How to humanely kill a squid for food/bait.

  • čas přidán 27. 08. 2023

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  • ALI5IA
    ALI5IA Před 21 dnem +159154

    somewhere in a paralle universe: "this is how you squidanely kill a human"

    • Starkë
      Starkë Před 20 dny +2365

      Haha underrated

    • rip-rengoku
      rip-rengoku Před 20 dny +458


    • Promethean
      Promethean Před 20 dny +422

      Good one 😅

    • Yasmin xx
      Yasmin xx Před 20 dny +591

      No cause somehow this video still feels wrong

    • Yash Singh
      Yash Singh Před 20 dny +280

      And then they go on to whip the human to death with all their arms.

  • nepotiums
    nepotiums Před 2 dny +3097

    Never in my life I ever expected someone karate chop a squid to death.

    • James Bradley Devomra
      James Bradley Devomra Před dnem +6

      same here but until now my friend.

    • 16Hazard
      16Hazard Před dnem +4

      Same bro this is so random

    • MrPastige
      MrPastige Před 21 hodinou +3

      Never seen that one episode of Spongebob?

    • regexp
      regexp Před 2 hodinami

      the first human to ever do this is a psycho

  • Zinoxe
    Zinoxe Před 4 dny +872

    If Squidward ever catches Spongebob onna bad day.....

  • Terson
    Terson Před 22 dny +10338

    CZcams: He'll watch anything at this point.

    • Rick The ruler
      Rick The ruler Před 22 dny +122

      Ay yo 😂 for reals huh dam were in the matrix

    • Midnight Meadows
      Midnight Meadows Před 22 dny +76

      Same. I’ll never need this information.

    • tylerz0
      tylerz0 Před 22 dny +62

      One of my favorite comments in all of social media history

      THE DARK ROOM Před 22 dny +7


    • ☆AMFRUIT☆
      ☆AMFRUIT☆ Před 22 dny +5

      I mean yeahhh true

  • J,J and A exotikkk
    J,J and A exotikkk Před 3 dny +742

    This is how you HUMANELY kill a squid
    *starts aggressively karate chopping the squid*

    • Patrick Martin
      Patrick Martin Před dnem +17

      Well yeah. He could have flayed it alive.

    • Peregrine
      Peregrine Před dnem +25

      yеs соrny аss niggа hе соuld’vе just сооkеd it аlivе but hе instеаd quiсkly killеd it

    • Dog Smith
      Dog Smith Před dnem +2

      the human race has a lot to answer for.

    • KressHQ
      KressHQ Před dnem +8

      You want him to kill the squid slowly and gently? You think that's more humane?

  • Wesley Snell
    Wesley Snell Před 3 dny +184

    “This is how you humanly kill a squid” *literally just karate chops it’s neck*

    • Roman Lakes
      Roman Lakes Před dnem +3

      Apparently they’re not even necessarily dead, it’s a stress response they can recover from it

    • Ilan Cortes
      Ilan Cortes Před dnem +2

      @Roman Lakesno wayyyy

    • Jacinda Felix
      Jacinda Felix Před dnem +1

      ​@Roman Lakesno it's definitely dead

    • Akemitsu Suel
      Akemitsu Suel Před dnem +4

      You're missing a very vital word of that sentence

    • WildEmilio13
      WildEmilio13 Před 13 hodinami +1

      @Akemitsu Suelhe’s HUMANELY dead

  • Lampario
    Lampario Před 24 dny +64836

    Ah yes, my monthly "how to karate chop a squid" algorithm recommendation

    • Val The Villain
      Val The Villain Před 24 dny +337

      you love to see it

    • Ghost_Knight22
      Ghost_Knight22 Před 24 dny +391

      And they still can't kill it in one go. I've only seen one guy do it

    • TheParadoxIsBored
      TheParadoxIsBored Před 24 dny +110

      same here this is starting to freak me out, people draining color out of mfers now lmao.

    • Kn1ght Rage
      Kn1ght Rage Před 24 dny +17

      It do be like that tho

    • Ghost Gamer 260
      Ghost Gamer 260 Před 24 dny +15

      You Too to huh 😂

  • Crack X
    Crack X Před dnem +88

    He was a good squid !! Always positive and happy, we’re definitely going to miss him

    • 🍞BREAD🍞
      🍞BREAD🍞 Před 4 hodinami +1

      His name was Bob and he's going to go with the quadruplets named Jimmy glass, Jeremy glass and Alicia glass. R I P🥺🥺

  • LeanSavior
    LeanSavior Před dnem +21

    bro pulled an instant Michael Jackson

    THAT GUY Před 8 dny +7712

    It actually changes colour to let you know it's dead. What a thoughtful little creature.

  • Ando Romaric
    Ando Romaric Před dnem +19

    Bro didn t even blink once. What a legend

  • Marvin Graye
    Marvin Graye Před 4 dny +19

    That’s the last time that squid asks someone to show him their moves.

  • EiPro
    EiPro Před 18 dny +14996

    squid: "I believe I made myself clear"

  • Rocinante
    Rocinante Před 4 dny +10

    Killing is killing, there is no such thing humanly kill. Gentle word won’t hide the ugly truth. Just own it.

    • Wolf Gecko
      Wolf Gecko Před 6 hodinami +2

      it’s more humane than what some people do, like that one mukbanger

  • pops shirohige
    pops shirohige Před 3 dny +12

    Bro respectfully killed a squid. What a nice guy

  • GemBall
    GemBall Před 20 dny +16549

    Instructions unclear, I’m still fighting with the colossal squid

    • IcePhoen1x694
      IcePhoen1x694 Před 20 dny +213

      Ah yes, the colossal squif

    • Demolition yt
      Demolition yt Před 20 dny +56


    • Dwi Nanda Cakra Wiguna
      Dwi Nanda Cakra Wiguna Před 20 dny +155

      You need at least 120 strength point to use karate chop on squid

    • Om
      Om Před 20 dny +53

      You gotta colossal karate chop a colossal squid

    • SyazwiYouTB
      SyazwiYouTB Před 20 dny +22

      Just karate the eyes!Also make sure to run after that.

  • Someones name I think...
    Someones name I think... Před 2 dny +2

    chiropractors be like:

  • Male Muto Main
    Male Muto Main Před dnem +3

    and this is why you should never give Squidward massage

    • Ray B
      Ray B Před dnem

      I just shoot mine with a 357 magnum and its instant

  • The Cool
    The Cool Před 24 dny +13594

    “Let me make myself clear” - 🦑

  • redbellytoad
    redbellytoad Před 3 dny +24

    How to do something humanely. Don't kill something.

    • lemper
      lemper Před 2 dny +6

      what do you eat?

    • Neonic
      Neonic Před 2 dny +7

      bro eats air

    • guy who smells like cinnamon
      guy who smells like cinnamon Před 20 hodinami +4

      also, if you're vegan, did you know that plants emit ultrasonic screams when killed?

    • M ddsddsdshs
      M ddsddsdshs Před 19 hodinami +1

      You photosynthesise? Cause no one has ever had a filling meal that didn’t kill 1 animal

  • AxxCuttinEdge
    AxxCuttinEdge Před 3 dny +68

    "No animals were harmed during the filming of this video"💀
    👇by pressing this button, you are 👇gonna make my day🤗✨️

    • Ghost
      Ghost Před 6 hodinami

      Nah, ain't pressing that

  • tako
    tako Před 20 dny +6801

    Imagine you’re on death row and the executioner just pulls out his iphone and starts recording a tutorial

    • ricardo
      ricardo Před 20 dny +44


    • John Alo
      John Alo Před 20 dny +21

      id kms first

    • Micah Gorman
      Micah Gorman Před 20 dny +7

      Do you think that would be age restricted because to be a witness you have to be 21 but depending on how they do the deed from a kneck stretching to bye-bye juice it could be more or less gory 🤔

    • steft horman
      steft horman Před 20 dny +4

      @Micah Gorman it obviously won't be uploaded to youtube, but it'll instead be recorded on dvd.

    • Sahil Sharma
      Sahil Sharma Před 20 dny +2

      Idk those baghdadis do this, ‘member?

  • Go
    Go Před 4 dny

    The things squid nightmares are made of.

  • Atoku
    Atoku Před 2 dny

    The squid didnt die, it simply changed its avatar.

  • Simon Blackquill
    Simon Blackquill Před 21 dnem +5141

    Squid instantly changed to it's ghost sprite upon being killed.

  • Not Ollie
    Not Ollie Před dnem

    “He’s quite a sweet fellow really, I think I’ll call him Bob!” - James May


    Mojang should start taking notes....

  • Cow
    Cow Před 20 dny +9220

    her: “i only date white squids”
    squid: *do it bro*

    • Kylo 00
      Kylo 00 Před 19 dny +123


    • yeehaw
      yeehaw Před 19 dny +64

      great comment

    • kai wong
      kai wong Před 19 dny +26

      Haha u made my day with that comment

    • Shamanth Joshi
      Shamanth Joshi Před 19 dny +18

      Bro getting creative with the wildest stuff lol

  • Lava’s Gaming
    Lava’s Gaming Před 8 hodinami +1

    If this guy ever sees a giant squid he better run

  • RejaSatria
    RejaSatria Před 3 dny +1

    "Bro used Karate Chop"
    "It's Super Effective!"

  • KriptoSenpai
    KriptoSenpai Před 16 dny +3659

    Squidward has been real quite after this video dropped.

    • Cool Elho [GD]
      Cool Elho [GD] Před 16 dny +21

      I 'tride' not to correct your grammar, but it's stronger than me.

    • AverageCatz
      AverageCatz Před 16 dny +15

      How do people not know how to spell something like quiet

    • Yo mama
      Yo mama Před 16 dny +18

      @AverageCatzits typing not spelling.. not everyone uses autocorrect so it’s a typo and it doesn’t really matter.

    • Hasi Sarkar
      Hasi Sarkar Před 16 dny +13

      Squidward is an octopus

    • Inoko
      Inoko Před 16 dny +4

      ​@Hasi Sarkar💀

  • laughspirin
    laughspirin Před dnem

    The squids n-word pass has been forfeited.

  • Calix Tudoy
    Calix Tudoy Před 2 dny

    No squids were killed in this video.
    Meanwhile him:

  • lxquid .
    lxquid . Před 9 dny +9029

    bro went from a coca cola to a sprite in 5 seconds

  • Zac El Capitan
    Zac El Capitan Před 4 dny +1

    Barack Obama several times during his speeches:

  • Don meromero Hernandez
    Don meromero Hernandez Před dnem +12

    That squid’s credit scored soared through the roof in 5 seconds

    • Abaddon
      Abaddon Před dnem +2

      He'll get loans, buy a house wherever he wants, and not get shot getting his ID. 😂

    • Blew collar guy
      Blew collar guy Před 7 hodinami

      I see what you did there

  • Driipy
    Driipy Před 15 dny +5391

    instructions unclear, i spawned a kraken

    • polar
      polar Před 14 dny +20


    • gabriel_
      gabriel_ Před 14 dny +31

      When the comment is better than the actual video

    • Corry Jamieson
      Corry Jamieson Před 14 dny +21

      We killing the moonlord tonight!!!🗣🗣💥💥🌕🌕

    • Gage ferrill
      Gage ferrill Před 14 dny +5

      Just chop it and summon Cthulhu, easy instructions

    • smart 99five
      smart 99five Před 14 dny

      U must,or at least have magicians circle 7 or high to defeat that kraken .

  • Kai Noa
    Kai Noa Před dnem

    “This is how you humanely kill a suffocating squid”

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy Před dnem

    If people are complaining, they'd better not be consumers of seafood.

  • billyblack3712
    billyblack3712 Před 19 dny +7899

    "Oh sht, I'm disabled! Oh sht, I'm 💀" -Squid

  • Al Smith
    Al Smith Před dnem

    Spongebob and Patrick has entered the chat...

  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones Před 2 dny

    Bro really said a karate chop is the most humane way to kill a squid

  • Mr. BoB
    Mr. BoB Před 21 dnem +6340

    Squidward will be missed, he tried to enjoy his day off.

    • Ghostly_00
      Ghostly_00 Před 21 dnem +45

      Don't worry guys, Squiward is actually an octopus

    • RATTY 👹
      RATTY 👹 Před 21 dnem +18

      ​​@Ghostly_00wait why the hell would they call him *squid* ward if hes a octopus 😭

    • Banana Man
      Banana Man Před 21 dnem +24

      @RATTY 👹cuz they couldn’t think of a good name

    • RATTY 👹
      RATTY 👹 Před 21 dnem

      Fair enough

  • John Small
    John Small Před 4 dny

    "Judo Chop!"
    -Austin Powers

  • Braden Green
    Braden Green Před dnem +1

    Squidward be like: 😳

  • Noumina
    Noumina Před 23 dny +12711

    instructions unclear, i am now taking clarinet lessons from a squid.

  • Theo youngson
    Theo youngson Před 2 dny

    He was a good Squid ..He aint never done anything to anyone...May his soul rest in peace

  • Fair person
    Fair person Před dnem +1

    If this is humanely then i'm not a human

  • Magdiel Japa
    Magdiel Japa Před 22 dny +7243

    SpongeBob: *takes notes for next karate session*

  • Pranom Aditya Gogoi
    Pranom Aditya Gogoi Před 3 dny +1

    blud lost the n word pass

  • Dilan Torres
    Dilan Torres Před 3 dny

    This squid felt so good after the chiropractor popped his back that he dies in relief

  • RH
    RH Před 19 dny +6370

    Bro went from water type to ghost type real quick

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Před 19 dny +80

      *Wild Pokemon Battle intensifies*

    • kaydence folendore
      kaydence folendore Před 19 dny +25

      i love this comment sm

    • PunMaster
      PunMaster Před 19 dny +14


    • alejandro mora
      alejandro mora Před 19 dny +29

      Thus, a regional form of Jellicent was born

    • Esu
      Esu Před 19 dny +15

      😂😂😂 this has to be the best comment so far

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat Před 2 dny +1

    The emphasis on the word "Humanely" was necessary. Some people make a barbaric inch cut on an animal's neck and let him squeal in agony to death just to get a flavour of meat.

  • Blade FF
    Blade FF Před 2 dny

    Squid really pulled a michael jackson

  • FlamingGaming 143
    FlamingGaming 143 Před 20 dny +21431

    Instructions unclear: its now chasing me with a clarinet

    • ricardo
      ricardo Před 20 dny +276

      I laughed so hard at this

    • Regular Guy
      Regular Guy Před 20 dny +177

      Don’t worry I have the perfect piece of paper

    • ok io
      ok io Před 20 dny +65

      ​@ricardosame I'm dead asf

    • Colleen Delaney
      Colleen Delaney Před 20 dny +78

      Grab the clarinet and play B flat 3 times quickly. This should kill it instantly. Be prepared though, because if it doesn’t work, they start chasing with an oboe!

    • shane b
      shane b Před 20 dny +4


  • BANANAS_6787
    BANANAS_6787 Před dnem

    Aussie is one of my best friends love him such a great kid

  • Jordan Guy
    Jordan Guy Před 4 hodinami

    Crazy that I just found out squids have a unique death animation

  • Tanumafili Caleb Malietoa
    Tanumafili Caleb Malietoa Před 24 dny +5218

    Cthulhu been real quiet since this dropped

    • J. C.
      J. C. Před 23 dny +150

      Cthulhu: "Ok guys! This is how you humanely put down a human" (Proceeds to slam his giant fist on human)

    • Abskhairoun Mamdouh
      Abskhairoun Mamdouh Před 23 dny +4

      Sorry what's that?

    • Wayne
      Wayne Před 23 dny +38

      ​@Abskhairoun Mamdouh it's a lovecraftian Elder God (if i said that correctly)

    • Eeno
      Eeno Před 23 dny +4

      @J. C.Idk why this got to me to much🤣🤣🤣

    • Brendan Bush
      Brendan Bush Před 23 dny +5

      Maybe it makes sense that those fishermen killed him with a boat now

  • imitableSnail51
    imitableSnail51 Před 3 dny

    no squids we’re harmed in this video

  • JetSauce
    JetSauce Před 20 hodinami

    don’t let spongebob see this

  • Abdul Basit Khan
    Abdul Basit Khan Před 20 dny +9177

    Best example of "His soul left the body".

  • Nathan Potter
    Nathan Potter Před 3 dny

    Someone send this to the vegan teacher 😂

  • KiraCrimson
    KiraCrimson Před 4 dny


  • Bright Burn
    Bright Burn Před 22 dny +4063

    He's in Squid Heaven now

  • 𝕖𝕝 𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕒 𝕤𝕖 𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕔𝕒 𝕞𝕒𝕤 𝕩𝕕🗿卍

    Man changed the Squidward of race👨🏿👨🏻

  • Liccarus
    Liccarus Před 2 dny

    Damn the squid found out pride month was over

  • a kind of sultan
    a kind of sultan Před 18 dny +4701

    Instructions unclear: the squid's soul got purified and is now teaching me nirvana

    • Andrei-Daniel Dinu
      Andrei-Daniel Dinu Před 18 dny +89

      Instructions unclear. Now i can sing "Teen Spirit"

    • nick
      nick Před 18 dny +46

      instructions unclear, im now able to fully play “heart-shaped box” on guitar

    • paulius
      paulius Před 18 dny +3


    • Evelyn C
      Evelyn C Před 18 dny +1


    • Damian vo Glarus
      Damian vo Glarus Před 18 dny +6

      Stay away from these nameless teen spirited breeds

  • Ara'sLove!!
    Ara'sLove!! Před 3 dny

    Proceeds to smash the squid's brain in

  • James W
    James W Před 4 dny

    "For my next trick. Can i get a volunteer?"

  • L
    L Před 18 dny +4989

    "So how did you die?"
    "I got karate chopped on the internet"

    • Golden Crescent
      Golden Crescent Před 17 dny +14


    • Prince Mafia
      Prince Mafia Před 17 dny +20

      “ and he didn’t even get it the first time!! Now i bet the comment section is making fun of me”

    • medina queensborough
      medina queensborough Před 17 dny +1

      @Prince Mafiadid you not listen to the video ?

    • hello
      hello Před 17 dny +2

      @medina queensborough???

  • JohnZ
    JohnZ Před 3 dny

    Bro violated Squidward

  • Greg Olbert
    Greg Olbert Před 6 hodinami

    It was so brave for the squid to volunteer for this demonstration.

  • zek eggy
    zek eggy Před 20 dny +3919

    does karate once and turns someone into michael jackson

  • Aviyon
    Aviyon Před 3 dny

    Bro went from a dark room to a bright cloud

  • Michał Wojtas
    Michał Wojtas Před 2 dny

    "This is how you humanely kill a squid" and he takes two karate chops to kill a squid

  • Harshvardhan Amle
    Harshvardhan Amle Před 6 dny +5433

    I was that squid , and he was the best chiropractor I have ever met .

  • 2 percent
    2 percent Před 2 dny

    This was something I didn't need to know. Po Squidworth.

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos Před 3 dny

    "Alot of people, they karate chop it and just kill the body....."
    You my sir are those people 😢

    • Royalsy
      Royalsy Před 3 dny

      He quickly made up for it though

  • KatV
    KatV Před 17 dny +2505

    Squidward ain't messing with sandy no more☠️

  • THTG
    THTG Před 15 hodinami

    Squidward would watch how he treats SpongeBob if he knew that he could take him out instantly with his Ka Ra Tay

  • vincytreasure
    vincytreasure Před 2 dny

    That's enough internet for today

  • My Name Isn't Patrick
    My Name Isn't Patrick Před 18 dny +4540

    "This is how you quickly and humanely kill a squid"
    🦑: "Sorry, what?"

  • Gusnel Joseph
    Gusnel Joseph Před 3 dny

    Human:this is how you quickly and humanely kill a squid.
    The squid:i hope you guys realized this human just bs'd you.

  • lira
    lira Před 3 dny

    Justice for the squid 🙏🏾

  • familiar wallpaper
    familiar wallpaper  Před 17 dny +2233

    the squid: “I believe i made myself clear.”

  • Paulina Plata
    Paulina Plata Před 2 dny

    “Okay sir you might feel a lil crack”

  • bacon boi
    bacon boi Před 2 dny

    “Uh why am I here- *karate chop* OW WHAT THE HEL- *dies*”

  • dec isive
    dec isive Před 22 dny +3692

    “Quickly and humanely kill a squid”
    Proceeds to karate chop the squids forehead twice

    • Antee Antee
      Antee Antee Před 22 dny +231

      it was 2 seconds tops
      thats still very humane
      if you just kill the body and leave to head alive
      thats would be inhumane

    • tbombadil
      tbombadil Před 22 dny +47

      Killing isn’t humane

    • Antee Antee
      Antee Antee Před 22 dny +238

      @tbombadil killing animals to eat them is pretty normal and absolute ok in my book
      vegans are the worst
      and yeah its humane and very natural
      but there is a difference between making it quick and shorten the suffering of the animal or dragging it out
      iam no fan of the later one
      if you wanna eat something you should at least have the decency to make it quick

    • Molokki
      Molokki Před 21 dnem +68

      ​@Antee AnteeAnd killkng animal for self defence is okay too

    • Antee Antee
      Antee Antee Před 21 dnem +14

      @Molokki true

  • Unknown
    Unknown Před 3 dny +1

    Meanwhile ppl in china: we aint doin dat

  • Faye Evans
    Faye Evans Před 18 dny +3512

    *”Squidward left the chat crying”*

    • Eonix
      Eonix Před 18 dny +6


    • ★yuri★
      ★yuri★ Před 18 dny +7


    • Ed Mainello
      Ed Mainello Před 18 dny +5

      Squid wars left the chat dead

    • Voltek the Cyborg
      Voltek the Cyborg Před 18 dny +5

      He's an Octopus. Stephen Hillenburg even said so

    • Victor Acosta
      Victor Acosta Před 18 dny +5

      He’s an octopus.

  • Adam Tandia
    Adam Tandia Před 2 dny

    bro got his rights back💀

  • sparta 300
    sparta 300 Před dnem

    PETA disapproves

  • DerLebkuchen
    DerLebkuchen Před 19 dny +4803

    This is Bob. He's quite a sweet fellow really. Moments later, Bob is dismembered by the restaurant staff.

    • *-XfreakX-*
      *-XfreakX-* Před 19 dny +28

      Sorry for your loss

    • Gaming Dragon
      Gaming Dragon Před 19 dny +12

      Lol sorry for youre loss good squid w squid l person

    • ridkwng ridken
      ridkwng ridken Před 19 dny +6

      So, tasty

    • Amdacool1
      Amdacool1 Před 19 dny +9

      Top Gear 🔥🔥🔥

    • AKiwi
      AKiwi Před 19 dny +3

      our man in 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • hirochi sunburst
    hirochi sunburst Před 2 dny

    Bro got turned into a squidward

  • WATCHMAN'S Channel of Despair

    Someone needs to try this on a giant squid.

    • dirtycorpo
      dirtycorpo Před 6 hodinami

      it'd be long dead if it was even close to the surface lol

  • Pot ttatt
    Pot ttatt Před 12 dny +4263

    bro revoked his N word pass

    • Anton Chigurh
      Anton Chigurh Před 10 dny +29

      hahahahaha good one

    • Tory Eaze
      Tory Eaze Před 10 dny +16

      Needs more likes

    • CLXC0NC3N
      CLXC0NC3N Před 10 dny +46

      Bro was switching sides faster than Micheal Jackson

    • Jason S
      Jason S Před 10 dny +6


    • mali656
      mali656 Před 9 dny +25

      Brother smacked the black off him💀

  • Sean Kumar
    Sean Kumar Před 2 dny

    To all the squids out there, don't take up karate as a hobby

  • Some Onion
    Some Onion Před 21 hodinou

    Human used karate chop on malamar.
    *Critical hit
    Malamar fainted.

  • Doggo McDeez
    Doggo McDeez Před 19 dny +3549

    He was real transparent about that whole situation

  • Lilla Pécsi
    Lilla Pécsi Před 3 dny +1

    You know the world is wrong when people show murder on camera, like it's drinking lemonade

    • Royalsy
      Royalsy Před 3 dny

      You know the world is wrong when people get salty about a guy quickly killing his meal without inflicting any pain on the animal.

    • Lilla Pécsi
      Lilla Pécsi Před 3 dny

      @Royalsy Thanks for validating my comment with your response

    • Royalsy
      Royalsy Před 3 dny

      @Lilla Pécsi yeah totally, get a grip 👍

    • Lilla Pécsi
      Lilla Pécsi Před 2 dny

      @Royalsy Hehe not so clever are we... you're doing me good please continue with your replies

    • lemper
      lemper Před 2 dny

      you know human have been killing squids for thousand of years and the world has not ended yet