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  • čas přidán 26. 06. 2023
  • Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by Amanda Seyfried for a tour of her peaceful home in New York City. The Crowded Room and Mamma Mia! star spends most of her time upstate at her Catskills farmhouse, but when work calls her away she needed a tranquil city base fit for her family-with the help of Sarah Zames and Colin Stief from General Assembly they aimed to bring some of those farmhouse vibes to Manhattan. Stunning original arched windows create a bright, airy space enhanced by light oak features, and Amanda’s love of antique silhouettes paired with modern pieces offers an eclectic yet zen feel, perfect for relaxing after a busy day in the city-“I’m part of the development of a Broadway show,” Amanda says “This is going to be my home for six, seven, eight months. I know this will be where I live, and I’m comfortable here. I feel really safe.”
    Amanda Seyfried currently stars in The Crowded Room on Apple TV+, with new episodes debuting on Fridays through July 28, 2023.
    See more of Amanda's home here:
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    Design by Sarah Zames and Colin Stief of General Assembly
    Artwork: Cyrielle Gulacsy, White Light 01, 2020, acrylic paint on paper, 93 x 137cm.
    Director: Jasia Kaulbach
    Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
    Editor: William Long
    Guest: Amanda Seyfried
    Senior Producer: Vara Reese
    Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Brandon Fuhr
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Camera Operator: Cloud Corredor
    Audio: Gabe Quiroga
    Production Assistant: Francis McNeil
    Stylist (Interior Stylist/Fashion Stylist): Sarah Zames; Colin King; Elizabeth Stewart; Eliza Yerry
    Hair & Make-Up: Renato Campora; Genevieve Herr
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
    Colorist: Oliver Eid
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  • @Archdigest

    Shop pieces inspired by Amanda’s Farmhouse-Inspired New York City Apartment:

  • @nutsbutdum

    Why do I feel like I want to see her house upstate now?

  • @Ava-xz2mt

    it’s so refreshing to see a celebrity who re-uses furniture in different houses and has real stuff around their house. like her kids art. it’s so beautiful but also realistic :-)

  • @zellalaing5439

    She comes across as so humble, relatable, appreciative, and that pieces she genuinely loves. Beautiful homes.

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube  +477

    im obsessed with the toilet art lol😆amanda's nyc apartment is a peaceful slice of heaven!

  • @TimeBucks

    Her apartment design is so peaceful and cozy

  • @WeAllFeel

    "A new stain is a new memory" I love that logic. Yeah she probably has the funds to quickly repair or replace a damaged item, but she chooses to embrace the flaws instead.

  • @zs0520
    @zs0520  +471

    I love how honest she is 😂 like how the cupboard is full of things she cleaned up for AD and her children’s crayon marks here and there

  • @littlenest

    Love it when celebrity homes are actually homely homes ♥️

  • @Nancy-sf2pl

    She has an apartment in the city and a farmhouse in the country… literally my dream when I’m older. She’s so successful ❤

  • @justhuman3424

    I love how realistic it is. Bunk beds because of a small space, and a very normal looking bathroom feels so refreshing to see.

  • @faraae5591
    @faraae5591 Před dnem +7

    Finally a celebrity house that doesn’t try too hard to seem “luxury”. It’s such a cozy house I love it.

  • @user-to5zk9ye6h

    She’s so appreciative of everything, so nice to see. Peaceful, calm, and uncluttered. What a calming oasis !.

  • @donttalktomebye

    I love how just excited and grateful she is about her space. Sometimes I feel like these tours are just Very Showy but Amanda really just seems so in love and grateful and humble about it.

  • @luciashine1129

    Love this. Clean, warm, modern but not pretentious or filled with unnecessary trends. So many over the top apartments on here. This one is a lovely and relatable space. People actually live here and it shows. She seems like a very sweet person.

  • @velvetbees

    This lady has the soul of an artist. The little quirky touches are delightful.

  • @dwe2a
    @dwe2a  +24

    The hidden door is just awesome. This entire apartment is very welcoming, inviting and not over the top in any way. The window shades are such an incredible feature. Fantastic episode with a delightful, down to earth celebrity!

  • @alexah8521

    I love that she made her child’s bedroom colourful with their toys around! Not all beige… and I love the bookcase! Im very lucky that my house has amazing architecture, original brick walls, built in book shelves. I’m all for keeping the original architecture which I love that she’s done to her place

  • @guddey
    @guddey  +104

    Wow this space is so well designed! Any NY apartment this size would immediately have you thinking about the living expense, but this space has a beautiful humility to it. The warm wooden interior, soft pastels sprinkled with bright pops of color and the functional and lived-in furnitures make it so homey. Love it!

  • @justlostinthemoment

    I love that her mom lives with them, so cute! I bet the kids love it too to have their grandma around all the time :)