Spot the short king

  • čas přidán 18. 10. 2022
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Komentáře • 3 279

  • imani w.
    imani w.  +25

    cody being in the bottom of the frame is so effortlessly funny

  • Nicole Jordan

    My favorite part of these videos are Cody suspecting every single person and then him being so happy when he “was right”

  • Spoot Johnson

    The fact that they edited the short guy tall for just long enough for cody to think he was wrong is actually so funny but equally as jarring

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    This is actually one of the better odd one out. Dudes talked a lot and got kinda competitive but it never got out of hand and they kept everything in line. Wish they were all like this

  • Nick G
    Nick G  +5

    The commitment to being slightly below frame for the entire video immediately puts this in the upper tiers of youtube

  • Beril
    Beril   +870

    i love how dedicated cody is to his jokes, even on the sponsorship part of the video

  • Cooper
    Cooper  +16

    This would’ve been way funnier if they played us and they all were short. It’s just 8 short dudes trying to not act like the one short guy and no one knows

  • Zack V
    Zack V  +1

    I love that Jubilee and Cut are in a symbiotic relationship with Cody Ko at this point.

  • Diego107

    Hey this is the 6'9 guy! Everyone was actually super cool in this video, and I remember VJ actually told us he was gonna spend the money taking his wife to a nice dinner. Happy to he a part of it! (Also the dude who said he was 6'1 was more like 5'11) Also something that was edited weird, I meant my inseam is only like a 34 or 32, my waist is a 46.

  • Maggie Crowell
    Maggie Crowell Před 4 hodinami +8

    “My dad is 6’4 my mom is 5’8”

  • Sa
    Sa  +273


  • eviee
    eviee  +6

    Loving the romance between Cody and Jubilee. They need to make it official and invite him already

  • hyucks_andkisses

    Just Cody’s nose and eyes visible is the funniest thing he’s done since the guitar incident

  • Sarah Perkins

    I like how they all memorized their partner's and family's heights by the inch like they're sizing everyone in their life up for an NBA sponsorship.

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick Před 2 hodinami

    I love how all of them are looking for reasons why being tall is annoying meanwhile I gotta stretch to reach the top shelf

  • Luke
    Luke  +333

    i was a good 5 minutes in before i even realized kody was still doing the short angle camera in the corner and taking the joke all the way through. love it

  • Zayd Husain

    bro even when cody wasn't making jokes i couldn't stop laughing bc he looks like my little 6 year old cousin poking his head above the dinner table

  • Haley
    Haley  +351

    The camera angle making Cody look even shorter is intentional and hilarious.

  • Excell A
    Excell A  +234

    Cody finally getting is shoutout from Jubilee and it's on the DEFINITION OF A SHORT KING is fucking hilarious. Well played Jubilee.

  • Isabella
    Isabella  +79

    It truly seems like Cody is just having a blast with these videos lately, and it shows they are so funny