This guy had his coworkers fooled 😂


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  • Michelle Hupp
    Michelle Hupp Před 13 dny +162583

    That voice alone would have me applying for a new job.

    • MrSuperaptor
      MrSuperaptor Před 13 dny +2821

      Same lol

    • 😘Rasheen’s Story📝
      😘Rasheen’s Story📝 Před 13 dny +6228

      Exactly she was very rude and has an attitude problem

    • King Neptune
      King Neptune Před 13 dny +1395

      ​@😘Rasheen’s Story📝because she didnt want to get sick or even possibly die from her co worker not wearing a mask

  • Jade Assassin
    Jade Assassin Před 2 dny +2135

    "Uh HeLLoo"
    Fk that. Never talk to employees like that.

    • paulu
      paulu Před 17 hodinami +56

      Don’t talk like that to anyone. Period.

    • Alex Deva
      Alex Deva Před 16 hodinami +12

      That got on my nerves so much lol, her voice already sounds bad

    • SleepyCat
      SleepyCat Před 15 hodinami

      The employee told him that

    • Mandy Bazey
      Mandy Bazey Před 11 hodinami

      Tell. Them. Please 😅

      MOONSONSKIES Před 11 hodinami

      She said “uh, excuse me”

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody Před dnem +638

    Omg the Karen barking about a mask would've sent me over the edge.

    • ☆Crescent☆
      ☆Crescent☆ Před 4 hodinami +2

      Fr if I had to listen to her for more than 3 seconds somebody would be getting punched

  • Laan Horne-Morrison
    Laan Horne-Morrison Před 20 dny +90419

    She sounds like such a pleasant person.

    • GhoulishlyPale
      GhoulishlyPale Před 20 dny +4486

      Very pleasant, considerate , and understanding.

    • Tech Product Preview
      Tech Product Preview Před 20 dny +911

      ​@thisworldisabirdcageDouble it and give it to the next person😊

    • JK
      JK Před 20 dny +145


    • Chris Wilcox
      Chris Wilcox Před 20 dny +632

      Scuse me, scuse me!

    • Zhi
      Zhi Před 20 dny +171

      Sound very fun too bet her has a lot of love interests

  • Noël Joseé
    Noël Joseé Před 2 dny +577

    Sounds like she NEEDED to be humbled 😂

    • Mushpuffs
      Mushpuffs Před 2 dny +6

      what are you talking about? she was in the right in this situation

    • Noël Joseé
      Noël Joseé Před dnem +16

      @Mushpuffs you MUST be the lady in the video 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mushpuffs
      Mushpuffs Před dnem +9

      @Noël Joseé This guy works in a place where masks are required, clearly him not wearing a mask is a pretty bad thing to do, and after she figured out it was a real mask she chilled out and laughed.

    • Noël Joseé
      Noël Joseé Před dnem +12

      @mushpuffs she could have went about it completely differently and her tone the entire time denoted that she was LOOKING for a confrontation. I'm not the only person who noticed her energy being way off so I'm not sure why you picked MY comment to argue with. You probably possess the same energy which is why you feel some kind of way 🙄
      And she didn't "chill out" at the end. She was HUMBLED. Just like I said.

    • Mushpuffs
      Mushpuffs Před dnem +4

      @Noël Joseé I don't really see the issue here... I feel like her tone was urging him to put on a mask, but he was just clownin' around

  • Charley Warwick
    Charley Warwick Před 2 dny +79

    I didn't even register that he was talking without his mouth moving 😭

    • Apophis
      Apophis Před 43 minutami

      Neither did she

  • Zack Blackwood
    Zack Blackwood Před 7 dny +9325

    She was so ready for an argument, she didn't even notice his 'mouth' wasn't moving

    • Weav
      Weav Před 7 dny +48

      Only place that would such a policy atm would some kind of medical place is my guess… and it’s probably a big deal and her job to make sure people have them entering if that was the case .

    • YesMyBagel 2
      YesMyBagel 2 Před 7 dny +22

      @Weavdude brought a drink in though…

    • thisisjmp
      thisisjmp Před 7 dny +17

      ...maybe she thought the dude's a fucking ventriloquist. 😂

    • Mauricio Duran
      Mauricio Duran Před 7 dny +16

      Karens gonna karen

  • Jonny
    Jonny Před 2 dny +82

    she was so ready for a argument lol. she didn't even notice his mouth not moving... 😂😂😂

  • Frankie Russo
    Frankie Russo Před dnem +40

    What a psychopath I couldn’t be in the same room with that lady let alone work for her

  • jffn man
    jffn man Před 15 dny +17635

    Never let a coworker talk to you like that.

    • Garius Marius
      Garius Marius Před 14 dny +458

      Sure, but if it's an officer manager or designated health safety manager, or someone that is designated as the week's or month's fire and workplace safety employee (rotating roster in our office), it's not a threat or a demand when you are just making sure that no one is lax when actual shit hits the fan. Prevention works no matter our political belief system.

    • baad lyrics
      baad lyrics Před 14 dny +756

      ​@Garius Marius still no need to be rude from the start. If its the first interaction and someone seems to not do what they should, a good manager would just ask whats going on anf why before judging and demanding. Especially when theres a risk that they themselves are in the wrong

    • Electricity taster
      Electricity taster Před 14 dny +89


    • Garius Marius
      Garius Marius Před 14 dny +46

      @baad lyrics Oh I agree with you. Also, it may be staged. I am not sure of their relationships or their rapport with each other, so it may appear to be rude without context, or absolutely just their thing.

    • Iaqh
      Iaqh Před 14 dny +100

      Well if they are a woman and you're a guy, you have to be careful or they might accuse you of something and everyone is automatically taught to believe her.

  • Mulva ♀️
    Mulva ♀️ Před 2 dny +28

    I bet that lady is a barrel of laughs to work with

  • Beachez132k
    Beachez132k Před 2 dny +17

    Someone please find out where this guy works and prank call that lady and make it a short. 🤣

  • KainofPride
    KainofPride Před 17 dny +7894

    Sounds like his coworker is such a joy to be around.

    • Rudy
      Rudy Před 17 dny +151

      Covid just brings out the best in people

    • campertramp
      campertramp Před 17 dny +218

      Dude was just trying to play a joke, outted a hostile work environment. Its the way she spoke to him that had me wondering where HR was; not the nature of her request

    • ScrizVevo
      ScrizVevo Před 17 dny +13

      I love sarcasm... It's peaceful.

    CATS WITH KYLA Před 2 dny +9

    Lips not moving ... Karen doesn't notice 😂

  • Coastiemama
    Coastiemama Před 2 dny +39

    I had a lady scream at me when my foot was accidentally standing out just a tad bit past the tape on the floor to mark the 6 feet separating people in line. The Karen’s during Covid was unbelievable.

    • tilly9749
      tilly9749 Před 19 hodinami +1

      I didn't go out much during that time because of bs like that. When I did go out I ignored the tape, the stickers and arrows.

  • necrostrafe
    necrostrafe Před 17 dny +12094

    Her not noticing his mouth wasn't opening when talking is the best part.

    • Brian McDonald
      Brian McDonald Před 17 dny +211

      they didn't notice anything about the past few years

    • Edwin Setiawan
      Edwin Setiawan Před 17 dny +73

      You not noticing this was scripted is the best part.

    • P Mason
      P Mason Před 17 dny +58

      Even the mask HAS a mask painted on it, so why she asking "where??"

    • Nate
      Nate Před 17 dny +28

      Ya she's a liberal bot

    • Jacob S
      Jacob S Před 17 dny +21

      ​@P Masonshe said "where" because the fake mask was printed on the chin and she wanted him to say it

  • Breck Worsham
    Breck Worsham Před dnem +80

    This is what tyranny looks like.

    • The Salamanca Family
      The Salamanca Family Před dnem +1


    • hajkie
      hajkie Před 20 hodinami +3

      Lol nonsense, its no less tyranny than jobs that require you to dress in specific ways.

    • Cromulom
      Cromulom Před 20 hodinami +3

      to wear a piece of cloth over your face?, wait til you hear about public nudity laws

    M TELYA Před 2 dny +5

    He surrounded by Karen's at work 🤣🤣

  • Trent
    Trent Před 7 dny +2630

    That's the kind of job you quit and never look back.

    • nara
      nara Před 6 dny +12

      Don't you think that's a little bit of an overreaction?

    • CovertFarts
      CovertFarts Před 6 dny +36

      @nara nope, we have no remorse for people like her. Any job requires you to be a slave sheep is not worth working in.

    • Solar Controller
      Solar Controller Před 6 dny +9

      @CovertFartsit’s just a mask

  • Alanna Lundbohm
    Alanna Lundbohm Před dnem +5

    The glorious voice of a Karen

  • The Talons of Wayne Chiang
    The Talons of Wayne Chiang Před 23 hodinami +3

    “Excuse me!!!!”
    Scared Karen alert.

  • K Sokyut
    K Sokyut Před 18 dny +3295

    She didn't even question how you became a ventriloquist for a sec lol

    • Garrett Kuracka
      Garrett Kuracka Před 18 dny +31

      She’s already too far away to see it’s a mask, he’s got a dark beard, and he keeps putting his hand and coffee by his mouth…it’s really not that hard to imagine she wasn’t watching his lips

    • A S
      A S Před 18 dny +4

      Exactly 😑

    • Ken
      Ken Před 18 dny +2

      It’s clearly a set up video lmao

    • steroidsR4losers
      steroidsR4losers Před 4 dny

      Why doesn't she put duct tape across her mouth!

  • yung lou
    yung lou Před dnem +22

    Yep, we've all been conditioned for this kind of tyranny.

  • rtmis1
    rtmis1 Před 18 hodinami +4

    Imagine continuing to work in a place that STILL requires masks

  • SpeedReaper 17
    SpeedReaper 17 Před 6 dny +1763

    She was definitely a hall monitor in school

    • Dee M.
      Dee M. Před 6 dny +4

      Lmao that voice says it all😂

    • TruthSeeker
      TruthSeeker Před 6 dny +4

      Don’t disrespect hall monitors like that. Shorty was a flat out rat. 🤣

    • Stedman Solomona
      Stedman Solomona Před 6 dny +1


    • Mushpuffs
      Mushpuffs Před 2 dny

      what are you talking about? she was in the right in this situation

  • Latoya Wilson
    Latoya Wilson Před dnem +4

    I would’ve walked right pass her and waited for her to tell the boss that I didn’t have a mask on😂

  • JM
    JM Před dnem +3

    I would definitely resign from that place

  • Shark Wrestler
    Shark Wrestler Před 21 dnem +43678

    The "uhh hello???" before he can even respond shows you how great of a coworker she is to be around

    • Mason Green
      Mason Green Před 21 dnem +606

      The fact that y’all can’t tell this is staged is so sad.

    • Tom Foolery
      Tom Foolery Před 21 dnem +1896

      ​@Mason Green The fact that you commented that is so sad, gives loser basement dweller vibes who has to take every opportunity to feel superior because he sucks in real life.

    • Instinct Haun
      Instinct Haun Před 21 dnem +90

      I think she was just surprised he was even “not wearing” one so like kinda flabbergasted ya know 😂

    • salty panda
      salty panda Před 21 dnem +129

      @Tom Foolery you must be fun to be around

  • Aditya
    Aditya Před dnem +4

    That is the most Karen voice ever.

  • joediggity
    joediggity Před 2 dny +3

    i love how he was talking when the masks mouth is closed yet she keeps telling him to put on a mask 💀

  • Connor Hussey
    Connor Hussey Před 17 dny +5193

    Who needs enemies when you have coworkers like this

    • Sanse
      Sanse Před 17 dny +13


    • Sanse
      Sanse Před 17 dny +35

      I mean obviously they've strict rules and it makes no sense for those rule if not everyone follows them but still 😅

    • Bahtou
      Bahtou Před 17 dny +53

      Tell me ur a liberal without telling me ur a liberal

    • Chocolate Jesus
      Chocolate Jesus Před 17 dny +30

      @SanseNah she just the local Karen

  • Alpine25j
    Alpine25j Před 19 hodinami +2

    We need to hold the people like her accountable! No forgiveness

  • CryptoChef
    CryptoChef Před 16 hodinami +2

    Damn they were pissed. Put her on notice bro

  • Todd Becker
    Todd Becker Před 21 dnem +8349

    Those are some super friendly co-workers

    • xiDynazty
      xiDynazty Před 20 dny +66


    • Wubbied
      Wubbied Před 20 dny +33


    • nckhed
      nckhed Před 20 dny +146

      ​@Wubbied I wouldn't be so sure. The first time this crap went down, I witnessed a supervisor at my job get close to another employee and actually told HIM to stand six feet away. That supervisor was a woman. Go figure. They ever pull this crap again at my job, they're getting an earful from me, especially if they try to act like tyrants about it and expect immediate submission.

    • Hablinsky
      Hablinsky Před 20 dny +16

      Bro Karen’s 💀

  • dean bornman
    dean bornman Před 2 dny +1

    You know, you have to be a very special person if you see someone talk without his mouth moving

  • P Dizzle
    P Dizzle Před 18 hodinami +2

    Never let anyone tell you to wear a mask

  • Eli Stewart
    Eli Stewart Před 21 dnem +113683

    You could hear the coworker’s brain reboot for a second.
    Edit: Jesus. 101k likes already. Wow.

    • -T3A_ST4RS-
      -T3A_ST4RS- Před 21 dnem +17


    • luis juarez
      luis juarez Před 21 dnem +44

      There is no part two dude just have some random clash of what where it call.

  • GetDaBlicky
    GetDaBlicky Před 2 dny +2

    She must be a GREAT coworker

  • Tech Junkie
    Tech Junkie Před 18 hodinami +1

    Little known fact....he was so smooth. Who else noticed he flipped her off twice!?

  • Hyder Ali
    Hyder Ali Před 10 dny +5691

    Bro has demonic Karen at his work place.

    • Lotus Blossom
      Lotus Blossom Před 9 dny +9


    • Noddledoddle
      Noddledoddle Před 9 dny +45

      She was just doing her job what’s karen about that

    • Goldkat
      Goldkat Před 9 dny +60

      ​@Noddledoddle Its not what she said, but how she said it. Or as we germans say: The sound makes the music.

    • BillyB
      BillyB Před 9 dny +7

      Sss tier level karen😂

  • Kuhnives
    Kuhnives Před dnem +2

    That lady yelling at him to wear a mask needs to get a life

  • Amezz
    Amezz Před 2 dny +1

    She got so confused her brain just assumed that mask mouth moved

  • Man Dan
    Man Dan Před 16 dny +5022

    She sounds like a lovely polite person

  • JTS
    JTS Před dnem +1

    Sounds like a really fun work environment

  • Lezgo Brandon
    Lezgo Brandon Před 20 hodinami +1

    Oh god, that Karen is who we had to deal with for 3 fkn years. I thought I would fkn strangle someone

  • Uzi from Twitter
    Uzi from Twitter Před 18 dny +4260

    She sounds like a great person to come into work and deal with every day

    • supermanifold
      supermanifold Před 18 dny +21


    • Brenda Kabanda
      Brenda Kabanda Před 18 dny +7


    • Adnilas
      Adnilas Před 18 dny +14

      Seriously. Not even worth it.

    • Keasch
      Keasch Před 18 dny +12

      better be sarcastic.

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover Před 18 dny +11

      For kewping aafety regulations? Yes she is!

  • 510Productions
    510Productions Před dnem +1

    she thought she was actually doing something 😂

  • Tex 2
    Tex 2 Před dnem

    Now we know who the Karen is at your job.

  • Steve-O
    Steve-O Před 20 dny +3763

    Whenever someone says “well excuse me”
    my Karen warning system goes off

    • null_matrix
      null_matrix Před 20 dny +7

      How would you say it?

    • 後藤 ジェームズ
      後藤 ジェームズ Před 20 dny +67

      @null_matrixYou don't need to say that at all really, especially multiple times, with that tone

    • null_matrix
      null_matrix Před 20 dny +14

      @後藤 ジェームズ So, at the time, everyone should have just tolerated selfish coworkers who refused to wear a mask?

    • Sir Squid
      Sir Squid Před 20 dny +47

      ​@null_matrix completely missed the point 🤦 saying those words in that tone just shows arrogance and your more likely to get what you want though other words and tones and have friendlier, more healthy connections and interactions with people. Now maybe she isnt arrogant, but thats how the majority of people will perceive when using those words with that tone

    • null_matrix
      null_matrix Před 20 dny +4

      ​@Sir Squid If you think I missed the point then I'll go back to my original question: How would you say it?
      Secondly, if there's a workplace rule that everyone has to wear a mask but someone walks in who appears to not be wearing one then how would the majority of people perceive that?

  • Khronic
    Khronic Před 2 dny

    If that’s the response I’m turning around and getting a new job.

  • Aditya Nalluri
    Aditya Nalluri Před dnem +1

    Karen be like:-can i see your mask company's manager.that stuff is illegal. I'm gonna call my lawyer and sue you.

  • CD
    CD Před 16 dny +1313

    He knew exactly who his target was. 😂

  • WonderDownUnder
    WonderDownUnder Před dnem +1

    Time to start working from home away from all the damaged people

  • TheLordAkira
    TheLordAkira Před dnem +1

    she went to bitch mode in 2s, toxic workplace.

  • Bill Bored
    Bill Bored Před 19 dny +14026

    The mask era was the biggest wet dream for Karen's of all time.

    • 👽Introverted Alien👽
      👽Introverted Alien👽 Před 18 dny +96


    • Pattern Recon
      Pattern Recon Před 18 dny +41

      Karens are based

    • Quaker-Patriot🇺🇸
      Quaker-Patriot🇺🇸 Před 18 dny +290


    • Drudi
      Drudi Před 18 dny +291

      @Pattern Recon Em what?? No they aren’t.

    • Nick C
      Nick C Před 18 dny +244

      Some people at my job were in heaven during all of this! They absolutely loved scolding people, even though the boss said we arent enforcing masks. They couldnt resist.

  • foundwanting1
    foundwanting1 Před 2 dny +1

    Walks through the door encounters Karen right off the bat. Way to go Karen for being the mask officer. You got him. Ya got the tater Lol. Stupid beesh

  • pky sam
    pky sam Před 13 hodinami

    I’d start applying for a new job while in that room

  • Theresa Bundy
    Theresa Bundy Před 20 dny +9584

    Dude instantly turned into the world's best ventriloquist.
    Edit: wOw! Thanks for the likes! 👍

  • RN Wilder
    RN Wilder Před 8 hodinami

    Office Karen was in full metal jacket mode 😅

  • fightingfalconfan
    fightingfalconfan Před dnem

    I worked at Amazon during the pandemic. I had taken my lunch and set my work gloves down on a table to claim my spot. Went to a vending machine to make my food purchase and one of the "safety people" slid her mask down picked up my work gloves and asked "who's gloves are these? that's really gross to put your dirty ass gloves down on the table like that." I didn't say anything and she walked out of the break room. I paid for my food and sat down at my spot with my gloves and someone looked at me like "oh." I basically said to them if she's that worried about germs and work gloves they have hand sanitizer for a reason. The whole "safety team" at my fulfillment center was a joke. They basically made the break room's two exits/entrances a in and out and taped a line that you where not supposed to cross once you entered the room. But because they where the safety team they thought they where above the rules. The whole team was a joke and still is. I even found out one day they have a certification test to hold a damn screw driver! I am a ASE certified automobile technician by trade. My ASE cert trumps anything Amazon has.

  • Nani
    Nani Před 11 dny +2515

    Anyone knows by her voice that she is a certified Karen

    • InvestedSkills
      InvestedSkills Před 10 dny +6


    • Nache Clayton
      Nache Clayton Před 10 dny +2


    • 1bls
      1bls Před 10 dny +7

      For sure

    • C
      C Před 10 dny +10

      Mask Karen’s are horrible they actually chase you and run at you

    • Maria Cruz
      Maria Cruz Před 10 dny

      Lol 😂FR!

  • Godposter69
    Godposter69 Před dnem

    Yeah honestly the fact he let her speak to him that way regardless of the joke is outstanding

  • Ralph Magliano
    Ralph Magliano Před 21 hodinou

    Dealing with that secretary would last 1 day.

  • Andrea Oliver
    Andrea Oliver Před 6 dny +8346

    She sounded so rude. You can tell she is the Karen of the office

    • The yeet gaming show  SHORTS
      The yeet gaming show SHORTS Před 6 dny +45

      welcome to the real world

    • Gillian Foster
      Gillian Foster Před 6 dny +37


    • Green Reaper
      Green Reaper Před 6 dny +28

      For real.. by doing that you found out who the Karen’s are.

    • NaoschFMV
      NaoschFMV Před 6 dny +34

      A lot of people did that to me when I didn’t wear a mask during Covid, the sheep

  • starr
    starr Před 7 hodinami

    the SECOND he walked in she immediately got mad☠️

  • r.k. johnson
    r.k. johnson Před 2 dny +3

    Let places like this go broke.. don't give them any customers.

  • Randomizer
    Randomizer Před 20 dny +9187

    She really started yelling at him 💀 what a fun personality.

    • Josh
      Josh Před 20 dny +42

      Bro how has nobody responded to this🤣

    • Crystal LXIX
      Crystal LXIX Před 20 dny +115

      Yelling? What? Did we watch the same video?

    • Devin Owen
      Devin Owen Před 20 dny +278

      ​@crystallxix1493 yes she started off rude and confrontational.

    • Mae M
      Mae M Před 20 dny +155

      It’s understandable to get him to wear a mask when she thinks he isn’t wearing it properly especially bc it’s the rules of the workplace that were out there to help keep ppl safe

    • Vixtor
      Vixtor Před 20 dny +38

      ​@Crystal LXIXApparently not since she did yell at him

  • Valiant Thor
    Valiant Thor Před dnem

    She’s genuinely terrified

  • FreddyGaming
    FreddyGaming Před 2 dny

    "excuse me sir" *gets punched*

  • Stefani Dowling
    Stefani Dowling Před 14 dny +3698

    U can tell she’s the one co-worker everyone tries to avoid 😬

    • D D
      D D Před 13 dny +45

      So you must be the one who always breaks the rules😮

    • Teuwufel
      Teuwufel Před 13 dny +148

      @D D no, the coworker literally sounds like an annoying Karen

    • Lions At Midnight
      Lions At Midnight Před 13 dny +43

      @Teuwufel100% she sounds like she’d throw a fit if you farted. “Shit happens” is a legitimate excuse. But it’ll only make things worse.

  • John Horne
    John Horne Před dnem

    Jesus, imagine treating another person, another coworker/employee, another citizen like this because you think theyre not waearing a damn mask 😂

  • Dylan Jarman
    Dylan Jarman Před 17 hodinami

    Bro chose violence that day 😂😂😂

  • JoyDef
    JoyDef Před 18 dny +2487

    I’d quit immediately if I worked with someone like that.

    • NekoGrace 79
      NekoGrace 79 Před 17 dny +167

      I’d quit because they’d made me wear a mask.

    • M. L.
      M. L. Před 17 dny +19

      I enjoyed tearing that office up with grace 😮😂

    • godawgs
      godawgs Před 17 dny +47

      Facts. Being a kunt is overrated. Someone should send her the memo.

    • DSG Thotsweeper 🤟
      DSG Thotsweeper 🤟 Před 17 dny +11


  • Good Vibrations
    Good Vibrations Před 2 dny

    Then she fired him when he took his mask off to show her he was wearing a mask.

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name Před 2 dny +4

    "Can you put a mask on?"
    No. Actually I cannot, simple as.

  • BDOT310
    BDOT310 Před 4 dny +1803

    I would’ve put in my 2 week notice that day after hearing that voice

    • Jacob Nelson
      Jacob Nelson Před 4 dny +11

      Fr that shit made me feel homicidal

    • MIKE D
      MIKE D Před 3 dny


    • Lurid Dream
      Lurid Dream Před 3 dny

      She just asked nicely

    • Noah Holliday
      Noah Holliday Před 3 dny

      He definitely went through the trouble of getting this mask just for this smack down moment.

    • Conejos Blancos
      Conejos Blancos Před 3 dny

      Its ilegal to force anyone to use a mask, and dont do anything too.

  • Rafi B
    Rafi B Před 2 dny

    karen didn’t realize mouths move while speaking

  • Thecringeyt
    Thecringeyt Před 10 hodinami

    The facts that they didn’t even see his mouth not move💀💀

  • Coffinated.Coffee
    Coffinated.Coffee Před 21 dnem +4680

    She got so aggressive 😭

    • Jake
      Jake Před 21 dnem +84

      Bruh of course. I wouldn't want to come in contact with a potentially life threatening disease either, just because some coworker isn't wearing a mask.
      She has every right to react that way

    • Nicole
      Nicole Před 21 dnem +226

      ​@Jakechill 😂

    • danny naylor
      danny naylor Před 21 dnem +130

      ​@Jakewhat's to worry about, if they are all vaxed

  • Muscle Mary
    Muscle Mary Před 13 hodinami

    How dare she speak to someone like that. No way I would've been that nice to her

  • J Allen
    J Allen Před dnem

    She never noticed his lips not moving. Clever guy!

  • Rik V
    Rik V Před 18 dny +5171

    That’s a voice you want to hear first thing in the morning

  • 3L3L lala
    3L3L lala Před dnem

    The way that lady sounded, I would've said "call security if you feel the need to, otherwise, mind your own business."

  • PAD Financial
    PAD Financial Před dnem

    That woman's voice betrays her, we can tell she been loved in aong time.

  • pip
    pip Před 5 dny +1902

    if my coworker talked to me like that i’d get fired really fast

    • Amber M
      Amber M Před 5 dny +6


    • Noice mate
      Noice mate Před 5 dny +13

      My manager talks to me like that in a sarcastic way so maybe they’re cool with each other who knows

    • Eureca
      Eureca Před 5 dny +5

      @Noice mate It's clearly acting imo. So I am sure they are cool lol.

    • Noice mate
      Noice mate Před 5 dny +4

      @Eureca exactly like if it was a teacher or something then I’d believe it but if you’re doing this to your manager you’re probably cool

    • wat
      wat Před 5 dny

      Scuuuuuuse meeee

  • Kerry B.
    Kerry B. Před 2 dny +1

    Another crazy ridiculous example of how messed up we are in this country now. Why would anyone want this job???

  • jussayin mipeece
    jussayin mipeece Před 17 dny +2411

    I get why he would want to mess with her. She sounds like the type you just want to punch in the face.

  • Gloria Swaggard
    Gloria Swaggard Před dnem +1

    He fooled me !! 👍😁⭐️🌟good one 😂😂😂😂

  • Robbie Cabrera
    Robbie Cabrera Před 2 dny +1

    hahaha, i need to get that face, not the mask!🤣🤣🤣

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez Před 8 dny +1638

    Man knew exactly what he was doing and exactly who he needed to go see

    • Whatevr Matt
      Whatevr Matt Před 8 dny +14

      he doesnt even work in that department. he just wanted to troll hr and didnt care if he ended up being 10 mins late

    • M21
      M21 Před 8 dny +5

      Yes, the office Karen 😂😂😂😂

    • JDog
      JDog Před 8 dny +1

      1100 like

    • Serenity Robinson
      Serenity Robinson Před 8 dny

      And I’m so glad he went and saw her ass, I hope she feels stupid 🤣

  • Nathan S
    Nathan S Před 19 hodinami

    I would quit without notice if they made me wear a mask at work

  • rewdskwid
    rewdskwid Před 2 dny

    Ah this takes me back to 2 years ago when i was reported by my RA because i left my mask in my car so i used my shirt collar instead. It was 2am and i was the only one else walking in besides the RAs (not wearing masks themselves) i understood the need to wear it and i did without throwing a fit but some of yall just loved the power trip it gave you.

  • Lord Jiraiya
    Lord Jiraiya Před 12 dny +3566

    She sounds like just an absolute joy to be around

    • Rio Goldstein
      Rio Goldstein Před 12 dny +18

      Absolutely notvwtf

    • Wonks
      Wonks Před 12 dny +12

      *cough* virgin

    • wanye kest
      wanye kest Před 12 dny +20

      lost braincells from these comments

    • M_drip💯
      M_drip💯 Před 12 dny +2

      YT shorts is always an option

    • Daniel Schmidinger
      Daniel Schmidinger Před 12 dny +17

      ​@Rio Goldsteindo you guys not know what irony is?

  •  99 Cent Garden
    99 Cent Garden Před 2 dny

    She is a one woman HOA. She also corrects commentors grammar on social media.

  • Michael Johns
    Michael Johns Před 21 hodinou

    She seen him: Karen mode activated!!

  • AnDyH79
    AnDyH79 Před 9 dny +2558

    She'll never again feel the power she felt at the height of the pandemic.

    • Lance
      Lance Před 9 dny +98

      These Covidian Karens lived to yell about masks.

    • De G
      De G Před 8 dny +3

      😂😂😂 lmao

  • Darkside Jedi
    Darkside Jedi Před dnem

    She sounds like a fun person

  • Mike Hall
    Mike Hall Před 2 dny

    I had fun getting kicked out of places that had employees that talked like this to customers.

    ART3MIS OWL Před 3 dny +3294

    Karen's like, "Excuse Me", it's their mantra

  • Ava
    Ava Před 16 hodinami +1

    My gym teacher had one of those masks that was the bottom of his face and we all loved it