Top 7 Luckiest Call of Duty Plays Week 22 by HaYDuH (Call of Duty Gameplay Countdown)

  • čas přidán 6. 03. 2013
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  • Palmaalexj12
    Palmaalexj12 Před 10 lety

    MY CLIP YESS!!!!! Lol I had #5

  • ItZfRiDaYNiGa
    ItZfRiDaYNiGa Před 10 lety

    Crowofdebt I'm new on CZcams my channel is dedicationtothegame and I was wondering if u want to do a collab have ps3 and Xbox 360 any reply would be appreciated thank you

  • xFruitSnackx
    xFruitSnackx Před 10 lety

    Nice video! check out my clan battle video.

  • Draft
    Draft Před 10 lety


  • Kilam
    Kilam Před 10 lety


    ICEGAMER100 Před 10 lety


  • Flame Dragon
    Flame Dragon Před 10 lety

    i submitted an awesome a crossed map ballistic knife first blood clip and you never added it to your videos very lame dude very lame i think a very rare epic kill like that would fit into your luckiest plays but whatever

  • Champion171299 :D
    Champion171299 :D Před 10 lety

    EVERY ONE 2:15 = LOOOOL He said black ops 2 when it is black ops 1 xDDD

  • Bleach
    Bleach Před 10 lety

    For the 2nd it's black ops 1

  • Danny Toorop
    Danny Toorop Před 10 lety

    number 2 is just black ops not black ops 2