Speed and KSI are COMEDY. 🤣💀 (via ishowspeed/TT, KSI/TT)

  • čas přidán 7. 09. 2023
  • Speed and KSI are COMEDY. 🤣💀 (via ishowspeed/TT, KSI/TT)
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  • - Shmurdah
    - Shmurdah Před 23 dny +165393

    Nah that shii do look smooth🤣🤣

    • Rese
      Rese Před 23 dny +2415

      Bruh Ian never seen it that smooth

    • The One Who Asked
      The One Who Asked Před 23 dny +302

      Fr bruh

    • Caleb Ponce
      Caleb Ponce Před 23 dny +249

      @Rese I think its cause the pants

      NAWFSIDE_BIG-ZO Před 22 dny +380

      Bruh fr tho, lk a damn illusion or something 😂

    • Joeka
      Joeka Před 22 dny +202

      Honestly it's the best I've seen it done and it makes do much sense now.

  • D Islander Editer👺
    D Islander Editer👺 Před 10 dny +790

    °HOW THE F*CK HE *CRISSIN CROSSIN* his le-° got me choking 💧

  • Lord Draco Og
    Lord Draco Og Před 4 dny +115

    Bro speed looked genuinely concerned💀

  • MeditatedGuide
    MeditatedGuide Před 12 dny +11200

    “I’ll leave that one with you guys” left speed speechless 😂😂😂😂

    • MeditatedGuide
      MeditatedGuide Před 9 dny +5

      Geez 1.7k thank yalll fr 🏆

    • aa bb
      aa bb Před 9 dny +12

      He left speedless

    • Eva Braddy
      Eva Braddy Před 4 dny +3

      What that was ishowspeed

  • Anthoine Heath
    Anthoine Heath Před 5 dny +47

    When u become the cool dad and can do something the kids finally can't do 😂

  • Andrew Briceno
    Andrew Briceno Před 4 dny +27

    The hands sliding over the others simultaneously was smooth asf. 👌

    • Will
      Will Před 12 hodinami

      you know he was practicing in the mirror for days haha

    BUNO BEATZ Před 19 dny +10736

    He does that wayyy too damn smooth

    • sudheer kumar
      sudheer kumar Před 15 dny +40

      he is changing his hands... not legs

    • Milk Man
      Milk Man Před 15 dny +210

      ​@sudheer kumarobviously lol

    • samarth bhati
      samarth bhati Před 15 dny +86

      ​@sudheer kumarreally no way😐😭👍👌

    • аRфЯа
      аRфЯа Před 15 dny +51

      @sudheer kumarthanks to mr Einstein over here

  • Andrew KVK
    Andrew KVK Před 10 dny +256

    Speeds existence will forever be one of those that brings me pain.

    • Travis Scott
      Travis Scott Před 8 dny +9

      That makes you a masochist

    • Matamoto
      Matamoto Před 7 dny +2


    • AbyssalBeats
      AbyssalBeats Před 7 dny +5

      Yk that he's playing a character right ?

    • Auxcii
      Auxcii Před 5 dny +13

      Must be a sad life if you care that much about some guy on the internet.

  • malcolm flowers
    malcolm flowers Před 6 dny +17

    😂😂😂 my guy really doing The Charleston

  • 𝖗𝖊𝐯𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖊𝐰𝖗𝖑𝐝

    old geezer grandpa dance I CAN't 😂💀😂

    • DOW JONES 30
      DOW JONES 30 Před 23 dny +86

      Do u miss ur grandpa?

    • ShogunFitness
      ShogunFitness Před 23 dny +60

      Bro I’m 20 am I am old geezer

    • Cahleel
      Cahleel Před 22 dny +22

      How dee block duke got sturdy back in his day.

    • SC
      SC Před 22 dny +29

      @ShogunFitnessI’m 21 and feel like an old geeza sometimes.

    • TLazy
      TLazy Před 22 dny +7

      I’m 15 and I feel like I’m old

    KY'JUAN Před 7 dny +6

    That knee clap is AUDIBLE 😭

    • Kube Dog
      Kube Dog Před 5 dny

      i always suspected he had the clap

  • GameCarpenter
    GameCarpenter Před 8 dny +3

    Man, that's some ancient tech right there, way to bring back the classics.

  • Mekhi
    Mekhi Před 14 dny +4365

    “How he crissn crossing his legs?”💀💀

  • Dream Weirdo
    Dream Weirdo Před 6 dny +2

    Ah the times when that was the top tier move, the times where everyone was learning it and mastering it

  • Sonnel James
    Sonnel James Před 4 dny +1

    "what what?" KSI looked at speed like a child 😂

  • Matthew Gomez
    Matthew Gomez Před 15 dny +3026

    “I’ll leave that one with you guys”

    • miEN Channel
      miEN Channel Před 12 dny +14

      I thought he's mumbling 😂

    • Jaime Rodríguez
      Jaime Rodríguez Před 11 dny +2

      Oh, is that what he tried to say?

    • bori531
      bori531 Před 11 dny

      He switches his hands from one leg to the other

    • Anthoine Heath
      Anthoine Heath Před 5 dny

      He gon' have them confused practicing this all day 😂💀

    • Amber
      Amber Před 4 dny

      so that’s what he said?🤣

  • Harry I
    Harry I Před 3 dny +1

    would love to watch these 2 trying to complete normal daily life skills 😂 changing lightbulbs, working kitchen appliances ect

  • Caroline Kerr
    Caroline Kerr Před 2 dny

    Bro needs an oscar

  • Carter Estrada
    Carter Estrada Před 16 dny +6312

    KSI sharing his shower chronicles 💀

    • D-BO Ent.
      D-BO Ent. Před 15 dny +9


    • Zachary
      Zachary Před 14 dny +6

      Lol I don't get it.

    • Cloutaro Kujo
      Cloutaro Kujo Před 14 dny +43

      @Zachary you know how you do random dumbshit in the shower and then develop weird talents or like ideals and all that. They're saying he did that in the shower to learn to do it good

    • MiamiProductions
      MiamiProductions Před 14 dny +3

      1.7k likes and 3 comments? Lemme fix that

    • Gato Diaz
      Gato Diaz Před 14 dny +1

      @Cloutaro Kujonah he saying he dropped the soap in prison and that’s how he was throwing it back on the inmates

  • S C
    S C Před 6 dny

    Bro the way JJ was just looking speed in the eyes as he was doing it 💀🤣

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Před 8 dny

    "How tf he criss crossin his legs?" 💀💀💀💀

  • Nuck Basty
    Nuck Basty Před 8 dny

    He uses his hands to cushion the connection of his knees and switch with perfect timing

  • Matt Wix
    Matt Wix Před 15 dny +3470

    JJ is exactly the type to practice that as a kid

  • Not Mr. Barockson Johnson

    I always thought it’s just a dance, I didn’t know it’s supposed to look like that 😭 😭

  • MarloTheV
    MarloTheV Před 7 dny

    Speed attempt at the end was too funny 😂😂😂😂 with the face expression

  • PkWithBear
    PkWithBear Před 15 dny +5940

    “How tf is he crissy crossin his legs?” 😂

    • Skiir
      Skiir  Před 13 dny +18

      Man speed so slow no pun intended

    • Yungin Yu
      Yungin Yu Před 13 dny +20

      @Skiir he act dumb on purpose a lotta times lol

    • Aiesya Enjoyers🌹
      Aiesya Enjoyers🌹 Před 13 dny +5

      Wow im deaf. Thank for the translation😊

    • 𝕽_.
      𝕽_. Před 13 dny

      ​@Aiesya Enjoyers🌹😊

    • anstinsk
      anstinsk Před 13 dny +4

      thanks. i am blind I didn't see the video.

  • Rajputan
    Rajputan Před dnem

    Kai is actually doing it properly 😮

  • TheBoiiEdgar
    TheBoiiEdgar Před 4 dny +2

    You guys making me feel stupid because I’m so confused how he did that fr 😭

  • Shilo
    Shilo Před 22 dny +3778

    Honestly the transition is so smooth. I've tried that before and now im embarrassed.

    • D Hankins
      D Hankins Před 16 dny +19

      Its all in the hands covering the knees for a split second fooling the eyes.

    • mobbler
      mobbler Před 15 dny

      3.4K likes and 1 reply is crazy

    • Aditya Thakur
      Aditya Thakur Před 14 dny

      @mobbler it's actually 2 comments now

    • Johnsheen Sheen
      Johnsheen Sheen Před 13 dny

      Just bumping na knees while slight of a hand easy

  • Adwaith
    Adwaith Před 5 dny +1

    Teacher: The test is gonna be easy
    The test:

  • TheStudent
    TheStudent Před 15 dny +6681

    Imagine walking your dog in the park, looking to the left and seeing 2 people having a crissing crossing dance battle

    • Frank Matthew
      Frank Matthew Před 14 dny +17

      Why with dog?

    • TheStudent
      TheStudent Před 14 dny +39

      @Frank Matthew it doesn’t have to be, you can choose any domesticated animal of your choice

    • Ankur Singh
      Ankur Singh Před 14 dny +29

      ​@TheStudentI choose CHARIZARD !

    • Eno4inoko
      Eno4inoko Před 14 dny +12

      ​@Ankur Singh Trap Card activate! Torrential Tribute! your charizard is sent to the graveyard

    • Frank Matthew
      Frank Matthew Před 14 dny +2

      How about you?

  • Mari_Chan
    Mari_Chan Před 4 dny

    He’s so confused. I’m dying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Pro Athlete
    The Pro Athlete Před 23 dny +14947

    Speed just need that Prime😂

    • Studyw
      Studyw Před 23 dny +75

      Why would he need that 🤢

    • TheOkGuyYT
      TheOkGuyYT Před 23 dny +75

      Prime is 🤮

    • Mr. Meeseeks
      Mr. Meeseeks Před 23 dny +11

      Yall seen Aidin catch Speed and Prime come out that room with a transmission smelling like segs. 😂😂

    • SheFwSociety
      SheFwSociety Před 23 dny +10

      @TheOkGuyYTfr prime stinks

    • Cavacho7
      Cavacho7 Před 21 dnem +6

      Jesus Saves ❤❤

  • Carrissa Littlejohn
    Carrissa Littlejohn Před 4 dny

    No this man was actually crossing his legs😂😂😂

  • Joe Smoe
    Joe Smoe Před 11 dny +6446

    No matter how many times I rewatch it I still can’t see him switching his hands to the other knees. That’s impressive.

    • Lilcartersuavy II
      Lilcartersuavy II Před 10 dny +79

      The hands are actually slapping across each other u can hear the sound and even see the ripples in his arm muscle from it. Really smooth if there was no sound he would’ve for sure got away with it

    • Harry B
      Harry B Před 9 dny +57

      @Lilcartersuavy II wtf do you even mean "he would've for sure got away with it"? Got away with what? lmao.

    • Lilcartersuavy II
      Lilcartersuavy II Před 9 dny +19

      @Harry B use ur head we are talking about how it seems as if his hands aren’t moving so clearly I mean he would’ve got away with that. Please use some common sense next time. I just helped him see it u on the other hand have no purpose 😇

    • Smok1ngN1nja
      Smok1ngN1nja Před 8 dny +11

      ​@Lilcartersuavy IIsad to say but common sense is not so common in today's world it's like half the people don't even have common sense anynore

    • Minami San
      Minami San Před 8 dny +6

      ​@Smok1ngN1njaso ur one of them people who doesn't have one? Like if u know that ..then why not have one ?

  • Belinda Worthington
    Belinda Worthington Před 5 dny

    "How tf is he crissin crossing his legs ." Famous words of ishowspeed

  • Kiara Day
    Kiara Day Před 9 dny

    He feels so good about himself 🤣

  • The Hyland
    The Hyland Před 12 dny +4880

    The way speed said “how you Chrissy crossing” got me 😂
    Edit: 4.8k 💀

  • Abdul Malik Ayomide
    Abdul Malik Ayomide Před 10 dny

    Bro met the real SPEED 😈

  • Kyle Caliri
    Kyle Caliri Před 10 dny

    KSI had to had practiced that in his bedroom for hours or something

  • Marcus
    Marcus Před 16 dny +1448

    Ksi just unlocked some primary school memories

    • Jem
      Jem Před 14 dny +3

      I may be wrong but I remember him doing that in the akinfenwa inform video

      GEMINI GENIUS Před 14 dny +2

      2nd grade memorys

    • I H8 Sprinkles
      I H8 Sprinkles Před 14 dny +3

      Wtf is primary school

    • tomatosoup
      tomatosoup Před 14 dny +2

      @I H8 Sprinklesthe peak days of KSI

    • RubyTKN
      RubyTKN Před 13 dny +2

      That move did go crazy during the chacha slide

  • Bryan Williams
    Bryan Williams Před 18 hodinami

    Prime example of two completely different generations. The guy with the bandana came from a generation that lived life playing outside and having fun interacting with other kids while the younger fella grew up inside interacting with other kids in a virtual environment where everything is unreal/virtual.

  • Justin
    Justin Před 10 dny

    The fkn constant eye contact while silently performing his dance is killing me 😂

  • Oppai God
    Oppai God Před 3 dny

    Ngl that's the smoothest one ive seen 😂😂

  • Kayo Price
    Kayo Price Před 23 dny +7656

    This is my grandads signature dance😂😂😂

    • Dfoos
      Dfoos Před 19 dny +17

      Cool grandad

    • Galaxy Guy
      Galaxy Guy Před 19 dny +13

      Is your grandpa ksi

    • Ash M
      Ash M Před 18 dny +4


    • Moon Ominyi
      Moon Ominyi Před 17 dny

      Is your grandpa 24😢?

    • Україна
      Україна Před 17 dny +5

      My grandad does the parkinson's shuffle

  • REEZE2323
    REEZE2323 Před 2 dny

    “Aw weave wat wonewit u gwuys” “Aw weave wat wonewit u” 😂

  • Onkarjot Matharu
    Onkarjot Matharu Před 7 dny +1

    “That’s smoother than my-“

  • ParkNasty
    ParkNasty Před 18 dny +2857

    Na man that is way too clean😂 I was confused at first even though I know you don’t cross yo damn legs

  • Sanjay K.S
    Sanjay K.S Před 3 dny

    Speed is like the younger brother ksi never had

  • HYP3M0D3
    HYP3M0D3 Před 11 dny +1423

    Ksi is like a older brother to speed lmao

  • Trevon Henry
    Trevon Henry Před 7 dny +1

    He's not he's crossing his arms.

  • Hollowspike
    Hollowspike Před 8 dny

    Bro took "criss cross apple sauce" to a whole new level

  • Rabarbaraaa
    Rabarbaraaa Před 23 dny +2418

    My dad pulled this move on me when I was 5 and I was MIND BLOWN

    • kirby of war
      kirby of war Před 17 dny +9

      I tried crossing my legs too. I feel u bro.

    • Helen Ward
      Helen Ward Před 16 dny +5

      What are you 8

    • Random Person
      Random Person Před 16 dny +2

      bros like 12 years old 💀

    • Kopo 220
      Kopo 220 Před 16 dny +3

      i genuinely don’t understand these replies

  • Y3ximes
    Y3ximes Před 6 dny

    I’m weak as hell 😂😂

  • Captain Mike Sparrow
    Captain Mike Sparrow Před 4 dny

    Falling out my seat laughing at 4am watching this is so worth it ...

  • Tenzin Jampa
    Tenzin Jampa Před 23 dny +3866

    The clap sounds is crazyyyy😂

    • Spiitze
      Spiitze Před 23 dny +23

      Sounds like tennis

    • Joshua Rodriguez
      Joshua Rodriguez Před 23 dny +40

      Itz his knees

    • Genie
      Genie Před 23 dny +55

      That’s his knees bruh 🤨 you sus as hell

    • Yahmel TV Wrestling Toys & Gamies
      Yahmel TV Wrestling Toys & Gamies Před 23 dny +8

      ​@Geniehes not being sus 5 yo there was a weird sound with his knees he said what he heard

    • 850jojo
      850jojo Před 23 dny +12

      ⁠@Yahmel TV Wrestling Toys & Gamies idk if its your first day on the internet and on a video with speed in it but dude was definitely hinting at his ass cheeks clapping which is why he put 4 y’s in “crazy”

  • 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮
    𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮 Před 5 dny

    thats smoother then my grades god damn.

  • Regal's World
    Regal's World Před 8 dny

    This made my knees ache.😩🥴

  • Mahesh Bibe
    Mahesh Bibe Před 19 dny +961

    Everytime he repeated it, he just destroyed Speed's braincells

    KING BLAQUE Před 8 dny

    Lmaooo.. the way speed looked at the camera for help

  • Ceasius
    Ceasius Před 10 dny

    Meatcanyon should do their own version of this clip

    ETERNALoLAUGHTER Před 12 dny +322

    This is equivalent to a child surprised by the thumb disappearing trick.

  • Third Day Films
    Third Day Films Před 3 dny +2

    proceeds to do it several times when no one’s is looking… 👀

  • KicknDaNut
    KicknDaNut Před 8 dny +1

    Speed is the embodiment of Gen Z. Lacking skepticism, parental guidance, and education. Just complete smooth brain.

  • Joo
    Joo Před 9 dny +1

    I've never seen anyone do that little dance better.

  • Wildcat Rewind
    Wildcat Rewind Před 23 dny +780

    🤣 he had speeds mind melted!

    • BMF Johns
      BMF Johns Před 21 dnem +13

      It’s not hard to do he’s pretty slow for a guy named Speed

    • Link
      Link Před 21 dnem +6

      Wait speed has a brain

  • Big G
    Big G Před 8 dny

    Why’d it sound so much nicer after I realized that sound was ksi’s legs clapping

  • hurleyjc
    hurleyjc Před 8 dny

    That 2 weeks he spent perfecting that move as a kid finally pays off

    • zorvonov
      zorvonov Před 5 dny

      90's kids did it in just an hour hahaha

  • Uhm, actually, 🤓
    Uhm, actually, 🤓 Před 17 dny +1215

    Back in my day, the comment section had answers.

      JOE MOGLEY Před 16 dny +107

      Well cuz its pretty obvious
      He aint actually crossing his legs hes just switching his hands between the knees real fast (hence the clapping sound- his legs are bouncing off eachother)

    • Richard Sniffer
      Richard Sniffer Před 16 dny +2

      Uhm Actually i’m not to sure it did @UhmActually

    • Kyle Glarum
      Kyle Glarum Před 16 dny +4

      um actually youre 12

    • Alfredo
      Alfredo Před 15 dny +4

      @JOE MOGLEYI’m assuming everyone knows but to be that smooth with it is very good

    • MandNsvideos665
      MandNsvideos665 Před 15 dny +4

      Back in my day, everyone could do that 😂

  • Izzy Crybaby
    Izzy Crybaby Před 9 dny

    KSI with the ballet tights 😂

  • Lions At Midnight
    Lions At Midnight Před 4 dny

    Lmao I remember doing that when I was like 4 yrs old and my brother and my cousins and I laughing about it. Every single one of us saw it one time and could instantly do it and chime into the laughter.

  • Smurf_cat
    Smurf_cat Před 18 dny +426

    “How the f**k does he crissy’n crossi’n his legs like that?” Got me rolling 😭😭

  • Lauren Gaut
    Lauren Gaut Před 7 dny

    ‘It ain’t the butterfly it’s the tootsie roll now get on the dance floor’

  • Evelynn Ziegelman
    Evelynn Ziegelman Před 3 dny

    How is he soo smooth wit it😭😂

  • Nognog Sunog
    Nognog Sunog Před 14 dny +513

    jj's hands are too smooth for this

  • Greg Pl
    Greg Pl Před 9 dny

    Simple mf move but that’s some slick sleight of hand right there 🤣

  • loki Boy 1
    loki Boy 1 Před 3 dny

    The illusion of crossing the legs but really he just banging the knees together😂😂

    FENNEC? Před 14 dny +439

    bro is living in the matrix but he loves it.

  • Bacon Hamburger
    Bacon Hamburger Před dnem

    I ain’t seen nobody do that in a min 🤣

  • X
    X Před 16 dny +109

    😂😂😂😭😭😭 he really doggin him wit that move , u can see the confusion all on bro 😭😭😭

  • BeautySheIs
    BeautySheIs Před 8 dny

    Lmfao the man even slowed it down for us 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Daniel
    Daniel Před 14 dny +76

    That dude will forever be a little brother 🤣

  • swanginfleet
    swanginfleet Před 5 dny

    Real ones know this is Dude Love's move from WWF😂😂

  • Ruebz Random Reactionz

    90’s kids teaching 2000’s kids.

    TOAST & HONEY Před 23 dny +526

    How tf is he crissin crossin his legs 😂 hilarious

    • Alex
      Alex Před 22 dny +10

      It's stupid. So I guess if stupid is funny, then yeah

      TOAST & HONEY Před 22 dny +6

      ​@Alex-ye2hh it's so dumb that it's funny

    • Alex
      Alex Před 22 dny +8

      Speed hasn't made me laugh once

    • Thevees
      Thevees Před 22 dny +4

      ⁠@Alex well speed can make a lot of people laugh, I’m sure he might make you laugh one day

      TOAST & HONEY Před 22 dny +8

      ​@Alex-ye2hh seems you don't want him to make you laugh.
      I'm not much of a fan his but his dumbness here is comical

  • Josh Cummings
    Josh Cummings Před 8 dny

    That man been in his room practing that for years

  • Sir Buttah
    Sir Buttah Před 10 dny

    Mick Foley enters the chat.

  • DangersParoxysm
    DangersParoxysm Před 4 dny

    Done with a smoothness of a man who’s been hittin that move since 3rd grade lol

  • BlackStar Snow
    BlackStar Snow Před 15 dny +67

    This got my crying real tears 😂

  • Arvind Singh Rathore
    Arvind Singh Rathore Před 5 dny

    Practice makes a man perfect.

  • jonathaniel quaye
    jonathaniel quaye Před 6 dny +1

    It's in the hand movement and perfect timing 😂

  • Valencia McCampbell
    Valencia McCampbell Před 11 dny +70

    "How tf is crissin'-crossin' his legs?!"

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller Před 15 hodinami

    Crissin crossin his legs 😂😂😂

  • shipon Khan
    shipon Khan Před 7 dny

    No way he did that too smoothly lol 😂

  • Daddystrappin
    Daddystrappin Před 16 dny +47

    Gods damm im too high rn for this Shii, hella trippy 😵‍💫😭😭😭

  • Dibas Gurung
    Dibas Gurung Před 9 dny

    funny thing is ksi is not trying to correct him😂

    SUPA8SEXY Před 6 dny

    😂😂😂😂 he like I got ‘em lol

  • Bread King
    Bread King Před 14 dny +35

    Speed is a special type of person 💀

  • Sweetz
    Sweetz Před 2 dny

    LMFAOOOOOO Speed was so confused 😂

  • Passtronaut
    Passtronaut Před 7 dny

    It's the oldest trick in the books but jj nailed it smoothly ngl