Lena - Satellite (Germany)

  • čas přidán 23. 03. 2010
  • Powered by www.eurovision.tv Lena will represent Germany with the song Satellite at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.

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  • Elsa Andersson
    Elsa Andersson Před 3 lety +8

    9 years later, still a bop

  • S B
    S B Před rokem +5

    For those who do not understand why there are plenty of Turkish comments written in the comment section, let me explain. In 2010 Eurovision song contest many Turks expected Manga (The turkish band, It is the second one after Lena) to win the race. Many still consider that Manga should have been the one winning the competition and they are better than Lena both in perfomance and song. That's why a lot of people are still complaining about the outcome and keep disliking to Lena.

  • Patrick Matthews

    I love how she looks both confident and awkward simultaneously, it's cute and suits the song

  • Ege Şanlı
    Ege Şanlı Před rokem +4

    Song: 65M views

  • Morris Östergren
    Morris Östergren Před rokem +467

    i legit had this melody stuck in my head for over a year without remembering the name of the song today i finally found it. today was a good day

  • Nyet L.
    Nyet L.  +514

    12 years later, still a bop

  • Ironhawk
    Ironhawk Před 6 lety +1

    I like how she isn't like a really glamorous person,looks like a normal person who just got up and made this song

  • John Xina
    John Xina Před rokem +4

    normal songs:id climb the highest mountain for you

  • jakerockznoodles
    jakerockznoodles Před rokem +380

    I love how even though she's singing in English in a style pretty common in the UK, you can still hear the accent pouring through 😂

  • öyle işte

    I'm Turkish and I love this song very much, it's a very nice and sweet song. There's a big difference in style between our song "We Could Be The Same" and this song shouldn't be compared, I mean everyone has different tastes

  • Elf In The Kitchen
    Elf In The Kitchen Před rokem +32

    Still one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever!

  • WenJun Tan

    I love this song, it’s so bouncy and just makes ya wanna dance🙌🏽❤️

  • wrappedupinfumes'
    wrappedupinfumes' Před 2 lety +2

    it's been around 10 years since i last heard this and today it decides to randomly pop into my head while i was brushing my teeth. brains are strange man

  • Filip Ambro
    Filip Ambro Před rokem +5

    One of the best Eurovision songs of all time

  • Michael Kourtoubelides
    Michael Kourtoubelides Před 14 hodinami

    It's a great song, pure voice

  • Jess
    Jess  +16

    I love this song, glad it won idk why people don’t like it, it’s so good!

  • John Prapas

    One of my best winners ever... 2022 still listening... Go Lena!!

  • obenohnebohne
    obenohnebohne Před rokem +61

    I had a stressful conversation and after that this song popped up in my head. Best stress reliever!

  • Anna Czaja
    Anna Czaja Před rokem +11

    Singer: German

  • adriabg21
    adriabg21 Před rokem +11

    Love this song to this day! So catchy and funky!