Found my apartment in Spider-Man!

  • čas přidán 21. 12. 2021

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  • TQ11
    TQ11  +109

    bro revealing his address like he dont care 🤣

  • King_pogo1

    That view is incredible and the fact that your apartment is in the game, you know that the creators put in alot of effort into the details...that's mind blowing

  • Bully Maguire

    Ah yeah!! I remember it!! I went there many times in my "PIZZA TIME!" era...

  • Dr Duke
    Dr Duke  +13

    That’s actually sick

  • ZeNiKo
    ZeNiKo  +2

    Okay so let's just arrive your home today! :D

  • Chabs ©️

    Great way to show-off your view 👌 😉

  • ZwaneYT
    ZwaneYT  +8

    Imagine we’re able to look through inside and see ourselves in game.

  • Emmanuel Boyd

    You have a wonderful view

  • Ibrahim Shaffi

    I would freak out if he was just sticking to your window irl😂

  • Akaza Naoyasu

    Man really hit the jackpot with a apartment that view is awesome

  • Sir Isaac Newton

    I remember having this video barely 20 likes but, now got over 2.1Mil. Happy for you Omar

  • chill_thorn7

    Now that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😳🔥

  • Reposting until 1000 subs

    Imagine playing like a random game and you see your house in the middle of nowhere

  • üţø

    Thats sick🤩😍😍

  • Txqz Clips


  • Anime Editz

    Imagine him recording that and Spider-Man randomly appears on his building

  • AJsaurus28

    Awesome! And tbh a beautiful view

  • The Noob Cuber

    You the next morning: Hey what you doin on my window

  • He Took them

    Imagine if Spiderman stares at your window in game and when you look in the real window. You would be shock.

  • Cake Piecez

    Everybody’s gangsta until Miles punches that window