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  • čas přidán 22. 10. 2022
  • Eating way too much vs. eating way too little 😐
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  • @Epictacotime
    @Epictacotime Před rokem +11144

    I always think I eat unhealthy but then I look at Anonalys diet and I feel better about myself

  • @raxxed
    @raxxed Před rokem +7312

    i like how anomaly is giving linda shit for her breakfast while he eats a half of the fucking mcdonalds menu

    • @Mikelele360
      @Mikelele360 Před rokem +438

      Big Smoke order irl

    • @teeguner-1035
      @teeguner-1035 Před rokem +227

      Don't forget the part where he PRE ORDERS MASS AMOUNTS to reheat the next day.

    • @Carrotdrink
      @Carrotdrink Před rokem +4

      bro thats like 3 halfs

    • @Frawt
      @Frawt Před rokem +46

      And how he gives her shit for speaking at "minus two decibels" just because she's not busy literally yelling 24/7.

    • @michaelrogan4389
      @michaelrogan4389 Před rokem


  • @MrRWGaming
    @MrRWGaming Před rokem +3399

    When i ever feel unheathy i just watch anomaly and suddenly feel like i am the healtiest person alive

    • @Mrcobble479
      @Mrcobble479 Před rokem +43

      Shit yeah, flashback of his 10 gallons ultra Powerade mix up full taste nitro sugar

    • @mindofescanor9722
      @mindofescanor9722 Před rokem

      See Nikocado avocado and you can heal cancer cells

    • @AlexanderTBratrich
      @AlexanderTBratrich Před rokem +1

      same for Nikocado Avocado

    • @lunareffect5522
      @lunareffect5522 Před rokem +6

      He literally eats the average males daily intake for breakfast

    • @justsomerandompotato1986
      @justsomerandompotato1986 Před rokem +1

      You should watch Nico Avocado instead, you will incredibly feel so fit after you watch him.

  • @stalkerentertainment3671
    @stalkerentertainment3671 Před rokem +500

    Linda's diet: *A normal diet for breakfast*
    Anomaly's diet: *Basically the Big Smoke order challenge*

  • @CDLC7
    @CDLC7 Před rokem +863

    this is the best obesity awareness campaign I've ever seen

    • @Mlukes186
      @Mlukes186 Před rokem +27

      nah. Nicocado takes the crown for that.

    • @yvesheinrich5013
      @yvesheinrich5013 Před 6 měsíci

      Yeah, not even close. Anomaly is just legitimately big duh, and still looks okay.

  • @thndr_5468
    @thndr_5468 Před rokem +753

    I love how polite Linda tries to be and Anomaly has a permanent aura of chaos

    • @boroofficial4464
      @boroofficial4464 Před 11 měsíci +41

      Opposites attract thats why she is his girlfriend

    • @gussy187
      @gussy187 Před 11 měsíci +17

      @@boroofficial4464 Aren't they engaged now or something? I heard about him buying a ring or some shit. Either way, this video is fucking hilarious.

    • @NoseyOk
      @NoseyOk Před 10 měsíci +3

      @@gussy187 they’re siblings??

    • @blankily
      @blankily Před 10 měsíci +11

      @@NoseyOk nope

    • @evreto
      @evreto Před 9 měsíci

      ​@@NoseyOk no theyre together

  • @arneesrex9404
    @arneesrex9404 Před rokem +5052

    The most screentime Linda has Ever gotten😂

    • @leskel
      @leskel Před rokem +113

      she also have many screentime at "opening cases with my sister" vid

    • @thereal0ni
      @thereal0ni Před rokem +23

      @@leskel it was a joke

    • @wattle20
      @wattle20 Před rokem +9

      the most screentime in a million years**

    • @szocsdanii
      @szocsdanii Před rokem +15

      It's enough from her

    • @LeGabrielMan
      @LeGabrielMan Před rokem +6

      Linda moment

  • @nightmare_faux.9684
    @nightmare_faux.9684 Před rokem +3451

    ludde's breakfast is almost twice the recommended DAILY calorie intake for an adult man. it's a miracle this man's heart hasn't given up yet.

    • @user-dl3jn3lu3r
      @user-dl3jn3lu3r Před rokem +118

      hope it will

    • @Sofa_Muncher
      @Sofa_Muncher Před rokem +81

      The daily recommended calorie intake for a adult man is a little over 3000 kcals, his breakfast was like 3300kcal. Not nearly double

    • @stoart4743
      @stoart4743 Před rokem +184

      @@Sofa_Muncher its 2000-2400 but it depends heavily on size.

    • @gojirabh9383
      @gojirabh9383 Před rokem +128

      @@Sofa_Muncher idk where you pulled the 3000 part from, cuz the average daily calorie intake for an adult man is around 2500kcal. Also, considering all the sugary foods and drinks Anomaly consumes on a daily basis, he goes WAY over that

    • @troglodytebrain
      @troglodytebrain Před rokem

      Anomaly probably has the appetite and frame of a super athlete but he just eats absolute garbage.

  • @wazar4501
    @wazar4501 Před rokem +2682

    I am actually worried for Anomaly's health. No cap

  • @thevillager8339
    @thevillager8339 Před rokem +200

    I really hope that Papanomaly doesn’t just tell scripted jokes, but actually just wings it and makes like the greatest dad jokes ever

  • @Kvarte
    @Kvarte Před rokem +472

    I think Pappas first words were actually "yes"

  • @Rimeks442
    @Rimeks442 Před rokem +127

    ''What, this is greek jogurt, and you dont even put honey on it?''
    ''You are going to seventh circle of hell''

  • @mikhailsandzhiev7391
    @mikhailsandzhiev7391 Před rokem +1732

    when is "swapping diets with doganomaly for 24 hours" coming?

    • @Laserdum
      @Laserdum Před rokem +77

      I mean he liked most the food in the dog food video so he probably would have no problem with that

    • @mikhailsandzhiev7391
      @mikhailsandzhiev7391 Před rokem +80

      @@Laserdum exactly, and doganomaly just recieved and happily consumed a burger. So, I guess, it might be the first time all parties included will enjoy their meals

    • @itsWISHY
      @itsWISHY Před rokem +4


    • @kujala1633
      @kujala1633 Před rokem +7

      @@mikhailsandzhiev7391 doganomaly would probably die

    • @babazsi_2172
      @babazsi_2172 Před rokem +7

      haix mom

  • @bxn.premium
    @bxn.premium Před rokem +880

    Anomaly: starving
    Linda: almost dies because of spicy food
    Papanomaly: yes. :)

    • @GankAlpaca
      @GankAlpaca Před rokem +11

      *Coffee cigarettes breakfast intensifies*

    • @alZiiHardstylez
      @alZiiHardstylez Před 10 měsíci +1

      Papanomaly's "Yes :)" is vibey as heck.

  • @Goldieczech
    @Goldieczech Před rokem +502

    alternate title: Anomaly Bullying his Wife/Sister/Caretaker for 16 minutes straight

    • @Bem-0
      @Bem-0 Před rokem +3


    • @ratstapler8501
      @ratstapler8501 Před rokem +4


    • @Masterk747
      @Masterk747 Před rokem +4

      Best way to describe linda, wife/sister/caretaker/cousin

    • @oli-pr1xl
      @oli-pr1xl Před rokem +2

      @@ratstapler8501 nobody knows what Linda is. Anomaly says its his sister, but there is a video out there where they say they're engaged so yeah

    • @ratstapler8501
      @ratstapler8501 Před rokem

      @@oli-pr1xl I am a changed man. I see that it is probably his sister.

  • @HumongusWillyOwner
    @HumongusWillyOwner Před rokem +1504

    That's how Ludde's diet should look like everyday

    • @NekousagiKorou
      @NekousagiKorou Před rokem

      If you want to kill him even faster sure

    • @mrshadowmask5293
      @mrshadowmask5293 Před rokem +142

      No he has to stay fat for him to be relatable to his viewers

    • @yathaarthmittal7890
      @yathaarthmittal7890 Před rokem +5

      @@mrshadowmask5293 damn

    • @beefboss4203
      @beefboss4203 Před rokem +1

      @@mrshadowmask5293 this is true I can confirm

    • @Pannenkaka
      @Pannenkaka Před rokem +3

      Whether or not he eats healthily off-cam, he should still lose weight so he can provide more content and lessen health risks. Plus it would be rad to see.

  • @BrainRotProductions
    @BrainRotProductions Před 11 měsíci +5

    Its so nice so see Linda so happy when he talks about spicy food,she just lights up when she knows its gonna be spicy

  • @vojtechstriz2756
    @vojtechstriz2756 Před rokem +760

    No wonder he gets several diseases every time he leaves his apartment... I'm shocked that he didn't get food poisoned by eating healthy food

  • @Aerox90
    @Aerox90 Před rokem +1647

    Linda literally made Ludde a sandwich. Wife confirmed.

  • @user-ws5ud5wo9j
    @user-ws5ud5wo9j Před rokem +212

    So Anomaly's breakfast alone is just Big Smokes order.... 💀

  • @Justin-nq6kf
    @Justin-nq6kf Před rokem +29

    I like how Linda looks the best in the last segment after she actually ate some real invigorating food.

  • @AquaOnYoutube
    @AquaOnYoutube Před rokem +270

    i'd love to see linda getting more involved ngl

  • @benh.8196
    @benh.8196 Před rokem +6

    linda's latte art was so good!!! respect for her making the latte art :D

  • @TKMachine007
    @TKMachine007 Před rokem +124

    Linda is like Meg from family guy. Her only character trait is getting abused by her family.

  • @everybodydaniel
    @everybodydaniel Před rokem +429

    For me it’s a miracle that Linda is living in this mess

    • @Psokys
      @Psokys Před rokem +75

      its called content, they live normal when the camera is off....

    • @SPXJUICE75
      @SPXJUICE75 Před rokem +14

      dude cam on, thats when theire start entertaining

    • @ottson
      @ottson Před rokem +14

      Clout will make a woman endure anything

    • @viktorpettersson9975
      @viktorpettersson9975 Před rokem


    • @teringlijer4202
      @teringlijer4202 Před rokem

      bruhh she looks like that mess she fits right in lmao i saw her teeth sleeping in the trash the other day begging for money

  • @jackcary6070
    @jackcary6070 Před rokem +149

    Anomaly is the Swedish nick acado without the only fans (for now)

    • @GurreG
      @GurreG Před rokem +3

      omg 🤣I mean at least anomaly has brain cells, idk how long the rest will last for.

    • @CommieGurl
      @CommieGurl Před rokem +2

      bro nikocado eats so much worse

  • @kieranzgoku
    @kieranzgoku Před 11 měsíci +4

    Aw when he bought a burger for his dog that was really sweet :D

  • @ThePoster-nosyT_hcnerF_http

    Linda seems really nice, even made you a heart in the coffee.

    • @assassincats4474
      @assassincats4474 Před rokem +35

      Anomaly is super nice as well, when is she gonna see the entire mcdonalds menu on her kitchen table without his generosity?

  • @semenhydenko9502
    @semenhydenko9502 Před rokem +1

    The synergy of this trio is unreal.

  • @backtex851
    @backtex851 Před rokem +236

    No wonder homie is In the hospital every week ☠️

    • @Grandmaster-Kush
      @Grandmaster-Kush Před rokem +31

      I understand now why he and papa gets sick every vacation, gets hospitalized every weekend

    • @MightyGachiman
      @MightyGachiman Před rokem +13

      The amount of inflammation in his bloodstream from the sugar and spices is prolly the reason every little cut and bruise on his body in infected. Also a sign of early onset diabetes

    • @Grandmaster-Kush
      @Grandmaster-Kush Před rokem +20

      @@MightyGachiman Mans drinking g-fuel literally instead of water, I think it's safe to say he either has or soon will be diabetic

    • @nikachitidze7219
      @nikachitidze7219 Před rokem +1

      @@Grandmaster-Kush very sad hope he realizes and takes it more seriously

  • @maxsundstrom3528
    @maxsundstrom3528 Před rokem +69

    It seems like Ludde hates normal food because he is a sugar addict.

  • @AlvinDema
    @AlvinDema Před rokem +152

    We need more videos w Linda. Fr having her and anomaly together is more entertaining than all of his friends combined

    • @carlssonxp
      @carlssonxp Před rokem

      okay simp

    • @olliebo1234
      @olliebo1234 Před rokem +1


    • @kolizeum9
      @kolizeum9 Před rokem +8

      We all know your intention with “bring more Linda” lil bro 💀

    • @carlssonxp
      @carlssonxp Před rokem +3

      @@kolizeum9 it's rapacens alt account AINTNOWAY

    • @jannykl7050
      @jannykl7050 Před rokem +2

      "Abuse women"
      Trillionaire grindset

  • @DeathByZombieGames
    @DeathByZombieGames Před 6 měsíci +1

    11:59 "No thank you" had me dying

  • @charleynilsson5543
    @charleynilsson5543 Před rokem +65

    There is no way that is his actual breakfast.

  • @vibes4251
    @vibes4251 Před rokem +335

    the fact he eats 3x the calories in his first meal than my entire day is concerning

    • @RizzBrigitte
      @RizzBrigitte Před rokem +16

      how do u eat so little what the fu

    • @vibes4251
      @vibes4251 Před rokem +6

      @@RizzBrigitte i Weigh 60-63 kg and im like 5'9. idk

    • @alexstromberg7696
      @alexstromberg7696 Před rokem +37

      He ate more for breakfast than most people need in a day.

    • @RizzBrigitte
      @RizzBrigitte Před rokem +3

      @@vibes4251 whatttt i weigh 60kg and im 5'8 and i eat like 2800 calories per day

    • @krompy8221
      @krompy8221 Před rokem +7

      dawg 1000 calories is too little. That's the other extreme of Ludde. At 60kg bw and 5'9 you should be eating double your current

  • @bloody7562
    @bloody7562 Před rokem

    When i watch Anomaly i always think it some kind of parody 🤣😂 Lindas reaction too nugget in tabasco priceless🤣

  • @permahalfchub6822
    @permahalfchub6822 Před rokem +120

    It always cracks me up how he manages to just be as disgusting as possible at every opportunity LMFAO

  • @gkrefft
    @gkrefft Před rokem +40

    Good to see Linda back. (Confirming Anomaly is still able to communicate with normal people.)

    • @valentine943
      @valentine943 Před rokem

      Linda is my mans fiance she aint normal she just isnt an autist

  • @slaughtzzz5188
    @slaughtzzz5188 Před rokem +25

    Anomaly: "Linda has white people diet".
    Also Anomaly: *Eats mcdonalds for breakfast and pre orders mcdonalds for the next day*

  • @N4m3n10s
    @N4m3n10s Před 5 měsíci +2

    Lindas Diet: Normal Diet
    Two Nr.9
    Nr. 9 Large
    Nr. 6 With extra Dip
    Nr. 7
    Two Nr.45 One with Cheese and a Large Soda

  • @milanknezevic5468
    @milanknezevic5468 Před rokem +18

    Hey Anomaly i want to thank you for making these videos u helped me alot in depresion and bad times u can always put smile on my face and boost my mood and make me happy thank you anomaly and papanomaly i hope u keep making videos they are only thing kepeming me happy

    • @J0hn-MiCHaeL
      @J0hn-MiCHaeL Před rokem

      Wholesome comment :)
      Most of the people here are making fun of his diet which is okay but it happens more frequent that it becomes a stereotype and not funny. Nobody appreciates the entertainment he delivers to his fans..
      Anomaly is my favorite CZcamsr!

  • @vald0n3
    @vald0n3 Před rokem

    funniest video i have seen for a while xD

  • @Rickster621
    @Rickster621 Před rokem +348

    After 2 years i still don't know if Linda is sister or girlfriend.

  • @jade-wk1zt
    @jade-wk1zt Před rokem +36

    anomaly casually doing a 10k kcal challange every day

  • @megernogger2254
    @megernogger2254 Před rokem +186

    Luddes diet is still not as bad as the average "small twitch streamer"

    • @Quexxet
      @Quexxet Před rokem +6

      Like who? Actually curious because Ludde’s is pretty bad lol

    • @zyloz3753
      @zyloz3753 Před rokem +3

      XQC aware

    • @nekosareamazung843
      @nekosareamazung843 Před rokem +5

      @@Quexxet Asmongold's 1 steak per day a few cookies maybe a cake and something else i forgot

    • @tobyzk1730
      @tobyzk1730 Před rokem +8

      @@Quexxet i think he is referencing those streamer-tiktokers that say heres my daily diet and its just g-fuel and fast food

    • @accessdenied5998
      @accessdenied5998 Před rokem

      @@zyloz3753 Aware Eating beside Garbage Processing site

  • @smothdude
    @smothdude Před rokem +1

    Having Linda in this video was hilarious ngl

  • @gurreg1524
    @gurreg1524 Před rokem +77

    Normal people: 3k calories per day
    Anomaly: 3k calories for breakfast

    • @davisveidmanis4685
      @davisveidmanis4685 Před rokem +8

      3k is too much everyday xD

    • @elite6848
      @elite6848 Před rokem +11

      @@davisveidmanis4685 nope not if u exercise

    • @amine.aityounes
      @amine.aityounes Před rokem +2

      @@davisveidmanis4685 yea, if u don’t exercise

    • @relaxlord717
      @relaxlord717 Před rokem

      Mine is 1600 a day but still I am fat

    • @failedabortion1894
      @failedabortion1894 Před rokem +3

      @@relaxlord717 Yeah, that doesn't check out. Either you're miscalculating or deliberately leaving out calories, provided you've been on this "diet" for several months.

  • @giuseppeghersi9166
    @giuseppeghersi9166 Před 10 měsíci

    That "be like" and (bro fist) with papa... he is such a great dad bro... lol

  • @Albertevil5
    @Albertevil5 Před rokem +14

    For anyone wondering what that "P.P" is it's Palak Panner. A stew of Spinach and Cottage Cheese and it's pretty popular in North india.

  • @Vetaa
    @Vetaa Před rokem +42

    He literally eats more in the morning than me the whole day

    • @neogmz
      @neogmz Před rokem +1

      Just imagine how much all that would be priced at... for a week

    • @J0hn-MiCHaeL
      @J0hn-MiCHaeL Před rokem +1

      Big man needs more food to get full in the morning :)

    • @senecathefuka441
      @senecathefuka441 Před rokem

      @@J0hn-MiCHaeL thats the reason why he is fat to begin with. not the other way round

    • @J0hn-MiCHaeL
      @J0hn-MiCHaeL Před rokem

      @@senecathefuka441 k

    • @senecathefuka441
      @senecathefuka441 Před rokem

      @@J0hn-MiCHaeL just saying. dont normalize it, he should, if its actually true, not eat that much. so we can watch him long time kk

  • @LoneparkourWolves
    @LoneparkourWolves Před rokem +7

    Actually happy to see Anomaly losing weight keep up the grind king

  • @thatAlex1337
    @thatAlex1337 Před rokem +1

    The reason why this video took so long is, that Anomaly needed to recover from his last diet. Great vid.

  • @dominikbotar8542
    @dominikbotar8542 Před rokem

    This has prolly been the first video since 2013 that made me ...smile , ty :)😀

  • @Mikeyx06
    @Mikeyx06 Před rokem +34

    I just realize that anomaly is tall af and Linda probably is 1,60cm

  • @suamenbolliisi3342
    @suamenbolliisi3342 Před rokem +11

    16:06 this is how every video on Blacked starts.

  • @shakiiladee9867
    @shakiiladee9867 Před rokem +27

    Linda is very pretty and cute - nice to see that he gives her some more screentime :3

    • @Blind_Hawk
      @Blind_Hawk Před rokem

      @@GalaxyDesu. Did you have a stroke writing this? jkjk but i see waaht u mean meeen

    • @jesuschristus2001
      @jesuschristus2001 Před rokem

      @@GalaxyDesu. bruh its his sister 💀

    • @neogmz
      @neogmz Před rokem +5

      @@jesuschristus2001 It's not hahahah it's his fiancée

    • @jesuschristus2001
      @jesuschristus2001 Před rokem

      @@neogmz 15:27 he says it himself what are you on about

    • @jesuschristus2001
      @jesuschristus2001 Před rokem

      couple seconds later he calls her his sister again. And they even look like siblings, tell me where does it say she's his gf?

  • @Ackira
    @Ackira Před rokem +3

    You guys lifestyles makes me feel better after I wake up at 1pm

  • @mkct4247
    @mkct4247 Před rokem +2

    Omg Linda is so kind and attractive, 😇I would like to meet linda in a future for sure

  • @inigopatch420
    @inigopatch420 Před rokem +2

    ngl i was actually waiting for this type of content
    already put a like

  • @itizwhatitiz9560
    @itizwhatitiz9560 Před rokem +3

    Linda literally eats what I eat everyday. Cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch then that cottage cheese spinach dish for dinner (am Indian). Although dinner dish obviously changes regularly.

  • @yaogwai
    @yaogwai Před rokem +6

    You know it’s bad when the dog is going to live longer than Anomaly

  • @wumarNart
    @wumarNart Před rokem +7

    6:39 the (only) kindest thing Anomaly ever did to Linda in a video.

  • @Bruhmoment42O
    @Bruhmoment42O Před rokem +49

    When anomaly makes videos with Linda, it’s definitely better than with his friends, idk it just feels like couple goals.

    • @emilengstroom
      @emilengstroom Před rokem +10

      Didn't he say at the end that she's his sister?

    • @demon9144
      @demon9144 Před rokem +43

      @@emilengstroom bruh

    • @QuiVierge
      @QuiVierge Před rokem +4

      @@emilengstroom that not his sister

    • @Radianas
      @Radianas Před rokem +11

      @@emilengstroom r/woooosh

    • @kimjongun505
      @kimjongun505 Před rokem +3

      @@emilengstroom shes his gf

  • @mehu1955
    @mehu1955 Před rokem

    That party cannon shirt looking extra nice🤘🏻

  • @porschegt3rs435
    @porschegt3rs435 Před rokem +4

    Du är fan as roligt och bäst, älskar dig 😘

  • @d.f.x.2481
    @d.f.x.2481 Před rokem +2

    Interesting fact about the origin of the sauce: The sauce itself it's transported from Romania (since literally the writing at the top it's in Romanian) since it is one of the few and closest country that is available to export it to Sweden

  • @sole9459
    @sole9459 Před rokem +12

    8:10 joke of the year

  • @gorrtube
    @gorrtube Před rokem +21

    We need to see more videos of Linda reacting to stuff

  • @thelazyman9251
    @thelazyman9251 Před rokem +9

    I wish I had this kind of energy throught the day.

  • @Craider79
    @Craider79 Před 9 měsíci

    Water is great - especially with a bunch solid water in it (ice cubes 😀) - Also sparkling water is great if it's cold. It's all about getting used to it. I love sugar drinks too - but when I'm really thirsty I drink sparkling water instead. Used to hate it - but after a diet where I could only have that as my "soda" - I actually have grown fond of it.

  • @nikkiw1477
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