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  • čas přidán 11. 11. 2022
  • Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia) over a prolonged period of time.[12][13]
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  • @teeguner-1035
    @teeguner-1035 Před rokem +3788

    "Americans cant eat a normal breakfast" as he littaraly orders 73€ of food a day from McDonald's for breakfast

    • @LaVieRedoutee_Osu
      @LaVieRedoutee_Osu Před rokem +349

      you forgot he doesn't drink water only milk and energy drinks lol

    • @teeguner-1035
      @teeguner-1035 Před rokem +324

      @@LaVieRedoutee_Osu His bones are stronger than his immune system that's for sure.

    • @LaVieRedoutee_Osu
      @LaVieRedoutee_Osu Před rokem +10

      @@teeguner-1035 fr lol

    • @vWolfHD
      @vWolfHD Před rokem +48

      Yes but he has diabetes over his life, in America you get diabetes when you step foot on their soil

    • @FINALey
      @FINALey Před rokem +16

      "littaraly" btw

  • @Ouskiller
    @Ouskiller Před rokem +936

    Anomaly: *Orders entire McDonald's menu for breakfast and gags when drinking water*
    Also Anomaly: Americans can't eat regular breakfast

  • @ROGS69
    @ROGS69 Před rokem +126

    "they are all mega fat" said the absolute Swedish unit

    • @qru9046
      @qru9046 Před rokem +11

      "They are all mega fat"
      You have been officially banned from competitive matchmaking for continued team damage.

    • @tripaszton4015
      @tripaszton4015 Před rokem +2

      @@qru9046 XDDDDDDDDDDD

  • @drxgonoma
    @drxgonoma Před rokem +1517

    Ludde calls PopTarts an unhealthy breakfast meanwhile he orders the entire McDonalds menu every morning for himself

    • @filippolak2324
      @filippolak2324 Před rokem +13

      yeah literally lol

    • @xChrisS41x
      @xChrisS41x Před rokem +16

      I hoped somebody would call him out for that 😂 Literally eats a McDonalds meal for 2 people for breakfast

    • @GurreG
      @GurreG Před rokem +1

      Exactly xD

    • @flameguy3416
      @flameguy3416 Před rokem +1

      Malta McDonald's very healthy

    • @thatoneguy2498
      @thatoneguy2498 Před rokem +4

      @@xChrisS41x for 2? For a whole family you mean

  • @FadedOxide
    @FadedOxide Před rokem +273

    Glad you included the classic American candy Pepto Bismol

    • @alexrekzu4079
      @alexrekzu4079 Před rokem +19

      yeah we would get some pepto in our trick or treat bags 😎

    • @VannPalone
      @VannPalone Před rokem +5

      Butt medicine

  • @Max-ns9db
    @Max-ns9db Před rokem +595

    I didn’t know you could contract diabetes twice, very nice Anomaly!

  • @bufflambo
    @bufflambo Před rokem +715

    The reason why the Hershey's chocolate tastes weird is because apparently it has butyric acid in it. Which is also found in vomit. You ate vomit chocolate

    • @fordgalaxiefanclub7733
      @fordgalaxiefanclub7733 Před rokem +42

      I never had a hersheys that tasted sour, its just supposed to taste unusually sweet chocolate. I guess it expired

    • @biggoblin6339
      @biggoblin6339 Před rokem +169

      @@fordgalaxiefanclub7733 United States chocolate is nothing like chocolate in other parts of the world thats probably why he thought it tasted sour

    • @jockin
      @jockin Před rokem +77

      @@fordgalaxiefanclub7733 it tastes normal to you because ur used to it, its the same as to why anomaly didnt like spicy candy but I guess that mexicans like it because otherwise they wouldnt sell them.

    • @PszMan19063
      @PszMan19063 Před rokem +4

      It’s good acid, I like it. I’ve had European chocolate without it, I also like it.

    • @ebbetingelholm4965
      @ebbetingelholm4965 Před rokem +1

      @@fordgalaxiefanclub7733 just usa all chjocklate

  • @the.convoy8175
    @the.convoy8175 Před rokem +260

    you know it's shit when anomaly the guy who'll eat straight white sugar for dinner says it's all too sweet

    • @Laylownam
      @Laylownam Před rokem +8

      He likes it but he’s doesn’t want to admit it because the US is the best country in the world

    • @the.convoy8175
      @the.convoy8175 Před rokem +32

      I don't think that's how that works but keep coping

    • @putyodickaway
      @putyodickaway Před rokem +10

      I think you meant to say the worst

    • @thatneo4133
      @thatneo4133 Před rokem +18

      @@Laylownam yeah for a diabetes speedrun world record

    • @360_gangsterelite2
      @360_gangsterelite2 Před rokem

      @@putyodickaway cope

  • @KolaxxxReg
    @KolaxxxReg Před rokem +84

    *Anomaly* : eats entire Mcdonald's menu for breakfast
    *Also Anomaly* : very unhealthy breakfast

  • @Terra101
    @Terra101 Před rokem +129

    What's better than to watch some Anomaly while having a migraine.

    • @Atlas12345
      @Atlas12345 Před rokem +1

      Probably cutting off an arm then taking a salt bath idk

    • @damirahatov4408
      @damirahatov4408 Před rokem +1

      Hello, I usually take med with "Sumatriptan", always takes migraine in 15 mins, be healthy!

    • @maximilianb.8789
      @maximilianb.8789 Před rokem +5

      Not having migraine

    • @wigit2216
      @wigit2216 Před rokem +5

      if i had a migrane this would make it worse

    • @Terra101
      @Terra101 Před rokem +2

      @@wigit2216 Yeah that was the joke, watched on really low volume lol. It's a lil better now tho, thankfully.

  • @lordlidl6713
    @lordlidl6713 Před rokem +121

    Don't worry, Hershey's chocolate is supposed to taste like vomit

    • @theonewhoknocks1412
      @theonewhoknocks1412 Před rokem +4

      I like it and i’m not even american

    • @craftah
      @craftah Před rokem

      @@theonewhoknocks1412 ive tried hersheys pretzel and it was pretty ok cuh

    • @spartansavage1066
      @spartansavage1066 Před rokem +2

      @@theonewhoknocks1412 🤮

    • @qru9046
      @qru9046 Před rokem +1

      The chocolate is different than europe. Because americans are fat and cant take it without goofy ahh ingredients

    • @kenshiku
      @kenshiku Před rokem +1

      @@theonewhoknocks1412 wtf is that supposed to mean.

  • @Giantmassivecoc
    @Giantmassivecoc Před rokem +17

    The rare moment when Anomaly actually cares what ingredients are used in the food

  • @andydamscus5243
    @andydamscus5243 Před rokem +75

    He actually rated something that tastes like hotel room shampoo a 3/10, so it's an option for him.

  • @X_irtz
    @X_irtz Před rokem +16

    If even Anomaly says something is unhealthy, it really must be unhealthy

  • @frostchak2163
    @frostchak2163 Před rokem +5

    “That smells kinda good, I guess?”
    -Literally 3 seconds after he turned into Big Smoke

  • @skonke4739
    @skonke4739 Před rokem +8

    healthiest things anomaly has ever eaten

  • @themanjeff3406
    @themanjeff3406 Před rokem +55

    I love anomaly's humour lol

  • @ironside915
    @ironside915 Před rokem +13

    Entered the video sooner than diabetes entered Anomaly’s life

  • @Furi98
    @Furi98 Před rokem +78

    I love these guys so much I wish there was more content.

    • @Magmabbx
      @Magmabbx Před rokem +2


    • @trickerino
      @trickerino Před rokem +3

      Anomaly has other accounts as well and there's a ton of content of him and his dad. I think there's enough content for you to last a year

  • @adrian_mu
    @adrian_mu Před rokem +57

    Maybe have a video where you eat healthy for a week?? Cuz i think you’ll need it

  • @Denis-nh5bv
    @Denis-nh5bv Před rokem +74

    Fun fact: hershey's chocolate bars use butyric acid in the making process, that's the same acid that's created when your gut bacteria digests fiber, so it leaves you with the same aftertaste as if you just threw up. A friend of mine brought me a hershey's bar from America and I genuinely didn't know if it rly tastes that bad or if I threw up a bit inside my mouth after eating it

    • @Laylownam
      @Laylownam Před rokem +14

      Fun fact :Butyric acid is found in butter and a fuck ton of other foods, it’s because your tastes buds aren’t used to dairy due to the ban in uk and other regions

    • @thatneo4133
      @thatneo4133 Před rokem

      @@Laylownam but hersheys still tastes like shit

    • @EggertPlays
      @EggertPlays Před rokem +3

      @@Laylownam Fairly certain people are used to or at least were used to dairy if they are not vegans. Especially butter and milk.

    • @bricolmane
      @bricolmane Před rokem +4

      @@Laylownam L patriot

    • @ykiikii
      @ykiikii Před rokem +2

      That's so bullshit.
      We ordered Hershey's chocolate bars multiple times to Germany and they all tasted fine.

  • @PurpleHoodie
    @PurpleHoodie Před rokem +37

    I was wondering why anomaly didn't seem to like anything that much, then he rated the hot tamales a 9/10 and it suddenly all made sense

    • @PurpleHoodie
      @PurpleHoodie Před rokem +19

      @@MostlyLost anomaly alt account

    • @yinakiyama
      @yinakiyama Před rokem +5

      @@PurpleHoodie I mean he does have unpopular food opinions so him liking Hot Tamales makes sense.

  • @ake7482
    @ake7482 Před rokem +7

    "Dont snus kids its dangerous" Anomaly: proceeds to eat a table full of candy

  • @luri
    @luri Před rokem +27

    Anomaly saying Pop Tarts are unhealthy breakfast when he eats literal McDonalds for breakfast lmao

  • @TheSwiftDJ105
    @TheSwiftDJ105 Před rokem +19

    11:38 "Americans are absolutely crazy" Continues to eat a candy not native to most states.

  • @IAmYred
    @IAmYred Před rokem +3

    "Papa will go get some milk"
    Papa was never seen again.

  • @Pirat056
    @Pirat056 Před rokem +5

    "How it feels to chew 5 gum?"
    Anomaly: proceed to shit himself horrendously.

  • @syndythelad6860
    @syndythelad6860 Před rokem +6

    “Anomaly eating his usual snacks” Circa 2022

  • @CHRIZZYOfficial
    @CHRIZZYOfficial Před rokem +4

    No one:
    Twizzlers exsist...
    Anomaly: 0:42 TWISSLESSHH!

  • @InfinityPt
    @InfinityPt Před rokem +3

    for a moment there i thought papa was gona say "i dont taste any kids" when they were trying the sour patch

  • @accursedamygdala8241
    @accursedamygdala8241 Před rokem +18

    Haven't watched the video yet but I do love that they were able to fit the traditional American Grizzly dip candy into their haul.
    Most foreigners don't know this but it's kind of like an American Vegemite. If you can find some, please give it a try on some toast.

    • @sw-gz9ps
      @sw-gz9ps Před rokem +3

      vegemite is eaten by a large percentage of Australians. the candy youre referring to sounds much more niche

    • @magnus6683
      @magnus6683 Před rokem

      Yes most definitely like vegemite

  • @young_ese1365
    @young_ese1365 Před rokem +3

    pop tarts for breakfast vs anomaly's mc Donald's breakfast enough to feed a small family

  • @jesses9540
    @jesses9540 Před rokem +3

    Papa carrying this channel ong

  • @mikhailsandzhiev7391
    @mikhailsandzhiev7391 Před rokem +3

    anomaly calling smores "unhealthy breakfast"... - we already saw ur vision on the normal breakfast

  • @RobinLundqvist
    @RobinLundqvist Před rokem +4

    Reminder that anormandy thought reese's peanut butter cups were food and not candy

  • @norseGFX
    @norseGFX Před rokem +4

    Im glad papanomaly is starting to fight back

  • @doomslayer960
    @doomslayer960 Před rokem +4

    This whole video was friendly fire

  • @TheItalianoAssassino
    @TheItalianoAssassino Před rokem +2

    "Here you go grandma, a fucking hersheys bar, you old Bitch" That was so funny to me for some reason. 😂😂

  • @peep2kCS
    @peep2kCS Před rokem +1

    Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia) over a prolonged period of time.[12][13]

  • @SWBF2PS2
    @SWBF2PS2 Před rokem

    i love that the description is just the first sentence of the wikipedia article for diabetes

  • @yeetyeet3502
    @yeetyeet3502 Před rokem +6

    You know american candy is too sweet when FUCKING LUDDE points it out in a bad way

  • @Kop32353
    @Kop32353 Před rokem +4

    Anomaly & Papanomaly are slowly becoming Nikocado Avocado

  • @brenc302
    @brenc302 Před rokem +3

    I think anomaly deserves an award for this acting

  • @n.s.c.h0r1zon38
    @n.s.c.h0r1zon38 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: *trying candies*
    "Also, I bought pepto bismol"

    • @Laylownam
      @Laylownam Před rokem

      Fr this confused tf outta me😂

  • @mr_saiiko
    @mr_saiiko Před rokem +3

    ''Fat Snack'' cracked me up.

  • @spoonermanhd2607
    @spoonermanhd2607 Před rokem +14

    Love how he says very American and staple for things that most people don't do or eat. Very epic being marginalized for once

  • @alexpadurariu2083
    @alexpadurariu2083 Před rokem +1

    Every anomaly's video:
    -Hello papa!

  • @Snottyfinga
    @Snottyfinga Před rokem +4

    thanks for the shout out at 14:05

  • @sssells30
    @sssells30 Před rokem +22

    I imagine Anomaly avoided a mirror all day to then call all Americans mega fat without feeling self conscious

  • @triledink
    @triledink Před rokem +1

    Anomaly eating this much american 1000kg sugar candy would make wilford brimley blush.

  • @oppickles1358
    @oppickles1358 Před rokem +1

    Never clicked a notification so fast. Very nice 👌

  • @TheEdwag1
    @TheEdwag1 Před rokem

    anomaly "doesn't like sweet popcorn", also anomaly "buys lots of sweet popcorn"

  • @arnpor
    @arnpor Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: *eats candy* WHY IS IT SO SWEET??!

  • @finnishmapping2468
    @finnishmapping2468 Před 9 měsíci +4

    10:00 bruh thats medicine

  • @WhatsThisOwO
    @WhatsThisOwO Před rokem +1

    "So unhealthy breakfust"
    Literally eats McDonalds as breakfast with a liter of energy drink

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem +2

    The sequel i have awaited

  • @daifaiv
    @daifaiv Před rokem +2

    You know its bad when anomaly calls out your breakfast as shit

    • @Laylownam
      @Laylownam Před rokem +2

      Yet he goes to McDonald’s every day, which is American 🇺🇸

    • @gamesomething8505
      @gamesomething8505 Před rokem

      ​@@Laylownam L patriot

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +3

    He says Americans can't eat a proper breakfast yet he eats loads and loads of McDonald's junk food as a breakfast hahaha.

  • @aronfinell2551
    @aronfinell2551 Před rokem +1

    8:49 i looked away right when papa said "å där kom den" I don't think i've looked back that fast in my entire life

  • @canyonbovich2711
    @canyonbovich2711 Před rokem +3

    Anyone wanna talk about the fact that papa anomaly was crunching on jolly ranchers, teeth of steel

  • @pascutoibogdan1412
    @pascutoibogdan1412 Před 10 měsíci

    *anomaly saying that skittles are bioengineered*
    papanomaly: nice

  • @ShifatAhmed07
    @ShifatAhmed07 Před rokem

    Yesss Papa and Anomaly best combo❤

  • @reactedboss9933
    @reactedboss9933 Před rokem +1

    "Everything is so sweet" ya no duh it's candy lol

  • @fellowperson6406
    @fellowperson6406 Před rokem +5

    Funny thing is that the most prominent ingredients, or whatever, is the FIRST thing listed. So if sugar is the first on the list of ingredients, that's what it's mostly composed of.
    A lot of mexican candy originating in Mexico has Tajin (pronounced "Ta-hEEn" I think). Especially Lucas.

    • @LilPolemistisXL
      @LilPolemistisXL Před rokem +1

      tajin... isn't that sesame paste?

    • @bricolmane
      @bricolmane Před rokem

      Tajin is also a moroccan dish, a plate made of clay where you cook Vegetables and meat or the former and fish.

  • @aapomutanen4028
    @aapomutanen4028 Před rokem +2

    Could you cuys mayby try Fazer suprise box I would love to see what you think of top guality finnis candies?

  • @asw1546we
    @asw1546we Před rokem +3

    why does ludde have a shoe collection when he doesnt use his legs?

  • @coryyoung7544
    @coryyoung7544 Před rokem +1

    For the flaming hot mtn dew all the spice is in the carbonation if you open it and let it sit it theirs no spice but kinda tastes like Sunkist.
    Its not hot at first but it gets in your nose and you'll feel like you got a cold for awhile.

  • @BlindDuality
    @BlindDuality Před rokem +2

    the warheads sour chewy candy actually sucks as a sour candy, its the hard candy version thats actually sour, but even those dont taste good after about 20 seconds. very chemical taste
    a personal favorite from when i was younger was called Cry baby tears, kinda chalky but pretty sour. after eating a lot of them it gets hard to taste anything haha. most of the chili powder candies are very popular in mexio actually, chili lime or chili with salt. personal fav is watermelon balls with salt and chili in the middle

  • @REVdart
    @REVdart Před 9 měsíci

    ,,anomaly what are you gonna eat today?"
    Anomaly: Diabetes

  • @skiss6539
    @skiss6539 Před 10 dny

    "this was not very good" goes for another bite

  • @kushtaco1998
    @kushtaco1998 Před rokem

    Let's eat some candy!
    The can of Grizzly: Am I a f*cking joke?

  • @genericcanadian2048
    @genericcanadian2048 Před rokem +3

    how you gonna eat half the mcdonalds menu for breakfast and then call poptarts not normal

  • @linkinparkkiro
    @linkinparkkiro Před rokem +1

    11:52 Anomaly: *literally chokes while eating in disgust* "very weird candy I will give this a 6"
    Fat moment

  • @RobertLange
    @RobertLange Před rokem +5

    I think one pop tart is closer to a healthy breakfast compared to devouring the enrite McDonalds menu

    • @gamesomething8505
      @gamesomething8505 Před rokem

      Yeah you can say that but he did that for a video but some americans acually eat pop tarts every day for breakfast

  • @no1Liikeglenn
    @no1Liikeglenn Před rokem

    "ola pappa im sending you some money" crap commercial is making me Blood pressure shot up, so i skip that just to to be greeted by "hello pappa".... ahahahahaha

  • @coastline.
    @coastline. Před rokem +2

    still waiting for the weird meat video. papa almost puking in the first one made me laugh so hard

  • @wiewiehd3319
    @wiewiehd3319 Před rokem +3

    Anomally saying "Its just so unhealthy breakfast" to the pop tarts, then proceeds to buy like 4 big mac meals for breakfast in his breakfast swap video 💀💀💀

  • @tommy6663
    @tommy6663 Před rokem +1

    Papa : "Tastes like shampoo" *continues to eat 5 more pieces*

  • @jenson1896
    @jenson1896 Před rokem +6

    Still waiting for a German food video 😂

  • @predzoru
    @predzoru Před rokem +6

    I'm an Bosnian-American and I'm a soda nerd. You should try some Fanta Shokata (VERY good soda), Dorina (chocolate), and banankos (chocolate covered banana candy).

    • @bbbbbern
      @bbbbbern Před rokem +1

      they sell shokata in europe too btw

    • @predzoru
      @predzoru Před rokem

      @@bbbbbern what parts?

    • @haha__hihi
      @haha__hihi Před rokem

      @@predzoru czechia for instance

    • @shonx420
      @shonx420 Před rokem

      @@predzoru germany, netherland, poland, cz

    • @predzoru
      @predzoru Před rokem

      @@shonx420 lucky fellas. i moved to the USA years ago and theres no good places to buy them here i have to order online.

  • @yinakiyama
    @yinakiyama Před rokem +15

    We need a American Beer Review for Papanomaly. I want to see him try a Four Loko. (Papanomaly did open up fan mail that has a Four Loko)

    • @boredumb2588
      @boredumb2588 Před rokem +2

      Isn't that a UK drink?

    • @boredumb2588
      @boredumb2588 Před rokem +2

      I've been lied to, i get that all the time when i go a night out and i'm from Northern Ireland UK

    • @yinakiyama
      @yinakiyama Před rokem

      @@boredumb2588 If I recall correctly Four Loko was sold by Phusion Projects of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

    • @boredumb2588
      @boredumb2588 Před rokem +1

      @@yinakiyama Brother with the Copy and paste lmao. Nah yeah it's highly drunk in the UK too

    • @yinakiyama
      @yinakiyama Před rokem

      @@boredumb2588 I mean if we're talking about the place of origin it's in the US. Well either way it's a hell of a drink.

  • @hypnotize3776
    @hypnotize3776 Před rokem

    Great video. You should come to South Africa some time. And if come to Joburg

  • @quinonone
    @quinonone Před 11 měsíci

    fun fact: traditional kinder eggs are actually commonly found in mexican grocery stores in the us (mostly those in states closer to the us/mexico border) and liquor stores in towns closer to the border as well (such as san diego)

  • @itaythejoker
    @itaythejoker Před 5 měsíci

    "Mexico has weird candy" proceeds to consume hockey powder 😂

  • @BoyGerman95
    @BoyGerman95 Před rokem +3

    We all know Anermly will eat all of these off camera for bekfist

  • @temeteron5043
    @temeteron5043 Před rokem +1

    anomaly speaking about unhealthy breakfast when he legit drinks energy drink and takes painkillers first think in the morning

  • @radaimzgt3198
    @radaimzgt3198 Před rokem

    I love how anomaly is talking about healthy when he orders 3 family sized meals from McDonalds lmao

  • @tie_tim65tie93
    @tie_tim65tie93 Před rokem

    I love papa and you you guys are the best

  • @patrikcarga
    @patrikcarga Před 11 měsíci

    Anomaly making fun of americans being fat: "friendly fire shall not be tollerated"

  • @Lxppe
    @Lxppe Před 7 měsíci +1

    america makes anomaly sound healthy

  • @moonbeamidk8420
    @moonbeamidk8420 Před rokem +3

    I would question his opinion on some candies. But then I remember he likes dog treats so

  • @Finnishmanni
    @Finnishmanni Před rokem

    If papa wouldn't be there i would think anomaly was just an american trying out candies.

  • @thesaltnation5570
    @thesaltnation5570 Před 8 měsíci

    Jolly ranchers are my favorite ❤❤ i love hard candy

  • @lawl821
    @lawl821 Před 10 měsíci

    “Is it supposed to be chunky?” No anomaly, it is curdling

  • @Konbvkapkane
    @Konbvkapkane Před 6 měsíci

    Anomaly: mexican candy is very weird.
    Meanwhile Swedish candy: just pure salt.

    • @Knarkamel
      @Knarkamel Před 6 měsíci

      Nah, swedish candy is like 10-20% licorice. But salt licorice is so good.

  • @howack3826
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    That fart in the end make my computer blew up my sound card🤌

  • @AvoidThisLloyd
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    Every time he posts a video, I fail NNN.

  • @zmodzzGG
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    you know the pop tarts REALLY didnt smell good if anomaly can smell it thru the mask

  • @keepy2385
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    how can u not like mike and likeee its amazing

  • @user-pu5iy5wg7y
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    Yessss! New video 🔥