Android Users react to iPhone 15 finally getting USB-C

  • čas přidán 13. 09. 2023
  • After a long awaited time and many pushes from the EU, Apple has finally decided to put USB Type C to their iPhone line-up. You might think that is very good news, but there's always a catch with Apple nowadays. The standard iPhone 15 line-up comes equipped with only USB 2.0 transfer speeds, which are nowhere near what the android phones are capable today. That's why I made this short meme showing how Android users reacted to finding out that iPhone 15 has only USB 2.0 with transfer speeds up to 480 mb per second.
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Komentáře • 0

  • NikTek
    NikTek  Před 12 dny +514

    Apple TV Subscription costs 7$ per month
    NikTek is Free, so hit that Subscribe button :)

    • Bartholomew
      Bartholomew Před 11 dny +18

      Who let them free!?!? They're gonna escape!

    • commercial
      commercial Před 10 dny +3

      free + electronic + wifi total bankrupt

    • Felipe Dantas
      Felipe Dantas Před 6 dny

      Really shes needs explain USB port?

  • RodyTheRoad
    RodyTheRoad Před 19 dny +23919

    I am constantly impressed by how Apple presents average, mainstream stuff as revolutionary.

    • Backpack PePelon
      Backpack PePelon Před 19 dny +1991

      They got lines of sheep's to impress, can't blame them 😂

    • Shyamadeep
      Shyamadeep Před 19 dny +1021

      I am constantly impressed by the sheer number of Apple's fans who actually believe its BS.

    • TW0SIDE
      TW0SIDE Před 19 dny +563

      OMG its rounded edges, that's some 2123 stuff right there

    • o lo
      o lo Před 19 dny +95

      this ^^^ all the 3 comments lol

  • Azog der Schänder
    Azog der Schänder Před 19 dny +15336

    EU: Now all phones must have replaceable batteries.
    Apple: "Introducing a new customer-friendly innovation that has never been seen before."

    • Manan Naik
      Manan Naik Před 19 dny +349

      More like environment friendly

    • Sjdo
      Sjdo Před 19 dny +60

      hahaha not for waterproof devces like phones

    • Godnyx
      Godnyx Před 19 dny +213

      Starting from 2027. Damn, I wish it started from at least 2025...

    • ToxicTurkeyy
      ToxicTurkeyy Před 19 dny +314

      ​@Sjdothat's where you're wrong buddy. It includes phones.
      Also, there are ip68 phones with removable batteries.

  • S M
    S M Před 19 dny +3252

    Huge respect for the EU! I know big corporations look for every incentive to make more profit, but Apple takes it to another level even at the detriment to their own customers.

    • Divine Comedian
      Divine Comedian Před 19 dny +29

      Then why didn't their customers switch to another brand?

    • Chirag Sahoo
      Chirag Sahoo Před 19 dny +275

      ​​@Divine Comedianmost apple users are brain-dead and have been brainwashed as to believe that iPhone>Android which is obviously not true.
      I only like Apple's MacBook(for battery life) and tbh everything else is mid(Ipads used to be good but now Android tablets are giving it a good competition)
      Edit:- Mackbook to MacBook

    • Heroninja112
      Heroninja112 Před 19 dny +143

      ​@Divine Comediandespite what most people say ill-mindedly insulting the users. The reason is because apple is systematically a walled garden. When you use an apple device, you need to create your accounts in apple, use apple services that function often entirely differently then other companies services, and you need to buy other apple devices to take advantage of all of the features. Meaning if you don't like a specific apple product, like a phone and want to switch, now you have to give up everything you know about your devices and apps and switch it all over to something else.

    • Hello Human
      Hello Human Před 19 dny +5

      @Divine Comedianit’s a buyin thing.

  • gcm747
    gcm747 Před 13 dny +983

    I love how Apple talk to their customers like children but at the same time Apple users like to see themselves as early adopters of tech.

    • timeless
      timeless Před 13 dny +14

      I feel like the technology that distract the user the least is the most advance.

    • notsorandumusername
      notsorandumusername Před 10 dny +11

      @timeless I agree, that's why I use Sony phones instead of crApple.

    • Ronald 98
      Ronald 98 Před 10 dny +6

      ​​@notsorandumusernameDon't use Sony... biggest mistake of my life especially for the past few years...go Xiaomi or Samsung.

    • notsorandumusername
      notsorandumusername Před 9 dny +2

      @Ronald 98 used Sony for decades with all kinds of tech, never had any problem with it. Xiaomi is Chinesium spyware and Samsung used to be a B-brand and is bloated with software crap you don't need but gets in the way. Sony it is.

  • KaylaisNotHere
    KaylaisNotHere Před 14 dny +1491

    The fact that this wasn't a consumer friendly move by Apple but a regulatory measure says everything you need to know. They were fully prepared to stay proprietary forever before someone finally did something about it

    • FloatingOnAZephyr
      FloatingOnAZephyr Před 13 dny +11

      This is not necessarily consumer friendly. Many iPhone users will hate this. Apple has used USB C on other devices for years, they have nothing against it.

    • master
      master Před 13 dny +99

      ​@FloatingOnAZephyrwhy would apple users hate this when all their other devices use usb-c anyways. And they didn't change their phones cus they wanted to make it harder for their users to change their phones.

    • Ameer Abdallah
      Ameer Abdallah Před 13 dny +8

      @master I use iPhone and I hate this. I prefer durability over bandwidth on a phone since it needs to be plugged in and unplugged atleast once a day. usb c is just less durable than lightning. The wafer in the middle is far more fragile than the cavity from the lightning connector. Not to mention, I already have the lightning connectors. There is literally no use for it now and I have to throw all lightning accessories away. For more e-waste from this than just keeping the lightning port.
      The worst part of this is that some random government from a different continent is dictating what my devices can and cannot have. The legislation is far too specific. It should be left up to engineers to do it and not random lawmakers who just want brownie points

  • Anuj K. Pandey
    Anuj K. Pandey Před 11 dny +407

    I'm floored by how Apple keeps coming up with these new and innovative ideas that I have either been using for years or have forgotten as relics of the past.

  • Arosis Pattnaik
    Arosis Pattnaik Před 19 dny +8912

    How shamelessly are they presenting USB C as a world class innovation 😂😂😂😂

    • Ztygs
      Ztygs Před 19 dny +533

      Well they did put an Apple logo on it, so they basically invented USB now.

    • Lewis
      Lewis Před 19 dny +79

      @Ztygs I mean, they did actually invent USB-C

    • CubeBizz
      CubeBizz Před 19 dny +225

      And their customers will blindly eat it up like they have for all these years

    • Professional Potato
      Professional Potato Před 19 dny +483

      @Lewis Lol nice joke. If they did, there would have been patents and licenses making it inaccessible at $30-50 a piece. USB-C was a joint effort. Not Apple alone.

    • Blinkyy
      Blinkyy Před 19 dny +348

      @LewisI just invented USB-D, would you like to see it?

  • M
    M Před 19 dny +3264

    Imagine paying $800 for a 60Hz screen in 2023 lmao.

    • Coffee Pjesht
      Coffee Pjesht Před 19 dny +127

      $800 is sure a lot, but as a 120hz user for the past year, I honestly don't notice any difference lol

    • Unluckym3
      Unluckym3 Před 19 dny +1592

      @Coffee Pjesht are you blind perhaps ?

    • Sage
      Sage Před 19 dny +714

      ​@Coffee Pjesht maybe you should take 60hz phone and use it for a while to see the difference?

    • Sanfury
      Sanfury Před 19 dny +20

      damn that would suck 😂

  • Ronjon Gaming
    Ronjon Gaming Před 18 dny +1855

    EU: Now all phones must have replaceable batteries.
    Apple: Now, you must buy the battery separately from the package because we care for the environment.

    • Lorenzo S.
      Lorenzo S. Před 16 dny +31

      Not only phones but all elettroncs big enough to host a usb c. Next law is on easy removable battery on eletronic device( phone, tablet notebook portable console, joystick etc etc).

    • divat 10
      divat 10 Před 16 dny +1

      @Lorenzo S. a joystick?

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy Před 16 dny +21

      ​@divat 10gaming controllers perhaps? Some modern xbox controllers still uses AAs, yes you can get rechargeable lithium AA batteries but...

    • divat 10
      divat 10 Před 16 dny +2

      @Some Guy yeah that makes sense.

    • Kere Amohau
      Kere Amohau Před 16 dny +20

      I 100% agree with this. Changing out a dying battery easily on a device should be law.

  • DownInJapan
    DownInJapan Před 13 dny +395

    Honestly at this point Europe should just put laws out to actually improve and reduce costs to all apple devices

    • Nerthos
      Nerthos Před 13 dny +11

      Just put a "dumb babby tariff" on all apple products

    • spacemane
      spacemane Před 13 dny +4

      Start working and u can easily buy an iphone , do well in school and dont be one of the idiots who think school is useless

  • Vaydore
    Vaydore Před 19 dny +2414

    The fact Apple refuses to do anything consumer freindly without being forced to should say A LOT about they're priorities
    Edit: not responding to replies anymore because this pissed off a lot of apple fanboys for some reason

    • amir.homayoonfar.music2005
      amir.homayoonfar.music2005 Před 18 dny +16


    • Gen X
      Gen X Před 18 dny +101

      Hence I've never given that 💩y company 1 penny 👌

    • Phil
      Phil Před 18 dny +21

      Their* stay in school, hater.

    • Lenoir
      Lenoir Před 18 dny +186

      ​@PhilStay mad apple fanboy

    • HueHue
      HueHue Před 18 dny +24

      bUt WhAt abOUt tHe sHaRe hOlDERs?!?! DoN't fOrgeT AbOut tHem!

  • AlphaDelta
    AlphaDelta Před 10 dny +85

    *Android user:* "Anyone got a usb-c charger?"
    *IPhone users:* "No, we're not Android peasants."
    *IPhone now:*

  • Atak Snajpera
    Atak Snajpera Před 19 dny +1894

    EU: Now all phones must have replaceable batteries.

    • Jeff Kardos Jr.
      Jeff Kardos Jr. Před 19 dny +196

      What's with people who think phones with replaceable batteries couldn't be reasonably waterproof?
      Kyocera back in the day had waterproof flip phones with removable batteries for Sprint.

    • Prateek Panwar
      Prateek Panwar Před 19 dny +51

      Apple: Ah sheet here we go again!

    • LTNetjak
      LTNetjak Před 19 dny +148

      ​@Jeff Kardos Jr. Samsung's S3 through S5 were waterproof and had replaceable batteries.

  • Westerly Wind
    Westerly Wind Před 19 dny +656

    Did Apple seriously just tell us on a presentation, that the port is used for charging 😂

    • RockyPixel
      RockyPixel Před 19 dny +162

      You've gotta remember the tech literacy of someone who needs an Apple presentation about USB C.

    • Zia Zampoloo
      Zia Zampoloo Před 19 dny +50

      Because next year it will be used for data transfer only, when they invent "the fastest wireless charging speeds the world has known" 😂

    • Vordigon Silverwood
      Vordigon Silverwood Před 19 dny +6

      ​​@RockyPixelmost do just have a wireless dock they use, I was fully expecting apple to forgo the port entirely and use bt or WiFi for data transfer and wireless charging for... charging the battery.

    • Stiegelzeine
      Stiegelzeine Před 19 dny +5

      @Zia Zampoloo charging via cable is still superior meanwhile data transfer already works flawlessly via wifi so if anything they would remove the whole port and not only charging or data transfer option on the port

    • ハプト
      ハプト Před 19 dny +23

      that is how marketing is. Marketing is like those school questions. Where you only need to write one sentence, but the questions specifies that you need 4-5 sentences, so you just fill it with nice wording and unnecessary information

  • Marry Krropka
    Marry Krropka Před 19 dny +860

    The EU's mandate for Apple to do this is undeniably one of the most commendable decisions ever! 🇪🇺👏

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari Před 19 dny +41

      I love EU, they banned all the dumb stuff each year. From single use plastics to power hungry 8k tv.

    • Jackson Fortune
      Jackson Fortune Před 19 dny +5

      No it's not. If you bought an iPhone with the lightning connector, it's your fault for not getting good features.

    • Jrz2023
      Jrz2023 Před 19 dny +38

      Apple tried to fight it in court, but ultimately failed. They were DETERMINED to keep stuff proprietary, and that clearly didn't work lol.

  • Consensus
    Consensus Před 6 dny +16

    Can't wait until they unveil the 3.5mm jack! That will be REVOLUTIONARY

  • SpaceGerrit
    SpaceGerrit Před 19 dny +431

    The fact they didn't already have this is bafflingly stupid; the fact they threw a hissy fit around it is extremely telling. And the fact they now bring it as if it's some innovation they came up with is SO extremely Apple.

    • Jrz2023
      Jrz2023 Před 19 dny +38

      2027 is the year that every big corporation is gonna throw a hissy fit about user replaceable batteries. EU is forcing them to have easily replaceable batteries using basic standard stuff (screws and hex keys are fair game)
      No, the law isn't even just limited to just phones either, it also applies to electric vehicles (bikes too) and ANY mobile device.
      When I say every corporation, I mean EVERY corporation

    • Alejandro's opinion is better
      Alejandro's opinion is better Před 19 dny +4

      ​@Jrz2023what if all corps pull out of europe?

    • Jrz2023
      Jrz2023 Před 19 dny +32

      @Alejandro's opinion is better that can't happen. A good chunk of users are from the EU.
      If they cut off half their customer base, stock prices plummet, that would be hilariously disastrous.

    • Alejandro's opinion is better
      Alejandro's opinion is better Před 19 dny +6

      @Jrz2023 it would be funny though imagine no iphone meme come true xd

    • Wojtek-33
      Wojtek-33 Před 19 dny +3

      There seems to be a few exceptions to the battery thing... So we'll have to wait and see

  • Judge Judy
    Judge Judy Před 13 dny +46

    I've been using USB-C on Android phones for about 5 years now. It's been great!

    • Waffle Lover
      Waffle Lover Před 12 dny +15

      The Samsung Galaxy S8 came out almost seven years ago. With USB-C. Apple just pretends that never happened and presents it as revolutionary.

  • Jean Gomez
    Jean Gomez Před 19 dny +2694

    USB c has become universally accepted standard
    Translation: we were threatened to comply so we can still sell our products

    • GriMm
      GriMm Před 19 dny +40


    • YeetDePilot66
      YeetDePilot66 Před 19 dny +6

      No shit

    • Seth Bessinger
      Seth Bessinger Před 19 dny +14


    • Stelrex
      Stelrex Před 19 dny +37

      As an Apple employee I can confirm that this exact line was in the first draft until Timmy boy changed it.

    • R Valent
      R Valent Před 19 dny +7

      That's something you can't tell to your customers

  • The Elephant In The Room
    The Elephant In The Room Před 14 dny +307

    I love how Apple pretends that this was a super smart no brainer decision they made on their own when we all know they were forced to do it and would go back to their own cable in a heart beat if they could 😂

    • Hiraya
      Hiraya Před 13 dny +3

      except theyre not force to use usb c 2.0 from like 20 yrs ago 😂😂👏

  • Splinter
    Splinter Před 17 dny +353

    Limiting trasnfer speed to USB 2.0 is absolutely diabolical

    • Simon
      Simon Před 16 dny +79

      They wanted a reason for people to go to Pro, so of course only the pro version has USB 3

    • baker
      baker Před 16 dny +10

      And isnt it also the fact they have a USB to their old lightning adapter so charging speeds are also limited on purpose

    • Ned Diego
      Ned Diego Před 15 dny +39

      @Simon Even the Pro doesn't have full speed of USB C 3.1 Gen 2 🤣

    • Phillip Banes
      Phillip Banes Před 15 dny

      Why mention the word fact if you dint know?

    • Phillip Banes
      Phillip Banes Před 15 dny +1

      @Ned Diego
      How do you know? Did you test the phone?

  • Geonny Pop
    Geonny Pop Před 13 dny +50

    I am actually very surprised this happened, I was betting on them going full portless and just make it wireless charging only.

    • JusMT
      JusMT Před 11 dny +2

      That would have been a terrible bet😂 Even without the knowledge of them going USB-C now I would have been aware of them never going down the wireless path option.

    • wiifanatic13
      wiifanatic13 Před 11 dny +6

      It wouldn't have surprised me either. It would've been the most 'Apple' move that Apple ever did lol

    • Platonic
      Platonic Před 11 dny +6

      God, imagine how terrible that would be. You could not use your phone while charging cause wireless doesn't mean "wireless"

    • Geonny Pop
      Geonny Pop Před 11 dny +1

      Ig they could still use it while the thing is attached to the phone?

    • ZK __
      ZK __ Před 7 dny

      they probably think about that possibility

  • Jesse
    Jesse Před 13 dny +227

    I’m still surprised they complied. I’d thought they’d take the audacious approach and go completely wireless

    • Nicholas Tong
      Nicholas Tong Před 13 dny +18

      Too many cons. They aren't THAT stupid

    • Artem Luzik
      Artem Luzik Před 13 dny +58

      @Nicholas Tong there's no cons for them. Apple users will by anything, even a phone without wire charging. They managed to remove 3.5 from all modern phones, removed USB ports from most modern laptops... I'm sure they can make wireless-only phone

    • Xeno
      Xeno Před 13 dny +24

      ​@Artem Luzikthey will soon remove the phone itself

    • TL
      TL Před 12 dny +33

      ​@XenoIt'll be like nfts where you only pay for the ticket that says you "own" an iphone lmao

    • Logical Fallacy Detector
      Logical Fallacy Detector Před 12 dny +2


  • Brent
    Brent Před 9 dny +2

    I always liked the lightning port and think that's the way a port should be. One piece of metal going into the port.

  • Paryoma
    Paryoma Před 19 dny +2145

    480 Mb/s. Truly A Flagship Feature.

    • Leon S. Kennedy
      Leon S. Kennedy Před 19 dny +194

      You see, because the F in Flagship is a consonant that means it's preceded by an 'A'.

    • NikTek
      NikTek  Před 19 dny +1083

      60Hz in 2023. Truly An Flagship Feature.

    • Muhlis Ertuğrul
      Muhlis Ertuğrul Před 19 dny +46


    • Jørgen
      Jørgen Před 19 dny +172

      $600 for more storage. Truly an flagship.

  • MrCan98
    MrCan98 Před 15 dny +305

    I sometimes wonder how much Apple costed the world by causing compatibility problems and all that

      3.4M views Před 14 dny +30

      Lots of hassle, headache and money.

    • Adam B
      Adam B Před 14 dny +29

      There's a reason no serious business uses Apple products. Even Apple's offices are rammed with Windows PC's.

      HAWXLEADER Před 14 dny +1

      And headache for not letting google implement nearby share on iPhone.

    • Ketty
      Ketty Před 14 dny


  • Apollo Justice
    Apollo Justice Před 19 dny +114

    This is funnier than when Apple tried to market their switch to OLED screen as revolutionary when Android were far and away into that part.

    • Albert SY
      Albert SY Před 19 dny +5

      Yes it is. iPhone was the 1st smartphone with an OLED screen.
      Samsung Smartphones used AMOLED < QLED < OLED (all are made by Samsung).
      But i agree, USB-C (at 480Mbps) on iPhone 15 is a lame.

    • Wololo Wololo 2
      Wololo Wololo 2 Před 19 dny +9

      Don’t forget: SUPER RETINA XDR OLED, so SRXO

    • Sean
      Sean Před 19 dny +50

      @Albert SY You're the type of guy this company panders to. Who gives af what type of OLED screen it was. The point is that they were acting like OLED screen is a crazy innovation never seen before, when their competitors already had a product on the market featuring it. They were all OLED just made by different companies.

  • Psycho Sally
    Psycho Sally Před 9 dny +3

    I like how they present stuff as new and cutting edge tech....only many things have been used by android users for several generations already. The facial recognition tech was the first time I noticed apple acting like they created something new an exciting. Meanwhile my lg phone at the time was utilizing facial recognition. Three or four generations of lg androids prior to that had been using the same tech feature. I know because I'd been using the facial recognition to unlock my phone.

  • Marqan
    Marqan Před 19 dny +93

    I'd like to officially congratulate the whole Apple team for finally arriving in the 21st century! We weren't sure you'd make it, but goddamn you finally did!

    • Color Safe Bleach
      Color Safe Bleach Před 19 dny +3

      Stop telling us how to enjoy our devices. Now thanks to this crap, all the custom lightning cables and chargers, I got to throw them all out and buy new stuff. So stupid. An forcing the damn OLED screens on us too. I can't buy the bigger one because it only comes in OLED. The damn flicker on Samsung screens hurts my eyes. So I have to get the standard iPhone because your “innovative”screens has to be put on the bigger ones. If I wanted a Samsung, I'd buy a Samsung.😒

    • Connor Smith
      Connor Smith Před 19 dny +15

      ​@Color Safe BleachOLED flickering? Are you high?

    • blue ig
      blue ig Před 19 dny +2

      “I congratulate android users for not stopping their streak of not shitting on apple users and then complain when apple users shit on them”

  • rumo
    rumo Před 13 dny +3

    I switched from Android to iphone about a year and a half ago and I greatly regret it. I did it because I noticed iphone users having faster, more powerful OS than me.
    That margin between android and iphone OS speed has really narrowed, though. I miss the freedom of android. Lifetime Apple users dont realize how restricted and limited their experience is. Google behaves poorly on Apple (on purpose- to try to get you to use Safari, itunes, etc), battery life is a joke, and I absolutely hate how the settings are displayed.
    I'm in too deep, now but damn do I miss my Samsung.

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of Mankind Před 19 dny +678

    "USB C has become universally accepted standard"
    Yeah, almost a decade ago, welcome to the present Apple

    • Frank
      Frank Před 19 dny +10

      Apple was one of the first companies who released device with USB C port, almost a decade ago. Learn your history, kiddo.

    • Clayton Kruse
      Clayton Kruse Před 18 dny +177

      ​@Frank That doesn't change the fact that the iPhone is just now getting USB-C. It doesn't matter that they made a device a century ago that had it. Stop the soy.

    • Kibo
      Kibo Před 18 dny

      beloved by all

    • mikhail1809
      mikhail1809 Před 18 dny +2

      Nono the thing is because Apple was in the team to make usb-c when usb-c born, means to them that they are the innovators

  • Musical History
    Musical History Před 15 dny +310

    Kind of the most embarrassing move in the tech industry where they let their smart phone (90% of Apples sales) feel lackluster by not updating it to the standard of all other smartphones+Macs(desktop brand)+their tablets, and that’s after the EU made it a law.

    • Erik Mamleev
      Erik Mamleev Před 14 dny +2

      ​ *Friends, I took off the 23 one-arm pull-ups* *Support the people*

    • Doug Masters
      Doug Masters Před 14 dny +6

      Then again it was apple deviating from the standard that brought the superior connection.
      So should everyone had been forced to adopt lightning when it was the best one?

    • Mario Doblado
      Mario Doblado Před 14 dny +17

      ​@Doug MastersDifference is USB doesn't charge anyone for using their technology, whereas Apple makes sure they charge 3rd parties for any use of their pattents, hence the transition's been made towards USB-C and not lightning

    • Doug Masters
      Doug Masters Před 14 dny +6

      @mariodoblado668 soooooo, because of privatization, nobody should ever have been forced to use the superior lightning, but for convenience of all everyone should be forced to use the superior usbc.
      That is quit the short sighted take there, not to mention twisty logic
      Legislation shouldnt be used to enforce people's pet peeves.

    • Mario Doblado
      Mario Doblado Před 14 dny +18

      @Doug Masters Ehh, yes? Like, aren't laws supposedly made for the greater good of the majority of people?
      If your point is the lack of freedom for choosing what kind of tech you use for designing a device, you also have your freedom to not comply, and don't sell the phones in EU, as simple as that. Specially when the alternative is a cheaper, more affordable universal solution that brings the same (if not more) characteristics than the previous port. Only reason Apple didn't do it earlier is the fuck ton of revenue they were getting by third party manufacturers that made accesories for their products, nothing else.

  • Morningstella
    Morningstella Před 18 dny +51

    Exactly my reaction during the livestream😂 the way they proudly showed some old android functions and other trivial improvements, meaningless details like something groundbreaking is truly hilarious

  • Enter Name
    Enter Name Před 9 dny +4

    It's revolutionary... I cannot believe such a technology like USB C exists 😮

  • Shakil Shahadat
    Shakil Shahadat Před 19 dny +25

    I'm surprised they didn't call USB Type C a revolutionary feature 😂

    • FukGoogle AndGayusa
      FukGoogle AndGayusa Před 17 dny


    • Bo4 Elite
      Bo4 Elite Před 16 dny

      Finally someone who have a brain and doesn’t claim they did when they literally didn’t! W!

  • Car Parts
    Car Parts Před 11 dny +3

    Steve Jobs would be super-proud to see his company soaring higher than Icarus with big brained ideas like this.

  • KiyoshiAkagi
    KiyoshiAkagi Před 19 dny +6061

    USB-C should honestly be used worldwide

    • Kacper Tokarz
      Kacper Tokarz Před 19 dny +984

      It has been for years, only apple doesn't use it

    • Disco Jellyfish
      Disco Jellyfish Před 19 dny +328

      Always has been

    • filonin2
      filonin2 Před 19 dny +71

      Did you not watch this video? It is now.

    • Aashish
      Aashish Před 19 dny +38

      It already is

    • DreN
      DreN Před 19 dny +28

      it is more popular every year, by the 2025 all modern phones are going to be usb-c

  • Gas Ego
    Gas Ego Před 14 dny +9

    Had a conversation about this with my friend when 15 was announced. Somehow we ended up on the question as to why apple markets non innovative products like these like they actually are. We have made a parallel with the NBA players calling themselves "world champs" and the US fans consider them as such, while the world calls them ignorant. But what we fail to notice is that the world is invested in the american culture more than that american people are involved in the cultures to the east of them, thus they would be isolated from much information about other competitions and would easily disregard them. In the same way we believe that there is a large audience in the apple ecosystem that are just not well informed about specifics of the tech other than the one they use. If a thesis can be made about this it would really prove the power analytics and marketing that the US companies can produce.

  • AyoubTheGreat
    AyoubTheGreat Před 19 dny +9

    Apple's decision to switch to USB-C but stick with USB 2.0 speeds is like buying a sports car and then only driving it in the slow lane. 🚗💨😄

  • Mohammad Asif
    Mohammad Asif Před 8 dny

    I love the fact how they call it Innovation for the things which are already innovated.

  • Vordigon Silverwood
    Vordigon Silverwood Před 19 dny +11

    With how popular wireless docks are, and I imagine most apple users have one at this point, I was fully expecting apple to forgo the port entirely and use Bluetooth or WiFi for data transfer and wireless charging for... charging the battery.

  • Jay R
    Jay R Před 12 dny +4

    Enjoy it Apple users, finally catching up to the rest of the world. Im so happy for all of you!

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Před 19 dny +1091

    This will be remembered as the day that Apple made a groundbreaking choice.
    Absolutely mind blowing.
    Scientists said it couldn't be done and Apple did it anyways.
    This is truly a moment of all time.

    • Arosis Pattnaik
      Arosis Pattnaik Před 19 dny +25

      😆😆 Yeah truly a moment of all time 😆😆

    • YeetDePilot66
      YeetDePilot66 Před 19 dny +19

      Truly a Steve Jobs moment

    • A YouTube Account
      A YouTube Account Před 19 dny +8

      Groundbreaking choice aka forced to

    • _Shad
      _Shad Před 19 dny +5

      I think the EU made the choice🤣

    • Darya
      Darya Před 19 dny +3

      Haha, ya fan or scientists cant force apple to use usb c, but the government does 😂

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez Před 15 dny +98

    People are amazed by apple acting innovative, but they're not fully to blame. You can't ignore the customers that record in portrait mode at an angle. They fall for all of it.

    • Dragon king
      Dragon king Před 14 dny +2

      fuck being amazed im laughing so hard my stomach feels like its about to burst😂😂😂

  • Acero
    Acero Před 19 dny +53

    I wanted to see which aproach they would choose: saying that it was a thing the government forced them to do or that it is an innovation they made for the users. Now I can clearly see what they choosed.

    • Stiegelzeine
      Stiegelzeine Před 19 dny +3

      technically they didnt get forced because they still have a good year to go until the law forces them so they couldve made the iphone 16 to be the first usb c iphone

    • L v
      L v Před 19 dny +12

      Lol, did you really think they would admit they got their pp smacked by a foreign gov't?

    • Carrillo Tony
      Carrillo Tony Před 19 dny +3

      ​@Stiegelzeine "technically they didn't get forced" 🤓
      Why didn't they swap to type C 5 years ago? Why now? Because they want to? My ass... EU Smacked them across the face and they bowed.

  • *Steel Beam*
    *Steel Beam* Před 10 dny +5

    They blew me away. I thought they would outright delete the charging port in favor of exclusively wireless charging...

    • Akhil Padarthi
      Akhil Padarthi Před 10 dny

      In future,but others also use that feature

    • Vitor Mascarenhas
      Vitor Mascarenhas Před 6 dny

      Tbh wireless charging has serious physics limitations. So it makes me doubt if we ever are going to have 100W+ wireless charging, because that would imply (way) heavier phones to accommodate the copper to receive the electromagnetic waves. I have a 150W charger, nowadays I don't even think to charge my phone in a 15W wireless charger, it seems like a thing of the 'past'

  • Earthnormal702
    Earthnormal702 Před 19 dny +12

    So glad I wasn't the only one that knew about this as it was rumored that the data speeds would be usb 2.0 speeds - from 23 years ago on a phone that not only costs $799 but something that other affordable android phones have and probably have 3.0 speeds.

  • Uhh Uh
    Uhh Uh Před 4 dny

    honestly amazing now they need to add it to their other products

  • Sebastian Primomija
    Sebastian Primomija Před 19 dny +2046

    EU deserves another gold star on their flag for this one.

    • Kelvin
      Kelvin Před 19 dny +64

      Such underrated comment lmao

    • Iori Kira
      Iori Kira Před 19 dny +12

      bruh 😂😂

    • Stiegelzeine
      Stiegelzeine Před 19 dny +32

      maybe once another counntry joins hopefully ukraine will soon be part of us because they do need finanical support after they kick the russians asses

    • Dale Francis
      Dale Francis Před 19 dny +3


    • Godnyx
      Godnyx Před 19 dny +15

      They make regulations like that for years and another one was voted that starting from 2027, phones must have removable batteries.

  • ReviewPlay
    ReviewPlay Před 14 dny +8

    In Samsung since the S20 we have USB-C 3.2, perhaps the maximum speed cable must be purchased separately. But at least we already had the option... It's crazy!!

  • Joseph Nolan
    Joseph Nolan Před 15 dny +60

    I can't believe it took the EU to mandate something that should have been mandated by US regulatory bodies.

    • mediocre man
      mediocre man Před 13 dny +7

      Not that the European Union is perfect -(albeit on a good way, I mean, we did get rid of Britain),- but the U.S. is completely messed up when it comes to the level of power companies have. You see it in the food-industry (U.S. food is one of the reasons I would never travel there!), the “health care” industry, the prison-industry,… and so on. In good old Europe, governments rule. Which are elected by the populous. A far from perfect system, but still much better than what the U.S. have with their lobbying and all.

    • Joseph Nolan
      Joseph Nolan Před 13 dny

      @mediocre man Europe has fair share of issues as well and benefits from US industries that you mentioned. US people just handle much of the cost for western world.

    • Dosso
      Dosso Před 13 dny

      @Joseph Nolan based on which statistic?

    • Joseph Nolan
      Joseph Nolan Před 13 dny +2

      @Dosso defense spending. If Europe had to actually defend itself, Europe would likely have to spend more than the less 2 percent it currently does. That savings goes to a lot of social programs in Europe. So one could argue the US actually subsidizes the democratic socialism in Europe. If we are talking medical patents,drug research and development, that has predominantly come from us based research and development. I am sure we could pull up some stats. Would you like to know more?

  • Ashes of Hopes in a Bonfire of Dreams

    Other brands were using type c USB back in 2016 if I remember correctly.........
    Apple brings revolutionary tech after almost a decade😂

  • Bruno
    Bruno Před 14 dny +5

    I switched from Android to I phone only to realize that I had everything I needed in Android. I miss Android man❤

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill Před 11 dny

    Well done, pretty on point!
    That's why I'm an Android user.
    I wonder if the iPhone 16 will introduce expandable memory, on some sort of very reasonably priced, micro storage card, rather than strictly onboard hardware at ridiculous price bumps? 😉

    • Keanu P
      Keanu P Před 3 dny

      I miss the part where that's my problem

  • NikTek
    NikTek  Před 19 dny +8096

    Apple: We're moving to USB type C so you can use it for charging and transferring data

    • Egg Of Glory999
      Egg Of Glory999 Před 19 dny +27

      true tho

    • 15Stratos
      15Stratos Před 19 dny +134

      ​​@Egg Of Glory999 no it's not it's a barebones USB connection on the non pro iPhone 15 and 15 plus.Nothing innovative with that

    • Blaze
      Blaze Před 19 dny +35

      They Didn't Say USB-C was Innovative Though

    • Archisman Mondal
      Archisman Mondal Před 19 dny +42

      ​@Blaze Android fan boys assume they did and talk shit

    • Timmy's World
      Timmy's World Před 19 dny +22

      ​@Blazeeu made it

  • Spumoon
    Spumoon Před 19 dny +54

    They've done it again. Leading the world in innovation.

    • aaa aaa
      aaa aaa Před 18 dny +7

      I swear apple fanboys who already own 14 pro max are gonna pack their stuff and camp near apple stores and live their life there so they can be the first ones who buy the very innovative iphone 15 😂

    • Meguinha
      Meguinha Před 14 dny

      ​@aaa aaayou are right lmao

  • rcd mandal
    rcd mandal Před 19 dny +11

    I really like how they don't even feel embarrassed to present an average, common stuff as innovative, as if they have really flipped the earth upside down

  • Ziggy Z.
    Ziggy Z. Před 7 dny +2

    Nailed it. Revolutionary. Wait till they finally come out with split screen multitasking in 10 years. It's going to be revolutionary as well. Sheep. Baah.😅

  • TenSeiKenZX -
    TenSeiKenZX - Před 19 dny +5

    Seems like the game plan for Apple is to slowly improve its charging performance over time to make it look like they're doing improvements and hence giving them a reason to release another iPhone in the future.

    • Clash Con
      Clash Con Před 17 dny

      Apple Gaming

    • Brian Feuerman
      Brian Feuerman Před 16 dny

      This didn’t improve their charging performance at all, though.

  • Fujtajblus
    Fujtajblus Před 11 dny +3

    They forgot to say "revolutionary", "groundbreaking", "innovative", "user experience"

  • Impreziv 02
    Impreziv 02 Před 19 dny +179

    "USB C has become accepted as the universal standard"??
    "Always has been." 🔫
    Apple marketing trying to make it sound like they were waiting for others to catch up. 😅

    • Victor Mihai
      Victor Mihai Před 19 dny +5

      Well they were waiting for everyone to catch up since March 2015... just not on the iphone 🤣. Then again I'll be waiting for all the cries with bricked phones over shitty off spec usb-c cables.

    • Stiegelzeine
      Stiegelzeine Před 19 dny +2

      where? i havent seen romans or ancient greeks use usb c

    • Somebody
      Somebody Před 19 dny +4

      ​@Stiegelzeineyour comment is absurd.

    • ハプト
      ハプト Před 19 dny +3

      @Somebody just as absurd as the original comment

  • Frankooze
    Frankooze Před 19 dny +5

    I feel more comfortable now with my Samsung S10 knowing that my IPhone colleagues are innovating themselves into the USB-C that's been implemented for a while. Truly we're evolving.

    • NotAGajinEmploye
      NotAGajinEmploye Před 15 dny +1

      Lol I feel better with my s4 there still holding up to today.

    • Doggo BrodyBoy
      Doggo BrodyBoy Před 13 dny

      So true. I have been using my S10+ since the year it was released and literally the only problem was a dirty charging port. Got that covered and charging a LOT faster than apples "new innovative product", the USB-C

  • Evan
    Evan Před 19 dny +8

    There were so many parodies of what apple would say when they eventually had to switch to USB-C and every single one of them was spot on.

  • Yozarou
    Yozarou Před 5 dny

    lol I laughed my ass off when they made that announcement, because Apple will never admit defeat they’d rather you think it was their idea. 😂

  • Kilovolt
    Kilovolt Před 14 dny +14

    Not an Apple fan by even a bit, but I see this transition as a good thing. Unification is always a better way to engineer things, and type-C is a fairly abundant cable, so now it doesn’t matter what kind of phone do you have, most likely someone will have a charger for you.

    • Sam N
      Sam N Před 14 dny +6

      The transition is definitely a good thing. The ridicule is more just "welcome to 2016" 😂

    • S
      S Před 14 dny +4

      @Sam N welcome to 2016 with some 2000 sprinkled in, since the iPhone uses a USB 2.0 connection (note: not port) lmao

    • codediporpal
      codediporpal Před 13 dny +4

      Of course it's a good thing. But it's very telling that Apple had to be FORCED into doing the obvious good thing.

  • Dino Hensen
    Dino Hensen Před dnem

    The USB-C port being USB 2 makes 100% sense though... think about it... this way, next year when they "upgrade" it to USB 3 they have at least something to show for as being a new feature of iPhone 16, what else new are they going to bring to the table next year? 17 = usb 3, 18 = usb 3.1, 19 = usb 3.2, you get the point

  • Eli
    Eli Před 19 dny +394

    Apple in 2024: we are introducing the first folding iPhone
    Android users: iPhone 6 was the first folding iPhone

    • Abhishek Kaushik
      Abhishek Kaushik Před 19 dny +55

      2024 is too soon for Apple 😂 they take 5 to 10 years.

    • Picha Nao
      Picha Nao Před 19 dny +2

      Maybe Iphone15.1 or some shit

    • Kelvin
      Kelvin Před 19 dny

      True true

  • Christian’s Drone moments

    They have usb 3 speeds on the pro variants, they needed something to push people towards those phones, what they really needed calling out on is the capped charging speeds

  • TheHappyKamper
    TheHappyKamper Před 19 dny +2

    The fact you managed to include one of their management bitching about being forced to do this is great. I love that they only managed USB C 2.0, because now they can't go on about the ability to do high speed charging.

  • 𝘈𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘣 𝘋𝘦𝘣𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘮a

    "it enables charging"....this line crack me out🤣🤣

  • Mazanec
    Mazanec Před 14 dny +4

    I like how apple had one job of implementing usb c to their one device. And they managed to frick it up somehow

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Před 12 dny +1

    Thanks for including that clip of Greg Joswiak describing how they thought "it wasn't the best choice environmentally" and other bs to justify their lack of willingness to switch to USB-C and so hurting the customers' interests, other than the environment's. Govts' make mistakes all the time but this one regulation by the EU Commission was unarguably a heck of a good one that "forced" the remaining companies, especially Apple, to finally adopt the standard and make it mainstream once and for all. Took them long enough to get rid of the 11-year old lightning. The fact the standard 15 are still locked at USB 2.0 speeds is just ridiculous.

  • Spunch Bop
    Spunch Bop Před 13 dny +300

    Holy shit, the charging port can charge the phone 😲

    • Bob Bobson
      Bob Bobson Před 13 dny +23

      It can do what? 🤯

    • Nestelev
      Nestelev Před 13 dny +25

      Its so innovative…

    • Black turbine
      Black turbine Před 12 dny +6

      With apple that's honestly pleasant suprise, you never know

    • Yousef
      Yousef Před 11 dny +9

      Damn, next you’ll tell me batteries power up the phone or something

  • CubeBizz
    CubeBizz Před 19 dny +44

    As a non-consoomer I wish EU mandated phone software patching for more than just 3 years.

    • San Antonio
      San Antonio Před 19 dny +20

      That's not an Apple issue though. More like the dogshit chinese Xiaomis and whatnot

    • Soumyajit Kolay
      Soumyajit Kolay Před 19 dny +2

      ​@San Antonioyup, EU should be stringent about other brands aswell. Not to start a war about bloatwares, adwares and stuff.

    • CubeBizz
      CubeBizz Před 19 dny +5

      @San Antonio I know it's not an Apple issue and Apple is actually offering 5 years of support afaik unlike other brands' 3 years.

    • Somebody
      Somebody Před 19 dny +4

      Another issue with that is shitty updates. They give bad updates which leads to unusable phones. Afaik, Apple doesn't do this but many budget companies are doing this.

  • Seth Bessinger
    Seth Bessinger Před 19 dny +17

    I laughed my head off at the doctor’s office watching the event. I currently have an iPhone, but I do want an Android or even a Linux or feature phone after this contract expires.

    • Getallen
      Getallen Před 19 dny +2

      if you want linux i hope you get a laptop for that, i reccomend an old thinkpad because theyre faster than any new laptop around the 100-500 euro price range.

    • noimmune
      noimmune Před 19 dny

      Pocophone/Moto g series is what you're looking for

    • Jimmy Mikado
      Jimmy Mikado Před 14 dny

      a best android for a cheap price that offers you the max capabilities is definately the brand one plus, cheap, extremely fast and smooth, good quality and the cameras are on par or even better than apple's because theyre to the point and not too gimmicky

    • Reginald Carbell
      Reginald Carbell Před 8 dny

      Dude there is a whole bunch of android device wayyy better than any iphone produce trust me I was an apple user till I switched to android and realize that I was missing a lot though only one thing I miss about iphone the clout and the show off

  • Larry The lobster
    Larry The lobster Před 9 dny +2

    Please remember, apple was a huge supporter in the development of usb-c. Apple is one of the first companies to mass release usb-c in their Macbooks in 2015-16. The only reason why they never implemented that into their iPhones, was because they were making a killing selling everyone cables and adapters. That's the only reason. Just keep that in mind iPhone users.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Před 15 dny +3

    I am just amazed
    How they represent simple things like it's something unique

  • Jonas
    Jonas Před 9 dny

    I usually don't watch Keynotes but I tuned in just to see how they would go about 'introducing' USB-C to iPhone

  • Mcnuggets
    Mcnuggets Před 15 dny +150

    Congrats apple users. You are finally in the "can I borrow you charger" club.

    • Victor L'incurvé
      Victor L'incurvé Před 14 dny +7

      usb 2.0 lmao

    • marc julmis
      marc julmis Před 13 dny +2

      Yeah right. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Chris Stokes
      Chris Stokes Před 13 dny +15

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No because your iPhone charger isn't "iphone certified" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • KronosGaming
      KronosGaming Před 13 dny +1

      @Victor L'incurvé :) not on the pro line. Get your facts straight.

    • Sachin Bhutani
      Sachin Bhutani Před 13 dny +1

      Still will not allow not certified chargers to charge the phone or the charging will too slow to be considered

  • TR
    TR Před 15 dny +3

    There’s a reason Apple doesn’t allow comments or live chat on their reveal streams cause they’d get ripped up by the viewers clowning them.

  • The Horrendous Space Kablooie

    Their keynote for the iPhone is the same every year (except for some small change, or USB this year), so just change the model number & they'll save a ton.

  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn Před 8 dny +2

    It´s funny how Apple is able to handle their customers like kids, but let them pay the highest prices ,too.

  • CallsignRedacted
    CallsignRedacted Před 19 dny +6

    Niktek never disappoints

  • yahlov
    yahlov Před 12 dny

    Wow! I didn't even know that USB-C 2.0 was possible.
    I firmly believed USB-C started with 3.0

  • jrea424
    jrea424 Před 18 dny +171

    Buying a brand new iPhone is the equivalent of buying a 5 yr old android at this point.

    • marcel151
      marcel151 Před 16 dny +16

      And? Better Hardware doesn't cancel out shitty Software.

    • Hiro Otto
      Hiro Otto Před 16 dny +9

      The thing is that appleproduct last a big longer than android, yes its an overprice outdated product but i've been using androit for more than 10 years and never had a android last longuer than 3 MAXIMUM 4years in a shitty condition, while i was seing my frends with iphones 6/7/8 being older than 5/6 years. some people are still using iphones 8.
      + android is a shitty os i can't lie about this, it's AMAZING for devs and tinkers otherwise it's bad

    • Aman
      Aman Před 16 dny +40

      @marcel151 just experience any android flagship for a week and you'll know who got a better software . I'm not saying apple got bad software but the limitations placed on it are huge and it's like using nokia 3310 with a super flagship smartphone capabilities while android lets u do whatever u want apart from the mainstream stuff. Have a good day sir.

  • B
    B Před 14 dny +1

    I admit it was funny. Apple could have take the high way and provide Thunderbolt enabled USB-C to all the 15, like on iPad Pro, ... but no they'd rather offer NikTek the opportunity to make this video, and for that we couldn't thank them enough :P

  • PearKun
    PearKun Před 17 dny +3

    "It enables charging"
    Man, thank god I don't have to use a key tied to a kite and wait for a storm to charge my iPhone anymore😌

  • intruder313
    intruder313 Před 13 dny

    I love how they tried to make catching up with current tech as if it was some kind of innovation on their behalf. And of course they then fecked it on the non-'Pro'.

  • Cristian Girlea
    Cristian Girlea Před 14 dny +2

    I think they left it out on purpose to buy the pro for some extra 200€ with increased space, better camera, better performance, better more resilient phone case. So for 200$ more you can skip the 15 and jump to 15pro, also that speed is like ancient more like 2000, and the one on pro is like 10years old but at least comes to 1GB
    Im android user, I was considering buying the new phone for my wife, she has 13now and ita a great upgrade ro type c, and because I want it with more space pro 256 is best buy, im bot buying storage hardware with 100x increase in price 200e more dor 512 and another 200e dor 1gb, the fucking memory is so cheap now I wonder if they keep it like this intentionally to use the freaking cloud, but thats not environment friendly at all😂

  • Morgana
    Morgana Před 13 dny +1

    Really applaud EU finally force their hands so my remaining apple user friends can ask us android users for powerbank without worrying we don't have their cable.. if we ever bring one out 😅😂

  • Mohamed Abd-Elaziz
    Mohamed Abd-Elaziz Před 19 dny +581

    Pretty sure they're saving the higher speeds for next year just for one more reason to buy them

    • Wise Cat
      Wise Cat Před 19 dny +129

      Yup, it’s very obvious.
      Next year, they will introduce thunderbolt speed and voila, another world class innovation

    • MysticMarble
      MysticMarble Před 19 dny +20

      The new pro model offers the faster usb speed.

    • MechanicalMonk
      MechanicalMonk Před 19 dny +42

      ​@MysticMarblethere are, and I want you to stay with me here, even higher speeds available on Android phones

    • kharak singh
      kharak singh Před 19 dny

      Nailed it

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    Simple. They actively don't want wired transfer speed to be fast, because they want you to think you need to pay them monthly for iCloud to store your pictures.

  • DrKoneko
    DrKoneko Před 15 dny +1

    As an android user, I’m excited for y’all. I’m also excited to be able to say “Yes” when my friends ask if I have a charger.

    • Dominus Publius
      Dominus Publius Před 14 dny

      Sadly, many Android companies have followed suit with Apple and ditched the charger, except maybe OnePlus

    • Andrew Reeves
      Andrew Reeves Před 14 dny

      ​@believer431 Actually the EU mandate for USB-C wants the cable and charger to not be included. (Well technically you have to offer a version without it. You can still offer a version with.) Because it's all the same so it's easy to get what you need if for some reason you don't already have it.

  • jSyndeo Music
    jSyndeo Music Před 12 dny

    The marketing is goofy as heck… but on the technical side, the Pro model actually does have USB 3 @ 10 Gbit, with a new part of the SoC enabling those speeds. The non-Pro one has essentially the same SoC as last year’s Pro, which of course also didn’t have USB 3.
    THAT BEING SAID… if they wanted to, they could’ve probably worked around it.
    But I still think that what we got is better than the alternative, where the non-Pro iPhones would still be stuck on Lightning since the chip doesn’t support high-speed.

  • 슈팅메이드
    슈팅메이드 Před 19 dny

    World-class innovation that shouldn’t have been done when they hadn’t used Lightning in the first place.

  • yutub
    yutub Před 11 dny +2

    Apple once again taking decade old android tech and marketing it as a revolutionary step in development

  • BlackEagle352
    BlackEagle352 Před 19 dny +561

    This shows how manipulative their marketing is. EU forcing their hand and they make it out as their brilliant idea and innovative from them.

    • X97k
      X97k Před 19 dny +6

      so u want them to go on stage and tell the world they was force EU would receive lots of backlash and apple didn't want that

    • mymowo
      mymowo Před 19 dny +66

      ​@X97k😂 friends with a corporation?

    • More Cowbell
      More Cowbell Před 19 dny +20

      Eh hello? Marketing = Manipulation.

      BEES AND TOAST Před 19 dny +44

      ​@X97kThere is literally no backlash from this from anyone and everyone thinks the EU did the right thing except Apple. Even apple fan boys wanted this, lightning connectors were hilariously old and obsolete tech.

  • 死神
    死神 Před 19 dny

    This is great, I hated the old charging port, always had to wiggle the charging cord a bit until my phone would charge. I’m glad this nightmare is finally over 😅

    • 死神
      死神 Před 18 dny +1

      @SilverDollar the new one is better still

    • SupremeCody
      SupremeCody Před 17 dny +1

      ​@SilvertheDollar lighting cable itself is incredibly fragile tho.

    • SupremeCody
      SupremeCody Před 17 dny +1

      @SilvertheDollar The part of the cable nearest to the male part of the connector wears easily over time. It doesn't have the multiple indentations along the base that samsungs cables have that allow the cable to be bent in multiple positions whilst slowing down degradation of the outerlayer of the cable itself.

  • Lagmator22
    Lagmator22 Před 19 dny +1

    The fact that apple now started selling a lightening to usb c adapter takes it to a whole new level.....