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The Idol is worse than you could possibly imagine...

  • čas přidán 25. 06. 2023
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Komentáře • 4,6K

  • @AlexMeyersVids
    @AlexMeyersVids  Před rokem +1

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  • @Iplaygamesforfun209
    @Iplaygamesforfun209 Před rokem +32

    I’m blinded by the weeknds bad acting

  • @rainpuppies
    @rainpuppies Před rokem +10

    Oh my god… “Weird guy meets boring girl” is exactly what this genre is

  • @justlivin2499
    @justlivin2499 Před rokem +12

    The difference between this show and Euphoria is that Zendaya can actually act and you can sometimes ignore the bad writing, the Weekend can’t act and it only exemplifies the bad writing

  • @SparkIeMotion
    @SparkIeMotion Před rokem +4

    Sam Levinson is just showing how damaged and broken he is by exploiting these young girls like Lily and "Cassie" on Euphoria. Sam Levinson is disgusting.

  • @sybill123ful
    @sybill123ful Před rokem +3

    sam levinson really saw everyone pointing out and criticizing the bad things about euphoria, and decided to make a show based on all those exact things that dragged euphoria down.

  • @dedepizzuto6405
    @dedepizzuto6405 Před rokem +1

    The worst part was how The Weeknd acted as if everyone was gonna find him hot and attractive 😭😭 he wanted to be in capcut edits soo bad

  • @reannagordon
    @reannagordon Před rokem +17

    Letting The Weeknd believe he could act or be a script writer is laughable!

  • @amymarple7986
    @amymarple7986 Před rokem +7

    the fact that this show was already written by a woman and Abel/TheWeekend said that it had too much of a womens perspective, fired the director and chose Sam Levinson and cowrote it with him, it just feels like a self insert fanfiction of him, its crazy how good it could have been

  • @redpanda_009
    @redpanda_009 Před rokem +7

    The worst part about this show is despite all the crazy plot lines it still manages to be one of the most boring shows I have seen

  • @SaraRyderN7
    @SaraRyderN7 Před rokem +9

    As Alex said, we should all formally apologise to Edward Cullen.

  • @mmus13898
    @mmus13898 Před rokem +20

    “He’s so rapey”

  • @actioninmyphannypack

    Tedros is like what a 12 year old boy thinks a "cool bad boy" acts like

  • @TwoGems96
    @TwoGems96 Před rokem +15

    Its crazy how we've gone from "Still a better love story than Twilight"

  • @MirandaSinistra

    The nudity thing is so weird to me.

  • @BlueBirdsFIy
    @BlueBirdsFIy Před rokem +1

    this show made 365 days look like it actually had a good plot

  • @canadianginger278
    @canadianginger278 Před rokem +4

    That child rape joke floored me.who does that, honestly? Disgusting

  • @kylie_c.11
    @kylie_c.11 Před rokem +741

    him saying that jennies the best character just so that blackpink stans dont attack him is the best part lol

  • @takemehome.9729
    @takemehome.9729 Před rokem +245


  • @evanaaaa
    @evanaaaa Před rokem +5

    "He's so rapey. "