5 ways Liverpool can win the Premier League title! 442oons

  • čas přidán 2. 05. 2022
  • Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are currently edging Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool in the race for the Premier League title but it's not over yet! What can Liverpool do to be Premier League champions this season? Kloppo and James Milner put their heads together and come up with five plans.
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    Photo credits: Getty/Imago
    Audio: Audio Networks

Komentáře • 452

  • 442oons
    442oons  +876

    Everyone’s money should be on City…

  • LTAD2108

    Can you honestly imagine if Liverpool win their final game but Coutinho gets a late equaliser against City, with Gerrard as Villa’s manager? The scenes

  • MaJeD_
    MaJeD_  +813

    Imagine coutinho and gerrard win the league for liverpool 😂

  • Keyz0987
    Keyz0987  +232

    I love the way James Milner is doing it even though he played for Man City

  • Mark Foster

    Lots of people are saying Coutinho will score a late winner/equaliser and will make Liverpool champions…


    Imagine Gerrard actually doing that

  • Pablo
    Pablo  +74

    Klopp and Milner is still a better love story than Twilight

  • Natsu Dama

    I was almost asking why do that with grealish, and then milner says "time to injure some of their GOOD players" responded right back to me 😂

  • Travis F1Master2016

    Thing is both teams are good its going to stay like this now

  • Stefan
    Stefan  +73

    If Villa and Gerrard helps us win the title, I ll be crying🥺

  • DarthVidar-spiller

    I would love if Liverpool win the title by Aston Villa beating them in the last round, and Philppe and Danny scored the goals. But I don't think Villa could get a draw or win by playing like Chelsea at Anfield in 2014.

  • Jack Baynes

    I LOVE how you made the game against Villa a reason for Liverpool's victory - when you brought manager Captain Fantastic into this!

  • Bandonboklang Shabong

    Something is special about Liverpool's season. I see them winning, even though City looks unstoppable at the moment.

  • Laura Molano

    This is everyday closer to happen !!! What a final for the title :3333

  • _Official_ Royalty

    If the 2 one actually happens, ill die of laughter😂

  • Duane Ndiwalana

    Luis Suarez, once a red, always a red

  • svekus oliver

    I love how Milner slowly became one of the most entertaining characters

  • Shivansh Bansal

    I don't want Liverpool to win as United fan but It would be great if Gerrard wins them their title

  • MACH
    MACH  +5

    How mental would it be if Coutinho scores the goal that gives Liverpool the title


    The fact that Atleti(Mainly suarez's crew),Suarez and Milner helped is wow