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Inside Amanda Seyfried’s Peaceful New York Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • čas přidán 26. 06. 2023
  • Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by Amanda Seyfried for a tour of her peaceful home in New York City. 'Mean Girls' and 'Mamma Mia!' star spends most of her time upstate at her Catskills farmhouse, but when work calls her away she needed a tranquil city base fit for her family-with the help of Sarah Zames and Colin Stief from General Assembly they aimed to bring some of those farmhouse vibes to Manhattan. Stunning original arched windows create a bright, airy space enhanced by light oak features, and Amanda’s love of antique silhouettes paired with modern pieces offers an eclectic yet zen feel, perfect for relaxing after a busy day in the city-“I’m part of the development of a Broadway show,” Amanda says “This is going to be my home for six, seven, eight months. I know this will be where I live, and I’m comfortable here. I feel really safe.”
    Amanda Seyfried currently stars in The Crowded Room on Apple TV+, with new episodes debuting on Fridays through July 28, 2023.
    See more of Amanda's home here: www.architecturaldigest.com/s...
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    Design by Sarah Zames and Colin Stief of General Assembly
    Artwork: Cyrielle Gulacsy, White Light 01, 2020, acrylic paint on paper, 93 x 137cm.
    Director: Jasia Kaulbach
    Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
    Editor: William Long
    Guest: Amanda Seyfried
    Senior Producer: Vara Reese
    Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Brandon Fuhr
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Camera Operator: Cloud Corredor
    Audio: Gabe Quiroga
    Production Assistant: Francis McNeil
    Stylist (Interior Stylist/Fashion Stylist): Sarah Zames; Colin King; Elizabeth Stewart; Eliza Yerry
    Hair & Make-Up: Renato Campora; Genevieve Herr
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
    Colorist: Oliver Eid
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  • @Archdigest
    @Archdigest  Před rokem +404

    Shop pieces inspired by Amanda’s Farmhouse-Inspired New York City Apartment:
    Etsy Round Wood Coffee Table: fave.co/43Q8D4Z
    Lumens Crystorama Xavier Wall Sconce: fave.co/3JuJioU
    Lumens Voliere Pendant by Mathieu Challières: fave.co/44l8Ddg
    Crate & Barrel Andre 2-Light Pendant: fave.co/3Nq2JR2
    Etsy Natural Rope Pendant: fave.co/3Nusi3D
    Crate & Barrel Cane White Ceramic Lamp: fave.co/440q6aS
    Etsy Authentic Checkered Moroccan Rug: fave.co/44l95YG
    Pottery Barn Artisan Handcrafted Footed Bowl: fave.co/3NLwFZm
    Our Place Perfect Pot: fave.co/42XuUN6
    Banana Republic Fine Linen Duvet Cover: fave.co/3pnhrQR
    Etsy Draped Cloth Vase: fave.co/3r86bbp
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    Coral & Tusk Sparklers Pillow: fave.co/46o8JCn
    Mustard Made The Midi Locker in Blush: fave.co/43fCsLb
    When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

    • @madelinefagen24
      @madelinefagen24 Před rokem +4

      Get me a link for those Bergere chairs 😍

    • @rushabhshah.2768
      @rushabhshah.2768 Před rokem +4

      This is where celebrities live? I mean this is the nicest homes I have ever seen but then who exactly lives in those 100mil $ mansions in Beverly Hills?

    • @user-kz3qo4lf5s
      @user-kz3qo4lf5s Před rokem

      ​@@madelinefagen24beautiful 🙏

    • @kochevark
      @kochevark Před rokem +3

      Any info on her bathroom lights?

    • @sfortunavargiu9273
      @sfortunavargiu9273 Před rokem

      Anche se le ai uniti con Pasquale poi ti coleghi al fratello ti va male vai via si sta male a Lula no si sta bene cara anche se dal mare istighi

  • @nutsbutdum
    @nutsbutdum Před rokem +10915

    Why do I feel like I want to see her house upstate now?

  • @una.bambi444
    @una.bambi444 Před rokem +4820

    it’s so refreshing to see a celebrity who re-uses furniture in different houses and has real stuff around their house. like her kids art. it’s so beautiful but also realistic :-)

    • @rmelper
      @rmelper Před 11 měsíci +39

      And a child safety device on the toilet! :)

    • @BadMannerKorea
      @BadMannerKorea Před měsícem

      She had someone do everything for her. She doesn't even know what some of the things are in her house.

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Před rokem +4069

    Her apartment design is so peaceful and cozy

  • @zs0520
    @zs0520 Před rokem +937

    I love how honest she is 😂 like how the cupboard is full of things she cleaned up for AD and her children’s crayon marks here and there

  • @littlenest
    @littlenest Před rokem +7886

    Love it when celebrity homes are actually homely homes ♥️

    • @victoriaharris8543
      @victoriaharris8543 Před rokem +25

      It’s about taste and that individual taste. Just cuz it’s not your taste .

    • @littlenest
      @littlenest Před rokem +158

      ​@@victoriaharris8543 Clearly misunderstood my comment and came looking for conflict where there is none, this is my taste.

    • @thoughts3897
      @thoughts3897 Před rokem +47

      @@littlenest What is great about homes that reflect personality is that even if it is not one's individual taste --if is cool because it is not cookie-cutter. I agree with you, however, this IS my taste too. Love it.

    • @mitchellhughes5180
      @mitchellhughes5180 Před rokem +69

      I assume you mean homey, not homely.

    • @littlenest
      @littlenest Před rokem +31

      @@mitchellhughes5180US - "homey", the rest of the world (that also exists) - "Homely". Semantics.

  • @WeAllFeel
    @WeAllFeel Před rokem +3640

    "A new stain is a new memory" I love that logic. Yeah she probably has the funds to quickly repair or replace a damaged item, but she chooses to embrace the flaws instead.

    • @user-fk7sk9ut1t
      @user-fk7sk9ut1t Před rokem +47

      I wish my mum said that when i was a kid

    • @ak203
      @ak203 Před rokem +11

      You believe what an actress says?

    • @alexanderlopez6705
      @alexanderlopez6705 Před rokem +47

      @@ak203 and why not? there are some of them more sensible than most including you..he he he

    • @giangtran-to6tb
      @giangtran-to6tb Před rokem


    • @jordanl4051
      @jordanl4051 Před rokem +38

      @@ak203only sad people go through life thinking everyone around them is lying

  • @velvetbees
    @velvetbees Před rokem +552

    This lady has the soul of an artist. The little quirky touches are delightful.

    • @benjjjjsin
      @benjjjjsin Před rokem +16

      She’s super artistic. I remember she paints, knits, writes poetry & songs, plays instruments, sings, and acts.
      That Variety interview a few months ago where she looks back at her film & TV performances over the years really lets you peek into the fascinating mind of a creative

  • @justhuman3424
    @justhuman3424 Před rokem +390

    I love how realistic it is. Bunk beds because of a small space, and a very normal looking bathroom feels so refreshing to see.

  • @zellalaing5439
    @zellalaing5439 Před rokem +2919

    She comes across as so humble, relatable, appreciative, and that pieces she genuinely loves. Beautiful homes.

    • @RJ-vy9ch
      @RJ-vy9ch Před rokem

      NPC comment. She's as fake as it gets.

    • @rses916
      @rses916 Před rokem +2


    • @ak203
      @ak203 Před rokem +15

      It's called acting.

    • @leonofleon239
      @leonofleon239 Před rokem +35

      @@ak203 Or genuinity, it's not like you psychopaths would know that thing hah

    • @cg9616
      @cg9616 Před rokem +2

      A lovely spirit

  • @luciashine1129
    @luciashine1129 Před rokem +2787

    Love this. Clean, warm, modern but not pretentious or filled with unnecessary trends. So many over the top apartments on here. This one is a lovely and relatable space. People actually live here and it shows. She seems like a very sweet person.

  • @donttalktomebye
    @donttalktomebye Před rokem +269

    I love how just excited and grateful she is about her space. Sometimes I feel like these tours are just Very Showy but Amanda really just seems so in love and grateful and humble about it.

    • @user-xz9ws2vv2m
      @user-xz9ws2vv2m Před 4 měsíci +2

      I'm also in awe of Amanda's modesty and kindness.

  • @user-to5zk9ye6h
    @user-to5zk9ye6h Před rokem +312

    She’s so appreciative of everything, so nice to see. Peaceful, calm, and uncluttered. What a calming oasis !.

  • @chijavier1869
    @chijavier1869 Před rokem +3197

    I love her apartment. And I didn’t even know she’s married now and with a daughter.😳

  • @Nancy-sf2pl
    @Nancy-sf2pl Před rokem +1528

    She has an apartment in the city and a farmhouse in the country… literally my dream when I’m older. She’s so successful ❤

    • @ak203
      @ak203 Před rokem +1

      What has she done? I saw her in the Holmes thing and she was awful.

    • @azuradawn5683
      @azuradawn5683 Před rokem +48

      @@ak203 I haven't seen a ton but she was great in Mean Girls.

    • @mountain_girl6083
      @mountain_girl6083 Před rokem +54

      Mama Mia!?! Best ❣️

    • @tas64
      @tas64 Před rokem +77

      @@ak203 She was great as Elizabeth Holmes! She was in Mean Girls, Mamma Mia, Mank, Jennifer's Body, Les Mis and some great Rom-Coms.

    • @Merrellina
      @Merrellina Před rokem +32

      @@ak203respectfully, do you live under a rock?🤓

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Před rokem +834

    im obsessed with the toilet art lol😆amanda's nyc apartment is a peaceful slice of heaven!

    • @professorpepe2732
      @professorpepe2732 Před rokem +35

      We don’t care

    • @Zzz-xv1qb
      @Zzz-xv1qb Před rokem +7

      @@professorpepe2732 lmao

    • @abinaya3910
      @abinaya3910 Před rokem +17

      Are you youtube employee? U get paid to watch these videos and comment?

    • @mon6745
      @mon6745 Před rokem +1

      Hey you tube

    • @LSantiago65
      @LSantiago65 Před rokem +3

      Toilets and a painting of her with a dead cat…I don’t know what to say!

  • @jdcmr
    @jdcmr Před rokem +108

    Probably one of the most gorgeous apartments I have seen. Simple yet very elegant and actually livable.

  • @reem3266
    @reem3266 Před rokem +438

    Her apartment design is so peaceful and cozy, I love it

  • @michelleann8854
    @michelleann8854 Před rokem +375

    I love when she was talking about her kids riding on the roof she started whispering like they could hear her but she is also telling everyone

  • @justlostinthemoment
    @justlostinthemoment Před rokem +99

    I love that her mom lives with them, so cute! I bet the kids love it too to have their grandma around all the time :)

  • @dwe2a
    @dwe2a Před rokem +64

    The hidden door is just awesome. This entire apartment is very welcoming, inviting and not over the top in any way. The window shades are such an incredible feature. Fantastic episode with a delightful, down to earth celebrity!

    • @alexterieur8813
      @alexterieur8813 Před 6 měsíci

      i’ve watched a ton of videos with AD and whats in my bag videos and on all videos there is someone saying the celebrity is down to earth. i doubt all these celebrities are down to earth. not saying you are wrong, just that it’s uncanny how often the word down to earth is used to describe super rich people 🧐

  • @matewuocean
    @matewuocean Před rokem +262

    This outfit signed a lease agreement in my head in perpetuity. Also Amanda Seyfried has the type of face that would be wasted if not made into a framed, oil canvas self-portrait and hung on a wall. Beautiful space too. It's not even my preferred style of interior but it suits her so well. 'I have to stan' is an understatement

    • @melodylaila
      @melodylaila Před rokem +5

      Everything about this comment ++

    • @ak203
      @ak203 Před rokem

      She has the type of face that should be hidden. A matter of taste, but she is scrawny and has lousy hair and that red lipstick makes any woman look 15 years older.

    • @madonnasponytail
      @madonnasponytail Před rokem +2

      her knowing Mark Ryden is super cool

  • @laur3n057
    @laur3n057 Před rokem +240

    You can tell that she actually lives here with her family which is nice compared to some other celebrities houses 😅 also I absolutely loooove the round hardwood furniture it's so pretty

  • @dfjulesful
    @dfjulesful Před rokem +316

    So glad to see Karen doing so well despite failing almost every class

    • @heenam7201
      @heenam7201 Před rokem +66

      She got the job remember as a weather reporter.

    • @jpaola9659
      @jpaola9659 Před rokem +3

      You call Karen to everyone that is successful now?? 😂😂😂😂

    • @heenam7201
      @heenam7201 Před rokem +46

      @@jpaola9659 Her name was Karen in the movie Mean girls . Lol 😂

    • @dfjulesful
      @dfjulesful Před rokem +9

      @@jpaola9659 That's her name, duh

    • @jpaola9659
      @jpaola9659 Před rokem +6

      @@heenam7201 😮😮😮 hahahaha I didn’t remember that!! Well, gotta love a Karen that failed in class but got a nice house lol!! 😂😂😂

  • @KarolYuuki
    @KarolYuuki Před rokem +59

    This was a really nice house, a place where you actually see people live in.
    I absolutely loved the arched doors and windows. The master bathroom was everything I ever wanted.

  • @yourfellowginger3832
    @yourfellowginger3832 Před rokem +120

    I am obsessed with all of the curved window archways. So much warmth!

  • @alexah8521
    @alexah8521 Před rokem +80

    I love that she made her child’s bedroom colourful with their toys around! Not all beige… and I love the bookcase! Im very lucky that my house has amazing architecture, original brick walls, built in book shelves. I’m all for keeping the original architecture which I love that she’s done to her place

  • @harrypanini2792
    @harrypanini2792 Před rokem +59

    It’s so homey and aesthetic. Simple but so sophisticated + she is such a sweet sweet and genuine human being. Listening to her feel like a warm cup of tea 😭

  • @RangeGleasry
    @RangeGleasry Před rokem +6

    3:24 “i don’t know why I like to remember that we’re all human”
    yooo that reminder will keep you both humble and fearless

  • @javierav8930
    @javierav8930 Před rokem +175

    I love clean yet inviting it is. A lot of modern homes are so stale with their minimalism, but this one actually looks like a warm place to be in, if that makes sense lol

    • @Kay-lc4ku
      @Kay-lc4ku Před rokem +4

      It does make sense to me 😊 I personally like moody interiors better. Minimalism is cool but there's a clinicality to it.

    • @MothGirl007
      @MothGirl007 Před 11 měsíci

      The "art" ruins it.

  • @victoriac847
    @victoriac847 Před rokem +62

    Okay but I love that this is chic, beautiful, but also REAL! Like shared roof top, kid scribbles, column in middle of pathway, it’s relatable while still clearly in a different tax bracket 😂 i just love that it’s not show off-y and just authentic yet elevated!

  • @shuna.
    @shuna. Před rokem +19

    I just can't help but feel more admiration for Amanda every time I learn something new about her.

  • @Flowers4Everyone
    @Flowers4Everyone Před rokem +15

    She is such a gracious host and doesn't come across as manic and imposed upon. She is a lovely person, as far as I can see, over the years.

  • @guddey
    @guddey Před rokem +121

    Wow this space is so well designed! Any NY apartment this size would immediately have you thinking about the living expense, but this space has a beautiful humility to it. The warm wooden interior, soft pastels sprinkled with bright pops of color and the functional and lived-in furnitures make it so homey. Love it!

  • @Colata4197
    @Colata4197 Před rokem +77

    She’s so appreciative of everything, so nice to see

  • @andrapeck8949
    @andrapeck8949 Před rokem +16

    I love how much she loves her apartment. She exudes down-to-earth, loving vibes.

  • @thefairychild
    @thefairychild Před rokem +5

    I love that she was excited by the laundry.

  • @jgator6694
    @jgator6694 Před rokem +48

    The lilacs on the dining room table are everything ❤️

  • @MicaelaHoo
    @MicaelaHoo Před rokem +232

    I love that not all the pieces in her apartment are like $10K. It is classy, timeless, and unpretentious.

  • @debussy843
    @debussy843 Před rokem +10

    This Sarah did an amazing job. This is one of the best apartments feature I've seen.

  • @nonae1144
    @nonae1144 Před rokem +10

    Her natural sweet and relax character has reflected on her apartment design ❤

  • @vbuzani79
    @vbuzani79 Před rokem +50

    I love how calm and soft the apartment is and also shows how realistic it is to have any nice furniture with children 👍🏼😂also she is such an amazing actress 🤩

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Před rokem +696

    Disappointed she doesn’t live on a Greek island in real life

    • @woodanemone9758
      @woodanemone9758 Před rokem +75

      Or has 3 dads.

    • @annjohnson8437
      @annjohnson8437 Před rokem +3


    • @davidmccoy1378
      @davidmccoy1378 Před rokem +7

      I have a feeling this is just the "New York apartment" and likely has many other homes. The rich really do lead different lives.

    • @lauradev6371
      @lauradev6371 Před rokem +31

      @@davidmccoy1378Lol she literally says in the video she has a farm upstate where she actually lives when she’s not in NYC so you’re not wrong!

    • @beazuzmcceasar22
      @beazuzmcceasar22 Před rokem +1

      Oh honey honey!

  • @teresaanya
    @teresaanya Před rokem +8

    Ugh I just love her. Every role she plays is my favorite. And omg the apartment! It's so cute and cozy!!

  • @jwaltonxo5359
    @jwaltonxo5359 Před 10 měsíci +10

    This apartment is absolutely stunning!! I have never felt so inspired by one of these videos as this one. So airy and soft! I love it

  • @Driftwoodbaby
    @Driftwoodbaby Před rokem +41

    I didn't realize she was married with kids- I thought she was like 21 still. love the apartment.

  • @GodzHarleyGirlStudio
    @GodzHarleyGirlStudio Před rokem +98

    That thing above the stove is a pot filler, to put water into the pots on the stove.😊

    • @Tip_Top
      @Tip_Top Před rokem +12

      Thanks! I was looking for this comment 😅😂

    • @MH_297
      @MH_297 Před rokem +12

      How did she not know that? It’s such an American thing the pot filler lol

    • @Dave-in-MD
      @Dave-in-MD Před rokem +1

      @@MH_297 Not above a stove it isn't.

    • @melaniestewart33
      @melaniestewart33 Před rokem +2

      haha yes and they've never cooked in the kitchen??

    • @christineg6123
      @christineg6123 Před rokem

      What is the temperature of the water for the pot filler?

  • @donnapeterson1945
    @donnapeterson1945 Před rokem +6

    OMG, her place is just perfect! Normal looking and I LOVE her painting, captures her beautifully.

  • @totalwomanja9105
    @totalwomanja9105 Před 2 měsíci +2

    This house is so homey, cozy and it emanate life and love. Beautiful to achieve that in a big city.

  • @dark1Ordeen
    @dark1Ordeen Před rokem +20

    My favourite actress in my teenage years, her house is expressing exactly her, soft, light, beauty ❤

  • @ReikiMegan
    @ReikiMegan Před rokem +36

    I love that Amanda's style is so down to earth. She's a cool person.

    • @deealia2568
      @deealia2568 Před rokem +2

      I was waiting for this down to earth comment. In real people world this would be an entirely average basic flat. But I’m celeb land it’s down to earth 😂

  • @J123a1
    @J123a1 Před rokem +8

    love her natural and authentic vibe and the apartment looks amazing, so cozy!

  • @sarahcelik3393
    @sarahcelik3393 Před rokem +16

    Down to earth and very likeable. Also, as someone else already perfectly described , "a fun, funky, dreamy apartment" , it really is.

  • @janmarchand7294
    @janmarchand7294 Před rokem +16

    Amanda's hallway reminds me of the scene in The Shining.😂😂

  • @federica_m_m
    @federica_m_m Před rokem +49

    we also want to see the house upstate

  • @OnMeds1
    @OnMeds1 Před rokem +6

    Love her vibe and especially her outlook on stains on the table.

  • @julietaperazza
    @julietaperazza Před 2 měsíci +1

    this is now & will be forever my favorite AD video + omg I love her energy sm

  • @zomgeleana
    @zomgeleana Před rokem +10

    I LOVE HERRRRR. She has a talent for always remaining her genuine self no matter what.

  • @DCDSG
    @DCDSG Před rokem +14

    She’s so adorable, her love for her space makes it more special than it looks at first.

  • @elliex3698
    @elliex3698 Před rokem +4

    Her softest peaceful voice was so soothing.

  • @amberledrew6208
    @amberledrew6208 Před rokem +4

    Probably the best one I've seen! Loved her place and her in general! So relatable and down to earth!

  • @alyssashannon1218
    @alyssashannon1218 Před rokem +22

    This house felt like a hug ❤

  • @evabodnar8568
    @evabodnar8568 Před rokem +28

    Clean, simple, homely, lived in, organized, modern, elegant, perfect.

  • @getajob5678
    @getajob5678 Před rokem +31

    I love that Amanda’s mother lives w them. Respect and honor ❤

  • @marials9245
    @marials9245 Před rokem +3

    What a lovely place, it has so much personality and the perfect combination of modern and vintage feel to it. Amazing

  • @lifeturtletravesia
    @lifeturtletravesia Před rokem +14

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  • @olazurawska5862
    @olazurawska5862 Před rokem +7

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  • @jessicaalger4525
    @jessicaalger4525 Před rokem +3

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    @kjthekunoichi Před rokem +8

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  • @lukeoconnell5642
    @lukeoconnell5642 Před rokem +9

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    @belindam3797 Před rokem +17

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  • @A.Rose.G
    @A.Rose.G Před rokem +6

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    @BRiGHT-CHilD Před rokem +20

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      @thecraft2091 Před rokem +5

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    • @midwestlakelife
      @midwestlakelife Před rokem +4

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    • @BRiGHT-CHilD
      @BRiGHT-CHilD Před rokem +2

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    • @fancycat
      @fancycat Před rokem +3

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    @mrkeopele Před 24 dny

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  • @aminadomingosmacuacua9649

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  • @skylarsa
    @skylarsa Před rokem +8

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  • @skylarmichellex
    @skylarmichellex Před rokem +4

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  • @rmannayr2129
    @rmannayr2129 Před rokem +3


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    • @twix2615
      @twix2615 Před 6 měsíci +1

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  • @Sofiaode18
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