House of the Dragon S1E05 Explained

  • čas přidán 23. 09. 2022
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    This video has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond Episode 5. It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.
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    0:00 Rhea Royce
    3:07 Otto Hightower
    04:14 Larys Strong
    08:12 High Tide
    13:54 Criston Cole
    16:57 Viserys Targaryen
    18:30 The wedding

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Před rokem +354

    Mushrooms in the chat 🍄🍄🍄
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  • Mellow Knight
    Mellow Knight Před rokem +2455

    "A Westerosi wedding without at least one dead joffrey is considered a dull afair"
    -Criston Cole

    • Faust Siftar
      Faust Siftar Před rokem +68

      10/10 comment 😂

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +25

      Haha, yeah, I would imagine Joffrey was his name in the books...otherwise that name is so loaded with meaning for GoT fans. One of the most satisfying death's in GoT was Joffrey...until you realized that Cersei was actually worse.

    • Veggie Supreme
      Veggie Supreme Před rokem +3

      Underrated comment

    • Neo
      Neo Před rokem +25

      @Matt M Joffrey was doomed from the start with Robert and cersi raising him. absolute power corrupts absolutely, even more so when you're 12 and raised with the expectation of absolute power and the man who raised you is a stone cold killer and your moms a psychopath.
      the books explore a lot how first born sons in high up families are commonly super fucked up people compared to their brothers. its just a natural consequence of how the world worked back then.

    • Puffmoney O
      Puffmoney O Před rokem +5

      Joffreys wedding with the mock war of the 5 kings is so good

  • Quinn The GM
    Quinn The GM Před rokem +2904

    If Daemon is ever completely silent, he’s about to commit either a war crime or a murder.

    • SD
      SD Před rokem +12

      what war crime did he commit?

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 Před rokem +234

      @SD He crucified 2000 enemy soldiers on the beach after they surrendered. That's a war crime.

    • Faust Siftar
      Faust Siftar Před rokem +167

      A better question is what war crime didnt he commit 😂

    • WARBeatler
      WARBeatler Před rokem +40

      @Greywolf757 Enemy soldiers? Are you talking about those pirates who fought for crab feeder that pillaged, robbed and murdered countless of innocent sailors and their passagers in a reign of terror? Yeah, I think feeding pirates to the same crabs they used to feed innocent people hardly counts as war crime. It was actually ironic justice.

  • BUB
    BUB Před rokem +3115

    You can feel in each episode the tension boiling up it’s so refreshing to have this type of show back on

    • Maddie
      Maddie Před rokem +30

      @zoobiezaa 💀💀

    • bobbieCat
      bobbieCat Před rokem +36

      @zoobiezaa if only I was 5 years old again I would.

    • Calle
      Calle Před rokem +9

      Yesssss love it! Have u seen the imdb reviews? Everybody shits all over the show for being slow and uneventful, wtf

    • zoobiezaa
      zoobiezaa Před rokem +2

      @bobbieCat ooooo sick burn

  • Fair Share Of Drowned Souls
    Fair Share Of Drowned Souls Před rokem +814

    Viserys' illness started in his *hand.* A clever metaphor.

    • Detta
      Detta Před rokem +39

      First wound was on his back actually.

    • orkinho1
      orkinho1 Před rokem +6

      Otto did nothing wrong¡

    • Fair Share Of Drowned Souls
      Fair Share Of Drowned Souls Před rokem +32

      @orkinho1 A number of people share a portion of the blame for the coming onslaught, some moreso than Lord Hightower, but Otto's actions had some part to play.

    • Cobalt360Degrees
      Cobalt360Degrees Před rokem +64

      @orkinho1 Otto essentially pimped out his own daughter to an aging king and then made *her* feel like the wrong one for not wanting to force the issue of succession. All to make sure that someone with his specific blood is in charge? For kids who wouldn't even exist if he hadn't pushed his daughter into that position in the first place?
      He's not the sole cause of the coming war, sure, but he fucked around and found out; he's responsible for a fair chunk of it.

    • Edward Mi
      Edward Mi Před rokem +10

      @Cobalt360Degrees Also because of misogyny, as he thinks very strongly that he is doing a favour to peace, as the realm is never going to accept a woman as "King"

  • Lucia
    Lucia Před rokem +1117

    I feel bad for Lyonel Strong. He's trying so hard to keep everything together and it's only going to get worse for him.

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf Před rokem +267

      Strong is refreshing in that he doesn't have his plans and schemes and just wants to be a good advisor. He's already lord of the biggest castle in Westeros and is Hand of the King, so he's reached the height of his ambitions. Pity his kid isn't the same.

    • BigTex182
      BigTex182 Před rokem +44

      We don’t know that he isn’t scheming yet

    • King Jack Indigo
      King Jack Indigo Před rokem +33

      @BigTex182 agreed, he could be playing both sides through his boys

    • ASON
      ASON Před rokem +9

      @King Jack Indigo hes dead next episode, just the leave the man Alone.

    • ASON
      ASON Před rokem +2

      @BigTex182 hes going to die next episode, just the one good man alone

  • Olrik Eijffius
    Olrik Eijffius Před rokem +1240

    Characters like Larys are what make GOT and HOTD great.

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf Před rokem +72

      Especially because unlike with Littlefinger and Varys, we NEVER find out what his motivations are. He's the riddle that is never solved.

    • C Dohh
      C Dohh Před rokem +44

      @mst3KGf we don’t in the book, we might in the show

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf Před rokem +11

      @C Dohh Personally, I hope they don't. He's more interesting as this enigmatic figure.

    • Fair Share Of Drowned Souls
      Fair Share Of Drowned Souls Před rokem +9

      Indeed. Mysaria as well. I won't spoil anything.

  • LadyOfShalott
    LadyOfShalott Před rokem +1255

    Loving your work. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.

  • Elementroar
    Elementroar Před rokem +1026

    Rhaenyra was technically suggesting something with historical royal precedent - her great-grandparents (so Daemon’s grandparents) King Jaeharys and Queen Alysanne did elope together to Dragonstone. Their mother forbade them to marry since they just resolved the war with the Faith and feared riling them again with more incest. But Jaeharys and Alysanne were in love, and flew on their dragons to Dragonstone to marry, then defied everyone trying to separate them or get them off Dragonstone. Until finally their mother relented, and their story became a very popular love story about them.
    Rhaenyra had mentioned her great-grandma Queen Alysanne just at the start of episode 4 while on the suitor tour. I think she’s been fantasizing about how she could be with Daemon for a while, and doesn’t see why they can’t do exactly the same thing as their ancestors, and prolly believes everything would work out just the same.

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf Před rokem +128

      Of course, the difference is that Jaeharys and Alysanne were also insanely skilled at politics and diplomacy and thus they were able to get people to accept their marriage. Rhaenyra doesn't have her great-grandparents skills at either.

    • Fariyan Ahmed
      Fariyan Ahmed Před rokem +7

      Daemon doesn't want to be with her, that's why he couldn't finish in episode 4

    • James Garretson
      James Garretson Před rokem +31

      @mst3KGf No, but they have dragons. Which is probably what Rhaenyra would be counting on in that situation.

    • Regina Phalange
      Regina Phalange Před rokem +10

      thanks for the explanation, also the first image at the beginning of episode 4, the necklace that Rhaenyra is touching, may be a sign that's she's already thinking about Daemon, and the mention of Alysanne makes even more sense after that

    • Regina Phalange
      Regina Phalange Před rokem +17

      @Fariyan Ahmed no, he deeply wants to be with her but he repeatedly suffers from impotence with women, that's probably why he got angry in the brothel because he couldn't go further

  • whynotcaptaincrunch
    whynotcaptaincrunch Před rokem +692

    I really like the way Daemon is portrayed here. They could have shown him to be a calculating manipulator, but I think he comes off more as emotionally repressed and impulsive, lashing out in anger and frustration without really having much of a long-term plan. The scene with him and Rhea was nicely done. It felt like even though he wanted to kill her all along, he wasn't sure he was actually going to go through with it until the moment he confronted her.
    I'm not sure how I felt about the murder at the wedding though. I think it was a very well-executed scene, a great character moment for Criston and reinforcement of the fact that this is a culture that glorifies and rewards violent thugs, but it's just hard to imagine how he was permitted to walk out of there. Since they didn't even take the time to clean the blood off the floor, it appears that everything afterwards was happening in a rush, so maybe he just slipped out and hasn't been caught yet. But still, I'd have expected him to be imprisoned within minutes after the murder.

    • Wveth
      Wveth Před rokem +85

      I think the likely answer is that Criston claimed he was threatening. Joffrey DID have a knife and we never saw the start of the fight. If we don't get any answers then I agree it's sloppy, but they could explain it by just filling us in on how it started. Cole might he able to say it was self-defense. Although if they go this route then I think it was bad form to not show it in this episode.

    • King Bellos
      King Bellos Před rokem +103

      I think he got away bc of the shock and chaos of it. Ppl assume King’s Guards have the right. So no common person or guard is going to stop him. The King seems to always be shocked and freezes in the moment. I am sure Coryls isnt super upset his son’s gay lover is killed and Mom isnt going to draw attention to the the fact this was the boyfriend. So I can see Cole walking away and ppl just not knowing who to do to handle this.

    • Michael Pierce
      Michael Pierce Před rokem +6

      yeah they dropped the ball with criston this episode i feel like it was stupid af when he went to rhaenyra asking her to run away and marry him like, A.) shes the princess and HEIR so as long as viserys is alive(for another tenish years btw) he would scour the globe looking for her and execute criston and B.) what the fuck was he talking about when he said the only way to regain his honor as a kingsguard is to QUIT THE KINGSGUARD?? thats a LIFE-long commitment wtf are you TALKING about bro like sure the broken oath of chastity yaddayadda but his solution to that is to just fucking bail AND steal the princess. One of these seems less honorable than the other lmao. As far as joffreys death it was shocking and the “riot” or whatever scene was intense but yeah theres no way that cole should’ve been able to walk out that bitch after intentionally murdering an ANNOINTED KNIGHT during a royal wedding while there were like 3 other kingsguard breaking up the mob towards the end and they just clear everyone out instead of restraining their clearly rogue comrade. Like yeah i think that he misinterpreted joffrey and while i thought joffrey was pretty clear and genuine he still acted sketchy but criston took their little conversation it as a threat of blackmail against the princess so it kind of makes WHY he killed him but it yeah seriously it doesnt make any sense how he was able to walk out of there and be unattended or not interact with any authority long enough to prepare himself for seppuku in the godswood.I wish the inside the episode provided some context but literally their only explanation was “UUUHH DUR wedding in game of thrones world equal bad”

    • Ole Nickel
      Ole Nickel Před rokem +94

      He's a cop who killed someone while on duty. The general assumption will have been he was doing his job, shocking and gruesome as it may have been. It's really not that far fetched.

  • AJP
    AJP  Před rokem +414

    I was hyped to see Larys coming in; I was hyped to see Harwin Strong coming in like a machine; I was hyped to see Alicent come in in that absolutely gorgeous dress. But nothing will compare to the hype I felt knowing my man MUSHROOM has made his debut. Absolutely glorious looking.

    • Blueeyesthewarrior
      Blueeyesthewarrior Před rokem +39

      I loved the way that he jumped in and started shoving people aside. Man is a machine, I tell you.

    • -_-
      -_- Před rokem +30

      Absolute unit of a dwarf. And his member is supposed to be as big as his head, can you imagine that?

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +2

      The Larys scene felt very out of left much so it felt like a huge signpost that he is more powerful than he appears.

    • kaustralis hamal
      kaustralis hamal Před rokem +23

      Ah Mushrrom, the best historian on the seven kingdom's history

    • Xaarinth, Lord of the Shadow
      Xaarinth, Lord of the Shadow Před rokem +14

      All hail Mushroom

  • Bradley S.
    Bradley S. Před rokem +612

    Agree: Cole's murder of Joff wasn't about Joff. It was about Cole. Joff's comments just made him a target of opportunity.

    • Bouji
      Bouji Před rokem +6

      I thought it was meant to symbolize Viserys being a weak king.

    • Derek Torres
      Derek Torres Před rokem +121

      Yeah, Joffrey was just letting the other paramour know that their has been a mutual agreement between their lovers.
      Throughout the entire scene Joffrey is relaxed and somewhat playful with the other characters. He tells Laenor who he thinks is the paramour, a continuation of their playful conversation back at Driftmark.
      Joffrey then goes to Cole and tells him that he knows his secret. However, the fact that he openly admitted to having an affair with the king-consort means he believes Cole was a close paramour of Rhaenyra similar to how he is close with Laenor. He’s simultaneously teasing and reassuring Cole in the agreement between Rheanyra and Laenor.
      Joffrey’s mistake was assuming Cole was elated at being able to continue the relationship with Rhaenyra. Joffrey felt that way about the Royal marriage so he projects that onto Cole.
      However, Cole is a time bomb of shame and guilt who resolves his problems with violence.
      I don’t believe their is a good argument for Joffrey trying to threaten Cole. He isn’t a idiot, why would he threaten a Kingsguard he thinks is in on the Laenor Rhaenyra agreement? He stands to benefit by becoming friends with Cole to protect Laenor and Rhaenyra.

    • Trevor M
      Trevor M Před rokem +50

      i think cole saw joffrey as a mirror of himself and since he was full of so much suicidal anger he took out his self hate on his equivalent

    • donkeysunited
      donkeysunited Před rokem +2

      I thought it was in part to protect the princess's honour.

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook Před rokem +46

      @Derek Torres He absolutely did implicitly threaten Cole.
      “You keep my secret and I’ll keep yours.” essentially. He’s just admitted to being able to destroy Cole’s and Rhaenyra’s entire life and legacy. That’s not reassurance for anyone who isn’t an idiot, that’s obvious blackmail veiled as an agreement among allies. Standard AsoiaF shit

  • Wolfeson28
    Wolfeson28 Před rokem +93

    12:09 It's interesting how Rhaenyra and Laenor might be the healthiest relationship in the series despite the lack of romantic attraction between them. They have a strong common ground of both being constrained by the rules of their society from pursuing the romantic relationships they want (in different ways, of course). So they agree to let each other pursue their own romantic relationships in secret, while playing the roles expected of them in public to maintain the expectations of their families. Obviously this deal has a lot of potential pitfalls, but it's a genuine effort to make the best of the situation that they've been pushed into, accept each other for who they each are, and allow each other whatever degree of romantic freedom they can.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Před rokem +57

    I thought Mellos refusing to stop leeching was suspicious, but actually I think he was just too proud to let some young upstart tell HIM how to treat the king by suggesting they use “herbs” and “medicines” instead of the tried and true method of leeching. I think it was pride and stubbornness rather than a conspiracy, Hanlon’s law and all that.

    • Olorin
      Olorin Před rokem

      Rewatch the scene from the first episode where they are inspecting Viserys back wound.

    • Omega Lul
      Omega Lul Před 11 měsíci +2

      Agreed. I think it's 90% a pride and ego thing. Like how the Grand Maester Pycelle in GOT could not accept the methods of Maester Qyburn

  • Bansic
    Bansic Před rokem +86

    One thing I thought was interesting in this last episode was how Viserys wished that he had been tested so he could've had songs written about how great he was, yet in nearly every episode so far he was given a test and every time he turned away from it because he didn't want to get involved. It took him way too long to address the 🦀Feeder and every time politics came up he chose to ignore it because he didn't want to think about it. While I understand that the tests weren't up to the caliber that he wanted, I doubt that he would have done something if it ever got to Maegor level problematic.

    • tha professa
      tha professa Před rokem +10

      He could barely kill the deer in the kingswood

    • FlyingFox1994
      FlyingFox1994 Před 11 měsíci +6

      This. Viserys was a good man but a weak one, and that's catastrophic when you're a king. The Dance of Dragons was begun by Viserys, not by anyone else. If he'd put his foot down, either on Rhaenyra's side or Aegon's, the realm (and House Targaryen) wouldn't have suffered half as badly. He allowed ill-feeling and hatred to fester and did nothing, he allowed his daughter's obvious bastards to be given trueborn names and claims (just like Aegon the Unworthy) and silenced anyone who spoke the truth (Joffery anyone?) because he was in denial and then later too scared to rock the boat. He denied Aemond justice when he was maimed, which only motivated Aemond to exact vengeance later. He refuses to clarify the position of heir after Aegon's birth, he simply ignored the subject when people brought it up as he was too afraid of offending one side or the other. This is where the confusion and division over who was the rightful heir came in. He frequently forgave Daemon (an objectively terrible person who intends to kill everyone between himself and the throne) basically for everything he did. He had all these tests as a King and as a man but ran away from all of them, and his family and the realm suffered, drowning in the blood of dragons and tens of thousands of people.

  • Melissa
    Melissa Před rokem +234

    I truly think Daemon was planning to kill her the entire time. She just realized it early and tried to defend herself.

    • Lili Gaede
      Lili Gaede Před rokem +28

      Yeah I think so too. There's just no other reason for him to be there, esp when he immediately leaves afterwards. And he kept approaching the horse very purposefully, and to me it looks like he spooked it and then when it reared he pushed it all the way over. Like it does not look accidental to me at all.
      Also Caraxes had to have been nearby if Daemon flew there so that's likely what made the horse nervous and what Rhea kept checking over her shoulder for.

    • T Shepherd
      T Shepherd Před rokem +41

      Absolutely. His dress and demeanor made it obvious. Rhea read his intent and had a split-second to defend herself. Why else would he ambush her on the road? If he was just there to greet his wife, why not do it at Runestone? He wanted no witnesses and a plausible accidental death.

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +13

      @T Shepherd I have to disagree. After she falls off the horse, he starts to walk away. It's only after she continues to pick at him does he grab the rock. It's clear he wants out of the marriage but I don't think he planned to kill her from the start, especially not in the shaodw of a castle, where there were potentially plenty of witnesses. It's a bit of a moot point as it seems clear his intention was to get out of the marriage, we just different on his initial intent on the method. It's def not beyond Daemon to plan to just murder his wife, although that seems very on the nose and open to accusations given his public distaste for her and the marriage.

    • T Shepherd
      T Shepherd Před rokem +16

      @Matt M That’s the thing though; he doesn’t care if people think he did it. He did it away from witnesses, so no one can ever prove it conclusively, but he didn’t care that Rhea’s cousin knew he murdered her. As long as no one can prove it definitively, Daemon is untouchable as the King’s brother. Accusations mean nothing to him.

    • Gijs Sterveld
      Gijs Sterveld Před rokem +1

      How did Daemon get to Runestone? By way of his dragon, I'd guess. When Rhea looks over her shoulder, she might have been sensing the dragon. Not much later we see Daemon looking far more upward than where Rhea would have been seated on her horse. And we see the hood of his cape being filled with air. Just then Rhea's horse started rearing. It reacted to Daemon's dragon flying over them. He tried to calm the horse by gripping the reins? Only to be challenged by Rhea to finally 'finishing'.

  • Peter D
    Peter D Před rokem +25

    weird that Joffrey picked out Criston to be the secret given how Daemon is behaving towards Rhaynera in that scene. Daemon would've been the more obvious suspect, given also that there were already rumours bubbling about the two

    • Duh Man
      Duh Man Před 4 měsíci +3

      It’s also kinda weird how Criston was the only kingsguard without his helmet on during the wedding conveniently allowing Joffrey to notice him glaring at Rhaenyra

  • The Villain in Glasses
    The Villain in Glasses Před rokem +105

    Everyone else just puts a video out as soon as they can to ride the hype, but you always take your time, find quotes from the books, differences/similarities, etc. Never sacrificing quality for quantity. We all appreciate it! Seven blessings friend.

    • E J
      E J Před 11 měsíci +2

      He also has the luxury of having a huge and dedicated fan base haha. Not to say his videos aren’t great.

  • Badger Badger
    Badger Badger Před rokem +615

    I don't feel like I've really seen an episode of HotD until I see the Alt Shift X analysis too.

    • space Viking
      space Viking Před rokem +5

      That is totally true 😁

    • Sunner
      Sunner Před rokem +8

      I watch with my sister who has 1000 questions as we watch. I tell her nothing and show her the ASX recaps.

    • Jim B
      Jim B Před 11 měsíci +2

      Absolutely. I'm watching through the series for the first time and only watch one episode before watching the corresponding ASX review. There is so much I don't pick up on that ASX's reviews point out. The biggest being the significance of the opening credits. There's no way I'd understand what they were portraying without ASX's analysis.

  • val
    val Před rokem +116

    IMO it's not ambiguous at all what daemon's intentions were in the vale. the reason rhea reached for her bow is because she realized in the middle of speaking that he'd come to kill her. rhea is talking about rhaenyra -- asking if he plans to kill 'the child' that stole his position as heir but then it clicks in her mind that with him here and suspiciously cloaked, his intentions are to kill HER off so that he can marry his niece, as targaryens often do. it's subtle but the mannerisms give it away.

    • Alora Luna
      Alora Luna Před rokem +28

      Honestly feel like people are just projecting when it comes to Daemon due to his popularity (not saying ASX is!) but for example lots of people in the subreddit tried to defend his actions by saying that he didn’t go there to kill her, or that it’s her fault because she goaded him but what does any of that matter…in the end he killed her because he never Ed liked her and also wanted to marry again…

    • Honored Madman
      Honored Madman Před rokem +6

      Well the after the episode people said it was meant to be ambiguous, like if he came there to murder her or not, so whether or not it was portrayed well, isn't my point, I was just saying it was the intent of the director, it didn't seem ambiguous to me tho when I watched it

    • AA's Cattery
      AA's Cattery Před rokem +1

      Okay, finally, someone who noticed the line

    • Miss Elle
      Miss Elle Před rokem +5

      It was not as clear why he had returned so suspiciously to his own home. But as the wife kept talking it became very clear he was there to kill her or incapacitate her in some way. Once she fell looks like he confirmed she was paralysed neck down and was okay leaving her like that but after she taunted him he came back to finish her. The poor girl

  • Astrospect
    Astrospect Před rokem +525

    The actress for Allicent gave one of the greatest performances I've ever seen in this episode. Truly amazing acting. I believed every bit of emotion her face was conveying after Criston confessed to her. She deserves an award for her performance in that episode.

    • woman
      woman Před rokem +31

      She truly is.. there’s this face she made when she was upset though that reminded me of keira knightley, i was wondering if someone thought the same

    • MM
      MM Před rokem +13

      Meh. Forgettable. Time wil tell if her career rises or not

    • GGJiaJia
      GGJiaJia Před rokem +23

      @MM yea her performance isn't as strong imo as the rest of the cast. The character is portrayed as nervous and meek and is somewhat one dimensional. Just imo. I think Olivia is going to bring some big energy to the role of older Allicent

    • Iloveass
      Iloveass Před rokem +6

      Watch more films

    • coxmanbgg
      coxmanbgg Před rokem +13

      @GGJiaJia the character is portrayed as such, but her performance and ability to act is excellent. I mean, i don't say others are not as good, there are quite a few nice actors in this series though

  • Nunya Biznes
    Nunya Biznes Před rokem +63

    It's kinda sweet to think that Rhaenyra will name one of her sons after Joffrey, probably to allow Laenor to honor his beloved's memory.

  • Mind Blown
    Mind Blown Před rokem +309

    I swear HoTD episodes seem to come quicker than these videos, feels like forever waiting for the next one 😂 gonna make a brew and watch now 😊

    • Scrapper
      Scrapper Před rokem +13

      This video is basically the live stream summarized

    • BUB
      BUB Před rokem +8

      @Scrapper yeah I’d rather chill In the stream for 3 hours but ima still watch this

    • FreeF Free
      FreeF Free Před rokem +6

      The live chat happens immediately after the show. These summaries are the best online.

    • scottdpt12
      scottdpt12 Před rokem

      No one cares.

    • Mind Blown
      Mind Blown Před rokem +5

      @scottdpt12 I’m sorry you’re in a place where you feel the need to spew negativity online. I hope you find happiness.

  • Elonif
    Elonif Před rokem +20

    Every scene with Daemon in it is gold. He is such a fun character.

  • Bradley B
    Bradley B Před rokem +17

    If the Maesters are killing the king, it’s not in cohoots with Hightowers. The unhealing cut began before the Queen even died. Hightowers at this point would actually want the King alive until Aemon was able to lead men or at least not just be a weak child. Longer the king lives, more time to strength Aemon

    • No One
      No One Před rokem +5

      Aegon* he's the oldest son of Alicent

  • Just Call Me D
    Just Call Me D Před rokem +45

    That dress was everything.
    Also how Criston was able to walk out of the great hall is what really blew my mind at the end of the episode. Also them not cleaning the floor after what happened with Joffery was insane.
    Poor Laenor 😔

    • Keyser94
      Keyser94 Před rokem +1

      The same reason why the Senators walk outside every-time that a murder happen in the Senate, in Rome, the Throne Room would be consider sacred, a place of power, such horrible thing to happen there, no one would want to be close to it.

  • Chris Kehley
    Chris Kehley Před rokem +171

    The simple fact that the producers linger on characters faces and you can see them go through every stage just by looking at their faces
    When Cole was tellin Rhaenery about running off, You could see it in her face that she went from happy to uhhohh to ohh shit same with Alicent finding out about Rhaenery and Cole

    • caboose202ful
      caboose202ful Před rokem +11

      It's pedantic of me to say, but it's directors and camera operators rather than producers that you should be complimenting. For this episode, the director was Clare Kilner, and the cinematographer was Alejandro Martínez

  • mrorganic13
    mrorganic13 Před 11 měsíci +2

    There’s just so much lore to the GOT world that I sometimes question if I’m just watching a history channel with how far back the story goes .

  • Mark My Words
    Mark My Words Před rokem +235

    4:00 finally someone said it! I sympathize with Alicent but she wouldn't be in this precarious situation if it weren't for his father's ambition to begin with.
    And while he's out of the picture in King's Landing, he's likely still in touch with Mellos and scheming continues.

    • Anita Walczak
      Anita Walczak Před rokem +50

      Yup! Plus, Rhaenyra didn't trust her with her sex life because Alicent kept secrets from her in the first place. I mean, I wouldn't exactly trust someone who kept meeting my dad behind my back and then in a plot twist became my step mother.

    • P G
      P G Před rokem +12

      How was Otto supposed to know that that oaf Viserys would not name his son heir like every king before him and like he even intended himself with Baelon? Otto naturally thought this was a perfectly good match. Remember that pretty much everyone thought Aegon would be heir and that Corlys tried to wed his daughter to Viserys for the very same reason. If Otto had known this before he would surely not have agreed to that marriage.

    • merkikima
      merkikima Před rokem +4

      That is otto's doing not allicent she's now stuck in this dangerous situation and has no choice but to fight for her kids

    • merkikima
      merkikima Před rokem +12

      @P G exactly i do agree that alicent is in trouble because of her father but this mess is ultimatly viserys's fault he was naive and arrogant enough to think he can change the laws and tradition of westeros so easialy to ease his guilt

    • Aaron Guest
      Aaron Guest Před rokem +11

      This can easilly be countered with this. Literally everyone thought that Viserys was going to acknowledge that his heir was Aegon after he was born, (including Ehaenyra) Viserys being dumb is ultimately the reason for the Dance of Dragons. If Viserys acknowledged that Aegon was his heir shortly after he was born then the Dance wouldn't have happened. So really, once you think about it, it's all Visery's fault.

  • El Mooo
    El Mooo Před rokem +32

    I really enjoyed the moment when Harwyn got the nod from his Dad "get in their and get out"
    He's going to be fun to watch I think!
    Post edit: boy was I wrong

    • K. Morales
      K. Morales Před rokem +3

      Yeah that was a 🔥scene.

    • Bouji
      Bouji Před 11 měsíci

      lol yeah, this the problem with this show imo. They really should have just started the show with Rhaenyra as an adult already.

  • _10Sam_08
    _10Sam_08 Před rokem +96

    I really am surprised that people consider Alicent an evil Queen....she might be in the books but in the show she was clearly loyal to Rhaenyra till the day Otto left. Alicent has no one except her father and she couldnt say no to what he would ask her to do. Its not her fault that she is in this cant expect a 15 year old to go against two most powerful men in realm....she had no choice but to marry Viserys. Rhaenyra and Alicent are victim and they have no option but to fight for themselves at this point.

    • ThornInTheEye
      ThornInTheEye Před rokem +31

      The show does a lot to humanize Alicent, which is very good.
      THe books are an unreliable historical narrative, which is, as always, not written by the losing side

    • Shoaz don
      Shoaz don Před rokem +8

      They changed her from the books, same way they changed Tyrion’s character. In the books Tyrion is much more like Tywin and is a lot more evil and scheming, that’s why the infamous scene where he asks for Casterly rock is so much more fitting in the books because Tywins response is more appropriate for book Tyrion then for show Tyrion

    • Paul Perkins
      Paul Perkins Před rokem +4

      The irony is that Rhaenyra does not really want to have children or to be Queen so there is no reason she and Alicent could not work together on their shared goal of restoring order and stability to the realm, with Alicent's boy to become King eventually when he's old enough to actually run things. There's sure not much order now, what with a banished Dragonrider crashing the wedding, which turns into a brawl, after which a murderer and a Queen can just wander around unescorted outside in the night.

    • _10Sam_08
      _10Sam_08 Před rokem +1

      @Paul Perkins at one point i actually thought that Rahenyra adviced her father to marry alicent. But after council scene i realized that was not the case

    • Droman Kass
      Droman Kass Před rokem +1

      @Paul Perkins I suspect that in the confusion Cole just slipped out, and few normal guards would stop or challenge a member of the King's Guard (they do kind of have a 'Access All Areas' level of security in the Red Keep, and if the King is not going to call for him to be stopped no one else is.
      As for Alicent going to meet Cole, I wonder if Larys didn't slip out of the crowd and tell her exactly where he was and what sort of mood he was in and say something like 'if you that man on your side when it comes to fighting, now is the moment to bind him to your cause'. And Alicent clearly felt no fear seeking out Cole, or was prepared to take the risk to gain a Knight, that she also slipped out to meet him.

  • Daemon I Blackfyre
    Daemon I Blackfyre Před rokem +593

    "The enigma that is Larys Strong the Clubfoot has vexed students of history for generations, and is not one we can hope to unravel here. Where did his true loyalty lie? What was he about? He wove his way all through the Dance of the Dragons, on this side and that side, vanishing and reappearing, yet somehow always surviving. How much of what he said was real? Was he just a man who sailed with the prevailing wind, or did he know where he was bound when he set out? So may we ask, but none will answer. The last Strong keeps his secrets." This is my favorite quote of Larys and tbh its what makes him all the more interesting and unpredictable. In GoT we could more or less guage what everyone's goal was. Varys wanted to ensure a good ruler sits the throne, Baelish wanted the power for himself and Pycelle was aligned with the Lannisters. Yet this man is all the more scarier exactly because we never know or probably ever will know what drove his ambitions.

    • Träum er
      Träum er Před rokem +115

      I don't think Varys truly wants a good ruler on the throne, I rather think his motives are much more... sentimental. So he wants Young Griff on the throne, no one else. This is indicated when he kills Kevan Lannister because he knows Kevan would have likely brought peace and stability.

    • Daemon I Blackfyre
      Daemon I Blackfyre Před rokem +28

      @Träum er Oh yes I was speaking more about the TV characters than the books. Still my main point is that all these other conspiring figures have a motive of some sort as opposed to Larys who doesn't.

    • Alexander Zack
      Alexander Zack Před rokem +27

      @Daemon I Blackfyre calling it now: he´s like the joker and to quote alfred "some just want to see the world burn". maybe his motivation is anger at the world at large for putting him on the sideline because of his foot.
      i dunno maybe i´m wrong. the only things i know about this guy is what we´ve seen so far in the show

    • icyman2
      icyman2 Před rokem +8

      Yeah he is strange person and his motives are unclear already.

    • Stephen Conroy
      Stephen Conroy Před rokem +2

      Well put! Maybe he simply just wants to do what he always does: observe, out of morbid curiosity...

  • C P
    C P Před rokem +2

    I feel like a lot of people talking about the wedding melee take for granted that we as the audience saw everything that happened. I felt they were very intentionally obscuring an inciting incident to put our knowledge in line with the overwhelming majority of those present. I have no idea WHAT happened, I just have a strong feeling SOMETHING happened. I don’t think Criston just festered in the corner for a few minutes before deciding to just march up to Joffrey Lonmouth and beat him to death. I believe there’s more to be revealed later.

  • Night Josephine
    Night Josephine Před rokem +334

    I think people are missing that Criston is essentially the lone working class boy done good around these wealthy and privileged families.
    He would take the vow seriously, and it literally is life and death for him. He has to rely on favour: he's not astute enough for scheming, or wealthy enough to manipulate. His reaction - recourse to his fists and killing - makes sense in that context.

    • KMJ#
      KMJ# Před rokem +50

      But working class boys usually live by rules almost akin to knights. You don't pummel someone who is weaker than you, you don't keep hitting someone who is down. Criston doesn't follow those carved in stone-rules about how real men (and knights) act when he is furious. The way he attacked Daemon when his back was turned gave a mayor clue to who he was. A thug. And a thug isn't the same as a working class boy. There is a certain code that working class boys are raised to follow. Thugs have no code.
      He is also a trained soldier unlike all the other young men at court. Which means it is unlikely he just lost it because of *feelings.* He has been to battle and would know how to keep a cool head under pressure. I believe his true nature is as a killer and that he killed Joffrey partly because he liked to kill. He is like Gregor Clegane who loved violence, especially done against those who were weaker than him. And you don't get less of a knight than that.

    • Waffelmeister
      Waffelmeister Před rokem +47

      @KMJ# Are you really saying that just because he fought in a war he can keep his cool at all times? Because usually, people with combat experience are far more likely to lash out violently at others when under pressure.

    • Justin Coates
      Justin Coates Před rokem +2

      That definitely adds a layer to his decisions, but it doesn't make the system any less insane (and I know you're not arguing that it does). The system turns otherwise good men like Cole into murderous thugs.

    • Raimonds Stokmanis
      Raimonds Stokmanis Před rokem +15

      @Waffelmeister This. That's why PTSD exists.

    • ravin' Rabbit
      ravin' Rabbit Před rokem +3

      Power corrupts and there is a Lot for Criston to loose. He raised his familyname from nothing up to the court. And we know nobody gives away his Power and Prestige once he got it.
      Criston might change and besides, he wasnt really raised in the way of a knight. Hes a poor lad who knows to fight. And we already know, this might be Bad actually. Much like Bastards often have a certain Charakter..

  • Leslie Galen
    Leslie Galen Před rokem +24

    I saw Criston’s sudden attack being triggered not by Joffrey, but by Daemon. It was the moment Daemon tried to kiss Rhaenyra that all hell broke loose.

    • K. Morales
      K. Morales Před rokem +11

      Yeah I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  • Nerya Mofaz
    Nerya Mofaz Před rokem +27

    It’s a shame how when viscerys asks how he will be remembered it’s something we already know from the book, as a drunk lazy king. Same thing with daemons wife dying from “falling off her horse” history is not always accurate

  • [Insert funny name here]
    [Insert funny name here] Před rokem +85

    Seeing Larys get more involved after Otto's departure makes you wonder what the strongs are up to, or even if Larys is working with his father or not. Is Larys and the Strongs against the hightowers, trying to manipulate Alicent and Viserys now that Otto left. Or are they on the hightower side, Lyonel did study at the citadel. They might try to fill Otto's place for him, making sure that the hightowers are still influential.

    • icyman2
      icyman2 Před rokem +18

      So far I think they are on the Targaryen side but Larys could be the black sheep working on his own, something like Varys mixed with Littefinger.

    • No One
      No One Před rokem +3

      @icyman2 I think Varys is closer to him, even though we never hear his real motives

    • [Insert funny name here]
      [Insert funny name here] Před rokem +8

      @icyman2 If you mean trying to keep the Targaryen family together, I kinda agree. As Riverlanders they should be very vary of war, as the Riverlands are often worst affected by war. And the Strongs hold power through Viserys government, so they have nothing to gain from a struggle for power and a lot to lose. They might still see the hightower cause to be the most stable, since Otto is kinda right about Rhaenyra as Queen.

    • mst3KGf
      mst3KGf Před rokem +9

      @[Insert funny name here] Larys is an enigma and keeps his motivations to himself. That's what makes him so intriguing.

    • Carl Rood
      Carl Rood Před rokem +7

      I get the idea Larys is working his own game. He's a younger son with a disability. Think Tyrion. Even a guy who appears somewhat decent (or at least politic), like Lyonel, probably doesn't see a lot of value in a son with no military or marital value. Larys could be resentful of his father and older brother.

  • zizoumonk10
    zizoumonk10 Před rokem +134

    I just hope the showrunners have a plan for the transition to the new actors for Alicent and Rhae because Emily and Milly have done a phenomenal job and will be missed considerably

    • Kaziglu Bey
      Kaziglu Bey Před rokem +11

      Yeah they set the bar very high indeed, I hope not to be disappointed.

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +8

      Emily yes, and am not at all sad to see Milly go. Not sure what it is but I just don't like her acting style. Could be that she is playing her role as a spoiled princess so well, but of the few moments of the older Rhaenera's actress, I like her far better. Allicent may be my favorite character so far since it feels like they learned the lesson of Sansa Stark being naive for WAY too long, and are giving Allicent depth of character alot sooner.

    • Mark Peralta
      Mark Peralta Před rokem +1

      Yeah i was rooting for rhae in the 1st episodes but the showrunners really did a good job now im split between the allicent and rhae.

    • Dragonlope
      Dragonlope Před rokem +2

      They don’t have any plan actually. In fact, this is the last episode. They missed this comment and forgot to cast older actors.

    YOU_WILL_LOVE_EACH_OTHER Před rokem +32

    I only saw Rhea for like one minute and she's stole my heart

    • Dr. Embersfield
      Dr. Embersfield Před rokem +4

      Only 3 minutes on screen and she already had more character development than Guy-ladriel in RoP.

  • Tomek Schimanski
    Tomek Schimanski Před rokem +1

    People seem to hate Larys, but I am all in for it. He is playing a game of his own and I really hope we gotta see where its going!

  • Schwaben
    Schwaben Před rokem +73

    Also Rhaenyra manipulated her to get out of her possible sex scandal. Alicant ad been consistently trying to mend their relationship after she married Viserys and Rhaenyra played into that when she needed her to believe her. Calling her "sister" and swearing on her mother's memory.

    • Louie Ocean
      Louie Ocean Před rokem +18

      Alicent and her farther were actively trying to discredit rhaenyra I wouldn’t of told her the truth ether it’s not her business and she’s clearly been trying to snake her

    • Schwaben
      Schwaben Před rokem +22

      @Louie Ocean Nah Alicent never actively went against Rhaenyra before the wedding. She's only been a chesspiece for her father.

    • Louie Ocean
      Louie Ocean Před rokem +11

      @Schwaben she would of immediately told Otto who would tell the king because they want aegon to be the hair to the throne

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince Před rokem +11

      @Lazarus who lied again?
      Alicent actually vouched for Rhaenyra against her father.

    • B N
      B N Před rokem +4

      @Lazarus You can tell you’ve read the books, or are applying personal stuff or something. Because show Allicent has done nothing to prove your claim, nothing. She was used by the king, by her father, and Rhae, and in this episode and sick of it. I can’t wait for the ending of this show because Rhae sucks.

  • bus
    bus Před rokem +3

    Major respect for alicent this episode; she’s finally playing the game of thrones and is making statements

    • K. Morales
      K. Morales Před rokem +1

      It was a breathtaking scene when she walked in.

  • Samuel Katz
    Samuel Katz Před rokem +76

    Ngl I felt bad for Rhea. Royces and the Vale are cool, and I wish we could have had more of them in HOTD compared to dealing with Lysa's weird kid in GOT

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +5

      She seemed like a cool character...but IMO her mouth def got her killed. She just kept picking at him.

    • Marjoss1
      Marjoss1 Před rokem

      I hope to see Willam Royce in the later seasons for the Ride of the Seven.

    • kezzek
      kezzek Před rokem

      Not gonna lie I feel bad for the person I saw on screen for 10 seconds before being murdered. Lmao what an odd comment.

    • Samuel Katz
      Samuel Katz Před rokem +1

      @kezzek I just wish we had more stuff happen in the Vale. Tyrion there in S1 of GOT was fun but it's probably the least visited or discussed part of Westeros.

  • The White Dragon
    The White Dragon Před rokem +35

    Some details I like: When Lord Jason drops that distasteful joke about the King's heir directly in front of the King, Viserys does basically nothing and just chuckles it off, showing his weakness again, this time to nobles outside the family. Another detail: though we don't get much of it, I like how Larys' and Harwin's brotherly relationship is shown. Often a brotherly relationship between a strong warrior and an intelligent weakling is depicted through conflict, but I appreciate that we're shown the two brothers laughing ans smiling with one another. I appreciate that further humanization. Last one: I like how Alicent's "war dress" is also more adult and mature with a deep cut neckline instead of the modest "teenage" dresses she's been previously wearing, as if to say that she's fully realized into her political power and is no meek little girl anymore.

  • oiaeyu
    oiaeyu Před rokem +2

    Your analysis is always 👌👌👌

  • Daddy Dagoth
    Daddy Dagoth Před rokem +3

    I think Tyland and Jason kind of confirms the theroy that Tyrion's appearance is the result of chimeraism. Clearly Twins are common thing in the Lannister bloodline.

  • SynthDriver
    SynthDriver Před rokem +102

    You could feel the tension rising during the wedding. I had to rewatch the last 30 mins of the episode to pick up details I might have missed on the first watch.

    • misterhenchmen
      misterhenchmen Před rokem

      I also need to watch this episode like 3 more times before sundayyyyy!!

    • merkikima
      merkikima Před rokem +3

      I've rewatched and yes i've messed many details especialy thoses secret glances during the wedding

    • TheDiabeticGameMaster
      TheDiabeticGameMaster Před rokem +1

      Omg, dude. You are just sitting there, watching, knowing something HAS to go wrong but having no idea which of at least ten different directions it is going to be coming from. It was truly a master class in building tension with subtlety.

    • Miss Elle
      Miss Elle Před rokem

      I was left very confused too lol. So why did the knight kill the boyfriend ??

  • Ovskii
    Ovskii Před rokem +11

    I'm glad you took a nuanced view of Criston. A lot of people are interpreting his reaction to being rejected as him being an "incel", which is super simplistic. His actions in this episode weren't logical, but they still made sense.

  • Ahmed Abdolghani
    Ahmed Abdolghani Před rokem +223

    “House strong is based” can’t agree more

    • ASON
      ASON Před rokem +1

      They probably are starks too

    • -_-
      -_- Před rokem +26

      A house of gigachads, a shame they live in Harrenhall O.O

    • Dr. Embersfield
      Dr. Embersfield Před rokem +10

      @ASON The word "strong" in Nordic languages is "stark". So...

  • Pyramidion
    Pyramidion Před rokem +10

    I like how Larys is admiring a plant that isn't supposed to grow there but seems to be doing well despite a little physical stress (the plant was showing deficiencies)

  • Cub Beige
    Cub Beige Před rokem +22

    Another detail
    Green is the opposite color of red in the color wheel, it's also complementary to each other. I love the duality of this detail because of how much it mirrors both Rhaenyra and Alicent's relationship.

  • Lennito
    Lennito Před rokem +2

    A small observation: I think that the fact that Criston Cole is is a Dornishman who chose to fight agaist his own people for personal gains says a lot about his character. And it's also foreshadowing of him changing allegiances.

  • Matthaeus Philologos
    Matthaeus Philologos Před rokem +5

    This episode has the most shocking twist out of all ASOIAF properties. Not only does Sweden exist in this universe but the Royces are specifically from the region of Skåne or Scania, as the Anglo-Saxons say.
    Evidence: Rhea Royce is literally walking around with text from the oldest preserved example of the Scanian (ironically the flattest region in Sweden, in the southern part of the country) law on her armor. Not only are those skåningar everywhere in our media but now they're showing up in fictional fantasy universes as well! What ever will they think of next?

  • KaritKtana
    KaritKtana Před rokem +7

    One correction: this wasn't technically a wedding! At least, that wasn't the plan...
    I think Rhaenyra's white dress makes it even more confusing.
    One minor thing I didn't understand, but was actually REALLY looking forward to seeing, was the exchange of capes at the actual wedding.
    I wanted to see both the Targaryen wedding cloak and the Velaryon one, just to admire the craftsmanship.
    But as the ceremony concludes, Rhaenyra is still wearing the Targaryen cloak. Is that a mishap? Does it tell us that everyone is too distracted and flustered to follow protocol? Or that the Targaryen bride will not take on the Velaryon name?
    At the overhead shot when Viserys collapses there seems to be a lighter lump of fabric next to Rhaenyra, but I can't be sure what it is.

  • Chris Berry
    Chris Berry Před rokem +4

    Larys having magic is my new favorite theory and I'm so mad at myself for not thinking about that myself. Especially with the rats scene at the end.

  • Mario Vladimir Ozuni
    Mario Vladimir Ozuni Před rokem +73

    I’ve waited for this video 6 days straight only to see it posted one day before the 6th episode. No wonder they’re so good, bc it takes time to make them.

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez Před 4 měsíci

    If the Lemon Tree was deliberate, then Ryan has my utmost respect. Honestly amazing that he knows all these theories.

  • Mavromitros Xristos
    Mavromitros Xristos Před rokem +23

    What I cant understand yet is why Larys is doing what is doing. I mean his father and brother are clearly on the kings side and kinda help Rhaenyra so far. Has he gone rogue? Or they also have a secret agenda?

    • Ole Nickel
      Ole Nickel Před rokem +12

      Well, younger brothers with nothing to inherit having ambitions and their relationship to their families has been a bit of a theme thusfar. I think it sets up something interesting, where GoT had its lines of conflict drawn largely between the houses, Hot D seems to foreshadow a civil war that will pit brother against brother quite literally...

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes Před rokem +2

      Yeah, I wonder what he's up to. Or maybe the family is betting on both sides? Is that even possible?

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 Před rokem +5

      I think the answer is simple. Larys believes that if he makes a friendship with Alicent early, he can get a high position in her son's government. So he will help her son Aegon take power.

    • Steph P
      Steph P Před rokem +2

      Agent of chaos

  • Sam McCloskey
    Sam McCloskey Před rokem +12

    Man your analysis is so good it’s like you wrote the show

  • KingOfTheNorth
    KingOfTheNorth Před rokem +1

    Kind of strange that Allicent has this big turning point as a character just to immediately time jump 10 years

  • Joske
    Joske Před rokem +83

    Rhys Ifans is so good as Otto!
    I've read The princess and the queen & the rouge prince books so it's nice to see them walk a line between the maesters account vs what mushroom said, as in the real world there are reported accounts of what happened and then what actually happend,
    The Audiobooks for both are read by IIan Glenn (Ser Jorah in G.o.T) and he does an exellent job / on par with Roy Dotrice.

  • coco bloco
    coco bloco Před rokem +31

    Criston was just a pleasant adventure for Rhaenyra. Nothing more. He is devastated. He's in love with her or at least he thinks he is. And nothing could be further away from her mind or feelings. He was caught between a rock and a hard place. Refuse her and he risked insulting her and in accepting he just decided to chance it and hope he could live with it. I wonder what will become him.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 Před rokem

      He asked Rhaenyra to run away with him when he was on a ship. Doesn't he worry that other people on that ship would hear him?

    • AB1988
      AB1988 Před rokem +1

      I think they both had feelings for each other, but they both had other things more important. Rhaenyra had her duty to the crown and Cole his honor. He even mentions the reason he wanted to elope with her was to restore some little of his honor left.

  • Ethan O. McBride
    Ethan O. McBride Před rokem +29

    It actually does look like Daemon checked the extent of her paralysis before deciding to kill her

    • Träum er
      Träum er Před rokem +1

      Or before deciding to turn his back on her

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +10

      Yeah, Daemon definitely seemed to go their with the intent of ending the marriage. But if his plan was simply to kill her, out in the open, in front of a castle was a very non Daemon way to go about it. IMO, he took advantage of the situation and only after she continued to pick at him. He's obviously a character that would fly into a rage and act impulsively.

    • AB1988
      AB1988 Před rokem +6

      @Matt M That's what I thought to. He could ended the marriage on the grounds of nonconsummation, he might have met with her to discuss that possibly since they both have to agree to the divorce. But the director made his reasoning ambiguous on purpose so we'll never know.

    • Matt M
      Matt M Před rokem +5

      @AB1988 Yeah the one thing that does stick out is he is very clearly trying to conceal his identity, which speaks to ill intentions....but they're out in the open, in front of a castle, which is the opposite of that.
      Honestly it does fit very well with Daemon's character either way. Will be interesting to see if they have Daemon say what his intentions were, and even if he does, he might be lying.
      Rhea felt like a cool character to keep around as a thorn in Daemon's side and a strong female character reminiscent of his mother(tomboy etc). But I have given up on Thrones' series keeping good characters around just for the sake of them being good characters(see Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, Ygritte, Mons Raider...I could go on).

    • Cobalt Conqueror
      Cobalt Conqueror Před rokem +6

      Yeah, it seems like Daemon decided to kill her only after she'd already been crippled. He knows his reputation, and if Rhea starts telling people that he tried to murder her, they would probably believe it. Might as well actually murder her, and leave her death a mystery.

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    Let's we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece imagine what's he's gonna doing the future ❤
    I hope this channel never ends and keeps spreading happiness.❤😊

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  • Corcan McLaggen
    Corcan McLaggen Před rokem +4

    Personally, I think Sir Criston's snap made little to no sense the way it was presented in the show. I also think it's weird how he was able to simply leave the scene as if he didn't just interrupt a royal wedding with a rage induced murder... I was hoping for some action and maybe even an unexpected death but not like this. All that did was leaving me confused in a bad way.

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    21:19 Lol I love how, in the same dry intonation, as the rest of the video, you include jokes and commentary like this.
    I must be one of many that enjoy coming back to your videos every Saturday in anticipation of Sunday. big fan of your work!

    • Marissa
      Marissa Před rokem +1

      also 23:30, how you say, "saying sarcastically but >actually kind of for real though

  • Red Kraken
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    I'm absolutely stunned at the analysis of the opening sequences. I felt it was a little more obvious in GOT. But in HotD I legit have a hard time noticing the differences.

  • Christian Zephyrus
    Christian Zephyrus Před rokem +22

    Joffrey dying in a tourney would’ve made more sense. His death could’ve been deemed “accidental” and Ser Criston’s arc wouldn’t have to deal with explaining how he gets away from brutally murdering a knight in a royal wedding.

    • Jackie Aprile Jr
      Jackie Aprile Jr Před rokem +2

      No but it lines up with both Joffries dying at a wedding…

    • GeekFurious
      GeekFurious Před rokem +1

      As I said in my comment, I think the point is to show that Ser Criston is a shitty person who was going to regain his honor in a murder/suicide of a gay man he saw as a stained knight.

    • andromidius
      andromidius Před rokem +2

      It can be explained away, though it needs to actually be explained in the show. But eh, the time jump basically just makes it details at this stage.

    • Arawn
      Arawn Před rokem

      @Jackie Aprile Jr not enough

    • Mark Saunders
      Mark Saunders Před rokem +1

      Writing another tourney in a book is easy. Filming another tourney is expensive and time consuming, a wedding feast was the best option.

  • Ed S
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    There are hidden passage ways throughout the Red Keep and the general area. That’s how Larys overheard about the Tea.

  • Zbigniew Wojc
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      RKIWTIR Před rokem +16

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      RKIWTIR Před rokem

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  • AA's Cattery
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    Is it just me who noticed Rhea's line just before the horse got spooked? She was teasing her about being replaced with a young girl/Rhaenyra. "What are you gonna do now, kill her? Or?" Then they locked eyes. IMO, Rhea knows that Daemon's response is "Marry her." To do that, Rhea has to die. That's why she reached for her bow, horse got spooked and all that. Since he plan to marry Rhaenyra, Daemon went there with full intent to murder her.
    What I do not understand is why Daemon did not take Rhaenyra uo with her challenge/taunting? What would be the reasoning behind that.

    • dee
      dee  Před rokem

      Viserys would be forced to hunt both of them down because it’s considered treason: kidnapping the princess, even if she did consent to it, before her wedding to the heir of the richest house in Westeros. Even Daemon is not stupid enough to push his brother, and he knows that after the stunt he pulled with him supposedly having sex with Rhaenyra, he’s on thin ice with Viserys.

    • Rhianna Hayabusa
      Rhianna Hayabusa Před rokem

      Explain this to me then. If he went there with the intent to kill her, why did he walk away once he saw she was paralyzed ? He absolutely didn't want to kill her there. He was going away. It wasn't until she antagonized and basically dared him with the ''I knew you couldn't finish'' line that he changed his mind and killed her.

  • Stupid idiot
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    I love the way Daemon enters the floor of the throne room where everyone is dancing but doesnt dance, he doesnt masquerade or even try to participate in the silly games and politics of this world, he is above all of it.

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    I like this series but what really grinds my gears is that everyone gets away so easily with murdering or attacking important people. People just forget about it 10 minutes later into the show lol

  • Cellina
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    I think that Daemon didn't want to flirt with Laena, he wanted only to stay close to Laenor and Joffrey, to hear what are they talking. When Joffrey tells Laenor about Sir Criston that is madly in love with R, Daemon turns and looks at Joffrey and immediately goes after Rhaenyra. The way he left and let Laena alone with the words in mouth tells that he wasn't interested in her, for the moment.

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    Idk if you guys have ever tried really hard to be reasonable with others, but reached a breaking point and totally lost control of your emotions. That's Cole

  • DSKekaha
    DSKekaha Před 9 měsíci +1

    The way they stitched the wedding and the suicide attempt together, I thought they were happening at the same time, so in my head canon the Alicent that called out to Criston was a vision or something.

  • M D
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    i look forward to these each week because you do such a good job of going beyond summary and blending the right amounts of commentary, context from the book(s), and a touch of humor. As an example, in this one, you made me think about how Viserys taking the ship is symbolic of many things, including his weakness as king, the power Corlys has over him (and the realm), his disconnection from the power of Targaryens (dragons and their dynastic reach), and his constant anxiety and indecisiveness. I would like to add to Leanor's commentary about dance being like combat. In several cultures that were invaded or colonized, the indigenous people concealed martial arts movements as dance movements. So, he may be referencing that also. Your "explained" videos for Hot D are miles above the other offerings. And your Tyrion video was fantastic, coming from a show viewer who hasn't read the books.

  • KaritKtana
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    Larys' actor is doing great work, imo.
    His awkward movements, the constantly darting eyes and tilted head, the strange mismatch between his tone and actual words...
    This might sound silly but to me he's giving off a Sheldon-like vibe (from Big Bang Theory!) - but terrifyingly so, because he's doing it on purpose and I believe he is controlling his body and demeanor way more than he lets on.
    I'm captivated and want to see more of him, but I'm also terrified because I read the book.

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    • Jodie
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      That would actually make a lot of sense. I keep wondering what happened when we couldnt see what was going on

    • Lawina Abraham
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      I read a theory that Criston might have thought Joffrey was the one who told Queen Alicent about their relationship, since he must've wondered how she found out
      Thus him believing Joffrey was the one spying on them and now coming up to blackmail would have been incentive enough.

  • kekeke
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  • Poguli Pogalu
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    High Tide is definitely inspired by the Mont Saint-Michel in France, it's a fortified little town on an island that's accessible by a walkway during low tide but that walkway gets flooded during high tides

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  • Carl Rood
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    The books say "Trees did not grow on Braavos , SAVE IN THE COURTS OF THE MIGHTY" Why do people keep omitting that last part when trying to make some big mystery of the Daenerys' memory? If they were guests of the Sea Lord, it's entirely possible there was a lemon tree there.

  • Captain Weekend
    Captain Weekend Před rokem +2

    Loved Matt Smith as Daemon in this episode, his response to Gerald about Rhea "ah yes, terrible thing that" definitely had the same energy as The Doctor. In many ways it's a similar role just with a different attitude, both are outsiders who don't take everyone seriously, however whilst Daemon sees himself as above everyone, The Doctor sees himself more as a spectator.

  • James C.
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    This was the best episode so far. Criston's breakdown followed a very logical path for a prideful medieval knight who takes his honor & vows as seriously as he takes his chastity (symbolic soiled knight). Even better was Alicent’s rage buildup with Otto's salient point, Strong instigating about the tea & Cole's confession letting her know who was responsible for her dad's banishment. Daemon serving as a wedding red herring was great. And ofc they would hurriedly get married after what happened (symbolic cursed wedding). Not much of a stretch to imagine by the time anyone was ready to act amidst the pandemonium and disarray, Criston had already walked away. After which Alicent was responsible for his safety. The only reasoning that has to be given is why a sickly Viserys was compelled to go along with his wife over his son-in-law, which can be easily done. This was a way more impactful inciting incident than another repetitive jousting death. Frankly if anyone is confused about how Alicent is in two places at one time they need to stop worrying about dissecting HOTD & google the word montage. The suspense building all through the wedding, climaxing with the beautiful dark montage, Ramin Djawadi score & the visual storytelling of Rhaeynra/Alicent's crossroads thing they've done so far.

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    Stuff that goes over my head is nicely recapped with narration and lore.

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