The Sworn Sword: Dunk & Egg #2 Explained (Game of Thrones prequel)

  • čas přidán 1. 10. 2023
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    What happens in The Sworn Sword, and what does it mean? What happened to Rohanne Webber? What kind of king was Egg, Aegon V Targaryen?
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    The Sworn Sword graphic novel art by Mike S. Miller: / underdogmike
    Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use.
    Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House.
    Aerys I, Bloodraven, Daemon art by Amok: amokanet
    Bloodraven art by Bella Bergolts:
    Three-eyed crow art by Katie Hallaron:
    Ironborn art by Tomasz Jedruszek:
    Bittersteel and Aegon IV art by Marc Simonetti:
    House Osgrey art by Abjiklam:
    Map by Klaradox:
    Rohanne art by eluas:
    Rohanne art by toastydoodles:
    Gerold art by Oznerol-1516:
    Aegon V art by Karla Ortiz:
    References & further reading:
    Westerlands, TWOIAF extended version:
    Radio Westeros:
    Steven Attewell: racefortheironthrone.wordpres... forums:
    Butterfly: nobodysuspectsthebutterfly.tu...
    Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Triangle Wine Company, Harry, Nikos Moraitakis, Shane Veglia, Ria McDoodle, Tim Cunniff, Brian Sentient.
    0:00 The Sworn Sword
    0:59 Turmoil
    2:26 Eustace
    4:08 Rohanne
    7:07 Revelation
    9:25 Confrontation
    11:38 Red Widow
    14:35 Lannister
    16:59 King Egg

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Před 2 lety +195

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    • Crowbars2
      Crowbars2 Před 2 lety +5

      lmao, that ending. HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!

    • Yvng Mask
      Yvng Mask Před 2 lety +1

      Where the mandalorian vids??

    • Dennis Davis
      Dennis Davis Před 2 lety

      Harry Loyd's narration of these books are phenomenal. Worth listening just for that

    • Jack Ellis
      Jack Ellis Před 2 lety

      @Starr Child mm

  • Antrayen
    Antrayen Před 2 lety +2516

    I like it when a story has two likeable characters in conflict.

    • Niles Butler
      Niles Butler Před 2 lety +182

      It was one of the points that got me hooked on the main series.
      In the first chapters we learn to hate the Lannisters as decadent antagonists, by the end of book three we have learned to understand, even like at least two of them.
      We begin reading about Lord Stark and adore his chivalry, only to cringe and curse how incapable and bumbling a politician he is, later.
      We meet the brutal barbarian Horselord, buying and raping a teenage bride, only to later sniffle some tears when he dies a beloved husband.
      Martin is so great in this kind of moral relativism.

    • Antrayen
      Antrayen Před 2 lety +76

      @Niles Butler that's why I prefer Martin over Tolkien. Tolkien is amazing but LOTR is more about light versus darkness and ASOIAF is about gray versus gray

    • Niles Butler
      Niles Butler Před 2 lety +58

      @Antrayen LOTR also has a lot of racist and elitist undertones. The true good king, by blood, fated to save and reign all the little people. The unchangeable "bad" race of orcs, the "high men" dominating and civilizing the world and "swarty dark easterlings with bent knees and slitted eyes".
      I did love those books when I was twelve, but then my worldview was....simpler.
      Tolkien was a product of imperial Britains feudal upper class, and it shows through.
      Gray vs. gray humans, believing themselves to be in the right - that rings much more real to me now that I´m quite a lot older and more disillusioned.

    • Antrayen
      Antrayen Před 2 lety +31

      @Niles Butler There is a Russian writer who wrote LOTR but from the perspective of the orcs, placing them as the real victims, it is very interesting to read tbh

  • xamzx
    xamzx Před 2 lety +2096

    It is also interesting to mention that Rohanne is an ancestor of Jamie and Dunk is an ancestor of Brienne, so you could say they reunite in some way after so many years

    • paulgotik
      paulgotik Před 2 lety +301

      That's why Jamie liked Brienne, in a parellel universe would be incest.

    • RONEX
      RONEX Před 2 lety +44

      @paulgotik LMFAO

    • Deep Parashar
      Deep Parashar Před 2 lety +88

      paulgotik Yeah like Jamie has any problem with that .

    • BattyButtercup
      BattyButtercup Před 2 lety +29

      It would be fun if Podrick, secret Targ or more probably not, ended up King. Mostly because he'd have to be alive, surviving Lady Stoneheart and successfully reuniting with Brienne, to do so.
      It's a shame Maester Aemon never met Brienne (or Podrick). No hatted-mules for them. :(

    • Tom Guerrero
      Tom Guerrero Před rokem +3

      Wait, Lady Rohanne is related to Jaime? How?

    LARKIN Před 2 lety +971

    Rohanne is Quaithe, everyone that goes missing in the series is Quaithe of course. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Marcin Krz
      Marcin Krz Před 2 lety +62

      there's like 50 different characters standing on each other backs

    • DukeDogStorm
      DukeDogStorm Před 2 lety +67

      Rohanne = Quaithe = Shiera Seastar = Ashara Dayne = septa Lemore

    • Caleb Winfield
      Caleb Winfield Před 2 lety +9

      @Marcin Krz Quaithe is a secret Targaryen

    • Marcin Krz
      Marcin Krz Před 2 lety +33

      @Caleb Winfield Quaith is a time travelling fetus

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) Před 2 lety +19

      Gerion Lannister = Quaithe

  • Kris Calkins
    Kris Calkins Před 2 lety +559

    I liked when Egg and Eustace were debating the merits of the Blackfyre Rebellion with Egg saying "The sword was not the kingdom."

    • Mysterey101
      Mysterey101 Před 2 lety +74

      Eustace: Yea. . well, how about I kick your ass!
      *Ser Dunk the Tall has entered the chat*

    • DesolatedChild018
      DesolatedChild018 Před 11 měsíci +13

      It’s interesting… I wonder if Egg see, or maybe grew to see, that it isn’t The Iron Throne either. The kingdom is its people. That’s probably a view he would subscribe to.

    • MaxxVII
      MaxxVII Před 10 měsíci +44

      The rebellion started cuz some people saw an intelligent, educated and diplomatic dude inheriting the throne and decided that the guy with the cool sword was actually better suited to rule.
      It's kinda funny. Aesthetics created generational wars

    • Connor Dorman
      Connor Dorman Před 8 měsíci +24

      @MaxxVII right?! Holy shit I hear so many people defending Daemon and talking about how great he is because he is a great swordsman, whereas Daeron was a great scholar who made reforms for the betterment of the kingdom.

  • lluewhyn
    lluewhyn Před 2 lety +363

    My favorite story of his. You actually left out my favorite part, where Dunk tries to take the blame for the injured peasant and cuts his own cheek with a blade to attempt to technically satisfy Rohane's demand for blood to resolve the conflict peacefully.

    • Blue is Not a Warm Colour
      Blue is Not a Warm Colour Před rokem +41

      Yeah gotta love the balance between realism/complexity and earnest simplicity the Dunk stories bring. This is probably my favorite as well.

  • Alan Reese
    Alan Reese Před 2 lety +809

    Unless it is already revealed in canon, the answer to any ASoIaF mystery is "It was Bloodraven."
    So who set the forest on fire? It was Bloodraven.

    • gill__y
      gill__y Před 2 lety +108

      Who killed Maegor the Cruel? It was Bloodraven.

    • Kira
      Kira Před 2 lety +144

      Why is Bran on the throne in the dumbest ending ever? It was Bloodraven.

    • Alan Reese
      Alan Reese Před 2 lety +62

      @Kira It is always Bloodraven.

    • Fatema Abdulrahman
      Fatema Abdulrahman Před 2 lety +64

      If in doubt, blame it on Bloodraven!

    • jlshel42
      jlshel42 Před 2 lety +63

      Why do people say bastards are untrustworthy? It was Bloodraven

  • Ichabod Strange
    Ichabod Strange Před 2 lety +3207

    "George RR Martin wants to write ten or twelve Dunk and Egg books."
    *Press x to doubt*

    • minj4ever
      minj4ever Před 2 lety +180


    • Sarah Connor
      Sarah Connor Před 2 lety +82

      Press A to believe

    • Ben Boggs
      Ben Boggs Před 2 lety +219

      I'm only willing to believe that GRMM is writing something that he shouldn't be. Like he has a list of priority things for him to work on and he chosen whatever is at the bottom everytime

    • kindlin
      kindlin Před 2 lety +115

      @Ben Boggs
      I wonder if he's writing in all these plot twists and revelations that he then never has a chance to get to. He already said he doesn't want someone else to write the last book if he passes, but I hope that at least someone writes a book of all his notes or whatever so that these hidden ideas are at least known.

    • Rowan Paul
      Rowan Paul Před 2 lety +23

      Well he wants to, but if he actually does is another thing

  • Harry Tucker
    Harry Tucker Před 2 lety +588

    It's crazy that reading this story, with the 1vs1 battle in the river amidst the blazing forest for this random peasant land in the middle of nowhere, felt more intense than the entirety of the Game of Thrones season 8. 😂
    I just got chills learning that Rohanne is the great grandmother of the Lannisters of GoT.

    • Tarumpaw
      Tarumpaw Před 2 lety +3

      Yeah I get it s8 was bad. But no you're overreaching. There were a few intense scenes.

    • Harry Tucker
      Harry Tucker Před 2 lety +30

      I'm just saying my personal opinion: my heart was in my chest for Dunk, the Osgreys and Rohanne during that fight and the prelude to it.
      The most intense reaction I had from season 8 was defeated laughter.

    • skizzik121
      skizzik121 Před 2 lety +6

      "Here is a hedge knight that yearns to be a hedgehog"
      - Ser Lucas the Longinch

    • TrueYellowDart
      TrueYellowDart Před rokem +2

      Indeed. Because great stories are more likely to have good characters and not just “neat stuff” happening. The best stories have both.

    • david lewis
      david lewis Před rokem

      the night is dark and full of errors
      Seriously, I still ponder this to this day. To fight a DEFENSIVE battle, who puts their artillery AHEAD of their infantry?

  • Mysterey101
    Mysterey101 Před 2 lety +118

    Wow I never Rohanne was Tywins grandmother. . This gives completely new perspective to The Sworn Sword and present day Lannisters overall. Thanks altshiftx!

  • Vyceros
    Vyceros Před 2 lety +121

    Rohanne's reputation as a "monster" reminds me of Tyrion when Oberyn and Ellia Martell visit Casterly Rock to see this devil in flesh, an imp with a tail but instead come to see a normal baby. "He's not a monster", he told Cersei "He's just a baby".

    • Benson Fang
      Benson Fang Před 2 lety +11

      She’s Tyrion’s great grandma.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas Před rokem

      @Benson Fang Like great-grandmother, like great-grandson!

  • TrueYellowDart
    TrueYellowDart Před 2 lety +40

    I can’t overstate how great the Dunk and Egg stories are. They enrich and are in turn enriched by the main Ice and Fire storyline. But with (generally) smaller stakes at play, we get to learn more about those that are not tied to Great Houses and even learn more of the common folk Sworn Sword is the best of the three because it’s the furthest away from larger Westerosi politics, able to focus wholly on its characters as they learn nuanced life lessons.

  • Nhan Thomas Nguyen
    Nhan Thomas Nguyen Před 2 lety +1696

    Most of Rohannes husbands: died in battle or because of plauge
    3rd husband: *CHICKEN BONE*

    • Thomas Wilson
      Thomas Wilson Před 2 lety +97

      Reminds me of this game called Crusader Kings 3. You can poison them and in one of the events, it’s possible to have a bone stuck in their throat so it looks like an accident.

    • janaki pejov
      janaki pejov Před 2 lety +8

      ChIcKeN BoNe

    • Cherries life
      Cherries life Před 2 lety +5

      Is this where Arya got her idea from?

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Před 2 lety +2

      I guess by modern meme standards this is a “joke”?
      Me: this joke sucks
      Because: writing in this format doesn’t automatically make bad jokes funny

    • Greg McGregginton
      Greg McGregginton Před 2 lety +21

      @Tanner Jablowski it's pointing out the ridiculousness of one death compared to the others, since it was glossed over by the script of this video.
      You: i don't understand this joke.
      Because: it must mean it isn't funny! I better make a witty comment to show my smooth brain at work!

  • jlshel42
    jlshel42 Před 2 lety +546

    “It’s too hot to die.” -Dunk
    For some reason, my favorite line of the story

    • Bakthi Hapuarachchi
      Bakthi Hapuarachchi Před 2 lety +25

      I live near the equator and this quote is relatable as hell

    • jlshel42
      jlshel42 Před 2 lety +7

      @Bakthi Hapuarachchi oh wow. I grew up in Texas in the US, reminds me of mowing the lawn from April to October (our summer)

    • iateabagelonce
      iateabagelonce Před 2 lety +26

      Like... like when Dunk (assumingly) dies in the tragedy at Summerhall... in a fire........ which is really hot........................................

    • jlshel42
      jlshel42 Před 2 lety +10

      @iateabagelonce :(

    • allancg
      allancg Před 2 lety +3

      @Bakthi Hapuarachchi me too, I say a lot "its to hot to move" or "to work" or to "do something"

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Před 2 lety +49

    Like the theory about Rohanne planning everything from the jump BUT you forgot to include the part where Dunk had to slap some humility into Rohanne with Egg's boot to even get to that duel (she was just going to steamroll them with an army originally lol)

  • Hunter Allison
    Hunter Allison Před 2 lety +178

    Its nice to the romantic tension between Rohanne and Dunk kind of comes alive later. Rohanne being Jaimes ancestor and Dunk being Briannes Ancestor. Is it coincidence or sometype of magical love bond for those two to come together

    • Romy
      Romy Před 2 lety +32

      I don't think it's a coincidence at all. Rohanne has mannerisms very much like Jaime, where Brienne is obviously very much like Dunk. There is even all this stuff with Rohanne wanting to give Dunk a horse for his journey, Jaime does the same in ASOS, etc...
      The only difference is that Dunk & Rohanne were a bit faster with the flirting and pretty quickly got a move on 😂

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Před 2 lety +2

      Jaime and Brienne had zero romantic chemistry. Brienne was friendzoned to the max

    • Ziortza
      Ziortza Před 2 lety +23

      @Tanner Jablowski ??? Have you even read the books?? Jaime literally burns the note in which Cersei begs for his help and then a few days later leaves his whole army to accompany Brienne

    • Tanner Jablowski
      Tanner Jablowski Před 2 lety +5

      @Ziortza Yah. They’re friends, they went through a traumatic experience together, they saved each other’s lives, he respects her as a warrior, and they’re both pledged to the same oath. That doesn’t mean he’s attracted to her.
      Sorry to ruin your fanfic but it’s the truth. Jaime constantly thinks/talks about how ugly she is. Eventually after he comes to respect her he tones it down, but we never hear him think anything positive about her appearance or miss her the way we always heard from him over Cersei.
      If he was feeling something we’d know. If he abandoned his army to go meet up with Bronn or Pod you wouldn’t take that as evidence of romantic attraction

    • Ziortza
      Ziortza Před 2 lety +10

      @Tanner Jablowski oh you’ve actually read them?? Well that’s,, fucking sad pal so sorry you read it that way. I mean i’m totally in for a nice friendship like that one but I’m convinced that’s not what our good old Jorge was trying to say. Anyway, he probably won’t finish the books so I guess we’ll never know my pana.

  • King Sosa
    King Sosa Před 2 lety +507

    This man chose a kiss over a horse? I pray I’m never that down bad in my life.

    • Some Orc Lad
      Some Orc Lad Před 2 lety +50

      You can steal a horse anywhere, but a kiss? That's special. Sure you can force some unlucky farmer's daughter to do your business, but that ain't a classy move now ain't it. Dunk is made of finer stuff, the makings of a true gentleman right there.

    • King Sosa
      King Sosa Před 2 lety +123

      @Some Orc Lad fam let’s be practical here. He’s a knight what’s gonna serve him better? That one kiss or a whole fucking horse. Remember, he’s a KNIGHT!

    • TheDarkLaird
      TheDarkLaird Před 2 lety +20

      @Some Orc Lad I agree with you're logic but im with the other guys, take the horse Dunc 😂

    • EU memo
      EU memo Před 2 lety +16

      You’re like the ones who expect characters to take 100% rational decisions 100% of the time.

  • mist
    mist Před 2 lety +286

    Never noticed Rohanne had such a interesting life love learning from this channel

    • O G
      O G Před 2 lety +6

      That’s what make these Dunk & Egg stories so great

    • Willy Mo
      Willy Mo Před 2 lety

      She’s old nan.

  • jlshel42
    jlshel42 Před 2 lety +11

    So, there was…1) Tyland Lannister who supported Aegon II, then became Hand of Aegon III 2) Rohanne’s Lannister husband handing out gold to help elect Aegon V 3) Tywin, a former Hand, giving orders to kill baby Aegon and lastly 4) Tyrion, also once Hand, briefly part of “Aegon’s” crew in Essos. Hmm…Handsy Lannisters and Aegons have quite a history.

  • FireplaceEmbers
    FireplaceEmbers Před 2 lety +810

    In a world where George R R Martin will never finish his books...we must be thankful for Alt shift X GoT episodes. Praise be.

    • E J
      E J Před 2 lety +13

      I’m very thankful. I love game of thrones but sometimes it’s hard for me to follow because of the complexity of his books. I use alt shift x videos to enhance my experience. I actually didn’t start reading the books until alt shift x started making videos.

    • Max Mercer
      Max Mercer Před 2 lety +7

      When House of the Dragon debuts and TWoW still hasn't been published, GRRM's lie/excuse for why should be particularly egregious

    • Jarosław Wróbel
      Jarosław Wróbel Před 2 lety +1

      @Max Mercer he speak that will not be working on House untill Winds will be finished

    • Max Mercer
      Max Mercer Před 2 lety +5

      @Jarosław Wróbel GRRM has said a lot of things about TWoW over the years, none of them were true

    • janaki pejov
      janaki pejov Před 2 lety +1

      There arent many more episodes left..

  • TheLetterM
    TheLetterM Před 2 lety +22

    I love how you expanded on the story by giving us the additional context of what happens to Rohanne according to TWOIAF. Great video as always Mr. Schwi... I mean Shift.

  • Jay B
    Jay B Před 2 lety +97

    8:06 Anakin 😂 “From my point of view the loyalists are evil!”
    Dunk: “Then you are lost!”

    • Argos2297
      Argos2297 Před 5 měsíci +3

      Only Blackfyres deal in Absolutes

  • Prince Procrastinate
    Prince Procrastinate Před 2 lety +9

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Tales of Dunk and Egg, they are a breath of fresh air compared to the main books and more wholesome. I'd in some ways prefer to see these novellas completed over the main series (I doubt GRRM will actually finish ASOIAF), would be nice to have one of his Westeros based tales tell a completed narrative.

  • Revan
    Revan Před měsícem +1

    I find it so hard to believe Egg would go mad and burn down Summerhall to hatch dragons. I really hope it turns out he got manipulated by a R'hllor priestess into doing it. We see Dunk get manipulated in the 2nd and 3rd stories, maybe Egg's hedge squire experience made him more susceptible.

  • jon lelis
    jon lelis Před 2 lety +198

    i'm hoping this get adapted to a series

    • Brandon Mayhew
      Brandon Mayhew Před 2 lety +5

      Before the first: cancelled long night ?
      First: House of the Dragon.
      Second: Duncan and Egg series or Blackfyre rebellion?

    • lane cress
      lane cress Před 2 lety +4

      I might be wrong but I think George have said he wants to complete the series before it gets adapted, so it might take a while.

    • jon lelis
      jon lelis Před 2 lety +8

      @lane cress ah i see. So 20 years then 😆

    • waylon bocephus
      waylon bocephus Před 2 lety +3

      What so they can fuck up more of this universe?

    • Caleb Winfield
      Caleb Winfield Před 2 lety

      @Brandon Mayhew They should let D&D do it!

  • A W
    A W Před 2 lety +122

    “I would sooner be the dragon’s friend.” She tried the ring on her finger. It was too big even for her thumb. “Dragon or no, I must have Bennis of the Brown Shield.”
    “You are seven feet of stubborn.”
    “Less an inch.”
    She gave him back the ring. “I cannot return to Coldmoat empty-handed. They will say the Red Widow has lost her bite, that she was too weak to do justice, that she could not protect her smallfolk. You do not understand, ser.”
    “I might.” Better than you know. “I remember once some little lord in the stormlands took Ser Arlan into service, to help him fight some other little lord. When I asked the old man what they were fighting over, he said, ‘Nothing, lad. It’s just some pissing contest.’”
    Lady Rohanne gave him a shocked look, but could sustain it no more than half a heartbeat before it turned into a grin. “I have heard a thousand empty courtesies in my time, but you are the first knight who ever said pissing in my presence.” Her freckled face went somber. “Those pissing contests are how lords judge one another’s strength, and woe to any man who shows his weakness. A woman must needs piss twice as hard, if she hopes to rule. And if that woman should happen to be small… Lord Stackhouse covets my Horseshoe Hills, Ser Clifford Conklyn has an old claim to Leafy Lake, those dismal Durwells live by stealing cattle… and beneath mine own roof I have the Longinch. Every day I wake wondering if this might be the day he marries me by force.” Her hand curled tight around her braid, as hard as if it were a rope, and she was dangling over a precipice. “He wants to, I know. He holds back for fear of my wroth, just as Conklyn and Stackhouse and the Durwells tread carefully where the Red Widow is concerned. If any of them thought for a moment that I had turned weak and soft…”
    Dunk put the ring back on his finger, and drew his dagger.
    The widow’s eyes went wide at the sight of naked steel. “What are you doing?” she said. “Have you lost your wits ? There are a dozen crossbows trained on you.”
    “You wanted blood for blood.” He laid the dagger against his cheek. “They told you wrong. It wasn’t Bennis cut that digger, it was me.” He pressed the edge of the steel into his face, slashed downward. When he shook the blood off the blade, some spattered on her face. More freckles, he thought. “There, the Red Widow has her due. A cheek for a cheek.”
    “You are quite mad.” The smoke had filled her eyes with tears. “If you were better born, I’d marry you.”

    • Introvertsan
      Introvertsan Před 2 lety +11

      How cute

    • skizzik121
      skizzik121 Před 2 lety +19

      Honestly this is one of the best written passages in all of the ASoIaF world.
      I can't help but read it in Harry Lloyd's voice acting as well

    • Curtis Jackson
      Curtis Jackson Před 2 lety +4

      Such melancholy, much wow

    • MT Lacunae
      MT Lacunae Před 2 lety +10

      Aye, and if pigs had wings and could breathe fire, they'd be as good as dragons.

    • Man Manman
      Man Manman Před rokem +4

      After what Bennis did in the end they should've just handed him over.

  • Ali Almuhanna
    Ali Almuhanna Před rokem +14

    My favorite moment in this story is when Dunk mouthes “clout in the ear” at Egg, and Egg grins at him ! 😆 I love it !

  • Toronto Live
    Toronto Live Před 2 lety +4

    I love the Dunk and Egg stories. They give me this Don Quixote vibe of exploration and adventures. If anyone is aware of any other similar novels, please feel free to recommend them!

  • Haedox
    Haedox Před 2 lety +705

    I was watching your old vid on Bolt-On yesterday since I’ve been re-reading. Crazy how much you’ve improved and continue to. Love these all so much!!!!!

    • Saskia Viking
      Saskia Viking Před 2 lety +5

      You're a fan of asoiaf? Lets goooo

    • AxxL
      AxxL Před 2 lety +1

      One thing! Just one thing! Please tell IT to me: WHY tf do I have so many fans even though no CZcamsr is unprettier than I am? WORLDWIDE!!!! WHY??? Tell me, dear hae

      YEE SPAGHETTI SAUCE Před 2 lety +2

      @AxxL Self promo much?

    • Sarah Connor
      Sarah Connor Před 2 lety +6


      YEE SPAGHETTI SAUCE Před 2 lety +2

      @Sarah Connor alright bro, just chill out lmao

  • Everardo Alvarez
    Everardo Alvarez Před 2 lety +641

    “The Author G.R.R.M. Has talked about writing ten or 12 more Dunk & Egg Novelas”
    I like the enthusiasm but let’s get get Winds of Winter first chief

    • sdfaf
      sdfaf Před 2 lety +33

      He says he is leaving them until after asoiaf. I'm hopeful he can do both, even if it's a long shot. Why not he? Stranger things have happened.

    • Carlos
      Carlos Před 2 lety +4

      The next two are already nearly finished though

    • deg1studios
      deg1studios Před 2 lety +49

      @sdfaf yeah. I hate people who assume he'll never finish ASOIAF.
      The Winds of Winter will clearly be the most complex book in the series. Of course its gonna take a while to write. Yes, 10 years is more than what might be expected but that doesn't mean he's given up. A Dream of Spring will probably be out much sooner than people think.
      What people can't seem to grasp is that The Winds of Winter isn't just another part of the story. It has to take the reader from the end of Dance (in the midst of ALOT of conflict and intrigue) to the beginning of the end of the series. Alot of plotlines need to be finished, or be developed enough for them to be finished in the last book. The stuff in Meereen, the stuff with (f)Aegon, the Ironborn and the Dornish, Littlefinger in the Vale and the Bolton/Stannis war in the north, as well as the war against the Others and the schizm between House Lannister, House Tyrell and the High Sparrow. All these, and many more, plotlines need to be advanced ALOT. And if it isn't done right, Dream will have to become two books. So yeah, this is the home stretch for GRRM. When Winds is out, he can take it easy and conclude the story easily.
      We know he can write fast when there isn't as much pressure on him. Fire and Blood is as large as a main book and he wrote that in like no time at all. And Dunk and Egg stories are so simple he could probably write one a year if he wants to. So, don't give up hope.

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      @deg1studios i argue that fire and blood was much easier to be since as george was fleshing out the world of asoiaf he'd already planned out and solidified a lot of the history and story thats covered in fire and blood. its not like with asoiaf wheres he's had to add timeskips, remove timeskips, adjust plotlines change character direction, etc

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    Egg was real harsh on those he considered to be traitors but this made him change his perspective slightly. Loyalty is cool but these Lords HAVE to pick the winning side. Eustace wouldn't have chose to back Daemon if he knew how powerful of a force Bloodraven was. People had issues with Daeron(being a nerd and marrying a brown woman) but the rebellions changed after people knew how he got down.

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    The Mystery Knight is basically the story of the 2nd Blackfyre Rebellion and the Hedge Knight is an account of the death of the Prince of Dragonstone, Heir to the Iron Throne. Then the Sworn Sword is about some petty dispute amongst some minor lords. I'm sure part of the reason for such a drastic change is to show that not all money is made competing in tourneys or working for the rich and powerful; they take on work as hired swords for smaller lords as well. I've always thought this seemingly insignificant event in Dunk & Egg's life is important somehow, why else write about it? I think you've come the closest to answering that question for me!

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    • Greywolf757
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    • C. W.
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      I was about to comment: Yeah, because he writes women as people, duh! Well, HE obviously knows that if he states it in interviews...
      Lately I've come to realize how messed up it is to grow up with barely a representation of your gender as truly human and any function beyond being decorative in most media.

    • Greywolf757
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      @C. W. When were women not represented as human? They may not have been main characters, but they did exist in stories for the last 4000 years.

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    Something this video is missing is what Eustace gave up to try to save what he cared most for, but still lost in the end
    He went to war for the black dragon because he hoped doing so could result in his ancestral lands being returned to him. His side lost the war though and his sons were killed, leaving him not only without his family land but also without ant children to leave that land to even if he could have gotten it back.
    ...except his daughter was spared and allowed to become a silent sister as part of the terms of his surrender to the Targeryen throne.. but she refuses to speak to him so his surrender got him nothing but his life.
    Well his life is miserable now. His wife committed suicide after their sons were killed, his daughter won’t talk to him, and his family name is about to be snuffed out forever after 1,000 years of serving as marshals of the northmarch.
    The man feels such immense weight and shame bearing down on him it’s impossible to even put into words. He wasn’t a bad person. He didn’t do anything wrong. He tried to do right by his family but a lot of bad luck left him utterly destroyed with absolutely nothing left to live for except the remorse for getting his sons killed. His sons have been dead for like fifteen years but he still visits them at their burials and talks to them on an almost daily basis. Every time he opens a new cask of wine he visits them and pours out a drink for them. He sits alone, drunk, staring into the fire at night reliving the war in his mind, not because of the bloodshed but because of everything it cost him. When he finds an extremely old worn shield while digging through old family trinkets Dunk notices that he holds it like it’s a newborn child.
    Egg tells Eustace he should at least be happy that the king let him keep his life. Eustace calls the king’s mercy poison. He says he’d be better off if he had been exiled or executed.
    The man is utterly tormented by regret and the shame of failure. He might be the most depressed character I’ve ever known. It’s heartbreaking listening to him.

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    On the Lannister thing, maybe Tywin got his wits and political prowess from her and his ruthlessness and subterfuge from Gerold.

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  • Wash my soul with words

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    The Maester who was a rather adept at diffusing/handling situations(Likely due to a lifetime of experience/Being a Targaryen, it must be something you learn from a young age….
    Alas you get killed horribly by an inbred uncle/Lived at King's Landing, a location also served as a training ground crash course for picking up deceit).
    How he recalls an old story, which we assume will be a rather generic tale until he reveals his bloodline & House, we are as taken aback as Jon Snow is.
    It still rings in my ears how he says "Egg" in the most nostalgic/sentimental & affectionate tone which gives us an idea of a pleasant memory & now due to these stories thus far we can see why.

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    It is theorized that like in the show, Melisandre is older than she appears to be, being centuries old. And Lady Lothston practiced magic to stay young, so ... It's quite a matter

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      @Alan Tyndall and because the show didn't wanted to show such a stupid, evil, vain character (and as such, she was whitewashed).
      Though you are still right, she is always drunk too (which make her even worse).

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    I read the Dunk and Egg stories a few years ago and my memory is probably a bit faded...but as I recall at the end of The Sworn Sword he got that infamous wound across his face which he inflicted on himself in order to resolve an argument between Rohanne and Eustace. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Elvenoor MG
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      I've just read that and yes - he did cut his cheek to satisfy Rohanne.

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    When you think about it though aegon the "unworthy" legitimized ALL his basterds, meaning even IF daeron was illegitimate, his father (to the best of my knowledge) never exactly said "everyone, BUT you daeron. You a basterd"
    Meaning even if he was a basterd aegon unwittingly legitimized him, & he was the ELDEST one if the "Great basterds"

    • Lord Mathis Rowan
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      no....since Daeron wouldn't be his bastard.
      He would be the bastard of Aegons wife and whoever the father is (probably Aemon)
      If Aegon really is the father of Daeron, he woudn't be a bastard.

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