Did APPLE LIE About This?

  • čas přidán 12. 09. 2023
  • Did Apple Lie about this apple watch feature?
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Komentáře • 0

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru  Před 20 dny +1293

    Still a cool feature but it could easily be added to almost every apple watch via software update (series 4 and later). Might be kind of buggy though. In my experience it works pretty well at least with the series 7 and up. Maybe apple will add it to the newer watches, who knows.

    • ThatBloxFruitKid
      ThatBloxFruitKid Před 20 dny +5

      First reply?

    • Adamman
      Adamman Před 20 dny +4

      I'm the 2th but your videos are good 🎉

    • Adamman
      Adamman Před 20 dny +4

      Hit 100m subscribers in a year

    • Adamman
      Adamman Před 20 dny +3

      Phone repair guru buy a 1999 Nokia

    • Sova
      Sova Před 20 dny +1

      Strava profile?

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Před 20 dny +7208

    Apple re-invented their own feature.

    • D A B S K I
      D A B S K I Před 20 dny +137

      True innovation.

    • Redjul
      Redjul Před 20 dny +98


    • Cosmo
      Cosmo Před 20 dny +62

      the future is finally here

    • AeroDog
      AeroDog Před 20 dny +22

      Nope been on samsung watches for years

    • Rizia Dilbahar khan
      Rizia Dilbahar khan Před 20 dny +4


  • Fallen Leaf
    Fallen Leaf Před 20 dny +3265

    Apple: frick, he told everyone about our marketing move!

    • Rizia Dilbahar khan
      Rizia Dilbahar khan Před 20 dny +10


    • blue ig
      blue ig Před 20 dny +8

      Nah they said in a video that it’s cause the new chip in the watches can process the movements faster, you can see the noticeable delay in this video too

    • Jdm
      Jdm Před 19 dny

      Dont worry after the next Update its gone

    • Devon Kennedy
      Devon Kennedy Před 19 dny +2

      All apple ever does is lie.

  • deshawnwatson13
    deshawnwatson13 Před 20 dny +1732

    Apple just says stuff is new. So they can get more sells on the newer products.

    • Abc Def
      Abc Def Před 20 dny +21

      It’s more accurate bc it’s powered by new chip, it’s 100% carbon neutral and has longer battery life

      SUPER DANI Před 20 dny +3


    • deshawnwatson13
      deshawnwatson13 Před 20 dny +33

      ​@Abc DefOfc a more expensive device is powered by a more powerful chip 💀💀

    • Faustas Pavinksnis
      Faustas Pavinksnis Před 20 dny +3

      Shame apple

    🌟 NM SHAFKI Před 20 dny +582

    Apple just remember their feature during the event 😂

  • BionicBison
    BionicBison Před 20 dny +388

    Exactly what I was thinking as they announced that! Thank you for publicizing this. Just because doing so is not likely to change much doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be called out.

  • {☆curlybrackets☆}
    {☆curlybrackets☆} Před 20 dny +446

    Ive known this for like 2 years now. I remeber finding out about it with my 5s or so

    • Mz_301
      Mz_301 Před 20 dny +2

      I found out on my Apple Watch Series 6 and iPhone XR. Still have both and imma try upgrade to the latest and greatest soonish

    • {☆curlybrackets☆}
      {☆curlybrackets☆} Před 20 dny +5

      @mz_301 yea I had those exact same models, but they both glitches out, so I switched to Samsung

    • Mz_301
      Mz_301 Před 20 dny +1

      @{☆curlybrackets☆} my watch has been perfect but my phone is tripping due to how old it is and it’s pre owned so it has a trash panel.

    • {☆curlybrackets☆}
      {☆curlybrackets☆} Před 20 dny +1

      Yeah same, my watch was great, but my xr died in like 2 hours on full charge

  • Notes
    Notes Před 20 dny +212

    I was wondering the same thing when they announced it

  • DctrGizmo
    DctrGizmo Před 20 dny +59

    The updates this year were so lack luster that Apple reinvented their own features 😂

    • Devon Kennedy
      Devon Kennedy Před 19 dny

      For real💀💀Also all, really, apple ever does is lie

  • D T
    D T Před 20 dny +128

    I hope they don’t remove it for the rest of us

    • troll the troll
      troll the troll Před 20 dny +13

      They can't they're not allowed to. It's a new standard for people that have disabilities you know cuz there's people out there with only one arm 🤦

    • Dr. Aniroodh Venugopalan
      Dr. Aniroodh Venugopalan Před 20 dny +5

      Iphone 6s and 7 had 3D Touch out of the box, but when they planned to scrap 3D Touch from iphone 10 onwards, when ip10 came out , Touch ID was disabled from 6s and 7 .. I used to enjoy 3D Touch in 2016 till 18 until as ios update was released which disabled my 3D Touch despite my phone capable of it.

    • N. S.
      N. S. Před 19 dny +2

      @Dr. Aniroodh Venugopalan iPhone 10 and 10x still had Force Touch. This is simply not true since I still used it on my 7 until I got the 12.

    • echo
      echo Před 19 dny +1

      ⁠@Dr. Aniroodh VenugopalanI actively still use 3D touch on my XS, so that’s surprisingly lol

  • Stockton Norris
    Stockton Norris Před 20 dny +86

    THANK YOU!!! I was watching the event and was so confused

  • Ankle Heaven
    Ankle Heaven Před 20 dny +66

    Instead of creating a new product they are probably deleting an older feature.

    • Gaming With King
      Gaming With King Před 20 dny +1


    • Gaming With King
      Gaming With King Před 20 dny +1

      Like the silent switch

    • ً ً
      ً ً Před 20 dny +2

      This is what I’m afraid.
      Like the Apple Music karaoke mode that used to work on my iPad Pro 2018 now it’s no longer work with older model

  • Kayode David
    Kayode David Před 20 dny +30

    They'll release an update for all watches disabling the feature on older models.

    • troll the troll
      troll the troll Před 20 dny +8

      They can't they're not allowed to. It's a new standard for people that have disabilities. It would cause a massive lawsuit you know because there's people out there with only one arm so they can't swipe on the screen with one arm. It's for disabled people. It's always been a function for Galaxy watches for over 5 years now

    • ShortMiao
      ShortMiao Před 13 dny +1

      ​@troll the trollKnowing the Apple fan base, they're just gonna be angry and be ok afterwards about it.

    • MapleJokerRofl
      MapleJokerRofl Před 11 dny

      @troll the trollyes they can, stop spamming the same comment over and over. 10th time I see ur copy paste in this videos

  • Ray Natanael
    Ray Natanael Před 20 dny +18

    Can confirm this also works on Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation 👍

  • Ammon Johnson
    Ammon Johnson Před 18 dny +3

    My guess is that it will be more effective and separate from the accessibility. Only does specific things on the new watches, not complete navigation. But yes I had the same thought earlier today and actually tried it 🤣.

  • XShadowCatzX
    XShadowCatzX Před 17 dny +5

    I feel like it’s not quite a “feature” on the older models but more like testing, and they’re trying to say it’s out of testing and now a mainstream feature. They wanted to make it sound entirely new though

  • Rens Verhoeven
    Rens Verhoeven Před 19 dny +2

    You want to turn on “Quick Actions” to have the same behavior. Assistive Touch is for controlling the entire watch.
    But yes it seems that the newer watch will be able to detect it better, enabling the feature by default for everyone. Also the feature isn’t out until watchOS 10.1 in October.

  • DieAnanas3.0
    DieAnanas3.0 Před 20 dny +6

    Every Apple Watch that is newer that the series 3 has this feature. I found Quick actions more useful because it only pops up if you receive a message or play music.

  • Midnight Eclipse
    Midnight Eclipse Před 20 dny +3

    I’ve got a series 3 so I don’t even get this setting/feature at all. When my other hand is full, I just use my nose to control my watch😂and I’ve gotten pretty good at it too🤣

  • Oscar M
    Oscar M Před 20 dny +2

    A wise man said: "Apple, yesterday's technology at tomorrow's price"

  • Shadow
    Shadow  Před 20 dny +3

    It’s crazy how Apple forgot about this feature then suddenly made it “new” 😂
    Pure hilarious

  • Flower Empire
    Flower Empire Před 16 dny +1

    Appol managed to pull a snake oil salesman, yet again 😅

  • Creative Creed
    Creative Creed Před 18 dny +1

    Yeah, they also made a big deal about always on display. if you go to settings and set auto lock timeout to never, you basically get always on display. doesn't matter how accurate, efficient, and practical the new algorithm is, don't rebrand it as a feature.
    Jokes aside, I've used that accessibility setting and I can tell you that it is extremely power hungry on the older watches (maybe because some of that machine learning magic is not performed on the neural cores). Besides, there's scenarios (like Siri) that didn't work earlier with those accessibility settings.

  • QuantenCoder
    QuantenCoder Před 19 dny +1

    Apple be like: "Gotta get this video down, we have an impostor among us"

  • Q Fesk
    Q Fesk Před 20 dny +3

    That was the ONE feature i thought looked really cool💀 Time to go play with settings

  • Guruteja Reddy
    Guruteja Reddy Před 20 dny +2

    The feature existed already but they introduced call answering and dismiss notifications option via hand gestures in new WatchOS update.

  • Rainzo
    Rainzo Před 18 dny

    For those who wants to know how it works:
    Using on-device machine learning, the feature makes use of the watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart rate sensor to read how your muscles and tendons move. The result is that the watch can tell when you’re pinching your fingers or clenching your fists. You can also enable a motion-based cursor that works like a mini-mouse when you tilt your arm.

  • Hithesh Raj
    Hithesh Raj Před 12 dny

    Someone has to make this go viral

  • Amardeep Kr
    Amardeep Kr Před 20 dny

    What happen when a fired apple employee releases his frustration.

  • Adam
    Adam Před 20 dny +1

    As soon as I saw the double pinch feature I just looked at my Apple Watch and was like wtf! Been using it for ages, pinch, double pinch, clench and double clench.. all useful and customisable..
    Was surprised to see how much Apple talked about it and how it’s now like Apple Watch s9 top feature.. I don’t get it? Unless it’s native and not an accessibility feature (but should be an option to turn it off especially if people are giving it false double punches) or that it can do things the current accessibility feature can’t, but making such a big deal out of it is bonkers! Even more so when we have 4 hands free gestures in accessibility - like going backwards.. very strange 😒

  • someone
    someone Před 15 dny

    It’s a modified version of it, it’s designed to interact differently with the os than hand gestures, e.g. currently gestures doesn’t interact with Smart Stack but double tap does

  • Anthony
    Anthony Před 20 dny +2

    It's because the new one has no new features and they wanna sell them anyway
    So here's a feature you can only have on the new one
    Even though it would work on all of them and there's no reason other than exclusivity to not have it on them all

  • Neo SJ
    Neo SJ Před 8 dny

    At this stage, don’t let Tim cook again.

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw Před 18 dny +1

    I’ve been using this exact same feature on my Series 4 for over a year, and it works great. WTF, Apple?

  • Alan
    Alan Před 16 dny

    I have it and it works TERRIBLY! I hate it. It just doesn’t recognize the movements for this specific thing. The single or double taps…
    Anyway, I bet they were just using us to test a future feature… and yeah, that’s what it looks like.
    They’ll most likely remove it from older watches and keep it in the newer ones. I hope they improved it.

  • HEXO
    HEXO Před 18 dny

    but they are providing more features to it in the new one like pickng up and rejecting calls and many more things , since in older versions you can only select 1 feature to it, i think they improved it

  • Hugo M
    Hugo M Před 16 dny

    For those that don't know there is a similar feature for iPhone, called Back tap in accessibility. Its a customizable double tap feature you can enable.

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum Před 15 dny

    Most apple user don't know what their devices can do. Until they are provided a tutorial. So basically, Apple just provided a tutorial to how to use it.

  • FlightpathPE
    FlightpathPE Před 13 dny

    I’ve been using the double tap feature for a while, and it works about 70% of the time. I’m guessing the new neural engine is more accurate at detecting them now

    VIVEK AGARWAL Před 8 dny

    Right! I've been using this feature in my Watch SE since last 1 Year. So Apple just didn't do any change in watch this year and used this as a new feature

  • Samuel Ruiz
    Samuel Ruiz Před 7 dny

    Apple being apple saying they made something calling it innovation and renaming it when it already existed

  • Stanwine
    Stanwine Před 18 dny

    Man let apple take a break, they've just invented USBC

  • Bean
    Bean Před 6 dny

    because it can literally accurately do it better. the one YOU showed is based off vibrations and the gyroscope. the other one has literally sensors built in it to more accurately feel and scan the muscles that move those fingers. in LAYMAN’S TERMS: they remastered that feature.

  • Mike Risner
    Mike Risner Před 16 dny

    In my experience the tap feature in Accessibility creates a significant battery drain. I suspect the new chip will monitor for this without killing your battery ... but we'll see.

  • Caseko CSK
    Caseko CSK Před 16 dny

    They're going to silently disable all those features on the older models.

  • Un Carrier T-Mobile USA

    We need to protect this guy
    Apple is coming for him!!! 💀

  • Stephen Haddox
    Stephen Haddox Před 20 dny

    Apple making it look like they actually changed something from the last 5 devices they made

    A FAILED YOUTUBER Před 20 dny +1

    Seems about right. Apple not telling you the full potential to try and get you to upgrade, putting more money in their pockets

  • Madické Diaw
    Madické Diaw Před 20 dny +2

    Like they reinvented the usb-c

  • Samy K
    Samy K Před 20 dny +1

    Apple is that one brand that takes something that’s existed for years prior on there platform or other brands that have had it previously and blow it out of proportion as if it’s revolutionary 😂

  • BigPapiKane
    BigPapiKane Před 20 dny

    Bruh, imagine apple releasing a software update to remove this feature from older watches

  • The Notorious Gryyn
    The Notorious Gryyn Před 19 dny

    Always explore your devices, you’ll be surprised what they can do.

  • Witty Talks
    Witty Talks Před 18 dny

    im so thankful for coming across this. Works perfect with my current Ultra.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Před 20 dny

    I already use assistive touch on my SE2 because it’s so convenient when I have something in my hand and when Apple said it was on the 9 and Ultra 2 to answer calls I got pissed because I knew they were lying about only the new sensor can allow you to do this.

  • Çhïčķəňmåņ
    Çhïčķəňmåņ Před 20 dny +12

    They take settings that many people forgot about or didn't use, push it as a "new feature" then remove it from older models.

  • Маданбек Хафизов

    And here's also my opinion about Benny's upgrade for cars I desire:
    Vapid Sadler turned into a proper heavy duty Off-Road pickup truck (especially when it can actually spawn with some unavailable visual "upgrades", which resembles something off-road related), and with working roof lights or fog lights.
    And Vapid Stanier. Yes. It's a random choice of mine, but if you keep reading, you'll get the idea. It should have 2 different options (like Willard Faction has) for DTM-variant (kinda a race car modification), with sharper steering response and high speed road grip/stability/traction; and also they should give us an option to convert that car into a custom dragster, with proper rear drag tyres and wheels, which should be EXTREMELY fast (for a sedan of course), but hard to steer/control at the speed above 45 MPH.
    And lastly, but not the least: Coil Cyclone Custom or something like that, which would resemble an updated Tesla Roadster S.
    What do you, DCA and his subscribers are thinking about my ideas for updates for Benny's?

  • Dominik Široký
    Dominik Široký Před 20 dny

    Agree. 👍 I’m using this “double tap” like for two years already. So, nothing new I guess.

  • Taylen
    Taylen Před 20 dny

    I knew this was already a thing!!! I was wondering why they were talking about it as a new feature on the launch 😂

  • Game Nobz
    Game Nobz Před 15 dny

    Every apple user ever: Settings doesn't exist.

  • William
    William Před 20 dny +1

    Double tap on its own is also available in the form of so-called “Quick Actions”, but it’s pretty unreliable and doesn’t work more than half the time. I guess the Neural Engine will make it actually reliable, so Apple feels comfortable marketing it as a “real” feature.

  • JT
    JT Před 18 dny

    Bro I just did this on my watch after watching this video . I have the series 3 or 4 I’m not sure & it works ! Thanks man !

  • aerohk
    aerohk Před 17 dny

    Double tap honestly blew my mind. It was a breaking the wall moment.

  • Shuyaib IF
    Shuyaib IF Před 13 dny

    How to scam people -Apple

  • Isaac Troyer
    Isaac Troyer Před 20 dny

    They couldn't make an event with just the iPhone, they had to have something else

  • Deer Jerky
    Deer Jerky Před 20 dny

    Apple just got really tired of releasing new features that Android already had for decades, so they decided to release new features that they already had for years

  • Kacper Jacewicz
    Kacper Jacewicz Před 11 dny +1

    Horrifying to think how you'll see people have this in their muscle memory

  • Dyldog
    Dyldog Před 8 dny

    I used it on my series 6 when it was first added and tried again a year later, it worked alright but I guess the new one more accurately checks blood flow in the wrist when applying pressure to your finger tips and what not, would be cool if it became pressure sensitive like how 3D Touch worked but I doubt it

  • Johny P
    Johny P Před 20 dny

    They are obviously going to turn the feature off "older" devices through a "software update" to market this feature in the future.

  • UStheGOAT
    UStheGOAT Před 13 dny

    Apple was so busy trying to decide which features the non pro’s wouldn’t get, they forgot their flagship Apple Watch feature had been added last Watch OS beta.

  • Xx I Am Lost xX_ DrEaMs_

    Most apple users don't know and don't care
    Apple had to remind them 🤣

  • AaronRossStern
    AaronRossStern Před 19 dny

    They claim the s9 chip makes it more accurate and sensitive but I don't think they expected that we would debunk that bs

  • TheJadedWanSaid
    TheJadedWanSaid Před 3 dny +1

    I guess it was essential Apple say that "Hey, we have this function on previous os, it's just that we forgot to tell you guys"

  • Karthik N
    Karthik N Před 9 dny

    Pinch vs tap, older models pinch doesnt work properly if u do it like a tap, latest ones work flawlessly with simple tap

  • Marco Medina
    Marco Medina Před 20 dny

    Imagine Apple just realizing they fucked up and decide to erase this accessibility feature in the next watch update, just to leave it for the newer watch gen

    • Frixion Roblox
      Frixion Roblox Před 19 dny

      they aren’t allowed to remove AssistiveTouch

  • Video Player
    Video Player Před 16 dny

    “We’ve added a front facing camera”

  • zoruaboy
    zoruaboy Před 20 dny

    AssistiveTouch isn’t quite the same thing, it’s supposed to let you be able to kinda control the whole watch from just your watch wearing hand, while Double Tap let’s you tap your fingers twice to perform the main function of whatever app you’re on. Apple says it requires the better neural engine because it’s a more precise gesture than clenching your whole fist and rotating your wrist

  • Shawn
    Shawn Před 20 dny +1

    Apple: Aah! We forgot to remove this feature feature from old models

  • Cross Knuspes
    Cross Knuspes Před 6 dny

    FINALLY SOMEONE MENTIONS THIS!!! Apple can’t get away with this bullshit man…

  • GabiBrawl ∙ Tech
    GabiBrawl ∙ Tech Před 20 dny

    Apple lost so much their creativity, that they had to resort into stealing their own ideas 💀

  • plague doctor
    plague doctor Před 16 dny

    Cant wait for an update on the old models to brick that feature so you have to buy the new more expensive model to have double pinch back

  • Super Fun Mix
    Super Fun Mix Před 10 dny

    When the screen moves by it self with your fingers it’s called a sensor and it triggers a movement whenever you move a part of your finger

  • TechThisOut
    TechThisOut Před 15 dny

    Apple has been really quiet since this dropped 🤔

  • Liam McBride
    Liam McBride Před 19 dny

    It might be that they improved it to the point that it can be marketed as a full feature rather than just something as part of the accessibility menu

  • König Ezekiel
    König Ezekiel Před 5 dny +1

    Finally someone who mentioned it

  • H. Sean Hsu
    H. Sean Hsu Před 18 dny

    The assistive touch feature on my watch works two times out of ten. My guess is that it works solely on the electrode used for the EKG, and any moisture would defeat it. Kudos to them for improving upon it, but lame of them to tout it as a new feature.

    GIGA NIGG- Před 20 dny

    Apples worst nightmare

  • The.JZA.
    The.JZA. Před 11 dny

    It’s because it’s less reliable on the older SIP. I already have the “Quick Actions” enabled on my Apple Watch Ultra but it only works like 80% of the time. The reviews that I have seen with the double pinch on the newer Apple Watches say that it works almost every time. I guess Apple don’t want to push it out as a new feature for the older watches if it doesn’t work reliably.

  • MistuhKay
    MistuhKay  Před 16 dny

    What’s even funnier is that they were like “the iPhone 15 has so many innovations!!” when in reality they are putting features android phones have had for years

  • Gavin Pendleton
    Gavin Pendleton Před 20 dny

    10 minutes after this video is posted Apple will send out an update to older models that will remove it for "improved battery life"

  • Bunnyloverme02
    Bunnyloverme02 Před 20 dny +1

    Every company has their own marketing tactics that are equally hilarious

  • Nylotic
    Nylotic Před 16 dny

    They’re advertising it because it’s like 99% accurate as opposed to 75% which is good enough for me. You always get it to work by the second try.

  • PRGFam
    PRGFam Před 12 dny

    They reinvented it and called it a "new feature"

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee Před 20 dny

    It's a subliminal message for people to be conditioned for the VisionPro next year.

  • Nathan Terry
    Nathan Terry Před 6 dny

    Don't worry, they will just remove it from the old watches

  • Techno Universal
    Techno Universal Před 14 dny

    It’s possibly a feature that is possible but is not the most accurate on older Apple Watch models. Of course they probably introduced it in the most recent major WatchOS update for the Apple Watch models that can support it! :)

  • ཌØxiⱥc GⱥϻiŇgད

    Bro really said "Watch yo ass"💀

  • The Suited Engineer
    The Suited Engineer Před 20 dny

    Apple got tired of copying Android so they started copying themselves 😂

  • NetITGeeks
    NetITGeeks Před 15 dny

    Trust me bro... when Apple push the next OS update to their older Apple Watches, this feature will disappear. Since most people had no idea this is even an option on their older Apple Watches, no one will complain or not enough people will complain in order for Apple to act on it.

  • Random Things by Alex
    Random Things by Alex Před 19 dny

    Would love to do this, if I didn’t have the base model watch💀

  • nogoodnecktie12
    nogoodnecktie12 Před 20 dny +1

    They said it’s only for the new watch too. I can see them disabling it for older watches lol

    • Frixion Roblox
      Frixion Roblox Před 19 dny

      They can’t. They would get lawsuits by people with only one arm, thats why the assistivetouch is in accessibility