I don't know how to news

  • čas přidán 12. 09. 2023

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  • justadepresseddemigod😃#MOTHERKNOWSBEST#ATHENAGANG

    *casually admits her grandma killed a kid*

    • Ellie
      Ellie Před 20 dny +226

      No , the kid save her

    • Mike
      Mike Před 20 dny +166

      Involuntary balcony-slaughter

    • Jim Beam
      Jim Beam Před 20 dny +61

      @Ellie Heroic kid went to Stovokor!

    • Monomono
      Monomono Před 20 dny +64

      The balcony did it, the grandma is innocent!

    • justadepresseddemigod😃#MOTHERKNOWSBEST#ATHENAGANG
      justadepresseddemigod😃#MOTHERKNOWSBEST#ATHENAGANG Před 20 dny +36

      @Monomono I WANT THE TRUTH *dramatic music starts playing as i slam my hand on the table*

  • Zannatul Wasul
    Zannatul Wasul Před 20 dny +16165

    “I taught that orphan not to diss me”

    • James bond
      James bond Před 20 dny +109

      She's in her villain Arc 💀💀

    • Arawn
      Arawn Před 20 dny +75

      And then the grandma fell on the orphan

    • BRO
      BRO Před 20 dny +24

      Well at least somebody's talking about it💀

    • GMFU
      GMFU Před 20 dny +6


    • Eleanor Caesar
      Eleanor Caesar Před 20 dny +7

      techno that you

  • Orange
    Orange Před 20 dny +11237

    "Surprisingly enough, not all of them are virgins"💀💀

  • Dark spirits gaming
    Dark spirits gaming Před 20 dny +8724

    "There's a dog who knows how to skateboard he's been doing it for 10 years, oh wait he died............DAMNIT.

    • Greg
      Greg Před 20 dny +70

      Legend says he is still skateboarding in doggy heaven

    • Sam Dee
      Sam Dee Před 18 dny +9

      😂the dammit at the end

    • Charlotte Mabury
      Charlotte Mabury Před 17 dny

      I was looking for this 😂😂😂

    • notanotLeahAshefan
      notanotLeahAshefan Před 17 dny

      Nah fam that'd be me lol

    • N!GhTSpÄwN
      N!GhTSpÄwN Před 10 dny +1

      ​@Charlotte Maburyyou were looking for.... Someone reciting the video?

  • Season
    Season Před 20 dny +2047

    The "Hallo !" got me 😂

    • Orcabube🇺🇦
      Orcabube🇺🇦 Před 20 dny +45

      Yes, just threw a German word in there😅

    • CheeseAddict
      CheeseAddict Před 19 dny +2

      @Orcabube🇺🇦I was thinking Afrikaans but yeah 😔

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB Před 19 dny +3

      It’s just hello in an accent

    • La dernière pluie
      La dernière pluie Před 19 dny +23

      ​@DeathnoteBB no it's hallo because she can speak German but also Italian beacuse I think she's from Tirol

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB Před 19 dny +1

      @La dernière pluie But sometimes she used an Italian accent on specific words, so this time it was on hello

  • hellie_888
    hellie_888 Před 20 dny +2461

    - Oh, don't worry, she fell on a kid
    - Is the kid okay?
    -nOoO 😁

    JAVON CARTER VIDEOS Před 20 dny +5931

    Sylvia characters be so petty 🤣 She didn't have to diss that orphan like that 😂

  • david oyeniji
    david oyeniji Před 20 dny +2585

    "It doesn't say which color" I see what you did there💀👍🏾

  • Brian Stasko
    Brian Stasko Před 20 dny +1761

    "And not all of them are virgins"

    • Trumpisgod
      Trumpisgod Před 20 dny +51

      “And surprisingly enough, not all of them are virgins.” The video is right in front of you for reference. If you’re going to put something in quotes it needs to be… you know… a QUOTE!

    • 〖 · 》𝘚𝘠𝘋𝘕𝘌𝘠 𝘞𝘐𝘛𝘏 𝘈 𝘠《 · 〗
      〖 · 》𝘚𝘠𝘋𝘕𝘌𝘠 𝘞𝘐𝘛𝘏 𝘈 𝘠《 · 〗 Před 20 dny +7

      Either way, horrible out of context.

    • Science in Engineering
      Science in Engineering Před 20 dny +4

      The most unbelivable news to this day

    • Bombik
      Bombik Před 20 dny +2


    • bettrhalf
      bettrhalf Před 20 dny +8

      "I carp at total strangers over shit that literally nobody was confused by." -@ButAlsoMyUsernameIdolizesTheWorstSentenceMakerOfAllTimeWhatTheFuckAmIDoingWithMyLife

  • I Like Anime
    I Like Anime Před 20 dny +446

    The way she said ‘the team with the red and white stripes won’ like I haven’t related to anything more 😂

  • captain⚓
    captain⚓ Před 20 dny +494

    I would definitely be watching the news more often if Silvia was reporting😂

    • Blught
      Blught Před 19 dny

      no you wont

    • captain⚓
      captain⚓ Před 19 dny +4

      @Blught xD i dont wanna argue lol i was telling a joke😂

    • livi_123
      livi_123 Před 19 dny +3


    • Charlotte Mabury
      Charlotte Mabury Před 17 dny +1

      Oh 100% me too

    • livi_123
      livi_123 Před 17 dny +3

      @Charlotte Mabury like the news can be so boring sometimes but Silvia would make me watch more of it

  • TKai76
    TKai76 Před 20 dny +276

    "and surprisingly enough not all of them are virgins "😂😂😂

    • Mark Dabrowski
      Mark Dabrowski Před 20 dny +1

      I don't get it.

    • TKai76
      TKai76 Před 20 dny

      @Mark Dabrowski I am pretty sure neither do I ,but it sounds hilarious 🤣🤣

    • Nur Haqim
      Nur Haqim Před 19 dny +1

      ​@Mark Dabrowskiit dirty joke.

  • Jonas Best
    Jonas Best Před 20 dny +195

    As a german potato the sweet "Hallo" just killed me. Thanks for doing what you're doing.

    • Orcabube🇺🇦
      Orcabube🇺🇦 Před 20 dny +1

      Ist halt echt so

    • Stijn Lampo
      Stijn Lampo Před 19 dny +2

      Me too, and I'm from Belgium, dutch part. We say 'hallo' the same way. I love speaking german, english, french and want to learn italian but I already struggle with spanish which is similar. I genuinly like all these cultures as a belgian.

  • clouddog111
    clouddog111 Před 20 dny +99

    hopefully her grandma helped the orphan reunite with their parents ❤

    • Wujaja
      Wujaja Před 19 dny +6

      Damn that's dark 😂

    • Chara Johnson
      Chara Johnson Před 17 dny +2

      That took a minute XD

    • GeoffreyRahl
      GeoffreyRahl Před 15 dny

      Damn, that so dark it can burn in powerplant.

    • Jelly Charlie
      Jelly Charlie Před 14 dny

      LOL 😂

    • Lukas Puff
      Lukas Puff Před 8 dny +1

      No Its So dark that the darkness Is like if you were in a grave burried

  • Ash W
    Ash W Před 20 dny +179

    “We’re live!” “*ah*”😂

  • Maiya Salisbury
    Maiya Salisbury Před 20 dny +25

    Sylvia is a whole mood and I’m all here for it 😂

  • Kendrik Hawk
    Kendrik Hawk Před 20 dny +14

    "...and surprisingly, not all of them are virgins." 😂😂😂

  • Apurva Tatode
    Apurva Tatode Před 20 dny +33

    Silvia is the funny kid we never knew we needed😂😂

  • Kimaya Bhanot
    Kimaya Bhanot Před 20 dny +44

    She's literally therapy😂❤

  • Luke Nelson
    Luke Nelson Před 20 dny +31

    She deadass is the most gorgeous news reporter i have ever seen

  • awring mohamad
    awring mohamad Před 20 dny +46

    "Is the kid ok?"
    This literally made my day

  • Bar.babe.os.
    Bar.babe.os. Před 20 dny +10

    "No Silvia it means 13 people are dead" "ohh!!..oh."💀💀💀

  • ☆Alice★
    ☆Alice★ Před 20 dny +16

    Silvia’s energy is what I live for 😂😂

  • whiteout is cool
    whiteout is cool Před 20 dny +36

    bro these videos are the highlight of my day

  • DC Spencer
    DC Spencer Před 20 dny +8

    “No, Silvia, that means 13 people are dead”
    Silvia: “Ohhhh. OhAoHHhhHhhH”

  • meynti
    meynti Před 20 dny +7

    "is the kid okay?" "Oh no" xD We love you Silvia

  • Sandra Maher
    Sandra Maher Před 20 dny +12

    And surprisingly enough, they’re not all virgins- Silvia, 2023

  • drhenceforth
    drhenceforth Před 20 dny +5

    So many great moments in this video. Sylvia is the best.

  • Luis Pietruck
    Luis Pietruck Před 18 dny +7

    "13 people died... it doesn't say which color"💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • idugagrave
    idugagrave Před 20 dny +7

    She must be the only woman in the world that can has perfect winged eyeliner. Like she should be the example.

  • Red Wolf Warrior
    Red Wolf Warrior Před 20 dny +5

    I think Sylvia as a news reporter would be fantastic. People would swarm to her to help them feel better

  • Ludwig Spiegel
    Ludwig Spiegel Před 20 dny +13

    Hahaha! Thank you Silvia!
    Laughter is the best. Medicine.

  • Saksham jain
    Saksham jain Před 20 dny +5

    "surprisingly enough, not all of them are virgins"

  • manal
    manal Před 20 dny +5

    Silvia never fails to make us laugh tho😂😂😂😂

  • Asher Wolfson
    Asher Wolfson Před 20 dny +2

    TBH, I think the world needs more news channels like this.

  • Lujain Abu Hammad
    Lujain Abu Hammad Před 17 dny +3

    Sylvia is litterely what's going around in an introvert's mind😂

  • Kenneth N Webb
    Kenneth N Webb Před 20 dny +6

    her pettiness is such a cute version of being mean

  • Isha Datey
    Isha Datey Před 20 dny +2

    Surprisingly wholesome for a sylvia character, she was actually discomforted when she realized 14 people were dead and not dying their hair 💀💀💀💀

  • Priyaal Khandal
    Priyaal Khandal Před 20 dny +3

    Best host to ever exist

  • OwO Demon
    OwO Demon Před 20 dny +5

    She has the "I so pale" news girl energy

  • Flat-On-His-Face
    Flat-On-His-Face Před 20 dny +7

    This forever, please.
    It is so much entertainment that it doesn't all fit in a short vid, requiring fast cuts, and I'm here for it.

  • StarOfTheForest
    StarOfTheForest Před 20 dny +5

    Not only did she diss the orphans. She also dissed the quadrobists...

  • Time Lord in a Tardis
    Time Lord in a Tardis Před 20 dny +7

    U make me laugh so hard with every single one of ur vids 😂😂😂

  • Unblock Mind
    Unblock Mind Před 20 dny +2

    This girl is going places.

  • RichD1011
    RichD1011 Před 20 dny +4

    The most German “hallo” I have heard in a while 😂

  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma Před 20 dny +5

    At this point, it’s too late to stop this menace

  • Seraphina
    Seraphina Před 19 dny +3

    "I sure taught that orphan not to diss me" got me wheezing😂

  • King Codd
    King Codd Před 20 dny +4

    this is the kind of news i would watch

  • JhadeSagrav
    JhadeSagrav Před 20 dny +4

    how is your delivery so on point??? you never fail with these.

  • Jyx
    Jyx Před 17 dny +2

    The german hallo was so sweet hahah

  • Fortis Et Lenis Studios
    Fortis Et Lenis Studios Před 19 dny +1

    I work in television news, and I can confirm that this is really accurate.

  • gachabat
    gachabat Před 20 dny +5

    Sylvia knows about quadrobics? Now I'm happy :D

    • Cyprus
      Cyprus Před 2 dny +1

      Omg fellow quadrobist?!

  • Al Suqh
    Al Suqh Před 20 dny +1

    glad to hear her grandma is alright

  • My content is gold, Jerry. Gold!

    I could watch Sylvia botch the news all day and the overnight shift.

  • deen over dunya
    deen over dunya Před 20 dny +4

    "OOHHH" --- "oohhh"

  • sircharlescv
    sircharlescv Před 20 dny +1

    You need an SNL audition

  • Zahra zarifi
    Zahra zarifi Před 16 dny +1

    She would be a great news reporter 😂

  • Angel Jewels
    Angel Jewels Před 18 dny

    She should be an actual news reporter

  • Sotir
    Sotir Před 19 dny +2

    More girls should have your sense of humor

  • NoL1fek1nG
    NoL1fek1nG Před 16 dny

    If reporters were actually like this I’d be watching the news 24/7

  • bettrhalf
    bettrhalf Před 20 dny +1

    In retrospect, taking a big swig of water while watching this short was a damn stupid idea. Fortunately my body did manage to compensate for my dumb brain and instinctively redirect all the air to come out my nose at "oh, he died", but that was DAMN close. Love you and your utterly twisted sense of humor, Sylvia, even if I do continually risk my laptop's lifespan every time you put out a new short!

  • BR3H7
    BR3H7 Před 20 dny

    I want an entire news show about Sylvia's bullshit, it would be poggers

  • -littlepenguin-
    -littlepenguin- Před 19 dny

    I would unironically watch the news everyday if Sylvia was the reporter

  • Rosie
    Rosie Před 20 dny +2

    “Is the kid ok? 💀” “Noooo. 😃”

  • ronald smith
    ronald smith Před 2 dny +2

    [Surprisingly enough not all of them are Virgins]
    She sounded like a real news reporter


    I am gonna go to hell....I laughed way to hard 💀😭

  • BLÅHAJ simp
    BLÅHAJ simp Před 20 dny

    She really did the "Silvia, think of the orphans!"
    "What are they gonna do? Tell their parents?"

  • ThisGirl
    ThisGirl Před 18 dny +1

    “ The team with the stripy red shirt won”😂😂

  • Lemon Salmon
    Lemon Salmon Před 20 dny

    The level of chaos in this makes my inner gemini cackle

  • SilverStatic
    SilverStatic Před 20 dny +1

    Considering it probably says the name of the team in her script, it’s actually more impressive that she knew their uniform colors

    • Jaco Wium
      Jaco Wium Před 19 dny

      But she obviously hates them and cannot get herself to say the name... 😂

  • carlsiouxfalls
    carlsiouxfalls Před 20 dny

    As a former tv news worker (not on air), this is pretty accurate.

  • B@nd_Geek1
    B@nd_Geek1 Před 20 dny +2

    “Is THeRe aNy HapPy nEws!?”😂😂

  • Gloria Gavagnin
    Gloria Gavagnin Před 20 dny +1

    "IS that kid okay?"

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming Před dnem

    The reporter we don’t have but we absolutely need

  • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

    Silvia never disappoints! 🤣🤣🤣

  • PokémonMaster
    PokémonMaster Před 3 dny +1

    Finally a news channel i can trust 💀

  • Burner Jet Memes
    Burner Jet Memes Před 20 dny

    She just casually traumatized an orphan lol

  • Taylor Obowa
    Taylor Obowa Před 8 dny

    Why does this woman embody every intrusive and impulsive thought i have ever had 😂

  • Sheabyby
    Sheabyby Před 14 dny

    Bro this would be my go to news place 💀

  • TheeUlysses
    TheeUlysses Před 17 dny

    Sylvia is unhinged in all the best ways

  • socJ
    socJ Před dnem

    "The kid is OK. So proud it saved a senior citizen and that's really its own reward."

  • Sid
    Sid Před 17 dny +1

    I’d be watching the news 24/7 if u were a reporter ‼️

  • Adya Subramani
    Adya Subramani Před 2 dny +1

    "I sure taught that orphan not to diss me” 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Harold Ponte
    Harold Ponte Před 17 dny

    The part of Silvia's grandma falling on top of a kid is news worthy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Letsbe Gaming
    Letsbe Gaming Před 20 dny +1

    I mean let’s be honest, the news sucks sometimes 😂

  • Akromeo
    Akromeo Před 11 dny

    Silvia always prioritises family over anything

  • Diana ;D
    Diana ;D Před 20 dny +1

    “Surprisingly there not all VERGINs “ 💀💀💀

  • Jud James
    Jud James Před 20 dny

    There should be more news about puppies who save kittens from trees.

  • Micro James
    Micro James Před 20 dny

    Her boyfriend is one hell of a lucky guy I am jealous.

  • Vartan Nechanian
    Vartan Nechanian Před 20 dny

    i dont usually leave a like on a youtube video, but sylvia, you are worthy

  • 💜Mono💜
    💜Mono💜 Před 20 dny +1

    "Is the kid okay?"

  • Stuttering Witty Blonde

    Silvia is chaotic evil and I am here for it 😂😂😂😂

  • Bad_Editor
    Bad_Editor Před 17 dny

    “No you’re *mom’s* fat!”
    “I sure taught that *orphan* not to diss me” 💀

  • Martine Sofie Aarbakke
    Martine Sofie Aarbakke Před 15 dny

    I would definitely watch the news everyday if this was on

  • P W
    P W Před 20 dny

    "OHHH, oh 😮" she is too much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Johnny The New Champ DiGioia

    Bro the Sylvia verse is wild 😂

  • OrganisedDisaster
    OrganisedDisaster Před 20 dny +1

    "Is-is the kid okay?"
    " *No-* "

  • MarMar
    MarMar Před 19 dny

    Bet most of us would watch the news more if she was hired

  • Private Assman
    Private Assman Před 20 dny

    This is unitonically what actual news is like lmao

  • tiktaalik sock
    tiktaalik sock Před 20 dny

    This is such an accurate representation of the news