This isn’t going to end well

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  • The full video is on my YT channel: • He finally got caught
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  • Ray William Johnson
    Ray William Johnson  Před 13 dny +10457

    This an abbreviated version of this story for CZcams Shorts. The full video is on my YT channel:

    • Keemboy05
      Keemboy05 Před 13 dny +298

      ​@Jhase Hayesthe time runs out.

    • Jonathan C
      Jonathan C Před 13 dny +25


    • Lord Taron
      Lord Taron Před 13 dny +61

      The convicts are gonna teach him what they do to chomos

  • goldenboykail
    goldenboykail Před 13 dny +48184

    That man finna be learning a different type of language in them prison walls 💀

    • Eqvixity
      Eqvixity Před 13 dny +179


    • Dylan Bly
      Dylan Bly Před 13 dny +161

      I don’t actually think it’s illegal in Thailand

    • goldenboykail
      goldenboykail Před 13 dny +342

      @Dylan Bly well it's still sick regardless

    • b19gow
      b19gow Před 13 dny +61

      ​@I couldn’t care less dumba**you might wanna explain yourself

  • Zachary Windover
    Zachary Windover Před 8 dny +5149

    On todays episode of how fucked up is fucked up: that’s fucked up.

    • M
      M Před 5 dny +9

      ​@Danny R Okay? Those are still disgusting consent violations.

    • Lena Mae
      Lena Mae Před 5 dny +4

      Hahahaha 😂

    • BreadLover!!!
      BreadLover!!! Před 5 dny +4

      That’s fucked up.

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes Před 7 dny +855

    Goes to show you that they all don't look like monsters

    • AidsChan
      AidsChan Před 6 dny +37

      he looks creepy asf though

    • NeutralLineage
      NeutralLineage Před 6 dny +47

      @AidsChanyou’re saying that in retrospect. He looks like the ordinary male teacher to me.

    • Holo Scope
      Holo Scope Před 5 dny +6

      @NeutralLineageexactly 💀

    • Shade Nox
      Shade Nox Před 4 dny +2

      That's because they have a vested interest in appearing as average and everyday as possible so you don't look too closely.
      The idea that its the weirdos is mostly a Hollywood invention.

    • Sheba Gemini
      Sheba Gemini Před 4 dny +1

      Captain America 🇺🇸

  • If You Know, You Know.
    If You Know, You Know. Před 13 dny +18015

    Seems like being a teacher is a great way to hide as a predator.

    • $ Crazy Pablo $
      $ Crazy Pablo $ Před 13 dny +50


    • Crispy247
      Crispy247 Před 13 dny +292


    • Bazaar
      Bazaar Před 13 dny +401

      Had a teacher in high school that was friendly with a particular girl, the girl could sit in his chair at his desk (during class). She sat there all year, Kinda weird eh?

    • retunsus
      retunsus Před 13 dny +120

      i found it always so strange that teachers of all people would be predators when logically your going to be the first suspect he was smart enough to go for a girl in another school tho, wouldve gotten away with it too

  • Quadro Alas
    Quadro Alas Před 6 dny +365

    Just wait until he made a apology vid and pulls out a ukelele 💀. (Edit ty for 251 likes)

    • dexter
      dexter Před 4 dny +6

      he been mailing his underwear to the kids? 🙊

    • Quadro Alas
      Quadro Alas Před 4 dny +3

      @dexter lol

    • Q
      Q Před 3 dny +2

      With his hair and beard untrimmed and wearing a hoodie

    • Quadro Alas
      Quadro Alas Před 3 dny +1

      @Q fr💀 imagine

    • joaquim
      joaquim Před 15 hodinami

      not a groomer

  • Greg L
    Greg L Před 7 dny +306

    And if he had just became a politician or worked in Hollywood then he'd be fine.

    • Santos1313
      Santos1313 Před 6 dny +10

      Or if he was a women

    • Ulfriclonewolf
      Ulfriclonewolf Před 6 dny +14

      Or if he lived in Canada, or Arkansas, or many other places where this is legal.

    • Santos1313
      Santos1313 Před 6 dny

      @Perfectly imperfect no they don't they either get a fragment of time that a male gets or none at all

    • Stuff & Things
      Stuff & Things Před 5 dny +8

      ​@UlfriclonewolfI've been saying this. Laws and morality don't always equate.
      14 is legal in Mexico. 23 dating 17 is a felony in most places.
      But a 67 guy dating an 18 girl is fine. What? Come on.

  • Raphael
    Raphael Před 13 dny +22245

    They should make teachers go through multiple mental health and background checks

    • EarthAngel.K.
      EarthAngel.K. Před 13 dny +142


    • Peter Davis
      Peter Davis Před 13 dny +446

      And also like one annually just to make sure you didn't lose your marbles between 3rd and 4th period

    • S. Moose
      S. Moose Před 13 dny +193

      Which people like him will pass easily.

    • Bumble
      Bumble Před 13 dny +122

      You clearly have no idea how the education field works

    • BlueHornet197
      BlueHornet197 Před 13 dny +28

      They do?

  • James Casas
    James Casas Před 8 dny +54

    Hey JD, we got another one for the woodchipper.

  • Silverhollowshadow
    Silverhollowshadow Před 4 dny +28

    I'm a teacher and seeing those teens everyday, you can't avoid seeing how vulnerable they are. A normal teacher's first instinct would be to be anxious to protect them and prepare them for their future.
    A predator like this POS should be in jail FOREVER.

  • JVK3
    JVK3 Před 13 dny +5482

    "imma facetime her" u gon face time alright

  • Evil Miyoho
    Evil Miyoho Před 5 dny +31

    "Stomach pain"
    Me: "She's pregnant"
    Ray: "Hold on..."

    • IRussian007
      IRussian007 Před 2 dny +1

      Exactly what I was thinking,you beat me to it

    • Sourav Mandal
      Sourav Mandal Před 18 hodinami


    • roseandmose
      roseandmose Před 17 hodinami +1

      So Please tell me the reason why she has that pain?

  • paradiser
    paradiser Před 6 dny +6

    The 16*29 we never needed 💀💀

  • UdaGaza diary
    UdaGaza diary Před 13 dny +3036

    "allegededly" 💀

    • Mark T
      Mark T Před 12 dny +22


    • Azzam  Ziply
      Azzam Ziply Před 12 dny +5


    • Velcranox Officials
      Velcranox Officials Před 12 dny +5

      It was consensual tho

    • Azzam  Ziply
      Azzam Ziply Před 12 dny +2

      @velcranoxofficials9970 well, we're dealing with Western relationship standard here...

  • AnaiaNarchist
    AnaiaNarchist  Před 4 dny +14

    Him being a teacher at a Christian school was enough info to know what he did.

  • Baz
    Baz Před 5 dny +27

    That teacher been hitting up the local nightlife without rubbers.

    • bob
      bob Před 2 dny +2

      They going to love him longtime in prison. Too

    • angrybird8701
      angrybird8701 Před dnem +1

      ladyboys for sure 😂😂😂

    • Xammie98
      Xammie98 Před 12 hodinami

      @angrybird8701yeah lady bois haha 😛

  • ♡C A R M E N♡
    ♡C A R M E N♡ Před 13 dny +10472

    "ShE SaId ShE wAs 12"

  • TSC
    TSC Před 4 dny +11

    Predator is a Predator regardless of profession or status

  • quiets and I
    quiets and I Před 6 dny +5

    guess he'll be learning lots of jargon and slang inside those bars

    • Liam Black
      Liam Black Před 5 dny +2

      He’s broken no Thai laws

    • Schernein
      Schernein Před 2 dny

      @Liam BlackIt is a law in Thailand and this is illegal..

  •  seqwx
    seqwx Před 12 dny +11895

    Pre ordering a girlfriend while you 29 is WILD💀

    • the7eyedscorpion
      the7eyedscorpion Před 12 dny +528

      “Pre ordering” 💀

    • JoingsterJ0k3r
      JoingsterJ0k3r Před 12 dny +466

      Not preordering…bro snuck into the company where’s its being made and started playing it in development

    • Thatmakesnosense
      Thatmakesnosense Před 12 dny +104

      ​@JoingsterJ0k3rHe tried making a sequel lol

    • TL1882
      TL1882 Před 11 dny +62

      ​@JoingsterJ0k3rleaked build

    • Art
      Art Před 11 dny +19


  • otroflores91
    otroflores91 Před 6 dny +4

    Bro was hitting up all the call girls.

  • Kameron Golden
    Kameron Golden Před 5 dny +4

    “Come on in, take a seat!”-Chris Hansen

  • BMBrooks09_ava_
    BMBrooks09_ava_ Před 12 dny +7991

    Guys... it's not that hard to just not date minors...

    • Kecking Rabbit
      Kecking Rabbit Před 11 dny +476

      Yup. Rookie mistake.
      I always date animals.

    • Ein Lien
      Ein Lien Před 11 dny +318

      @Kecking Rabbit I date 2d women

    • shådøwsspåwn
      shådøwsspåwn Před 10 dny +187

      ⁠@Ein LienI date reanimated corpses

    • Dog
      Dog Před 10 dny +141

      @shådøwsspåwnI date ai yandere sisters

    • Democracy, Dignity, Human Rights!
      Democracy, Dignity, Human Rights! Před 10 dny +64

      @shådøwsspåwnthat’s also illegal because it’s defiling a corpse.

  • GTMC454🔱
    GTMC454🔱 Před 5 dny +4

    Would love to see Chris Hansen interview this dude

  • Baby
    Baby Před 7 dny +1

    How hard is it to block and ignore a student?

  • Random YouTube Fan Dudue
    Random YouTube Fan Dudue Před 13 dny +1772

    Bro that went from bad to worse real quick💀💀💀

  • Nityam G
    Nityam G Před 6 dny

    this man is going in jail in 69 different ways

  • MoonKat
    MoonKat Před 15 hodinami

    Teachers should have always have another teacher in the room

  • Kirshia V
    Kirshia V Před 13 dny +5182

    that teacher really turned into edp

  • Duo Shin Gaming
    Duo Shin Gaming Před 6 dny +2

    Dude just said - " Imma prebook you for later " 😂😂😂😂

  • Duty Free Adventures
    Duty Free Adventures Před 7 dny +2

    RWJ, goddamn. Nice to see you

  • SmurfCat
    SmurfCat Před 13 dny +20723

    Teachers having relationships with students are just 😭💀
    edit: 20k? In eleven days!? Thank you :)

    • Average Mexican
      Average Mexican Před 13 dny +273

      Fr it doesnt even make sense why tf they do that type of stuff💀💀💀

    • TROLL
      TROLL  Před 13 dny +44

      Uuuooohhh 😭😭😭💢😭😭💢😭💢💢💢😭😭💢😭😭

    • pugorilla
      pugorilla Před 13 dny +83

      ​@Average Mexican Discord Mods be like:

    • Sas
      Sas Před 13 dny +66

      Now he can teach in jail.

    • Corporal Toucan
      Corporal Toucan Před 13 dny +55

      Like wtf this ain’t hentai

  • D. Lewis
    D. Lewis Před 7 dny +5

    I didn’t know Danny Masterson taught English.😂

    • Allen Silva
      Allen Silva Před 4 dny

      Were they underaged? Or is this about the Mila Kunis thing

  • JayR
    JayR Před 4 dny +1

    “SHES 16 hes 29”
    CARTI REFERENCE??! 16*29??!!!

  • LionThunder
    LionThunder Před 13 dny +7076

    Bro is silencing her but keeping videos bro left the evidence!💀

    • Delta Wozooon
      Delta Wozooon Před 13 dny +34

      Because besides the US not alout of places actually care about kids in this way

    • Andy
      Andy Před 13 dny +18

      My teacher got fired cause he touched kids weirdly.

    • invigilator
      invigilator Před 13 dny +12

      ​@Andyhe probably wanted a cupcake

    • KFC
      KFC Před 13 dny +27

      ​@Delta Wozooonbesides the US?! Wow the world is such a terifying place. But what about school shooters?

  • Fiercetits
    Fiercetits Před 7 dny

    Jesus Christ that was not the ending I was expecting

  • Dion Carollo (The Jersey Hippie)

    Send him Directly to General Population. They'll fix everything quickly 🧐

  • Sx_Lizard
    Sx_Lizard Před 12 dny +5297


    • Nathaniel Otte
      Nathaniel Otte Před 11 dny +82

      On and on it's just a...nother brick in the wall😅

    • Nathaniel Otte
      Nathaniel Otte Před 11 dny +36

      On and on its just a nother brick in the 🧱 wall😅

    • What History Beholds
      What History Beholds Před 11 dny +23

      nice reference, part two is the best of that song

    • Guacre ™
      Guacre ™ Před 10 dny +23

      *Na na na na na nana*
      "All in all, it's just a
      nother brick in the wall"

    • Jacob Torres
      Jacob Torres Před 9 dny +2

      Il that song

  • Html Tech
    Html Tech Před 4 dny

    One goes to the JAIL ,another one becomes a LEGEND.

  • Ryan Dobbs
    Ryan Dobbs Před 4 dny

    Teacher was apparently getting around.

  • AkitaMixx
    AkitaMixx Před 12 dny +1562

    Telling students to keep things secret from their parents - grooming 101 🚩🚩🚩

    • Otaku sign
      Otaku sign Před 10 dny +9

      Is that a red flag I see or is that just the CCP.

    • Christopher Morgan
      Christopher Morgan Před 9 dny +6

      ​@Otaku signChinese Communist Party?

      ISPOTRDOT Před 9 dny +1

      It’s legal there 😮

    • Cheesecake • 99 years ago
      Cheesecake • 99 years ago Před 9 dny +3

      ​@Otaku signseems like the Western news and affiliated influencers has convinced you red flag is CCP 😂

    • Mr. Nobody
      Mr. Nobody Před 8 dny +4

      Thats what a lot of those christian preachers do.

  • MubashirullahD
    MubashirullahD Před 5 dny

    There are people married where the dynamic was formal pupal and teacher. My neighbor is one such person. They're living happily. She was older.

  • Joestark
    Joestark Před 2 dny

    Transferring diseases is the most English thing 😂

  • Hyron Harrison
    Hyron Harrison Před 13 dny +1332

    Omg shes pregn-
    Ray: Clamydia and Gonnorea

    • Niamh Bowden
      Niamh Bowden Před 13 dny +28


    • NiraNekomata
      NiraNekomata Před 13 dny +21

      Idrk which is better tbh...

    • 🌹Rose🌹
      🌹Rose🌹 Před 13 dny +17

      Can anyone explain what both of thoes things mean-?

    • Gowri Sankari MR
      Gowri Sankari MR Před 13 dny +105

      ​@🌹Rose🌹Terribly painful sexually transmitted diseases.

    • 🌹Rose🌹
      🌹Rose🌹 Před 12 dny +12

      Ohhh ty for letting me know

  • Jack Trades
    Jack Trades Před 7 dny

    Next lesson: How inmates treat Chesters.

  • Eric Fleming
    Eric Fleming Před 7 dny

    Well, Ming, don't say I never gave you anything.

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace Před 11 dny +1413

    It’s wild how creepy creeps almost always end up being creepy creeps.

    • Abhay Patel
      Abhay Patel Před 6 dny +25

      dont worry no creep can touch you're too big for that

    • RoastedChicken
      RoastedChicken Před 6 dny +16

      @Abhay PatelDamn that was ruthless

    • wow
      wow Před 6 dny +10

      ​@Abhay Patel🤣

    • OurEminence
      OurEminence Před 6 dny +9

      ​@Abhay Patel what did she do to you

    • laptop droptop
      laptop droptop Před 6 dny +12

      @OurEminenceate my breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Raye West
    Raye West Před 7 dny +1

    So the girl WHAAAAAT?! Hey teachers, leave them kids alone

  • Laura Vastag
    Laura Vastag Před 7 dny

    Showing a side clip of Seth Rogan is the epitome of irony

  • WoxFolf vods
    WoxFolf vods Před 13 dny +2103

    “Shes 16… and he’s 29” Sir- sir that’s very illegal
    Edit: thanks for 1.5k!

  • Niecy Is here.
    Niecy Is here. Před 5 dny

    That dude was filthy in more ways than one.

  • Frankie Cicero
    Frankie Cicero Před 2 dny

    She only had that ish 😂😂😂 she just saw the moment

  • Rizzler🥵
    Rizzler🥵 Před 12 dny +800

    Bro ended up teaching biology and gave chlamydia as homework💀

    • King~of~Harlots
      King~of~Harlots Před 9 dny +8


    • Arghya Das
      Arghya Das Před 8 dny +12

      Dayum...schools gettin real hard

    • HurBrowns !
      HurBrowns ! Před 8 dny +7

      Physical Education was different in my school. This guy is teaching diff kind of PE.

  • Chef Hammy
    Chef Hammy Před dnem

    “ALLEGEDEDLY”😂😂 u earned my follow

  • ParrotPax
    ParrotPax Před dnem +1

    English teacher with the username "teacherlukeACAMEDY" ☠️

  • Aizen
    Aizen Před 13 dny +968

    I love how Ray always goes “alegededly” whenever he says ‘allegedly’ on camera😭😭💀

    • dani e.
      dani e. Před 10 dny

      isn’t it how you say that 😭

    • Teatro Grottesco
      Teatro Grottesco Před 8 dny

      IDK...i think its more "alege-did-ly" as in he f'ing DID it.

  • Rudraksh Gaur
    Rudraksh Gaur Před 3 dny

    He gave her something more than the grades i guess😂

  • eddy ports
    eddy ports Před 4 dny +1

    Bro boutta learn love language in prison

  • Minghao
    Minghao Před 10 dny +877

    Out of a billion plp out there he chose the minor..💀

    • Selena
      Selena Před 5 dny +24

      I think that every time a minor or a married person is in a relationship. Why? WHY? There are so many others to choose from.

    • Evelio DLeon
      Evelio DLeon Před 5 dny +8

      In Thailand of all places. Thailand.

    • Lito Aykiu
      Lito Aykiu Před 5 dny +2

      It's just a small minor difference!

    • C. S.
      C. S. Před 4 dny +1

      John 3:16

  • Cruzader
    Cruzader Před 11 hodinami

    Teacher gonna learn a few new things in jail. Carnal knowledge of Big Al.

  • Accelerate_CHAOS
    Accelerate_CHAOS Před 19 hodinami

    Looking at him, you would never guess.

  • Lizathla
    Lizathla Před 13 dny +296

    I thought the stomach pains where from her being pregnant

    • Jye Price
      Jye Price Před 12 dny +8

      Thank heavens its wasn't.

    • CodySkull
      CodySkull Před 12 dny +36

      ​@Jye Pricethank heavens it wasn't? Those are STDs my dude .

    • Doge Brando
      Doge Brando Před 12 dny +7

      @CodySkullbetter than being pregnant by your teacher.

      DADYLANK Před 12 dny +4

      ​@Doge Brandobetter? Are you sure bro?

  • anourtine6204
    anourtine6204 Před 5 dny

    I dated a sociopathic narcissist who taught me Spanish. He would get off on the idea that he taught me how to speak--as though my words were HIS.
    Let that sink in….

  • Brandon Pete
    Brandon Pete Před 8 dny

    What a neat neat guy

  • Thatoneperson...
    Thatoneperson... Před 13 dny +700

    She wasn't 20
    She wasn't 19
    She definitely wasn't 18
    She wasn't even 17
    She was *16*

  • JLee
    JLee Před 8 dny

    This dude running around clapping 👏

  • Jim Wilder
    Jim Wilder Před 5 dny

    Don't drop the so pretty boy.😂😂😂😂

  • Eli White
    Eli White Před 13 dny +379

    "Shes 16" -doofensmirtz

  • lawrence kotei
    lawrence kotei Před 4 dny +1

    Private Christian school 😂😂

  • the Evilass #flyhightoshiro

    Bro don't drop the soap in prison

  • TheKfler
    TheKfler Před 13 dny +397

    These teachers be shopping in the junior section.

    • Dumplinglingboy
      Dumplinglingboy Před 12 dny +2

      can you navigate me to the legal section pls and thank you

    • Waterpassion
      Waterpassion Před 12 dny +1

      This one is the juniors section but it's really bad if they're shopping in the crib section...😅🫣

  • Hamster Ham
    Hamster Ham Před 7 dny +2

    He taught 4th graders in my school last year💀

  • Reid Simonson
    Reid Simonson Před 4 dny

    Because 16 year olds are the most monogamous people on earth.

  • __
    __ Před 12 dny +271

    i love how he says "allegedly" like he's throwing salt over his shoulder to ward off the lawyers xD

  • Max Olivia
    Max Olivia Před 6 dny

    If he doesn't go to jail for a long time i will further lose faith in society

  • no one you know realy

    when "alledgedlly" gives you the right to say whatever you want

  • My balls hurt
    My balls hurt Před 12 dny +792

    This man boutta learn the clapping language in the shower room 🗣️🗣️🔥

    • JustJay
      JustJay Před 12 dny +17

      Clip clap🦍🦍🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️

    • I. Reid
      I. Reid Před 10 dny +1

      Slap slap

    • Ghastly_Grinner
      Ghastly_Grinner Před 10 dny +1

      There's literally no crime tho 😂

    • JayVPMVP19
      JayVPMVP19 Před 10 dny +2

      *New achievement unlocked:* I’ve been caught and now the soap dropped

    • My balls hurt
      My balls hurt Před 10 dny

      Mf boutta be learning the 13th type of clapping 🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥

  • 🖤LovePrettyNails🖤

    Wow you know he was definitely preying on those young woman in that class too. He's a predator.

  • LordDarias
    LordDarias Před 4 dny

    As soon as you mentioned him going to asia to teach english I knew where this was going

  • The Legend
    The Legend Před 12 dny +181

    “He started private messaging a student…” I don’t need the rest I can fill in gaps from here

    • A
      A Před 7 dny +2

      Oh but it somehow got way worse

    • Baguette 🥖
      Baguette 🥖 Před 7 dny


    • MattJackTV
      MattJackTV Před 6 dny

      I was hoping the student would be 18 and the crime was something else.
      I’m so naïve.

  • KrystaBaby
    KrystaBaby Před 7 dny

    This sounds like my life. Lol

  • Zeferino Guzman
    Zeferino Guzman Před 6 dny

    He about to be everyone’s pet in prison walls 💀

    • Liam Black
      Liam Black Před 5 dny

      He’s broken no Thai laws

  • Apollo7
    Apollo7 Před 13 dny +757

    Always wondered why that one girl was always getting straight A+

    • Alexis
      Alexis Před 13 dny +9


    • Lylah Stein
      Lylah Stein Před 12 dny +4

      ... despite not being able to find the answers even on a finished test paper...

  • Jaden Love
    Jaden Love Před 3 dny

    He is way more than a super senior

  • pepperonis
    pepperonis Před 8 dny

    English Teacher in Thailand: i bet i lnow how this ends

  • Miss 🌹 Rosella Castano McAuley

    Solution: NEVER allow a minor to be alone with public officials, clergy, teachers..... Talk 🗣️ with your children.... teaching them boundaries and to TELL

    • godspeed_gg
      godspeed_gg Před 7 dny +10

      So over there it’s technically her fault for not telling him to putting on a condom.

    • Miss Wobbles
      Miss Wobbles Před 6 dny +20

      How are her parents supposed to prevent her from being alone with her teacher? Go to school with her?

    • XERN0US
      XERN0US Před 5 dny +36

      @godspeed_gghello? she’s 16. she was probably pressured into doing “that” with him in the first place, he probably didn’t even give her the option for a condom

    • XERN0US
      XERN0US Před 5 dny +21

      ⁠@Miss Wobblesyou obviously didn’t read what she said, she said teach your kids boundaries and how to tell, not walk to school with them.

  • trap music
    trap music Před 4 dny

    There is everything possible in love and war 😊

  • Renee Brutvan
    Renee Brutvan Před 4 dny

    Christian school parents are all praying for this situation with a bombastic side eye.

  • Adarkshadow
    Adarkshadow Před 12 dny +321

    Bro pulled out a EDP 💀

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox Před dnem

    I guess he teached her a lesson.

  • Denise S
    Denise S Před 3 dny +1

    So thats why he is in Thailand 😢

  • KillerX Panda
    KillerX Panda Před 13 dny +73

    Bro I straight-up thought that she was pregnant 100% and then I heard what it was in my jaw hit the floor

  • Ash Laraque
    Ash Laraque Před 5 dny +1

    And this is why a lot of people are creeped out by American men and woman who go to countries like Africa and Thailand. It’s because they think that the laws there are more relaxed and they can get away with more that they can’t here in America like those American women and French women who go to Africa and sucker desperate poor African men into financially abusive relationships.

  • Garett
    Garett Před 4 dny

    Should have gotten written permission from the parents 😂

  • Onion Knight
    Onion Knight Před 12 dny +44

    When this guy drops the soap in prison, everybody runs away from him. This guy is gonna be like Kingpin in prison. Kingpin of STDs

  • Sonnel James
    Sonnel James Před 3 dny

    "allegeDEAdly" best thing i heard today 😂

  • Metalheart880
    Metalheart880 Před 2 dny

    I’m sure he’ll running the shower tower with subway Jared 😂

  • kemo xcandyranl #thestarbucksparisguyworker

    He really said “it doesn't matter if she 15 16-”

  • shhessh
    shhessh Před 6 dny

    Today we’re gonna learn what “ Allegedly” means :

  • Candy A
    Candy A Před dnem

    My (now ex) best friend lost it at 44yrs old and started dating an 17 yr old. Messed up situation bc his parents were happy with it. She had a son the same age and a younger teenage daughter. A lot to the story that makes it even more interesting but she lost everyone other than him. He is abusive to her as well. I just keep wondering wth happened…for her to make these choices.