 15 dny +1

    Botman left the chat


    Bro said "Thierry" 💀💀💀

  • ZzNotzTheZABZ
    ZzNotzTheZABZ Před 27 dny +683

    Age 33 and still in Prime at that time
    edit: Thanks for many like but there gonna be war on my comment 💀

    • pattedits
      pattedits Před 26 dny +8

      33 isnt old

    • ZzNotzTheZABZ
      ZzNotzTheZABZ Před 25 dny +4

      yup @pattedits

    • ARPITxOP
      ARPITxOP Před 25 dny +23

      ​@pattedits33 isn't old most of the the players used to retire at the age of 33 or 35 back then

    • pattedits
      pattedits Před 25 dny +1

      @ARPITxOP but most players can play till 40s and be really good at 30s even get primes at 30s im just sayin

      OSM_GAMING_ Před 24 dny +9

      ​@patteditsbro but ronaldo is different

  • Brothers In Arms
    Brothers In Arms Před 14 dny

    Messi is the only known man in football till date who's average speed is faster when with the ball.

  • Emerson Nascimento
    Emerson Nascimento Před 14 dny +1

    Gareth Bale : 👀

    GJ WORLD Před 20 dny +10

    creating his own happiness 😂😂

    PRINCE_G4MER Před 6 dny +1

    Fun fact is that the ball is speed than players 😂

  • RobloXPubg Tv
    RobloXPubg Tv Před 16 dny +1

    42 kmh mbappe. 💀💀💀💀

  • Legacy_Editzs
    Legacy_Editzs Před 24 dny +132

    source : cristiano's wc

    • SwIRLY_PLaYs
      SwIRLY_PLaYs Před 21 dnem +4


    • BINDHU Anil
      BINDHU Anil Před 20 dny +5

      We're is messi is puskas h

    • Ananth Krishna
      Ananth Krishna Před 20 dny +4

      ​@BINDHU Anilwhere is your laures award😂

    • Oscar09
      Oscar09 Před 20 dny +5

      ​@BINDHU AnilI can't believe how u guys compare a puskas to a f*cking world cup

    • White
      White Před 20 dny +1

      @Oscar09like fr wtf 💀💀💀

  • dragon
    dragon Před 2 dny

    Kaka left the chat 💀💀💀

  • ItzFootball-Editz
    ItzFootball-Editz Před 6 dny

    Ronaldo got 39.2kmph while Thierry Henry 39.91kmph.

  • A_ guy
    A_ guy Před 21 dnem +145

    bro learned from the Taco Bell Taco Bell toilet 💀

  • Robbie Allen
    Robbie Allen Před 16 dny

    Bro got his speedometer from McDonald’s 😢

  • Asadbek Choriyev
    Asadbek Choriyev Před 11 dny +4

    Ronaldo is the best❤❤❤

    ICEVICTOR Před 23 dny +64

    Alphonso Davies left the chat

    LYRO RC Před 6 dny

    Where did you get those numbers from?
    Editor: trust me

    LARGO Před 16 dny

    I love how Ronaldo was sprinting on the same pace but the speedometer went from 35 to 40 then to 36 and then to 29 on the same pace

  • c CyIian
    c CyIian Před 26 dny +112

    Hector Bellerin left the chat.

    • Sq1z3 x T1lt
      Sq1z3 x T1lt Před 24 dny +1

      R9 left the chat
      (R9 40 km/h, CR7 NO)

    • treckoka
      treckoka Před 23 dny +3

      ronaldo is literally slower then henry

    • L
      L Před 23 dny +1

      @treckoka I know this is what I just said

    • legendarygamer
      legendarygamer Před 23 dny

      who tf is he 💀

  • Abu bakr
    Abu bakr Před 15 dny

    44.7 km mbappe left the chat

  • Nana Yaw
    Nana Yaw Před 16 dny

    Other players running fast to score goals
    Ronaldo switching levels to breaking records to just give a pass 🐐

  • Ekoh
    Ekoh Před 19 dny +116

    32km/h while dribbling is crazy asf

    • Fallout
      Fallout Před 17 dny

      I wonder if this is a messi fan.. you can not say messi is faster than ronaldo when messi top speed without the ball or with the ball is 32KM/H when ronaldo's top speed 49KM/H. I know, the truth hurts. But messi is bad anyways

    • Ekoh
      Ekoh Před 17 dny +7

      @Fallout lmao, nobody said messi is better or faster, ronaldo top speed is not 49km/h, and messi is not bad, hes objectively in the top 3 of all time, subjectively you can put him wherever you want but this will not change how great he was.
      you're too much irritated my man, go hit the gym or just find some hobbies

    • HillBot7
      HillBot7 Před 17 dny +2

      @Falloutbro chill out 💀

    • ECLands
      ECLands Před 17 dny +2

      Messi is faster with the ball than without it

  • IndonesianProductions
    IndonesianProductions Před 9 dny +1

    Bro Taken The Information From North Korea, Ronaldo Top Speed Is Literally 33.95 Km/h 💀

  •  Boruto     بوروتو
    Boruto بوروتو  Před 7 dny

    The maximum speed Ronaldo reached is 38Km In the hour

  • Football-editz
    Football-editz Před 26 dny +73

    Bro created his own happiness

      SUPER BERO Před 23 dny +4


    • LIO_BMGO
      LIO_BMGO Před 23 dny +4

      Bro is mad that pessi 8km slower😂😂😂😂

    • ☭ Comrade_Veteran11 ☭
      ☭ Comrade_Veteran11 ☭ Před 23 dny +8

      @LIO_BMGO I'm definitely laughing rn 💀

    • LIO_BMGO
      LIO_BMGO Před 23 dny +2

      @☭ Comrade_Veteran11 ☭Wait...
      Where is pessis 5 champions league
      Where is pessis puskas
      Where is pessis 860 goals
      Where is pessis Ucl top scorer
      Where is pessis Ucl Top asister
      Where is pessi Ucl top G/A
      Pessi have only rigged Wc rigth?🤔

  • Archie Clarke
    Archie Clarke Před 14 dny +1

    I like how he put theiroi instead of terry

  • Emre Keleşoğlu
    Emre Keleşoğlu Před 10 dny +1

    Henry speed > Ronaldo speed

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman Před 22 dny +70

    Mbappe’s new speed is 39 km/h now

  • Conie Hernnandez
    Conie Hernnandez Před 16 dny

    Ronaldo made it look like everyone else was walking

  • GigaChad
    GigaChad Před 6 dny +1

    Ronaldo=Audi RS6💀

  • Notoriously Art
    Notoriously Art Před 21 dnem +24

    Fastest turtle in the world - Kylian Mbappé

  • Asghar Abbas
    Asghar Abbas Před 4 dny

    Source- zidane's hair gel

  • Berkay
    Berkay Před 11 dny +2


  • Anshumaan
    Anshumaan Před 17 dny +28

    "How fake you want this?"

    • Nemrip
      Nemrip Před 11 dny

      Kid it's not fake bruh

    • Saiyan
      Saiyan Před 11 dny +1

      @Nemripkid it is fake no player in football history ever reach 40km/h henry is the fastest player and yet his top speed is 39.2

    • Циклон
      Циклон Před 10 dny

      ​@Nemripbut this is Fake, this source says that Ronaldo did not accelerate 40 kilometers per hour, but in fact 33.6

  • Ömer Karakare
    Ömer Karakare Před 16 dny

    1 year later: SLAT VS CR7

    MAIO É O MELHOR MÊS Před 11 dny +1


  • Фариз Исмоилов

    Официально самый быстрый футболист в истории - Бейл

  • RANIT 10
    RANIT 10 Před 16 dny +1

    Gareth bale laughing at corner

  • Eric Nastase
    Eric Nastase Před 22 dny +28

    As a Ronaldo fan, I can say that he pulled these numbers out his ass

  • ilona rebis
    ilona rebis Před 4 dny

    Bro took that ronaldo speed out of his ass💀💀💀💀💀