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Inside RuPaul’s Fabulous Beverly Hills Mansion | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • čas přidán 15. 05. 2023
  • Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by RuPaul to tour his dazzling Beverly Hills home. When the 'Drag Race' star and husband Georges LeBar acquired their home they enlisted esteemed AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and architect Christopher Hatch McLean to help bring their 1980s palazzo to life. Together they transformed the property into an enchanting homage to Old Hollywood injecting the glamor of 1930s regency throughout. Bursting with color and pattern, RuPaul wanted the design of his home to evoke joy in those who step inside its doors - “The house is a touchstone to remind me to inspire people to feel the magic that’s seemingly so elusive these days,” RuPaul asserts. “It’s meant to be whimsical and fun. None of it is to be taken too seriously-except for love and kindness.”
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    Director: Hiatt Woods
    Director of Photography: Grant Bell
    Editor: Alex Mechanik
    Host: RuPaul
    Producer: Chase Lewis
    Line Producer: Joe Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Josh Crowe
    Production Manager: Peter Brunette
    Talent Booker: Dana Mathews
    Camera Operator: Malcolm Cook
    Audio: Cassiano Pereira
    Production Assistant: Fernando Barajas
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Junior Editor: Paul Tael
    Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
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  • @Archdigest
    @Archdigest  Před rokem +762

    Shop pieces inspired by RuPaul’s glamorous Los Angeles home:
    Kathy Kuo Home Regency Lacquer Chair: fave.co/3o211ga
    Lumens Hexsation Pendant by Martyn Lawrence Bullard: fave.co/3M3LdBn
    Kathy Kuo Home Saura Coastal Beach Leaf Pendant: fave.co/3WcLLcT
    1stdibs Pair of Chocolate Honeycomb Lamps by Gerald Thurston: fave.co/3W21zzb
    Etsy Vintage Landscape Wallpaper: fave.co/3M751nv
    Etsy Black and White Stripe Wallpaper: fave.co/44ZX1xj
    Amazon 8” Disco Ball: amzn.to/3Oe7dMQ
    Etsy Donna Summer in Cat Eye Glasses: fave.co/3MqaN54
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    • @magicworld3242
      @magicworld3242 Před rokem +18

      So happy for RuPaul. I remember when we use to party at The Tunnel and The World nightclubs in NYC 😊

    • @metropcs7560
      @metropcs7560 Před rokem +8


    • @Jonathan-ze6oo
      @Jonathan-ze6oo Před rokem +11

      beautiful place! I love love love it 😊😊

    • @sundown2221
      @sundown2221 Před rokem +5


    • @micanugg196
      @micanugg196 Před rokem +4

      The captions are wrong in different places. Agate should be Agatha. Dual tones should be jewel tones.

  • @cuzimnotlaughing
    @cuzimnotlaughing Před rokem +13482

    Not many realize Rupaul was once homeless and walking the streets of New York just trying to make it. He had a very rough life in the beginning. Look at him now! What an inspiration!

    • @atlasgarland5879
      @atlasgarland5879 Před rokem +36

      lmao .... take the finger out fool

      @EMANUGARC Před rokem +52

      The dramatics lmao

    • @carminhasantangelo8402
      @carminhasantangelo8402 Před rokem +370

      Yes this is true. There are some videos on CZcams documenting his early years. I am happy for RuPaul.

    • @elenaarman-tang7811
      @elenaarman-tang7811 Před rokem +179

      Wow! I didn't know that. I'm so happy for him 😊

    • @elenaarman-tang7811
      @elenaarman-tang7811 Před rokem +55

      ​@@carminhasantangelo8402I'm going to look it up. So happy for him 😊

  • @spak3950
    @spak3950 Před rokem +12124

    You all need to do an entire hour video of just RuPaul's closets.

    • @angiebjourney
      @angiebjourney Před rokem +83

      Yes! I wish they would do this!

    • @fdort3971
      @fdort3971 Před rokem +48

      I'm totally jealous of his.closet! I share mine with hubby. I have such a small bedroom I've had to downsize my dreams

    • @joanleek
      @joanleek Před rokem +9

      Yeahh plsss

    • @wink196
      @wink196 Před rokem +8


    • @skyepurr8234
      @skyepurr8234 Před rokem +22

      Literally a mall of tuxedos😂

  • @juliedobson3039
    @juliedobson3039 Před 3 měsíci +234

    He deserves every inch of that house …it is a reflection of him classy , trashy, colourful, organised, hardworking,playful and…..full of love ❤

  • @helenvann3506
    @helenvann3506 Před 2 měsíci +104

    On the whole, I love RuPaul. It’s sometimes said that rich people always had someone with money in their background and this is often true, but RuPaul is an example of someone who literally worked his way to the top

    • @tatit.381
      @tatit.381 Před 2 měsíci +1

      Wahrscheinlich kommt er deswegen so ungekünstelt ´rüber! Sehr sympathische Erscheinung!

  • @user-qb5dd6lq2p
    @user-qb5dd6lq2p Před rokem +6354

    *Wouldn't be a Ru video without the bursts of laughter once a minute LOL*

    • @mincedtofu
      @mincedtofu Před rokem +117

      Ee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! 😄

    • @LilyJohn96
      @LilyJohn96 Před rokem +151

      She laughed before even saying a word 😂

    • @missm.166
      @missm.166 Před rokem +13

      I was thinking the same😂

    • @dbrennan785
      @dbrennan785 Před rokem +50

      Grandmama is havin' fun always all the time and I love it

    • @becksdre3294
      @becksdre3294 Před rokem +28

      I think that was my favorite part, infectious laugh!

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Před rokem +2892

    This honestly has to be one of my favourite houses ever.

  • @kirtisawant9288
    @kirtisawant9288 Před 11 měsíci +96

    Such an amazing person. Can hear him talk for hours. There is excitement but certain calmness and serenity in his talks. He would be a great friend.

  • @67johnnyjoe
    @67johnnyjoe Před rokem +152

    Rupaul has earned this lovely life. All the joy and art he brings to the world are priceless!

  • @trinitywinn1851
    @trinitywinn1851 Před rokem +4141

    I love hearing him talk he’s so passionate. I’m glad he says “OUR” including his husband. “Our” kitchen “our” disco room. Many Celebes say MINE. I’m glad he shares his space with his husband as you should.

    • @trinitywinn1851
      @trinitywinn1851 Před rokem +45

      4:27 not trying to be all spiritual and witchcrafty but I bet his aura is orange.

    • @suzy3899
      @suzy3899 Před rokem +15

      Me too - it’s so sweet ❤

    • @kimcapri9178
      @kimcapri9178 Před rokem +18

      RuPaul THE LIVING LEGENDARY ICON of our times and Dim Sum. I love Yvie, willamnoi, and Pearl but they do not understand true GENIUS. Jonathan Swift said it best, "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

    • @Summerzz16
      @Summerzz16 Před rokem +3

      Came to say the same thing

    • @vincentfreddoyle7555
      @vincentfreddoyle7555 Před rokem +17

      OUR Fracking❤

  • @user-je4eh9ht1k
    @user-je4eh9ht1k Před rokem +4362

    Ru is such a natural speaker. I just love his tempo, story telling, and emphasis on words.

    • @Anogram
      @Anogram Před rokem +50

      Same here, I am going to incorporate nosh. I'm going to say things like no I'm not that hungry, I'm just going to nosh.

    • @samwest9169
      @samwest9169 Před rokem +45

      The inexplicable laughing

    • @ghoulonfrightube
      @ghoulonfrightube Před rokem +6

      @@samwest9169 at your mom having you?? yeah i’m inexplicably laughing at that

    • @sandra-jones
      @sandra-jones Před rokem +38

      ​@@ghoulonfrightube wow, why so mean?

    • @franciscoborges6265
      @franciscoborges6265 Před rokem +12

      I need every book ever written narrated by RuPaul

  • @DamienLavizzo
    @DamienLavizzo Před 8 měsíci +166

    I just love listening to RuPaul laugh, its such an open and free and authentic sound.

  • @fiorebella3179
    @fiorebella3179 Před 5 měsíci +43

    This has been one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen on this web, the colors, the textures, the space. I just love it.

  • @genageeraert8039
    @genageeraert8039 Před rokem +1856

    This honestly has to be one of my favourite houses ever. It’s full of love, colour, and wonder. Not the usual boring beige house.

  • @Joe-sw9nk
    @Joe-sw9nk Před 11 měsíci +170

    He has such class. I'm so happy for him and his husband. Beautiful couple.

  • @TylerLore
    @TylerLore Před 11 měsíci +34

    I could just listen to RuPaul talk about life for hours. He always has such a beautiful outlook and perspective.

  • @millsykooksy4863
    @millsykooksy4863 Před rokem +1214

    "If you're gonna live on this planet, why not be happy." - so beautiful

  • @darrylmorrison6127
    @darrylmorrison6127 Před rokem +1789

    It really is a mirror of her drag aesthetic: Bold, impeccable, classic, fun and with a clear point of view.

    • @MrWhiskeycricket
      @MrWhiskeycricket Před rokem +8

      meh, kind of disappointing and basic.

    • @missfreakk1416
      @missfreakk1416 Před rokem +9

      Classic is not a word I'd use. I'd use glam, definitely. But leaning on tacky tbh

    • @MrWhiskeycricket
      @MrWhiskeycricket Před rokem +19

      @@missfreakk1416 actually, if anything, it’s not tacky enough.

    • @MojoPin1983
      @MojoPin1983 Před rokem +4

      @Derek Morrison *His*

    • @davidcattin7006
      @davidcattin7006 Před rokem +17

      RuPaul is noted among famous drag queens for his indifference towards the gender-specific pronouns used to address him-both "he" and "she" have been deemed acceptable. "You can call me he. You can call me she.

  • @abeltesfaye_
    @abeltesfaye_ Před 9 měsíci +37

    I literally smiled more watching this video than almost any other video I've ever seen on CZcams! This place is beautiful and it makes sense for Ru, who he is and what he's about. I loved the history lessons he dropped in between also ❤ Rupaul & his legacy has literally helped millions of us and changed our lives for the better and I'm so inspired/happy to see someone like him relishing in his success!!

  • @Khoyal
    @Khoyal Před rokem +21

    Ru....you MADE my day. I am crying! Crying with joy in my heart! I love you and thank you for being you!

  • @kushkitchenwithlove
    @kushkitchenwithlove Před rokem +1636

    I enjoy listening to Rupal speak. He always sounds happy and grateful for the world around him. When you see other celebrities doing tours of their homes they seem to be showing off. Rupal still seems to be in awe of it all. Still appreciative and kind.

    • @nonenone6357
      @nonenone6357 Před rokem +5

      except his shirt:)

      @OUTOBRIGHTON1234 Před rokem +8

      Yes Yes Yes I've been trying to put this into words for years I'm so glad you stated it perfectly!!!! Thanx!!!!

    • @Pr3ppie
      @Pr3ppie Před rokem +2


    • @Tkimba2
      @Tkimba2 Před rokem +6

      "seems" is the key world.
      Can't believe how many people worship celebrities ' narcisism

    • @baby.goblin
      @baby.goblin Před rokem +4

      No he’s greedy and out of touch and fake 😅

  • @remsan03
    @remsan03 Před rokem +1311

    05:17 "If you're gonna be on this planet, why not be happy? Why not live in a place that makes you happy."
    Words to live by.
    P.S. Also yes, having billions of "dollahs"-- as he calls it --certainly helps with the happiness.

    • @bluey3538
      @bluey3538 Před rokem +8

      For me it's 02:08

    • @MilkyMinded
      @MilkyMinded Před rokem +51

      well, for one, money...

    • @NicolesNaturals
      @NicolesNaturals Před rokem +21

      @@MilkyMinded Exactly what I was going to say. He's got money...and a lot of it.

    • @irenebyrne7809
      @irenebyrne7809 Před rokem +19

      Late stage capitalism RU, that's why, late stage capitalism...

    • @JoshLathamMVC
      @JoshLathamMVC Před rokem +7

      Nice if you had the 30 million that you would need to make that a reality.

  • @delphinecook3767
    @delphinecook3767 Před rokem +21

    Can't get enough of this episode ! Best one ever 💛
    Such a beautiful house, playful and fun, beautifully designed and decorated

  • @dannylowe8932
    @dannylowe8932 Před 10 měsíci +16

    I had no idea what I was expecting this house to look like but this fits the bill it is fabulous just like RuPaul timeless and wonderful.

  • @GizmoMaltese
    @GizmoMaltese Před rokem +3417

    This has to be one of the most well decorated homes I've ever seen. It's so well thought out. It's gorgeous.

    • @ch1ckmom217
      @ch1ckmom217 Před rokem +71

      And so unique, I love that, he's not like others who have to have something because everyone in L.A has it, everything in his house works well together.

    • @MagnusVonBenz
      @MagnusVonBenz Před rokem +21

      Don't be silly

    • @thefrontporch8594
      @thefrontporch8594 Před rokem +1

      I guess you didn't see Rod Stewarts house.

    • @ch1ckmom217
      @ch1ckmom217 Před rokem +3

      @@thefrontporch8594 Tbh, I haven't, I will look at it if I can find it.

    • @jamangel
      @jamangel Před rokem


  • @federicogou
    @federicogou Před rokem +1885

    This house is so outrageous yet so welcoming and warm.

    • @lynntynan5911
      @lynntynan5911 Před rokem +6

      I just love this place and I love, love and more love RuPaul Thanks for a great tour.

    • @lynntynan5911
      @lynntynan5911 Před rokem +1

      But I LOVE RuPaul even more. I’ve been watching you for years and I love how you inspire so many people.

  • @AllyKat80108
    @AllyKat80108 Před rokem +6

    I’m just gobsmacked! Everything just makes so much sense; stylistically, colour-wise and functionality. It’s like a mental waterfall soothing you with colour and texture! I feel so connected to Ru’s explanation of his design and inspiration. Well done again Rupaul! 🫡

  • @hectorrivera2785
    @hectorrivera2785 Před rokem +9

    I remember watching a video of him, very young boy, beautiful energy, passionate, and then this. He have been working really hard for all that, he deserve it. Such an inspiration for me.

  • @leonhayes188
    @leonhayes188 Před rokem +1773

    I knew RuPaul years ago in Atlanta. His life is a testimony to the fact that the more love you put out into the world, the more love you get back. The house is almost as amazing as he is.

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Před rokem +2259

    id give anything to attend a rupaul daytime disco 🪩

  • @Goobebeh
    @Goobebeh Před rokem +2121

    Honestly this is the first house I’ve seen where it all makes sense and Im just enjoying it. My brain literally feels soothed

    • @Labsluv24
      @Labsluv24 Před rokem +18

      I can listen to Rupaul literally read the telephone book. He's the best.

    • @JM-hd7qf
      @JM-hd7qf Před 11 měsíci +1

      He is one of a kind, just spectacular!!!! Bravo he is as real as the come, not a fake🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • @ramryn592
      @ramryn592 Před 11 měsíci

      Watch iohn legend s house

    • @visualhatefvck
      @visualhatefvck Před 9 měsíci +2

      True. But is someone actually living in this house? It doesn't look like it at all 😂 it's more like a museum.

    • @user-fl7ir3tb9q
      @user-fl7ir3tb9q Před 8 měsíci


  • @IMissThe90s15
    @IMissThe90s15 Před rokem +6

    WOW!!! So Much Character!! Usually I'm not a fan of too much black and white pattern! Or different patterns in the same room! I literally get nauseous and feel anxiety? But this house I absolutely LOVE!!❤ The beautiful colors he added tones it down perfectly! The Orange is beautiful! The two cyan accent chests with orange vases look wonderful!! The orange dining chairs and the flowerd ones!! Love the disco room!! Everything is unique in a beautiful way!!👏👏

  • @stevencrowe2450
    @stevencrowe2450 Před 10 měsíci +8

    it's such a joy to see someone who literally grew up in the protects not just fulfill their dreams but to do so purely on their own terms, powered by their unique and specific talent. I adore RuPaul. Oh, and the house is quite nice too!

  • @ons6370
    @ons6370 Před rokem +1385

    I love how he is in peace with himself , I don’t think he is faking it , it’s real self acceptance at it’s best ❤

    • @twistoffate4791
      @twistoffate4791 Před rokem +26

      His laugh is one of the most fun sounds I've ever heard. And I love all the disco balls, too, as I have a full-size disco ball hanging in my living room. The neighbors thought I'd lost my mind. Nope.

    • @atlasgarland5879
      @atlasgarland5879 Před rokem +1

      lmao .... take the finger out fool

    • @twistoffate4791
      @twistoffate4791 Před rokem

      @atlas garland Don't watch & comment if there's no interest, you ignorant punk.

    • @lamekajones6228
      @lamekajones6228 Před rokem +28

      ​@@atlasgarland5879 Question it seems as if you don't like Ru Paul ???? You have put this same comment under several posts people have made, If you don't like RuPaul just say that. There's no need to attack and be rude to other people ❤

    • @bigchubbyman103
      @bigchubbyman103 Před rokem +3

      @@lamekajones6228 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • @user-jk6hq5tz2n
    @user-jk6hq5tz2n Před rokem +755

    RuPaul’s laugh is SO infectious and I love his outlook on life.

  • @kirinachristel
    @kirinachristel Před 8 měsíci +8

    Im sure there is so much more we didn’t get to see! RuPaul is such an inspiration. Very heartfelt and poetic.

  • @sistahkrista4290
    @sistahkrista4290 Před rokem +19

    What a gorgeous house created by such a beautiful, positive person!

  • @TheHungarianchick
    @TheHungarianchick Před rokem +904

    This is one of those homes that manages to achieve the impossible. Ridiculously overdone but absolutely works and “overdone” with impeccable taste. Bravo!

    • @MathPatath
      @MathPatath Před rokem +15

      It’s fracking beautiful

    • @elenawilliams32
      @elenawilliams32 Před rokem +3

      ​@@MathPatath Oof! I knew someone had to say it. 👀

    • @angelaebirim2705
      @angelaebirim2705 Před rokem

      I don't think it's overdone. The house is RuPaul personified and is warm and beautiful, just like him.

  • @sabrinacheek
    @sabrinacheek Před rokem +473

    This is what all mansion tours should be like! You can genuinely see someone living there, it's not all beige and lifeless. And the disco room!!

  • @calisongbird
    @calisongbird Před 9 měsíci +3

    I could listen to him talk all day. He's aspirational and inspiring. The house isn't my personal taste, but it's PERFECT for RuPaul. I admire it on that level.

  • @SlashFredo
    @SlashFredo Před 6 měsíci +3

    Stunning! This is the best marriage of a homeowner’s style and energy to architecture and design that I have ever seen. Martin and Christopher nailed it and this is RuPaul’s house, no one else. I wish his husband Georges made an appearance at the end.

  • @brandonschwartz3154
    @brandonschwartz3154 Před rokem +1197

    Seeing someone be so happy and confident in their success and just express themselves so authenticity is beautiful

    • @valexcx
      @valexcx Před rokem +1

      Yass go offff fracking queen

    • @Greapes
      @Greapes Před 11 měsíci +1

      @@valexcxlmaoooo the fact that the pit stop’s joke of this got edited out 😭😭

  • @lucyscorner1894
    @lucyscorner1894 Před rokem +636

    I don't know why I was so surprised to see how STUNNING this house is. It's RuPaul for crying out loud of course it's going to be FABULOUS

    • @pousseandco
      @pousseandco Před rokem +3

      Me too. I said the same thing when I first watched. I was surprised to see his house look so grand yet I shouldn't be surprised.

    • @Superbustr
      @Superbustr Před rokem

      The house gives me a headache.

    • @beysmentssecuritycamera6013
      @beysmentssecuritycamera6013 Před rokem +9

      @@Superbustr nobody asked… ofc luxury and grandeur is gonna give a random peasant headache, it’s not that unexpected 😱😱😱

  • @clarehilton6755
    @clarehilton6755 Před 7 měsíci +2

    One of the best AD house tours, what a beautiful message! So inspiring! ❤

  • @claudia8861
    @claudia8861 Před rokem +4

    RuPaul was so generous to show all his favorite rooms in the house. I loved this video!

  • @lovettuduebor1902
    @lovettuduebor1902 Před rokem +305

    I wasn’t planning on watching this entire episode, but this Rupaul has such charisma. He should host something, like the Oscars.

    • @canete_h
      @canete_h Před rokem +20

      I can't tell if you're being ironic or not about RuPaul hosting "something" 😅

    • @imtisalzafar
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    • @summeroflove394
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    @EmmaAdams-ry7te Před 4 měsíci

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      @paulbaker6051 Před rokem

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    • @maddieb.4282
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    • @beysmentssecuritycamera6013
      @beysmentssecuritycamera6013 Před rokem +4

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    @luisvidal2361 Před 11 měsíci +4

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    • @tamaramartin4015
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    • @Nichole.Monroe
      @Nichole.Monroe Před rokem +3

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    Thank you.

    • @-BabyValentine-
      @-BabyValentine- Před rokem +9

      The fight is against them performing for children…

    • @14ariel77
      @14ariel77 Před rokem

      I'm pretty sure he doesn't agree with the drags grooming children

    • @haleycarpenter7606
      @haleycarpenter7606 Před rokem +17

      @@-BabyValentine- Why shouldn’t they be able to perform for children? Children are humans, too.

    • @leadoucet1432
      @leadoucet1432 Před rokem

      ​@@-BabyValentine- drag queens read storybooks to children; they don't molest them like priests and christian pastors do 🙄

    • @eveningstar8581
      @eveningstar8581 Před rokem +1

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