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  • čas přidán 6. 01. 2023
  • In most cases it's definitely not worth to buy the expensive version.
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  • @vykintas8354
    @vykintas8354 Před rokem +1963

    Once again Anomaly doesn't disappoint to showcase his palate of a 6 year old. Impressive

    • @great1307
      @great1307 Před rokem +74

      Him not liking the jamon serrano was a disappointment.

    • @OddElephantLTU
      @OddElephantLTU Před rokem +38

      @@great1307 agreed. And the meat too. Who doesn't like meat unless they're vegan or vegetarian

    • @gralkimchuk
      @gralkimchuk Před rokem +5

      Im sad i can only like this comment once

    • @hejsandu1215
      @hejsandu1215 Před rokem +57

      @@OddElephantLTU bro it looks like they boiled that poor piece of meat, no wonder they thought that the STOMPER was better

    • @noahvesterlund7896
      @noahvesterlund7896 Před rokem +35

      @@OddElephantLTU i mean if you have the cooking skills of a 2year old ofc it's gonna be bland

  • @TheConnorboii
    @TheConnorboii Před rokem +1803

    I'm not a professional chef by any means, I feel like I need to fly to Malta and cook you guys food because that steak actually made me cry.

    • @d.f.x.2481
      @d.f.x.2481 Před rokem +171

      even as a regular person that likes steak that hurt to watch, just no color, no condiments, it is just pain

    • @TheConnorboii
      @TheConnorboii Před rokem +88

      @d.f.x.2481 the only time I've seen a steak like that was when a friend microwaved his. You do get a good colour inside the steak, but it gets super wet and slimey and looks like you cooked it with a dishwasher.

    • @d.f.x.2481
      @d.f.x.2481 Před rokem +37

      @@TheConnorboii that sounds like nothing but a crime

    • @joostfloot5279
      @joostfloot5279 Před rokem +37

      How the fuck did he even manage to make the steak look like that, I want to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep

    • @d.f.x.2481
      @d.f.x.2481 Před rokem +1

      @@joostfloot5279 same

  • @jxy_vbn8156
    @jxy_vbn8156 Před rokem +1051

    Proud of papa for quitting drinking. We’re all glad you decided to look out for your health! We love you papa, you got this!

  • @boydolson5350
    @boydolson5350 Před rokem +468

    Papa is bad ass for catching that second fork

  • @SnowOwl_123
    @SnowOwl_123 Před rokem +1002

    I just tried cheap vs expensive water bill and i gotta admit cheap is way better

    • @_lfm_4231
      @_lfm_4231 Před rokem +2

      Fnaf 2 reference 🤨

    • @SnowOwl_123
      @SnowOwl_123 Před rokem +26

      @@_lfm_4231 didn't even know that is a reference

    • @AcD420
      @AcD420 Před rokem +22

      Can confirm cheap gas is also way better than expensive gas

    • @toadtime-4206
      @toadtime-4206 Před rokem +2

      Straight from flint.

    • @kv.4960
      @kv.4960 Před rokem

      Just move to Norway and you have expensive Voss water for free on tap😎

  • @athicore01
    @athicore01 Před rokem +276

    28 seconds ago. That's still longer than Anomaly deals with women

  • @Nexo122
    @Nexo122 Před rokem +172

    Man that steak looks like someone boiled it and then tried to scorch it with a lighter and gave up after 5 seconds.

  • @hollokutya1315
    @hollokutya1315 Před rokem +424

    12:49 man i don't think i have ever seen such a sad steak without a crust and somebody calling it nice

  • @TheFacelessStoryMaker
    @TheFacelessStoryMaker Před rokem +172

    The reason it's called "Almond Milk" is nobody could sell "Nut Milk" with a straight face. Also here in the U.S we have RC or Royal Crown Cola which is cheaper than Coca-Cola and Pepsi but is still really good.

    • @failbird8515
      @failbird8515 Před rokem +7

      "straight" hehe

    • @femtoh
      @femtoh Před rokem +1

      im gonna buy almond milk now

    • @shonx420
      @shonx420 Před rokem

      gay face

    • @masterticcu
      @masterticcu Před rokem +4

      And Milk is called Milk because no one could sell "Bovine udder milk" with a straight face

    • @AryanDuty14
      @AryanDuty14 Před rokem

      @@masterticcu Not only bovines produce milk u absolute clown

  • @tywo7879
    @tywo7879 Před rokem +232

    I love how they didn't review the garlic because of the way they tasted it, yet they said the expensive €62 oil in a perfume flask sized bottle was more worth it because it tasted better when drinking it straight

    • @csaklaci201
      @csaklaci201 Před rokem +12

      😂😂😂 exactly when they started drink the oil and then they sad the expensive is better i was like wtf?!???!?

  • @williamsundbaum6652
    @williamsundbaum6652 Před rokem +41

    The edit of samz punching his chair from the outside is actually hilarious

  • @MrTrool323
    @MrTrool323 Před rokem +97

    I remember the days where coke was actually sold in 1 litre glass bottles which has a little twist in the middle which made the bottle stand out

    • @andychavez487
      @andychavez487 Před rokem +2

      You can still buy those at hispanic markets

    • @MrTrool323
      @MrTrool323 Před rokem +7

      @@andychavez487 Damn,but it became a rarity of sort to see these nowdays.Everyting turned into minature shit which costs a ton.The bottle alone is half he price

    • @CIubDuck
      @CIubDuck Před rokem +1

      Yeah they had those a few years ago, they were fucking awesome

    • @reaguurder1285
      @reaguurder1285 Před rokem

      Ive seen those in Germany 10 years ago too.

    • @SilverSwagboss
      @SilverSwagboss Před rokem

      I'm in the USA and I've seen those small ones for $1.75 I dont know why it was 5 euros for them

  • @Immolator772
    @Immolator772 Před rokem +21

    "This is the type of cheese you eat in Macedonia if you're starving"
    Bruh, that cheese in there is more expensive than the decent cheese.

  • @ParaTrooper996
    @ParaTrooper996 Před rokem +25

    @ 4:25 Can we all hold on a sec and just appreciate how awesome that was? Absolute legend.

  • @D_A86
    @D_A86 Před rokem +24

    "Poverty level"
    Anomaly insulting 95% of the world right now 🤣🤣🤣

  • @haimsdk35
    @haimsdk35 Před rokem +14

    I just love you two, I can't imagine my childhood without those two crazy people every video is joy

  • @piitn1998
    @piitn1998 Před rokem +6

    "Vegan, gluten free and all other types of gay." Love it! 😂😂😂

  • @wilhelmsamuelsson9238
    @wilhelmsamuelsson9238 Před rokem +8

    ''steak is overrated'' *literally boils his steak*

  • @nickitv7269
    @nickitv7269 Před rokem +48

    Dude you were comparing normal cheese with Schmelzkäse (melting cheese)😂😂 I love it 😂😂

    • @thomaszimmermann4040
      @thomaszimmermann4040 Před rokem +5

      der gute alte schmelzkäse, wie reudig der ist aber dennoch der beste im schmelzen :)

    • @nickitv7269
      @nickitv7269 Před rokem

      @@thomaszimmermann4040 aber nicht zum Rohessen 😂

    • @SunnyThief
      @SunnyThief Před rokem +3

      @@nickitv7269 ich fress den manchmal auch so aus der packung haha

    • @patricklange2656
      @patricklange2656 Před rokem +13

      Bigger problem is comparing cooked ham with dried ham :D

    • @leo6659
      @leo6659 Před rokem

      @@patricklange2656 yeah..

  • @SnakeAlleX
    @SnakeAlleX Před rokem +27

    Anomaly slowly turning into Nicocado avocado with all them food reviews

  • @fuufuu1080
    @fuufuu1080 Před rokem +11

    I feel bad for that poor steak. It looked so sad.

  • @viktorpettersson9975
    @viktorpettersson9975 Před rokem +3

    Your food videos are worth gold.

  • @CWM_54
    @CWM_54 Před rokem +10

    Proceeds to drink oil to test it:

  • @Stallzyx
    @Stallzyx Před rokem +4

    Woo, nice to have a new Anomaly & Papanomaly video. Just noticed I haven't watched any of them for 3 or 4 weeks apparently so I've got a nice bunch to catch up on today or over the next few days! :)

  • @crazyclown2291
    @crazyclown2291 Před rokem

    we love the everyday posts. And we appreciate it and love it

  • @epoch387
    @epoch387 Před rokem +1

    Sams is such an elite editor

  • @Sloster
    @Sloster Před rokem +41

    I swear the editing on this is godly even more than usual. Give Samz a bonus

  • @ButtaNBread
    @ButtaNBread Před rokem +18

    Love your videos anomaly keep them coming plz ❤

  • @swerk0601
    @swerk0601 Před rokem +7

    love you anåmaly i wish ( as many others too) that i had this type of relationship with my beloved father

  • @tordeskilbo
    @tordeskilbo Před rokem

    I get so happy whenever a new Anomaly video is up. And that says something, because he is Swedish.

  • @KomkaArion
    @KomkaArion Před rokem +5

    I could not stop laughting at the part where you reviewed the milk XDDD

  • @THC3o
    @THC3o Před rokem +5


  • @keksiman7203
    @keksiman7203 Před rokem +3

    Imagine living in malta and suddenly hearing your neighbor scream fresh milk.

  • @coleanderson3087
    @coleanderson3087 Před rokem +1

    The inferno music had me dying😂

  • @erblinsodolli5835
    @erblinsodolli5835 Před rokem +1

    Im from macedonia and that cheese we use for tost, i love your video big ❤

  • @Magmabbx
    @Magmabbx Před rokem +7

    When does Papa NOT have a stroke?😂

  • @jimmyd6268
    @jimmyd6268 Před rokem +3

    Dude boiled the steak…

  • @babyfacedan4825
    @babyfacedan4825 Před rokem +4

    Funny video, as always tho, but for example the oil was 2 different type ob oil, and 2 different type of ham and so on. It would be even better when you really compare the same stuff

  • @ZCVS
    @ZCVS Před rokem

    holy a family testing some waters what an awesome video :-)

  • @sparky69withcheese
    @sparky69withcheese Před rokem

    do more of these and everyone will be happy
    thnanmk u

  • @drmurik
    @drmurik Před rokem +46

    Anomaly saying meat without the sauce is shit makes me cry, because it tells me hes never had any actual good steak before

    • @VictorDenSnygge
      @VictorDenSnygge Před rokem +10

      Which is crazy considering how rich he probably is. And how the hell cooked that steak jeez

    • @tripaloski8713
      @tripaloski8713 Před rokem +10

      @@VictorDenSnygge first I thought he put it in a microwave but when I saw the foot I realized they probably boiled that shit... I'm getting aggressive just thinking about it

    • @drmurik
      @drmurik Před rokem +4

      @@VictorDenSnygge yeah, thats the wild part, like i wouldnt say im rich but ive had a lot of good steaks, and the fact he has so much money and never had a good steak is wild

    • @drmurik
      @drmurik Před rokem +1

      @bruh meme yeah thats true, but anomaly just strikes me as a person that would like a good old steak, not because of his weight but just generally, but i might be wrong.
      was they hi for me? i dont remember seeing u before

    • @drmurik
      @drmurik Před rokem

      @bruh meme my bad, i know where ive seen you, its from the other clip about the BS ch blue gem video haha, hi :D

  • @notrolling4418
    @notrolling4418 Před rokem +3

    8:13 *inferno music starts playing*

  • @tonisalminen2775
    @tonisalminen2775 Před rokem

    You could get in a lot of trouble by yelling that fresh milk around :D

  • @MoonPlatinum
    @MoonPlatinum Před rokem +1

    In Texas, we have a grocery store called HEB. The stuff they sell is way cheaper than any other grocery store and the quality is way higher. I refuse to shop any other store that isn’t HEB.

  • @uTq_pTu
    @uTq_pTu Před rokem +3

    you with Papa can try Poland MRE :)

  • @user-vd7pn5hk5b
    @user-vd7pn5hk5b Před rokem +2

    7:53 Literally nikocado avocado moment

  • @ikarus007
    @ikarus007 Před rokem

    u fuys are so fkn amazing hahahah :D love you

  • @Thuxv
    @Thuxv Před rokem

    this makes my day

  • @coreyz_gd
    @coreyz_gd Před rokem +14

    As soon as i saw you uploaded a new video, i got happy

  • @Kimmi1K_
    @Kimmi1K_ Před rokem +4

    Yeah, if you want steak to taste good, it needs a crust, and also salt, pepper, perhaps garlic powder if you're into that. On the grill, it also tastes way better, as you get that nice charcoal flavor

    • @harleen9971
      @harleen9971 Před rokem

      You don't put pepper on a steak before cooking it because pepper burns really quick in comparison to salt. 🤓

    • @Kimmi1K_
      @Kimmi1K_ Před rokem

      @@harleen9971 If you don't know how to cook, yea :)
      (Your steak will also burn, before you ever manage to burn the pepper.)
      I can tell you from experience that I don't burn my pepper when I cook my steaks. Never have.

    • @harleen9971
      @harleen9971 Před rokem

      @@Kimmi1K_ can you read?

    • @harleen9971
      @harleen9971 Před rokem

      @Kimmi google it, pepper burns easily, that's why it's placed last. I feel sorry for any restoration that dealt with ur steaks.

    • @harleen9971
      @harleen9971 Před rokem

      @Kimmi literally Google "how to cook a steak and everyone will say pepper burns faster than any other spice, be quiet chef andy

  • @scottvoldheim3896
    @scottvoldheim3896 Před rokem +1

    Linda in every video walking in the back of the video like a NPC

  • @floor.mp3
    @floor.mp3 Před rokem +2

    i feel like it would be cool if u did this again but maybe have linda pick the items and u do a blind taste test so theres no bias

  • @Tenma_Gold
    @Tenma_Gold Před rokem +7

    9:42 That made me laugh harder then it probably should have haha.

  • @gudz1c6
    @gudz1c6 Před rokem +6

    5:20 pozdrav na svi makedonci

    • @Casperrr__299
      @Casperrr__299 Před rokem

      Jebote brate :-(

    • @n4umm
      @n4umm Před 9 měsíci

      Mislev jas sum edinstveniot shto go gleda Anomaly 💀

    • @gudz1c6
      @gudz1c6 Před 9 měsíci

      @@n4umm ajajajaaja

  • @desperado4024
    @desperado4024 Před rokem +2

    Anomaly: "I am going to go grab a spoon. Here! (*throws a FORK at papa*) Here! (*throws another FORK at papa*)"

  • @tyronebiggumz69
    @tyronebiggumz69 Před rokem

    I always hyped for new anomaly vid yee letsgo

  • @adrianstensrud
    @adrianstensrud Před rokem +3

    It's not just about the taste or price. For example, a lot of bottled water is "Purified", which can be downright dangerous, as it lacks minerals. Since water attracts minerals, the water you drink will actually suck those minerals right out of your body and you might end up with a lot of different health issues.

  • @memer9491
    @memer9491 Před rokem +4

    I'm afraid for papa's health, his vocabulary gets smaller each video.

  • @dzejkob8
    @dzejkob8 Před rokem +1

    We need part 2 with viewers recommendations

  • @JolleBolle08
    @JolleBolle08 Před rokem

    Papa with the Best band shirt! Common papa W

  • @phillenan2494
    @phillenan2494 Před rokem +3

    I bet anomaly did not know that he bought two different types of ham. One cooked one uncooked. And he tried to compare them Quickly probably so that we dont notice lol.

  • @willeboy6classon190
    @willeboy6classon190 Před rokem +3

    Väntar på att du ska lägga upp varje dag 😂

  • @Flanxxxy
    @Flanxxxy Před 6 měsíci

    "So how would you like your steak?"
    "Cooked inside a dishwasher"

  • @gas510
    @gas510 Před rokem

    Very cool anomaly, very original

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +8

    I think with stuff like the water, instead of going by taste, you'd wanna do tests on the water for how clean and acidic it is, etc.

    • @ToastyMelonBen
      @ToastyMelonBen Před rokem +2

      You do realise who anomaly is 🤣 ?

    • @DCGMatthew1
      @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +2

      @@ToastyMelonBen Yes, but it's easy to do the tests. But true, it is Anomaly.

    • @grimmow187
      @grimmow187 Před rokem +1

      yes and when comparing cum and protein shake you should go by the nutritional value

    • @RE-zl7sy
      @RE-zl7sy Před rokem

      @@ToastyMelonBen he is a hippo

  • @sbk3085
    @sbk3085 Před rokem +8

    you should compare prices per liter if both drinks have the same capacity

  • @gl1tch1n_
    @gl1tch1n_ Před rokem

    4:27 so we just not gonna talk about papa doing these moves

  • @Dr_AcE_
    @Dr_AcE_ Před rokem

    We would eat a lot cheaper stuff, if we were to starve.But being honest, most fast food places in Macedonia uses this type of cheese in cheeseburgers.

  • @MrFudgeNuggetIsBeast
    @MrFudgeNuggetIsBeast Před rokem +7

    You didnt cut the ham correctly or prepare it for cutting correctly which is why you didn't like it that much (it is suppose to be VERY thinly cut). You brought truffle cheese so your paying more for the truffle part than the cheese (just buy aged amsterdam or something like that next time). The expensive oil is not meant for cooking, so i dont know why you paired that with cooking oil. The meat was just cheap meat vs off cuts of meat, that steak did not look very well cooked you didnt have any maillard on it.

  • @TheGeem1
    @TheGeem1 Před rokem +1

    I love these processed slices of cheese ngl.
    unhealthy and barely regardable as cheese but they my guilty pleasure

    @NOZAT_CS Před rokem

    6:09 HAHAHA JAG DÖR💀 Skulle älska att få köra men dig någon gång!😂❤️

  • @vilmerm8273
    @vilmerm8273 Před rokem +1

    Very cool👍

  • @ven5189
    @ven5189 Před rokem +1

    In Bulgaria (Macedonia is Bulgaria too) we have sirene cheese and we prefer it to any other type of cheese. So if we're starving we'd eat Sirene xd

  • @md-oy3sw
    @md-oy3sw Před rokem

    8:12 Inferno music LOL, I could fall asleep to it.

  • @jonnyfool
    @jonnyfool Před rokem

    Gött fan men så vanligt så alltid sen fan.

  • @vodka_8754
    @vodka_8754 Před rokem

    de_inferno music on oil had me screeching

  • @103an.
    @103an. Před rokem +1

    I would like to see PapaAnomaly try different snus Brands it would be fun to see could it be a video?

  • @WhatsThisOwO
    @WhatsThisOwO Před rokem +1

    "If you're thirsty, Red Bull is the best"

  • @eliasgames3655
    @eliasgames3655 Před rokem +1

    The MAMAMIA killed me hahaha 8:46

  • @ggjeppe1768
    @ggjeppe1768 Před rokem

    i just love Anomaly and Papanomaly they are just so funny

  • @XENGlaze
    @XENGlaze Před rokem

    HALIB FRISK LOL love ur vids keep it up lol 10:26

  • @Demonix118
    @Demonix118 Před rokem

    tbh with the cheese there are many cheeses that could be used to conquer that 80 euro one, like Camambert, It's cheap and tastes quite good as well

  • @thommes6471
    @thommes6471 Před rokem

    San Benedetto also makes really good Ice Tea. It's my favorite and if you find it you should give it a try.

  • @verebellus
    @verebellus Před rokem +1

    ive noticed that cheaper water in southern Europe often has a chlorine taste

  • @Zachsquatchin
    @Zachsquatchin Před rokem

    hey man a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch during a long day of work hits

  • @dgman2k12.5
    @dgman2k12.5 Před rokem

    idk if i should eat while watching this video but ill give it a try.

  • @Vaaleste
    @Vaaleste Před rokem

    bro is 1 video away from having a mukbang channel

  • @Sshanslanda14
    @Sshanslanda14 Před rokem

    i love Anomaly's t-shirt

  • @hu9261
    @hu9261 Před rokem

    Anomaly: Are the expensive products worth it or not?
    Papa: *ereewwrrr,* Yes!

  • @iprogeny4877
    @iprogeny4877 Před rokem

    4:25 that was soo smooth fr lol

  • @lilstacywander
    @lilstacywander Před rokem

    U and papa are legends

  • @youngruin2293
    @youngruin2293 Před rokem +1

    Papa is a magnet 🤣

  • @gl0ckreap3r49
    @gl0ckreap3r49 Před rokem

    11:30 bro i cant u made me laugh to death garlic spicy 🤣😂😂

  • @wpoper11
    @wpoper11 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: You liked it?
    Papanomaly: No :(
    Any Spain guy: Ok, its time to murder someone

  • @sgttord
    @sgttord Před rokem

    Died at HALIB FRISK! 😂😂

  • @ilyanizhnik6874
    @ilyanizhnik6874 Před rokem +1

    "and all other types of gay" omg KANZELED!!!!!!!!

  • @dozhk
    @dozhk Před rokem


  • @thejake4145
    @thejake4145 Před rokem

    4:28 moment of slight badassery from Papa.

  • @revilo8223
    @revilo8223 Před rokem

    We need you guys so pls look forward for your health💚

    @SLOWYMANE Před rokem

    Anomaly you should make a video how you make cheap American burgers, and expensive American burgers.