3 Bizarre Japanese Puzzles!! 😲

  • čas přidán 14. 07. 2021
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Komentáře • 6 334

  • Ra1nb0w Ph0en1x-Hinotori
    Ra1nb0w Ph0en1x-Hinotori Před rokem +21

    For anyone wondering, these puzzles are called Himitsu-Bako (秘密箱), which literally translates to “Personal Secret Box”! I have one that’s in the shape of a dolphin!

  • Elly Ezra

    My head: "Y0u cAn pUt YouR wEed iN tHeRE."

  • furro animations

    The last one is just like the combination of detaching your toenail and stubbing your pinky.. What did the creator drink to combine 2 such horrors into one expertly crafted puzzle?

  • Jason Le
    Jason Le Před rokem +16

    Fun fact: these puzzles were invented to prevent theft from the royal troops during dynasty time. People would hide their jewels or money in them, and since the guards were trying to move fast (house to house), they would not have time to “solve” the puzzle. Its made out of wood, because you cant burn it without burning the money or valuable inside, too. And wood is actually more durable (bounces when smashed to the ground by force, which the guards did).

  • Harshit Batra

    I was literally feeling the pain when he was lifting the toe nail

  • catlover991188 Mswolfy81

    Honestly I'd love to have the foot one because no one would suspect it. "Why do you have a wooden foot?" "Why not?" And me being my weird self they probably would assume it was an impulse buy or somth but I can stash secret things in there

  • Hunter Bissonette
    Hunter Bissonette Před rokem +6

    When you opened the dice the note should have said: we've been trying to contact you about your car's extended warranty.

  • ILostTheGame

    Hehe, my sister heard me watch the end without context and looked quite confused at "lift up the nail and push the pinky"

  • すりっぱたべ子


  • AcidLonie

    "you gotta lift up the toe nails and push on the pinky"

  • Rianna
    Rianna  +7

    These are ingenious. I didn't know I needed these until watching this.

  • まきぐそ君


  • Lord Eyepatch
    Lord Eyepatch Před rokem +5

    NGL, that

  • VagranT
    VagranT  +13

    "The box! You opened it, We came!"


    I’m Japanese, but I didn’t know those things.

  • KyleTheKyle
    KyleTheKyle Před rokem +3

    Plot Twist: The puzzles are actually safes where rich people keep their jewelry and he's training us to rob a mansion

  • 猿の腰掛けモドキ


  • Evelyn R

    "..And there's a little chick in there"

  • ZenitsuKun
    ZenitsuKun Před rokem +3

    Me: To open the feet puzzle, one must tickle the feet

  • みみ
    みみ  +6