Game Theory: This Place Is NOT Happy... (Happy Meat Farm ARG)

  • čas přidán 21. 10. 2022
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    Theorists, we all know to NEVER eat the mystery meat right? Well, today we are diving into the mystery BEHIND the meat in Happy Meat Farms! This series is hiding a very interesting ARG that I think we can solve. Get your bibs ready and let's DIG IN!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, William Ryan Sheehan "El Fodder" and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and JayskiBean
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • This Channel Name is Unavailable

    This ARG was made by Alex Bale, this is actually part of an ARG called “don’t feed the muse” there are 6 channels involved with this ARG, Alex Bale (obviously) the cynical critic, this place is not happy, sonc the blue rat, paradox1313, wesley harold films and there is a website made by this person named conspiracy carl. The ARG is based off a series of spongebob theories made by alex bale , but the twist is that there is a muse in his house making him do these theories, sonc the blue rat and cynical critic have a connection together too. If you want more info check out inside a minds video on it.

  • Darthgalaxo

    I can’t believe we now have actual audio of matpat uttering the word “BUSSY”

  • Falcon
    Falcon  +1

    The fact that even MatPat calls Alex a "fellow spongebob theorist" feels like its implying something.

  • Skart (commenter)
    Skart (commenter) Před 2 hodinami +4

    I think they want the bigger expanded ones, cause they can make more meat out of it.

  • 🐛Wormz🐛

    I swear mattpat probably has a sign that says “Live Laugh LORE!”

  • Halt
    Halt Před 21 dnem +196

    I accept. This is probably going to be one of the more disturbing ARG's.

  • Duck McBucket

    Can’t wait to see the look on MatPats face when he realizes that this is part of an even bigger ARG.

  • Graydon Games

    There is so much more to this lore. I would suggest taking a look at the channel called The Muse ARG. It explains the whole lore behind this incredibly expansive arg. It spans across over 6 youtube channels and just as many websites. Its all based around Alex Bales channel and his spongebob theories. Trust me, there is a lot more to this than it seems.

  • archfiendzekrom

    Honestly this should have been a three part thing on all of the channels since it kinda encompasses all of the channels

  • Manny Weasley
    Manny Weasley Před 14 dny +37

    I accept. Now, saw the second one but I was really lost, so I wanted to come to the first one again and wanted to say that this Lore is JUICY AS HELL ❤️

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross Před 14 dny +7

    When he talked about "The five rules of solving ARGs", I thought it was going to be things like, check spectrograms, increase exposure/contrast/brightness, look for clues of hex or binary...

  • Arrayave

    Half the comments are telling MatPat there’s more to the ARG, the other half are informing him as to the real meaning of bussy… quality content today on Game Theory.

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy  +212

    I accept Matpat, I am ready to be a loyal theorist, and watch this, maybe even dive further into it.

  • oofley
    oofley  +66

    To me, "mother colony" smacks much more of something one of my discord friends told me about. Apparently the olive garden he used to work at made a lot of their bread from pieces of a mother yeast colony that they had been feeding and keeping alive for years. In the context of food preparation, I think this is what is being referenced by the series.

  • Hootsifer Clawthorne
    Hootsifer Clawthorne Před 7 hodinami +2

    GingerPale just released a video with more Muse Lore!

  • Elizabgaming

    MattPat: three episodes doesn't seem to be enough to go off

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A Před 14 dny +13

    Man, who would have thought.

  • Felipe W

    I had a feeling that HR literally referred to

  • Fox and arts gaming
    Fox and arts gaming Před 21 dnem +104

    Alex Bale is so underrated :D so glad he's finally getting recognized