The Dark Knight Rises Ending Explanation (Analysis) MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!


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  • aaron lee
    aaron lee Před 9 lety +2

    Spoiler Alert! Alfred did meet Selena. The part where he told her to go inside a room and leave some food and when Bruce Wayne was searching up her to find her information because she stole some Jewelry.

  • HpArtcraft
    HpArtcraft Před 10 lety

    Yeah, Nolan is incredible in that way. My favourite film of his is still The Prestige, incredible film. I'd love to see him do a Bond film.

  • LieutenantJoJo
    LieutenantJoJo Před 10 lety

    You're forgetting one little detail, my friend. He's the goddamn Batman! :D

  • Kirby Krios
    Kirby Krios Před 9 lety

    "I was Born in 97"
    That's all I needed to hear. Work on your temper kid. Doesn't work in the real world. Focus on your school work and grades. And better taste. Cheers.

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 10 lety

    Awesome point!

  • Trynth Sniping
    Trynth Sniping Před 8 lety

    When have u seen an eject seat that go's up 56 miles

  • Biman
    Biman Před 10 lety

    the 3rd one was PERFECT :D

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere Před 10 lety

    by the way, i've seen it three times as well ; )
    and yeah sure Alfred PROVIDED some comic relief at times, but he was far more than just that, he was Bruce's moral compass and surrogate father.
    not sure how deep you want to get with your analysis...

  • 44excalibur
    44excalibur Před 10 lety

    Thank you! Someone finally figured out that John Blake can't train himself, so Bruce will have to return from his exile with Selina at some point to train John.

  • wakojako49
    wakojako49 Před 10 lety

    i remember in one interview nolan said he took a lot of inspiration from the "Dark Knight Returns" comic by frank miller. in retrospect the ending of the comic is similar to the movie, because batman and bruce wayne fakes his death so that he can continues a greater goal. i like to think that the movie is similar plus it does give hints about it.

  • a bacon sandwich
    a bacon sandwich Před 10 lety

    @Leeman595 : Thank you! I so agree! Some at keast knows whats really going to happen!

  • 96DamageInc
    96DamageInc Před 10 lety

    Watch the end of the movie again. The Auto-pilot was already fixed ;)

  • RedNave
    RedNave Před 10 lety

    His cape, remember his cape and why how he's alive

  • Kay
    Kay Před 9 lety

    I say he wasn't imagining him being there

  • BurntFist
    BurntFist Před 10 lety

    Superman saved him, Justice League!! Coming!!

  • MC Goobs
    MC Goobs Před 10 lety

    i dont think alfred was imagining it

  • Diana Pedroza
    Diana Pedroza Před 10 lety +1

    am i the only one actually watching and realizing that this guy's gameplay is awesome and that hes really good at it?

  • Number1Potato
    Number1Potato Před 10 lety

    THANK YOU! I barely seen it once and I already knew that he was alive. Bruce Wayne used that device that was meant for Selina (she uses it too) for her to have a fresh new start.

  • spectre
    spectre Před 10 lety

    It's my favourite movie too!

  • Rajbir Singh
    Rajbir Singh Před 10 lety

    saw it twice coz maybe you didnt get it in the 1st go! :P

  • Kirby Krios
    Kirby Krios Před 9 lety

    You represent yourself well! Cheers. manage that anger =)

  • KoOkiEzRoCkz
    KoOkiEzRoCkz Před 10 lety

    @haigna i highly doubt your theory, although it is a rather solid one :P then again Bruce fixed the autopilot himself as said in a record at Fox's lab

  • Players With Game
    Players With Game Před 10 lety

    See i take the opposite approach. I've seen it twice so far and I'm almost certain he's dead. It's not only the nuke, but just how bruce was in general. He was pretty done with the world, it wouldn't sound crazy for him to sacrifice himself. The ending scene was brighter than normal. Same color as his other visions if I'm not mistaken. That could mean cause he's happy, or he's in dream land again. I think he started to frown last second if I'm not mistaken. I feel it's not cut & dry either way

  • Nicki McCormick
    Nicki McCormick Před 10 lety

    wait wait wait im confused i thought that batman later dies and nightwing takes his place i dont know

  • CaMeRoN WeAvEr
    CaMeRoN WeAvEr Před 10 lety

    however it turns out.. amazing movie!

  • Nicholas Bloom
    Nicholas Bloom Před 10 lety

    leave it to alfred to make badass decisions for him it reminds me of arkham city

  • StimsLuap
    StimsLuap Před 10 lety

    @mdmanny07- Simple, they thought he was really dead. It wasn't until Alfred saw him again that he knew he was alive. Same with Gordon seeing the signal and Fox seeing the logs when the autopilot was fixed.

  • mcfry13
    mcfry13 Před 10 lety

    interestingly enough i still feel the ending can be open ended. sure its easy to say bruce is alive (and i am almost sold on that one), but its possible he died and alfred is imagining it like he always did. we won't really know until there is commentary on the blu-ray. i am still open to theories until that dvd comes out

  • Alison Rose
    Alison Rose Před 10 lety

    oh wait, he mentions this clue in the video. oopsie

  • Maximumart
    Maximumart Před 10 lety

    @Maximumart *3 hours not montd

  • OhMyGoshGaming
    OhMyGoshGaming Před 10 lety

    yay gameplay audio was fixed :)

  • coolsteve1985
    coolsteve1985 Před 10 lety

    According to what I heard, a lot of scenes from The Dark Knight Rises was cut out of the movie! I heard they're gonna be like a 30 minutes director cut of The Dark Knight Rises when it comes out to DVD and Blu-ray! If that's true then the movie gonna be like 3 hours and 15 minutes long on DVD and Blu-ray! LOL

  • Justin
    Justin Před 10 lety

    Something else U didnt point out was that when alfred sees bruce at the end, he smoles back, but when he saw "bruce" in the imagination he "bruce" was like wtf

  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel Před 10 lety

    explain the part when he is buried and alfred was crying

  • Middle Class
    Middle Class Před 10 lety


  • Maximumart
    Maximumart Před 10 lety

    @marcowargamer By your logic, Bruce instantly teleported from LSI HOLDINGS to being on top of the skyscraper in hong kong with day turning to night also instantly. Oh and it also took about 1 second for batman to pull joker up by the grapple after he fell about 500 feet. So how are we supposed to only interpret each scene in sequential real time, that defeats the objective of a story spanning months being told in under 3 months, time is suggestively "moved on" throughout the whole film

  • Justin
    Justin Před 10 lety

    Smiles, wow i cant type

  • Beteloaf
    Beteloaf Před 8 lety

    I ment can't at the end there:/

  • Dj Hanafin
    Dj Hanafin Před 10 lety

    no he had auto pilot on ehich allowed him to eject remember

  • ChrisTuckerexpress
    ChrisTuckerexpress Před 10 lety

    Except that it's already been confirmed by the cast that he's alive. The novel and script confirm that he's alive.

  • deniz dazin
    deniz dazin Před 8 lety

    Thats actualy a pretty nice explanation and its 100percent possible!!!!

  • Anton Reyes
    Anton Reyes Před 10 lety

    but Alfred did see Catwoman (the "Cat") at the start of the movie during the Harvey Dent Memorial thing.

  • Rangarok
    Rangarok Před 10 lety

    1) Alfred has seen selina when bruce was looking up her convictions, he then said her and wayne should have coffee in a desperate attempt to find someone.

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi Před 10 lety

    Freakin amazing movie

  • ShaneWilliamsHitler
    ShaneWilliamsHitler Před 10 lety

    When the woman at the end said Robin was his real name, that part gave me chills.

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 10 lety

    lol the *two together

  • Play-Doh
    Play-Doh Před 10 lety

    alfred cried at the funeral, and im pretty sure someone is gonna recognize bruce if he just walks around gotham, also he has a building and an entire company with his name on it, you cant just demolish that. i think alfred might be imagining it

  • MarcoOmnigamer
    MarcoOmnigamer Před 10 lety

    why? can you prove that? unless you do, the scene can ONLY be interpreted as immediately after.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Před 10 lety

    He hasn't been seen in 8 years, except for 1 party.

  • Amanda
    Amanda Před 10 lety

    Obviously, before he knew, he thought he was dead just like everyone else...

  • Robo299
    Robo299 Před 10 lety

    Great points. Best movie ever!!!

  • Kirby Krios
    Kirby Krios Před 9 lety

  • Ryyann
    Ryyann Před 10 lety


  • Hirakula
    Hirakula Před 10 lety

    @ 7. Gordon was supposed to be surprised that it was fixed. He didn't repair it.

  • Rahhhhh
    Rahhhhh Před 10 lety

    Alfred also said in the beginning, "I never wanted you to come back to gotham because i knew it had nothing here for you" Nodding just knowing you were "safe" and "happy" Thumbs up if you agree

  • Active G
    Active G Před 10 lety

    @PokemonMasterAuron yes!!!!!

  • Joshua Bernalte Films
    Joshua Bernalte Films Před 10 lety

    Maybe super man saved him? it sould explain it!

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino Před 10 lety

    Dark knife! HAHA! *Dark KNIGHT* my bad

  • Carlos Barboza
    Carlos Barboza Před 10 lety

    Great Analysis, but stop with the "guys" every three words!!!

  • Ralf Caetano
    Ralf Caetano Před 10 lety

    maybe he just wants to keep things open for a new trilogy for any director that wants it

  • Godwhacker
    Godwhacker Před 10 lety

    This is what I've been telling everybody, but no one believes me!

  • jkyet
    jkyet Před 10 lety

    Just hear me out:
    After the whole thing with Dent about making peace based on a lie, I find that the ending doesn't really match with the themes of the movie. He inspires the people of Gotham by having them think he gave his life for the city...

  • JoSeVeNJo
    JoSeVeNJo Před 8 lety

    Alfred meet seleena at the very start of the movie, and also on picture when wayne is looking for her in his computer when he goes back to the batcave for the first time in the movie.

  • Trey Yawn
    Trey Yawn Před 10 lety

    OMFG finnaly somebody understanding holy shit...!

  • Camel Moon
    Camel Moon Před 10 lety

    um Alfred meets Selina Kyle in the 2nd scene in the movie.

  • jnicho25
    jnicho25 Před 10 lety

    When Alfred is talking to Bruce, he says something along the lines of "I'll nod at you and you'll nod back, we wont say a word, and I'll know you've made it." In the last scene of the movie, Bruce smiles and nods at Alfred and Alfred grins and nods back, finishes his tiny little drink and gets up and leaves. Bruce made it - Batman lives on.

  • Hugo Arreguin
    Hugo Arreguin Před 10 lety

    This time Alfred smiled when he saw Bruce because it was really him this time. The times when he imagined he saw him, he didn't smile at them.........


    auto-pilot the aircraft through the ocean with the bomb, he survives.

  • Liam Doc
    Liam Doc Před 10 lety

    i disagree with 2:00-2:25

  • 56therealLT
    56therealLT Před 10 lety

    wait if selina has the necklace, couldnt alfred use the tracking system in the gps in it to find him?

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 10 lety

    Yes! The shots in the beginning were not shot together!!

  • HpArtcraft
    HpArtcraft Před 10 lety

    I understand your meaning, but I'm still convinced he's dead. I have very valid reasons as well. My main problem is that why would Alfred absolutely break down "I failed you, you trusted me, and I failed you," and then when he sees Bruce alive, he doesn't even blink, or smile, or even care, it's as if it isn't real. Also Nolan is known for his open endings. And also there was another dream, (holy shit he's back, no wait it's a dream) sequence where Liam Neeson comes back.

  • ddman31
    ddman31 Před 10 lety

    in 3D!!!!????? HMMMM.

  • kam
    kam Před 10 lety

    "The autopilot on the "bat" was fixed 6 months ago

  • shaun johnson
    shaun johnson Před 9 lety

    I knew he droped it ya

  • NukaDud
    NukaDud Před 10 lety

    yeah the dark knight rises after 8 years from the original dark knight

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere Před 10 lety

    maybe we'll get a director's cut to clear it all up...

  • MsMonkeyboy5
    MsMonkeyboy5 Před 10 lety

    he was never in the bat when it exploded.

  • Alirk7
    Alirk7 Před 9 lety

    I am going with zackwwedge he's right

  • fearsomefaces
    fearsomefaces Před 10 lety

    Bruce is ALIVE!!!

  • Damien Hine
    Damien Hine Před 10 lety

    right, I got that, but he must have had at most around 7 seconds to get away... how did he do it?

  • Alison Rose
    Alison Rose Před 10 lety

    i just watched it recently and noticed another very subtle clue that he is alive. when they're giving Bruce Wayne's possessions away as per his will, the guy who read the will is doing inventory and mentions that an item is missing. he said the missing item is "a sting of pearls" so that means Bruce took his mother's necklace and, presumably, gave it to Catwoman since she liked it so much.

  • Eyeonmarocco
    Eyeonmarocco Před 10 lety

    How in the world could it be "the best movie of all times"... It was great without a doubt, but man... come on

  • Roald
    Roald Před 10 lety

    @razer0072073 Batman>Nuclear bomb. Your argument is invalid.

  • Play-Doh
    Play-Doh Před 10 lety

    what about the funeral? i mean alfred was crying at a funeral

  • Rangarok
    Rangarok Před 10 lety

    3) he was still in the ship with 5 seconds on the bomb. now that was a nuclear bomb with a 6 mile blast radius to wipe out an entire city. even if he had ejected from the aircraft he still would have been killed regardless. there was no way of him surviving. Alfred saw what he wanted to see.

  • MrKarlozz
    MrKarlozz Před 10 lety

    Fox and Gordon know he's alive as well. So does Blake

  • ChrisTuckerexpress
    ChrisTuckerexpress Před 10 lety

    And of course the fact that Bruce faking his death is right from the Dark knight returns comic book.

  • Laurana Miller
    Laurana Miller Před 10 lety

    I saw him playing call of duty, he instantly lost all credibility

  • J0113
    J0113 Před 10 lety

    Good, short summary!

  • RHD120
    RHD120 Před 10 lety

    Well theres one thing that you forgot its that I AM BATMAN!!!!

  • Amanda
    Amanda Před 10 lety

    Also, when Bane says at the start it would be "extremely painful" the guy says "you're a big guy" and then Bane says "for you"... I thought initially he was saying he was a big guy for him, but really I think it means it would be extremely painful for him... Gotta love Chris Nolan and his writing skills =)

  • sickcunt
    sickcunt Před 9 lety

    Afred didnt no anything about Bruce and Selena love life so how could he picture them

  • Brian McGuire
    Brian McGuire Před 9 lety +2

    If he was dead I am sure that Christopher Nolan would also be dead

  • Active G
    Active G Před 10 lety

    @superasad3331 idiot

  • Active G
    Active G Před 10 lety

    @superasad3331 idiot

  • MajesticFlame
    MajesticFlame Před 10 lety

    Because he's Batman to all of those questions

  • HelloThere
    HelloThere Před 10 lety

    or just make the clues more subtle...
    I think it would be a good "art house" touch, or maybe art house wouldn't really work with the typical target audience for a batman movie, they probably need absolutes and need every last detail spoon fed to them, or at least that's what WB studio executives believe...

  • Barack The Rock
    Barack The Rock Před 8 lety

    Alfred knows about Selena and Bruce I think

  • Rob Nova
    Rob Nova Před 10 lety

    you keep say anyways guys too much... almost sounds like one word...