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  • čas přidán 14. 04. 2023
  • Finally Papa gets to try CS2! BUY, SELL & TRADE SKINS SAFELY: skinsmonkey.com/r/PAPA
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  • @AnomalyPapanomaly
    @AnomalyPapanomaly  Před rokem +185

    Follow my Dad on Twitch, he will appreciate it 😇❤ www.twitch.tv/papanomaly/

  • @PetmeHorse
    @PetmeHorse Před rokem +2285

    Love you papa, you're an angel for taking care of the disabled.

  • @fricolorlfc6252
    @fricolorlfc6252 Před rokem +660

    papa is a good caretaker, for almost 30 years anomaly has actually thought papa is his dad

  • @Bonkman83
    @Bonkman83 Před rokem +471

    I'm so used to seeing Ludde with the mask on when i saw he had a full neckbeard i went wide eye lmao

    • @turbosvamp
      @turbosvamp Před rokem +20

      Made me so fkn curious how he looks now

    • @scrotumtotem7
      @scrotumtotem7 Před rokem +4

      @@turbosvamp theres some pics online, hes just a regular dude lol

    • @scrotumtotem7
      @scrotumtotem7 Před rokem +4

      @@turbosvamp he also made some videos on him reviewing his old vids when he was a kid so you can confirm its him if you watch those

    • @janosszabo1085
      @janosszabo1085 Před rokem +5

      @@turbosvamp fat...propably😆

    • @Immolator772
      @Immolator772 Před rokem +5

      Actually he revealed his face on stream accidentaly.

  • @HeisenbergFam
    @HeisenbergFam Před rokem +250

    1:18 "I have more hair on my ass than on my head, you wanna comb that?"
    Papanomaly and Anomaly have best dad-son relationship

    • @Quran4Knowledge
      @Quran4Knowledge Před rokem +1

      That was naughty

    • @miweneia
      @miweneia Před rokem +3

      6:15 " this is artistic, yours is autistic" i fucking love them so much

  • @Froed
    @Froed Před rokem +123

    They say you grow as you get older but Anomaly just grew a neckbeard

  • @supertrolle9555
    @supertrolle9555 Před rokem +133

    Anomaly with a beard is like a discord moderator

  • @racooneatinggrapes9093
    @racooneatinggrapes9093 Před rokem +126

    i hope papa gets to see the golden era of cs2

  • @mute4520
    @mute4520 Před rokem +61

    Honestly for an elder person papa plays incredible

  • @aidansky55
    @aidansky55 Před rokem +32

    Anomaly’s beard came out of nowhere

  • @leolehtinen2503
    @leolehtinen2503 Před rokem +13

    7:33 That laugh synced so well. 💀

  • @flxv
    @flxv Před rokem +6

    3:34 bro that guy just double jumped

  • @Idiootti
    @Idiootti Před rokem +9

    3:33 does papa self boost himself? wtf im i only one who noticed this ultra high jump

  • @kamiljakubowski3038
    @kamiljakubowski3038 Před rokem +7

    It's funny, when Anomaly on 05:47 tried to pick his nose and eat the booger, but he forgot about the mask.

  • @Bellator20
    @Bellator20 Před rokem +3

    4:39 Lost against a cute protogen

  • @jesperjohansson8403
    @jesperjohansson8403 Před rokem +2

    3:39 the preist when I ask if it’s his first time too

  • @Pax1907
    @Pax1907 Před rokem +3

    Papa is playing Office in real life, he is being held hostage.

  • @a.rus1k
    @a.rus1k Před rokem +2

    6:13 who else was like WHAAAAA???!!!

  • @Lord_Tzeentch
    @Lord_Tzeentch Před rokem +1

    7:10 the word "f*ck" sounded like he's actually disappointed

  • @vickyarenstig6306
    @vickyarenstig6306 Před rokem +11

    Papa has gotten SO MUCH BETTER in a pretty short time, we are all very proud of you

  • @Kri7ian
    @Kri7ian Před rokem +2

    4:47 when Anomaly said that i raised my hand 🙋‍♂️but not the german way🇩🇪

  • @jiryss4678
    @jiryss4678 Před rokem +2

    4:08 scooby laugh

  • @Elias-sk9it
    @Elias-sk9it Před rokem +1

    Anomaly : my dad is autistic
    Also papa anomaly : yeah! Aha very

  • @misutsuki
    @misutsuki Před rokem +1

    PLEASE give use more of this! I'd absolutely love to see his development over further matches. ✨

  • @Justify_2007
    @Justify_2007 Před rokem +7

    Bro I don't think anomaly understands how happy I am to see his videos when they are only out 10 minutes

  • @MyBrethren
    @MyBrethren Před rokem +8

    Never knew anomaly had a beard 😮😱

  • @myuu_val
    @myuu_val Před rokem +1

    such a duo is so crazy. I wish i had a dad like yours… You should appreciate it very much❤️

  • @boiyxd2494
    @boiyxd2494 Před rokem

    i just spent 2 mins just laughing at the claping at the start and kept rewinding it many times(after getting into the video the amount of shock from the beard was too much)

  • @Michigk
    @Michigk Před rokem +1

    The second part of this video would be named Papa plays CSGO 2 2

  • @ImThatGuyxD
    @ImThatGuyxD Před 6 měsíci

    You do?
    You are?
    I am?
    Thats what im asking myself every morning

  • @GabrielDonhauser
    @GabrielDonhauser Před rokem +1

    I was watching this video on my phone without headset and my mother came to me asking if i heard a cat fighting, but it was anomaly screaming lmao

  • @Bigteaforfolks
    @Bigteaforfolks Před rokem

    1:50 lmao the floating shadow daggers

  • @KingLalafell
    @KingLalafell Před rokem

    Anomoly: "Hello Anomoly, thank you for sponsoring this video" Anomoly: "You're welcome"

  • @ItsCheetahTV
    @ItsCheetahTV Před rokem

    The eating the foot meme is great. Definitely going to clip that and use it if that’s alright 😂

  • @Mr.NopeNope
    @Mr.NopeNope Před rokem

    6:00 thank you for your tape, I loved this feature very many

  • @tavernaheinz335
    @tavernaheinz335 Před rokem +1

    Papa once said: yes

  • @lxrdzephyr953
    @lxrdzephyr953 Před rokem +2

    Anomaly became a true viking with that beard

  • @thefatestgayguy5526
    @thefatestgayguy5526 Před rokem

    I love how anomaly is just screaming while his dad is just laughing his ass off

  • @hursma
    @hursma Před rokem

    Holt shit it's so cool to notice papa beginning to understand stuff about the CS.

  • @SwedishPeople55
    @SwedishPeople55 Před 4 měsíci +1

    7:04 papa took a shower

  • @sebastianljung1481
    @sebastianljung1481 Před rokem +11

    Makes me so proud that Papa has gotten so much better at playing

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +2

    I will watch this as I poop. Very nice.

  • @speyk1462
    @speyk1462 Před rokem +4

    i think papa should stream like candy crush or something so he doesnt get stressed

  • @davhug2938
    @davhug2938 Před rokem +2

    Wtf anomaly has beard?!?! 😮

  • @ivanfisker
    @ivanfisker Před rokem +1

    give him the fing where the crosair moves, love u papa

  • @Rakhmanovchess
    @Rakhmanovchess Před 8 měsíci +1

    best son and father ive ever seen 😂👏

  • @NaoHana1
    @NaoHana1 Před rokem

    the papanomaly experience: you queue up with your dad with a new account

  • @junwai8166
    @junwai8166 Před rokem +1

    Papa's laugh though it's so evil😈 but at the same time getting double kills. Certified pro player there😏🔥

  • @BeenBren
    @BeenBren Před rokem

    new update: the smoke now puts holes in you

  • @Danneflum1997
    @Danneflum1997 Před rokem +3

    This is surely the content of all time! Papa AKA the GOAT of all time

  • @awp_silver
    @awp_silver Před rokem +6

    Hopefully i can play with Papa in CS2 when the update comes this summer!

  • @ProMiLle9917
    @ProMiLle9917 Před rokem

    1:51 floating shaddow daggers at the bottom next to the Agents feet :0

  • @bartekusmgd7360
    @bartekusmgd7360 Před rokem

    6:14 Carlsson, is that you?

  • @stiprus_garsas
    @stiprus_garsas Před rokem

    Finally a passport making video with papa

  • @Maximus27064
    @Maximus27064 Před rokem

    Anomaly with neck beard is the most curse thing I seen

  • @Pablo87151
    @Pablo87151 Před 21 dnem

    I think anomaly doesint love his dad when he said that when he read the cs2 chat

  • @muigoku4028
    @muigoku4028 Před rokem

    Anomaly: Hello papa!
    Papanomaly: yes.

  • @filipbochniak3590
    @filipbochniak3590 Před rokem

    The sound effects in this video are legendary

  • @TheMan-eo2fr
    @TheMan-eo2fr Před rokem +1

    We need more of try not to laugh videos gfuel edition bro

  • @belikeshde
    @belikeshde Před 9 měsíci

    6:48 that hit was personal

  • @akiim1072
    @akiim1072 Před rokem

    that turn to B almost killed me

  • @Kr-kd4bn
    @Kr-kd4bn Před rokem


  • @robloxriotboy
    @robloxriotboy Před 9 měsíci

    papa last words: yes

  • @Sh1n0bi___
    @Sh1n0bi___ Před rokem

    7:09 I just spilt coffee on my monitor

  • @YahiaGamaal
    @YahiaGamaal Před rokem +1

    Papa looks like Colonel sandars

  • @leomonrodowicz6818
    @leomonrodowicz6818 Před 11 měsíci +1

    HELLO PAPA ! papa: yes

  • @DrSex-qf8jz
    @DrSex-qf8jz Před rokem

    Papa got the Trotsky drip moustache

  • @Russkidog99
    @Russkidog99 Před rokem +2


  • @lambentograbek1166
    @lambentograbek1166 Před rokem

    Pastelish is actually a pretty good description of how the game looks

  • @gamerboi4124
    @gamerboi4124 Před rokem +2

    bro wtf i never would have thought anomaly would have beard lmao

  • @brah007
    @brah007 Před rokem

    Wow, new load screen: YEAH, VERY!

  • @dapanda2068
    @dapanda2068 Před rokem

    I enjoyed the mini try not to laugh

  • @michaelthegamer3281
    @michaelthegamer3281 Před rokem

    When you see 4 PAPA videos in raw and he with the same T shirt

  • @tigerkhez
    @tigerkhez Před rokem

    The chest sound is so funny holy shit

  • @skatterjax8406
    @skatterjax8406 Před rokem +1

    To be FAIR when I was still really new to cs I actually also bought galil over AK

  • @nikolozibasiladze3083
    @nikolozibasiladze3083 Před rokem +4

    3:36 how tf papa jumped on blue

    • @matthewthoma1389
      @matthewthoma1389 Před rokem

      Dude IK

    • @davidjohansson2102
      @davidjohansson2102 Před rokem

      Not him, he is dead spectating a teammate

    • @nikolozibasiladze3083
      @nikolozibasiladze3083 Před rokem

      @@davidjohansson2102 even if teammate how do you jump on blue without boost

    • @davidjohansson2102
      @davidjohansson2102 Před rokem

      @@nikolozibasiladze3083 He jumps crouches then uncrouches so his hitbox touches the other higher box, then jumps again to get more height, will probably get fixed soon.

  • @ishaanshaji4396
    @ishaanshaji4396 Před rokem +1

    Papa only says yes every time

  • @jarettoro3839
    @jarettoro3839 Před 6 měsíci

    only things papa says:
    thank you

  • @ninjanation1925
    @ninjanation1925 Před rokem +1

    I think he said yes

  • @yeeeeeeeeeeet2579
    @yeeeeeeeeeeet2579 Před rokem

    anomalys beard shocked me very much

  • @XanderNiles
    @XanderNiles Před rokem +1

    Papa content puts a smile in my face. Now, Valve needs to give him access to CS2 ASAP so he can improve his game.

  • @kenofi673
    @kenofi673 Před rokem

    Anomaly is like the animal and Papa is the zoo keeper. Now I understand the alcohol addiction.

  • @user-rc5ck8zw5n
    @user-rc5ck8zw5n Před rokem

    amnomaly looks like the elf in the end ok the reinbow

  • @johnpower5738
    @johnpower5738 Před rokem

    Biggest shock was luddes beard

  • @johannesmller3019
    @johannesmller3019 Před rokem

    holy shit, didnt know anomaly was packing that bear under the mask

  • @pomperipossa2053
    @pomperipossa2053 Před rokem

    Anomaly is gonna look like osama bin Laden if his beard is gonna grow more

  • @tema29rus
    @tema29rus Před rokem

    Now we need a new accident face reveal, but with the cool big beard

  • @TROLEX__
    @TROLEX__ Před rokem

    even Papanomaly played CS 2

  • @C1nnamonToasted
    @C1nnamonToasted Před rokem

    "There are people arguably worse in cs than papa" bro why do me dirty :(((

  • @ibustanut
    @ibustanut Před rokem

    His stasche looks more like the tesla logo than a minecraft pickaxe

  • @BanaanNLD
    @BanaanNLD Před rokem +1

    " I have more hair on my ass then my head. Do you want to Comb that?" This man just does not care and i love him for it.

  • @Aeblemost8
    @Aeblemost8 Před rokem

    An old ass man has tried cs 2 before 99% of the earth... Unfair

  • @dapapeyu1
    @dapapeyu1 Před rokem

    papa with that rock and stone beard

  • @kresimirsoldo7199
    @kresimirsoldo7199 Před 3 měsíci

    Jokes aside it is so wholesome to se father and son duo 😂😅

  • @gorjegiron1777
    @gorjegiron1777 Před rokem

    Papa pls push the mental one in the ocean for no evidence

  • @aliaslanbinnetoglu
    @aliaslanbinnetoglu Před 7 měsíci

    Love your papa you are so lucky you have a funny papa

  • @RosanderGrandSport
    @RosanderGrandSport Před rokem

    I watch this as entertainment whilst taking a shit.

  • @jacobparton8388
    @jacobparton8388 Před rokem

    video where papa walks and you aim would be so good

  • @migurt2151
    @migurt2151 Před rokem +1

    i love papa so much i wish dads were real

  • @10kvon195
    @10kvon195 Před rokem

    Papa lookin like he’s the old man from Harry Potter